The Collision of Journalism and Consumerism

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Any impairment of the free press' circulation to the people diminishes the efficiency and the value therefore of the democracy. In a democracy since the citizens are "running things" and deciding who's in office and making very important decisions when they go to vote, it's extremely important that they should be well informed and well educated about what they're voting on.

The majority of the media still do not serve the public interest. Democracy relies on an educated electorate and if the electorate is not educated you can't have democracy. You've got a democracy by the mob. You can't run a modern society without educating the population. But you can't educate them just on technology or science; you need to educate them to think.

Meanwhile we have political leaders promising democracy, free and fair elections, and those leaders have continued to control the media. Today there is actually less press freedom in most of the former Soviet republics than there was in the last years of Soviet communism. The issues in Ukraine, or Hungary, or Romania and in America have many similarities, and that is the challenge and tragedy of journalism everywhere.

At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in late 1991 there was great euphoria about what was going to follow in terms of democracy and free press. After a while it became obvious that things were much more complicated. People have a slightly idealistic view of how democratic, how independent and how free the western media is. Not so much because of the political restraints and constraints, but also because of the highly commercial nature of western news which somewhat limits the ways of conducting journalism.

You give the public what you believe it should get or you give the public what you believe the public wants? If you give the public what you believe the public should get then you and a very small group of people are deciding what news in a certain country is. If you are for profit enterprise and your job is to make money, then you want to reach the greatest amount of viewers you possibly can. And to do that you project your message to the lowest common denominator and you start covering things that could never be described as being real news.

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  1. bunzoo

    thinking of two news stories this year that were HUGE, that were ignored by MSM until the stories went viral on social sites: The tens of thousands of Sanders supporters at EVERY rally and the thousands of demonstrators at Standing Rock opposing the pipeline in North Dakota. These both were utterly ignored by every major news outlet, but we learned about them anyway, because people were taking pictures and videos and posting them in social media. Who knows what else is being ignored that we haven't heard about on FB, but we sure did get all het up about a football player not standing for the Star Spangled Banner. And that might be the way we gain any modicum of factual information...but still we must be very careful, because the MSM powers that be fight to influence our opinions thru those outlets as well. A free press is vitally important, and even moreso a populace capable of thinking for themselves, and that is achieved by weaning ourselves OFF of MSM and FB and anything that tells us what to think or how to feel and begin feeling and thinking about things in the real world NOT on a screen. Yet also finding our information ON A SCREEN because where else does it come from. whew

  2. Michael Wright

    The obvious issues related to the United States are all a derivative of the efforts of the 1% (The Rich). They own the Federal Reserve which is paramount in the control of a Capitalist Society and in order to keep it they bought and purchased the Republican Party which fights for all the objectives of the 1% and Corporate America. Most importantly all the large Media Outlets are owned by the 1% (The Rich ) which control all the information communicated through their outlets to the masses of the US People. In this era of immediate transference of happenings, we as a people are questioning now what reality vs what we are hearing over the Media is truth. We are now questioning the motives of all Media and all Political Leaders. We realize the Rich have been and are trying to continually control all of us through their distorted information to their own gain. What has happened over the last several years is they have been able to transition our fine Nation from a Constitutional Republic into a Oligarchy where the Rich have all the Money, Power and Control. We as a people need to unite and vote against the 1% and the Republicans in 2016 so we can begin the long journey of transitioning our Nation back to a Constitutional Republic with strong principles of a Democracy.

  3. kcsummer

    Which is why Obama is flooding the country with uneducated illegals. He needs / wants dumb people at the polls and we do or he himself would not be there

    1. Michael Wright

      I have a PhD and I am firmly behind President Obama. Uneducated fearful little narrowed minded People like you are the Problem !!

  4. lanvy

    This is TERRIBLE....this film is a montage of people's opinions. This is essentially less useful than the newsmakers they criticize

    1. Jon

      That is basically the formula that unmade science today and forced anthropological global warming down our throats. Journalists simulated democracy and made people vote on science issues. Politically, the dimwit conclusions became synonymous to the people's right to be heard and right to suffrage too.

      Then journalists polled opinions as if the ones with greatest support are the undeniable science facts. Meanwhile society is made to pay respect to authority, the ones who fashioned themselves up to be respectable with honorary degrees.

      But the problem is such science is undeniably fickle as the headline news.There is sensationalism rather than sobriety and tactfulness or science procedure. Fear and deceit summons public pressure to ignore the Truth.

