Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer

Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer

1994, Crime  -   121 Comments
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Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey DahmerIn February 1994, NBC's Stone Phillips met serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for his only network television interview. He traveled to the prison with Jeffrey Dahmer's father, Lionel, and his step-mother, Shari.

An innocent Midwestern boy and a withdrawn and peculiar teen, Jeffrey Dahmer lived a ghastly double life as an adult, ultimately becoming known as one of the most notorious and grotesque serial killers in America.

Dahmer killed 17 young men, and even turned to cannibalism. Through an exclusive interview with Dahmer, as well as with his mother and father, this program takes an extended look inside the mind of a serial killer.


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  1. I believe you have to look at more than just one interview, more than just one person as well. I don’t know if any of you have seen the photos of how he posed the headless bodies in the beds , spider like so he could have sex with them or how he would make a hole to use instead of using what was available or how he would have sex for hours with them before disposal, how he would have sex with living persons but because they would move he would become angry and was unable to get aroused with living persons . He viewed them only as what he wanted them for . Have you ever seen therapists explain about psychopaths and how sexual deviants are actually using others as a form masterbation and psychopaths are really just having sex with themselves while doing it because they are narcissistic . I personally believe that you need to listen to what isn’t being said in the videos , so much that is said is what they have heard others say and just repeating what they have heard. I personally believe that they knew and their families knew and people in contact with them throughout their lives , that their was something very different from the very beginning . I personally believe that Dahmer couldn’t connect with anyone throughout his life and really didn’t care to until he reached sexual maturity, he was very neglected as well as being born with problems and compound that with a mother on drugs during pregnancy and while he was a child , absent father , frequent arguments between the two and then for activities with his father they would dissolve the flesh off dead rodents when he was a child . No normalcy whatsoever in the whole family , compounded by being born with psychopathic tendencies. The more I see if serial killers , psychopaths videos and studies , lectures from doctors of the mind - the more I see that truly there is nothing there whatsoever in those types of people

  2. It's clear his mother was the issue, women....

  3. Sad that Jeffrey's taking more accountability for his actions than his delusional mother. How do you not know or remember what you took during your pregnancy? Prescription or not!

  4. Jeffrey Dahmer took full responsibility.,and accountability. RIP to his victims. RIP to Jeff as well.

  5. This has nothing to do with religion nor sexual preference. He is a psychopath plain and simple.

    1. you may be the only other rational person in this chain, he killed 17 boys and men...

    2. It is unfortunate

  6. No respect for him what so ever. I'am incredibly satisfied that he has been killed in prison, I would of loved to of done it my self but...ah well :)

    1. i agree with you

  7. PavolvsBitch-- what the hell is wrong with you?

    1. what did they say??? i know this was a while ago but i can’t find the comment :(

  8. Also blaming atheism... Of course he would blame atheism, he is in American prison at the time, where converting to Christianity increases your chances of being seen favorably and increases chances for paroles etc. "I was an atheist when I butchered those people, but now I am a good Christian you guys can trust me."

    Dane87 hit it on the head, some people vehemently against atheism seem to suggest that atheists, as humans, would throw out all concepts of ethics, morals and law because they refuse to believe in the concept of god. This is some very backwards and dangerous thinking, likely just part of propaganda against atheism and affirmation of Christianity/Judaism/Islam etc.

    1. I know this post is two years old but it's ridiculous. Adman he got 999 years in jail. You might as well turn to god, there was no chance of parole!

  9. Weird topic, but the circumcision thing... Is anyone defending infant circumcision a victim of a botched circumcision? I would guess not, look up some research on that, it might change your mind.

    1. Adman. You really have not researched the man at all. He was never circumcised. He had a double hernia operation at the age of 4. Huge difference.

    2. I fully believe this was a part of it. If circumcision wasnt part of the operation (which it often is because they just offer to do both surgeries at the same time) then I’m sure it was done at birth.

  10. Mummy in denial..nothing was wrong..really? Sounds like Rosemary's baby.
    Dad was more tuned in than mum...because he has traits like his son.

  11. I was circumsised same as more thqn half of my country,but yall dont see me going around murdering people..he chose to kill cuz he didnt just kill one person,he did it over and over again.he knows its a bad thing and all killers know.they enjoy the shit.

