Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview

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Humanity has reached a crossroad. Our species, the species of human beings is coming to a place where we are deciding about ourselves. We are making a huge decision about "Who are we?" and "Who do we really choose to be?"

We imagine that the issue is a political issue. Then we say, "Ah, well it must be a financial problem." The problem is not political and it's not financial. And it's also, by the way, not military, ...obviously.

Circumstances don't determine who you are, they reveal who you are. And the world that we live in now, the circumstances are changing so rapidly, that we're being revealed.

There's no such thing as a problem. A problem is essentially a transition. The crises of today is a transition point for humanity.

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview is a documentary exploring the depths of the current human condition and the emergence of a worldview that is recreating our world from the inside out.

Weaving together insights and findings from biology, psychology, network science, systems science, business, culture and media, the film reveals the inner workings of the human experience in the 21st century, urging viewers to step out of the box and challenge their own assumptions about who we really are, and why we do what we do.

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  1. ZarathustraSpeaks

    "Circumstances don’t determine who you are, they reveal who you are"
    If circumstances dont determine who we are, what does? Anything beyond circumstances either implies we are "created" by a being who gives us self determination or we simply evolved into beings that "pull ourselves up by the bootstraps" without parental or societal influence. Pretty good trick either way.

  2. systems1000

    I think that the only way we can begin to stabilize the planet is to get all or most nation to agree to a law that has some teeth,not to import or export jobs.Sure,there will be a lot of this and a lot of that (growing pains) but eventually middle classes will start to form every where.

  3. iluvbeinghuman

    "The beast that bites the tyrants head, becomes the tyrant in his stead." - William Blake

  4. AntiTheist666

    Please tell me where that’s from... It’s lovely ... and true.

  5. anastasius

    What a pile of collectivist drivel!! I can see the river of blood that would result if human beings were forced to deal with one another as many of these "so called" thinkers would have us.

    Collectivism has proved itself to be a failure in every society that forced it on it's people.

    Independent thought and action motivated by personal gain has resulted in societies with higher standard of livings. These people behind this show want to degrade everyone's standard of living. Those who are marginal (in poverty) will face starvation.

    Not one word about credit based money or fractional reserve banking? A total fraud foisted on nearly every nation on this planet that has undermined integrity and thrift by creating gratuitous consumption and debt.

    How sad....

  6. Jacob Davis

    thanks for the comment, now I don't have to say it

  7. Geoffrey Grekin

    Just like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes to be reborn; so too does our society need to be brought at such a desperate state that we as a collective rise again imbued with valued lessons of our past.

  8. The Sage

    Drivel!! is theorizing your (or any corporation, etc.) personal gain is not the cause of poverty and starvation of others.

  9. Susan Ernst

    This was really wonderful to watch. Its so excellent to see someone your age, doing such a wonderful job, saving our precious trees.
    I am very much into knitting,crocheting,weaving &sewing. I do tons of mending,and what can't be mended or salvaged, I turn into old fashioned rag rugs or patchwork quilts. We live in WI, so it gets pretty cold.
    Having four daughters, has given me the opportunity to teach them, these fantastic ways of living .Heck, I've even taught grown men, to crochet.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. Jack Dempsey

    As the old Italian gent in the whorehouse remarked in "Catch 22," 'You have it backwards.' FORCE is what has proven useless. Caring about and seeing our own best interests in those of others---what you call "collectivism"---has always been the force holding this world together day by day: hard to see because it's so obvious, but it's what makes violence and war still THE EXCEPTION to our norms. If you think you can't be an "independent" human being while being part of something greater than yourself, then I wish you the pleasant experiences that will show you that you can.

  11. systems1000

    There are those of us who believe that their gain dose not result in some one elses loss.But the issue is not just gain but rather gain how much, We are living in a finite world thats getting smaller and smaller,a world that will soon have three more billion.If the Titanic gose down then the only thing that a first class cabin will buy you is just a few extra minutes.

