The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy

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When did the term 'conspiracy theory' become an automatic excuse for dismissal? The feature-length documentary The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy provides an in-depth examination of this phenomenon, particularly as it is propagated by the media elite.

"The mainstream media's agenda is clear," instructs the narrator during the film's opening minutes. "They want you to believe that conspiracies don't exist, the world is exactly like they say it is, and anyone who disagrees is to be marginalized, mocked and shamed."

As presented in the film, some conspiracy theories are admittedly rooted in wild and grandiose fantasy, but many others are serious societal considerations which have stemmed from those who have dared to question the official accounts given to us by figures of power and authority. For their efforts, these decenters are far too often labeled as part of the lunatic fringe, and the mainstream media dismisses their concerns as the nonsensical ramblings of a conspiracy theorist.

The film argues that the origins of the conspiracy theory are far from looney; in fact, these theories have often served as an essential function of an informed and invested people. The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy contends that is our responsibility as citizens to question, especially when those in power have the motivation and the influence to provide a false narrative.

The mainstream media's villainization of many of those who dare to question official accounts is illustrated through a rapid fire succession of hundreds of media clips from the likes of every major news network, including the 24-hour cycles of Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. The film also features illuminating soundbites and insights from cultural figures who have long stood unafraid of speaking truth to power, including everyone from comic legend George Carlin to Albert Einstein to popular radio personality Alex Jones.

Energetically assembled by director Adam Green, The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy heralds scrutiny as a healthy exercise. The dawning of the internet age has brought forth a new generation of rabidly curious and skeptical conspiracy watchdogs, and it is in their pursuits that crucial seeds of truth may come to light that would have otherwise remained obscured.

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66 Comments / User Reviews

  1. schooder

    Very good video shows both sides

  2. Ryan

    Hmmm ...way too long this one ....same old same old....some interesting but not new part's though,in the fact that it is so easy to discredit the truth,even based on facts and phycical evidence, history has and will show !

  3. Alfredo Limia

    how can no one mention the conspiracy of the Jews taken the control of the world?

  4. Jamie

    Decent film. I agree with some of the critiques below, namely too many cherry picked news clips hitting you one after another. But I thought a disturbing part was showing Bush Jr responding to questions about testifying to the 9 11 commission, and why he and Cheney went together. Man is that guy a bad liar. I mean no one could believe that b.s. It is even embarrassing to watch him. It makes me angry that people like him got away with that.

  5. Douglas Coulter

    Conspiracy theory is a synonym for Forensic science. When the official story stinks, theory looks for other answers. In court when a lawyer cannot disprove a wittness they attack credibility. Rule # 1 follow the money

  6. Jazz

    first, the reason a lot of people today are calling BS on a lot of conspiracy is because of the conspiracy theorist themselves out right telling outright lies to people. A fine example of this is the guy who made one of the documentaries on 911. He showed photo's where all the aircraft parts scattered around the pentagon had been edited out. Now, maybe you don't recall that day....but I do and I recalled seeing all sorts of aircraft parts lying I decided to check just to make sure...he later came back and said he didn't know the photo's had be doctored...which, sadly may be true, but he didn't check either if that was the case...and that is the problem. People need to check things out themselves. Stop relying on someone else to tell you what is true and not. There are conspiracies that do take place and have taken place...but lets also be realistic about what we call truth and untruth!

    1. apersonofinterest

      "A fine example of this is the guy who made one of the documentaries on 911. He showed photo's where all the aircraft parts scattered around the pentagon had been edited out. Now, maybe you don't recall that day....but I do and I recalled seeing all sorts of aircraft parts lying around"

  7. Rob

    Thanks for that distinction. If debates designed to shut down theories of a conspiracies began with that distinction, the pejorative label assigned to conspiracy would loose its potency, making it difficult to frame legitimate questions as fringed.

  8. Rob

    This could be reduced to 40 minutes or less. It deviated to the conspiracy of NWO a distraction from the dynamics that labels conspiracy theories as pejorative term. Would have liked to seen more on the dynamics of how people came to label conspiracy theories as derogatory term, and how it was historically normal to frame certain theories questions as conspiracies. Would have like to see a more Germaine conversation why people use it to shut down conversation -- a more researched and academic approach from the perspective from psychology, social science, politics perspective (you already provided strategic defense).

  9. Sharpstuff

    Edit on my previous comment:

    The word 'theory' is also a noun.

