Crystal Skull Legend

2008, Mystery  -   53 Comments

Legend of the Crystal Skulls explores the truth behind the real life icon inspiring the latest Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. Whilst the movie features a crystal skull created by extraterrestrials, not everything is fiction.

Real crystal skulls do exist. Museums in London, Washington and Paris each have one. But the most famous skull of them all, 'The Skull of Doom', is the subject of an incredible treasure tale.

This documentary traces the buccaneering explorer called Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, and his adopted daughter, Anna, and reveals their story of discovering the Skull of Doom in a Mayan temple in the 1920s.

But is this skull and others owned by the world's great museums truly sacred Mayan or Aztec artifacts, or one of archeology's greatest frauds? Definitive new scientific tests will unravel the truth.

Ratings: 6.67/10from 12 users.

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  1. claire

    i knew she was lying why cant people be honest - its disgusting she perpetuated this lie why did she do it ???

  2. mrmarcvus10

    LOL this documentary was hilarious watching the so called psychic make a fool of herself such moments are golden... I wonder when the new age people will be proclaiming the great mysteries of the great crystal Mr Hanky...

    1. Kat

      oh really

  3. Richie Rich

    I believe the skulls are genuine. Our ancestors and extraterrestrials had better technology than we can imagine. For reference watch Ancient Aliens documentary on Youtube. It's from 2011 with the last information about ancient civilisations.

    1. urban deadite

      no our Ancestors did NOT have better technology its just that there technology was different to ours, example -

      for over ONE and a Half MILLION years Hominids had been working with stone so after all that time and your MAIN material you work with being stone and of having built Buildings for thousands of years before the first cities in 8000BCE, you will have awesome knowledge of Stone Masonry.


      It goes both ways

      The tech we have gained now from farming to meta materials they could not do, see a pattern in Tech evolution and loss forming?

      We as a species have lost so much tech that is of no longer of use to us its called Evolving and changing technology oooo how mysterious, odd thing is that NO ONE ever mentions the C16thCE Pig Rearing techniques that have been lost or even certain C18thCE PAINT we do not know how was made, why is that do you think?.

      By the time of the Sumerian City States/Ancient Egypt/ Dara Happen/ Longshan Cultures were around TRADE had been around for TENS of thousands of years and cities also Thousands of years they did not just 'appear'.

      Why is it NON of these peoples recorded what the other people had???? why did no Trader or Jealous King of another nation ever mention these 'super tech'?

      As you will know from studying the period Rulers of the time Boasted and Bragged how powerful and rich they were, but no mention of super tech. It goes against all we know of Ancient Peoples.

      How come when these places were conquered the Victorios Armies NEVER mention any of this even though they recorded things like 600 bolts of cloth and 3,000 sandles and 40 weight of Incense captured as booty as well as Chariots, complex bows etc.

      Most of these comments are based on Belief not evidence.

      Crystal Skulls HAVE been proved to be awesome but hoaxes as what they are supposed to be unless you have studied them in an Academic and Scientific way to disprove what i am saying , without that it is Faith and opinions which 'prove' it and with both of those the truth becomes very fluid.

  4. Chris Clyne

    Pretty good doc, of a buncha crackpots!

  5. aaron curtis

    I think i just saw this doc on NGC, from the comments it sounds similar. So here is an interesting point the doubters of any form of ancient technology seem to miss, explicitly shown and stated in this doc...on the silicon casting comparison of the two skulls, old and modern, the recent had obvious tool marks, even with modern tools. The original is far smoother, and shows little to no sign of tool marks. According to the narration, the fact that the newer one is lower quality, the original is higher quality, is proof that it was a modern creation???? I guess that sums up the Faith some people have in the preachings of a modern "scientist". As for the many comments on this and other doc pages against "new ager" crystal believers and their ilk...they are the ones who are relying on Observation, and Experience, and devloping a system based on observation, which is Actually Science...not having faith in the twisted logic of others.

  6. stevethedoctor1

    for get the skulls, its bill ho-mann, how can he have such a cool name and a super 70's porn tash all in one. legend in his own. just how did he do it?

