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I'm a Conservative

2012, Politics  -   106 Comments
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There's no proof of an effective method within the ideas of conservatism that can offer sustainability. The same applies to our culture. Now we live during a period of time where science continues its progressive advancements.

The technological capabilities continue to enhance year by year, and the ideas of social sustainability are taking roots within the media that we consume as well as the the academic world.

Yet despite all of these positive developments in the society which can help us to arrive at a much more healthiest society, the ideas of conservatism are still very much alive today across the planet.

Now the point which we're trying to make here is that conservatism as and ideology is outdated and it has no place and healthy progressive society.

Around 70% of the governments within the EU as of November 2012 identify themselves as right wing. A pool conducted in May 2012 revealed that 46% of Americans identified themselves as total conservatives on economics issues, and 38% as total conservatives on social issues as well.

Seeing such numbers requires serious consideration. Let's look at the definition of conservatism: The tendency to resist great or sudden change, or the belief that society should change as little as possible.

The definitions speaks for itself. We take issue with the ideology of conservatism because it could be a stranglehold on many of the advancements that we will benefit from, facing the very fact that conservatism in and on itself is based upon the idea of holding things back in the name of traditional values, which do not contribute to the health of society.

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106 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Read the description should I even bother watching? I mean look no further than Ron Paul one of the last legitimate politicians. He promotes civil liberties, transparency of government and de-privatization of the Federal Reserve. That is what we need, not another Democrat like Obama.

  2. These are the kind of people our school systems are producing. So called progressives who have no idea what Conservatism is. Yet they're more than willing to climb up on their self righteous soap box and denounce it as evil. Because after all, that is what their professors taught them, right? This is what our education system is producing, people who are so eager to destroy the greatest country that has ever existed, in hopes of replacing it with a carbon copy of Cuba.

  3. OK, this is awesomeeeeeeeee if you want a good laugh.

  4. This video comes up as private. Any ideas?

  5. A left sided view of what this director thinks conservatism is. He clearly does not understand what conservatism is because he spends the entire documentary arguing against capitalism. Please make the distinction: Capitalism and Conservatism are two different things. Conservatives resist change in our governing system, not necessarily our economic system. At this time, conservatives support a capitalistic economy because it has brought us the closest we have ever been to an equal opportunity society in human history. Conservatives do not oppose progressivism in so far as it does not quell our freedoms. This documentary should be titled "I'm a capitalist" because it does not have anything to do with true conservative values.

  6. The author's intellectual understanding of conservatism (IE) Classic Liberalism is null. To sum up conservatism as only the desire to maintain the status quo is ridiculous. Someone needs to enlighten this nimrod that the current status quo is top down statism, which is bankrupting the nation. The author needs an education in economics and the 100% failure record of Liberal economic policies.

  7. OMFG, are you kidding me? This type of rhetoric is not only hyperbole and inflammatory, it peddles in stereotype's and is not worthy of anyone's time. I kept thinking, this narrator would like to euthanize conservatives in the western world if he could. I bet a Nazi like final solution would suit him because he's basically arguing that (in the case of the US) conservatives have no place in society. I'm telling you this rhetoric is already here and I believe there will be a second civil war in America.

  8. This waste of time begins with specious definitions of terms and proceeds to embellish them with rambling bouts of verbal diarhhea. It is merely intellectual masturbation and unpleasant to watch.

    1. Intellectual masturbation or informing the uneducated upon one of the many theories of political science (the study of POLITICS, the states & actors). I merely stopped watching as I have spent much longer than this 30 min documentary studying political theory and have a complete grasp on the concept of conservatism, and ultimately disagree with it.

      Pardon my assumption but you seem like one of the uneducated people to political science as you have no comprehension of the rhetorical statement of this documentary. Maybe you should step outside of your angry little box and broaden your perspective, then maybe you would have at least been able to understand just one theory made in hopes to explain wtf is going on these days socially, which clearly MILLIONS of people agree (more less) with.

      Even though I myself am NOT conservative doesn't mean I need to bash someone's work based on my bias against the theory in an uneducated manner. Not that I really think the author would be personally offended by a trivial comment such as yours any how.

      My 2 cents

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  10. You said believing in free will is like believing in magic. So at that point I chose to turn this off. How? Magic!

    1. @Raymond Cooper

      1st comment Raymond? I’m pleased you joined the great debate.

