Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America

Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America

2011, Conspiracy  -   73 Comments
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The anti-capitalist principles of Karl Marx are alive and thriving in the United States. That's the opening premise of the documentary Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America, an intriguing examination of the vast divides which exist in modern western society. In the film's estimation, these chasms were created by the infiltration of Marxist ideals into the cultural fabric of the U.S., thus resulting in the erosion of traditionalist, Christian values which have long defined the character of the country.

The film speaks to an audience that has been soured by the direction of the country in recent decades, and who long for a return to a way of life that last dominated prior to the sexual revolution of the 1960s. The filmmakers believe that's the period in history when the culture first began to reject the values of prior generations, and thereby ushered in a pervasive anti-establishment movement. This new way of thinking was primarily driven by America's susceptible youth.

Aided by a panel of interview subjects including former presidential candidates Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, the film attempts to unspool the means by which this revolt was made possible. It places a significant part of the blame firmly at the doorstep of the "Frankfurt School", and Marxist theorist/professor Antonio Gramsci. He believed that a de-Christianization of the west was in order, and could only be achieved through a patient infiltration of its most treasured institutions.

According to the viewpoints presented in the film, evidence of his mission's success can be found in the destruction of the family unit, the marginalization of religion, and wildly disintegrating sexual morality. Once these fundamentals are violated, all other aspects of a functioning society are made vulnerable as well, including the country's military power, banking systems, protections for gun ownership and the sanctity of the constitution itself.

Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America casts a disparaging eye on this era of political correctness, and those on the left who - in the film's view - work to propagate it. In keeping with its characterization of a deeply splintered society, the film is likely to divide audiences of differing political persuasions. Regardless, it offers a perspective that is cleanly presented and thoroughly articulated.

Directed by: James Jaeger

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73 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Luís

    Just for you to know, capitalism is also a jewish ideology; so they use both capitalism and communism to divide and conquer nations and people, and to keep people eternally distracted with the illusion of opposites.
    It's this west vs east based on capitalism vs communism illusion that the jewish luciferian cabalists re gradually building a global dictatorship, which they call a "Universal republic".

    1. Georges Dubuis

      In the name od the farher & son who rappe each other on the 8 th day, abuse is their essence in all sort of directions

  2. James Jaeger

    Thank you for watching and commenting on my film, CULTURAL MARXISM - The Corruption of America. If you want more information, check out my other 9 documentaries -- James Jaeger, Producer/Director

  3. Joe

    "Congress shall make no law" has been perverted into teenage football players shall not say a prayer before a game, and mayors cannot put up a creche to celebrate Christmas. Our founders made a mistake in not establishing safeguards to make sure that the Supreme Court could not pervert the very words enshrined in our Constitution.

  4. fff

    Video is really good except the author mixed up that Europeans drive on the right sidecars only UK and Ireland do , but the rest of Europe drive same as Americans on the left

  5. Jay

    According to the Black Book on Communism, close to 100 million people were enthused by the marxist promises of economic welfare and all they found was oppression, hunger and death. Just think, when you went to college you did not know a thing about socioeconomics, but your professors were perfecting their deceiving tolls to ambush you. I was deceived in college too, but pay close attention to the tactics detailed in this film: they want totalitarian government, the only thing in the way is the 2nd amendment. Close to us was the EPA of Obama, he gave them power to take your property under the guise of protecting the habitat of a bird (Waters of the USA), fines of 70,000 a day, you will lose your property in days, no time for lawyering. It's your decision, open your eyes, political correctness means giving up your right of opinion to the oppressive academics.

  6. Bob Farley

    "These chasms were created by the infiltration of Marxist ideals into the cultural fabric of the US." What a bunch of BS. Perhaps the average American citizen is getting tired of the oppressive regime and greed of Capitalism. And speaking of infiltration, Americans have been "infiltrating" countries all over the world in the smug belief their system is without scrutiny. And your so-called Christian values??? If Jesus was real and returned to planet Earth to-day, the first place he'd be kicking butt is the USA. This film is laughable.

