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Americans generally like to hear good news. They like to believe that a new president will right old wrongs, that clean energy will replace dirty oil and that fresh thinking will set the economy straight. American pundits tend to restrain their pessimism and hope for the best. But is anyone prepared for the worst?

Meet Michael Ruppert, a different kind of American. A former Lost Angeles police officer turned independent reporter, he predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter. From the Wilderness, at a time when most Wall Street and Washington analysts were still in denial. Director Chris Smith has shown an affinity for outsiders in films like American Movie and The Yes Men. In Collapse, he departs stylistically from his past documentaries by interviewing Ruppert in a format that recalls the work of Errol Morris and Spalding Gray.

Sitting in a room that looks like a bunker, Ruppert recounts his career as a radical thinker and spells out the crises he sees ahead. He draws upon the same news reports and data available to any Internet user, but he applies a unique interpretation. He is especially passionate about the issue of "peak oil," the concern raised by scientists since the seventies that the world will eventually run out of fossil fuel.

While other experts debate this issue in measured tones, Ruppert doesn't hold back at sounding an alarm, portraying an apocalyptic future. Listening to his rapid flow of opinions, the viewer is likely to question some of the rhetoric as paranoid or deluded, and to sway back and forth on what to make of the extremism. Smith lets viewers form their own judgments.

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  1. 2022 we're here

  2. Everything is still going backwards 2015, these negatives are stepping it up. Well that don't matter, there are those of us here not going to let this happen, not going back to their world. Out they go.

  3. Short with no answers stated only negative thoughts. I believe the answers are here and there will not be a collapse for the answers to our problems are already here. We must and will turn from a profit motivated nation to a resource motivated nation. There are plenty of all that is needed. I see an abundance for all which will come about though science and knowledge. It not only happen in the future it is happening now, yet not quick enough. It can be slowed by staying on a profit motivated track solving problems for the short run yet the rapid movement of science and knowledge can not be stopped.

  4. So, a transcript is in order here as an alternative to the road we are heading down. Although this was said back in 2012 we are still going through this - Thinking outside the box, this from
    Alex collier - Aliens Are Helping Us: -
    "In talking about solving the problems at the very top of our power structure the planet lives in a pyramidal power structure. Extraterrestrial no longer use that power structure, the pyramidal power structure. They have been using a holographic ever since the Orion wars which would be about 360,000 years ago. Since then the benevolent civilizations including some of the rogue regressive groups, and they are a minority, have been using a holographic social structure. We would need to create a creative Domain Of Knowing: a space in which we can create an opportunity for earth to be mentored, because we need some help here, we are a 'little bit' in over our heads. As of the last several days much of the Pancini? Project has been classified. The reason for that is because all the mothership activity that has now been filmed and documented in the Satrurian system around Saturn. We also have, a million and a half miles off of the South Pole, a 20 mile craft that has sat and is stationery. NASA and other organizations telescopes have been monitoring it for 8 months. They watch it's projectory to us, it is stationery and there are craft going in and out of this 20 mile structure, I don't know any more about it than that.

    I also want you to know there is a very large planetary structure coming in 18 degrees right ascension of Neptune's orbit, it should be visible sometime in the next year. There is an awful lot going on, of course you are all paying the bills and no one's being told anything about it. Now it goes far deeper than spooking the herd, that is not really the intention here at all. The intention here in what's really been going on is simply this, Bob Dean made a reference to the government in almost feeling sorry for them about the situation that they're in, I would have to concur with him on that in the fact that the government made some treaties cut some deals for technology in exchange for experimentation and observation and they were tricked, they really did not know what they were getting themselves into and now the hand has been dealt. There are many UFO people in the community that say that all the extraterrestrial are benevolent, ladies and gentlemen it is in my own personal opinion based on the knowledge I have that that is a completely irresponsible thing to say, we live in duality. Because if it was all Love and Light we would not be going down this road, to global fascism and the power that be wanting to eliminate two thirds of the world's population that is not Love and Light.

    So we have a lot of things to cover and a lot of things are going to be occurring and in all this situation is what it is, ah Mr Green [Citizens Disclosure] gave a fantastic presentation yesterday and there is absolutely nothing that I disagree with him about. He made a reference about buying gold and silver I think that's a really good idea, however, you cannot eat gold or silver. It is imperative that you start storing food and I will tell you simply why, if they do crash the dollar which they're going to do in order to create a global currency and a global government you won't be able to buy food. He made reference to the currency being devalued 6 to 1 in the next several months, gasoline will go 18 to 20 dollars per gallon, truckers will not be to deliver products, what you have is what you have. It is imperative if you can to start forming within your community, community gardens figuring it out start talking about this. I know most people are simply not opened to it just do the best we can, I mean we're all fighting the fight. Now America is on the front line of this and the reason for this is simple. America created a new domain of knowing. America was created to get rid of the aristocracy of the old world. To create something new, to create individual liberties, to create personal freedoms, that was never known in the world before and we have that and because of our apathy we have lost virtually all of those and it is no one elses fault, it is our own fault.

    We have known since the 60's that the CIA have been trafficking in narcotics, we know this. We have known that the CIA have been assassinating and overthrowing governments. We have known of what there has been a coverup of what there is on the moon and inside our solar system, we know this. We know that there is extraterrestrial life, we know this, that is no longer the discussion. We know that the government has become corrupt. The personages that rule this planet, are NOT us, they are not human beings and I will say this with my very last breath, they are not us.

    What happened was that they took over because they think holographically. It was very easy to get around the pyramidal power structure on earth, because it's completely obsolete everywhere else out there. So you come in you see the holograph using holograph technology, but thinking: what you do is you create your structure everywhere so no matter what happens whether one group gets taken out another group takes out is gone. The other components are still there to rise up and still manages and control because each of these components have a picture of the whole and they have all the technology and everything they need to continue to control and dominate and reign, ok? We're in over our heads here. We're not alone.

    Now, what happened was they took over. It was very easy to takeover the governments, you dangle technology, you dangle knowledge, you dangle ancient history and you give them this technology in secret, ok? "you have it we're going to give it to you" United States of America made this mistake.

    So Bob Dean [Citizens Disclosure] again, Mr Dean, he made a reference yesterday to the missing trillions of dollars to the Federal Reserve, ok I have been told that it is 24 trillion dollars, it's what they carry on their books and virtually most of that has gone into the Secret Space Program and the colonization of our solar system, you can choose to believe that or not, doesn't matter and it doesn't change the reality of it ok. So, what happened was the pirates took over the ship. The governments realizing that they had all this technology and that they were a thousand more years in advance than we were instead of telling everyone "Hey we have a problem here!" standing tall and doing the right thing they joined the pirates. We are literally, only now, as passengers on the ship finding out and realizing "we've been hi-jacked" - that's the movement. And many people are going to have a very difficult time when they realize, that reality is not at all what they think it is, or what they thought it was. Even those of us who have been exposed of this for many, many years have "O shit!" moments. It's impossible not to, you know? Yes our politicians sold out, it was easy to corrupt them. We have and enormous mess, they're stuck in the middle as well.

    Over the next year, year and a half there's going to be so many changes, America is the focal point here of this and the reason for that is Americans, despite our educational system, are still very smart. We are very able to think out of the box, we are excellent problem solvers and we are ARMED TO THE TEETH. They constantly have to be looking over their shoulder unless they take us out, and Ladies and gentlemen, that's the goal. they cannot have a world government without taking out the U S and I mean, taking it to it's knees."

    Now this is NOT where the whole presentation is going. But it's important to give you this back ground. Because the world used to look to us for the ideas of freedom. Immigrants all over the world have come to America. My grandparents were immigrants to this country because they believed in individual liberties, they believed in freedom, they believed in the principles that were in the Constitution, they had Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, Ladies and Gentlemen THAT is who we are ! We are NOT the crap they show you on television. You are strong, You are Family oriented, You have Faith! and You are Warriors! and you're going to need to take a stand and defend your country and family, make no mistake about it. The two gentlemen that were here talking about the Super Soldiers...yes...they're here, they're definitely here, they're hybrids they're here, and there's more that's been going on. I hoping that one of them would talk about what happened at Dulcie at Mexico, but they did not and I don't necessarily want to go there neither because.... it's's sick, ok? There's other things to cover. I'm bringing it up because many people that have the knowledge that have been in "black ops", "special ops" that have been involved in the Et component, know about that small rogue group, and they're not gone yet. Some of them are still here, right? and they still create and wreak havoc. I also want to tell you, I've been asked to share this with you about the vaccine, the new swine flu vaccine. Mornay has told me to tell you or everyone that this vaccine will PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR DNA. So whatever else comes out of that it will permanently damage your DNA.

    Now many of us in the community and the world as a whole, we can't even agree what the problem is, and because of that we will never agree on a solution. So it's imperative it's open dialogue continue to occur and I know that those who have been in the ExoPolitics - the UFO community - you've had a remarkable amount of patience and your biggest tests are coming. Because as more and more of this information comes out, more and more people are going to want to ask you who they thought were crazy "What the hell's going on?" They're going to want to know and you're going to have to try in a very calm manner explain it to them, even though you yourselves are gonna have all the butterflies. You're gonna be wondering "How the hell am I even going to deal with this?" because you have some back ground information.

