The Coming Pandemic

The Coming Pandemic

2005, Health  -   341 Comments
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Whether it's the seemingly annual discovery of a new flu-like virus accompanied by doom-and-gloom press coverage, or the popularity of viral-born zombie epidemics in Hollywood fare these days, or some other form of allusion to an impending cataclysmic viral outbreak, the possibility of a virus bringing entire nations, or even the world, to its knees is becoming an increasingly viable disaster. The Coming Pandemic explores this possibility in a range of hypothetical scenarios piggybacking off semi-actual medical findings and studies.

The film opens on establishing a foundation for the plausibility of a major incident, first in citing historical precedent with the Spanish Flu pandemic that occurred at the tail end of World War I, when soldiers brought home the virus when returning from their service, and then in following a hypothetical trip a young backpacker takes through Asia - he sits on a bus next to a woman infected with bird flu, ingests the airborne virus, and then carries it home with him.

A real-world incident is then examined by the filmmakers, the first recorded cases of the H1N1 virus, which first passed to humans after infected ducks (water born fowl are the most high-risk animals for these kinds of bird flu) were introduced to a chicken population in a small Asian village. When the chickens became ill and died, the farmers didn't think anything of it and decided to distribute the chickens for free anyhow - which of course resulted in the people that ate them contracting the virus.

As alarming as this was and is, scientists have yet to see this virus be passed from human to human, which puts them at ease about the risk we are actually at when it comes to an outbreak. This carries the film to the topic of what actually causes a widespread pandemic, a virus that humans have no immunity to whatsoever, and that occurs when a major mutation is developed in a viral strain. From there, a number of hypothetical scenarios are discussed by various scientists and medical industry professionals, including some of the political ramifications of these types of incidents.

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2 years ago

This is B.S.
They are CONDITIONING people to accept their FAKE "plan-demic".

No Body
3 years ago

This is missing 16 minuets!

3 years ago

Stop exploiting and eating animals! It's abominable what we do to them, to ourselves and to the planet!!!!!

Kolona Vyless
3 years ago

Thanks Trump!

3 years ago

They were right! When we fail to learn from history,we will repeat the mistakes. We were warned. Please heed advise protect yourself and those you know. Be well

3 years ago

He who laughs last laughs hardest....quote "Covid 19"

An actual doctor
3 years ago

Re: Doctor Jack - The weakling.

All REAL doctors know the flu IS VERY DEADLY.

Though each infected patient only has a small risk of dying, the large number of infections mean that even the mildest flu seasons sees tens of thousands of patients die in the US alone.

But sure, your woke alt-science tells you scientific medicine is evil.
Weaklings like you MUST be put down for the good of humanity.

Ghost Jaguar
6 years ago

Blimey - all these people with so much to say online.

Where are they in the real world.

I have yet to meet anyone who even answers when I say "Good morning" to them.....

6 years ago

I think it is so amusing when people are too stupid to understand science and biology they instead chose to believe it's BS!

7 years ago

Doc Jack,

Is Earth flat?
Was it made in 6 days?
Is evolution a lie?
Is climate change and global warming urban myths?
Are people being brainwashed by secret groups that are everywhere?
Is all reality contained in a book?
Is that book your source and do you live by it?
Are you a witch doctor?
Were you part of the beat generation?
Is Trump your savior?
Are you going to vote for Trump?
Do you believe you're the chosen one?