    1. Steve

      Freedom is not laughable

    2. jimbo tiger

      Where is anyone being oppressed, unless you think freedom is the ultimate form of oppression because it is then self-evident that your failures and successes are overwhelming dependent on your own personal life choices. I understand there's a lot of responsibility but that's what freedom means freedom does not mean being taken care of by the state especially when giving the power to the state to be your main source of income or in a relationship with the government that would result in your immediate if all of a sudden there was a crash or if the state actually did turn oppresso and start enslaving people you know I don't know if you're aware but the abolishment slavery is the unique thing not the fact that there was slavery. There are more slaves in the world right now than at any point in world history one in every 200 people on this planet are slaves that's not happening in the West.

    3. David Kahn

      I would be willing to bet that you have never spent a year in any third-world or socialist country in your life.

  7. Jessica

    This film is propaganda that has been running around for decades. If you follow it through, the fear of cultural Marxism, it will lead you to an updated anti postmodernist/neo Marxist known as Jordan Peterson. Congratulations you have made contact with the roots of that diaster.

    1. Michael Lorenzo

      Oh no, people will be told to clean their room!

    2. MetalMaster

      You dont know Jordan Peterson then cause he is not no neo-marxist.

    3. Chris

      No This Would Be The Feminist Cancer View Of Marxism. Diversity More Valuable Than Actual Skill For Working, We Are All Exactly The Same But Also We Need Diversity...The Ironic Simplistic Stupid View.

    4. Don Grinde

      So true you can't accept truth.

    5. Vitt

      You're living in a huge world of denial Jessica.

    6. Harold

      This film is basically a documentary but basically Jordan Peterson is pointing out where Cultural Marxism has led and leading us. Funny that the left, including the intellectuals, are avoiding debating Peterson because every time they do he shows them for what they are

    7. Jay

      ...and what do you make of the 30 million or so Russians that lost their lives at the hands of Lenin, Stalin?...the 50 million at the hands of Mao?...3 millions by the Khmer Rouge, Cuba, Angola, South Africa, Viet Nam, North Korea, etc...we are more discerning today, that's the purpose of History.

    8. John

      Lol Jessica is just pissed because she paid $80k for her gender studies degree and cant handle the fact that this video speaks truth. A lot of good that degree was worth since you can't even spell "disaster". I feel for you though Jessica. Once you are cast aside as a useful idiot by your own democratic party we will welcome you open arms once you realize you've been conned since childhood into thinking this way.

    9. David Kahn

      Well Jessica why don't you explain how socialism is so much better than free enterprise and a constitutional republic? Which socialist country is your model? Venezuala? Cuba? Soviet Union? Communist China where Uygur slaves are manufacturing your clothes? Where political enemies become live organ donors? Where all Christian and Falon Gong people are persecuted? Well which is it? Or, is it going to be done right the next time?

    10. David Dieni

      Peterson is a vile loathsome creature. You are talking to children, not functioning adults, something I have become aware of after 20 years of activism. Immature personality disorder is about to be listed in the DSM, while University studies are linking this phenomenon to capitalism.

      The Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult and the Figure of Kidult

      "The propensity of a capitalism - which is no longer productive -
      to shape new clienteles and imaginary pseudo-needs (Debord, 1967) may
      therefore be connected to the gradual creation by the market itself of a
      new social figure: the infantilist adult or, as recently named in the
      American scientific production, the kidult. This figure is an archetype of
      an encouraged regression, to facilitate the promotion of goods which are
      only apparently addressed to young people and children. But why opt for
      a regression toward youth or even infantile ages?"

      Jacopo Bernardini – Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD in Social and Political Theory and
      Research, Department of Political Sciences,

    11. Tony

      Lenin called your types "Useful idiots"!

  8. Alfredo Limia

    the Jews

  9. john

    DOWN WITH TRUMP, the Republican party, the Alt-Right, & the traditional Right. Horrible human beings, devoid of empathy!

    1. Joann

      None of this stuff in the documentary has anything to do with Trump, it is before Trump and he is not a fan of Marxist ideology bu the way.

