Cosmic Collisions

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Cosmic CollisionsRight now, massive meteors and asteroids are orbiting dangerously close to Earth. Some may even be poised to hit us in the foreseeable future! Where are they?

What type of damage will they cause? What can we do stop a caroming asteroid thats headed toward us, or prevent future Near Earth Objects from lining us up in their sites.

They have left deep scars all over the face of our planet and are responsible for one of the biggest extinctions in history. Scientists believe that its not a question of if theyll strike again, but when.

Could an asteroid impact with Earth wipe out the human race? Known Universe explores what is being done to prevent such an Armageddon by heading to the first line of asteroid defense: the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Arizona.

Here we see the technologies used to monitor the skies for near-Earth objects, including a football stadium-sized rock that will pass close to Earth on Friday the 13th, April 2029. Scientists predict it may be so close that gravity could cause a catastrophic collision.

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  1. ZarathustraSpeaks

    "Statiscally due for one"???? Oxymoron
    Way down the list of things to be concerned about. (including makng the first comment as an ego booster)

  2. alans
  3. alans

    If an asteroid hits the earth, watching this doc wont help you any, you'll be dead in a millisecond.

  4. Christian Tintin Johansson
  5. Christian Tintin Johansson

    No way, alans!
    I will have time to duck and cover, only because I watched this documentary!

  6. spikebat
  7. spikebat

    Has no one seen Armageddon? Du-uh......

  8. Dean Edgington
  9. Dean Edgington

    It's no wonder I drink ;-)

  10. Irishkev
  11. Irishkev

    Me too , fancy a smoke , lol .

  12. PaulGloor
  13. PaulGloor

    Guarantee you the human race will manage to survive all but the worst of those calamities... that being black holes, gamma bursts and close range gravity waves. We have humans more than a mile under solid rock, we have humans upwards of a mile under the ocean and we have shelters designed to take direct nuclear blasts.... someone will survive.

  14. Teddy J Miguel
  15. Teddy J Miguel

    money, that really grabs us by the nuts, one thing that humans should not of invented.
    other wise we would of advanced so much right now.

  16. lakhotason
  17. lakhotason

    Damn. I thought it said Comic Collisions.

  18. Adam Young
  19. Adam Young

    destiny has sent the asteroids on a mission to wipe out the earth born virus known as man. we will shoot and deflect them a while but eventually destiny will have it's way.

  20. Timmy Suckmeister
  21. Timmy Suckmeister

    Hey...if that's what it takes to prevent the reelection of Obama, bring it on!

  22. Hussain Fahmy
  23. Hussain Fahmy

    All Politicians are cut from the same cloth.

  24. KsDevil
  25. KsDevil

    Entertainment science designed for a lazy weekend afternoon when you want a little drama in your life.

  26. mudshark23
  27. mudshark23

    How, without money, would humans have generated the theoretical capital to expand past small villages and subsistence farming? Money was the invention that made it possible to "invest". Plus, how many chickens do you want you carry around at once?

  28. momo_lav
  29. momo_lav

    does that mean that the earth moved from it's original orbit! when it was hit by the object that formed our moon?

  30. Poerster
  31. Poerster

    The cool part I like is the moon getting streched out by a Supermassive

  32. Dante78
  33. Dante78

    2:19. What? There are rocks in space that not even Armageddon's Bruce Willis will be able to save us from? That is horrifying, really? Have they tried calling Chuck Norris?

  34. Tom Carberry
  35. Tom Carberry

    I believe humanity already has experience spacial catastrophes and that many human records report them, but because the reporters lacked scientific knowledge, they described what they saw in terms of the day. For many hundreds of years of human recorded history humans worshiped multi-gods, most of the important ones associated with planets such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, planets which appear to us as distant lights in the sky. Why would the ancients have worshiped these tiny pinpricks of light in the sky? Why would Ginzburg report that Jews routinely worshiped Mars and thousands of them carried trinkets of Mars as amulets of protection?

    from Noah's flood which many civilizations reported and which I think coincided with the creation of the Sahara desert where before fertile lakes and rivers existed; to the destruction of Nimrod's Tower of Babel shortly before its completion; Sodom and Gomorrah; the Exodus; the long day of Joshua in which the Sword of the Lord smote Sisera and his army with their iron weapons and chariots; to the burning of the faces of thousands of Philistines; to the Great Psalm, which talks of god shaking the earth and riding on a cherub (which in ancient Hebrew meant an angel of destruction, not a cute little Renaissance painting). These catastrophes seem to have happened periodically in Hebrew history for a very long time, ending when the Sword of God slaughtered the Assyrians around 701.

    After that the world changed, with no more celestial catastrophes.

    Why did David order two censuses, one before the Sword of God appeared at the time appointed and the other after the Sword of God left? It showed 6% of Israel died, not including women and children, because they didn't count them. The bible calls the first census a sin, but not the second. Why?

    Why did people around the world worship Mars, a tiny planet of no obvious significance, except it has almost the same axial tilt and spin rate as the earth, just as Jupiter and Saturn, and Uranus and Neptune have the same kind of relationships.

    I don't know the answers, but I do believe scientists should work on them, because the evidence of massive catastrophes during human history seems incontrovertible to me. Every civilization has tales of it.

  36. Tom Carberry
  37. Tom Carberry

    Almost for sure the earth moved from its original orbit and also almost for sure it happened during recorded human history within the last 10,000 years.

    Tons of ancient myths talk about giant catastrophes. All calendars around the world until about 700 BCE had years of 360 days, not 365 and some. After about 700 BCE, all civilizations started to redo their calendars, with the Romans settling on the Julian calendar which eventually through modifications has become our calendar.

    I think almost everything that geology and planetary science tells us about our history doesn't hold up to scrutiny of our own human records. Every civilization in the world has stories of massive world wide destruction, and modern genetics backs them up, showing that the human race almost died out and we have survived as the mutated offspring of the very few survivors. (google John Hawks and Gregory Cochran for articles).

    What if instead of taking billions of years to form, the Himalayas and all the associate ranges all the way to the Alps formed in less than a day and a half, not from pushing from below but from lifting from above by the gravity and electrical discharge of another planet, say Mars?

    What if the giant volcanos of Mars got created at the same time? Maybe not all at once, but in a series of catastrophes that occurred periodically, or what the Bible calls "the time appointed" or "the appointed time." It seems like the ancients knew exactly when the disasters would happen. They did tons of work on astrology and we still use a zodiac very similar to ancient zodiacs. But many ancient monuments no longer fit traditional alignments of NS and EW, such as the first temple, which lies 6 degrees south of true EW.

    If that had happened on the earth, everyone who lived near those mountains would have died, and by "near," I think that would mean at least 1000 miles. The Hebrews lived about 5000 kilometers from the Himalayas and they barely survived.

    And our myths say this happened. They talk about gods uplifting mountains and also destroying mountains, all at once, right before people's eyes.

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