The Collective Evolution III: The Shift

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This is the third installment from the series The Collective Evolution in which the authors claim that there's a rebellious fluctuation stirring every aspect of our planet. The people are waking up, they're in the streets, they're educating themselves, and they're demanding change. It seems the days of the quiet citizen are becoming numbered as more and more grow tired of our current ways. In 2011, Time magazine gave person of the year to the "protester."

As they stated in the cover story themselves, "massive and effective street protest" was a global oxymoron until - suddenly, shockingly - starting exactly year ago, it became the defining trope of our times. And the protester once again became a maker of history.

Since the year 2000, millions protested in over 100 countries around the world for reasons ranging from economy to 9/11 truth. In some cases peaceful protests even led to overthrowing of governments in power. To name some of the notable protests, in 2010 and 2011 over 600,000 protested in Greece against new austerity measures. The Greek people were unhappy with unemployment and the state of the economy and decided to take their displeasure to the streets.

In 2011 the occupy movement sprung up, bringing out hundreds of thousands from more than 95 countries raising awareness of the wealth inequality, political corruption, and corporate influence over government. Also in 2011 over six million marched in Spain due to political and financial unrest. This was a month long protest.

Continuing the trend in 2011 the Egyptians revolted against election fraud and other socioeconomic factors. Millions took to the streets and effectively overthrew their government. In 2013 the Egyptians were at it again, this time protesting over economic and security issues. They once again successfully overthrew their government to bring about change.

2013 also saw a huge uprising in Turkey were protesters demanded the protection of Taksim Gezi Park and hoped to raise awareness about police brutality, freedom of speech and to push their government to resign. 2013 was also home to the march against Monsanto. It featured over 2 million people from 52 countries.

These are just some of the unprecedented amount of protests that have taken place in the last few years. This isn't to say that the protesting is the answer to the world issues but we're seeing clear signs of people getting fed up with how things are. The general populations is standing up for themselves and demanding change.

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  1. a_no_n

    I think anonymous really upped the game where protesting was concerned. they made it new and impacting again...At least until everyone decided that their pet project was an anonymous cause and those damned masks became the go to protesters costume. and then along came occupy, poor naive occupy. By the end of that even I wanted to smack those finger waggling idiots upside the head.

    listening to the Occupy protestors at interviews reminded me of that scene in hitchikers guide to the galaxy where Ford and Arthur are on earth in the past talking to the crew of the crashed B ship.

    Long term Protest movements all fail in the end because they end up getting overtaken by people who want to be seen protesting for the sake of their reputation. In my experience as a lefty it's always been either anarchists or hipsters. Though i imagine right leaning protest groups have the same issues with nationalists.

  2. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Not seen the Doc. yet but the introduction refers to protest on the "9/11 TRUTH" which in my opinion reflects the very complicated path to change through street protest when differnt people assume they have access to the "truth" kinda like the crusades.

  3. Janeen Clark

    i support this doc and gave it full rating however when keeping an open mind which i always try to do , i feel like i would have to close my mind to accept some of the pseudo science presented in this film. it is of my opinion that much more could have been do to fully break down and cover the objective aspects of the film and completely skip over the santa claus easter bunny type of stuff. "sun spots correlate with human consciousness .... " is like saying pink floyd's the wall completely correlate with the wizard of oz. in fact if you research further you will find that all music has internal fluctuations that could at first glance seem to connect to any video footage. this takes energy away from fully covering the most relevant issues because effort is wasted on hunches that are irrelevant to the most important facts causes and conclusions when dealing with such an important topic.

  4. Lynnie Zsidov

    I am an
    Environmentalist and all for change but after visiting their website I found way
    too much hocus pocus, angels and fluff. That just took away any credibility
    with me.

  5. CapnCanard

    I find the doc to be legitmate. I like to put it as simply as I can: The competition model(our current reality) of politics and economics is a bloated and dessicated corpse. The cooperation model(okay, I dunno what else to call it) is a much more effective strategy. Let the old model/standards wither, dry up and blow away. Hell, I've been feeling it since the mid '90s and now I am not feeling so gawd-damned isolated anymore.

  6. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    YEP! Unless you repent!!!! The Borg =youwill be assumilated !!

  7. CapnCanard

    Janee Clark, I recomment "My Big Toe" by Thomas Campbell, but bear in mind it is a trilogy. Campbell spent nearly 30 years working for NASA. It is strange but his ideas seem very similar to much of what Terence McKenna's has talked about. (McKenna is now deceased) McKenna was an old psychonaut exploring psychedelia via entheogens notably psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine, Datura, Salvia, Ayhuasaca/Yage, Ibogaine, etc. Meanwhile Campbell used TM and a natural ability for OOBE, etc. But it is very strange that they seem to have arrived at a similar set of ideas and conclusions...

  8. CapnCanard

    Long term protests fail? I guess that Mahatma Gandhi failed to get the Brits out of India, eh? And the freedom riders failed, Rosa Parks failed, and MLK failed... gee, thanks for the correction.

    a_no_n, I am sorry but you might wanna check your calendar. I don't think they are done protesting.

  9. Diego_Garrido

    Too much connecting dots that may or may not be there to back a very valid point, which holds itself without pseudoscience. 80% of the time is wasted on superstition.

  10. Alan Baca

    where do you get these crapy ideas?

  11. megatron_mcdaniels

    Bring up real problems and then pour fruit loops all over them. Smells like lizard people dis info.

  12. megatron_mcdaniels

    Spiritual awakening...or internet access?

  13. a_no_n

    You managed to miss the point entirely, well done.

    I didn't talk about any of those guys because i'm talking about a different era. I thought that was obvious enough but apparantly i need to dumb it down a bit further.

    I mean if you think that MLK Ghandi et al are on a par with occupy wall street then fair enough, i personally don't think that.

    I guess i missed the part where occupy wall street brought down the 1% and ended wealth inequality.

    Would you like to continue this discussion based on things i've said, or would you prefer to set up another strawman for me to battle off?

  14. socratesuk

    So true.

  15. socratesuk

    First 15-mins is good, then it all goes a bit downhill. The solutions offered at the end of the documentary don't seem all that convincing either.

  16. Rodney Bresch

    I agree, but the net has just inspired the new level of
    awakening we’re at. It’s been happening. Martin Luther was one of the first to utilize the printing press, as the reformation exploded onto the scene, being followed by “the great awakening”. Then radio, tele, along with many other
    innovations carried us to where we are now…up and at it lol.

  17. Janeen Clark

    yes, i accept that reality is a video game. it is just when i watch a film and put my perspective into what it is like for a person never accessing this information before they can be turned off if you to far off the deep end, there is enough science to back things up without going into spirituality that an individual may not be at that point yet . they may get turned off by certain concepts. by the way i it has been 10 years now that i suspected reality being a simulation peace brothers and sisters.

  18. Rodney Bresch

    I think there’s “science” to support humanity as a mulit-cellular
    organism forming. Multi-cellular colonies evolved into sponges, that broke from the surface they grew from, as they evolved into the jellyfish. Civilization(s) is stationery as the sponge was, and is mobilizing into virtual landscapes and we might be entering interstellar regions physically.

    So is it a coincidence that the internet resembles the nerve
    net in the jellyfish….? I def don’t think so. I have much more to support this, but obviously am restricted here.

