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CoSM the Movie: Alex Grey and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

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CoSM the Movie: Alex Grey & the Chapel of Sacred MirrorsCoSM The Movie is a magical new kind of documentary experience, leading audiences on an enriching and sense-heightening journey into the visionary art cosmos of world-renowned painter Alex Grey.

Grey is our guide on a cinematic pilgrimage through the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors gallery in New York City, where his vividly rendered depictions of human anatomy and transcendental imagery reflect the universal human experience with birth, death, family, love, and enlightenment as the unfolding iconic narrative.

Fusing the power of music with stunning cinematography, director Nick Krasnic channels the raw power of Grey's art into a potent film odyssey that captures the essence of this unique sacred space, and offers rare, personal insight from one of the most significant artists of our time.

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  1. geoff


  2. sunny1
  3. sunny1

    An amazing body of work. Through the experiences and artistic vision of Alex Grey we are taken on a joyous journey into the philosophies and sciences of humanity. To have visual symbolic expressions of humanities spiritual concepts is a real treat.

    These philosophies are timeless representations of the insights of many people throughout the millenia of human thought and spirituality. These are truths as experienced by humanity, antiquated is not a term I'd use in reference to them. Alex Grey has opened himself up and allowed us to view his intimate spiritual experiences.

    He presented his work clearly and conscisely, nothing complicated or hard to conceptualize. I really like his honesty and openess about his love for his wife and child and about his visions/LSD experiences. He has the markings of a mystic.

    Lovely the way the art is arranged and beautiful gallery. It is a place I will put on my "bucket list" of must sees.

  4. Jacia
  5. Jacia

    great artwork but you should lay off the drugs for a while. Your physco babble gets old very quickly and overshadows your fantastic art skills.

  6. declan ryan
  7. declan ryan

    absolutely breathtaking very educational really enjoyable visual and artistic,very well put to gether would love to visit the artists studio,thanks,declan from ireland

  8. JM
  9. JM

    Jacia your comments are laughable. If it wasn't for the psychedelics and 'psychobabble', this art wouldn't exist. Maybe you should get into the habit of learning something before expressing your opinion.

  10. Carl Hendershot
  11. Carl Hendershot

    No words for this.

  12. ez2b12
  13. ez2b12

    These images are used by the band Tool a lot. Started with Anema album and has been a central theme ever since. It is good to see where it actually originated. After watching this I would say Tool and this guy are a perfect match, they compliment each others work nicely. Check out the Parable and Parabola videos and you will see what i mean. The theme runs through out the Lateralus album mostly but can be seen in the last cut of Anema as well, "prying open my third eye". It is also included in their last album, Ten thousand days. One of thier band members usually does all thier art work as well, Justin I think. They did good to use this stuff though it fits so good with thier message its like they made the album after seeing this film, hum I might be on to something here. I think I have identified the inspiration for Lateralus- when was this made?

  14. MJ
  15. MJ

    Well put, JM. I`m glad someone said something ;)

  16. Kiteboarderjoe
  17. Kiteboarderjoe

    Incredible. This is a gift of spiritual awakening from Alex Grey to us all. Talk about generosity!

  18. Ayahuascan
  19. Ayahuascan

    Jacia made my brain hurt but i love her and all of you.Now on the count of 3 lets waaaaaaaake uuuuuuuuuuuuuup

  20. Ez
  21. Ez

    @ Jacia

    You are running a culture induced operating system that only supports certain things. I would venture a guess you are running consumer capitolism 1.0, I used to run that system myself. It was preinstalled by the time I got to about twenty years of age by the western US culture I live in. Luckily there is a way to clear some disk space in order to let something older and more comprehensive in, something called the language of the flesh. First you need about six to eight hours or longer when no one, and I mean no one, will bother you. You need a very natural surounding, I like the outdoors but make sure it is not a place you are unfamiliar with or find spooky. Then you need either two to four mushroom caps of the psilocybe cubensis strain or some good LSD, or if you have a tougher psychy and want to really clear some space some DMT crystals. Now put on some Tool or Perfect circle, maybe some floyd as well, and drop.

    Yes those are colors you are listening to and sounds that you are seeing, cool huh. Let go, let go, let go, let go, let go, all the neon distractions that hold you in this body right here, right now, you are choosing to be in this world, all this pain is merely illusion. Open wide and suck it in, feel it move across your skin, reaching out and reaching in, reaching for the random or what ever will be will just be. Now, following our will and wind we may just go where no ones been, we'll ride the spiral to the end we may just go where no one been. Spiral out, keep going, spiral out, keep going, spiral out, keep going, spiral out. Swing on the spiral of your own divinity, becareful- try to remain human. Bless you sister, ten thousand days in the fire is long enough- welcome home.

  22. eetwo
  23. eetwo

    This shouldn't be under 'Mystery' instead it should go under Art and Artists.
    Please move it in to the appropriate section so people like myself won't overlook it in your list.
    Mystery the last section I'll likely check, but my keen eye saw 'alex' and 'cosm' as i scrolled through.