    Now this Et component is really about us. It is our destiny to travel the stars, it is our destiny to continue to move out and colonize space, specially our own solar system. It is NOT our destiny to be killed by vaccines, any more. YOU will have to make those choices. My choices are already made, my decisions are clear. I am the father of five children. There is no way I'm going to back down and I'm going to sell them into slavery, never gonna happen. ok?
    You Need To Make Your Own Choices !
    - Aliens Are Helping Us - Alex Collier -

  5. We need to go outside the box if humanity is to survive at any rate at all on this planet. We've been stuck in this way of thinking for far too long and we need to break ourselves free of it. We do have help as a whole to get ourselves out of this, but first we have to start with ourselves, and ask oneself...

    "What kind of world do you want to live in? Clearly what we're doing now doesn't work, it has run its course. We have a government that has a lot of problems. We have corruption within it, not all of it, but we clearly have corruption within it. They have sold out and have been totally compromised, they themselves don't know what to do, and their only solution is to turn the power of the military and the pharmaceutical company against the American people, that's their solution. That is not ok, that's not ok!" - Alex Collier

  6. through out history there has been a depression about every 80 yrs the last one was over 80 yrs ago but the Feds printing money has slowed it down and will make it a lot worse.

  7. If you pour one gallon of gasoline into your car, and then drive it in one direction until you run out of gas (theoretically burning the entire gallon), and then hire a human(s) to push the car home at a labor rate $15.00 per hour, it would cost you approximately $5000.00 (Five Thousand dollars) to get the car back home.

    That is a _very_ accurate representation of how much ''work'' (''labor'') or ''value'' we get from a single gallon of gasoline. When the resource known as ''oil'' runs out, or stated more accurately, becomes too costly to produce (i.e. ''muddier'' grades of oil vs ''Brent Crude'')... our civilization is going to find out just how much of a ''free lunch'' we have been exploiting for the past 100 years.

    Ridiculously cheap oil (in relation to how much ''work'' it actually performs vs human manual labor) is the very reason why we live in a world where we throw away our ''gizmos'' rather than repair them. Manufacturing ''gizmos'' at a factory where the labor is performed by machines (which are also made at factories where the labor is performed by machines), in which the machines are powered by hydrocarbons... enables the production of ''gizmos'' at unsustainably cheap production costs. Later, when the ''gizmo'' needs to be repaired, which only a human can do... then, just like with the example of a human(s) pushing the car back from where a gallon of gas had taken it, the repair of said ''gizmo'' becomes an utterly impractical scenario.

    It only _appears_ as if ''technology'' has provided us with a standard of living equal to kings and queens of ages past... But the reality is that our current standard of living is all one big carbon illusion, brought about by the exploitation of an unsustainable resource which has been mispriced at a ratio of about 1250 to 1 (i.e. ''cost of 1 gallon of gas at $4.00 per gallon vs $5000 of human labor at $15 per our'').

    Ps... Don't dismiss, don't react, but rather THINK ABOUT IT. (PLEASE!)

    1. Ill just say apples and oranges...your logic is not good at all.
      Through science we have achieved so much progress that these scenarios you speak of are impossible. We have biodiesel, we have electricity, its just a question when one becomes cheaper than oil. Lets say, capital investment now for biodiesel from algae is high, you need aprox few hundreds of thousands of dollars to start off, due to the expense of land used and materials as well as electricity. All these including electricity will go down. Perhaps humans need a meltdown so they can change their ways and see some things differently but whatever is necessary to happen will happen.

    2. If you are talking about a small car that gets 30 mpg, then a normal person could push it a mile in about 30 minutes. The fastest time on record is just over 11 minutes for a mile. That being said it would take somewhere between 5.5 hours (for the best car pusher ever) to about 15 hours for an avg man used to doing manual labor. Either way, at $15/hr you get something more like $83 on the low end to $225 on the high end. Anyways, I'm just saying that the math doesn't really work. It sounds like you are just making this up out of thin air. It shouldn't take over 330 hours to push the car back, which would give you the $5000 price mark you mentioned.

    3. Really? Push a small car 1 mile in 30 minutes? I would love to see you push a 2500# to #3000 car at a constant 2 mph in 30 minutes Jason.

    4. I could very easily do it. I had a mazda three I had to push about a quarter of a mile before- it was actually kinda fun. Once I got it going I could just jog behind it and it didn't take much effort to counteract the force of friction. The car rolls so it has momentum once it gets rolling. I am also a 28 year old male in good shape who runs 3-7 miles everyday. But, definitely I could push a small car on a flat surface a mile in about 30 minutes. I think it would be a great mix of upper body and legs and cardio.

  8. How can you watch this documentary and not get something out of it or even see the effects today of what he is explaining

  9. Why we are not making Hydrogen generators for our cars which will enable cars to run on Water Yes water.. its because there is no money in for the big Multis. The planet has 70% water on it you can fill up by going down to the beach and the water is returned back into the atmosphere through the exhaust. It's clean burning as it only burns the gas . We live on a lazy planet populated by lazy collective apathetic Humans and by the very nature of who we are and what we represent . We are quickly destroying the only nest we live in .

    1. You may have noticed how you need to apply electricity to that water in order to get the hydrogen out of it? Electric power IS energy! In fact you need to spend more energy (in the form of electricity) than you get out of the hydrogen "generated" form the process. It's a net energy LOSS! That's the problem with hydrogen as an energy source.

  10. This is all so very confusing. Even if oil can't condense back down to earth again which is an opinion that sounds pretty clever to me we still don't have to worry about running out of fossil fools cos we don't have to make petrol out of fosssil fools. There are huge mountainous sources of oils and hydrocarbons that are being made every day in the earth.And we can synthesize the necessary products sourselves anyway. Goddammit, we even have cars running on veji oils so what makes u think we'll run out of fools?

    1. The irony is that "Synthesizing" the necessary products to create alternate forms of oil requires energy. Energy that primarily comes from oil.

    2. The hole universe is made of energy and is constantly converting. We can just sit back and wonder and not do nothing exept harnis it. There's enough energy in a dollop of poopoos to make a battleship go from a little place in Ohio all the way up the Mississippi river and out through the gulf of Mexico. It can be a bit tricky to convert poopoo but if you don't want to why not try converting wind or ocean currents into massive generators or step-up and step-down transformers, take them to garages and then power passing cars with them,electrically, which is cleaner than messy oily stuff?

      Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: Collapse

    3. Can you please tell us where or what these oils and hydrocarbons are that are "being made every day" in the earth ? I'm sure it would interest geologists all over the world who have never heard of that phenomenon. Me neither.

    4. Did you not listen to him. The main problem is not oil, that subject along with any other alternative fuels is long gone from anything we can do for it. THE PROBLEM IS US!! Population is the problem, oil was THE ONLY source that allowed us to grow this large as a species, there is no one other source or combination of other sources that will save us now. The people who don't know how to survive off of the land WILL die. The people who find themselves trapped in the major cities will most likely die. What he is telling us that is most important is that our 7 billion population bubble is going to be popped. It is far too late to fix, now is the time for survival.

  11. Cops are ALWAYS over dramatic... however, this does not discredit that if TOO many BAD things happen at the SAME TIME can result in Rupperts nightmares coming true. But, chances are they wont.

    The money collapse will be interesting but it will not mean the Universe and your house and sky suddenly falls on you and kills everyone else. It just means we need to rethink the concepts of money distribution and make it more balanced.

    He is right about the 100 monkey thing. It is called the 20%. If 20% of the population decides to do something new, the rest follow, typically.

    He also did not mention that fresh water is in very short supply.

    Right now we are utterly dependent on OIL. For food, transportation, plastics etc... However here are alternatives that scientists have ALREADY invented... they just are not utilized yet due to BIG OIL and Corporations not wanting changed... but when push comes to shove they will be forced to change.

    Food Pesticides/Fertilizers : Vertical farms, enclosed in sky scrapers used as farms. Enclosed means you can grow no matter the season conditions, pest control and HIGHLY efficient food production. ( Think hydroponics, no soil needed in some foods. )

    Electric CARS, computer controlled, no accidents. Also, SHARED cars that you use when you need it then give it to the next person that needs it... We can do Hydrogen hybrids... all types. Scientists also found replacements for all car upholstery and a new type of OIL FREE Tire. Basically they already invented cars that are biodegradable. Reference:

    Instead of coal plants we use Nuclear until fusion or solar and wind are better refined. Germany recently closed most of their Nuke plants after Fukushima and will close the rest by 2020, replace with newly invented thin film and other highly efficient solar arrays. Roof top and large area solar arrays.

    There will probably be a need for a child birth law. If a couple produced 2.2 children the pop stabilized (due to accidents, disease and other ).. so if you mandate a 2 child max per couple will bring down the population at a reasonable rate without the need to do wars and genocide. ( as medicine makes us live longer this number may have to be adjusted. )

    So, here are just a FEW examples. The smart, calm and loving will carry us through, but the dumb and violent will need to be dealt with... those types of enraged scared violent people will probably just kill each other and save us the effort. :)

    1. I've followed Mike Ruppert's very closely work for 4 years now, along with geologist Collin Cambell, Richard Heinburg, Max Keiser, Dimitri Orlov and others. I can tell you that although Ruppert did'nt mention peak water in the film, he has written numerous articles on the subject. It's really "Peak Everything", as one of Richard Heinburg's books is titled.

      (Mr.Ruppert did'nt direct, edit or have any creative control of the film)

      Humanitys biggest problem is the infinite growth paradigm. The global economic model is to keep growing and growing, and in order to do that we must consume, consume, consume within a sphere. Like bacterian in a petri dish, humanity has reached the unbreachable walls of the finite sphere of our earth. I'll always beleive that we can come to a soft landing in a world of dwindling resources, but to do that requires the complete overhauling of our money system. Our money is all privately controlled, printed & issued to the public via central banks(Federal Reserve).