    2. Don Grinde

      You are so lost their is no hope.

    3. Jay

      A pathetic exhibition of "tolerance".

    4. Steve

      You must be on the lying side of politics John

  10. Lobo

    Rather than "going back" to the values of the Fifties, I propose that we evolve FORWARD to new values, to match our 21st century evolution of technology, science, and knowledge. A new way of living socially, a new way of operating our economics, and a new way of cooperating with each other as citizens, cities, states, and countries, instead of competing against each other for dwindling resources. We need to evolve our society into something like that demonstrated by Jacques Fresco's Venus Project. Only then can we end all the misery we have managed to create in our world.

    1. Vitt

      Cultural Marxism is being heavily used on the American people to divide us all against one another. That's what its end goal is, and it is far from "new".

      Also, the Venus Project is really just communism with a pretty name and will never work. The experiment where you give people what they need to survive so that they can thrive and produce what they truly desire... yeah, it doesn't work. We do that here in America, and next to none of those people are doing anything other than watching TV.

      The other side of if that is pointless, is that changing from a currency base economic system to a resource based, still leaves you with the same problem. Those that controlled the currency, will just move to control the resources... Hell, they already do.

  11. Peter

    this movie is spot on

    I cannot believe that it was made years ago and outlined the methods utilized to destroy America.

    * discrediting Christianity
    * destruction of the family unit
    * increasing debts beyond any possibility of repayment
    * promotion of anti-white (mostly male) sentiments
    * utilizing past social crimes to create social upheaval.
    * promotion of open borders to cause chaos and add financial burden to state and country
    * spending beyond any measures and taxing citizens to pay interest to bankers

    If you do not consider yourself a slave to the system , you have not done enough research

    God Bless America, we will need it

  12. Aqua Fyre

    Marx was the laziest C*NT in London.
    His wife did all the work & he hated being thought of as a JEW.
    Marx also had late stage syphilis which effected his ability to think.
    He also suffered from a narcissistic condition called the 'Dunning Kruger Effect.

    1. Jessica

      This is very laughable

  13. Man of Spirit

    Listening to people say this documentary was simple or factually inaccurate are either disinformation bots or are dangerously uneducated. The latter is most likely considering the very essence of the actuality the documentary asserts is the very reason idiots cannot fathom it. Everything within this documentary perfectly illustrated 15 years of my own research into the last 125 years of history. To the creator of this video, bravo. To those that are naysayers, wake up or continue to capitulate to the fall of the free world.

    1. Jessica

      Reading the Bible is not considered historical research. This film is based off known propagandistic tropes.

    2. David Dieni

      Indoctrinated and infantile
      We swallow every insane lie,
      As denial, blind hope and optimism,
      Hold up the walls that are our prison.

      Evidence, data who needs that
      They're just a bunch of useless facts
      That only make me feel uneasy,
      A little sick, a little queasy.

      It's the immgrants....its the JEWS!!
      So many scapegoats, now which one to choose?
      And don't forget the neo-Marxists
      Hiding at home in your bread baskets!

      Now I haven't studied history
      Or any political economy,
      Don't know shit about sociology
      Or the development of society.
      I have no expertise at all,
      No diplomas hang upon the wall.
      But I know everything there is to know,
      Because Jordan Peterson told me so.
      Now I am registered with Jobster,
      Looking for work as a lobster.

      So hang on tight, we're going down,
      The obedient slaves of knaves and clowns.
      No money left for the sick and poor,
      Its all been spent on endless war.
      And edumaction, well who needs that?
      When its all downloadable from an app.

      Now faster than the world's revolving,
      Humanity is fast devolving
      While good old Donald is no one's hero,
      Why, he's a fiddler just like Nero!

      Can't believe its come to this
      My God we're bloody idiots

  14. Frank

    What garbage. Nothing has corrupted America more than religion, especially christian religion. THAT is what needs to die before America can heal.

