Crap Shoot: The Documentary

2007, Performing Arts  -   30 Comments
Ratings: 5.63/10 from 8 users.

Crap Shoot: The DocumentaryA research scientist and his narrator cruise the endless urban maze of Los Angeles trying to find order in the chaotic world of feature filmmaking.

Their fascinating discourse on Hollywood's creative development process degenerates into a hilarious road trip as their documentary about movies becomes a movie about documentaries.

Imagine buying a new car and it won’t start. Or it starts, but runs so slowly that you nearly fall asleep while driving it. Or you’re driving along at a good clip when it suddenly veers off on its own down a road you didn’t want to travel, then crashes and burns. If the auto industry was anything like the movie industry this would happen all the time. People have demonstrated a nearly insatiable need to be entertained, and Hollywood has proven it doesn’t know how to consistently satisfy this need.

Why is it that scores of great actors and outstanding directors, using the latest technological advances in photography and computer-generated imagery, financed by bank accounts bigger than the GDP of many nations, can’t seem to produce more than a mere handful of truly good movies each year? That’s the question Ken Close, one of America’s top research scientists and lifetime member of Mensa, attempts to answer in the award-winning documentary, Crap Shoot - The Documentary.

Is what screenwriter William Goldman said, that "Nobody knows anything about what makes a movie work" really true? Is the movie business just a crap shoot, or does a hidden science guide all blockbuster hits?

Join Ken on a fascinating journey through the bowels of Hollywood to discover why so many movies are crap. You’ll learn the science of making great films and have fun along the way as you watch a documentary that has more laughs than most studio-produced comedies. If you enjoy a good movie and wonder why they are so few and far between, then this is a must-see documentary!

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. arightcharlie

    i watched this Doc as a filmmaker bought and paid for the DVd and came here to try and recommend it to someone and see all these nasty comments and the film taken down. my question is, where's your work? what have you done?
    I thought, given his situation, in the film, it was well done.
    we don't all have BBc budgets and there are stories out there if you get off your arse and make them instead of just consuming....and complaining
    what's that m-people song, what have you done today to make youself proud?
    Vlatko knows me, i've contacted him before (about the search thing) I'm not the doc maker, live in the UK

  2. becharm

    is this thing for real? the whole movie seem like a joke rather than a documentary

  3. GoughLewis

    I liked it actually, haha, looks and feels like a bad 70's porno at times, but hey, all part of its charm... I thought it was funny!

  4. z11

    too boring didn't watch

  5. ha pakal

    i watched 10 minutes. Whoever shot those 10 ten minutes should themselves be shot. And I am against capital punishment (unless its my loved ones that are the victims, -then its fine)
    This is unwatchable imo! H
    int to the 'filmmaker' It is very is bad to open a 'documentary' with badly lit 'actors' stiffly reading their really badly written lines.

  6. Wayne

    This documentary had a story i could feel emotional about. Now I, too, want to bitch slap someone while they are having a nighmare after watching a bad horror movie on TV.
    Yes, this documentary is inspiring me.

  7. azilda

    @Vlatko...specially if that cook knows how to make the perfect homemade pizza on thin crust!

  8. azilda

    If the production is big enough and you need a craft person(cook), i have experience in the film industry as one hell of a good cook!

    1. Vlatko

      All right @azilda. What would we do without a cook. I mean that is the most important job in the process of making a documentary (after the job of the cameraman of course).

  9. nader

    @yavanna, congratulations on the new position!!! looking forward to watch that DOC, I imagine it will be featured?!.

    1. Vlatko

      @nader, of course it will be featured.

  10. nader

    @ yavanna, you just had to include "fairy tails" in your remark on anything religious, very interesting person you are, Peace

  11. Yavanna

    OH and YUS I`m the official Mr V cameraman / Roadie!!!!!

    You heard it all here first peeps! Vlatko the Movie is born here!

  12. Yavanna


    I sort of agree but life (online) dont seem to work like that.

    A creationist would down-thumb all real life / evolution type docs.

    An atheist would down-thumb all fairy tales such as Xianity / Islam and Harry Potter.

    I suggest we all bow down to Tolkienity and worship the Valaar!