    There seems to be a basic blueprint of bringing together units to produce novelty(aka evolution simplified). New properties emerge until the slate is cleaned, and starts over with the tools provided from each prior round...all at an exponential rate. You can see it everywhere in nature.

  19. Rodney Bresch

    They speak of a cycle. But there are many cycles and they are exponentially occurring at faster and faster paces. It is just moving very fastly right now.

  20. CapnCanard

    I am very sorry you were offended. I hadn't read your whole post(D'oh) and in my defense(such as it is, excuses-excuses) I am used to seeing most posts degrade any protest that challenges political and/or economic authority. These movements have a story to tell and at the very least we should all listen.

    BTW, the reference to Hitchhikers Guide had first crossed my mind as well... lol

  21. CapnCanard

    BTW Terence McKenna's description of the "machine elves" present in the DMT experience or Dr. Rick Strassman's DMT studie really throws a wrench in the ideal of consciousness as per an agreed upon scientific explanation. I've come to embrace the ideal that consciousness looks to be a shared phenomena, as the quantum physicist Amit Goswami(The Self Aware Universe) has said "consciousness it the ground of all being." Hell, at this point I believe that consciousness is the only thing we can be certain of... cogito ergo sum.

  22. socratesuk

    LoL, what a load of rubbish. English please!

  23. socratesuk

    So you believe were in some kind of matrix/video game? Really?

  24. Richard Neva

    The people have lost all power to to mega corporations, mega government and a general stupidity to what is really happening to them!

  25. Terry Chambers


    When is the American public going to wake up to the fact that our
    president and his henchmen are already off the rails?

    Kathlene Sebilius announced that
    7 million people have signed up for ObamaCare. Joe Biden said that 4 million people have signed up for
    ObamaCare. I'm sure they get their numbers from Catsup bottle

    Do you think there might panic-driven disarray in the White House? If if wasn't so freakin' frightening I might be
    enjoying a Marx Brothers movie plot. -- TC

    PS: Why is Ted Nugent apologizing for complementing Barack Obama? At least he acknowledged that Obama and Biden seem to qualify as some kind
    of primates.

  26. Rodney Bresch

    I'll upload a vid i made later tonight or tomorrow(can't from where i'm at). It breaks it down better. It is a bit technical in places, but simplified enough to where if you're open minded enough, you'll find it's far from rubbish.

  27. a_no_n

    Lol no worries, I do that all the time, half read a post and then fire all guns.

  28. a_no_n

    So it's the president that tried giving everyone healthcare that's off the rails, not the one who started a crusade in the middle east...good to know.

    The only thing that's frightening is the hysteria of the right wing as they try literally every tactic and trick they can to disrupt/remove this president and his authority.

    never in my life have i seen such twists of logic as has been seen from the American right in the last few years...and outright lying as well.

    Ever since Obama won the election (which is more than Bush ever did the second time around) the American right have taken their ball and gone home, they've ground democracy to a complete stand still because they don't want to work with the black man...and yet you don't see THAT as being off the rails? it's a strange double standard!

    to be honest, Ted Nugent calling Barrack Obama a primate is the pot calling the kettle black. Nugent's a neanderthal with gunpowder!

  29. socratesuk


  30. bringmeredwine

    Um, do you mean perception is reality?

  31. Maxime

    I gave 5/10 stars but i meant 10 sorry lol

  32. socratesuk

    Okay I have watched it, fair play to actually going and making something.

    Kind of interesting.............., but I am not sure I really get what your getting at?

    I get the impression you might like the upcoming film Transcendence. (See trailer). Is this what your kind of hinting at?

    So your suggesting evolution is on some kind of pre-programmed path to some kind of end/or perfection or path to even higher degree of consciousness?

    I liked the idea that the internet is kind of a brain. From a knowledge perspective it certainly is. (Its a bit like having an elder in a tribe). We often go to the internet to find "answers to various questions". But those answers are still uploaded by humans!. Its not like a machine is processing the answers.

  33. Rodney Bresch

    Def thanks for the watch sir.

    It is all about transcendence, but they're focusing on the transcendence of man from what I've seen, instead of the transcendence of mankind. Ray Kurzweil does(where the idea was inspired by i'm sure) this as well. As in as the shift suggests, we are all a part of something larger. I look at the identity as an illusion contrived by nature to facilitate evolutionary requisites, such as life and death(which have driven biological evolution esp). As a result, we have manifested these fragmented views of the world around us, and will soon transcend these out dated views.

    So it's not how awesome it will be when we as egotistical self righteous individuals jack into the machine. It's when we do so in conjunction with one another.

    A bunch of "separate" interstellar particles formed the cell. A bunch of "separate" cells formed the mutli-cell org, and a bunch of those(us), seem to be in the process of forming an even larger body.

    You can see the centralized process, sadly enough, in our power structure, dating back sometime, but it has picked up speed recently. But i think that is just a precursor to what's to come. The idea is that the brain realizes it's body parts are important, as governments don't, but soon will possibly, as it would make sense to from an evolutionary standpoint.

    But yea when the first brain formed in the worm, all of it's "data" was uploaded by the cells of the nervous system...or the indidual components. Imagine we could process social media posts 1000's per minute(hypothetically we're augmented intellectually). Each post would almost be like praying, in that it would beckon across an international sea of willing participants, working towards a common goal...just as all of our different senses and different body parts do. Grabbing an apple is a very complicated process mathematically, and takes a lot of parts working together to pull off.

    Whether it's completely pre-determined or something on the quantum level perhaps has some sway or some other outside force(interactive the golden rule u see every where in nature) is hard to know. I think of divinity as outside of the realm of understanding. One thing seems likely, that evolution does have a direction.

    Sorry for the long post, but hard to cover shortly.

  34. oQ

    I posted a link 20 min. ago, waiting for approval. I think it will tickle that question in a deeper way.

  35. socratesuk

    Okay, I think I kind of get what your getting at.

    I am not convinced evolution does have a direction tho...., also natural selection would suggest otherwise.

    Humans relatively speaking have been around for like a split second. Some animals are well suited to their environments. I.E tigers and crocodiles. I think its a bit silly to think that evolution has a direction, just because we drive cars, wear clothes, and can post a status on a social media website.

    Although the idea of a "mind being uploaded to a computer/network" is fascinating. I would of thought its impossible, as its very hard to pin-point what makes us "us". Also without being able to see through human eyes and hear through human ears, presumably you would no longer be human? I am presuming we need a human brain as well. Its like taking an engine out of a car. Neither the car nor the engine have any practical purpose.

    Also lets not forget that around 99% of all species that ever existed are now extinct.....

    Were pretty lucky to be here in the first place. Were only having this conversation right now, thanks to people hundreds of thousands of years ago arming themselves with rocks and spears, and then mastering fire, cooking food on fires, settling down into tribes, and so on and so on.

  36. Todd Morrow

    There have always been hippies and technological progress and a ruling elite so the film could have been titled "The Collective Status Quo - The Lack Of Change"?

  37. John Defalque

    Nugent hasn't been cool since the 70s.

  38. bringmeredwine

    Sweet Jesus! That wasn't a link, it was an entire phonebook! Is there gonna be a test?
    Yes, now I get what the smarter ones were talking about.
    Had a good laugh though, when I read,
    "....just as I cannot relate to the farmer's fear of tornados."
    Didn't have my glasses on and thought I'd read, "tomatoes"!

  39. oQ

    smarter ones? that gave me a good laugh.
    No test from me to you, in that regard I only test myself.