      Until we take back this power and return it to the public the way Lincoln did with his Greenbacks, we are all doomed to be at the mercy of a very select group of so-called 'elites' that profit from a collapsing economy. Like Ruppert has always said, "until we change how money works, we cahnge nothing".

  12. All this torc about oil peaking as tho there really is an oil shortage is a joke. Wake up everyone how can there be an oil shortage? Theres more oil than there are people! What dyu think happens when oil is burnt? It is evaporated into the air and then gets condensed back down to earth again and so is resickled. It may not be in the same place the second time around but who cares as long as we get it back. We can scoop it up whereever it is,refine it and bobs ur unc a neverending source of fuel forever. Actually we're more likely to drown in the bloody stuff as new layers of fossels get laid down from all the dead bodies and the vegetation and trees and things. So I'm quite optimitic about the future except that maybe if we use oil for long enough we'll all have to go around with gas masks on.

    1. "condensed back down to earth again and so is resickled" LOL!!!! Oil is not water. There is no OIL cycle!!! When oil is burned, it's no longer oil. This is basic chemistry. Oil is a NON-REUSABLE resource. And by the way, It takes millions of years for trees and other plant matter to turn into oil. Go back to school dude!! You're comments are a joke!

    2. jesus. christ. dear sir I am a biochemical major at the university of new hampshire with a focus on hydrocarbons. Here is how oil is created

      when oil is burned the Carbon in fuel reacts with Oxygen in the air to give Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
      This CO2 is taken in by new plants, and releases again when the new plants are burned, or they die, rot down, and OVER MILLIONS of years form fossil fules again.

      this is called the carbon cycle, it takes millions of years. The oilfield Nuar is actually a 4 million year old coral reef.

      your ignorance is whats wrong with our species

    3. Mr coriver, reversal of chemical reactions is commonplace much less than millions of years. U r sooooo negative!! And please don't refer to me as Jesus Christ I could never be that good and if ur a major what u doin at a uni?

    4. Thank you sir. You are clearly not a zombie.

      It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant most people are when it comes to this subject. The paradigm of ever expanding private debt(infinite growth) has slammed into the inpenetrable wall of finite fuel. There is nothing to fuel the economy.

    5. I am struggling to comprehend your point that you are trying to put across. We don't get oil from rain. We can't just keep on burning oil and collect the deposits that the rain pours down on us. It is a resource that has taken ages to form from massive geological pressure to form. I agree that we still have enough oil to keep us going for a bit, however, massive changes need to occur to work out how to utilise resources effectively to maintain our current rates of consumption. Your point just states ... consume and destroy.... consume and destroy. "More oil than there is people".... Ridiculous... Is this how you measure the environment. Is the quantity of people on earth now the current measure for what an acceptable amount. I would like to see how how the globe would work with only 6 billion insects.
      Go for it, if thats what you want, keep on consuming without thinking about the effects. Just not the environment I want to live in.

    6. Are you SERIOUS?! Oil is not the same as water which evaporates into the atmosphere then comes down again as rain. When oil burns, it BURNS and it no longer exist.
      It's taken thousands of years for the oil to form that we have been using for hundreds of years so what makes you believe that the sources we find will never dry up?

      Freemy, I think you have to do a WHOLE lot of research dude. You're WAY off track with this theory.

    7. Thank you, major 4 putting me straight on this oil biusness. But now it gets more confusing. Where does the oil go when it gets burnt it can't just vanish like a magician? Water doesn't vanish either it condenses again no matter what use its put to so we'll never run out of water either. So I recon if water was managed proply nobody would get a drowt. Same with oil if it was reconstituted. Thx major.

      Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: Collapse

    8. You'll find your answer by simply reviewing the fundamental laws of thermaldynamics. It was in the film.

    9. How dyu do that and what film dyu mean??

    10. Theres more oil than there are people? I have so many questions oh enlightened one! do you mean in weight? size? did you calculate how much oil and people and somehow you knew how much each individual spends? And since everything that burns will magically rain back on us in its form than we need not to worry about anything like trees and even people for they will rain back, some people have died burning, do you think the sky will spit them out in the form or rain also?

    11. It's easy to be optimistic about the future if you don't understand how fossil fuels are made. Clearly you don't.

  13. I dont agree

  14. All this torc about oil peaking as tho there realy will be an oil shortage. Wake up everyone how can there be an oil shortage? There's more oil than there are people. What dyu think happens when oil is burnt? It gets evaporated then it condenses back into the soil again and so is resickled. It may not be in the same place the 2nd time round but who cares. We only have to scoop it up again whereever it is, refine it and bobs ur unc - a neverending source of fuel forever. Actually its more likely we'll drown in the stuff when new layers of fossels get laid down from more dead bodies and vegetation and trees and things. So I'm feeling optimistic about the future except that maybe we'll all be wearing gasmasks by then.

  15. amazing movie, everyone should see it

  16. amazing movie, everyone should see it

  17. Tomoy0 i kneo that sun will real this country soon!! I know willl change thing every bay this world

  18. Very good. If you are not familiar with how our monetary system works or about our foreign policy re: oil, it might seem far-fetched. And while it is extreme, after much research (not mainstream media), he simply lays out a worst case scenario which truly has begun to happen. When will things really unravel and is there anything that the people can do to slow it or stop it? I don;t know and neither does he. Much of what he says is factually correct, which makes him fairly credible. Doomsday? Maybe so. Certainly having petroleum in almost every facet of out lives, in every product, in our food.....If we are running out of oil (PEAK oil), what could possibly replace it?

  19. I really appreciated reading all the comments here. Not sure how to feel about Mike Ruppert , Collapsenet, lifeboats, etc. I'm not much into the Pacha Mama and talking stick crowd, even less the Ted Nugent gun lovers groups. However I do enjoy reading all the blogs having to do with survival skills and conspiracies, but since I am very prone to actions based on flawed thinking, I guess I'll probably just end up as a very well informed deer in the headlights casualty when the sh*t finally hits the fan. (Looks like the video has been deleted, but I watched the dvd from our local library.)

  20. I'm concerned that people like this man will discredit the very real threat of peak oil becuase of their hostile, paranoid manner of presentation. It is naive to think that one can without civilization. (It is certainly possible, but it is not a lifestyle any of us are mentally or physically prepared for.) Cooperation is necessary. That means cheerfully, lovingly and with great patience, and clarity explaining the dangers resource depletion pose to the general public. It means selling the idea through sound science then planning a course of action to address it as a civilization not as individuals.

    This is entirely possible, but but it requires more humility than Ruppert seems to posses. Instead he sends out a divisive message, "every man for him-self" should it come to that we're all in big trouble.

    Doesn't matter how much you fertilize your lawn or the quality of your local watershed. We will face endless invasion, resource wars, short lives filled with fear.

    Life is really only worth living with civilization as we know it intact. So, our first principle should be that we will preserve our cooperative institutions.

    1. Ruppert is a shill. Have you read his book "Crossing the Rubicon"? It sounds like truth-telling of the events of 9/11, but it does very much to promote the more important aspects of the official story; like the hijackers with box cutters; the idea that both civilian and military ATC was confused by certain military exercises, which is why no interceptions; etc.... It has caused a considerable amount of confusion in the 9/11 truth movement. Enough to weaken it significantly.

    2. It's always a good idea to keep an open mind when viewing info on the attacks in the USA on Sept. 11, 2001 because no criminal investigation has ever been done; there are many bits of useful information to glean. You may be smarter than the presenter but that doesn't mean he hasn't worked hard to try to offer you something useful. the details u talk about could have been the editors or the directors, not necessarily his

      This man has been treated like dirt for years. Truth tellers usually are. He is suffering from depression. Unfortunately he lives in the USA where finding help for mental illnesses is almost a useless pursuit.

      The main premise: peak oil is a logical conclusion from understanding geology and the cycles of nature. Anybody can figure that out with some thinking and research.

      The most important premise: That nothing is being done when it could be done, so many people are dying and will die for no good reason - is already true.

    3. I have not read his book.

      I think that the 9/11 "truth" movement is an excellent example of how the initial secrecy and the subsequent confused reasoning for our nation going to war created a vacuum of information that has been filled with conspiracy theories.

      If we had acted, as a nation, with the singular purpose of bringing Bin Laden to justice there would be no doubts and far less fear and confusion.

      But 9/11 became a political chess piece--(as horrible as that sounds) this has fueled "truther's" suspicions.

      I have never seen anything credible from the "movement" --but I do feel that I know why it exists.

    4. By the way, a little farther down in the comment section is a guy named Peter Carson. He and I were CollapseNet members around the time of it's Grand Opening. We had similar debates as some of those taking place here; although he began as somewhat more the devout Ruppertarian, ready to take on the Globalist NWO. He left upon determining that Ruppert was a fraud; whereas I was thrown out for continually pointing to that fact.

      Peter Carson, if you are still reading these posts, it's me, Elmo... How the h*ll are ya?!

    5. How is Ruppert a fraud?

    6. "Conspiracy theories"... I see... Nice talking to ya.

    7. You misunderstood him, Susan. He explicitly stated that "The only way out is through community" and that "the lone wolf will perish" (paraphrased, I didn't go back for exact wording).

      Also, I strongly suggest you re-evaluate your statement that "Life is really only worth living with civilization as we know it intact." Good god, we are capable of so much more beautiful world than this! A society designed towards life through synergy and cooperation, not profit at the cost of life. You must be referring to the opportunities, conveniences and comforts of modern civilization; or possibly but hopefully not to it's entertainment. Consider that the comforts and conveniences and entertainments of society, while pleasant experiences, are not conducive to growth, awareness, relationship with the sacred, and real vital meaningful life. A new world, free from "the machine" of endless economic growth at any cost to life, based on community, based on local real production. A life with much deeper social and community connections, much more connected to nature and natural cycles, healthier and more wholesome in every way - entirely possible if enough people change their thinking.