      “You said believing in free will is like believing in magic. So at that point I chose to turn this off. How? Magic!”

      Could you tell me what an “I” is and where it gets it’s agency from? The idea of free will may be comforting but it is an illusion, a magic trick if you like. I love magic btw. If you really, really examine it though, you can see the deception. There is a doc here on TDF called “Waking Life” that explains this much better than I can. And there is an excellent Sam Harris doc on the same subject over at Keen Talks for a more in depth examination. The real magic is enjoying the show anyway.

      I had no choice in writing this.

      The Crucified One

    2. But if you have this knowledge, than your will is free. I just choose to Iive in any society because it beats the hell out of trying to do s*it on your own. I'm agreeing with you BTW

  11. I agree more on the Chris Hedges' view of Conservatism / Liberalism than to what this documentary believe what conservatism is.

  12. Conservetives dont want to get dictated by the gorverment, but they would be dictated by a private person, when comes to workers right.

    1. i'd rather get bossed around by a boss, with whom i can sever the relationship, than the government, which is a monopoly with F-16s and drones ready to enforce its will

    2. My consensus based on heated in depth conversations from all walks of the conservative life are that all conservatives believe that they one day will own their own company or be the biggest bad a** executive so they no longer will be p*ssed on by the people above them and that they can't wait to be the one's pulling their d*ck out to p*ss on everyone below them.

    3. In my consensus of a wide range of conservatives from all walks of light, the majority of them in their heart truly believe that they will own a business one day or be atop of an executive board due to hard work and dedication; so that they then can be the ones who are treating people unfairly and laugh at them as if it were some kind of an initiation.

      Reality sets in. The vast majority of people are not from the bottom workers. The people who have achieved this via that method are touted as Martyrs to the Conservative theory & all the while are too dumb & uneducated themselves to realize the sucker that they are. Just a bread crumb fed to the lambs.

      The mass of conservatives are brainwashed by a fortunate few and their friends. Its kind of sad actually.

    4. What a bunch of pseudo intellectual gobbledygook. Liberals are in my "consensus" normally disaffected malcontents that seldom excelled in any sport or with the opposite sex. Their resulting angst is focused on righting the world's perceived injustices and rebelling against traditional social beliefs. Its quite sad, really. Bang bang! See what I did there?

  13. The problem is entrenched interests, what's needed for society as a whole to progress and prosper will come at a great cost to the lifestyle of said entrenched interests and they will not go quietly, in fact they won't even listen. Because your argument don't compute to their mindset. if everyone is equal what panders to their egocentricity?

  14. The Left wants to return to a "Golden Age" of economic equality.

    The Right wants to return to a "Golden Age" of social propriety.

    There was no "Golden Age".

    Things are better now--economically and socially.

    We have more opportunity, bigger houses, better cars, and more technology--like this computer I'm sitting at.

    If you want REAL conservatism, join the billions of people who have no hope for material advancement in China, India and Africa.

    1. You're clearly not living in the UK.

      Lowest level of social mobility since before WW2.
      New build houses are getting smaller yet cost more relative to earnings.
      Also access to technology may seem like economic progress but most consumables are only affordable because of cheap developing world labour (you know places like China and India)

      While you're right that there has never been a Golden Age, the narrative of the 20th century was one of increasing equality (both of opportunity and economics) brought about by collective action. What this documentary acknowledges is that from 1979 onwards this trend was purposely reversed by the Tory and Republican parties in a clear break with the post-war economic consensus.

    2. I would agree that things are better now but does this mean that they are perfect? Do I actually think we can create a perfect utopia? No, but I do think we can always strive to be better.

      Your views are confusing and scatter brained so I'll end on that.

  15. Just about all new science/research shows that conservatism/right wing ideology's (capitalism) are wrong, inefficient, unfair and stupid. Unfortunately most sit at the top, and CANT see what's wrong.

    I was one of the competitive disciples until i looked around and saw the damage, the inefficiency and incredible stupidity augmented by this system.. edr embarrasing! :) The question is no longer if the system is stupid - we know that - the damned question is: How do we change the system without the believers?

    1. I think you nailed it. Somethings wrong, we have NO idea what to do about it, so lets blame "them"

  16. Conservative ideology. Tendency not to change we are facing mass excitation for most and richness for the few yet voting for no change is popular we are mad

  17. Left, right, centre, centre left bla bla bla. They are all a shower o shite. Worldwide revolution needed, all the old institutions, banks etc need to be annihalted and EVERYTHING started from scratch.