  7. Willy/Will

    Before I go on, I have my doubts about this Crystal Skull. But this documentary and especially the Narrator repeatedly says Ancient Civs won't harness such technology i.e. a cutting device. Well, that's a false and fraudulent statement right there. There is an abundant of evidence to support that Ancient Civ's did in fact occupy cutting tools. There is also knowledge Ancients around the world harnessed knowledge on Iron Smelting and also ELECTRICITY. The Band of Peace has 100's of evidence, just look at the Great Pyramid, the bedrock has strange straight lines cut onto the face of the rock, exactly the same as a Still-Saw would leave. Does this mean the Pyramids were constructed after the 50's when we discovered these technologies?

    The way in which this Doc tries to depict this whole mystery down to the conclusion that the Skulls must've been constructed in our times merely due to the technology used, being to advanced for Ancient cultures, how arrogant does that sound? The whole documentary seems to portray bias.

    The Ancients harnessed and knew things about our whole world and Universe, about consciousness state of mind, constellations and construction. The knew the big picture and to rip them open like this narrator did and say they "just couldn't do this" is wrong.

    Rant over.

    1. Samual Heightt

      I Agree. I Just Recently Watched A Documentary Showing That Egyptians Created 12V (I'm Pretty Sure) Using Just A Clay Jar And A Copper Pipe With Iron Running Down The Middle Into Water. I Also Believe That The Ancients Knew Things About The Universe And Whole World That We Have Forgotten In Out New "Modern Day" Society!

    2. Richie Rich

      I ve seen it too. Its called Baghdad Battery.



    1. Jose Manuel Ataide

      Eheheheheh... ironic! A green E.T. saying that the documentary is a LIE xD Very funny, too. LMAO

  9. tanzanos

    The skull of doom is a fake and all those new age crystal healing believers are delusional!

  10. Gordy Scot

    It all comes down to : Did the people of long ago have the wheel , long before ever thought?
    If that is accepted as a possibility then all manner of cutters, polishers, movers, become a possibility.
    If it is a "NO", then it will remain a historical mystery!
    Wheel/ gear, etc= modern man?

    1. Jose Manuel Ataide

      The "Advanced civilization" is still the best theory (in my opinion, the one who makes sense) and it covers a hand full of doubts and/or mysteries. In fact, I can't imagine any other answer for the Crystal Skull (that is, IF this object is for real and as old as they claim), the pyramids around the world, particularly the Great Pyramid, the Nazca lines and so on. It's not a matter of how many people did or built these things. Take the great pyramid, for example. We're talking about something that modern technology can NOT duplicate and this is, unfortunately, the only thing we know for sure.

  11. james

    Yes,like any great magic trick,the secret is its power.once revealed,we feel cheated and let down because the myth is always better.Helluva good con,tho!Don't you agree?P.T. Barnum would have been proud.

  12. Paul

    Good documentary, I am disappointed they are not real and this highlights and exposes another fraud to become wealthy and famous, no doubt they are fakes, made by good modern day 19th and 20th century artist and no different to present day Palestine where archeology fakes are still being produced and declared to try and convince the world that the Hebrew Bible stories are true, when no prove has ever been found to date after decades of least Mexico has not lost these treasures to the West if they do exist to be found.
    All crystals resonate, try staying in a room full of crystals.

  13. Josef Bloe

    the bottom line is ... unless any of us were there, anything less would be mere speculation and or educated guess

  14. tocs

    haha dude, what is that assumption based on?

  15. eetwo

    I think it would be great if we discovered these were prototypes of the human skull from our creators, or, overlords.
    However they are probably just a hoax created by the person who discovered them.

  16. Jupiter

    Summary and reaction: The skulls were most likely made in modern time according to tool-mark analysis. But, they were not without a doubt made in modern time, as the documentary would have us believe. There is still the remote possibility of much earlier origin.

    However, I find it unreasonable to trust the word of *one* woman. If you believe her, you might aswell believe some random person claiming that the movie Avatar is a documentary from a real place.

    Personally, based on this documentary, I see no reason to doubt that the skulls were made in modern time.