    1. Chad

      Christianity litterally BUILT the west and gave us a great society. You sound like 16 year autist going on a rant about how supierior you think you are "they're all sheep! Christianity is for the sheep. I'm so smart for being an atheist"

      With the Christian religion we wouldn't be anywhere near close to what we enjoy today. Kids like you sound arrogant

    2. Bob Farley

      You got that right dude. Like these TV Evangelicals are Christians. Bunch of crap.

  15. Dan

    Fascist horse ****

  16. Eric

    I am a left leaning voter. I am not a gay basher. I am not a racist, so just keep that in mind before anyone calls anybody a nazi for believing in this. So, with that said I have yet to see anyone disprove Cultural Marxism. Moreover, I can actually see many points in here, and in the theory of Cultural Marxism that actually happen. Ask yourself why people always play the race card, the woman's role in the house empowered and mans role diminished. Ask yourself why we no longer sit down to dinner as families anymore. Ask yourself why our grandparents and generations past were actually able to sit down and work together to make this nation a better place. I see Cultural Marxism at work in my day to day life, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.

    1. Tanja

      why families don't sit down to dinner together? man's role diminished? well...maybe because both parents are forced to have 2 low paying jobs, being slaves on their workplaces 24/7? and kids are slaves to the newest gadgets (that makes them occupied with virtual "reality" 24/7)? both generations are slaves to CAPITALISM basically

    2. Vitt

      Tanja doesn't realize that it isn't capitalism that did that. It was globalist money masters using the banks to break down our families. It is part of the very Marxist playbook being talked about in this very documentary. Do these people not even watch it before posting?

    3. Nina

      Eric, I think you are right. It is visible in every aspect of our lives and the destruction of the family is the saddest part
      of it all.

  17. zan

    only for white christian 'muricans.

  18. john

    Trouble with liberalism is they ****ed it up. We were too conservative in ways but instead of making sensible changes they took the pendulum all the way to the opposite and became what they claimed to hate. Most humans are just stupid. I'm amazed at how stupi

    1. Bob Farley

      Starting with yourself, son.

  19. flybow

    The idea of cultural marxism has been debunked many times. It is BS.

  20. Argl

    "…and many civilizations prior to the US were barbaric". Makes it almost sound like civilized behaviour started and barbarism ended with the US. Wow, who the hell wrote this crap. This is a level of documentary on the same height as Leni Riefenstahl's documentaries. I get it, Americans are the Über-race. Hail to the new Übercivilization!

  21. ken hawkins

    i did enjoy the film. i feel its the new world order that is corrupting this great country and the thinking.
    president eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech.

  22. Liam Lloyd

    This documentary is factual. I see people saying "capitalism leads to a ruling 1% while the 99% remain poor"

    Uh no. Thats what taxation, bribery and a public welfate system leads to. All except bribery is essentially marxist in nature. We havn't had capitalism for the last 50 year. We have a creeping form of socialism which tends to exploit the poor and transfer the wealth of the 99% to the 1%.

  23. jockey

    I am not sure why there a so much criticism of this doc.

    It is spot on.

  24. Max

    The term "cultural Marxism" invariably denotes not only an unfamiliarity with Marxism but with history beyond a sanitized hagiography. Secularization has been an inevitable consequence of industrialization, and the waning relevance of religion is to be expected in a world dominated by the tangible success of scientific materialism over bronze-age mythologies. There is certainly much to criticize in American culture, from reactionary PC pretensions, to vacuous consumerism, to our brutal militarism, but such fictional schemas such as the one presented above do the complexity of history and the real dangers facing democracy a disservice.

    1. Nick

      Absolutely spot on. Very well said.

  25. Kim

    Very Interesting! Laid out the framework nicely to create a platform for people to springboard off and do their own further research.
    Sadly at 1:33:38 (or there about) tossing in a snap shot of Osama bin Laden as someone that threatened our religious values was an extremely lazy editing trick. Osama bin Laden was a known CIA operative named Tim Osman and died in 2001 of Marfans Syndrome. Why not a snap shot of the Zionist's that were the real perpetrators of 911, our own turn coat CIA, Israel's MOSSAD & the Wahhabi Saudis (who by the way are Crypto-Jews, stated on their own website.) Besides the fact the attack was not specifically oriented religiously, that was just the bonus cookie effect afterwards in the chase forf the big bad wolf. The attack was meant to be another Pearl Harbor like event. Which just like Pearl Harbor was known about prior to it actually happening!