  40. CapnCanard

    Ted Nugent has only been cool to people with impossibly low standards, aka those with mediocre taste.

  41. 1concept1

    simulation - is there another word you can use in addition to "simulation" -

  42. a_no_n

    The only problem with that way of life is that eventually the Romans show least that's what happened first time around...they say history is cyclical.

  43. 1concept1

    Your being way too kind in your description of Nugent -

  44. CapnCanard

    and Thomas Campbell refers to it as "virtual reality." At this point I believe it may be our consciousness that is the "glue," that gives us form. Just ghosts in machine, or elves, or gnomes creating the universe, or aliens in the ether...

  45. Rodney Bresch

    Natural selection is just a grade of evolution. But it has to be at least hard to imagine that star dust made it where we are now “randomly”. One thing I don’t do tho, is speak of certainties in regards to things such as.

    99% of species went extinct. Except that many of those that did, evolved into us. It’s like family members die, but lineages live on. We all die in cycles, just like cells do. And just like cells, we don’t realize we’re a part of something larger.

    We not only survived drastic climatic fluctuations, multiple massive meteoric impacts, along with countless other geologic and ecologic factors, we did so…exponentially. Natural selection can’t account for this. I don’t speak of certainties as of yet, but there’s over whelming evidence to suggest it’s driving towards or being attracted by something outside of our perception.

  46. Rodney Bresch

    Sorry i didn't get back sooner, and I thought my vid was deleted and thought my response to your response was moderated(after i didn't see it for like an hour) i thought the convo was over...impatient lol.

  47. SmirkingObserver

    Is this a modern day cult?

  48. Rodney Bresch

    And I hear you about uploading into the machine. But from what the past and present seem to be telling us, is that we will make HUGE advancements in the next few decades. Who knows how it will play out, but it does appear to be going digital. It could be we create AI that continues the process. I add that, because i don't present some fairy tail, where "immortality" in the christian sense, is god's gift to us. In reality, mother nature is very harsh, but only from our puny self righteous perceptions. I think organisms are like body parts, and they're meant to be transcended as the process evolves.

  49. Rodney Bresch

    but yes, i don't think we will be "human" for much longer. IQ is advancing exponentially, as our tools to boost it are. The world is on the move.

  50. jaberwokky

    It was going fairly well at the start but sure enough the crazy eventually crept in. Over unity devices, quantum quackery, UFO cover ups and solar flares that change human consciousness. They even speculated on the G2 cloud event as an upcoming source of consciousness shifting energy. I have nobody but myself to blame for watching but I feel like a little piece inside me has died. It's too soon to know for sure but I think it may have been my consciousness.

  51. dewflirt

    As a Leo I find all of this to be most interesting, the fluctuating excitability of sunspot activity directly effects the controllability of my hair.

  52. socratesuk

    Thanks for the reply.
    Links get deleted, but I did manage to watch the vid.

    How life started on earth is still largley uknown, but I try and keep an open mind. I have been an atheist for 10 years now, so I struggle to see things and events as programmed or planned to certain degree. Human technology will defo be the main force of change, and seeing how far the internet has come in just 25years is amazing!. I think there will always be limits to AI, can a machine/robot ever get pleasure from a sunset or cold beer after a long day at work? I doubt it.

  53. jaberwokky

    That was a bit of a struggle to remain conscious through but well worth the read and very interesting. I particularly liked Damasio's analogy of "the movie in the mind".

  54. oQ

    worth a watch for sure, you are onto something interesting, I like the simple and colourful explanation.
    If physical life is a dream dreamed by consciousness, aliveness could certainly have such pattern.

  55. oQ

    Movie on the mind.
    Snow storm raging outside, I'm going to the cinema and watch Ernest and Celestine, they too live below the snow. In fact i'm going mainly for the healthy popcorn our cinema sells, real butter and lots of engevita yeast along with a panoply of spices.
    Some walk their dog, I walk my consciousness.

  56. jaberwokky

    Deep. I'll have to meditate on that awhile. I'll download that movie you mentioned while I recite my mantra.

  57. Achems_Razor

    At least you can walk where you live, not here, seems like 40-50 below forever, consciousness notwithstanding, (the collective evolution), (thinking warm weather) does not work here. It is warmer on Mars, only -20 there.

  58. M.LeFaux

    This started off fine, and then it turned into complete babble.

  59. oQ

    Minus sure have the perfect job with TDF for where you are....and you do it so well! Thank you for all those hours reading our conscious thoughts.

  60. oQ

    I skipped that movie and went for a beer and fries instead and then went to the movie theatre where they were showing for free the Oscars Live instead of a movie. The popcorn was great and U2 performed the most amazing song.

  61. docoman

    You need to look up the definition of ad hominem Rodney. Unlike your post, SmirkingOvserver didn't target any individual. Ironically I think, your answer to him is the only ad hominem I see there. (The literal translation of ad hominem from Latin to English is 'to the person')

    And while I'm on the topic of definitions, could you explain to me a few things you've said on this thread please. While I think your idea is interesting, I don't grasp all of your meanings exactly, or the reasoning to get to some of your conclusions.

    You said;
    "A bunch of "separate" interstellar particles formed the cell."
    Interstellar particles formed the cell? The implication there is that a living cell formed in interstellar space, or only from material that is from 'interstellar space'.
    What do you mean, and could you please demonstrate how you arrived at that conclusion?

    You posted;
    " I think there’s “science” to support humanity as a mulit-cellular organism forming. Multi-cellular colonies evolved into sponges, that broke from the surface they grew from, as they evolved into the jellyfish. Civilization(s) is stationery as the sponge was, and is mobilizing into virtual landscapes and we might be entering interstellar regions physically. "

    How are civilisations analogous to fixed sponges? Haven't you ever been to a 'china town' area of a city?
    What does 'mobilizng into virtual landscapes' mean, and how could something we do 'virtually' put us 'physically' into 'interstellar regions'? I don't follow your analogy properly, or your claim that a 'virtual' place such as the internet is capable of physically putting us in 'interstellar regions'.
    Your usage of the word "science" in this way is inaccurate. You don't use the scientific method to arrive at your conclusion, so no, that's not really science mate.

    Another thing you said;
    "So is it a coincidence that the internet resembles the nerve net in the jellyfish….? I def don’t think so. I have much more to support this, but obviously am restricted here."

    The internet 'resembles', or 'is analogous to', "the nerve net in the jellyfish"? An important distinction in relation to your point.

    Later in that post you said;
    " the golden rule u see every where in nature.."

    The golden rule is seen everywhere in nature how exactly? (did you mean golden ratio?)

    Why is it so surprising that life shares similar physical properties, when DNA, the real 'blueprint', is the 'building instructions' to all life that we know of? I don't understand what is surprising about things built from the same 'handbook' sharing similar physical properties.

    You also said;
    "i don't think we will be "human" for much longer. IQ is advancing exponentially, as our tools to boost it are."

    Please demonstrate how IQ is advancing exponentially? And how does IQ relate to being 'human'? You need to check the definition of 'human' I'd suggest, and the difference and relationship between knowledge and IQ.

    Could you please also help me understand your meaning when you said;
    "there are many cycles and they are exponentially occurring at faster and faster paces. It is just moving very fastly [sic] right now."

    Which cycles are you talking about?

    You also said;

    "Natural selection is just a grade of evolution."