  17. DREAMA

    I know these skulls are fake, but I do no doubt the Mythology of the 13 Skulls.

  18. Peter Clark

    Sorry but theirs no need to be a d@#$ about it, I don't believe in magic or hocus pocus c@#$, but we have not the foggiest realistic idea how classical civilizations lived their life's, they may have had tools to create such equipment.

    I think that the skulls may have had a older origin but whether its on this planet or another is another topic, but I do believe that they had a older origin and I refuse to believe the bull shit that the humans had no technology to create such beautiful pieces of art. As in most countries we have evidence of old technology including stone henge and the pyramids. x

  19. Hubert

    Oh my goodness!
    That must mean, Atlantis is in Madagascar!
    Haha.. how can you refute everything for the option that provides no evidence whatsoever.. silly people.

  20. Dodgy

    That's a bit silly to say - the neighbors of the Aztecs used this method so let's compare it against that - if you don't know how the Aztecs did it, why assume they had to do what others did. Seems like reaching for straws. If you go to my neighbor's house and see what they craft it does not mean I do it exactly the same. Just because they don't find a machine doesn't mean it didn't exist.

    We only have widespread boxes of lightbulbs and lamps available because we have manufacturers. Why would ancient toolers, especially artists have someone manufacturing their tools for the people around them so that we would find multiples of them. So, if you didn't find a tool yet - it didn't exist eh, falling back to the neighbor's tool seems strange to me.

    Meh, they are the experts in that field but I don't see the logic in that testing they did because everything a person uses may not be found x years later, some things decompose and some may have been on the person that died distant from their village and there may not have been 50 of that tool laying around the settlement if it were fashioned for one person. You can say 1000 years from now that my generation only used plastic diapers if that's all you find but my butt was in cloth diapers at some point.

    I'm a skeptic of the skeptics lol Never heard of this crystal skull stuff previously and I have no real opinion after this - just wanted to comment about that testing.

  21. lazibonz

    thanks vlatko for the good works

  22. Joseph

    Maybe Mexico was the supercivilization and modern Mexicans have their ancestors blood running thru them. The skulls should be returned to Mexico. Why are many of us Europeans so racist, that whenever anything amazing is found in a country where people of color are, there has to be UFO/paranormal/extraterrestrial nonsense involved?

  23. digger of Truth

    Is it possible that the ancient crystal skulls are superconductors? Have they been tested to see if they contain info as the modern crystal superconductors do. Very curious to see if they contain this! Either way, it makes for a good book idea!

  24. Olu

    That Anna, what an old fart she was!

  25. oscar

    @ sunny
    poleshifts, if there was a supercivilisation, the remains would be under the sea, in the sahara or antartica or places we would never even think of setting foot

  26. debunker

    The photographic evidence from that book was enough to settle the debate. Alot of what if's ?, amongst the comments and in the doco, just leads me to believe that people are denying the evidence and fabracating the truth with fiction to ease their disappointment.

  27. adam charpentier

    I would have to agree with Joe and Peter also. I just finish watching the Pyramid Code on here and they couldn't even explain the way some of the things were built and why,so how do they know that they didn't have the technology and tools to cut and carve the skulls. Many different types of tools can have the same cutting pattern. If you're a disbeliever you will go into the research of trying to debunk instead of trying to find the truth. Plus the legend says that the 13 skulls weren't made by man but they didn't take that into consideration and researched more on the legend.

  28. natasha rose

    I agree with Joe and Peter, the entire point of a documentry is to expand the mind.
    This sort of documentry simply narrows it, there was so much left unsaid, and the conclusive ending totally biased.

  29. Joe

    Debunking Rubbish. I am sick of these documentries that are made by NG and discovery channel, every one starts out as what we know as the story and the programs agree and pulls you in then they slowly change your mind and at the end they say its a fraud.
    The fact is HP examined this and found no markings what so ever.

    I have watched how they claim the pyramids were made with ramps round them which is utter rubbish as I am an expert builder and know that we cant even build them now, wecould build them but not with the chambers so we could build a solid pyranid then cut out the tunnels and chambers, the mathamatic involved any other way are beyond us, so I believe that the pyramids were built then chambers cut by some type of laser tool.