      I applaud your emphasis on cooperation. Please consider my words and see if you can imagine a different kind of future - something created more in tune with your best self than this current civilization. Remember the roots of our industrial civilization, or learn them - there is a specific moral philosophy and worldview that has played our here. It is time for a fresh start. True creation happens from a space of nothing; chaos always precedes reorganization at a higher level.


    8. Well said my friend. You are clearly not a zombie.

  21. He's done his research and used a logical approach to figure out how to prepare for the future. It is a sad story. Other countries are taking measures to avoid the scenario he presents. The United States unfortunately is still involved in war and ripping off the citizens. A sad state of affairs.

  22. "Listening to his rapid flow of opinions, the viewer is likely to question some of the rhetoric as paranoid or deluded, and to sway back and forth on what to make of the extremism."

    Should read:

    "Listening to his rapid flow of facts, the viewer is likely to question some of their prior assumptions as deluded, and sway back and forth on what to make of the situation we're in."

  23. Ruppert became really defensive with the filmmaker when asked how he deals with confirmation bias, a not unreasonable question to ask of a man with complete certainty in his beliefs. This is one of the reasons we have double blind studies and peer review, because everyone is prone to look for facts that support their conclusion while ignoring the contradictions.

    Responding with "I'm not going to debate you" to a question we all have to ask ourselves, makes him look like a religious fundamentalist who quotes some passages out of his holy book and gets offended when they're subject to polite scrutiny.

    There is no doubt that oil will eventually run out. The question is when, and how will we respond? These are complicated questions and I urge people to take them seriously without resorting to the alarmist "the sky is falling" reaction.

  24. This fascinating and eye opening documentary makes me think that joining the nearest Amish population would be the wisest thing to do in preparation for the huge load of -hit that innevitably going to hit the fan. I say this because they have a sustainable lifestyle and haven't succombed to the "buy buy buy more more more bigger bigger bigger" mentality that IS the U.S. and much of the developed world. I'm accepting it and will prepare for the worst.

  25. @mimi

    Was that a sarcastic joke? If so...very funny in the irony ( people are cruel...we all need to die). If not...yikes!

    The Earth needs it? Pretty sure the Earth doesnt need anything from us. Its a rock with animals and trees. Before that it was a rock with single celled organisms, volcanic explosions and earthquakes all the time, and a gaseous silica atmoshphere.

    In saying the Earth need a cleansing or whatever....thats jsut your ego wanting a habitat suitable for yourself. The Earth will go on either way.

    And the strife among people is necessary. Without strife there is no challenge to rise above, and humanity becomes stagnant. With all the strife humanity has suffered through there has been progress. Without good people fighting for a better life, we would still be spending our time just looking for food all day, suffering from horrific and simple diseases for which non have a cure, a small gash while hiking means you are going to die, and you have to have 20 kids just for 2 to survive into adulthood.

    Yeah the world is messed up and there are messed up people. BUt the tolerance for it is far less than it use to be. Sure its not an ideal time to bring a baby into this planet...but it more than likely never will be and its DEFINITELY far better to live now than in the past ( with all our advances in medicine, entertainment, nutritional, judicial, political system etc).

  26. Geez Mimi: The Earth needs us. Just as we need it.. Let's all just do the best that we can.

    1. The world does not need us. If humans were to die out, this world would flourish. That's not to agree with mimi, just to put thigs in perspective.

  27. great documentary, but I think there is a 4th kind of person on the Titanic, people who are welcoming it's sinking. Human beings are vile violent cruel people who torture their own species and ever other on the planet. They also ignore the suffering of others, apathy which is just as bad. We are the earth's cancer, and to be honest, I will be glad when this happens, the earth needs it.

    1. Humans are not the Earth's cancer, we've been living on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years in equillibrium, like all other species. Things started to go wrong a few thousand years ago when we began to build civilizations. It's understandable for people to make this mistake as civilized life is all we've seen.

      There have been 82 civilzations, all have collapsed but one, and that's in the post...It's civilization that is the destructive cancer.

  28. Huh. I took this away from reading the comments and watching the video a few times.

    Regardless of when it happens, its going to happen. Oil is a finite resource and thus has a limited supply.

    Let's assume the currently projected best-case scenario.
    Remaining Oil Supply: 40-years worth of "recoverable oil".

    According to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, we still have 1,333 million barrels out there to pump, enough for 40 years at current usage. - The entire report is available online in pdf if you google it.

    This still means that in 40 years, when I and others in my age group will be starting our early 60's. That's right, the current, young early 20-somethings will be old one day, along with all the idols they worship.
    In the best case scenario, we will have changed our ways of thinking early enough and quickly enough to have found and accepted a practical and efficient means to drastically restructure how we live our lives. We gladly give up many modern pleasures and enjoyments in order to maintain a relatively sustainable or at least far more energy efficient means to live and we do this before we run out of the needed energy to produce the "new-energy" machines on the scale that we currently require.
    In sum; we find a way to avert a global collapse and age of chaos by all joining hands and being friends once we all suddenly realize that we will run out of oil one day in the not-so-distant future and need to plan now and could very well die if we don't.
    Remember, Best-Case scenario.

    And now the Worst-Case scenario.
    Remaining Oil Supply: 5-10 years worth of "Recoverable Oil".

    Assume that the world suddenly becomes aware that we only have enough oil for another 5-10 years of smooth running. HOWEVER, we are not told about it even though the World Leaders already knew it was coming long before any of us realized. This would be the darkest time Mankind would have faced yet.
    Once everyone comes to realize that everything from food to the Internet will never be there again in a very, very short time...they will panic. A single human is a thinking being, a rational creature of sound mind. When you get a group of people together, especially when times are hard and everyone is suffering and frustrated, a Mob-Mentality is highly likely to form.
    Law and order break down as wars rage across the earth to claim the last few resources left. All vestiges of what was once the Great and Powerful Human Race will be obliterated and only pockets of survivors make it through the genocide, violence and panic.
    The remaining population will be too small and will lack the needed technical skill to make use of any remaining oil-based technology to any large degree. Mankind reverts back to hunter-gatherer type communities, never to claim technology again, as there is no longer a powerful enough source of energy to build upon. Ends with a moderately paced extinction.
    Worst-Case Scenario.

    Now consider that the truth is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes and remember that Oil is indeed finite, and will run out one day. The question isn't "when will it run out?" but instead we must ask "When would we rather deal with it?"

    Would we rather deal with it now while we still have a fair amount of resources left? Or later on, when we risk using up too much to make a difference.

    Either way, Humanity is in for a rather rude awakening.

  29. @ CKI et al

    Kindly accept my humble internet apology.
    You are absolutely correct, and deserve at least an apology.

    If Puppert's "packaging" succeeds reaching a few thousand people, who actually do the work, that in itself will be a great accomplishment, which is my hopeful anticipation.

    But there is more, much more.

    Kindly RSVP with news of your own NEX-GEN 100th monkey trap-lines stories.

    An online Collapsenet progress update would be enlightening.



  30. @ Kelly
    Love your numbers.
    Queen B(itch), really does own the hive.

    If what I have been reading is close to true : Apparently, 71% of all money in circulation is: U$D.

    Pound Sterling amounts to less than 4%, Euro 8%, RMB ^4%, leaving somewhere around 11% divided between approx 26 countries.

  31. Sigh. Take deep breath. The world economic system is managed by the few. The queen owns half the worlds resources. Whats left of the elite is grovelled over by the spawns of ancestry and existing oligarchies that defeat the concept of 1 person - i vote right. Financial change will never happen. The puppet masters will never give up their entitlement view of the world. They own the money supply.

  32. My dad grew up during the great depression, he said the way the world is going, I would see it too. When his father died 40 years ago, he hurt my arm on his deathbed, he made me promise not to sell the farm, I'd see a day you wouldnt be able to survive without one, it was like he had a vision on his deathbed, and now its all coming true. Fractional banking that many early presidents like Andrew Jackson fought against, ruined this country. Find out who owns the Federal Reserve and you'll find out who controls banking in 188 / 194 countries. This has been planned for a long time. Looks like the Georgia Guidestones are going to hold true. Cities will be killing fields, if you have a farm with ability to grow food, livestock, you will be under attack, just a matter of time. This guy sees what I have said will happen since 2006, and he's right, it's already started. Very smart, informed, realistic man.

  33. Ah well, the truth in that any human conflict, it is that the truth is the first casualty. Wish you well, Michael Ruppert. Have a place for you to stay. Hide out if you like. Let me know. But you have to like cats OK. Smoking is OK. LOvE that second hand smoke.

  34. When I get to finish watching the last eight minutes (grrrrrr!!!!!), I will no doubt post my full comments. For now, just let me say this:

    This is, hands down, the single most intelligent, well-articulated voice of reason that I have EVER heard spoken from any one man. I don't believe in "gurus," but if I ever change my mind on that score, I have found my man: Michael Ruppert. This man speaks the TRUTH. I will forward this video to all 306 people in my mailbox, and feature it on my Youtube page, Humptydumptytribe. Thank you, TDF!

  35. ...and besides he made it very clearly known that the website was shutting down. Talk about your lack of research. One must first take ones own advice before he begins to profess others'.