  26. don

    Good ideas are destroyed by misrepresentation, e.g., the fallacy of the stolen concept, using a concept without acknowledging it to refute it, or redefining a concept to contain a contradiction. Bad ideas are destroyed by replacing them with good ideas. But it is possible to replace a bad idea, e.g., a superstition, with another superstition, if the underlying basis is retained. That was done when parental authority was undermined and replaced with civil authority, the govt. But to categorically claim: "When family values, family authority was destroyed, it was instinctual to look to the govt. for guidance." is mistaken. Instinct plays no part in acquiring values. Values are acquired though culture, i.e., absorbing the unspoken and spoken values of the community and its art. Just attacking the flaws in one set of values does not automatically lead to the acceptance of another set of values. Disillusionment with a religion or family upbringing does not automatically lead to statism and obedient citizens. It may lead to rejection of all outside authority in favor of self reliance, self governance, self actualization. It may lead to thinking for oneself, being a freethinker, rather than uncritically adopting a dogma or an authority figure to follow.

    This is the hallmark of a psychologically mature individual. No leader is sought. No authority worship is practiced. Only truths arrived at by the individual using his own mind, his own critical analysis, are valued. This is labeled as anti-authoritarian or anarchist or voluntarist but it is using the authority of one's own reasoned conclusions and having the confidence to act on and accept the responsibility for doing so. This is not chaos. It is self order based on rational self interest, as only each of us can determine for ourselves. And it leads to civil order, peace and prosperity. It leads to rights, especially economic freedom, the free market, not the govt. made market, the dictated market rules, the millions of regulations enforced by bureaucrats who violate the right to property, travel, and creation of wealth. Governments by their privilege of violence create chaos. Individuals, with no such privilege, acting out of self interest, serve themselves and society, creating order & prosperity.

  27. Andrew

    This has happened all through history, man in one way or another feels the need to control others either through religion, capitalism, monarchism, ideals and beliefs or what ever mechanism they choose to call it. How do you think Christianity was formed??? To control a movement of religious ideals, the church has done as much damage as any political ideals.

  28. Chico

    'Europeans drive on the left' (1:27:55) - unless this is meant as a metaphor, the author should seriously consider not driving when in Europe.

  29. Robert

    Utterly ridiculous misrepresentation of reality, that no well-read or informed reviewer would consider credible.

  30. Sandra Currie

    Wow, what a simplistic, ignorant telling of history. The people who claim to follow the principles of godliness are the worst offenders. Anti-intellectualism reigns, apparently, if this is considered a top documentary.

  31. Margaret

    Wow! I notice this film has NO female spokespersons. It's nothing more than a throwback to the old dead world when only men said and did all the important things. That world is dead, friends, and thank goodness for that! Patriarchy has had its day and then some.

  32. XonEarth

    Nothing comes close to the corruption of capitalism. Its unchecked greed is destroying the planet and all life upon it. Much of the fault lies with the Christian Right with its blind ignorance of any semblance of humanitarian morals. Their hate and militarism is as evil as their imaginary demons.

  33. Michael C

    The premise of this documentary verges on the ridiculous. It is fundamentally flawed in that it ignores the corporate and oligarchic control of our nation and its use of a neoliberal economic system that enriches the few and gives them all the power, while corrupting democracy. Marx was right in his critique of capitalism, while being in awe of its ability to adapt. He predicted the form it would take, which is the present form, hardly classical capitalism in that corporations get all the benefits and working people pay all the costs. To say that Marxism has corrupted out nation is ludicrous. The present system with capitalism run amok is destroying democracy, destroying the social good, and destroying our world via runaway greed that ignores climate change. It doesn't take a Marxist to see this, just someone who understands what is really going on. It is not left versus right. It is top versus the bottom 99%, and they 1% is winning handily.