  12. Veggamattic

    I really wish shows like this would spend a little more time trying to organize solutions instead or simply giving hundreds of examples of the problems.

  13. Kevin Wallgrove

    The pin prick world view of an alex jones disciple, fully immersed in the vulgar propaganda of the modern libertarian. As the vid said, be the change you want to see, or be a victim. Good luck on your own with your gun and your flatscreen, years worth of food, bunker and AJ on short wave. let us know how that works out for ya.

  14. anastasius

    Collectivism is saying you care about people or the planet, environment etc. while stepping all over their faces. Of course the rules that apply to everyone under collectivism never apply to the rulers. Collectivism is always violent because it results in force when indoctrination fails, as it always does when people are compelled to act against their own self interests.

    How can so few here not see the lust for power and hatred for basic human decency that is the motif of this video?

    Just dealing with the fraud we have as credit based money would lift a massive burden from all humanity. Do you wonder why those in this show don't mention it? Are they that ignorant? Is it corruption as they know who really has the power and want to share in it?

    Change without dealing with credit based money and fractional reserve banking is just blowing smoke out your ass. The people in this show don't give one s*it about humanity. They smell raw naked power and can't get over themselves fast enough for a piece of it.

  15. Philio

    If you have never read William Blake, you are in for a real treat in perspective through prose and art.

  16. AntiTheist666


    Yes we’ve chatted briefly about Blake before, I love him. That particular line escapes me? Go on, put me out of my misery.

  17. Philio

    I'm sure it's "The Grey Monk" last verse.

  18. AntiTheist666


    Thanks, it was lovely to read it again. A sign of some sort perhaps? A Purple Tyrant?

  19. fl260

    Powerful. Thanks for writing this reply, so I don't have to write it.

  20. fl260

    "...Collectivism is always violent because it results in force when indoctrination fails..."

    OK, so you base futur possibilities upon past possibilities? You don't consider emerging properties in the way?
    I'm sure you were that chimp debating we should never leave our trees a couple million years ago.
    You should read some basic science litterature. Not only history.

  21. systems1000

    As long as international slave trading by windfall profiteers gose unchecked,they will continue to keep governments and their people corrupt and off ballance.Unable to get their act together with trade unions and anti-pollution laws and some vivable plan to keep some semblance of equability with in their own borders.Thus the middles class will continue to erode every where,the ranks of dispossess will continue to swell and the Titanic will continue to take on more water.PS-Throw out your life jackets now,they will only prolong your agony.

  22. anastasius

    Who was it that defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results each time?

  23. fl260

    It's funny you're saying that, cause that's exactly your proposition.

  24. Karen Louise Reid

    Thank you for your efforts.

  25. woodland1

    When we can stop killing everything and everyone we have a plan...

  26. woodland1

    In other words. If we had two roads one road that we are on now is death.. The other road is the one we never went down? Some people just have very little brains..

  27. Matiye

    Dear Mr.Joseph ,
    I would like to thank u for this LOVE shown through ur film.
    "The law of attraction is the law of creation.Quatum physists tell us that the entire Universe emerged from thought!.You create your life through your thoughts and the law of attraction, and every single person does the same.It doesn't just work if you know about it.It has always been working in your life and every other person's life throught history.When we become AWARE of this great law, then we become AWARE of how incredibily powerful we are, to be able to THINK our life into existence."

  28. Philio

    Benjamin Franklin

  29. manfruss

    Actually, you'll notice that the debt based money system isn't the point of this doc. There are plenty of others, check out Zeitgeist, and a whole slew of other shows that will tackle the issue of money. I'll point this out. Money is just a tool, it's not the problem. How we use the tool is the problem. Hating money isn't an answer. Finding ways to promote compassion for others is.

  30. Matt Kukowski

    If ($people != 'change') $doomed = true;
    else $change = true;

  31. AntiTheist666

    I thought it was Einstein?

  32. Philio

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    This and variations on it have been attributed to various different sources, including Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, an old Chinese proverb, Rita Mae Brown, Mark Silber, Philip Mangano and in the Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous.