    1. Men cope with the painful trauma of Circumcision in different ways. Women cope with rape in different ways too. The stats prove that circumcised men are more angry and commit more sexually and pedophile crimes . Google and read Richard z Matteoli and his book on sex crimes due to circumcision

    2. Circumcision causes brain damage to all circumcised men . Men like raped women cope in different ways. The stats show that pedophiles are almost all circumcised. Google and read Richard Matteoli. Circumcision and sexual perversions

  12. This is the most blatantly exploitative distasteful s*it I have ever seen. The title graphics, bumpers and music are RIDICULOUS and disrespectful to the victims and the audience.

  13. "The height of ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about, yet refuse to investigate."

    1. This comment is reasonable, Todd, unlike some of your following comments.

  14. When asked why he did it, "If a person doesn't believe there is God to be held accountable to, then what is the point of modifying behavior, I always believed in evolution theory....." Be careful what you teach young people, evolution has great company: Dahmer, Stalin, Hitler, etc

    1. Hi Todd. Would the 19 mass murders who perpetrated 911 have believed in evolution too? If I remember right Peter Sutcliff aka the Yorkshire ripper was killing on god's command. As was David Berkowitz and John Wayne Gacy. Did they also believe in evolution? Are you not being very selective in your 'evidence'?

      Be careful what you teach your kids indeed.

    2. um, yes. Be careful not to teach the evolution theory,to children because it does not teach them accountability, and has proven to be an extremely dangerous thing to tell a child, not to mention a huge massive scam....... the "19 mass murderers" is false. You really do believe everything the media tells you don't you? Please contact me asap, I have a bridge for sale for a great price. David Berkowitz said a dog constantly woke him up an night, and that this dog eventually "told" him to kill. So get that off your anti God list. Also, yes, some have misinterpreted God's word and were just plain evil people. But the amount of killing done in the name of evolution THEORY is heads and shoulders above any wackos that said they killed for God. The Bible teaches us NOT to kill. The evolution theory makes people think they are better than others just based upon race. Please, get educated on Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, and also look into those kids in columbine who's father taught them evolution theory. Then type in "Dangers of Evolution" on youtube and get educated on this very dangerous lie. If you continue to trust the media, you will continue to be misled.

      I mean , all you have to do is listen to dahmer right here on this website to actually LISTEN to what he says. He admits he was taught this evolution crap, and that it made him think he would not be held accountable for his actions. God sees everything you are doing, even if you don't believe in Him. I'd be careful to teach a child evolution theory, that is extremely dangerous for the child. Keep telling the children they came from apes, and they will act like it. Tell them that God is watching and that they will be held accountable, and they think twice.

    3. I'm sorry but you lost me at "911 was an inside job". If I'd know I was talking to an id*ot then I wouldn't have bothered.

    4. So you are a 911 truther ... Okay, have fun chappy. Tell God I said "Hi" and that I'm working on a free energy device as I speak. Also tell him that the burzynski scam is working out great and soon I will have enough gathered to invest in a UFO that is capable of taking over the white house.

      yours sincerely


      PS. Don't forget to remind him that it was Elvis that shot JFK.

      Edit: I'm sorry, I couldn't resist that lie. I know in my heart and soul that it was Jesus that shot JFK.

      Edit edit: Okay, it was the Jewish Elvis Jesus.

    5. Ah look, I'm not being fair here. You might as well ignore me. I just wanted to call you out on your ignorance, I had no intention of entertaining that ignorance, you're doing such a good job without my intervention.


      Ignore those 'Guest' comments below. 911 was an inside job, jews did it, elvis was an alien and russians invented the moon.

    6. The height of ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about, yet refuse to read, research to learn the truth. You accept what the media tells you blindly, now THAT, is ignorance.

    7. Is that right Todd? Tell me then what you think I'm not well read on and I'll see if I can put you straight on it. Please avoid the obvious stuff like the bible and 'truther' fluff, I'm a little short in the patience department when it comes to fairy tales as you can probably tell.

      Edit: Or better yet just school me.

    8. more murders have been done in the name of some god or another than in the name of evolution stop being a dumbass. the mayans sacrificed ppl by the thousands to give you one example and salem witch trials and spanish inquisitions others. not to mention Isis now.