  36. More witty banter from the village idgit I see, one problem Pete, are you ready?, it don’t count for squat. I will wallow in my own ignorance as the intellectual juggernaut that you seam to think you are blathers on about other peoples ideas to bash anothers…enjoy.

  37. More witty banter from the village i@#$% I see, one problem Pete, are you ready?, it don't count for s@#$. I will wallow in my own ignorance as the intellectual juggernaut that you seam to think you are blathers on about other peoples ideas to bash anothers...enjoy.

  38. It sounds like you're mad at the website Peter. And to "not trust Ruppert to deliver" before the chance was given is just...well ignorance at it's finest. He should be accountable for the website I agree, but to just outrightly dismiss his facts and rhetoric based on poor costumer service is laughable and irresponsible. You say to research Ruppert's claims, well have you? And if so, please enlighten us all. It's superbly lazy to try and bash someone's character in an effort to discredit him. The burden of proof does not lie with him that is for sure. You cannot disregard all facts just because you don't "believe" whats said or because he has creditors after him...who doesn't? Stop fishing for friends and face facts.

    1. Ruppert is nothing but a supermarket tabloid selling tales of the apocalypse to brain-dead UFO enthusiasts. His research is not his own, and his predictions are worthless. He exists only because we were dumb enough to allow free speech in America!

  39. Read the "read first before watching" link pub

  40. That's a scam. I didn't get the entire documentary. And I waited 30 minutes.

  41. @ Jonny Quest

    3 sides to every story : Mine, Rupperts, and the facts somewhere in the middle. PLease do some research and you will find the truth vector is nowhere close to Ruppert`s litany of false claims and personal gaurantees of templates to build lifeboats.

    FYI, I never trusted Ruppert to deliver, which was why I took only a 1 month memberSHIT at collapsenet. The site was a complete gong-show of bimbo`s trading personal messages on a single thread supposedly reserved for lifeboat builders.

    I was one of dozens of new members posting a litany of questions and requests for changes - in good faith that somebody in the IT dept would make changes to separate the gossip thread from the main board for members to exchange ideas on individual threads to discuss solutions or request changes to the site.

    After 3 weeks of posting the same questions and requests for changes to the site, by myself and at least 100 other people without any movement or response from collapsenet HQ, I began increasing the TONE OF MY STATEMENTS - which were all well received by the community at large - who generally felt similar as myself that collapsenet and Ruppert were both dysfunctional.

    Finally, in week 3 of my first month i get an email from a useless IT volunteer, just after posting another comment to request Ruppert be removed from the BoD`s of collapsenet, to fire the entire IT group and rehire a completely new team.
    This bimbo vollunteer decided to send what may have been my 30th or 40th harsh criticism to his coordinator - and within an hour I was sent notice of termination.

    Notwithstanding the fact all of my alleged privileges and non-benefits as a collapsenet member were sumarilly terminated by a lacky, I was still able to log into the site and post comments on the big STUPID USELESS thread of DIMWIT Chatter, as well as to contact my new collapse-friends here in Vancouver BC canaDUH.

    When I discovered collapsenet had absolutley ZERO security to prevent me from re-entering or posting comments, I decided to copy and post the entire thread convo between myself and the IT bimbo minion - right on the same single useless bimbo-thread.

    As a matter of fact, I even went as far as to send another email to the IT Bimbo to advise my access status had not been rejected or chenged. At that point I ended-up getting email from most of the collapsenet people in Vancouver - offering support and raising questions on my behald.

    Suffice-it to say, I may have been the first person thrown out of Rupperts imaginary fleet of non-existent life-boats, just because I happened to MAKE NOISE DEMANDING CHANGES.


  42. i like this guy.....

  43. ...and stay in the'll be fine...

  44. "I love apples"

  45. There have been numerous suggestions that Ruppert himself destroyed the computers in his office in a futile attempt to gain insurance money for paying off a fraction of the mile long list of creditors he owes. Ruppert was ordered to pay a former employee damages for sexual harassment (he admitted having entered said female employee's office wearing only his underwear and a smile). His main source for the Rubicon book is now serving a 336 year sentence for child sexual abuse and pornography charges.
    And to top it all off, there is hardly any bragging rights for his prediction of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown when he made it at the same time as half the economists did.
    Sorry, Ruppert has none to speak of, the veracity of his claims notwithstanding!!

  46. @Peter Carson

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but there's always two sides to every story. The man did say he was broken, maybe beyond repair???

    You believed in him enough to be a member, but now you've jumped ship cause his site isn't original? You're a little harsh just cause the guy's not business savvy and/or he's lazy.

    It sounds like you're Net savvy (maybe you run your own site) and you expect everyone to be as savvy as you which proves you're not only naive but have anger issues.

    Take a deep breath and listen: not everyone can live up to your expectations, not even people you believe to be leaders. It's not only naive to believe this, it's delusional.

    This is why collectivism doesn't work because it breeds too many Indians and not enough chiefs....

  47. Its worth noting that to build all these new high efficiency technologies you need power which as of now is almost entirely generated by fossil fuels. If governments have their head in the sand and continue to act as if fossil fuels are infinite then we wont have the energy to convert to different generation methods, especially fusion which is highly energy intensive and decades from fruition if at all.

    Lithium battery and hydrogen cell technologies are energy stores not energy resources so they are not helpful.

    I think that the attitude that we need to think about changing from fossil fuel based energy to renewable energy now rather than later is vital because of the fact of peak production of fossil fuels.

  48. Technology can help us sustain THID way of living, there's another way to sustain OUR current social system without needing any major revolution; with technological revolution!, war and conflict can be averted with the invention of technology that can relieve us from dependent of limited fossil energy.

    An immediate stage technology would be to increase our energy efficiency; which allow us to use more 'stuff' with less energy consumption, in this stage; we can recycle items; replacing old inefficient items with newer high-tech items without spending too much energy in mining new resources, and in the final stage of technology revolution; we can have new energy source that can surpass the energy output of our current hydrocarbon sources.

    High-efficiency and recycling is already here!: garbage landfill is being used as methane energy source, paper and metal and glasses is being recycled, ships and submarines and cars with TONS of metal being recycled; making way to a more efficient ships and car; with no metal wasted. Next generation energy sources; such as the FUSION, already being envisioned (although not yet successful).

  49. Here is a real prophet who becomes lost amongst the false prophets in the media, the government and in the worlds religions. Open your eyes people the only truth in the world is that right before your eyes. Nothing lasts forever what more evidence do you bloody need? Man is not blessed, the only paradise he will find is the one he builds or does not build here on earth.


    I think you may have just created the 100th monkey!!!!

  51. I have not really been crying for years. When I saw Michael just barely started to cry, I did loose it as well, he made me really understand things, acceptance as he later said. Way he explained it really touched me. This doc surely will change my life a bit. I am not very much of a debate-kind of person on the Internet, so I'll take my leave and I hope you open up your eyes as well and accept that things are about to change. I have jumped over all the other comments here because I wanted to write this when I still had the emotions from the doc.

  52. THis was a pretty good doc but I love how he starts by telling us his mom was on hand to the president and his dad was like missile defence or something and he became an LA police officer? REally a police officer? A job that takes you graduating high school. Whoa!!! Anyhow, it was a good doc overall. These kind of "I knew/know everything is gonna happen" guys are kinda silly though. Let's be honest, if they did or do know what's what was in the works for us, how come there missing the crucial step of finding the solution? I think he's in the dark as everyone else. Plus what's he doing smoking for? I wonder if he can forsee the cancer that's filling his lungs.

  53. Interesting debate you guys are having. I've been wondering about this very thing for years.
    I've got a friend who believes 100% that we'll all evolve into beautiful light beings and transform our world into paradise in 2012.
    Personally I've always forseen more of a mad max style future. All out anarchy. 'You got food, I'll kill you for it'
    As the poster above said, not very many people are as intelligent as the ones having this conversation. Just take a quick look at some of the comments on youtube for example. There are unbelievable levels of racism, stupidity and hatred around the world.
    I'm no fighter or a killer so I'll be heading for the hills when the sh1t hits the fan and hoping I'll bump into Ray Mears or Bear Grylls who'll build me a nice little shelter and catch me some fish.

  54. @Philosophocles

    You said people act like animals now and only slightly subdued by the comforts from money and free markets. But then a few sentences later you mention how people trample each other over Black Friday sales. Seems contradictory and that people seek violence with or without money, without or without laws, with or without common decency.

    Laws and police are in place to keep the violent criminals in check ( a small percentage of the population, but with a large population that number increases). And never have individuals who were murderers, rapist, and thieves were ever tolerated in communities. We rely on police now because they exist....but in their absence there would be ways to deal with that.

    HOnestly....if you no longer had a Ralphs grocery market....are you going to try to hunt for food and grow food with family members and small communities with people with different skill sets to survive....or are you going to kill, rape, and devour all that you see in your path?

  55. @ oliarguello

    You fearmongers make it seem like people will act like animals once money is worthless.

    No, people act like animals NOW! And we are slightly subdued by the comforts money and the free market can provide. What do you think people will act like once that [comfort] is gone?! You are only fooling yourself. Do you remember when people got trampled and died for a Black Friday sale?! Imagine there is no police and very little food left. I would prefer not put my trust in a humanity that has [collectively] ran us to the brink of extinction.

    A wise man 2000 years ago once said "If a blind person leads a bind person, both of them will fall into a hole."

  56. You guys who write that gold will be worthless, cant use anything as currency, people will kill for things...etc.... You have seen way too many movies.

    An economic "apocalypse" wouldnt happen overnight. Instead one month a product will no longer be available, next month another, ...few months later another etc. People would make personal sacrifices to make due with needs versus desires. As things get more drastic, people will barter handmade goods, tools, equipment, services, for things like food and water.