    The world is a depraved cess pit

  18. I see a pattern here. Every time social democrats need to make their point, they literally attack conservatives. There is almost never a concrete suggestion on how to solve a concrete problem. Good conservatism is hard work and freedom - as long as I do not harm anybody, I am free to decide on my own success + with any action there is RESPONSIBILITY. This attitude should be be thought at schools. I want to live in the society of responsible individuals.

  19. I usually do not comment on these commentary boards I just read them. This time I just can't sit silently and let this one get by. I won't pretend to have a broad knowlledge of what's going on in Europe. But, here in the states you see what we're all about. I am a conservative with Libertarian tendencies. As a Blue Collar worker in the metal working industry for 22 years we bust our bloody asses trying to make a living. The whole time I worked there the most I ever made was $12.50 an hour for a 10 hour work day in a 4 day week. I worked there until my health began to crap out on me. Where do these Ivory Tower Intelectuals get off making these kind of assumpstions about ordinary conservatives whom these talking heads have probably never did an honest days work in their lives where they had to get down in the muck with the rest of us to earn their living? In the U.S. we have rich liberals telling us we need to care for those that have less and demand more tax money from our sweat and blood. While they themselves ride in chaffuer driven limosines, fly in private airplanes, get 1st class treatment when they travel at home or abroad, live in luxury houses, apartments, condos. They eat and shop at the most expensive places. On top of that they have their accountants and finacial brokers/advisors making more money for THEM gee whiz, that sounds awful like a conservative to me. And I don't see them voluntarity giving up their wealth to be as one with their downtrodden comrades. On the other hand we have conservatives of all stripes the worst of which are the so called religous right and the Neo Cons. These people bludgeon our heads that if we don't vote for conservatism civilization as we know it will collapse. Then they promise to cut the tax load for the working man then when they get to DC what do they do they raise taxes to clean up the incompetence of the left.

  20. I would help if the author could put together a sentence or two without glaring errors.

    1. What errors? As humans we have a tendency to ignore information that doesn't fit our current belief, and focus on either a few truths or on a few errors. Be careful that you don't make that mistake.

    2. Be careful - is that a threat?
      Just kidding!
      Everything you said is true and I also make mistakes.
      The article was interesting and I am amused that the new ideology - whatever this is - claims efficiency as the method used to bring minimums to all people and I agree that there may be enough to go around and maybe a minimum standard of living for all would be a good thing. It wouldn't stop me from working but would reduce the enslaving pressure.
      An amusement is that efficiency is the only conservative standard I support.

  21. I myself am looking forward to the soon to be released documentary film called "SIRIUS" by Dr. Steven Greer. I'm hoping the info within this film will bring about desperately needed changes for mankind & planet Earth?
    I've read that Dr.Greer's documentary is a 'truth-bomb' and will make anything POLITICAL in nature a moot point?! I've also read that supposedly no mass media will dare air this film due to its subject matter?(shrug) Until then... hope springs But I'm not holding my breath either.

  22. Maybe your next project should be a documentary where Michael Savage explains why he says "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder".

  23. Living on the right,left,up in a tree or in a cave is irrelevant.What ya go,na do when you have no more clean water to drink or fresh air to breath? The Earth will still turn but you wouldn,t.No Mr Bond,I dont expect you to talk,I expect you to die.

  24. This is the biggest pile of crap I've seen in a long time. I'm really glad I watched it. I'm going to attempt to share it with my left wing friends, most of whom are pretty well off, and see how the "thoughts" expressed in this video relate to how they actually live. The wealthy leftists love to espouse this bizarre premise but in actuality rarely live it. Anyone, could come up with a list of very wealthy celebrities, politicians,"activists", and other so called progressives that have vast amounts of wealth to share with their fellow man. Will they do it? Not likely. Giving away what you have earned, to someone that has no intention of working for what they want, is plain stupid. If we actually followed the premiss of this video, we'd all be equally downtrodden, frustrated, angry and most of all foolish.

    1. assuming that people who need welfare only do so because they have no intention to do otherwise only shows how out of touch you are with the very people you're talking about...I't's the equivilent of remarking on black peoples love of watermelons, it's a gross stereotype that has more roots in hatred than fact!