    I watched a program yesterday on discovery that says after 30 years of listening that seti have not received any messages which is so so false.
    So Ive decided that the Discovery channel and NG are the fox news of history and believe the opposite that they say as they just debunk every subject they look into whether its Jesus or Nasa.

  30. Peter Clark

    Also if the origins of the skull where extraterrestrial, then how can we suggest that the technology was not available, and also the skulls have been tampered with over the years and impurities could have been a result of these, also they must have travelled long distances if they started in the ancient continent of Atlantis (from what I've gathered), so to be honest the whole Theory of the Skulls origin is in a sense un-falsifiable, but I think its really interesting.

  31. Peter Clark

    I don't like this documentary, its so biased and totally counts out the theory, I find this disgusting, we have had quartz cutting materials for thousands of year, the Clovis point was made of obsidian and was cut with geometric precision and used by the Paleaoamericans so how can we count out the skulls validity, but on the other hand I do agree that the British and French skulls were fake because of there Quartz impurities (I could be biased due to the fact I am a Geology student), but we cannot be certain about the other two especially the Skull of doom, also how can we arrogantly suggest older civilisations did not have accurate precision with cutting, there has been so many structures made my classical civilisations that have baffled us even to this day, there strict lifestyles and disciplines are beyond our own imagination, so we must open our minds to alternative theory's.

  32. sal

    how can they create this 3500 years ago!!!! what a hoax

  33. Carl Hendershot

    LOL Linsay.

  34. DC Resident

    My only issue is that all these "professionals" have never tried carving crystal themselves. Sure they can point out tool marks on large surfaces of the objects but griding wheels and abrasives can't explain the DEEP internal carvings. Who knows what really happened but this film doesn't answer the really deep technological questions. There weren't any Dremel tools in the 20's.

  35. mike


  36. Lindsay

    Stupid lying c**t.

  37. Carl Hendershot

    Seriously interesting though. Blood test her and her so called father. Im thinking they were brother and sister. They have the same exact droopy eyes, do they not? LMAO good story.

  38. Amber

    Wait... how is proving that a modern tool prove that they are fakes? Didn't they begin the documentary by saying the Mayan's believe the skulls came from ancient aliens? It's not fair to say she is lying.

  39. Charles B.

    I do believe ancient civilizations were just as advanced as we are now (well, perhaps differently highly advanced), but either way, what a horrible waste of beautiful crystal!

  40. Joshua

    I am so disappointed and bummed out. I relay did not see that coming.

  41. stone wall

    try to check out stories like HANGAR 18, ROSWELL, UNDERGROUND BASES, etc.. as time passes by, more and more people are coming out in the open to testify what they knew about extraterrestrials and facts are being laid out.....some have died on telling the truth,it is no doubt that WE ARE NOT ALONE.....

  42. leah foster

    What a wicked lady. Lying about what she had found and knowing people were believing and apparently making idiots out of themselves... for what? MONEY!
    shameful. i wish she was alive now so she could answer a few more questions!!

  43. James Hunt

    I wonder was that medium Lady ever used by the police force again ? lol

    Its a shame all religions could not be put under that microscope, then they would be proved a fraud also!

  44. Linda McGuigan

    I loved watching this, as I have allway's had an interest in the skull's. Now I have to believe this is just another faerie tale regarding ancient artifacts as a lot of counterfiting, went on around the time Anna said she found it.
    All in all a very good documentry

    Linda, ;-*

  45. sunny

    I think it was as open minded as it could be. If there was a more advanced civilization that came way before us why would it develop the exact same tools we have developed in the modern era and thus leave the same marks? We find evidence of ancient civilizations that collapsed thousands of years ago yet not of a 'super' civilization..why?

  46. mr doglogs

    could a pre-history civilisation have made them?
    is it possible that we are not the most technologically advanced civilisation to have ever existed on the earth?
    it would certainly be arrogant and narrow minded to think not.
    a truly objective documentary should be more open minded than this.