    Can you please explain what you mean by that?

    There is a couple other points you've made where I don't understand your reasoning, but this post is already long enough so I'll finish now with a question that came to mind while I was reading your thoughts on this thread. Why do you use more than the one account here? What's up with that mate?

  62. Rodney Bresch

    The biggest issue, is the insistence that definitions are these static items, as if not everything, most concepts are very subjective, and changing quite literally as we speak. Ad hominem at the person is the same idea as a group of people. He wasn’t debating validity, he attacked credibility. This is one of the oldest tricks. We can get into semantics, but unless you do so from a more fundamental standpoint, you won’t do as well against someone who does I’ve found.

    Will you please watch my short 15 minute video below in my other post’s comment for more about the sponge and to answer some other parts of questions better. I specifically made it, because these ideas are hard to express using words alone. But sponges are made of cells, as some of the cells can move freely in the sponge, but the whole sponge is stationary. The individuals of a civilization are dynamically able to move, but civilizations or large groups of people have a much more difficult time relocating…as many have stayed put for 1000’s or 100’s of years. If we devised huge spaceships capable of carrying a portion of the earth, you would see what I mean by a fully mobile civilization. Sponges evolved into faint movements and like that
    of an anemone before the mighty jellyfish emerged and became fully mobile…as large groups have been increasing more mobile over the 1000’s of years.

    I’m not sure what will happen is the point, just that something seems to be. There is no scientific method for verifying extrapolations at this point, emergence is a tricky beast. I meant a virtual landscape here on earth, as “the cloud” could be considered analogous to the sky or space we were supposed to be freely moving around in in so many sci fi flicks. But it will probably be a combo, of physically travelling the cosmos, and who knows, setting up “interstellar” nodes.

    The scientific method is called pissing in the wind, esp if you don’t realize that’s what we’re all relatively doing. I’m in the process of testing my ideas tho, but many ideas are suppressed in the name of “science”,
    because they don’t benefit those who are consolidating power…just as religion

    I shouldn’t have used interstellar. What I’m referring to, is that “inanimate” stardust is what created the earth, and the cell. The key is our view on life emerging from “inanimate” items, and this view is incomplete…everything is “alive” from my view. You will say I’m using the wrong definition of life, and I will say it’s because the definition Is far too narrow, as most are…as our ability to articulate concepts gets better.

    You’re right about the golden ratio, I didn’t mean rule. Thanks for the correction, it may have confused others.

    Please watch that vid down some under socratesuk's comment under my post about the jellyfish, and I’ll continue with any other questions. I want to touch on the cycles and natural selection, but the vid will answer one, and help answer the other. I made the vid, looking for critique, so I appreciate your responses so far.

    Oh and i must have logged in to fb one time and not the other. I don't care for the whole entitlement we're all so obsessed with as i think that too will soon be transcended, but it's the same name isn't who cares?

  63. Rodney Bresch

    Nah the link is still there, I'm just an airhead I guess.

    Yea i hear ya. I went from raised christian, to agnostic, to athiest, back to agnostic, to nearly feeling certain there is something more to it than we currently hold. Really, my tipping point was exponential evolution. I may not have put much emphasis on it in the video, but for it to be occurring, strongly suggests a direction. I had my anthropology professor years ago try to dispute me on it, and finally after going over the numbers with him enough, he caved and said it's happening exponentially...or at least linearly. But, the acceleration of time is one portion, it's def increasing in orders of magnitude.

    To me, it means in the next 25-50 years, if we come anywhere close to staying consistent with how things have been evolving, we will accomplish wild things. The AI limit seems logical from as how could you teach a machine to feel emotion. But, the singulairty that seems upon us suggests a bio-mechanical age of doing just that and more.

  64. Rodney Bresch

    Oh i forgot to address the IQ and life's properties, was in a hurry earlier.

    I sling exponential around, cuz there are so many exponential trends in nature. But, it's called the flynn effect, and is probably closer to being linear. The IQ's have risen constantly since the test began. I'm not big on iq tests, as they're very biased, but it would make sense that even a biased test would constantly see results as we have, as access to info has increased.

    And i'm not saying we should be surprised about the similarities, i'm saying we should be less surprised. Natural selection doesn't take into account a massive international organism forming, so i'm not sure what you're negating. Natural selection is hinged on individuals or groups surviving. There are phenomena that emerge from the process, as thereseemed to be something driving the complex inception of life. They don't want us to think there is anything but random chaos, and it's simply doesn't appear they're right.

  65. 1concept1

    so we should deceive them until we hook them right? Funny -

    Janeen sometimes i feel like you are an enigma even to yourself -

    One simulates their whole life and then its too late - you can only simulate once -

    The good news Janeen your not boring -

    I picture you sitting in this small room and never going out ?

  66. Luke Trevathan

    This is just the new age occult agenda, nothing more. Has been around for hundreds of years.

  67. Deeevon

    I have often wondered if there Is such a thing as a collective consciousness or one that emerges at larger scales of organisation than that of the neural networks in our brains. While these speculations are interesting to contemplate, one must be very careful to keep their assertions about reality confined to things that are grounded in sound reason. The creators of this documentary have failed to reign in their imaginations and instead let emotionally conjured subjects run wild in their worldviews. As most of the viewers have noted in the comments; there is nothing like the lack of diligence in critical thinking to lead to such very far flung ideas about such disparate subjects.

  68. docoman

    Oh bugger, I just logged back in hoping to find an interesting conversation, or at worst some entertaining insults, but I notice there is a number of deleted posts that I didn't get to see, so I can only assume the Mods didn't like what was being said. (In case you missed it too, a Mod said something to me and I'd expect you as well, I assume it was a "no fighting" instruction likely, it was deleted when I got back here.)
    Which is a pity, I think we both could have learned something from each other if we tried to. I wasn't trying to start a fight with you mate, my apologies if that's how it came across. Fact is I'm too ill today to be bothered arguing with anyone or learning much, this post is a struggle for me at the moment.

    I just want to say kudos to you for making your video, whether or not I agree with everything in it, you obviously have made a big effort, which is much more than most do, so good on you for doing that. I'm spent now, so I'm going back to bed. Maybe another time we can try again, see where our conversation evolves to. :) Take care Rod.

  69. socratesuk

    Just out of interest, how comes you link the existence of god with human progress?

    Also you seem a bit obsessed with exponential growth. Exponential growth is fascinating, but it does not feed people or put roofs on peoples head.

  70. dmxi

    crazy....have the same problem but as me irish gran molly used to say:"
    the child is cursed with the hair of a protestant!".....& i'm
    catholic!!!it took years'n tears 'till she forgave me dad for marrying a
    protestant girl from germany but now i know she was wrong & the sun
    is to blame!a burden less in my sinful (catholosized?) life!cheers

  71. dewflirt

    Totally off topic but I can't help myself! My brother has a whirl of hair on the back of his head, my great aunt (a nun, long dead) always said it was where he'd been licked by the devil during his birth - punishment for my parents not being married, the sun has a lot to answer for ;)

  72. dmxi

    thanks for sacrificing yourself to warn us of wasting crucial time of
    'conscious-biological-entropy'....highly appreciated!best review i've seen here
    for a long time!as i can only make use of the 'like' button's an extra 'thumbs-up'!other's will/should follow!