    9. Spanish inquisition, holy wars, religious fanatics.. how many murders have been committed in the name of religion? If the only reason that you do not behave like a homicidal sociopath is the fear of retribution from a higher power, then there is something severely wrong with you as an individual.
      By this theory every athiest would be a murderer, and that is not the case. Just because you do not believe in a God does not mean that you do not have a moral code. If anything the moral athiest has a better character than the moral Christian because the moral athiest is a good person just so that he doesn't add to the suffering which already exists. The moral Christian does it out of fear of a higher power... Ps. My father is an ordained minister and I grew up in the southern baptist church. I'm Very well versed in terms of the Christian faith.

  15. I am glad he is dead.

  16. This guy had done wicked things to animals and had lost his moral compass and sense of guilt from childhood. Probably due to heavy drinking and probably due to his personality disorder and sexual deviant behaviour, he then made that leap to inflicting the evil on humans. He seems highly intelligent and able to speak about it totally calm and dettached almost, which is quite creepy. What I don't get is how he could stand the smell of rotting bodies and environment he was living in all those years. The UK had a serial killer similar to Dahmer, this guy Dennis Nielsen who killed men and kept them in his apartment for sexual reasons in a similar way, he also got away with it for a similarly long time and held down a normal job. He was even once a police officer.

  17. In a nutshell, Dahmer's philosophy of life the buck stops with you. You, yourself are responsible in the end for your own behavior. There is a point when you no longer can blame your upbringing on your own choices.

  18. I cannot find certain proof but all signs point to the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer was circumcised. The book about him, The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer by Brian Masters, does not mention circumcision one way or the other, however it seems VERY likely that he would have mentioned had he forgone circumcision as it would have been particularly unusual in the Midwest at the time. Also an uncircumcised penis is often mentioned on autopsy reports in America as it's only now that intact/uncircumcised is becoming more popular again, but it was not mentioned on his. Finally, his (awful) parents would have thoughtlessly done whatever the hospital suggested. Dahmer's circumcision would fit the pattern that serial/mass/lust killers first exposure to violence was their circumcision. (Of course, I'm not saying circ. hurts all men so badly, but it does appear to have happened to killers more often than not.)

    1. Do you have any evidence that circumcision leads to any kind of deviant behaviors? Where did you come up with such a ridiculous hypothesis? I am in no way for circumcision, i see it as an unnecessary procedure for people who have access to hygienic behaviors. Now, if you lived in the jungle and couldn't bath for days on end, it might be fairly handy not to have an area that stays dark and damp, facilitating the growth of bacteria but, otherwise its truly unnecessary and barbaric. That said, I don't believe for one instant that it could influence someone to be a serial killer. That is a rather strong assertion which would require evidence to be believed. If you have any, I am listening.

    2. There is a lot of evidence that the army promoted male infant genital cutting because various military leaders were convinced it made men better soldiers. Do you think that could be related to making men better killers off the battlefield? And then, this is just
      anecdotal, but there is also the chilling story of Mickey Featherstone. Look him up. He became an assassin after some army friends pranked him by amputating his foreskin (as an adult).

      Some men have some memory of being restrained and subjected to the torture that is unanesthetized genital cutting. Why question whether that could have a terrrible effect on a man?

    3. "There is a lot of evidence" doesn't cut it. Providing the evidence does.

    4. Have you ever heard of the sand myth? Did you know military doctors came up with that nonsense? Who else would? One particularly foul excuse for a doctor, Thomas Wiswell was an army doctor and career liar responsible for a large amount of biased science recommending infant genital cutting in the 1980s. His research has since been thoroughly discredited. He actually advocated physically damaging uncut infants in order to prove that cut was better.

    5. Nothing about circumcision leading to deviant behavior.

    6. Can you prove that infant torture does not increase the incidence of "deviant behavior" in the adults they become?

      Would you like to do a cultural comparison? We could compare highly genital-cutting cultures like the Middle East and Africa to very low rate of genital-cutting cultures like Asia, Europe or South America. Or why are Canadians so much less pugnacious than Americans?

      Can you provide any evidence to support your counterpoint?

    7. As you're the claimant, the burden of proof rests with you. Trying to pass it off on someone else shows you up for the fraud you are.

    8. I'm a fraud? You can't think of a single point to defend your argument.

      How could subjecting infants to unbearable pain not impact them poorly?

    9. Once again, the burden of proof rests with you and so far you have not provided any evidence for your assertion ("How could subjecting infants to unbearable pain not impact them poorly?" does not even approach being evidence), but instead have attempted to shift the burden. This renders you a fraud.