7 years ago

let us use our minds a little, there are movements from people that is above everyone else... they obviously want the population reduced, if we study our history, these kind of outbreak is unheard of before... only in our recent history that we see these kind of new deceases that is very suspicious and makes you feel that maybe it is engineered... example of a plague that i think had no human interference is the black plague that killed millions of people, people back then do not know how to dispose of their waste that made their surroundings and their critters bore deadly viruses that gave them their demise... now, since they gave the example of the spanish influensa as a new kind of decease carried back home by soldiers from WWI, it became a suspect to me as an example of a genetically engineered virus... since then, we have witnessed an explosion of different viruses and sickness that is unprecedented in history... they are making all efforts to sustain their purpose of reducing population and implement their modified version of darwin's "survival of the fittest"... sure, it may sound far fetch to you and may think i'm crazy and stupid, but some people see what's behind every major events in our recent history and can see past their deceit... all the wars they initiated, so they can count the profit from manufacturing war machines even if it means killing millions of people including children... study our history specially wars, imagine if hitler did not have the support from americans like prescott bush and henry ford; could he do what he did then? germany had nothing after WWI, the whole country was bankrupt. if not for the oil and money from prescott bush and the engines and trucks from henry ford, hitler could not have started one of the deadliest war campaign in modern history... these americans were never accused of helping and funding germany's war efforts, in fact, ford is up to this moment considered a patriot and the people loved bush that they even elected his son and grandson as president of the USA... now they are also killing us by new kinds of viruses that keeps coming out with new kinds of strain that is stronger than the previous and have become very fast and efficient in killing humans... sure, you can say that the words that i have written is nonsense and far fetched and nobody that has all the riches in the world will want to kill us for profit... just remember that when governments and the people buys these medicines in large quantities, it generates profits for the pharmaceutical companies which is owned by very large worldwide multi-national corporations who also happens to own those large military contractors... which incidentally owns the biggest media companies worldwide so they can dictate what kind of information the people receives... just look for the speech made by Pres. John F. Kennedy warning people about the shadow governments behind the governments...

Peter JC
7 years ago

I think there should be more attention placed on the real agenda of chickens. These seemingly harmless birds who form a major food source have recently been discovered to be capable of complex thought and calculus. Could this be the beginning of an avian takeover? Remember, bird is the word. This doco was shallow and pedantic, and I am bored.

Mea Culpa
8 years ago

Starts out well but after a while it's just a vaccine commercial. Turned it off towards the end.

8 years ago

The grand question is, can one heal the self by sudden change of life characteristics, habits, personality? and if so, how so? Shouldn't we be researching that sh$t already?

8 years ago

Vaccines are but one way to inhibit the spread of a commutable disease. When the influenza virus was hyped by government to become unmanageable and vaccines forced on citizens, the public hysteria was not about the disease but caution in implementing public health strategies based on haunches.

Truth is the caution by citizens paid off and the influenza hype's worst fears never happened. The present generation is apparently wizened by fail rates and side effects of earlier vaccines. Besides, the virus that causes influenza has been known to mutate or adapt and these vaccines are not fail safe solutions. The shelf life is set at 6 months before the influenza virus is expected to change and adapt, making the existing vaccine inadequate against the threat to public health.

Our present day health consciousness driven by an information society gives people more choices than ever. We got a generation spending more time in gyms and self help exercises or healthy lifestyle They got a good idea of the human body working like a machine that can adapt and overcome diseases and physical weaknesses. Yes, much like the influenza virus, the human body can alter its protection against diseases by nutrition, exercise and good sanitation measures other than medicine and surgery. The body can heal itself and can create anti bodies to protect against life threatening changes or factors.

8 years ago

Well I gave it a ten instead of an eight just to try to stem all the crackpots who are appearing in the posts. 40 million deaths in 1919 with flu symptoms. people think it's a lie huh?

chip griffin
8 years ago

how many lies do we let them tell until we stand and die if need be. these devils will not quit until the mark is in all of us!
this is the reason for everything you see now. THE MARK OF THE BEAST WILL BE INSIDE THE VACCINE! this vaccine will be forced on you by laws already in the books and at gun point. if you do not yield then it is death, well i chose death. just like the 2 billion bullets, one of them has my name on it. how long until the evil shows up? the roadblocks and then the murder. by years end. know where you stand now. don't let them break you with their fear, they are not smart enough to fear their own death, for it shall come, so help me GOD...

8 years ago

Total and absolute nonsense from start to finish. If there were indeed 'viruses', we would not be here in the first place.

The plagiarist and charlatan chemist Pasteur is responsible for this nonsense since it was taken up because it made money from drugs from the outset.

Since then the world has been plagued by the results of spurious and poisonous vaccinations (which don't and can't work), pasteurisation and the corrupt pharmacological complex.

People who are sucked into this have no grounding in basic nutrition. It is not taught in medical schools because it can't make money. Fear is money.

Healthy people do not get sick. End of story.

Fabien L'Amour
8 years ago

It's not complete, lists it as 52 minutes long.

8 years ago

seem like part 2 is missing.

8 years ago

This is the most bizare ending I've seen on a doc here. Sad cause it was looking like a great doc.