  10. Sharpstuff

    I have only one thing to say about 'conspiracy theory'.
    The term is null and void.
    The reason is that the word 'conspiracy' is a noun ( name of something).
    The word 'conspiracy' is also a noun.
    In the phrase 'conspiracy theory' ,'conspiracy' is being used as as adjective.
    An adjective describes a noun.
    In English language (sadly lacking in many comments) you may have 'a' conspiracy (definite article) and 'a' theory' (definite article).
    A noun does not (and cannot) describe another noun.
    The correct phrase would be 'a theory of a conspiracy'.

    This is another bastardisation (spelled incorrectly with a 'z' in US 'English') of the English language that proves many are hooked on the terms derived from the insane minds of the so-called 'establishment' who welcome their use.

    Written in good faith.

  11. john

    I'm down with this video. Just hold a position outside of the mainstream, it's conspiracy. I see this over and over where no one will address the evidence or lack of but try to dismiss it out of hand. This is often because there is no real good evidence against the theory. There are a lot of very rational people who do their homework and do not agree with the mainstream position on an issue. I always go with George Carlin when it comes to being rational. Seriously.

  12. winter

    when theories arise that make politicians stand up, take notice, and vehemently deny, they are conspiracy theories.

  13. D.Master

    What is the difference between America and North Korea? It seems like America turned into Russia where if you disagreed with the system you go to jail or die!

  14. Tim

    Wow, America. You are great, but also an oddball; loopy!

  15. Margie

    I rarely give up on a documentary, but I had to quit this one. There were just too many newsclips and not enough substance.

  16. st

    fyi, johnny ^ is boring lol.

  17. st

    good documentary. too much focus on alex jones. I don't mind that they used some of his clips, but I feel like he was overly used as he just sells his information just like anyone else.

  18. johnny

    100% bore

  19. Jim

    I don't believe the mainstream narratives.... there are millions like me. We are the silent majority mainly because of the negative views of us. No one likes to admit they voted for Trump in a social setting. Why is that? Oh right cuz you will be called a racist.

  20. Ed Rankin

    As someone who's studied conspiracy theory for several years from an academic perspective, I think Green does a great job of chronicling the development of the conspiracy theory meme as a pejorative. Just as one criticizing Obama's policies is likely to be labeled a racist, or someone criticizing Hillary Clinton will likely draw a misogynist label, the term "conspiracy theorist" is used by those in power, to dismiss the oftentimes legitimate claims of critical thinkers. The dismissal is made at the level of denial, willful blindness or cognitive bias, not at the level of evidence.

  21. ElliottB

    This isn't even a documentary.

    I like what the CIA has done in weaponizing the term 'conspiracy theory.' It makes you think - really think - about how stupid people can be. In this so called film, I can say that the author likes to state that conspiracy theorists should be given a chance to be heard and have their say, but that is just a bad idea.

    Pulling little clips around and bending them in specific order - to achieve your specific viewpoint is fine and all, but really it just makes your point all the more stupid. The whole point of logic is to weed out the false information.

    This film is misusing some of the most logical points in order to persuade you to think that conspiracy theorists have been attacked for no other reason that being 'labelled out.' It is so not the case.

    You don't get a say in the matters of opinion if you don't have evidence. Please use the more vivid logical points made in several of the video clips you've featured to it's intended usage. You're ruining the names and reputations of some of those people for your own assertions.

    You have got to stop jumping around with these clips in order to re-spin them to your gain.

  22. Gregory Stumpff

    Alex Jones works for the CIA as a disinformation agent. He only snuck into Bohemian Grove to film the Cremation of Care because the government let him do it. He is out there to make all other legitimate truthers look like fools. His work discredits those who really know the truth, and he knows it. He is Just like Ron Paul, a supposed libertarian who preachers following the constitution. Ron Paul's wife is in the Order of the Eastern Star, the female version of Freemasonry. We all know freemasons and those associated with them cannot be trusted.

    Freemasons run the country. The government is making a list of potential domestic terrorists, and they will round up the Alex Jones subscribers and the people who voted for Ron Paul in 2008. It's a trap to track real truthers. That is why Alex Jones supports electing Donald Trump, even when we real truthers know that all presidential candidates are selected, not elected, by the world leaders who want to create a New World Order. That is why Ron Paul's son Rand Paul, another presidential candidate, has also endorsed Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will push the exact same agenda, because the world government and the worldwide mark of the beast that everyone must choose to take or not take ( the implantable RFID microchip with the electronic barcode that contains a hidden 666 is the mark of the beast which will be implanted in people's foreheads or their right hand) is all part of Bible prophecy, and there is nothing, NOTHING we can do to stop it from happening because it is a prophecy that must be fulfilled before Jesus Christ comes back, Alex Jones may or may not incite his followers to rise up in rebellion against the New World Order, and that is just what the Satanists who rule our country want.