    10. You don't have any idea what you're talking about, do you? You're just defending yourself or past choices, aren't you? Have you ever seen an unanesthetized infant circumcision? I have. The baby shrieks as hard as he can until he's completely breathless and unable to continue making any sound. It's not uncommon for him to feint from the pain while firmly strapped to a cold board. If that doesn't count as torture, what does? That is how over 90% of cuttings were performed well into the '90s, but even now there are doctors who don't want to bother with anesthesia for infants. Some men have some memory of that torture even when performed in infancy. If you don't see how that could lend itself to reinforcing psychopathic tendencies, you must be firmly fixed in your denial of the obvious harm of cutting infants' genitals. It's sad but understandable. Your denial is an attempt to protect yourself from the truth here because it feels like a knife.

    11. Evidence, evidence, evidence, please, not conjecture.

    12. I lived and taught in china for two years and usually they wait until age 5 for circumcision. None of my students showed any abnormal tendencies.

    13. It sounds like you're relying on a single, obscure, and very unfounded "common thread". There are female serial killers. Did they turn that way due to circumcision of their non-existent penis? I know more circumcised men than not and there hasn't been any difference between the mentality of those circumcised and those uncircumcised. Circumcisions performed by surgeons with anesthesia is not infant torture. Mental disorders are inherited and/or created by abuse, neglect, rape, etc. at young and older ages. Violence can come from these disorders on their own or can be taught. To link circumcision of an infant who will never remember the act, whether they were anesthetized or not, is far reaching, at best.

  19. Will this Documentary be available in the future?

    1. Greetings Deane Bailey, I come from the future with good news. The documentary is still available in my present time/space locality ;)

  20. does not work,,,,sort it out

  21. it's only me, or it does not work anymore?

  22. Jeffrey Dahmer talked about at first in his life he didn,t believe in got,but now he thinks got is who made us all.I,m not a person who goes to church each week,but I always somewhat believed that there,s a god up there looking down on us all.I watched a doucmentary how the world was made,there was no mention of god into making this world.Started out of rock in the atmosphere billions of years ago,and the fish and animals came from organisms etc.And the way it explained humans came maybe from monkeys and we evolved from there.So what i,m trying to say with a question mark in my brain, is there a god looking down on us.Who truly knows the truth,but I hope there is.

    1. Obviously you aren't a person who has attended church! You spell GOD, got. Both wrongly and in small letters. You sure you don't have a little serial murderer in YOU?!

    2. Could you please read the Comment Policy again? I think your comment was judgmental and mean. Who do you think YOU are?

    3. obviously you are. Not throwing stones, taking that plank out of your eye first and treating others as you wish to be treated were certainly lessons which stuck with you.

    4. No one can say with certainty whether there is many gods, one God, or no gods. Science combined with common sense tells me it is very, very unlikely. But, if someone tells you they know for a fact there is no god they are being overly dogmatic, just as those who say they know for certain there is a god. In the end we have to decide for ourselves what we think, notice i didn't say "what we believe"?

      John Mayer:

      "Belief is a beautiful armor but makes for the heaviest sword, its like punching underwater, you never can hit who you're aiming for... Some need the exhibition, some need to know the tried, its the chemical weapon for the war that rages on inside, .What puts the folded flag inside the mothers hands, belief can..."

      I wish you the best of luck and happiness with your search for truth brother.

    5. I hope there is a god, thats what I believe but thats a ? mark. Maybe someday I will know for sure ?.

  23. Alcohol + homosexuality = Dahmer.

    1. apparently he had to get drunk so he could cut up the bodies otherwise he just couldnt handle doing it, this is what the psychiatrist said dahmer told him in the ice man doco.

  24. suppressed homosexuality and pagan-cults people like to call religion are the root of all evil and that goes on for too long period of time...being able to accept the fact of our mortality is a painful, but not just worthy,it is the only way that raises awareness which helps us to stay sane and away from twisted behavior.however,the idea of GAY-gene and their extinction through gay marriages is tempting,but sadly ridiculous

  25. Really People ,were taking this interview and turning it into a moral issue about being Gay and Religion ,I believe in God and I couldn't care less whether someone is Gay or whatever as long as they aren't hurting anybody who cares .Please don't lump all religion into being the big bad Satan of mankind .Just as I don't pigeon hole everyone into having the same sexual preferences .Now back to what this Documentary is about PLEASE!!

