The Collective Evolution III: The Shift

The Collective Evolution III: The Shift

2014, Conspiracy  -   147 Comments
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This is the third installment from the series The Collective Evolution in which the authors claim that there's a rebellious fluctuation stirring every aspect of our planet. The people are waking up, they're in the streets, they're educating themselves, and they're demanding change. It seems the days of the quiet citizen are becoming numbered as more and more grow tired of our current ways. In 2011, Time magazine gave person of the year to the "protester."

As they stated in the cover story themselves, "massive and effective street protest" was a global oxymoron until - suddenly, shockingly - starting exactly year ago, it became the defining trope of our times. And the protester once again became a maker of history.

Since the year 2000, millions protested in over 100 countries around the world for reasons ranging from economy to 9/11 truth. In some cases peaceful protests even led to overthrowing of governments in power. To name some of the notable protests, in 2010 and 2011 over 600,000 protested in Greece against new austerity measures. The Greek people were unhappy with unemployment and the state of the economy and decided to take their displeasure to the streets.

In 2011 the occupy movement sprung up, bringing out hundreds of thousands from more than 95 countries raising awareness of the wealth inequality, political corruption, and corporate influence over government. Also in 2011 over six million marched in Spain due to political and financial unrest. This was a month long protest.

Continuing the trend in 2011 the Egyptians revolted against election fraud and other socioeconomic factors. Millions took to the streets and effectively overthrew their government. In 2013 the Egyptians were at it again, this time protesting over economic and security issues. They once again successfully overthrew their government to bring about change.

2013 also saw a huge uprising in Turkey were protesters demanded the protection of Taksim Gezi Park and hoped to raise awareness about police brutality, freedom of speech and to push their government to resign. 2013 was also home to the march against Monsanto. It featured over 2 million people from 52 countries.

These are just some of the unprecedented amount of protests that have taken place in the last few years. This isn't to say that the protesting is the answer to the world issues but we're seeing clear signs of people getting fed up with how things are. The general populations is standing up for themselves and demanding change.

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Peter Hill
3 years ago

we live in the age of morons with screens.

Eric May
3 years ago

Looks like the elites shut down your revolution with coronavirus

4 years ago

technology is gift to be praised and feared.

6 years ago

@Zac Tolan
> He made you too

My parents made me, sport.

Zac Tolan
7 years ago

If you worship the sun, you are submitting your whole self in loving adoration to a big light bulb. Worship God who made the big light bulb dummy. He made you too. Now we're all sick of religion, right? But hypocrites always infiltrate the gathering of the sincere ones to tarnish the true cause of what inevitably turns into religion in this age. Don't forget- this is the age where rot happens, decay ensues. Now, it was happening to me. I had no character and what substituted for my character in me was going quick. Now, I began to trust in the God who created us, the God of old Israel and the disciples of Jesus, maybe Mohammed too, I don't know. The thing I have to say to you is that if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him, and save you I guess. I needed to be saved and it happened. Now guess what? The group I joined persecuted me right out of there six years later, but I got the training I needed. If your motives aren't right, you'll cave in and worship the devil with enough pressure. If you are pure in heart, you'll be fit to be raised from the dead and get to hang out with all the cool people in eternity. If you're a sell-out and lift up your soul to falsehood or a stupid thing like a big light bulb, who can trust you in eternity anyway? It's corrupt people like you who ruined the world we live in now. This age is a TEST...woe to those who are receiving their comfort in full. The grand goal of all true religion : treat your neighbor as yourself. You can live on an earthship and still not be free of guilt. We need a change of heart.

8 years ago

There are some people whose comments cearly shows that they didn't fully understand the message from this documentary. Some even claimed to be open minded and "awakened" but couldn't accept that "LOVE" could actually be the answer for the world's problems.

Now, I'm not saying that "Love" is the solution, but is a way to get reach a solution. Trying to change others is almost an impossible task and can never be done overnight. "LOVE" will have to come from within. That is the message of this documentary. Change will have to start from loving yourself and understand who you are. If you can accomplish this, then you can demonstrate and teach that "LOVE" to your children. If you keep complaining about your life's miseries and how you hate your boss and how nice it would be to have a Ferrari, it will influence everybody around you. That negative energy will consume you and consume others.

Of course it's not easy!!! How can you be compassionate towards someone who raped your child or murdered another person, etc? If these people who became rapists, murderes, thiefs experienced love from the moment they were born, it would be very likely that they wouldn't commit such atrocities. My point is, we cannot be responsible for other people's actions, but you as a person, have the power and the choice to live how you want to live. If your child was raped and murdered, obviously you will not forgive nor show any "love" and understandingtowards the mother f***** who took your kid and destroyed your life. But It is your choice to turn that horrible experience into something positive and meaningful and not let anger take over your life.

