Could You Survive on a Roman Frontier?

Could You Survive on a Roman Frontier?

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Join us in an exploration of life beyond Rome's glorious empire. Step back to first century AD as we delve into the reality faced by soldiers guarding at the edge, or what Romans called "barbaricum". Our journey takes place inside a meticulously reconstructed Roman fort located along the Welsh border, providing an immersive experience unlike any other.

The show features volunteer members from the esteemed Roman Military Research Society who shed light on this ancient life. They reveal secrets of military training and tactics that helped make the Roman army a formidable force in battles. From understanding the intricacies of Roman weaponry to experiencing their ranged prowess, including bows and ballistas, we get an inside look at how warfare was conducted on those frontiers.

Amidst this exploration, we uncover the contrasts between two essential groups - legionaries and auxiliaries. While both served in Roman armies, their roles varied significantly. We discover what fueled these men each day; from food to survival strategies against terrifying barbarian threats like Sarmatian horse archers.

The show doesn't stop at just weapons and warfare tactics; it also takes a deep dive into how these soldiers lived, fought, and thrived in remote outposts. We learn about the construction of a full-scale Roman fort - an exceptional undertaking by builders at Park in the Past that brings to life what truly went into creating such structures from scratch.

So as we ponder if one could survive on Rome's frontiers, remember this is not just about warfare but also understanding how these soldiers lived and served during those challenging times. The question isn't merely a hypothetical query; it offers insights into human resilience and the strength of ancient civilizations that continue to fascinate us today.

Directed by: Louee Dessent

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Norm McKinnon
Norm McKinnon
12 days ago

The Romans wisely hired local tribesman to form shock troops. They were better suited to local conditions & acted as scouts for the main Roman legions. The US Army utilized local Indigenous tribesman as scouts to assess the Army targets.