  26. "Any words I say to the victims Families are just going to seem trite and empty" just like the statement and the words it ( the Demon) used through the whole interview are TRITE and EMPTY.I could see when Stone's skin was starting to crawl when Stone folded his arms across his body . Those are feelings of emotion as Stone said it to was Eerie (as Demons are) to interview it !! That demon was void of any emotion. I am so sorry that poor innocent men were sacrificed for it's pleasure.But I hope they know God has a special place in Heaven for each of them . I am SURE God has a special place in Hell for it! I think it believes if you just ask Jesus for forgiveness that's it your forgiven NO ,you will be judged by God for your deeds and dealt with accordingly . Thanks Stone ,in my eyes the answer to why the thing did what it did , it said it itself ,for his own sick sadistic pleasure .I'm sorry for not having any feelings for the parents but they are trying a bit to hard to put the blame on something else,when it told them why it did it and he has no excuses for it .And as far as him being murdered ,well there are only men in that prison so as I see it ,they were just protecting themselves from the fantasies of Jeffery Dahmer.

  27. Oh hell...a creationist fundy f--ktard.
    I knocked off after that.

  28. Psychopath, giving all the right answers.

  29. Perhaps Dahmers mother had fits and had to be injected with barbiturates during her pregnancy because she was carrying Rosemary's baby...a monster! lol

  30. from wikipedia, about the "zombies" thing..."Dahmer got the idea that he could turn his victims into "zombies" — completely submissive, eternally youthful sexual partners — and attempted to do so by drilling holes into their skulls and injecting hydrochloric acid or boiling water into the frontal lobe area of their brains with a large syringe, while the victim was usually still alive."

    1. where did he get that idea?

  31. Seems like a nice fella.

    1. LOL yes, he does.

  32. Great interviewer btw, very good questions.

  33. It seems to me his parents where controlling him heavely and he had no freedom he was told what to do from early on like all children in our time. And children perhaps because of that protection almost prison then begin to develop in strange ways thats why his obsession for control was so big, he had never had control over something.

    OFcourse not all children react in this way but the personality is formed by these situations and it might lead to small quircks and large abnormalities. If you take away the freedom of your kid out of an obsession for protection you in part take away his humanity.

    all speculation ofcourse but one does think how a child develops in this way, I'm sure it was because of the family situation and also other elements that came from within.

    1. I had the strictest psycho parents you can imagine...I never became a serial the end it all comes down to choice, we can choose what and who we want to be. I don't believe in God or an after life either, but still have stronger morals than most people I know

    2. In the end, it all comes down to being better than criminals who do decide to do crimes. If they are ridiculed, it's their own fault. The fact that you never did those things proves you're special and more worthy than Jeffrey Dahmer, who's not worth a second of our thoughts. In fact, you should be bragging you're so good.

    3. Good job, Patrick, you were putting thought into this issue. As to the military comment...not all men go into the military to kill, some want college for free. My nephew wanted to kill but my brother accepted killing as his job being a combat soldier. Sing with Lady Gaga "I was born this way" . To think someone is born a kill with no reason, influence, abuse, nothing, just go out and kill. I want to be a killer when I grow up. It's a laugh! Religion has no bearing, you can still kill or not and even the religious can be violent and/or abusive. Do people actually still think there's a hell down there? Down where? In the core of the Earth, it's as far down as you can get.

    4. Look at his parents! His own father admitted to violent, mass-murdering thoughts. His mother, to me, seemed like a lady who was not exactly "all there". And I DO believe she was taking heavy prescription drugs during her pregnancy w/ Jeff... she kept saying she "couldn't remember" if she did or not! Well, there ya go! If she can't remember.... she probably was! Then they seperate, w/out telling Jeff. Abandoning him all alone, while still in those critical ages of development. I don't know, in my opinion, Jeffrey Dahmer SHOULD'VE been found insane. He did horrid things to innocent people, but I think there were ALOT of extinuating circumstances that no one in his trial wanted to hear. I also think Jeffery just gave up at a certain point & went to that safe place of lonliness & w/drawl like he had all his life. I actually saw interviews w/ a couple of different forensic psychiatrists who also believed that he was & should've been found GUILTY, W/ A MAJOR MENTAL DEFECT. IE: INSANITY!