    It will give them a reason to initiate martial law across the country. Then all the opposition will be rounded up in FEMA camps, and they may even face death because they refused to take the mark of the beast. So to answer your question, no, do not support Alex Jones, David Icke, Ron Paul, or anyone who believes in aliens, UFO's, or is trying to create a civilian militia to combat the New World Order. Rebels will be put down quickly and decisively, and the NSA already knows who is watching videos about our government, military, the end of the world, the mark of the beast, etc.

    They will be the first to go when the hammer falls. We must trust in Jesus to save us, and be ready to die for our faith if we must. Because Jesus even said, "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it." Matthew 10:39. The Doomsday preppers are going to die just like everyone else, and according to the book of Revelation, most people will die in war, famine, plagues, and persecution.

    There will be few people left on Earth to witness Jesus coming back. But when He does, He will create a new heaven and a new earth, and everything will be perfect again, just as it was at the beginning of creation with Adam and Eve, before sin separated us from God. God bless, and when it comes to who you should trust, you should remember that Jesus said "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

  23. Ana

    WORTH WATCHING . . . this film has valid points if you make it through the first 10-20 minutes clips of media outlets screaming conspiracy theory. point was made, we get it.

  24. Mic

    People like Alex Jones give people with conspiracy theories a bad name however the sane people get judged by the psychos such as Alex Jones. You have a choice to observe open minded and you could define a group by their worst or the best and usually it is best to define a group some where in the middle.

  25. Tom Hall

    The leadership of this country has gotten away with lying to and deceiving the general population for so long that they are under the misconception that they can always do so. What they have failed to take into consideration is the fact that the general populace is not made up of stupid individuals for the most part, but rather many well educated and inquisitive people who tend to question events which do not ring true to the version being broadcast by the government controlled media outlets. Furthermore, our national leaders tend to engage in undertaking events like 9/11 without considering every possible thing which can go wrong and spoil the show. These giant undertakings involve so many hundreds or thousands of individuals that mistakes and failures are inevitable, and cannot possible all be controlled by those orchestrating the operation. The hope apparently is that the public will be so overwhelmed by the event that these mistakes and errors will not be noticed...but they always are! If the event seems too improbable to be true in the way the government version presents it to the public, via the media, then it most likely isn't true, and requires further investigation by the public. And in todays world where every person has a camera in his pocket, it is less and less likely that our leaders will be able to fool us consistently.

  26. KookieBatPants

    Well, I guess I am a batshit crazy kookie lefty fringey conspiracy theorist and proud. It is unfortunate that what could have been a great documentary was so badly put together, terribly repetitive, lacking in direction and way too long. Plenty of interesting content though. Seems some people enjoyed it although I suspect it was the content and not the direction that they found interesting. I wanted to strangle most of those moronic news presenters though or at least slap them several times with a huge fish. Some sort of conspiracy fish.
    I feel like hacking this movie up and re-editing the thing myself but I am far too busy despairing over world wide corruption and injustice.

  27. ghettowizard

    Good video!!!! I found it quite interesting and hope folks wake up!!!

  28. ghettowizard

    Good video, nuff said!!!

  29. LRM

    One of the best documentaries ever made. Wake up!

  30. Bec

    The entire first 10 minutes is just people saying CONSPIRACY THEORY.

    F-ck get to the point

  31. awc

    Interesting approach. Was that information on the 5i propaganda techniques exposed in the Snowden leak or is that not true. There was a lot of stuff that in order to confirm it would take a lot of research.

    On both sides there are truths, stretching the truth and deception, poor application of logic, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. One side sees that the ends justifies the means the other seems to fail to take into account all of the facts after they have made up their mind. Effectively, both dig their heels in, in the face of contradictory facts and revert to name calling.

    I wish there was more cerebral presentation of the positions rather than the clips.

    An odd twist in my opinion is the biggest conspiracy is the narrative that terrorists are a real threat to North American soil. The conspiracy seems to be focused more on, how we got into fighting terrorists.

