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Cry of the Snow Lion

2002, History  -   17 Comments
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Cry of the Snow LionTen years in the making, this award-winning feature-length documentary was filmed during nine journeys throughout Tibet, India and Nepal. Cry of the Snow Lion brings audiences to the long-forbidden rooftop of the world with an unprecedented richness of imagery... from rarely-seen rituals in remote monasteries, to horse races with Khamba warriors; from brothels and slums in the holy city of Lhasa, to magnificent Himalayan peaks still traveled by nomadic yak caravans.

The dark secrets of Tibet's recent past are powerfully chronicled through personal stories and interviews, and a collection of undercover and archival images never before assembled in one film. A definitive exploration of a legendary subject, Cry of the Snow Lion is an epic story of courage and compassion.

Tibetans have a tremendous body of spiritual knowledge, a spiritual technology if you will, that is an immense gift to human learning. They have preserved in their monastic universities a vast corpus of learning and understanding about the nature of consciousness, the structure of the human mind, that western science is just beginning to comprehend.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Gitta

    Most everyone knows that the ancient border between Nepal and India didn't exist as it does now, set firmly on the map. Back then (~560BCE) borders were more fluid, so it shouldn't be upsetting if people today get confused over it. At one time Lumbini was in India, but now it's in modern day Nepal. Both nations can claim their ancient heritage as citizens of great and noble Buddhist countries.
    Om mani peme hung! _()_

  2. siru

    why dont they talk about bhutanese ,why they poltice about tibet ?bhutanese is why secret .......china is going to world no.1 economice ?******* westain......

    1. Mo?an Insan

      Why should they talk about bhutanese people? Is there something wrong about talkin about tibetans? If you are chinese, try to do something about this situation and do not be an id*ot. China is already americanised and it has nothing to do with the tibet, and this documentary has a lot to do with insanity of chinese comunism. If you are justifying this what's happening in tibet, you are not worth of wasteing words on.

  3. TimG

    I used to feel very bad for how the Chinese were treated by the Japanese during WWII, but so much anymore...

  4. Luke124

    The seeds of cruelty exist in all humans. The Chinese suffered unspeakable humiliation and genocide at the hands of the Japanese (14 million killed in the 1930's-40's, at least 9 million civilians). But they are also capable of great heartlessness and self-delusion, as documented here. The same thing is true of the Jews, the Americans and every other race. The highest ideals and the basest selfishness coexist in all of us. Each person must decide which seeds he will water, and which he will allow to lie fallow. That is the practice that the Dalai Lama exemplifies, and the reason he is loved and respected all over the world. No amount of propaganda or spin can convince us to doubt the evidence of our own hearts.

  5. Colin

    "if tibetans were so miserably treated under the dalai lamas i dont know why the people would have so much love for them."

    You could ask yourself the same question about Kim Jong Il in North Korea, and the mass amounts of impoverished, and dying people that daily praise their "glorious leader".
    Human beings are capable of incredible self delusion, especially when they're born into circumstances that exploit that fact.

  6. Rejak Maharjan

    The people who made this documentary I think hadn´t done much research about the BUDDHISM.For your kind information Buddha was born in NEPAL NOT IN INDIA.So be sure that informtion which you are sharing in this documentary is true.Now I started to doubt that all information in this documentary is true or not.Once again,the birth place of Buddha is Lumbini,Nepal NOT India.IF you don´t believe me check Google.I am Nepali.

    1. Susan Hopkinson

      Calm down Rejak - be a Buddha! There was no such thing as "Nepal" or "India" when Siddhartha Gautama was born. The nature of everything is emptiness. Om Shanti

    2. siru

      truth is truth .....dont hiden!!

    3. siru

      why they dont make documentry about bhutenes ........all are poltice china is over take the usa than they make issue about chaina ?why they dont want to talk about bhutanese ........if they are buddha not need country? poor bhutanese people living nepal for long time .......same condation ............

    4. siru

      i rally thanks nepalese people ! even they living poor condation but they give a selter bhutanese and chinese !they are belive buddha not dalai lama he is a bad person!! usa

    5. MIGMAR

      its humanity

  7. tenzin

    "lolwut" ok wat u said abt tibet being totalitarian and theocracy i would agree in the what it means. but the 14th dalai lama had to become the leader at age of 15 because china invaded and he had to be the leader at young age. He was suppose to take the place at age of 18 after his education etc is complete. And y would the people love him today and treat him god like if he was bad? what u said doesnt make sense? and y would people want him to return. And the CIA thing. well that was president Eisenhower's idea. Dalai lama wrote letter to INDIA even visted them and asked UK for help and stop the invasion. but the only one against COMMUNISM was U.S. with red scare and stuff. the U.S solution was CIA to train few tibetan soldiers in colarado to match the terrain. Dalai Lama fled so his people dont die because they would give up their lives to protect him because China already created a reputation of killing tibetan from the north. and it was better to have some power in Exile.

  8. dyenamo

    "The business community would lead you to believe that trade, in and of itself, and economic development bring democracy. What builds democracy is human freedom, civil society, free and independent trade unions, and not money. The PLA not only suppresses it's own people, but it suppresses the people of Tibet and we are directly subsidizing that repression. We have raised capital for the PLA on wall street. Mao must be just sort of laughing in his grave." Where is the outrage?

  9. Rabin Sapkota

    What nonsense !!! Buddha was born in Nepal . Please visit UNESCO (United Nation Educational Social Cultural organization) Web-Site to conform it if you are confused or dont know but dont make documents without in depth research.

  10. lolwut

    There are several important points to keep in mind about the Tibet issue. Are China's past and present policies towards Tibetans shameful and evil? Yes. However, do not forget that Tibet was a totalitarian theocracy prior to the invasion of the PRC. The people were poor, illiterate, and had miserable standards of living under the boot of the Dalai Lama. I'm willing to agree that Tibetans should be free to determine their own future, but the Dalai Lama's regime was not democratic self-determination... it was tyranny plain and simple. The situation is no better for them today, but the past was not so glorious either.

    I'll give the Dalai Lama credit for not resorting to terrorism as is the popular trend today, though he was surely aware and supportive of the CIA's operations in the 60s. However, I'm wary of painting the man as the saint he would have us believe. He mentions Jefferson and Lincoln a speech in the video, but Tenzin Gyatso does NOT truly represent their ideals.

    The only independence/autonomy movement I can support in good conscience is one that explicitly includes all religious leaders, including the Dalai Lama, abdicating all political power and submitting to a democratically elected government of the people.

  11. kaz

    this is just so shocking. i always knew and heard about the suppression of tibet by china, but i never realised the cruel extent this suppression was occurring at, or still is. only out of the darkest corners of the human spirit can such the torture and genocide and cultural erasing emerge from. but what find most outrageous and disgusting is the chinese government's refusal to admit to even the slighest fraction of their part in this.