  34. This is probably one of the reasons God says 'I hate divorce' screws kid up...
    causes major phsycological trauma to a child...which i believe then opened door to demonic influences............ thoughts and then actions..

    1. so god hate afterall?

  35. This is probably one of the reasons God says 'I hate divorce' screws kid up...
    causes major physcological trauma to a child.which i believe then opened him up demonic influences............

    1. My mother was married 3 times and I had 2 abusive step fathers, but neither me nor my 3 younger sisters became evil. Neither did those stepfathers kids from previous relationships. And Dahmer himself says it had nothing whatsoever to do with his parents or his upbringing.

  36. Why are people so particularly mortified by 'serial killers' when there are millions of those in society who voluntarily join the military with that same purpose, all inclusive of torture and sexual pleasure (rape) and much more? They should sit down with those people and ask the same questions.

    1. food for thoughts!

    2. Horible things become moraly acceptable in specific institutions? A state tells what is right/wrong not a common sence?

    3. Hey, I didn't join up to kill people and certainly not to commit rape. I think there is a pretty big difference between someone who joins the military to get an education, or earn a paycheck, or (heaven forbid) because they want to server their country, and a person who is butchering people without remorse.

      Folks in the military don't want to hurt people. I know guys who have had real emotional reactions to deaths that they "caused". These aren't even guys pulling triggers. These are guys that drive trucks, give briefings, maintain equipment, and many other support roles. We all understand that at the end of the day, the work we do is designed to kill our enemies. We have to rely on the American people and their representatives to ensure we are after the right targets.

      Personally, I am disgusted by this old fashioned, backward, Vietnam era thinking that paints me as some kind of monster that signed on the dotted line for the opportunity to kill people. This is the modern military, we are no longer rewarded with the prospects of pillage and plunder. We are not a load of unhinged barbarians with M16s. We are real people who all had their own motives for joining the service.

      Maybe you should get to know some of these folks you are painting with such a broad brush before you start making wild accusations.

    4. Oh Ye of very little a majority

      The Military Brats are the worst but that's also to suffice their strict adherence to discipline & routine

  37. Ah, Jeff is a creationist, surprise surprise.

    1. Actually, according to the following quote the opposite was true, at least when he said it...

      ‘If a person doesn’t think there is a God to be accountable to, then—then what’s the point of trying to modify your behaviour to keep it within acceptable ranges? That’s how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from the slime. When we, when we died, you know, that was it, there is nothing…’

      Jeffrey Dahmer, in an interview with Stone Phillips, Dateline NBC, Nov. 29, 1994.

    2. its even more horrible to kill under the belief there is nothing after because sure, maybe there is no afterlife repercussions for them self but just snuffing someone out to nothing who hasn't lived is surely more terrible than killing with the belief of an afterlife.

    3. @ sundare martinez

      So I guess it is better to kill for religious reasons, believing that they will go to hell and be tortured for all eternity? That sounds much better...

    4. @ tehUnknown
      .. killing with the belief in life after death means the only thing that person really has control over is the other persons body, in some cases some killers may see their act as one of mercy ( i am not and repeat not referring to any incident involving Dahma). kill with the belief of nothing else is more ghastly in the sense of the TOTAL and absolute control over that persons everything and sentencing them to oblivion. because even that religious nut who as you might say would be sending the soul to eternal damnation first of all has an obscure reason, secondly in that persons mind, he would be assuming that 'god' has control. Just ponder on that and ask yourself if exercising that sense of absolute power is more scary and evil than even some religious weirdo carrying out a loony act in the name of his god?

  38. Good fruit cannot be produced from bad seeds. The father wasn't right either.
    Women be careful with who you have children with because you just don't know what you may give birth to. The mother seems to be in denial about her pregnancy with this monster sounds like some Rosemary's baby type crap.

  39. aww its from 1994, next!

    1. dahmer was killed in november 94 by another inmate, where you expecting an interview with a dead man?

  40. What a boring set of interviews, no energy, no nothing. The questions are most puerile and pedestrian.


  41. Jeff was GAY. His father and religion suppressed it to the point that he collected the HEAD and GENITALS of the men he wanted to have sex and love with.

    Two lessons here...

    1) If your gay, do not suppress it.
    2) If your religious, be careful, it may suppress things further.