    2. I agree that people should be rewarded by their efforts. You don't do anything, you get nothing. You do a lot, you get a lot. Here's the question, how much is enough? How many hard workers get screwed? How many lazy people still manage to make a ton? With you theory we should do away with inheritance laws. Let the children of Wal-Mart's founder make their own money, not just earn his. What did they do to earn that? But then what do we do with the remaining wealth?

      I feel the solution is somewhere in the middle, and a factor of human choice. I choose to work the benefit of my society. To end self serving practices. Who's at fault in the states for the financial crisis? The home owner who was sold a product that they didn't understand and couldn't pay back ( many didn't know this), or the bank that gave them a loan they knew couldn't be paid? Toxic assets? When someone doesn't have the education or understanding of what they're asked to do (or an expert told them they could), where does the blame lie?

      In a way, selling toxic assets is like statutory rape. It was completely wrong to do, and those involved may not have known it was wrong at the time. Someone with more power and position/knowledge, took advantage of someone with less. Conservative, liberal... capitalism, socialism? Who cares, all fall apart when people are self serving.

  25. The most safe and secure country to live in is one that has the balance of a strong middle class.But ours is disappearing.Dwight was right and no ones finger is in the dike.

    1. yes because a country run by bureaucrats and middle men can't possibly go wrong or get corrupted.

  26. Change! Change! Change! Chant with me! Change! Change! Change! Makes you feel good doesn't it! Change! Change! Change! At the end of the day you're still broke and so is the nation. Change! Change! Change! Please!

  27. I always simplify the term conservatism in my own head. Conservatives whilst pretending to have "values" almost always are more about preserving traditional wealth and power that they have accumulated themselves- They are simply trying to conserve their own pile of stuff.

  28. Bwarff, communism, socialsism as well as capitalism are only words.
    As long as the sweet concept of true democracy lives...
    But to me, communism sounds bad.
    I don't like it.

    Some 20,000 ago, through living in "Gangs", clans or better said in "Societies", homosapiens began developping basic technology.
    A need of hear-say obviously was a necessity to tranfer this "Know how".
    Today, homosapiens can be much more autonomous.
    Conservatives shall I say... Me, myself & I.
    Say you own the equivalence of some 40 billions USD?
    Do you really need anybody or any society in your surrondings?

    The minute someone owns something like 50 millions, he/she is stripped from any and all real nationality. His, her home can be anywhere on the globe and in most cases if not all, it is anywhere indeed.
    I feel that they didn't pin-poinited the "Side-Effect" of nationalism properly or may have omit it? There would have been many exemples from WWII.

    In the end, we are well aware that some countries do have a close to ideal equilibrium of conservatism & socialism as they were defined in this DOC.
    Too bad for the countries that do offer REALISM".

  29. Socialist conservatives will ruin society. I believe this presenter is refering to this phenonema rather than a blank slated conservatism. Qualifier mean everything.
    Ideology without perspective causes an awful lot of problems. That is why socialist consevatives who retain blind faith in their principals will often take actions that are counter to their rhetoric. That being government involvement when it is beneficial to the cause.

  30. why does this guy seem like he's faking a British accent. He has an American tone to his voice, it doesn't have a melody to it like welsh.

  31. I enjoyed seeing the R. Buckminister Fuller poster in the background. Design Science. It is time to remove politics from the global collective conscious and apply the scientific method towards social concern. No political or socio-economic ideology has solved the ongoing issues of poverty, hunger, homelessness, crime (90% of crime is money related) social stratification, etc., because these ideologies are all about power and control. Automation and advanced technology will collapse our current system bringing forth a new opportunity for everyone to thrive on planet Earth.

    1. I agree.Technology ect has and will only serve a small percent of the worlds population.Trickle down is hardly significent enough.Were all ready living on borrowed time to make the necessary changes (which we would,t,probably because we can,t) thus nature will make the necessary changes for us with out pomp or circumstance and or/a much more horrifying version of the Sorcerer,s Apprentice.

  32. What an extreme position to take. Socialism was the biggest failure of the 20th century. Did you forget? And im no conservative either.

    1. You're confuging Socialism with Communism (which is like confusing Conservatism with Facism). Many of the happiest countries in the world employ some progressive (socialist) policies for their people.

    2. Wrong. It is you that is confusing Socialism and Communism. There has never been a truly Communist society; only Socialist, autocratic governments seeking to achieve Communism. As for your second point you are completely correct and I don't disagree.