As said on the documentary, we are all connected in one way or another. If we are all energy and frequency, whatever action you take (good or bad) will influence at least 1 person who somehow is connected to you, and so on until it becomes a circle. Even if you are doing your best to show others that you are a good person, but deep down your intention is actually to be "rewarded", that won't work either. If your neighbour asks you to help fixing a pipe, do it wthout expecting anything back. Do it because you truely want to help. Don't do it already thinking if you help the neighbour, you will expect the neighbour to help you back, because that might not happen.

So, finish my point with the following quotes:

"Man is born good, it is society who corrupts him"- Rousseau

"The way to insanity is to make the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results" - Einstein

8 years ago

I was following the idea of people awakening until it took the mystic turn. Does there have to be some supernatural excuse for mental development to continue beyond puberty, well into adulthood? Couldn't it be that people have come to realize the degree of political double talk and vagueness, and unaccountability with such power? When I am repeatedly told they say, won't. I eventually think to ask, who are THEY? Isn't it actually natural to question rather than to blindly believe and follow? Hasn't social peer pressure historically encouraged joining the crowd or majority belief, often fueled by media?

Prodromos Regalides
8 years ago

There's no shift in consciousness or mystical transformation, as they might present different phenomena.
There's a natural albeit weak reaction from the masses, to the ridiculous and unreasonable way of life an international band of powerful punks want to impose on the world. If we call miraculous the cry of pain , when someone hits you, then yes we have a "shift" in consciousness and alignment of social and astrological phenomena , lol.
This, combined with the fact of the enormous knowledge accumulated and the radical change to the true character of economy, that has rendered traditional religious and financial systems ineffective and ridiculously out of touch with reality, and you get an idea why those people may protest.

Dan forth
8 years ago

My question about these 'urship's (I definitely know I'm spelling that incorrectly) the issue with living off the grid is that don't you have to own land before you have a place to build your home? Someone help?

8 years ago

I've had a look through the comments under a lot of these documentaries, and it seems strange why so many people would venture onto topdocs only to critisize them. Surely the type of people watching these docs are mainly those that are interested in them . . . .

Anthony Green
8 years ago

Great film! People could all take so much from this film!

8 years ago

Probably one of the best films that is current and actually brings together what is going on in a clear sense. For those who think this is "new age".. you clearly don't get it. This isrefreshingly not new age at all yet explores some amazing concepts in a way everyone can understand.

Brian Connolly
8 years ago

Religious *cough* sorry... New age ($100ph) faith healers and self proclaimed or ''wanna be'' guru's claiming the problem is ego!
But not their ego of course! That's fine because it's correct! It's all them other incorrect ego's that are the problem! lol

Don't worry, they will all 'shift' soon, and move on to a higher realm of existence, leaving all us poor pathetic consciously undeveloped ''sheep'' behind to drag our knuckles into oblivion!

With any luck :P

Cball Nunya
8 years ago

Don't waste your time with this crap.

Mark Cortez
8 years ago

I guess anyone who just stop watching a few minutes in or thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo new age b.s. has a small brain and found it hard to understand. They are usually a bunch of sheep who follow the heard and have a hard time understanding documentaries like this. The Collective Evolution series is a great one. Watch it if you have an open mind and can comprehend the fact that we are all part of a collective consciousness and that you revolve around the universe not the other way around.

8 years ago

Zeitgeist recycled

Johan Strauss
9 years ago

I got to 2:49, and realized this "documentary" was full of sh*t. Protesting is one thing; *effectively protesting* and bringing about *positive change* is quite another. The "Occupy" movement...what did it accomplish? Greece? Are things really better off over there? And Egypt...they got Morsi out...was that a "protest", or, as some believe, a coup?

9 years ago

Major logical flaw in this video right at the beginning. The current era is supposed to be the great era of the protester and public awareness but it is never compared to previous eras where there was also a lot of public outrage such as the 60's and multiple other times in history. We just have to assume he has done the numbers.

9 years ago

this started off ok but around 25min into it there was a lot of unlogical new age mombojumbo bullshit going on.
Frequent use of consciousness and even 'galactic energies' made me not watch the rest.

9 years ago

I have often wondered if there Is such a thing as a collective consciousness or one that emerges at larger scales of organisation than that of the neural networks in our brains. While these speculations are interesting to contemplate, one must be very careful to keep their assertions about reality confined to things that are grounded in sound reason. The creators of this documentary have failed to reign in their imaginations and instead let emotionally conjured subjects run wild in their worldviews. As most of the viewers have noted in the comments; there is nothing like the lack of diligence in critical thinking to lead to such very far flung ideas about such disparate subjects.

Luke Trevathan
9 years ago

This is just the new age occult agenda, nothing more. Has been around for hundreds of years.

9 years ago

This started off fine, and then it turned into complete babble.

9 years ago

As a Leo I find all of this to be most interesting, the fluctuating excitability of sunspot activity directly effects the controllability of my hair.