  73. dmxi

    why off topic???me gran thought it was a conspiracy....a hairy one,though!btw,i always believed being licked by the devil is better than the 'licks' of a pedophile uncle?now thats off topic but a valid assumption!

  74. dmxi

    hope you get better soon,mate!best wishes & health to you ,doco.....regards....dmxi

  75. dewflirt

    My man used to get licks from his dad, the slap round the head sort though, almost a blessing compared to the other sort. I think i like your Gran, must be a 'Call of the Irish' thing, catholic quantum wobbles! ;)

  76. jaberwokky

    Get well soon mate, take it easy until you do.

  77. jaberwokky

    My sacrifices are offered for the greater good but it is nice to be appreciated for them, especially by those who one respects. Thanks dmxi :P

    Edit: *whom

  78. dmxi

    ah yes!!!the good old 'slap-on-head' technique to spur the intelligence
    machinations of the brain....was me dads favorite,but i believe he
    mistook 'awakened consciousness' with 'unawakened concussion'....a
    mix-up of words & meaning to my demise,if you will.the multiple
    usage of that pedagogic method alone should have left a balding spot
    without the protestant hair curse!but you gotta love 'em for the special
    attention granted.....>smirk<

  79. dmxi

    it's commenteers like yourself (& greetings to dew,docoman,a_no_n,oQ,nutzsack,& few others) that make this site worthwhile besides the array of well balanced documentaries.can only return the 'thanks'.

  80. dmxi

    i personally believe that there never was a rise in general IQ....just controlled (i don't mean conspiracy wise but in means of social evolutionary stages) access to information.
    a different ball game to galactic consciousness
    shifts & other 'bigger picture' theories which deflate themselves by their own logic.

  81. dmxi

    i would love to say you're right as i share the notion you try to articulate but i've been forced by rationale to differ between philosophy &/vs
    science.....the one wouldn't have existed without the other.....but one of them can prove the other wrong!

    that's just factual & undeniable & so long the one tool is practical,meaning hard influence on factual life,to the better or the worse,that tool should be trusted untill it an be improved,changed or substituted.....but still i wish you were right!

  82. jaberwokky

    If I could take somebody else's words and make them my own then this would be one statement I would do that with. You've managed to go straight to the heart of the problem in a clear and concise way. I applaud you Sir/Madam.

  83. jackmax

    A bottle of scotch may not fix thing but it can make problems disappear until the hangover sets in I here. I hope after you re hydrate you feel better but don't forget to take a cup of cement with that ya poor little thing....

  84. jaberwokky

    Interesting :-{

  85. jaberwokky

    Blaming the Irish is never the way to go you spawn of Satan. Begone demon, get ye back ta red hair mountain!

    Edit: My apologies. To be fair I didn't realise we were talking about Quantum Uncertainty and how it relates to hair colour. Please cease your journey to red hair mountain, there is nothing there for your kind, fair one, but death and uncertainty ... in that order :/

  86. Rodney Bresch

    We have been constantly introducing larger and larger amounts of data to our brains, therefore are perpetually using our brains in new ways. I’m not sure what’s hard to grasp. How much is physiological could be debated(altho as I said, the hardware is being turned to more and different kinds of software, and yes it’s changing as well I’m sure), but it is def having an impact on us, whether it be neural, or sociological. It would make sense that it’s a combo of the two.

    And the IQ point isn’t near the basis of my ideas, as I said, I’m not even a big fan of IQ’s. How does it deflate itself again though? You didn’t leave me much to negate.

  87. Rodney Bresch

    We live in a subjective world. The scientific method is the only tool for mental masturbation, that surpasses what a lot of religion grew into. What they've "concluded" about the speed of light exemplifies this. Scientist are often as dogmatic and full of it as people who wholeheartedly believe religion and the word without a doubt IN MY OPINION. I'm not just bringing philosophy though, what are you talking about? There is a clear process of centralization, it can be seen throughout the course of history, and is still present today in our power structure.

    I have much more to back up my claims, but you have to give me more to go off. I'm not sure what specifically you have issues with, you seem to be toying around.

    edit-Plus, science is increasingly being manipulated to serve those in power, just as religion was. Now religion is stigmatized as science was.

  88. Rodney Bresch

    i tried to say the same thing pretty much...twice now and both times it was screened. I hope this one goes through. Even though the convo was a bit rough around the edges, it was still fun. I do think we just misconstrued each other. I hope you feel better by now, maybe i'll catch you next time on a different documentary.

  89. Rodney Bresch

    I agree with some of this. However to me, we shouldn't need some view on a larger collective mind, to realize that we are in very dynamic times. Information is flowing like it never has. We have the ability to do what we could have never done in the past on the level we now can...move as a unit(using the net) comprised of independent components who have each other's back. The issue with herd mentality, is that individuals don't break from the crowd often or for very long, because it's much riskier to be "out there" and/or they get made an example of. We have to move as individuals, who realize they're a part of a larger body called society, because it makes sense to care about the members of a group(body parts). This is what seems to be most important, and it's apparent that the world is on the verge of changing drastically....from a technological standpoint alone.

  90. Rodney Bresch

    Everyone says it can't change. When we replace that and the "f*ck people and what they think" mantras plaguing us all, with new mantras, things will happen. If enough people thought we could make big change, then that's what we'd make. We have the power(tech) to put our "money" where our mouth is, we're just operating on archaic ideologies that need to be shed.

  91. docoman

    G'day dmxi, thank you mate. :)

  92. docoman

    G'day jaber, cheers mate. :)

  93. docoman

    Haha, g'day jack. I wish that was all I had wrong with me mate. My ex would say there is many, many more things wrong with me. It's quite a list apparently. ;) Cup of cement taken, htfu time. :)

  94. docoman

    G'day Rod, haha, yep, that's me, bit rough around the edges. Thanks mate. :)

  95. Rodney Bresch

    That makes two of us. I was talking about our little "spat" though(if it's even considered such), but ish happens. To be honest, i think a lot of the friction that arises in the world, has to do with how ignorance is looked down upon in our society/how ambiguous words and certain symbols are. I can admit i have an ego, as i was raised in an egotistic society, that rewards self righteous pursuits. I think it's something we have to transcend as a group, as we aren't just individuals, but groups of personalities interwoven into a social fabric that dictates our available options. That still ties in with the film i think lol. One last rant lol...

  96. docoman

    I agree with you. I read up on the Flynn Effect Rodney mentioned, and he is correct in that IQ scores have steadily risen (as he corrected himself, in a linear fashion, not exponentially), but it may also be possible that in more developed countries that steady rise is starting to flatten out now. The scores are standardised according to scores from test samples, the average is set to 100 with their standard deviation being set to 15 or 16 points. Scores have risen, but are revised to fit these increases.

    I believe equating IQ to someone's intelligence is not a very accurate way to measure it (depending on how one defines 'intelligence' exactly). In my experience, a large component of IQ tests actually test someone's education/exposure to things and not very well their intelligence. Especially the maths and language components of the one's I've taken. I don't think this because of my results, I got decent scores.

    If IQ is more of a test of education/exposure to things, the Flynn Effect makes sense I think, and should be expected given our recent history. Over the last 100 years or so, more of the population has had access to an education, which would account for the increase in IQ scores as the average educational level (across the population) has risen. As more and more people reach a similar higher level, I'd also expect that rise to start to flatten out.