    3. actually he's right! the communist regimes that have existed bare absolutly no resemblance to Marx's original theories, and they are 'Dictatorships'.
      So you don't really know what you're talking about.
      Britain, is a socialist country!

    4. Whether or not a country is a dictatorship has nothing to do with the fact that it could be socialist. And while you are correct that they bare little resemblance to Marx's theories, Russia and China's versions of "communism" are just extreme autocratic versions of socialsim. Yes, Britain is socialist, and no, no one said their economic system is a failure. Its not just black and white, you could say that the United States is "socialist" because it has a social security system and a fairly extensive welfare state.

      And France? Ha! Way to create a major intellectual exodus in your country by setting the top tier tax rate to 75%. Yes, the financial crisi was created by lack of regulation of the banking system but part of the reason there is 25% unemployment in some European countries is because of leftist policy.

      And how dare you bring the shooting of Kindergardeners into this how callous and inappropriate.

    5. Perhaps a_no_n was a tad over zealot.But Yet none the less fact is fact and truth is truth. Since 1945 we in Europe no longer allow our crazy the same rights and freedoms that you do.PS-Hope you hit the lotto again.

    6. No, Sociualism has NOTHING to do with communism! That;s like saying the Westboro baptists are regular christians, or that Charlie sheen is a typical American, it's ridiculous to the point of ignorance!
      Socialism is a DEMOCRATIC philosophy.

      Are you aware that Americas golden age, the 1950's could only happen because the top tier were paying 50% income tax rates? No of course not, conservatives ignore inconvenient truthes like that.
      Is what i said any more callous and inappropriate to the conservative American reaction?

    7. Communism is a revolutionary socialist movement (or Sociualism as you may call it). And a straw man argument like that is a logical fallacy. No one said it is not a democratic philosophy, a purely Communist society WOULD be democratic.

      And no, the top tier income tax in the 1950's was closer to 90%. However the reason for the prosperity during that period has to do with many different factors. By the 1970s our economy was experiencing a stagnant economy and inflation due to many of these policies.

      And regarding our gun policies and your comment which appears to have disappeared from you post: Most Americans agree that weapons of war shouldn't be sold freely. We have powerful lobbies in our country that push this on us. Not ALL Americans think people should be able to own assault weapons including me. However, I see no problem with people owning weapons for defense and sport and it is guaranteed in our constitution. Not all Americans are gun nuts.

      And this is coming from someone who is regarded as a liberal is the United States. I would go mad if I lived in your country and had to listen to kooks like you all day. If history teaches us anything its that either extreme is WRONG.

      Go edit your comment again and this time check it for facts.

    8. "Stagflation" in the 1970s was spun as a policy problem because the spin-masters wanted to use it to do away with the regulations preventing them from fleecing the public. However, it had nothing to do with policy problems: stagflation is caused by what is known as a supply shock, which in the 1970s did happen: the OPEC embargo constricted the oil supply, causing a supply shock.

    9. That is a very good point. However if the price of oil was the primary cause of the 1973 recession why did the price of oil continue to increase throughout the 1980s when the economy was recovering. A constriction in supply would lead to an increase in price, but if the price had no correlation to economic activity what caused the recession? Studies also show that the price of oil/gas has little to do with consumer spending, which 70% of the economy relies upon. And to say that is was some kind of conspiracy by the powers that be is quite farfetched.

      Great comment though thank you for adding something actually constructive.

    10. The price of oil in the 80s was just inflation. A bag of chips went from about 25 cents to 75 cents too. The economy did not fully recover until around '86, and so the period from '73 through to '86 is marked by high inflation, set off by the supply shock but quickly acquiring a life of its own due to a domino effect.

      Short-term changes in oil and gas prices due to speculation do not have much effect on consumer spending, but this was not simply a case of speculation on the markets: the supply had been cut off. This was no fiat effect and cannot be compared to one.

      As to conspiracies, it's just such a silly and loaded term. Collaboration happens all the time. The OPEC embargo was clearly a collaboration, it's hardly a secret. Collaboration by the powers that be is part and parcel of being a power, whenever interests converge with those of other powers. They would hardly be powers at all, if they didn't. Sometimes in secret, but in this case, it was quite public: the Middle Eastern nations wished to retaliate against the US for supplying Israel with weapons during the Yom Kippur war.