      Instead of a better world in that tiny space which they term the environment, the world is led to its doom instead. We are worse off today with more debt and greater risk of war than ever.

    2. Michael Wright

      ....of course you have to have the mental capability to comprehend complex subject matter before you have the right to critique.

    3. Lanvy Nguyen

      Your analysis must have come from the PhD you earned.

      Do they give PhD over the internet these days??

    4. Gary

      Ahhh "Dr. Mike" and his Liberal "Im the smartest guy in the room " montague.... Doesnt if ever get tiring for guys like you...espcially when you figure out the whole room is NOT nearly as impressed with your title as you are? LMAO

  5. Janeen Clark

    terrible film. it completely ignores the reality. as long as money exists any type of freedom cannot exist except for the richest people and organizations. the rest of us live in different degrees of prisons. whether literally in a cell shackled, or a prison of governments, schools designed from factory lines, jobs and work for money in which people dominate and degrade those in lower positions . we are confined to our houses or others houses our jobs or to go buy things we live that way 80 years or so and then die that is the prison we "free" people live in the best of situations there has never been a free press or journalism for example, money system is a religion never questioned because we are taught since pre-school on to not question certain things the other being false authority, like government and police and supervisors and managers that pretend to be their own kind of ruler over others "below" them. it is a joke to talk about freedom it is a joke to talk about democracy. people have not barely even started to begin to even question the things beaten into their head. let alone research then get to the root of the specific problems and think of solutions. as money exists slavery is the only thing we will have. as long as domination including concepts of authority exist slavery is the real world no matter what people pretend with their magical words like freedom and democracy. people freak out the moment another human around them has slightly different idea or clothing or mannerisms is that freedom and democracy? no its prison a prison of the mind and a religion called paper and ink .

    1. Pascalore

      I have a nail any you just hit it on the head. Currently, money gives you everything you have and lack of money keeps you from having everything you would like to have, including a basic standard of living. You will only have what someone else is able to make money off of. The 140 mpg carburetor (bought by General Motors), forever light bulb (German company) or a real electric car (made by General Motors in the 80's)? Not so long as money is the driving force behind any society.

  6. DonalODraighnean

    EDWARD BERNAYS, look for the cause to treat the symptoms.

  7. Terry "OldFox" Seale

    Citizen journalism is the best development. Matt Drudge was an innovator to be reckoned with. His rise and Dan Rather's fall revealed the corruption of MSM. The king is dead. Long live the king.

    TV requires too much money to be trusted. Develop your own sources, keep an open but not gullible mind, test everything, and become a critical thinker.

    1. CapnCanard

      Not bad, but I can't entirely agree. Despite what is popularly accepted, that CBS report was accurate and legitimate. But I do agree that citizen news is very important, but first "CUI BONO"! Insofar as TV news. Most news is presented with conditions that satisfy those who pay for the broadcast: Advertisers, Marketing, and Public Relations. If it conflicts then it is reviled, hence Dan Rather got screwed over. lol... Matt Drudge is a simple tool, he only opposes the Dumocrat party and he dare not challenge the power structure of those fascists like Rethuglicans. And YES develop your own sources. Compare and contrast. MONEY and WEALTH rules the world, politics is just the part of the game we are allowed to watch. To our owners we are slaves, pawns, and as such we are very expendable.

    2. junior347

      Rather was set up by dirty tricks maven Karl Rove on behalf of Dubya and Drudge is to the web what FOX News is to TV. But I do agree with your last point.

    3. Terry "OldFox" Seale

      You are free to dislike Matt Drudge, but he established from his little apartment on Miami Beach that anyone could be a journalist without a government-issued press card; that any so-called journalist-source privilege is utter nonsense; and that Bill Clinton, a public figure with immense power, and a lawyer, figured he could bully the guy into servility with a lawsuit. That is very admirable and one reason we are in the greatest country in the world.

      I would defend FoxNews but I stopped with TV after the Romney defeat and I am so glad to be free of the hypnotism, constant spin, repetitive advertising telling me that I need more stuff to be happy, and that my eyes are up for sale to the highest bidder.

      The entire Left--Right thing is about as valid as Professional Boxing. It teaches nothing, pumps up a lot of passion, and does not contribute to a healthier, happier, and loving society.

    4. Gary

      because citizen journalism "is ALL about trust".... with the "I will not reveal my sources" strategy,..Yes Terry I totally see what your saying here...LMAO

  8. dufas_duck

    In other words, one cannot believe the media...........

    1. a_no_n

      i don't think it's fair to say you can't believe the just have to be really careful with what you read.