    A good mate of mine I went to school with is
    barely literate, he had problems learning to read and maths didn't come easy for him. Which flowed into other subjects like science, history etc. The poor bugger's biggest fear back then was being asked to read out loud in class, especially because of the resulting snickers he'd receive from the girls. I know him very well, and he is by no means a dumby, he's actually quite quick with things he knows. I remember conversations with him where he said he was dumb. I told him (sincerely) that's not accurate, we're all born with different talents, he's was just unlucky that the way school and some things in society are set up his talents don't always get to show. He became the best shearer I know, and has run rings around me in a shearing shed. He's a better shot with a rifle than I am, which isn't all just 'talent', that takes calculating (distance, speeds, angles, wind etc)

    I think the same thing applies to people that haven't had access to a 'school type' education, whatever generation they come from. Many times when I've been camping, I've marveled at how clever and resourceful the Australian Aboriginal peoples were in not only surviving, but thriving in such a hard place. They were most definitely very 'smart', just not in a way that would show up on an IQ test if we were able to go back and test them.

    Are we 'smarter' then previous generations, I don't think so. Given that we're still the same species, I don't know of any biological reason we'd be 'smarter' today.

  97. docoman

    Me too, we all have an ego. I wasn't feeling good and was short with my words too. I actually rewrote some of my first post attempting to tame it down before I posted it, didn't do as good a job as I could've. It's hard at times when we only get to read the words and get none of the body language or tone that we also communicate with. No harm done mate, its all good.

  98. Rodney Bresch

    Yea they're very culturally biased tests, and it's def not a basis for my ideas per se. We're def on similar wavelengths it appears though. Everyone insists on seeing everyone else as idiotic, and i'm the opposite. Humans are obviously very smart creatures, and i've found, if you give just about anyone a chance and actually listen, they'll show u amazing things in time. Yea, looking at different cultures and different trends and mindsets is an incredibly interesting part of life, and something that this site has contributed to me greatly. Amazonia among others make me want to be a "rain forest bumpkin", as someone else commented elsewhere...almost lol.

    And I'm not quite sold that there wouldn't be changes on the neural level. We not only can form new links between brain cells, but the synapses themselves grow stronger every time they're used, until degradation does it's thing. So, it would make sense that as you continue to turn kids on to an ever broadening array of various stimuli at younger and younger ages, that they would not only be connecting more pathways from younger ages, but also the connections would have more time/capacity to develop(as each generation can maintain higher and higher voltage gradients from earlier on). It seems to me that there would def be some physiological effects of increasing the data stream, but quantifying the effect is just out of our reach at this point.

  99. docoman

    I agree Rod. I was lucky enough to live overseas for a couple years in my late teens, it was a real eye-opener for me.

    I also find the way our minds work fascinating. I'm far from an expert, I've watched a little on neural development that confirmed what you say about the forming and strengthening of neural synapses, much of it being done by about age 5. And neural plasticity, which leaves us older ones with hope still :)
    I'm not sure either way if we're changing / improving it much. I have noticed we tend to underestimate our forefathers somewhat regularly, and overestimate our own prowess. The Giza pyramids come to mind (I lived in Egypt for a time). With all our advances, we still are not sure how, or exactly why, they built them. I do know they built them better than we probably could now, (especially if we only had what they supposedly had for tools) and they knew more then we give them credit for. They lined the Great Pyramid up with the compass points more accurately than the White House was for example.
    I'd also ask the question, are you sure we have more stimuli up to age 5 now then before? Sure we've got new toys, computers etc, but we've always been pretty busy in those years. Learning to walk and talk, social behaviour etc. Is it possible that it's just different stimuli more so then more? It's not a 'no-brainer' learning to survive, hunt and fish etc. And if born into a situation of a lot of conflict, there's much to learn about how to survive that.
    I don't know, but my feeling is we could take a homo sapien from 10,000 years ago and find their potential would be more or less the same as now. I could be wrong, like I said, I'm no expert.

  100. Rodney Bresch

    Yea I've got some college under my belt and consider myself to have researched a fair amount online etc, but def just play a scientist on general, but esp concerning how largely uncharted the realm of neural science is.

    And nice counters, I'm not sure they can be negated(by me at least or especially), mainly going back to we can't quantify the impact these different stimuli are having as of yet.

    as of late, sensory overload could be playing a detrimental role too. In the old days tho, mortality rates were very poor for children, and I'm sure that trauma, although a learning xp to any that survived, had detrimental effects to a growing brain as well at times.

    But, yes families were also generally larger, as babies would be more likely to receive more social interaction from that view, as well as the very dynamic mother nature herself that would be observed on a more regular basis. However there are day cares, pre-schools, along with new physical toys, and our software is becoming more and more interactive to counter currently. How to measure? These items drive me slightly bonkers lol, but i suppose the mystery of it all is just as beautiful, if not much more so, than it is frustrating.

    I agree, our forefathers were amazing. I do think that a human from 10,000 ago could do as you said more or less, but in a species that has seen an accelerating rate of advancement over the last 10,000, there must be differences. It doesn't mean all of the differences are "good" per se, as there are reasons for upper limits on memory from an evolutionary standpoint, but i think we're on the verge of augmenting many of these inefficiencies. I hear you about our arrogant prowess, and have a point I'd like to make, but am getting a bit lengthy. It ties in with humility, and death, and how we seem to be on the brink of immortality, or "indefinite" life expectancy. It may seem heartless, but i do think what we'll evolve into will be alien to us, as we must be to apes.

  101. Rodney Bresch

    I hear you. The way i try and observe data, is through different lenses. I have my catalog of compiled data as it corresponds to it occurring "randomly", as i try to take the same data, and look at it as if they're is something larger going on...cuz the verdict isn't in for me at least.

    The issue is, when u look at the universe like there is some sort of plan or goal if you will, you become overwhelmed by the innumerable amount of factors that go into contributing to the process. Basically, you play connect the dots, and it quickly gets complicated, as you move from physiological factors, to sociological, to tech, to eco, to geo, to interstellar and so on.

    The film just needs a bunch more disclaimers, as they don't seem to have sufficient evidence to bolster some of their points.

  102. dmxi

    i excuse myself if i gave the impression of toying around(?whatever that means) & i must confess that
    i did not digest the whole conversation before i commented which makes
    my reply an out of context remark but surely nothing personal.hope you
    can accept my apologies & look forward to future correspondence.

  103. Rodney Bresch

    Yea I spoke of being rough around the edges in another comment, and that's exactly what I can be at times. I was going to reply again and tell you that, after i've read some of your other posts since i posted the response to you, and you seem like a pleasant enough person.

    And it wasn't personal against you, as much as it is a jumpy twitch from how people are so careful to conceal intent's built into our system. That's usually my biggest issue with people, they're unwilling to communicate. I thank you for your response, and apologize as well, as i might be more straightforward than i need to be at times, and look forward to some chat in the future as well.

  104. Rodney Bresch

    Basically i'm just insecure was wha i'm getting at, your comment was apparently nothing to get my panties in a twist over, if even if it was only a little. However, i do feel i have valid reasons to be insecure in this backwards society who openly say they don't care wha other people think.

  105. dmxi

    what i love about this site is finding challenging & interesting conversation with intelligent commenteers like yourself where passion is a key element of drive behind certain issues that concern us all.keep the rough edges as you convey them with character & it emphasizes the information you back up with research which proves your integral intent.look forward to future discussions & docoman is another one of the few that you'll enjoy sharing 'disqus-time' with.