    11. as opposed to the "i'm right because i say i am" style of arguing you adopt...very constructive

    12. lol, yes i edit stuff out if i think it's wrong...because i'm not blindly tied to an ideology.
      *This edit for example is to tell you that Communism is can't function without a dictator, therefore it's not democratic, and you're just talking out your backside.*
      Your opinions on what socialism is seem to change the more you're questioned on it...i might have you actually voting for a socialist party in a few more comments at this rate!

      Do you even know what a straw man argument is? or did you just hear that phrase and want to use it? because i haven't used any straw man argument.

      You seem to have all the answers but fail to tell me what they are...You tell me i'm wrong, but then fail to provide an example as to why...i presume because you don't have any.
      Yeah, my comments on American Gun laws were a bit generalising, but the fact of the matter is that you're arguing the case for the very people who would keep assault rifles in open circulation...What's that saying about a good man doing nothing being no better than an evil man?
      And the bit at the end about either extreme being wrong, i'm not arguing for an extreme! We're arguing because you're trying to portray a reasonable democratic philosophy like socialism as an extremist leftist movement like communism, something the Right wing in America are doing a lot of these's a good old fashioned Witch hunt, it's also very disingenuous and immoral!

    13. The Second Amendment refers specifically to the right to bear arms in the context of a militia, which the Supreme Court simply ignored. Neverthless, the Amenedment was put in place to assure the rights of the people to keep military weapons for service in the militia. If the country weren't overrun with religious nuts, heavily-medicated weirdos and constantly under a barrage of bizarre proto-fascist propaganda, it wouldn't be a big deal for people to have assault rifles in their homes. But, of course, the US is a massive cess-pool with tiny islands of humanity trying to maintain their dignity.

    14. My dear discombobulated brother.A woman is much better then whine.Try it,you might like it.

    15. What happened?Did you finally hit the lottery?

    16. how so?
      Britain and France are both Socialist countries, Most of Europe is socialist...We may not be gunning down as many schoolchildren as the US but we're doing pretty well.

  33. you think you knew someone until you talked politics with them.

    1. I would think that an important part in getting to know someone would include an understanding of said person's politics.

      Your comment, albeit self evident is non the less very true.

  34. This is a hack job.
    I am all for fiscal conservatism, in the sense of conserving money. The idea of national debt is repulsive considering that it is the theft of future generations. To say that we all benefit from the progressive movement is yet to be seen, though I don't argue that people are happier now. The conservatism in Britain is a joke. The elected rulers there are still under the obligation of the Royal Family. It is a farce of a democracy. Europe is in shambles and it has been notably more progressive than the States. The narrator of this film betrays himself in rhetoric of speech as well as visuals. For the record I am an anti-statist and an American ex-patriot, who chooses to live abroad.

  35. I live in the most globalized country on earth in the middle of Europe and I witness the rotten fruit of radical progressive politics every day. Europe is dead, and at best it's a ticking time bomb. It's a tragedy waiting to happen. You can't even call our politcies "liberal" or "social-democratic" anymore, there's just one ideology - social-liberalism - and all the parties exist within the social liberal spectrum. So these so-called rightwing European governments which are mentioned in the introduction aren't particulary rightwing. The conservatives have stopped being conservative ages ago, they're at times more progressieve than the progressives themselves. What annoys me even more about the intro is the blatantly antidemocratic and arrogant attitude towards 38% of American citizens, by calling conservatism outdated and declaring that is has no place in a "healthy progressive society". Yes, well, in a healthy totalitarian society you don't have to take notice of "the rest of society", that goes without saying. Yet society is bigger than one's own bubble, not everyone shares your ideology, so whoever the author of the intro may be, I suggest that person comes to grips with reality.

    1. You make no sense.

    2. not one word of that is true!
      Europe isn't in half the state you say it's in! and i'm afraid yes there are right wing parties taking power in Europe!

      Britain for example has a conservative government, and as a result we're spiralling back into depression for the THIRD time since 2008. And the only reason we're where we are in Britain now is because Tony Blair and new Labour decided they would enact right wing policies like deregulating the banks! Conservatism doesn't work!

  36. Conservation is a conservative word. Conservation of resources and the environment land air water. If Conservatives considered conserving something other than their own money I might be tempted.