    I am not gay... but I was raised by my mother only. So, I can understand, but not practice homosexuality.

    Homo's are BORN this way. ( Yes, there are some cases where people can be traumatized into it... but by and large, Gay people are born that way. )

    I also find it sad that both parents made money off book deals and interviews. But, that is not their fault, but the monetary systems.

    A lot of human lessons to be learned from Serial Killers. Believe it or not.

    Finally, here is WHY society must NOT supress homosexuality.

    If gay people are allowed to get married, they will NOT have sex and make more children... and pass on the Gay gene to the future. In fact, eventually, the Gay gene will become less frequent and less Homo's will exist.

    So, it is a WIN-WIN for Gay haters and for Gays.

    Amazing when you put a little science in there to fix things. :)

    If you are Gay, do not feel bad. It is who you are. But, I must say that using the anus as a vagina will NOT continue the human species... so although I am NOT a Gay 'hater'... I DO believe that being Gay is not entirely beneficial for the contionuation of our species ! ! ! It is just basic birds and the bees, people!

    But, here is the kicker. Gay men can offer insight into the Feminine and Masculine. It is what it is. Sorry about the rant. But, too bad.

    1. Actually, religion is not to blame in this case, but atheism is. Just listen to what Jeffrey Dahmer himself had to say in connection with this...

      ‘If a person doesn’t think there is a God to be accountable to, then—then what’s the point of trying to modify your behaviour to keep it within acceptable ranges? That’s how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from the slime. When we, when we died, you know, that was it, there is nothing…’

      Jeffrey Dahmer, in an interview with Stone Phillips, Dateline NBC, Nov. 29, 1994.

    2. thats the view on atheism people who grew up struggling with the dilemma have... nowadays people realise these things when they are 12 years old if not before so it doesn't mess up their lives to realise there is no santa claus, jesus and god. spirituality can exist without religion, thank god.

    3. 1. Being an atheist does not mean having no sense of morality
      2. if you need a god to feel accountable to in order for you to act properly thats fine by me but let me make something clear.
      When I (as an athiest) help someone I do so without feeling accountable to a god and fearing his punishment (hell) if I do not act as he think I should have. I do it only because I know it's the right thing to do. If you need a god to feel acountable to which in the end also means not going to hell, you act properly BECAUSE your affraid of going to hell and NOT because it's the right thing to do. You do so out of selfish reasons, which to my knowledge is a very un-christian. Religion in it self is wonderfull and can lead people to do wonderfull things , but when it is used by people as a reason of war or feeling better than other people THEN the religion loses its meaning and becomes not only contradictory but also immoral. My plee is this. The next time you see a documentary with a disturbed serial killer who says that what he did was a result of no religion, pleace dont be so quick to agree with the man. Just as Xerces says that spirituality can exist without a religion, so can a belief system in right and wrong.

    4. As an athiest ,of course that is the only thing you heard in the whole interview .Hoe Hum sigh!! Athiests are considered to be a Religion too as you feel the need to preach what you believe in

    5. 1 : What I heard was a man who tried to give an explanation and find a cause of his actions. Thats all. 2 : What I responded to was the asumption that no god = no moral. 3 : My beliefs and religion is not athieism, it was just a way of stating that I didn't belief in one almighty god, even though I wish I did and envy people who truely believe because as I said, religion is beautiful at its core : repect, love and care for those that surrounds you - Theese religious "doctrins" are my beliefs - these are the guide lines I follow and yes as a result, preach. The only thing that seperates me from you is a belief in God. And that was why I felt offended, not by the documentary wich I actualy found very interesting, but by the coment that no God = no moral.

    6. As Bill Maher said: "Atheism is a religion as Abstinence is a sex position". Atleast try not to insult your own intelligence.

    7. Yes Matt, I think your take on this is pretty much on the mark. My now deceased sister was gay and she worked in numerous gay bars. Through her I have met and remain friends with many gays, lesbians and other people who cannot be easily pigeon holed. No one chooses to go against the norm and participate in a lifestyle that may make them a pariah/outcast in society. What is so poorly understood in our culture is that there is a broad range of sexuality. It is not nearly as simple as to say that one is gay or straight. Human sexuality encompasses a range that varies from lipstick lesbians to diesel dikes, cross dressers to transvestites, S&M bottoms, S&M tops, dudes in leather, dudes in drag, John and Mary with 2.5 kids, and on and on and on into more categories and sub categories than one can put a name to. All have contributed to our society in positive and negative ways.