    Of course there will be some low life type gangs going around looting...but those who resort to agressive "hunting and gatering" will die by that type of lifestyle. Most people would try to survive for the long haul, and protect what they have while finding means of trading and cultivating goods.

    You fearmongers make it seem like people will act like animals once money is worthless. People survived without money before, many instances of it exist today, and it can continue to work in the future when necessary.

    As for Gold....its a rare substance thats always been desired and more than likely always will be( people will always be vain and want something valuable even if its jsut ritualistic or to show off.....hell salt use to be more valuebale than gold, so its all realtive depending on the desire)...thats econ 101; demand vs supply.

  57. i dont believe an apocalypse will happen but lets just say it does. if this collapse happens the way he explains, growing a garden and stocking gold wont do sh*t. there would be social chaos including theft and murder in order to satisfy wants and needs (supply and demand still exists in post-apocalyptic society). people would have a "you or me" type attitude meaning either i die or you die and i'm not dieing. gold will have no value because nobody would pay for anything, they would go out and get it themselves meaning they would steal from someone or kill them to get that item. his theory is a complete fallacy.

  58. @Bonerwizard
    That was his main inconsistency. Gold is going to be worth nothing as soon as the free market collapses. Not to mention, seeds/hoarding food/garden will be a death wish as with no police in place, people will be looting and shooting just to survive. For the most part great doc though

  59. i'm just wondering if anyone questioned his desire to utilize gold in reponse to the hyper inflation of currency which will take place theoretically. I can understand seeds as currency, due to their use value but would'nt gold lose any value as the modern idea of economic value went away? just curious...either way a great film featuring a great man.

  60. @ Exsmonkey
    I agree. Technology in lieu of understanding is suicide. Agricultural science is backwards.

    We have more and more diseases since the industrial revolution. Why advance technology when we don't know how to care for our own bodies? But wait, we can just make hospitals for that right? Bass ackwards.

    How do we get more food faster? Make bigger, louder, faster machines. But does that solve the problem of sustainability that you were faced with in the first place? I think not. Why advance technology when we don't know the first thing about sustainable agriculture? Bass Ackwards.

    I have no gripes with technology. But technology without understanding is like exploding an atomic bomb in your pocket! Most people have observed the environment (or your own body) and its appalling condition today and are in shock. Yet there is no need for surprise. If you want the 'easy button' you will suffer the consequences.

    Why use crutches when you haven't learnt how to walk yet? That is how we use 'technology' today. 89% of all people in the world would die within a month or two without all the technology they depend on everyday. Once again...Bass Ackwards.

    So in conclusion I will state the facts.
    1. The world is over populated because of the rise of world commerce and social services.
    2. Big business booms off of this fact and the middle/poor classes just barely make enough to survive. Hence extending population even more (a malnourished/sick/poor population)
    3. Consumers have given up their free will to gadgets, trinkets, and big business. No one even remembers how to grow food or heal themselves, let alone read a map or build a home.
    4. We are on the brink of extinction because no amount of technology will bring back all the resources we have used up. No matter how many atoms they smash at the Hadron Collider, those scientist will NEVER figure out how to make one (atom). So we will never be able to replenish that which the Earth supplied plentiful of (at one time). Because we never learned how to! We never bothered, assuming it would be someone else's problem. Well thank your great great grandparents and everyone down the line for this mess because either we figure out how to clean it up (without technology) or we become the next DODO bird. The latter is more likely. But we can always hope.

  61. Well said Exsmokey
    You expressed that so much better than I ever could.
    I can't stand these people who watch docs like this and write them off as propoganda.

  62. Population growth is the most challenging problem humans have ever faced. It cannot be dismissed with some simplistic math contained in a couple of paragraphs. The current size of the earth's population is already straining ecosystems, for example 17 or the 19 major ocean fisheries are in a state of collapse.

    There has been a 90% decline in large fish since 1950 and a 40% decline in phytoplankton in the same time period. Plankton is a key and basic ingredient in ocean ecosystems. These declines are not simple matters of overfishing, ecosystems are collapsing. Cousteau warned about these situations back in the late 60's and were not heeded. The situation is even worse than he predicted.

    Soils are being lost faster than they are being replaced. The world's breadbasket, the central plains, depend on the Ogallala Aquifer and the decline in the level is alarming. We are mining water there which dates back to the last two ice ages. It is being lowered an average of 1 foot per year, with a recharge rate between .35 and 3.2 inches per year.

    Up to this point we have always depended on technology to bail us out, but the world's ecosystems have only so much capacity, a fact that technology cannot change. Those who ignore this are generally people with little or no knowledge or working experience in biological science.

  63. Its funny how he coined everybody's comments on this site in the movie.
    You got the deer in the headlights comments.
    The "I see a problem, let's analyze it and fix it" comments.
    And the "let's go have a drink because nothing bad could ever happen in this world" comments.

    Which am I? I am the think for you self comment. Nice Doc, and as with all misinformation, it cannot be properly processed unless you analyze it yourself. I truly believe all information and assumptions from outside sources (outside your personal perceptions) should be classified as misinformation FIRST. Because someone's assumption is only as good as the intention and reasoning behind how they arrived there. I will not believe anyone else's assumption before I analyze it myself. If I remember correctly, about forty years ago, cigarettes were thought to be harmless, now they cause cancer. So believe what you will, but only after your own personal inspections/experiments.

    As far as this doc. It was an interesting bit of misinformation that I will look further into. As far as a government collapse, anyone with eyes can see that is inevitable. But even more inevitable is the threat of natural disasters. According to NASAs Earth observatory we have had 94 earthquakes/volcanic eruptions this year alone and counting. How long till one is in your backyard? And of course this is only my assumption. Look it up for yourself.

    But whatever you do, start with a casual eye, and ask yourself a few questions. What caused this effect I am seeing? Where, who or what is the source? How can I prevent it if it was an undesirable effect? how can I reproduce it if it was desirable?

    If you ever receive a sideways answer or a just because answer or a dead end, then you should know something is up. Mad at this Doc? Research the man, and the director. find out who they are and why they made the doc in the first place. Don't piss on his grave. And if you agree, why do you agree? Did you research his research? Did you come to the same conclusions? How? Why?

    As far as society, if you can't save yourself, who else can you save? If your plane is going down, and you are not a pilot, who can you save? Best learn how to pilot a plane first. God speed and good luck to us all :)

  64. Watch this documentary if you want a good laugh. This man has no idea what he is talking about. I can't believe I watched the whole thing, mainly to see how many lies someone could spout out while using vulgar language in an attempt to make it sound sincere . Wow.

    This man is in the news every month predicting the end of the world and of course that end has yet to come. He belongs with all the other doomers over at 'Life after the oil crash'.

    Doomers forget about one major aspect of the human species, we are ingenuitive. We will find a way to survive. No single person can predict our future or when that inevitable world ending event will happen. Live your life to the fullest, it's too short to stress out over these fear monger's delusions.

  65. This guy certianly isn't crazy and I think it is an insult for anyone to be called 'crazy' without any proof to back it up. Here is someone who knows the government can lie, does lie and in this case has lied. When will people realise that the war in Iraz was all abou tthe oil and geostratic power, mainly to help the Zionist cause in Palastine. 9/11 was an inside job and the 'Boget Man' Bin Laden was created by the CIA and rigt wing media and the Republicans. Now we see the Islamophobia feulling the hatred of Muslims, but hang on a minute, didn't the US invade Iraq to help the 'Muslims' and save them from Sadam? Try reading books by Noam Chomsky, he is not 'crazy' but says similar things to Ruppert. I really hope the world's leaders stop Bush and Obama from destroying the planet.Remember the cold war? M.A.D Mutual Assured Destruction! You wipe us out, we wipe you out.It's all there in US documentation and no secret.

  66. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE to those who watch this, make an effort to inform everyone and i mean everyone [ friends, family, coworkers ] of whats really going on in this corrupt world. Please help free the mind of human beings so that we can one day be human again, and not brainwashed walking brands..... I want to see real truth and justice take hold of our world again.... I ask again, please help spread the word.... Help us. Help your self... help the ones you love...

  67. ruppert has an interesting perspective on world affairs and this doc deserves to be shared on my fb page..
    what he says sounds more logical than the most of the comments made here...

  68. Glenn Beck's liberal brother. He also weeps and warns us to buy gold. Seems to lack the racist right wing hate thing.

    An interesting interpretation of facts that leaves me wanting to see the evidence not just opinion based upon facts. I am sure most viewers know the difference...

  69. wow.. man has balls!
    I wish him all the best. He's so intelligent.. it would be a shame if he doesn't run for presidency! well.. he's scored one monkey follower.. I'm sure there will be hundreds more to follow!

  70. Bo
    "out of Sadams own mouth, he said that he needed to make it seem like he had wmd’s to neutralize threat of Iran. I dont doubt iraq war is about oil but he says after 9/11 we went right in there as if there wasnt a lot of things in between that went on. What would happen if Sadam allowed UN to stay in and check everything out? We will never know. Maybe we would go in anyways.."

    Gladly, we do know what would have happened if outsiders were to inspect Iraq before the invasion for the simple fact that some months before they did let them in. They were able to see all the sites they wanted. Anyone remember Hans Blix who led the inspections saying Iraq had no wmd´s?

  71. Eye opening... even if hes only half right.
    Human kind is too stubborn to die out, we survived an ice age with little to no technology, I think we can manage an economic crash in modern times. But in one thing at the very least, he is completely correct. We are not on a sustainable path for both resources and economy. 6.8 billion people is too many. I found this bit doing a short bit of research. Obviously someone was thinking about it.