    Interesting and true comment was from the guy that set up the trilateral commission. He admitted that of course there are secret meetings. I work and do "deals" in business and of course you have secret meetings and make side agreements that you do not tell everybody or publish all info or included all items in the contract. It is called a relationship with mutual interests. Many players do not know all the interests of each other (the mangers, board of directors or the employees) each have sub and side benefits that they attempt to benefit from. The challenge and also a reality is that some of these interests within a group are conflicting although not necessarily catastrophic.

    The obvious recent one that has been exposed. Those that used the WMD angle to get soldiers to go and kill and die. The soldiers have signed up to protect and subdue a threat not because it is true rather they believe it. The soldiers would not sign up if they believed they were there to protect the interests of the oil companies or secure business opportunity for western corporations.

    bla bla bla I ramble

  32. Mr.Michael

    Your comment. Be cool how interesting I wander who placed that in the leave a comment section. Awesome video informative enlightenment you have to want to be unplugged from their mind control agenda in order to just think for yourself. When people stop asking a God given right to ask questions they are just like sheeple lets obey & walk to the slaughterhouse give us your arm for your once a month vaccine oh now you have cancer well. Here's radiation for you money money money. examine what the media is telling Google alternative shows that may be uncomfortable at first but you will heal.

  33. Mic

    How can people forget so suddenly that we were lied to, to go to war? Is that not a conspiracy? Al Quaeda was our biggest threat and now we are funding them lol. How can people not come up with conspiracies when every single tragic story our government and media tell us has holes in it? For example all these mass shootings that have been going on such as the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Paris attack, LA airport and more, why is it there is always the same exact scenario playing out in a training exercise? So if someone were to ask a legitimate question such as this one, they would be called a conspiracy theorist.

    I think there is acceptable speak on TV which has nothing to do with reality, and the reason why this bull**** speak keeps continuing is because a large part of America's population is made up of unconscious people.

    I don't like unconscious people is all I am going to say

  34. clern fimmel

    Almost 40% of Americans think that 911 was an inside job, and everybody knows that Building 7, not mentioned in the 911 Report, was hit by an ill wind.

  35. sam

    Paranoia will destroy ya.

  36. Kevin

    We are all free to live our lives any way we see fit. At least here in North America. I have. I've taken jobs I wanted, quit jobs, moved around, married, had kids, divorced, started over, retired early because I worked from age 25 to make it happen......I'm having a happy life with a great woman. One of my rules has always been: no TV. TV is almost pure unadulterated crap, the news focuses on tragedy and bloodshed, and I simply won't waste my valuable time on it. I get my news online and from public radio. In very small doses. If conspiracy theorists want to believe extraterrestrials are working side by side with corporate powers to exert mind control over the masses, let them.

  37. Kathey

    The conspiracy theory term is the biggest conspiracy of all!

  38. Bob Plumber

    Whatever you think or believe about happened on 9/11/2001, whether you put faith in the official conspiracy theory or your own handrolled conspiracy theory, you're a conspiracy theorist.

    Bush, Cheney, Obama, etc...all conspiracy theorists.

  39. Brian

    Very eye opening. Mainstream Media exposed!

  40. STOP IT

    SERIOUSLY, too many back to back to back to back news clips. I got dizzy.

  41. bad_conduct

    Tons of out of context news clips. And some typical Conspiracy Theorist jargon about how there's a conspiracy against conspiracy theorists.
    The problem is that a lot of conspiracy theories have been debunked rather thoroughly, so then the media starts going after the individuals who are ignoring the facts and presenting false information as if it is a fact.

    The other day, Alex Jones (speaking about the Floating City in China ((Which is obviously a floating city, because that's the most likely explanation)) ) said he had an interview with Buzz Aldrin, where Buzz told him all about secret moon bases and other things.
    Like, seriously? He probably believes the moon landing was a hoax, than quotes Buzz as evidence for moon bases. And there's no way Buzz said that.

    That's the nature of Conspiracy Theories. There's more bad information injected to prop up a failed theory, than there is Government trolls injecting "facts" (exactly as the document said at 46:00) into conversation to show discrepancy and create doubt.

  42. eddy

    Its too bad a lot of viewers are turned-off and turn off before watching in full. I would suggest just moving cursor up to a bit passed the halfway point..or just watch the final 20min. Very interesting stuff...nothing new, but well compiled bytes ...