      For example making sure that the original source for the material is not British is usually a good way to not be lied to. the vast majority of media related bullsh1t is quoted from the likes of the Sun and the Daily Mail, who publish lies and misinformation because there is nothing stopping them or holding them accountable for it in British law.

      Never ever trust a science article, because nine times out of ten the hack writing it has no idea what he's talking about and more often than not misrepresents the findings.

      Always check the third fourth and fifth paragraphs of a story. If the name of a company or corporation is located in either as a source for information then chances are you're reading a paid for advert disguised as a news article.

    2. dufas_duck

      Walter Cronkite was very liberal biased and both subtly and blatantly slanted his news reports to that end. Walter Winchell and Edward R. Murrow along with the old radio newscaster, Gabriel Heatter were all biased towards the left.

      The old saying of 'follow the money' will garner more truths than taking what the media says at face value but, many times, it is difficult to ferret out the truth as 'talking points' and political rhetoric gets bandied about from one source to another. It is just as has been stated by so many 'wanna-be' leaders that if a lie is told often enough and repeated by enough people, that lie becomes the truth.....

    3. a_no_n

      biases swing both ways.

    4. dufas_duck

      Yes it does, but looking around my country and around the world, the left has cornered the bias market...

    5. a_no_n

      you've pointed out a couple of prominant examples but i fail to see how that is in any way comparable to the vast influence of the far right leaning Murdoch owned newscorp empire.

      You say "Follow the money" and then turn your attention toward the side that does not represent any of the people with money...Meanwhile things like Fox News and the Daily mail which strongly represent the views of the rich are apparantly in the minority? sorry but that just strikes me as odd.

      To say that left wing bias is prominent around the world also seems wrong, considering the far right are gaining influence in Europe, mostly thanks to propaganda, that Isis bunch certainly don't seem all that liberal either.

    6. dufas_duck

      For every right wing news outlet, there are 10 left wing outlets. Gaining influence is not dominating...

      Murdoch, Fox and a small number of others are up against PBS, ABC, CBS,NBC, MSNBC, BBC, and dozens more of left leaning independents. It looks like you either can't count or you wont be satisfied until only the left's view is being heard....

      To analyze the news, one of the things one should do is see who is paying for the news..IE, follow the money, but, I would add that just because someone has paid for the news does not make it false..this where one has to listen to BOTH sides and not just listen to what makes you comfortable. Of course, there are the sheep that will only listen to 'their' particular brand of news and call it automatically correct.

    7. a_no_n

      if there are ten left outlets for every one right wing then surely you can come up with a bigger list than six debatable examples.

      Also the BBC is impartial in it's news reporting. It has to be by law. So your list is already down to five.

      You're also only taking one medium into account, what about papers? what about online?

      Also is it not a bit ironic that in attempting to paint conservatives as a persecuted minority, you demand i look at both sides of the argument and then call me a sheep for not agreeing with you unconditionally purely at face value.

      somewhere in that train of thought there is a severe error in logic.

    8. awful_truth

      Great words a_no_n. I am always amazed that anyone can even believe 'left wing' elements can possibly dominate a greed driven world which is backed solely by right wing corporate power.
      If I have to choose between a government that privatizes industries after the public has paid for it, (gives to the rich) or a government that regulates 'minimal' sharing, and disbursement of wealth,(medicare - gives to the poor) I will choose 'Robin Hood' any day, hands down!

    9. a_no_n

      I can only really speak from a British perspective, Here in England all of the major parties have lurched to the right. Our 'left wing' Labour party has dissasociated itself from the unions who created it and it is persuing an agenda of stripping people from eligibility to benefits, all British parties are pandering to the vocal far right minority through right wing tabliods, so when i see people saying the world is ruled by the left it takes all my self control to not just burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

      the one left wing party we have to vote for the Greens are so anti-science that it makes my stomach churn just thinking about them...and to be honest their methods are pathetic and their political strategy is literally nonexistant.

    10. awful_truth

      I am curious just what country you are from. I hope you are not from the U.S, because I am unaware of any tree huggers in the house of representatives, or the senate. The U.S has no left wing elements in power. They have a single right wing party system with 2 factions, funded by the same corporations.
      In Canada, king Harper has killed public funding for the CBC, and electoral vote money, to guarantee a conservative agenda. Since politicians are just lieutenants for the wealthy, right wing political parties have no troubles getting financing.
      P.S: The second any media really questions the status quo, they are dealt with accordingly. (Bill Maher, Phil Donahue - these are left wing individuals)