    Surface Area of the Earth
    - Earth has a surface area of 196,940,400 square miles, slightly less than a perfect ball with a diameter of 7913.5 miles (which is the mean diameter of the Earth).
    - The surface area of the seven continents and all the islands of the world is about 57 million miles, while the total area of the six habitable continents (Antarctica excluded) is around 52 million square miles.
    - Including Antarctica , over one fifth of the globe's land mass is under water (oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.) or ice. This leaves about 45 million square miles of exposed land.
    - The human population on earth has crossed six billion. If we distribute all the exposed land evenly among all mankind, 133 people would have to share one square mile. What that means is that every single person on Earth, man woman and child would have close to five acres of land for his or her use. More precisely, each person would get 209,000 square feet of land, or a square plot of land 457 feet on each side.
    - Not all this land can be used beneficially however. A significant portion of the Earth's exposed land is unhabitable or cannot be used for any agricultural purpose. Large portions lie in the far north. Large portions are extremely arid. Large portions are very mountainous. In sum, only about one fourth of all the land on earth, or somewhat more than 12 million square miles, is arable.
    - Today, over half of the arable land in the world is in fact not under cultivation. Bringing the unused land into service in many cases would require huge investments of money and effort, and would do considerable damage to the environment. For example, only about 28% of the arable land on the African continent is used for growing crops. Immense tracts of forests or jungles would have to be cleared to bring the rest of the arable land on that continent to productive use.
    - Thus, only about one eighth of each imaginary plot of land distributed to each person is land which is under cultivation. In effect, each person has a piece of land about 26,000 square feet (a square 161 feet on each side or just a bit more than ½ an acre) at his or her disposal on which to grow all that he or she needs.

  72. this guys a noob

  73. amazing man, I hope he survives the "transition" too. all the best to you, Mr. Ruppert! Keep em smilin!

  74. Here is one key question:
    If oil is a "fossil fuel", and the deepest layers of fossil are supposed to be at around 16.000 feet, how can Exxon Mobil drill for oil at 30.000+ feet?

  75. Well....I thought we were going to watch a documentary on Peak Oil, but he had a theory on everything, all without reference to publications or facts from well-known scientific outlets. Cursing doesn't improve his credibility either. I don't disagree with the idea of Peak Oil - the oil is finite and it will disappear. And I also don't disagree that he is probably well-intentioned. But I do think that someone else could have said it better, with more facts, and more concisely.

  76. Seems as if have scared everyone away. Oh well, I'm still apparently awaiting "moderation". In the meantime we should look up the dictionary meaning of "collectivism". Maybe change it to "cooperativism" make a new word and movement. What do you think? By the way John Seals where are you on the earth?

  77. I like it- Collectivism. Share and share a like- the work as well as the spoils. I'm in!!

  78. Pacha: The sky is not falling. We would not be here today if it wasn't for human cooperation and collectivism. AHAH! Maybe that is the new catch word! NOT capitalism NOT Communism. Just sharing the bounty of the Earth. So simple. Let's start a movement. Collectivism. Any takers?

  79. I don't know what number monkey I am but I've been washing my coconuts for quite some time now.It's past time for the rest to wake up and realize this man is dead on target about what's going down.Please spread this documentary to any and everyone you can.Hopefully it will help to prepare at least a few to withstand the transition after the fall.I've said for years the most valuable things are going to be seeds and bullets my brothers and sisters...

  80. Given the current oil gush in the Gulf of Mexico, the information he gives on how wells are drilled is interesting.

  81. He is a scare monger trying to profit off of a cheap scare. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. His only following are those that are so lost in the fantasy of death and destruction that they are willing to believe anyone that tells them what they want to hear.

    No one wants to hear about how the US over produces so much food, farming has to be regulated so huge corporate farms can afford to stay in business. The US grows so much corn that we can afford to process it and turn it into sugar for soft drinks. Undercutting the global sugar cane market.

    There is no energy crisis. There are dozens of alternatives to oil that become very feasible compared to $200 a barrel oil. The only problem with alternative fuels is they are not as cheap as pumping it from the ground. When oil prices are forced to reach a break even point (some estimates suggest another 50 years) with alternative fuels there are many companies that have positioned themselves to be global suppliers. The new corporate power houses will be Big Hydrogen and Big Methanol, or even Big Lithium (battery suppliers)

    There is no way to predict products of the future. When the first companies were formed and the first markets traded stocks or tulips, no one could have imagined that in 700 years people would trade in things like electricity. If you don't understand the reference to tulips you fail at history. I agree that the whale oil business hasn't recovered like alot of people thought it would 200 years ago but the railroad business follow by auto business followed by aircraft followed by electronics followed by microprocessor have generally made up for it. Since NO one knows what the future market will bring NO on can predict it. If you believe someone can predict the future are are a fool.

    Im sure 200 years ago there was someone that said... "see i told you the whaling business was gonna crash, now listen to me when I say everyone is going to be poor and starving" They were wrong. They are always wrong. For 5000 years people have been saying the world is going to end and they have ALWAYS been wrong.

    Stop being the sheep.

    Open up your mind.

    Read a book on finance.

    Know the difference between correlation and causation.

    Learn to think for yourself.

    And if you want to know the one true rule of the market place, this is it. "A fool and his money are soon parted."

    The sky is falling.

  82. Who should we believe then about the state of world affairs? Whose coat tail should we hang onto Al Gore? David Suzuki? Who is right? The perpetrators of the oil spill debacle in the Gulf of Mehico? You don't need degrees to observe the decline of western civilization as we know it. Happy Fathers day by the way to all the Dads out there.

  83. Very true Mr. Savage, doesn't change the fact that this guy is a liar and sham. If you think our govt. would allow people to take important documents that might expose them home and not oinly that but give the family members clearance "just in case"- If you think electricity can not be moved from where it was created- And so on and so forth.. I'm sorry but i do not see you having the skills to live in a natural setting. Pee as fertilizer, if you buy that one you will die of starvation for sure. I am using "you" in a general sence Mr. Savage, not aiming this at you specifically, for all I know you didn't buy that and know all about growing your own. I have spent the last thirty seven years growing food for this country- Pee will not work and this guy simply has no survival skills. Of course what both of you say about population versus resources is absolutedly correct, it's just no shocker to anyone so it hasn't been commented on. I mean did we really need a documentary to tell us the obviouse and then back it up with a pack of lies and misinformation. If you guys are going to think that everyone that gets up and states the obviouse is some kinda guru, especially when half thier statements are false and they admit they have no real qualifications, well- I am making a documentary then. I'll simply make up some stuff and bind it to some real facts here and thier- express some sentiments that i know already resonate deeply with the American middle class- make up some science that backs my opinions and presto- I'm a guru too. Correlation does not constitute causation, question everything and get to the truth America.

  84. 32 comments totaly missing the point. this is not a lecture on peak oil or good and evil or physics, its not a conspiracy theory, what he's trying to explain is that globalization and mass production are unsustainable, and as a result, our population/way of life is unsustainable. the simple fact of the matter is, small groups/families/tribes are 100% sustainable in the correct proportions compared to their natural surroundings, but as greed and ignorance has grown with our post-industrial-revolution environment, profits are made only by institutionalizing every apect of our lives and that is what we have to change, not just our reliance on oil but our reliance on 'the system' its self. the world cannot sustain any society indefinatly and eventualy all civillisations collapse, and the only survivours are the individuals who have retained the skills needed for living in the way nature intended and which is sustainable.

  85. Let's just presuppose that humans are the "root of all evil" since it was humans that created a money system/s to benefit the few, who continue to usurp the right of all humanity to benefit from the offerings of the Earth.

  86. I'm not that surprised of everything that Michael was saying. He knew all this was going to happen sooner or later but instead of being angry, I just hope that he can now focus on what CAN be done instead of what cannot be done anymore. Even if its "too late" or very little that can be done, I still believe something CAN be done about all this. By sharing what he has researched through out his life in this documentary is already a start, now is just up to all of us who have known about this to spread the word so we can work as a community for our own benefit of course....but then again there are those who only think of saving only themselves and here we go again, back to square one... "money is the root of all evil" ha?

  87. Whoa! 108 Billy. Sounds like you've got it all figured out. Invite Michael up there to BC. Sounds like he needs a rest and some horse company. Maybe a veggie patch too!

  88. Sorry Anthony. Gas fireplace cough, cough, but I do have a fire pit for saving carbon. Where are you in the universe, by the way?

  89. David: I of course, knew what you meant. My ability to convey sarcasm isn't much better in person, either. Appreciate the follow-up, just the same. We have a small patch of fresh veggies and some summer fruits, too. My tip, if you're not already aware of it...

    If you have a fireplace, till or hoe in the ashes from it every other year. An old-timer told me of that and I'm hear to tell you, it made a world of difference in the taste of our food. The tomatoes will spoil you and the cantaloupes would make you want to slap your momma! ;)

  90. "Growing your own frozen meals"I do it all the time.Get yourself a garden patch.Cook up what you have grown. Make portions. Place in freezer bags.Freeze.Mix. Microwave. Add some feta cheese.Yummy portions for 1 or family.Far less salt too. Recipes anyone? Try adding some fish. Let's get eating healthy!

  91. I've had a few acquaintances sing Ruppert's praises but never took time to look into his side of things. The only thing I knew about him was his believe in peak oil. That alone was enough for me to not put much stock in what he says. After watching this doc, he certainly looses basis with me when he talks about God, as well as peak oil. IMO, it doesn't bode very well for him with all the evidence of human like remains being unearthed, dating back much further then the good book would have Religious Zealots believe.