    1. Barack Obama won 8 of 10 wealthiest zip codes in America in 2012. A great misconception is that conservatives are wealthier then liberals. Who runs Wall Street - liberals. Who runs Hollywood - liberals. Who runs the media - liberals. Who runs Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Berkshire-Hathoway, liberals, liberals and more liberals. Who runs the Universities - liberals.

      The idea that conservatives are filthy rich come from the early decades of the 20th century. The Rockerfellers and the Vanderbilt days are long gone. Conservatives support people's aspirations to do well and if that means getting rich - good for you.

    2. It's all about money isn't it. It's not about resources like land water air and the environment. You could add rare earths and other limited minerals to this list if you like. My point is that Conservative is a word. A very beautiful word. Liberal is also a beautiful word. In Politics people can call themselves whatever they want. There actions define them. Is there anyone in politics who is truly conservative or truly liberal and not simply using these words to suit their own political gain? Many politicians are Chameleons who use whatever system to their own ends. Think of the end of Soviet Union and who became the big capitalists.

  37. Sounds like regurgitated college liberalism. Try working a full time job sometime. Then tell me if you still think the government should take more of what you earn and have more of a say over what you do.

    1. you mean the government just takes your money? they dont use it for the infrastructure of your entire civilization?

      sounds like someone missed out on college.

    2. you mean like when the government spend our money on there expenses, like paying for 2 homes or staying at expensive hotels?


      when we pay for foreign settlers that come in and dont want to work but expect to get everything paid for by our TAX money.

      sounds like someone went to a stupid college.

    3. sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about.

      how does the government use your money to buy 2 houses? who are those houses for? are you talking about the income of politicians? most politicians leave MUCH higher paying jobs to take a job in politics.

      and i have no idea what you are talking about by "paying foreign settlers to come that dont work"

    4. "most politicians leave MUCH higher paying jobs to take a job in politics. " who then usually leave politics to work for businesses they were secretly and subtly working for when they were in office and receive much much higher paycheques as a result...its a very effective long term wealth strategy- how much does tony b.liar make from goldman sachs/morgan stanley now he left office?

    5. You can say that it us because of secret and subtle dealings or you could recognize that it is because once those people left their positions their resume is well known so companies that like them pick them up.

    6. US politicians become millionaires in office. Obama did. Clinton did. JP Morgan's dad wrote Jingle Bells!

    7. Obama did? Nobody is telling you not to write a book and try to sell it.

    8. is Stupid college anywhere near Misinformation tech, because that sounds like your old alma!

    9. Wow you trust you government a little too much, Epicurus....I'm not sure where you're from but I'm in the States and know all too well that the money I give to Uncle Sam never comes back to me. Instead it goes to my neighbors in the form of food stamps and disability checks so that they can sit at home all day while I go to work.

    10. someone call the waaaambulance.

    11. you are deeply disillusioned. if those people did not have social systems to help them things would be MUCH worse.

    12. so you'd rather your neighbours had nothing and were forced to rob you at gunpoint?
      After all, if you would deny people a lifeline, you can't really complain when the only option they have is to mug people like you.

      It always make me laugh how Christian America can treat it's own poor with such scorn...I'm Jesus turned up in America next week preaching his old shtick again, you lot would have him nailed back onto a cross by Friday!

    13. not so much for our infrastructure as to wars that do not need to be fought, contracts to private contractors getting rich off those wars, bailouts to banks, subsidies to big oil, a lot of waste, a lot of public sector inflated salaries, and then more on 'defense.' our health care and education are terrible in comparison to the rest of the developed world, and our infrastructure is crumbling. Most representatives are tied to the purse strings of big corporations; they lend their ears to the lobbyists, not the people. so yes, they are taking our money. and probably a good thing to 'miss out on college', considering the tuition is astronomical and qualifies as extortion and the lenders as shameless predators.

    14. so throw the baby out with the bath water eh!

      there are problems. but that doesnt mean that taxes are bad or wrong.

      Being Canadian I dont have those problems to as great of an extent, BECAUSE the people hold the government accountable.

      Americans need to remember that they do pay the governments wages, and they do elect the government, so in essence they are our employees. Once you remember that, you will start kicking the individual problems out of office, instead of just complaining about it.

    15. "Try working a full time job sometime"...? Huh? What? Really? Seriously? (I ask all this in dumbfounded exasperation.) Perhaps I missed something along the way in this thing we all do called life. I just always presumed that working full time was a prerequisite for life that we as grown-ups do all the time & not just some time.