  106. docoman

    Ahh, I'd not heard the term before, good link mate. I recall watching a show about a guy who was brilliant with numbers. I can't recall if he was a savant or not, but he could quote Pi to some rediculous number of decimal places. He described seeing numbers in his mind, said they were different shapes and colours. Very interesting.

  107. dmxi

    would be a new aspect of sensual combinations ,wiring the brain into a prosperous multi-level
    conscious 'machine-fueled-spirit,if you will?
    product is not truly conceivable yet but that's where 'philosophy'
    kicks in & delivers hypothetical conjecture....marvelous times we're
    allowed to ponder at.......................called 'life'.

  108. socratesuk

    My posts don't seem to be getting posted!. Some interesting points. Not sure I agree with all of them tho. Its been nice debating tho. Technology will certainly be the main force for change, and eventually improvements in technology will surely start to put strains on our current economic system which is a good thing.

  109. Rodney Bresch

    I'm 30, and have xp'd with some drugs in my younger days. Eating shrooms induces some very interesting effects. I knew nothing of synesthesia in those days, but learned what it was a few years ago, and put 2 and 2 together. Some of the symptoms sounded right on, like "seeing sounds", and 3 dimensional representation of abstract concepts or concepts in general. It makes me want to be one, however if i were, it would become mundane like my normal senses i imagine. So then it makes me want to eat some more shrooms at 30, to get these temporary "powers" back...and nope...i'm good on that too lol.

    I do wonder if math can represent it all. Like are there equations that can represent every different sunset etc, and that can be projected and transmitted, similar to radio signal? There is a theory, that space and reality is all digital, but i think we're far enough in la la land by now lol.

  110. Rodney Bresch

    See i like to jump straight in, and my insecurities arise as a byproduct of such. Hallucinogens may be taboo in our culture, but man has been using them, since quite possibly before we were even man...but def for 1000's upon 1000's of years.

  111. John

    this started off ok but around 25min into it there was a lot of unlogical new age mombojumbo bullshit going on.
    Frequent use of consciousness and even 'galactic energies' made me not watch the rest.

  112. Isis

    John, I agree. I think the video went off script on the message and started getting into a lot of existential rhetoric that lost me. I just skipped through the rest of it.


    Major logical flaw in this video right at the beginning. The current era is supposed to be the great era of the protester and public awareness but it is never compared to previous eras where there was also a lot of public outrage such as the 60's and multiple other times in history. We just have to assume he has done the numbers.

  114. a_no_n

    Yes i'm quite pleased with our little knitting circle of shills and CIA spies as well lol

  115. Johan Strauss

    I got to 2:49, and realized this "documentary" was full of sh*t. Protesting is one thing; *effectively protesting* and bringing about *positive change* is quite another. The "Occupy" movement...what did it accomplish? Greece? Are things really better off over there? And Egypt...they got Morsi out...was that a "protest", or, as some believe, a coup?

  116. Gerub

    Zeitgeist recycled

  117. Mark Cortez

    I guess anyone who just stop watching a few minutes in or thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo new age b.s. has a small brain and found it hard to understand. They are usually a bunch of sheep who follow the heard and have a hard time understanding documentaries like this. The Collective Evolution series is a great one. Watch it if you have an open mind and can comprehend the fact that we are all part of a collective consciousness and that you revolve around the universe not the other way around.

  118. Cball Nunya

    Don't waste your time with this crap.

  119. Brian Connolly

    Religious *cough* sorry... New age ($100ph) faith healers and self proclaimed or ''wanna be'' guru's claiming the problem is ego!
    But not their ego of course! That's fine because it's correct! It's all them other incorrect ego's that are the problem! lol

    Don't worry, they will all 'shift' soon, and move on to a higher realm of existence, leaving all us poor pathetic consciously undeveloped ''sheep'' behind to drag our knuckles into oblivion!

    With any luck :P

  120. HempForFuture

    Hardly new age at all. Clearly you didn't watch the film.

  121. HempForFuture

    You clearly missed the entire point.

  122. HempForFuture

    It greatly outweighs previous eras.

  123. HempForFuture

    What does new age even mean? Anything that talks about anything remotely related to spirituality? If anything, this was refreshingly not new agey.

  124. HempForFuture

    Clearly didn't get the point of the film.

  125. HempForFuture

    Clearly not.

  126. HempForFuture

    Probably one of the best films that is current and actually brings together what is going on in a clear sense. For those who think this is "new age".. you clearly don't get it. This isrefreshingly not new age at all yet explores some amazing concepts in a way everyone can understand.

  127. Anthony Green

    Hah, not even close. This is way better.

  128. Anthony Green

    Well said. One of the only open minded people on here it seems.

  129. Anthony Green

    Not even, I thought this was great and clear. One of the better ones I've seen.

  130. Anthony Green

    Great film! People could all take so much from this film!

  131. John

    does that mean you cant even lookup the meaning of New Age on Wikipedia? If you did that, it would answer your own question

  132. Brian Connolly

    2012 mayan predictions being taken seriously? hippie trippie interpretations of of celestial events....

    The fact they talk about consciousness like they have an effin clue, talking about universal energies and other supernatural none-sense!

    so yes... new age mumbo jumbo! (and i have watched it twice mate! .. this is my opinion, not my ignorant outburst!)

    ''Live your life with love'' haha great advice, tell that to the rape victim or the victim of genocide! or the person watching their children starve to death with 'coke' buying all the fresh water in that area!
    Because living your life with love *(as a huge percentage of the population already try to do every day anyways) wont stop them horrible events and situations from happening!

    More preaching to the converted, who think the CEO of Glaxo Smith Kline watches this and changes company policy because of it???
    aka: faith based ideas from.'living in a dream world', hippies! Preaching to the converted for the sake of their own ego!

    It is an ignorant view of the world and false hope ''new-age'' psychology ... like 2012 and rakie!

    ''love will stop the tyrants!'' lol such blinkered, presumptuous and false hope views of human consciousness!

    Clearly you have a bias opinion! and don't like me saying bad things about the new-age movement and consciousness shift ideology!

  133. Brian Connolly

    From that I am to assume that being open minded really means accepting any alternate views of the the phenomenon we call consciousness and presuming that because of some highly speculative experiences that there is a collective consciousness that is evolving to a 'higher' state/realm/plane??

    Because I am open minded and fully understand every idea and thought process being presented in this video, and still think it's a pile of new-age consciousness shift rubbish!

    ''Love will solve the problem and assist the consciousness shift!''

    1: thats not a new or refreshing idea! it's as old as time and very prevalent around the world...
    2:claims about universal energies or speculative assumptions about the nature of consciousness...(that are also not new idea's)
    3:perspective based/presumptuous interpretations of ancient cultures and universal energies that have also been around a long time... and are full of holes and leaps of faith!

    Oh and forgetting that people living with love is not the problem....

    The problem (or part of it, if you want to call this perfectly balanced universe a 'problem' at all) is that LOVE is not the only thing in the universe!!!
    love will not remove hate and greed and selfishness and all the other 'problems' with humans or nature.

    (remember the beavers don't choose to be environmentally friendly.... they are regulated by environment or predators ... but if they could, they would multiply and multiply untill their were no trees left... lions eat live babies!! seems even nature is selfish and cruel (and loving and beautiful!).... and my point is there may well be a difference between humans and all other life, but we are still a part of nature... or the natural system... and this needs to be remembered)

    hate and greed and all things of a similar ilk are a part of the universe... we need to work out systems that accept that if we want to have any control of our lives or planet or future etc!