      Yeah, right. The lack of belief in god is the reason for society's ills. Your evidence for this is a quote from an insane murderer who will blame anyone or anything except himself. His crime pales in comparison to the millions who have been slain in the name of God, Allah, Thor, Jupiter, and countless other gods, as well as those murders by god fearing people for their own crazy purpose. Peddle your religion elsewhere, we're fully stocked with crazy here.

      If you are serious, then you are an idi*t. If it's a joke, it's not really humorous. The only thing you said that makes any sense is that it's a "no brainer". Trust you to figure it out then. Sorry for an ad homonym attack, but I really don't hate Jews, gays, or any definable group that comes to mind. I just hate willful ignorance.

    8. @tomregit:

      Yes, in Jeffrey's case atheism is at least partially to blame for his thinking, and thus his actions.

      > No one chooses to go against the norm and participate in a lifestyle that may make them a pariah/outcast in society. <

      If that statement were true, then Jeffrey Dahmer should not have been in prison. He didn't choose to do what he did, but it can be blamed on genetics.

    9. @kmtproductions:
      The statement > No one chooses to go against the norm and participate in a lifestyle that may make them a pariah/outcast in society. < refers to sexual orientation, not his faith or lack thereof, nor his desire and will to commit murder. That paragraph was directed to Matt Kukowski and you have chosen add it, out of context,to my reply to you. I see no evidence that Dahmer's sexual orientation (what it may be is unclear and unproven) was responsible for his actions.
      My thoughts on his blaming atheism for his actions were clearly directed to you.
      Taking a statement out of context and using it to prop up your argument shows a lack of thought and poor reading comprehension on your part.

    10. I see you've giving the subject some thought there.. I hope you dont start having fantasies. Might turn on your own hidden gay gene.

      Seriosuly... your full of ****!!!

    11. These comments that link homosexuality with serial killing are ridiculously s*upid .

  42. I suffered watching this almost to the end when the lightbulb went on 'was he jewish'? Reason I asked was because it would have to be jews to make such a fanfare with deadpan publicity for a book, out of this psychopathic handiwork.

    So, it's a no-brainer; he was medicated in the womb and then circumcised, hence the fear of losing his penis and the compulsion to mutilate others. The power thing about wanting to completely control a good looking goy, is typically jewish.

    1. Nice back-yard psychological diagnosis :)

  43. Mmm seems to me this guy thinks he is a god, and he killed to be the greator
    of his own gult, i don't think he knew this at his time of killings but after. He has developed this god way of thinking and being ashamed of the way humans act. He needed a way to show he has the power to deal with the wickard crimes human kinds can do so acted out the crimes and delt with them as a god in his own mind.

    Next :)

    1. what.

    2. Dude, you need to brush up on your psychology, and perhaps English.

  44. I profoundly dislike these kind of cheezy spectacular TV program. Wouldn't even call that a documentary. But the subject is very interesting, disturbing of course. But i can't learn nothing with that kind of spectacle. This is TV at is worst. With these awful Stone Phillips, offset angle camera shot at the beginning, and these cheap hollywood montage mockumentary effects make want to puke my chicken on my mac. The guy is serial child killer for god's sake, do they have to do anything else than just show the guy.

    1. Yeah, I'd prefer a more "matter of fact" approach when doing these documentaries. I hate all this bullshit edits, dramatic music, loud noises, etc.

    2. The whole thing is very sad. He was a pathetic and a lost soul who was overtaken by uncontrollable impulses. It's scary, My impulses sometimes control me, its just that they aren't evil. What if an evil one got ahold of me. Dang.

    3. Crime is a choice and prison is voluntary

    4. No, you're just better than the worst of humanity. They just suck as human beings and deserve to die. The fact that he chose to do wrong and you chose to be civilized proves you're a moral prodigy/genius of sorts, since even you said you have stronger morals than most. Jeffrey Dahmer taking responsibility must mean that he's noble and honorable, but it also means that he just doesn't want to admit that he's inferior to people like you. It's nothing but pride and arrogance on his part. The fact that he KNEW it was a choice makes him all the more evil because he willingly chose it anyway, knowing of the ramifications. I don't feel sad that he died. In fact, he deserves Hell.