Come Back Buddy

Come Back BuddyExperience the rocking sensation known as Come Back Buddy in this feature length documentary about the band.

Follow the band as they play various gigs, travel the road and keep the spirit of oldies music alive!

Come Back Buddy is a 3-piece rock-n-roll band inspired by the legendary Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

The trio's repertoire includes the music of many artists from the 50's era including Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, and of course, Buddy Holly.

Come Back Buddy has performed at large venues for the public, entertaining thousands and for private parties. They get their audiences up dancing, giving them an enjoyable and memorable experience!

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Ratings: 6.13/10 from 8 users.

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    Tarquin Mahoney
  1. Tarquin Mahoney

    arrrrgh. like waking nightmare,,, why did i watch this?
    , talentless
    makes me glad buddy holly die tbh- his music is terrible and the souless demigod of elvis should be forgotten if the universe has any justice to it.

  2. Chrisadelic
  3. Chrisadelic

    youre an *** tarquin! Buddy holly i a rock-n-roll legend! who wrote some of the best R&Roll tunes ever!! i would slap you if you said that to my face you mother ******! you obviously dont know anything about Rock-n-Roll dumb ***! you sound like some ***hole thats not an American.

  4. Chrisadelic
  5. Chrisadelic

    you are a complete DUMBASS tarquin & you deserve to be slapped by me i would knock you on your ass for saying that! you know nothing about Rock-n-ROll & youre probably not even an american. with a stupid name like that!

  6. MrMikeunderscore
  7. MrMikeunderscore

    I for one am not glad that Buddy died, but this doc is a waste of time.

  8. Brian
  9. Brian

    Buddy Holly is the best, imo!

  10. Gord
  11. Gord

    Have forgotten more about Buddy Holly than you will ever know about! You found a cheap STICK to make a Living at an Industry you don't belong in! Please tune your guitars! Fakes!

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