Code Name: Artichoke

2002, Conspiracy  -   16 Comments
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Code Name: ArtichokeFrederick, Maryland. More than 40 years after his death, the body of former CIA scientist Dr. Frank Olson has been exhumed. Olson’s son Eric is convinced his father was murdered by agents of the American government because he wanted to leave the CIA. Dr. Frank Olson was an expert for anthrax and other biological weapons and had top security clearance. Forensic pathologists at George Washington University performed an autopsy and concluded that Olson probably was the victim of a violent crime.

It has been eight years since the exhumation. Eric Olson is still searching for the reasons behind his father’s death in November of 1953. Eric was nine years old at the time. It’s a quest he inherited as the oldest of three children. To solve the mystery of their father’s death.

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. clara

    im irish and so proud i can say my people have not caused the pain., murders and international harm america has

    how can american ppl act so smug with all these docs exposing their truth

  2. nica

    He was young when they accepted the $ the mother was in charge, and at that time, she thought, I guess, that she had 3 kids to feed!
    I was let go in the 90s after telling the government in MD what big contractors were doing....
    we the little people always lose

  3. Nara Ayanam

    live by the sword,die by the.........
    what's the big deal here,u killed [indirectly or.] n u died......end of story...

  4. Donald Edward Goodman

    Jesus! Killing on Acid? Man, that never entered MY mind! I never turned into an Orange. And never "tried to fly." Oh yea, IT WAS LEGAL at the time.

  5. Donald Edward Goodman

    It was PROVED it came from GOVERNMENT Labs!

  6. joe31

    p.s no great wars can happen without funding...who has funding all players in all big wars think.they got everyone comming and going.and if you dont do there will they use an enimy against you and if they dont have one they creat one or empower one chna,india ,korea

    1. Donald Edward Goodman

      Rockefeller, BUSH, Rothschild...etc

  7. joe31

    who ever says he sold out his father is a liar,he honored his father,and the false alegation he committed suicide,so america acts just like germany behind the scenes,all pshycopaths usally opperate there covert evil agenda and dominace behind the screen of good or innocent nation,this is cold blooded murder .so the cia takes care of its own thike mofia thug,kill them if they disagree or dont want to be a part of,so they can act on above the power of the commander and cheif the president,and since when the president have the power to order the death of another america without due process,unless corrupt,does the cia have the power to run above the peoples will or to know the truth or check the truth...people wonder how germany got seduced by such a leader .well its happenning here too.but since we have an electoral sytem they keep manipulating the same kind to be put in or comtrolled or ones they can controll.we gave sadam chemical weapons,probably to use on IRAN or test through us ,it wasnt really reported at the time when he used it on kurds because it be trace back to us.look how much the average german citizen dint know what was going on behind the scenes just like americans now,but later the used his use of chemicals to invade him,too much too little too late,the integrity is gone...its funny how the amthrax was sent to media as well as government,those that controll the media,or it was agreat fear factor,for those to take a aggresive role and manipulated into,oh i forgot the president does have the power to order the assination of an amercan,now its legal,so it can be interrpret against all those who dont stand in line with there agenda and psylosophy and be marked an enemy ,do you not see the hypocracuy,and do you not know chemical is cheapor to use foe mass destruction...again mass destruction,know matter how any nation chose to kill you...none of these powers can opperate without massive fighters carry out the orders ,any any human can opt out if its against there soul,why do you think so many soldiers our comminting suicide did hiltler get so fare with demonising a race of people so he can go ahead and have a reason to go after militery dominace in the world,are we not doing the same thing you fools,the story the sames only the names have been change,you dont see how nations sre turnning away from us and isolating ouselfe from world opnion like germany,the deeper we forge ahead in there false sence of seccurity,what was the end result lock up in a socilice system for decades,oh yeh thats already bring prepared for us to except,both they left and right are crucfying us with one form or another.

  8. dadc

    First the Prodigal son, now the Judas son.

  9. hey cockroach99999

    TRY to bring these top level criminals down! Quit complaining and YOU do it.

  10. Nathaniel

    How did he sale out his country and his father ? By proving people in power lie, and will kill to keep there secrets ? Please grow up man, they killed his dad and he wanted to know why and now he knows !

  11. typical!

    this sounds horrible! i got to watch it. eric sounds like a stupid muthafukah!

  12. Reb

    He sold out his own father and the citizens of this nation. He got his 15 minutes of fame plus thirty pieces of silver and I hope he chokes on it.

  13. Max


  14. COCKROACH9999

    So the lesson here is AFTER ALL THAT Frank Olsen's SON ERIC - 4 a trip to the Whitehouse- a meeting with one of America's most GOOFY unelected presidents - Ford - SOLD OUT HIS FATHER'S DEATH and a TRIAL in which he actually had a chance (BACK THEN) 2 b able to possibly EXPOSE/Reveal - DICK CHENEY, RUMSFELD, the CIA NOT only their responsibility & cover up of his fathers death He actually had a chance 2 EXPOSE to the AMERICAN PEOPLE the US propaganda Machine and corrupt murderous plots of BIOLOGICAL Warfare used against it's own and all humanity
    YET instead he/ERIC choose to give UP that opportunity for a meeting with FORD - WOW - YOU HAVE GOT TO B KIDDING
    What a douche BAG WHAT A SPINELESS PIECE OF ____
    Gee ERIC I am sure ur father would be so PROUD of u His own son being complicit in covering up his DEATH
    I can't believe he is willing to go on camera and admit this
    They must have used some of that dummy drugs on him

    1. joe31

      whay he hell you talking about ,they sell out us and him,no due process .they take care of its own like mafia thugs,the country sold out the american and made us another germany style country,who the hell made others god over others,all psycopaths hide behind good nature people or nations to covertly carry out the phsycopathic sound just like them to defend any of this,have you ever heard to military to follow you comanding leader,but if they order you to march into the fire obey them not no leader should have any absolute control over another only the devil wants to pocess someone that sound like a very igborant person,or is it intetional.