Crossing Mexico's Other Border

Crossing Mexico's Other Border

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When traveling from Central America to the United States through Mexico, immigrants are forced to battle drug cartels, corrupt police officers, and human traffickers, all before they even come close to the US border.

People tend to assume that the immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border are all Mexican. The reality is that a large percentage of them come from Central America, and their journey north is grueling.

To get to the US, they first have to pass through Mexico, an ordeal that often ends up being even more difficult than getting into the United States.

Most migrants cross into Mexico on rafts, via the Suchiate River. After that, they need to protect themselves from corrupt Mexican police, drug cartels like the infamous Zetas, and even fellow migrants.

They often travel by foot and by pubic transit, but many of them ride on top of "the Beast," the freight trains that travel from the south to the north of Mexico.

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  1. Too Bad

    You people think you're smart. We gave Mexico BACK after sacking the capital. I think everyone who hates American has penis envy. You say you hate it, but everyone's trying to become it. This is why war exists. There is a point you can't reason with people just have to kick their ass!

  2. Too Bad

    I totally agree with you Gary. We stole New York City. It wasn't built by yanks. In fact, we stole Hollywood with cheap slave labor as well. Poor little children drilled for oil in Texas, and midwives created Wall Street. When you people wake the f*ck up and realize we PAID for this land. It was bought with money and blood. Thank GOD the white man did, or people wouldn't have anyone else to blame for creating the greatest nation on earth! You think slaves invented this government? How dare you spit on the graves of the white men that died to free them during the civil war? How many blacks, Hispanics, or Asians died for te benefit of other people or races? I'll answer it for you: 0. Take your politically correct bull**** and eat it. People like you are unworthy of being an American.

  3. Too Bad

    The cause of migration is what needs to be dealt with. Lack of opportunity, limited choices, corrupt government. Sad. Too bad they can't overthrow the government and establish a constitution and set of laws. Hell they can have ours, we're not using it anyway.

  4. Gary

    Shame on you stole it from Mexico.

  5. Yogi

    You racist a--holes from Alabama and Maine have some of the lowest illegal populations! How about asking one of them their stories of how they got here and learn how they have done something that you don't have the fortitude to do with your privileged lives. Being from Southern California, with the largest population, I can tell you everyone gets duis, you racist dick! YOU are what's wrong with this country!

  6. S W

    Has anyone considered that fact that many of these poor women (central American and Mexican) that come here, illegally, after having done stints as sex workers are infected with various communicable diseases, such as AIDS, Herpes, etc.?? This is one reason Legal Immigration is the only acceptable form of immigration - health checks required prior to approval.

    1. your dreams come true

      You're so right. Many of these women, I'd say about 99.99% were sex workers, and of course, many of them did not protect themselves, had kids, and later decide to come to the US so they can work extremely hard, be abused and taken advantage of--all so they can send money back to their kids and families. Money they've earned as laborers rather than sex workers in the US. ...check yourself before you wreck yourself...fill your ignorance with something other than air.

  7. MickeySpillane

    There are 40-41 million hispanics illegally in this country. The BBC states 20% of the spanish speaking world lives in the U.S. Pres. Reagan gave ammnesty to 13 million, three human breeding cycles ago. Reagan protected the gardners and nannies of his rich california backers. Not that this means anything but it was a one time, never to be repeated amnesty. Everyone has a financial andvantage for bringing the illegals here. The senators and reps. with spanish names want to be president. Banks want to sell mortgages, car manufacturers want to sell cars, priests want to make the church stronger. Home builders want cheap labor, the republican party wants the White House (geeze, talk about vote whores)..

    Only Alabama passed a law that stated illegals are taking work from our capable work force and we're going to stick up for our own roofers, plumber's helpers, chicken pluckers, dish washers, etc. For one second Alabama was right and the rest of the think tank crowd was shown their total lack of remorse for the poor, bearly making it americans, born here , served here, died there, love it or leave it americans who don't have the money to buy new cars, take out mortgages, vote in mexican politicians, who don't know what a nanny is, who don't buy new carpet, clothes, but will die on any given day to keep the American flag from being burned. How easy it is to laugh at Alabama using civil rights in the 60s as your punch line.

    Most of you wack jobs posting here, love to tie the American Dream to Columbus and our poorly thought out westward movement as a nation. When it comes to anything real you are totally and forever irrelevant. Alabama showed all of America that loyalty means something, that your neighbors will help you, keep them special, that we look out for each other or we die one at a time. People in Alabama know how to be poor. They made a big part of the lesson law. Alabama showed the rest of us how to survive, hold ground, ensure a future for their children, sanely.

    The rest of the population is either a welfare queen, an ivy leaguer laying awake at night over Cocheese, a politician ejaculating to being called El Supremo, a religious leader who hasn't thought that the illegals have religion also. When the illegals are done milking you we can get 10 priests for what you're costing the parish. Unfortunately I must include the guy with 4 kids, out of work, wondering where he's going to get a C note to pay for one of his kid's fillings, in the crowd of those guilty of the sin of omission.

    My children have studied hard, worked hard and have turned out to be good men. No discussion; 41 million "minorities" are not getting in front of my children. This country came close to revolution in 1969. This isn't Viet Nam, this is the taking of my rights and advantages that I have earned over the decades to pass on to my children being taken away by 535 politicians in DC and given to some law breaking illegal just because some rich guy wants his lawn mowed for five bucks. There are 60 million of us locked and loaded, a well regulated militia. You can think about it now or you can have a few seconds while I let my barrel cool down.

    Those of you that are here to trash the US with your evening beer, have gotten used to saying anything about America and getting away with it, remember this; the crap your grandfather told you about how they won the war with the US Army holding your grandfather's coat is BS.