  13. azilda

    Most doc i have watched had a balance of "like and dislike" in their comments. Many of the "likes" on the "not such good docs" were from people who try to see the good part in everything, and i have noticed that a lot of the dislike are often sending the doc to the gaz chamber straight through. A lot of the comments go on with quite a bit of rudeness and even that is not taken off...which is ok and even entertaining at times...if i don't enjoy it, i just forward pass those rant.
    It would be difficult to rate a doc with a percentage of good or bad but a Thumbs-Up/Thumbs-Down voting system would be quite fair and easy to install.

  14. Yavanna

    I totally get what you say. You are extremely neutral with regard to your like / dislike stances; as you must be. The upcoming changes will be great. This is after all TOP documentary films and most of them are. So let us please take that rudeness aspect away. There are more than enough rude people on the site for enabling that function and hopefully these new sorting / grading features will allow people to view content accordingly.

    You get bigged up a great deal and although I dont post must now and never get involved in the discussions - just a quick shout to say you have my respect and gratitude for your continuing excellence in keeping this site going!

    PS can I be your roadie / cameraman for "Vlatko the Movie" (Borat be warned!!!)

    1. Vlatko

      Of course @Yavanna. You can be my roadie/cameraman. I'm sure it would be an awesome adventure.

      @azilda, yes that is easy to install, but it takes a great amount of server and others resources.

  15. Yavanna


    It's your site at the end of the day so you say what is in or out. Us as viewers dont really get a say. But this is not a documentary. Nor was that crAp "31 days to be famous."

    "Docs" like these are home movies made by people with too much time on their hands and egos that are out of proportion to their self relevance.

    I'd rather watch you walking around your home town. That would be interesting. So here is the "Dare" - Vlatko the movie, or give us voting rights :)

    1. Vlatko

      Agreed @Yavanna,

      However, as of now, basically you have the "voting rights" by writing a couple of sentences as a review. People will read it and will simply decide if the "doc" is worthed or not. "Star rating" feature and sorting the "docs" accordingly will be available as soon as I have enough resources. In fact, probably there will be a complete site overhaul. Design and functionality wise.

      The idea of making a movie of me walking around my home town is a good one. But I'd rather make a movie of me traveling around the world. "Vlatko and the Doc Freaks Rediscover the World - The Movie".

      The main point is that I don't like many of the documentaries on this site either. But that doesn't mean they don't deserve a chance. They were suggested to be placed on the site (by the authors or random people) and probably it would be rude if I reject them. In fact there are tons of docs waiting in the line to be shown that I don't like them.

      So I'm mixing the appearance of the docs. Some really awesome series, some crappy homemade "documentaries" in between, just in order to satisfy as much as people possible.

  16. Steve

    This guy is COMPLETELY out of touch.

    As well as all the horrible actors he paid to be in this movie.

    This is not a documentary, and should not be on this site.

    The attempts at comedy are atrocious . . .

    Overall this movie is just as rediculous as those moronic "home movie" clips he showed at the start . . .

    Disengenious piece of crap.

    With horrible out of date actors . . .

    I cant see how anyone would look at this and say "Yeah, this is good, were done."

    1. Vlatko


      Every piece which is classified or attempts to be classified as "documentary" should be on this site. It's upon viewers to decide if it's good or not.

  17. Kiteboarderjoe

    A+ for effort! But going to the movies is such a waste of time and money. Especially since we can free cool stuff like this on Top Documentary Films!

  18. toddy

    kind of silly, but had me chuckleing now and then.

  19. Ballsrog

    I found some of the interviews interesting, (not the one with the guy who's favorite movie was porn of course. Wtf?) especially since I am an aspiring screen writer my self. However, the film makers cringe-worthy attempts at humor make me seriously doubt that he put together any screenplay worthy of being produced.

  20. Henry Kissinger

    It's not a comedy, it's not a research film, is it a parody then? That's the puzzle.

  21. HHV

    Slow in spots, but highly amusing in others.

  22. richard

    this doc was cheese and there comedy is like nails on a chalkboard

  23. oink

    made me think of T Williams:

    -People go to the movies instead of moving! Hollywood characters are supposed to have all the adventures for everybody in America, while everybody in America sits in a dark room and watches them have them! Yes, until there’s a war. That’s when adventure becomes available to the masses.-
    The Glass Menagerie
    Tom, Scene 6.

  24. hbhbhbhj

    stop the presses! scientist proves hollywood is nothing but a giant turd making machine- why did it need scientist?!>