    Overall though, I'd agree with some of the things he talks about. I think this doc is certainly worth watching, if even one more person has an ah-ha moment and it sparks their desire to look behind the curtain. People are in for a rude awakening, much like Gerald Celente talks about.

    Personally, I feel there is more to the suggestion of the film maker showing a document/article claiming Ruppert of being a CIA plant, then Ruppert himself would have us believe. However, my gut instinct has been wrong before.

    @Devin, 'tis better to know the difference between a theory and hypothesis. You seem angry. If 'conspiracy theorists' are what has your blood boiling, perhaps you should open your eyes and your mind.

    @David H Longford, would you care to elaborate on how exactly one goes about "growing your own frozen meals?" :)

  92. Iraq didn't remove the inspectors... It was the US that refused to let them finish.

    I love guys like Ruppert, but I think it is about time that people like him just kick back and take care of them selves as the majority of worlds societies are still in a state of media/government induced forward momentum into destruction.
    There is not one aspect of society today that is sustainable.
    Most people don't even care what Men like Ruppert have to say and the ones that do are the ones that all ready understand his concepts and facts... all he is doing is helping to reinforce something we all ready know.

    Our ranch and horses up here in BC are protected by Smith and Wesson, but people like Ruppert are always welcome :)

    David...."the earths resources are NOT finite."

  93. lets go

  94. You've probably just missed the whole point. The Earth's resources are NOT infinite. Is the glass half empty or full. Doesn't matter does it. Sooner or later it will be empty. I think that Michael is just looking for alternatives. What else should we be looking for?

  95. I agree that bad things are in the cards, but some of the things he is saying is absolutely the worst case scenario. His bizarre attempts to include the "laws of physics" reminds me of any other pseudo-scientists attempt to sound like he knows what he is talking about, but in reality is saying a bunch of nonsense. Dinosaurs didn't have the brainpower (or physiology - non-mammals) to overcome threats to their existence. Good discussion, but he hurts himself when he starts the wild speculation, like "Its too late, people have taken all the good spots, and will probably shoot you when you arrive strike me as utterly laughable. Have I missed a massive exodus from urbania?

  96. Well: I hope that Michael can find an outlet for his angst. I think that deep down we all know that the present globalist, political/financial, system is not working to the benefit of all humanity, but for the few. It has never been any different throughout human history. We have all just become economic slaves to the self appointed elite who usurp human dignity. Tell Michael that I have somewhere that he can live for free, well sort of, gotta grow your own frozen meals though. I'll get in touch with him. David

  97. Ther'es a lot about this kind of thing that looks good on the surface, but then you start asking some questions and it seems slightly strange.

    I don't really have much of an opinion on what he's saying aside from perhaps his view is a little starker than mine, but that notwithstanding I've often thought many of the same things based on what I've observed. Ruppert is slightly more "zombie apocolypse" than I am about the whole thing, but that doesn't mean that I do'nt recognize that he might be absolutely correct.

    But then you start asking questions. For instance, if you're going to have gold to insure against the coming socio-economic collapse, then it'll need to be a significant amount, likely in the thousands or tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. But let's just say you manage to save up 25 thousand dollars worth of gold as insurance, the way he suggests.

    Where are you going to keep it? In your house? If the collapse happens the way he says it will there probably will be very little law-enforcement. In a bank? That's probably not a good idea given the banks are part of the system that caused the collapse in the first place. Bury it somewhere? C'mon...

    At the end of the day I think, as always, the truth can almost always invariably be found somewhere in the middle between the two most extreme poles. Find those poles, count your fingers to the middle of the ideologies and there you'll find the truth. Once you know the truth, knowing what to do about it comes naturally.

  98. He knows some of his s***... the way I think about Ruppert is that he's not some dime-a-dozen wild-eyed credulous conspiracy theory tinfoiled asshat, he's a man who went so far down the rabbit hole he doesn't remember what the sun feels like anymore.

  99. Is this guy for real? he seems know about everything and anything. Hes got me convinced that he knows his sh(t.

  100. He seemed to down play the part population growth plays in this. Peak Oil, dwindling resources, climate change, economic collapse, as well as other things are all connected to the population. David Attenborough's "Life" explained this much better, I thought.

    There seems to be two choices: 1. Use our resources more wisely 2. Reduce the population (hopefully through zero population growth). Actually, a combination of both of these would be the best solution.

  101. Mike Ruppert is a very flawed character, as this film effectively protrays him. He has done stellar journalistic work in breaking important stories, but he is perpetually in the 'oh my god the sky is falling' state of mind, to his detriment. It's one thing to recognize the implications of peak oil for industrial civilization - or at least attempt to, insofar as predicting such things is possible. But it gets a little ridiculous when you have a guy who acts as if he is constantly being proven right when he has done things like predict that hurricane Rita was to spell the end of the United States.

    He is capable of giving an engaging and dramatic narrative, but if you want to learn more about this stuff from someone who isn't completely unhinged there are several superior 'peak oil pundits' to choose from; John Michael Greer, James Howard Kunstler, Colin Campbell, Richard Heinberg etc.

  102. The Muppet show would be a more suitable platform for this guy. Still. thanks for sharing, everyone deserves a hearing.

  103. @Gromath - Copy write says '09

  104. Does anybody know if this film was published BEFORE the Greece-Euro crisis?

  105. This guy lost all credibility when he spoke about a "Q" clearance.

    He said he had a "Q" clearance
    A "Q" clearance is for DoE and usually associated with nuclear secrets.

    He said his father worked with talent/keyhole:
    Talent/Keyhole is a DoD TS/SCI clearance usually associated with spy satalites.

    He said his mother worked with NSA crypto:
    NSA crypto would also use the DoD type clearances. There is a chance his mother would also need a TS/SCI and be read into talent/keyhole, depending on her work.

    I see no reason DoE would perform an investigation on a child whose parents have no dealing with DoE.

    He also said that he was cleared in case his father left his briefcase at home and he looked in. If his father is carrying around TS/SCI secrets his father should be put in prison for the rest of his life. I repeat... LIFE IN PRISON. It is a huge crime to take any marked materials out of a scif. If he actually had a "q" clearance he would have known this because part of getting the clearance is required training in handling classified material.

    Obviously this is all speculation and not based in any real science.

    All the things he keeps mentioning like tires and fertilizer and even gasoline can all be created using any hydrocarbons. You do not need petroleum to produce these goods.

    When he talks about reclaiming CO2 he is obviously misinformed. Companies have been storing gas underground for years. Alaskan companies re-injected natural gas in huge quantities and have been doing it for decades.

    His ideas on economics continue to show his flawed speculation. If you look at the history of inflation in the United States... all the major cases of inflation happened when the dollar was backed by gold and silver. This is true for the global money supply. Its hard to find any "gold backed" currency that hasn't experienced wild instability.

    I would assume the your only reason for agreeing with this guy is that he echoes your own opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But agreeing with another opinion does not make it a fact.

    Correlation does not imply causation. If you agree with this guy chances are you have no idea what the previous statement means.

    Learn to think for yourself.

  106. oooh I really liked this documentary. It opened my eyes to a few things when I saw it about a year ago. Glad to see it here. I will more than likely watch it again!

    Gerald Celente is also a very insightful global economy trend forecaster.

  107. Michael Ruppert is in the league of thinkers like Studs Terkel, but Studs spoke through individual Story. Michael is both analyst and philosopher. He is marginalized because he openly challenges the assumptions we are too ready to accept, and that the power holders do not want to be examined. He spoke of looking for the 100th monkey while the film showed sheep, obediently ducking and covering when asked to expose themselves to potentially lethal doses of radiation.

    Ironically, Just yesterday I posted on Facebook a short version of an essay I'd begun some time ago that almost mirrors the thoughts you express. I posted it because I am so tired of hearing people talk about fixing dependence on oil by substituting something else to put in their cars. These people have blinders on. They want the government to fix things, but they don't want to take the responsibility themselves. I am glad to see that other people do get it, and there are grass roots efforts all over, making the personal choices and working as communities to try to change the direction we are going in.

    Michael, we are here, many of us trying to make the changes needed. I hope there are enough of us to create the sea change you spoke of in time.

  108. all though i don't see eye to eye on all of it.. This bloke deserved a platform... Thank you

  109. you have my fullest respect Michael C Ruppert!

  110. out of Sadams own mouth, he said that he needed to make it seem like he had wmd's to neutralize threat of Iran. I dont doubt iraq war is about oil but he says after 9/11 we went right in there as if there wasnt a lot of things in between that went on. What would happen if Sadam allowed UN to stay in and check everything out? We will never know. Maybe we would go in anyways..

  111. This is what I spent discussing on MBA Class when it was focused to economics . Present society is artificially sowllen due to technical adcvancement but the ground reality is that production is necessary to sustain their lifes. We all cant live a artifical life without our direct involvement in Production. Production by less for more wont work out in capitalist society. As you said society wont realize unless it will collapse I agree with that !!! There are many points That are correct but there are also solutions available in the world. When I did my masters in Sociology it was found that many society still are very far from complicated and developed society and many will find their way out, but when you talk about Europeans and Americans or other artifically dependend society things are not that easy. Defenitely the present scenario will change on economic growth .. and the story will not remain the same !!!!

  112. We live in some of the most interesting times...challenging...but surely interesting.

  113. thank you for finding this. has been on my wish list.

  114. I have so much respect for this guy he is a hero in a world of corruption. Respect.