9 years ago

It was going fairly well at the start but sure enough the crazy eventually crept in. Over unity devices, quantum quackery, UFO cover ups and solar flares that change human consciousness. They even speculated on the G2 cloud event as an upcoming source of consciousness shifting energy. I have nobody but myself to blame for watching but I feel like a little piece inside me has died. It's too soon to know for sure but I think it may have been my consciousness.

9 years ago

Is this a modern day cult?

Todd Morrow
9 years ago

There have always been hippies and technological progress and a ruling elite so the film could have been titled "The Collective Status Quo - The Lack Of Change"?

9 years ago

I gave 5/10 stars but i meant 10 sorry lol

Terry Chambers
9 years ago


When is the American public going to wake up to the fact that our
president and his henchmen are already off the rails?

Kathlene Sebilius announced that
7 million people have signed up for ObamaCare. Joe Biden said that 4 million people have signed up for
ObamaCare. I'm sure they get their numbers from Catsup bottle

Do you think there might panic-driven disarray in the White House? If if wasn't so freakin' frightening I might be
enjoying a Marx Brothers movie plot. -- TC

PS: Why is Ted Nugent apologizing for complementing Barack Obama? At least he acknowledged that Obama and Biden seem to qualify as some kind
of primates.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

The people have lost all power to to mega corporations, mega government and a general stupidity to what is really happening to them!

Rodney Bresch
9 years ago

They speak of a cycle. But there are many cycles and they are exponentially occurring at faster and faster paces. It is just moving very fastly right now.

Rodney Bresch
9 years ago

I think there’s “science” to support humanity as a mulit-cellular
organism forming. Multi-cellular colonies evolved into sponges, that broke from the surface they grew from, as they evolved into the jellyfish. Civilization(s) is stationery as the sponge was, and is mobilizing into virtual landscapes and we might be entering interstellar regions physically.

So is it a coincidence that the internet resembles the nerve
net in the jellyfish….? I def don’t think so. I have much more to support this, but obviously am restricted here.

There seems to be a basic blueprint of bringing together units to produce novelty(aka evolution simplified). New properties emerge until the slate is cleaned, and starts over with the tools provided from each prior round...all at an exponential rate. You can see it everywhere in nature.

9 years ago

First 15-mins is good, then it all goes a bit downhill. The solutions offered at the end of the documentary don't seem all that convincing either.

9 years ago

Spiritual awakening...or internet access?

9 years ago

Bring up real problems and then pour fruit loops all over them. Smells like lizard people dis info.

Alan Baca
9 years ago

where do you get these crapy ideas?

9 years ago

Too much connecting dots that may or may not be there to back a very valid point, which holds itself without pseudoscience. 80% of the time is wasted on superstition.

Patrick Adrien Varencaus
9 years ago

YEP! Unless you repent!!!! The Borg =youwill be assumilated !!

9 years ago

I find the doc to be legitmate. I like to put it as simply as I can: The competition model(our current reality) of politics and economics is a bloated and dessicated corpse. The cooperation model(okay, I dunno what else to call it) is a much more effective strategy. Let the old model/standards wither, dry up and blow away. Hell, I've been feeling it since the mid '90s and now I am not feeling so gawd-damned isolated anymore.

Janeen Clark
9 years ago

i support this doc and gave it full rating however when keeping an open mind which i always try to do , i feel like i would have to close my mind to accept some of the pseudo science presented in this film. it is of my opinion that much more could have been do to fully break down and cover the objective aspects of the film and completely skip over the santa claus easter bunny type of stuff. "sun spots correlate with human consciousness .... " is like saying pink floyd's the wall completely correlate with the wizard of oz. in fact if you research further you will find that all music has internal fluctuations that could at first glance seem to connect to any video footage. this takes energy away from fully covering the most relevant issues because effort is wasted on hunches that are irrelevant to the most important facts causes and conclusions when dealing with such an important topic.

9 years ago

Not seen the Doc. yet but the introduction refers to protest on the "9/11 TRUTH" which in my opinion reflects the very complicated path to change through street protest when differnt people assume they have access to the "truth" kinda like the crusades.

9 years ago

I think anonymous really upped the game where protesting was concerned. they made it new and impacting again...At least until everyone decided that their pet project was an anonymous cause and those damned masks became the go to protesters costume. and then along came occupy, poor naive occupy. By the end of that even I wanted to smack those finger waggling idiots upside the head.

listening to the Occupy protestors at interviews reminded me of that scene in hitchikers guide to the galaxy where Ford and Arthur are on earth in the past talking to the crew of the crashed B ship.

Long term Protest movements all fail in the end because they end up getting overtaken by people who want to be seen protesting for the sake of their reputation. In my experience as a lefty it's always been either anarchists or hipsters. Though i imagine right leaning protest groups have the same issues with nationalists.