  43. paul

    conspiracy is very real in fact its right under our nose if you have eyes too see!!!!

  44. Cat

    revealing comments - major puppets drinking and administrating their koolaid. That one guy totally shocking with the firing squad - comment - seems like a time traveler from the Dark Ages!
    Great ending on piers Morgan ~~~~ that sign I believe the film makers meant as a sign that the news facade is done

  45. Tim Steinkamp

    Excellent video and I give it 10 stars. Even though the first part is a little over done it wraps it all up in the last half. The main knowledge I got was the tendency of people to fight new information is being human. The hard part is staying on topic and persistence to eventually get the truth to them after they have not only accused you of being a conspiracy theorist but called you a score of hurtful names.

  46. Ellen

    As much as this is a really interesting topic, there is no structure to this film! I can't finish it, which is a shame.

  47. Katnea

    Oooh! I remember watching the movie "They Live" back in 1988! And, I also remember how much this movie unnerved me as well. I kept thinking about covert mind control. Be it Subliminal, or many other mind manipulation techniques that we are subjected to on a daily basis.

  48. Leigh Atkins

    Love the thumbnail pic for the vid - hope he's got ammo for that scrubbing brush...

  49. Leigh Atkins

    Actually, the more of this vid I watch, the more astounding it is to see how VICIOUSLY the common mainstream media fight to keep ANYONE from asking ANY questions about ANYTHING at all, and they use emotional blackmail to do it...

  50. Leigh Atkins

    Conspiracy theories have ONLY flourished because the official stories have not been lining up with the evidence available to the public. People are easily distracted & bombarded with life which is what corporations like FOX take advantage of, but when they have time to actually stop and think, they aren't stupid...

  51. dmxi

    @t-rex the browser
    nothing nasty....just an astute observation,me ole chap!

  52. Francois

    Would like to have watched the whole video, but clip after clip with not enough development of an argument made this unwatchable.

  53. Peter Gozinya

    Alex Jones and his nutty following have ruined the term "conspiracy theory"

  54. Rex Bowser

    This is not about Alex Jones or investing in a slick production; but to communicate the fact that the term "conspiracy theory" is a dishonest construct designed to flip the protection switch to keep from disturbing a listener's normalcy bias.
    The nasty comments from dmxi or Willy Wortel make my point here.
    Wake up.

  55. Martin Hedington

    Well put together, a little overdone on the repeat-repeat-repeat (to stress a point) at the beginning proving quite tedious but overall quite a thoughtful, insightful and informative doccie.

  56. Cody malloy

    This guy Adam green is a genius. I believe it will be someone like him who will someday be a leader for the people in a civil war crisis, he has his eyes open and isnt afraid to say what he really sees.
    Njnn aware of what's going on to American people

  57. sean

    It is generally agreed by most people the WMD claim, that led us all to war and eventually the formation of ISIS, was based on a blatant lie and required a large body of governmental individuals to conspire against the best interest of the people in perpetuating that lie, on both sides of the Atlantic. Even FOX news admits to that. Our governments would never lie to us would they? Don't forget the Gulf of Tonkin or the SS liberty. To work on the principle that our leaders tell the truth is the road to Hell and that is where they tend to lead us.

  58. pat

    lots of m**** still believe our good corrupted liar governments.

  59. crusty

    ya got a right to be paranoid.

  60. Tarry Faster

    Willy Wortel -- go to 1:53:53 to find out about yourself.

  61. Tarry Faster

    Trust can NEVER exists without truth. So, who can deny that we are experiencing an international breakdown of trust -- on multiple levels -- due to the fact that we are all now living in a conspiracy soup of lies?

  62. Eduard Hajek

    Yes, go and educate yourself... PLEASE!

  63. Willy Wortel

    Maybe this was an interesting item/subject, but this documentary is such a typical American unbelievable bad and cheap (?) product, that I did not manage to watch the whole doc.
    Why did the makers of this doc did such a lausy job on this subject?
    Take the beginning: x-times we hear the word conspiracy and a fragment of a sentence, without any context... flash, flash, zap, zap... that doesn't deserve the name Documentary!

  64. belak flognirb

    Whenever any one or any representative of media counters facts with the term "conspiracy theory," you know who they serve.

  65. dmxi

    alex jones should be avoided as he instru'mental'lizes a dramatic overacting persona for the satire of 'truth'!the opposite of what is required to inform on current affairs of the status quo.
    i mourn the misled.