  24. TJ
  25. TJ

    Wtf EZ. i can see someone takes too much acid listening to too much Tool....

  26. psychedelicshaMAN
  27. psychedelicshaMAN

    @ eetwo

    Same here my friend. Don't no how I overlooked this for so long. Probably the fact I never scrolled down to the 'mysterious' section, which has clearly been a mystery to me.

    @ EZ

    Beautiful advice for the 'lost & wandering' others. We can only patiently wait for their eyes to open. It's hard when you've been blind for so long.

    Peace Be With You, Friends...

  28. Max
  29. Max

    Needs more HD.

  30. Waldo
  31. Waldo

    @ TJ

    If you don't get it I feel badly for you brother. Not in a condecending way, I am sure you are quite capable in your life. I just hope one day you will find the christ conscience that lies within you. You are beautiful; light and rapture, not this crude matter that surrounds your true self. Luminouse being we are, free, able to become. Listen to the muscle memory, contemplate what you think we may do, 46 is changing, evoloving in to something new- the truth. All matter is merely energy condenced to a slow vibration, we are all one great consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, living vicariously through every one, there is no life or death, our existence is only real through the contrasts that define me from you or you from the tree or the rock, where does one begin and the other end? Boundaries are only a function of your earth bound intuition, not reality. In reality we are all of the same energy, flowing in and out of each other constantly. Peace be with you and may you find the frequency you are resonate with, and ride the lightning.

    @ Psychedelicshaman

    One day we will all meet in the clearing at the end of the path, and there we will remember the faces of our fathers and know the larger self we are all part of. Some of us run ahead to prepare a place, peace be with you on your journey I will see you soon, as I have in the past brother. Indeed they may come blinking and squinting as children crept to the edge of the forest in the dawm of a new world, eyes fresh to the cold air and sun light. But we will help them remember to cry their first tears. For we remember being new to this world ourselves, even if it now seems a life age behind us. Namaste

  32. kathleen
  33. kathleen


  34. JM
  35. JM


    For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi ... ;-)

  36. Emilija
  37. Emilija

    excellent! but where i can find English subtitle for this movie?
    thank you

  38. Jeigh
  39. Jeigh

    @waldo... nice one

    @Ez... nice also, although you left out Maynard's true little buddies Los Peyote's and 10,000 days is about his mother living then dying from cancer, so.. I don't know, didn't fit for me, Maybe "so glad to see you, why are you running away?"

    @religionisntallbad. I agree, I own the disc also. One reason why I've never landed on these comments.

    We here in NYC miss you Alex, and your amazing family. Carroll Gardens and the slope are not nearly as luminous without your constant presence here. All of us miss the Chapel,
    but we understand why you had to leave this over priced shopping mall. Many of us are right behind you.

  40. Katerpult
  41. Katerpult

    oh no. i have listened to trippin hippies far to often in my life. the horrible goa/psytrance music in the beginning makes it even worse. watch if you feel like. i had enough of that.

  42. dryws77
  43. dryws77

    ;i need to get ahold of sum lsd.

  44. James Heymans Randall
  45. James Heymans Randall

    records for the future =D

  46. Dan Flynn
  47. Dan Flynn

    For all the talk about love, it's too bad how anyone struggling in this type of crowd is so easily and casually left by the wayside. "Spiritual, not religious" is just as bankrupt as religion.

  48. Anubhav Kohli
  49. Anubhav Kohli

    Brilliant paintings by Alex and Alyson!Great narrative.Interactive art.Kudos.

  50. Bruce Draken
  51. Bruce Draken

    This is the religion of the global society of the future, a cross-cultural blend of mysticism, psychedelic experience and pseudoscience. I hope it's an improvement over the narrow tribal bigotry of past centuries, but I fear it will be just as baseless a product of the human imagination's grappling with the unknown in the context of manipulative power politics as anything that has preceded it.

  52. Bruce Draken
  53. Bruce Draken

    Psychedelic and mystical experiences can be subjectively powerful, but the objective reality of such insights as, opposed to their being simply the grapplings of the amazing human imagination faced with the unknown, is no more verifiable than the expressions of more conventional religion.

  54. C
  55. C

    You sling woo woo real good!

  56. C
  57. C

    Some of you sound as if you've graduated from the Deepak Chopra Institute of Applied Jargon.

  58. Craig Helgerson
  59. Craig Helgerson

    Minute 29 and all I can think is "proclaiming to be wise,,,they became fools"..."For from Him and through Him and too Him are all things"...Jesus Christ.
    Does it not seem amusing that all of those who loath Christ will sit in awe of all of these false gods with no contempt or bitterness?
    "It is appointed unto all men to die, and then comes the judgement"...maybe everyone is animated by these false gods because they know in their "hearts" that they will never stand and be judged by these "deities".

  60. 1concept1
  61. 1concept1

    The work is striking - the work does not say a word - he does - let the piece speak for itself - you only distract me - now we have hype music in the back ground further distracting me -

    I am going to start this doc over and kill the sound - and take a hard look see -

  62. Saint
  63. Saint

    Vid down :(

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