    Any of the above mentioned qualify but either Franklin or old Chinese proverb could be first.

  33. David Ewer

    Watched the first half and it's great - more tomorrow :)

  34. systems1000

    what are yo talking about?

  35. henrymart81

    Ugh, another video with Peter Joseph. Had to turn it off at that point. Next!

  36. David Ewer

    Excellent film with a crucial message of cooperation instead of competition and that what we think will make the future.
    Big change is coming and it's everyone's duty to wake up and work towards a society that emphasises our interconnectedness with everything.
    There isn't much time left if we want to save all life on this amazing planet.

  37. David Ewer

    Peter Joseph is a fine man that works for the good of all life on Earth. Your comment merely shows how far you have to go to wake up my sad friend.

  38. systems1000

    Hitler pulled him self up by his own bootstraps,din,t he? How are you any diffrent?

  39. Anthony Garcia

    This is incredible

  40. Wisam

    People whos watching these sort of big meaning documentaries should be gathered in some how through specific website or something , so we can all be one hand, because we can not just talk about it, we need to take step towards it eventually ,,

  41. Dar

    Okay I'll be direct here.. I FREAKING LOVED IT
    This seriously changed my view about so many things and it was so damn beautiful. *slow clapping in the distance*

  42. DustUp

    Who do you know that is like the persons that are described as needing to get beyond? The greedy ego maniacs that desire to consume and shop blah blah blah? I don't know these people. Some exist for sure but these are the few. The BS trick of manipulation is to make you believe they are the majority so you all must be made to conform to a new system; for your own good of course.

    In this "wonderful better world" who determines what I have to work towards? with those others that I am promised to get more satisfaction in accomplishing things together with? Truly as another pointed out:

    The tyrant is dead, long live the new tyrant.

    We live in an Asch experiment where no actual comparisons are given, just the wrong premise and pseudo information which is indoctrination perpetrated by the so called education system.

    Who gains most from the new "better" system? If I must cooperate. What happens if I work at home in my time off on something much better? Can cooperation tolerate such competition?

    Lots of lies. The elites are driving, spending, manipulating, propagandizing us towards this old collectivist system world wide to benefit themselves at our expense. What happens when the goal is getting rid of wasteful competition? You get wasteful and inefficient cooperation dictated by those at the top. You get massive cronyism and payola which edges out small biz in favor of the elites big biz to supply all your needs. The very thing that you are supposed to be leaving behind which the socialists have been indoctrinated into believing is the problem with capitalism when in reality it has been incrementally increasing crony collectivism. Your cooperating will be to work together as slaves for "the greater good" of the elites who pretend to be helping you sheeple.

    The best example of what they promote is the old Soviet Union. If they were truly honest they would point to it and say this is what we believe in. We tell you what to do and you "cooperate."

    Of course there are problems. The media and schools spewing out false information, creating indoctrinated ego maniacs who cannot tell the truth from fiction to the extent a red light looks green. They demand the few that can see through them to be silenced. If you can see that the Stalins, Churchills, and Woodrow Wilsons of the world are the problem, they desire you to be silenced. Without those criminals and those before them, Hitler would not have emerged. No, don't think, shut up and cooperate ...or else!

    TV spewing false information, fake news, is not the problem. The zombies failing to turn it off are the problem. Instead they suck it up like an ape on a banana. Drugs are not the problem, those who choose to take them are the problem. The massive overdose of today is TV and corrupt media owned by just a handful of families who cooperate towards the collectivist utopia of the archaic Soviet ...nirvana for the power hungry elite.

    Marxism is dead, long live the new ...Marxism. If they were honest they would be telling you that. Oops, "you must lie to advance such a concept for the people would never accept such a scheme if you were honest about your goals and their effects."

    Which small biz doesn't cooperate with many others? It is the large corporations owned by the elite which desire the collectivist system and for you to have no other choice but to work for them. If you believe you are cooperating, all the better.

    Who funded this video?

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