    We are a nation when awakened with a kick are the most destructive force you can imagine. I was there when it took us 4 hours to destroy the Imperial Iranian Navy during "Praying Manthis". We'd have done the job in an hour but we couldn't find the hiding and running cruisers. Screw you and us for getting into Iraq. The point you're missing is that you're all mexicans to us. Gimme, gimme, gimme! The America you haven't met doesn't give a damn what you want, when you want it or what you think about our being invaded by 41 million people or the Quislings in our country that want action from it. You endorse or tread one toe on my property or rights as an american, my childrens lives for a second and you may get to watch that revolution you missed in '69 in that blue funk, after all!

    1. Charles Lozada

      Wooosh! what an irrelevant rant!
      Oh Lordie! that was long! I drank 3 cervezas, reading your dribble.

    2. MickeySpillane

      Chico, it's almost like I paid you to say that. You couldn't have made a better statement to show how much you are not an American in your mind. About 50 pages down is the mexican past time of driving drunk. Every reader here knows of a case personally of a drunk hispanic killing someone with a car.

      You may disagree to serve your own interest but you know that my statements are not irrevevant. I have nothing against hispanics. The sheer numbers make the existance here of migrating hispanics impossible. In my town the US government has set up a clinic to treat migrating mexicans with AIDS. All infected mexicans are coming here as fast as they can get a Maine driver's license. Of course the clinics are oh so quiet. The fourth estate would never admit to their existance. The Marial Boatlift was nothing in comparison, but it strained the public health service so far it gave Reagan an excuse to just open the doors of mental institutions and throw americans in need of care, on the street.

      If you weren't given the seat in college that some american kid studied all through high school to get, you'd know you can't read dribble; drivel, easier to read than swallow. Of course, that's what Cervezas are for, right? You guys with Hispanic Studies degrees should have warned me of your attention span problem. Did reading all of what I wrote set a record for you?

      Come here just like a Finn, a German or anyone else seeking immigration, you'll find America a different place.

    3. bringmeredwine

      Holly Mollie, we're in for it now!!!

    4. S W

      Well put and very passionate. American citizens who love our country are already ready to fight for our country. We will not go down quietly. DON'T TREAD ON ME....535 politicians will NOT

    5. Cubicle32

      Wow! So excited about all the jobs being made available to Americans now: Dishwashing; plucking chickens; feeding sloop to the pigs...heehaw!
      People traveling to America get these jobs until they can do better. Like we all started out in life.
      Problem is the ladder to move-up for Americans has been cut. Not by immigrants, legal or illegal, but by the top 10% who don't want to give-up ANY of the profits. T H E Y W A N T I T A L L .
      So Jethro, stop fighting immigrants over crumbs and go for the real crooks! Multi-international corporations!

  8. MalOdour

    The people in USA and western world should do tours of 3 rd world countries to see how their life style will be affected or just wait a few more years and it will come to them
    They have people living under ground in USA and growing each day.

  9. Imightberiding

    It is so easy to pursue my relatively comfortable cynical, bitter aspirations of becoming a well fed, crotchety old man besmirching kids on the lawn, pants down around their @sses, unable to speak in complete coherent sentences in my own country & then . . . to see once again the lengths that so many others on this planet go to just for a chance of living fractionally as I or my neighbours do.

    Oh to be a wee bit younger & financially free enough to travel again, perhaps my memories of those (exotic to me lands) aren't quite what they are for me as they are for those born there & I would once again be reminded daily of those who struggle for a better life & safety while I (struggle by Canadian standards) live a free happy life.

  10. Mark Cain

    This priest doesn't understand that many of these illegal aliens end up killing Americans at the tune of 12 a day!

    1. Psych3d

      Mark Cain... Satan's troll... you really ARE funny aren't you ;) keep up the stirring in this pot you don't know s*it about.

    2. JOSHUA9731

      says the guy that in his country minors go and kill themselves or go on massacres in schools because they were not accepted or were just bored!

  11. Mark Cain

    I have a great idea.....Get some balls and fix your country like we have.

    1. tomregit

      Congratulations on fixing your country! When was this accomplished? Try not to break it again, and once you fix Iraq try to refrain from fukking up other countries.

    2. Bill Cameron

      Good response tomregit.

    3. Cracker122049

      If Mark Cain thinks this country is fixed he must be under a rock,the one that fell on his head! This country is falling apart at the seams and we are being told how good it is.I'm with Tom!

    4. a_no_n

      it would be a lot easier tofix if American Foreign and drug policies weren't turning the area into a perpetual battlefield.

    5. Psych3d

      Ignorance is bliss, right? I hope you grow some balls and learn to educate yourself...

  12. Mark Cain

    the toughest part of the journey is getting into Mexico, the easy part is entering the United states just to steal everything we worked hard and died for!

    1. Unity

      Who have you died for?

    2. a_no_n mean everything you stole off the people that fought hard and died for it *waves union Jack*

    3. Psych3d

      Lol... I'm on to you now, I thought you were serious just there...

    4. ulelli

      your fourth parent at some point in history crossed a border too

    5. Charles Lozada

      Cain the brother of Abel, says:
      "the easy part is entering the United States just to steal everything "we" worked hard and died for!"
      Verily, verily! Just as the white man stole this land from the natives, the so called Indians!

    6. Alex

      Work hard (with slaves?) and die for ( killing natives?) What kind of world do you live in that you actually think you have made a difference? a matter of fact you are as disposable to america just as jane or joe doe.

  13. Timmy Poo

    Please no fat strippers !

    1. Sergio Bermejo


  14. Chandio

    Money is behind all these crimes.

  15. oQ

    Running for a better life through the tunnels of sex, money, corruption, in order to end up running for a better life once arrived.