    16. up until now there WERE full time jobs to do!

  38. Wow...simply stated. Easily understood. Very much me.

    I was a union VP that studied Economics and then Accounting. My senior union bros reaction was (the early 70s) 'are you daft?"

    I did very well, but never let my basic ethical background leave me. Values of love of mankind, helping the underprivileged and being socially responsible were instilled in me by my Ma.

    The two solitudes can work together in my humble opinion, but not with either a one-sided left or right view.

    Yet I often feel alone explaining my conservative (strongly structured) and socialistic (caring for all and helping them achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle) self.

    Why do I have to pick a side like everyone else seems to want me to?

    I know that there are lazy SOBs and conversely overachieving psychopathic and greedy pricks.

    I just want us to all meld for the betterment of the world.

    Happy New Year whoever and wherever you are.

    "Nature is simple and does not indulge in the luxury of superfluous causes"

    Isaac Newton

    1. Have you heard of Libertarians? We are exactly as you describe, Social liberals, and Fiscal conservatives.

    2. Duh no, I don't read. I'm sorry, I know your question wasn't intended to be insulting.

      I won't be branded as such because libertarian principles are as diverse as the people who claim to be libertarians. But I have a lot of time for Ron Paul and caring people like yourself.

    3. ah Libertarianism, "I'm alright so sod the rest of you" in political form.

    4. Nice a_no_n--- super-simplistic and false.

    5. In other words, a party for big business, cleverly disguised as a liberal movement.

      They'll give you a joint with one hand, and take away all the rights of the working class with the other!

      Imagine a country like China or Somalia with legalised weed, and you have a rough idea of what it is Libertarians aim to achieve...They don't THINK it's what they want, but they're too blinded by Ideology to see that's where those ideals head toward.

    6. It is very well put! Happy new year

  39. Like marxist analyses in general, this presentation is excellent in exposing problems of exploitation, but a miserable failure in its analysis of the root causes of the exploitation. It is absurd to uses terms like FREE MARKET and PRIVATIZATION unless one applies quotation marks to those terms. Conservatives speak of "free market" capitalism and "privatizing" industries. They certainly DO NOT advocate such principles in reality. They advocate government/business partnering so that government coercion can be utilized to maximize their market share, to assure profits, and to cover their losses. Central banking is a government/banking partnership so that government coercion can be utilized to enforce monopolistic/corrupt money policies. Now we're getting to the heart of the matter!

    1. @ Peter Wilson, seems to me free market capitalism has become economic reform, rather than a party political view. Leaving government without a sense a purpose. It was financial control, now it's protection control and hence, the war on terror and use of surveillance. Adam Curtis explains all this quite well in "The Power Of Nightmares"

    2. Thanks, I'll check that one out.

    3. enjoy, it's a great watch.

    4. This exctly describes the situation we live under IMO.

  40. @ 24:15 "After Thatcher we had Blair...then there was Brown and now Cameron..."

    No mention of the conservative John Major who said on live news "When our backs are against the wall, we turn round and fight."

    Looks like he was swiftly removed from history for that one.

    1. Even though I'm a US citizen and don't follow UK politics that closely, I noticed the same thing.

      What on earth does Major's comment mean? Is it like the persecution sentiment the "Teabaggers" here in the US have..."It's our country and we want it back" kinda thing?

    2. @ Spirula, lol. Major's leadership was under severe attack, and a "no confidence" referedum/vote was called for (1994/5 I think)...actually he made a speech on the news saying he was sick of all the arguing, tabloid bashing and public outcry over his 'leadership' in particular, and if the party wanted him out then he would go, putting it to a vote.

      What's staggering is that despite this clanger...he actually managed to hold on to the PM job, till Blair flushed him down the toilet faster than a turd in scooba gear, a couple of years later. Go figure!

    3. That's funny. When you mentioned John Major's witticism with that quote it immediately brought to mind the former MLB baseball player & manager Yogi Berra.

      If you're not familiar with the man, perhaps you have heard at some time at least a couple of his timeless sayings. "It's deja vu all over again" & "90% of the game is half mental". There are many more humorous, non-sensical phrases he is famous or rather infamous for but these two as an example are right there with "...backs against the wall, we turn around & fight".

      Thanks for the laugh mate! Happy New Year.