    You can't debate hitler into stopping what he can't sing a song to get the tyrants of the world to think the same as you....
    This docu and so many like it act like the problem is there is not enough love... but there is loads!!!!!!

    It's the fact we have to share this universe with hate and greed! and we are not doing that.... we are acting like we have to remove them and i don't think thats even possible.... it's like taking a morale offense to gravity and so trying to remove it's existence through debate or meditation...

    When we should be accepting these things are a part of the universe and work around them or with them!
    Don't expect 'evil' to just stop cos you feel love towards it or yourself or everything ....because it will turn up- at your house, take your children and all your food and laugh at you while it walks away... NOT feeling the least bit bad about it!

    Bad people or things will happen... we have to set up systems that do not allow for bad people to be able to exploit them... like 100% transparency in government and business for example ....
    So that any position of power or control over others is of of such that you can not have a secret talk or meeting... can not make decisions that hurt others or are selfish or help only your friends....can not do ANYTHING without it being public or open knowledge!
    With systems set up to make sure the flow of informations is 100% verifiable and all participants of it's dissemination are 100% happy to be accountable and public at all times!

    And then, if it were not possible to be corrupt without everyone knowing, corrupt people would not take the job....or it would force corrupt people to stop!
    Because somehow the way the role is defined and the things that have to be agreed to before being allowed a position of control would make it impossible to do anything in secret once in the role!

    now i am not presuming that it would be easy to set up systems like least they would work and so make the base of a realistic view towards making the world what I think would be a better place... for me! .......

    .... oh and any1 who shares my view!
    But really its just selfish ego thinking it knows whats best for the world.. understand the universe sooooo comprehensively that i can make decisions about it's desired or right direction and expect the WORLD to think the same...(sound familiar yet??)

    or call them names if they don't!

    1-''Everyone should just loooove!''
    2-''Yeah but they are not all doing it''

    1-''yeah I know but they should beeeee!''
    2-''Ok that's great.. but they are not, so...''

    1-''Well tell them all to loooove''
    2-''Ok... err, they laughed at me''

    1-''But love is the answer''
    2-''*face palm - head shake* I'm going home''

    ''Just love and it will all be ok!'' get an effin grip! and start helping the people actually trying to think of solutions to 'this' reality!

  134. clara

    I've had a look through the comments under a lot of these documentaries, and it seems strange why so many people would venture onto topdocs only to critisize them. Surely the type of people watching these docs are mainly those that are interested in them . . . .

  135. Dan forth

    My question about these 'urship's (I definitely know I'm spelling that incorrectly) the issue with living off the grid is that don't you have to own land before you have a place to build your home? Someone help?

  136. lulu

    one thing builds on another….same as general evolution, development of high tech implements, etc. Even Rome was not built in a day. Ha

  137. Mack0

    Why wouldn't you criticize? Shouldn't you be critical toward everything you see, hear and read? A person who seeks out only information that confirms their world view isn't seeking wisdom or truth but conformity. It's what's called a confirmation bias.

  138. Prodromos Regalides

    There's no shift in consciousness or mystical transformation, as they might present different phenomena.
    There's a natural albeit weak reaction from the masses, to the ridiculous and unreasonable way of life an international band of powerful punks want to impose on the world. If we call miraculous the cry of pain , when someone hits you, then yes we have a "shift" in consciousness and alignment of social and astrological phenomena , lol.
    This, combined with the fact of the enormous knowledge accumulated and the radical change to the true character of economy, that has rendered traditional religious and financial systems ineffective and ridiculously out of touch with reality, and you get an idea why those people may protest.

  139. metawake

    I was following the idea of people awakening until it took the mystic turn. Does there have to be some supernatural excuse for mental development to continue beyond puberty, well into adulthood? Couldn't it be that people have come to realize the degree of political double talk and vagueness, and unaccountability with such power? When I am repeatedly told they say, won't. I eventually think to ask, who are THEY? Isn't it actually natural to question rather than to blindly believe and follow? Hasn't social peer pressure historically encouraged joining the crowd or majority belief, often fueled by media?

  140. ludelina

    There are some people whose comments cearly shows that they didn't fully understand the message from this documentary. Some even claimed to be open minded and "awakened" but couldn't accept that "LOVE" could actually be the answer for the world's problems.

    Now, I'm not saying that "Love" is the solution, but is a way to get reach a solution. Trying to change others is almost an impossible task and can never be done overnight. "LOVE" will have to come from within. That is the message of this documentary. Change will have to start from loving yourself and understand who you are. If you can accomplish this, then you can demonstrate and teach that "LOVE" to your children. If you keep complaining about your life's miseries and how you hate your boss and how nice it would be to have a Ferrari, it will influence everybody around you. That negative energy will consume you and consume others.

    Of course it's not easy!!! How can you be compassionate towards someone who raped your child or murdered another person, etc? If these people who became rapists, murderes, thiefs experienced love from the moment they were born, it would be very likely that they wouldn't commit such atrocities. My point is, we cannot be responsible for other people's actions, but you as a person, have the power and the choice to live how you want to live. If your child was raped and murdered, obviously you will not forgive nor show any "love" and understandingtowards the mother f***** who took your kid and destroyed your life. But It is your choice to turn that horrible experience into something positive and meaningful and not let anger take over your life.

    As said on the documentary, we are all connected in one way or another. If we are all energy and frequency, whatever action you take (good or bad) will influence at least 1 person who somehow is connected to you, and so on until it becomes a circle. Even if you are doing your best to show others that you are a good person, but deep down your intention is actually to be "rewarded", that won't work either. If your neighbour asks you to help fixing a pipe, do it wthout expecting anything back. Do it because you truely want to help. Don't do it already thinking if you help the neighbour, you will expect the neighbour to help you back, because that might not happen.

    So, finish my point with the following quotes:

    "Man is born good, it is society who corrupts him"- Rousseau

    "The way to insanity is to make the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results" - Einstein

  141. Zac Tolan

    If you worship the sun, you are submitting your whole self in loving adoration to a big light bulb. Worship God who made the big light bulb dummy. He made you too. Now we're all sick of religion, right? But hypocrites always infiltrate the gathering of the sincere ones to tarnish the true cause of what inevitably turns into religion in this age. Don't forget- this is the age where rot happens, decay ensues. Now, it was happening to me. I had no character and what substituted for my character in me was going quick. Now, I began to trust in the God who created us, the God of old Israel and the disciples of Jesus, maybe Mohammed too, I don't know. The thing I have to say to you is that if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him, and save you I guess. I needed to be saved and it happened. Now guess what? The group I joined persecuted me right out of there six years later, but I got the training I needed. If your motives aren't right, you'll cave in and worship the devil with enough pressure. If you are pure in heart, you'll be fit to be raised from the dead and get to hang out with all the cool people in eternity. If you're a sell-out and lift up your soul to falsehood or a stupid thing like a big light bulb, who can trust you in eternity anyway? It's corrupt people like you who ruined the world we live in now. This age is a TEST...woe to those who are receiving their comfort in full. The grand goal of all true religion : treat your neighbor as yourself. You can live on an earthship and still not be free of guilt. We need a change of heart.

  142. Nolin

    @Zac Tolan
    > He made you too

    My parents made me, sport.

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