  34. Bruce E. Woych

    "...the destruction of the family unit, the marginalization of religion, and wildly disintegrating sexual morality." Pure Market exploit casualties under unrestrained capitalism. Pretty stupid blaming Marxism which only exists here in the USA theoretically in Academic circles of critical intellectualism. Most of which defends labor and the middle class interests against aggressive class inequality. Cyberdog's view is pathological and "misses the point entirely" since he is speaking to democratic systems that vary widely and are also being dismantled by neoliberal shock treatments and their crony capital corruption that infiltrates the economy and sucks it dry. If a functioning society depends upon a military and gun ownership and reduces the "sanctity" of a constituion to gun ownership without concern for human rights and equality, than I guess our country is in very solid shape and has nothing to worry about.
    Pure Propaganda here in this distorted presentation, meant to protect the wall street crooks from being called thugs, and distract us from the 1% that is corrupting the real world we all live in and understand first hand without the fear mongering money managers' false reality propagated here as political doctrine and civil society.

  35. Eleanor Boggs Shoemaker

    The greatest value of this documentary is, to my way of thinking, the lucid, civil
    tone it uses to advocate for an effective United States republic. The crude appeal to an uncivil society of the recent US Presidential election did not promote the most essential element of a free society: reasoned debate. This documentary fits that bill and I pray its message will be propagated in a way that will enlighten the public to the missing elements of today's debate: lack of knowledge (ignorance), resulting from the dimunition of a basic understanding of the essentials of the United States Constitution in United States schools via the decline of the advancement of the truth of the basic ingredients of United States government :
    the family, the smallest unit of functional governance in society. I appreciate this well produced documentary which advances factual reality. Yes, as Benjamin Franklin cautions, the US Constitution does, to date, provide the most functional means of preserving freedom IF, as the documentary accurately reminds us, we can hold on to it. Acceptance of the fact that a well informed, educated, family oriented, Judeo-Christian culture is, to date, the way the United States of American has and can prevail. We must lead by example and win the hearts and minds of other cultures by functional reality and the preservation of the best of our system. Our Constitutional tradition is not perfect, but it is without doubt the most successful model of a free, self governing society ever employed to date. I applaud this plea for a return to the principles that guided its implementation as one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. There is no other way to achieve the aims of flawed but free societies than by acceptance of ultimate truth which is not subject to consensus, but is the product of a divine creator's revealed will for mankind. The message is clear, the missionaries must demonstrate the truth by their words and deeds and begins with restoration of
    of the basic unit of a Godly society: the family. The rest may follow, God willing.

  36. Kyle

    It was OK. It made some good points but was also a little over the top in other places. The parts about the history and philosophy of the constitution and banking system was probably the strongest. The scrolling messages on the bottom was cheap and degraded its credibility.

  37. Gordon

    Really important perspectives. I hope it spreads at least to inform people who will decide to use their principalled, virtuous assesment to see our world more accurately. If it isn't useful I hope there'll be many who provide accurate and researched counter-arguments. I doubt it but I was wrong before...

  38. Peter Rowan

    The first lie of this documentary is that it is called a movie. Some of what I saw is accurate but it was more like a Stalinist standard propaganda presentation than the Cultural Marxism it seeks to deride. I watched about 11 minutes and thought it might be psychologically damaging for me to watch any longer. I thoroughly do not recommend it. It is not a "Top Documentary", it degrades the "Top Documentary" site and should therefore be taken off the site.

  39. larry morris

    i never met a commie or someones that believe in that crap, that i would ever help or trust. they will steal from you. we here all lost me i'm going to fight them till hell has rain.

  40. Jan Cornelis

    This documentary is highly one-dimensional. The claim is that the world is such a simple place that a few (evil) prophets did have the possibility to deceit almost all of American culture. History is messy. Blaming one group and giving on cause for a whole spectrum of felt losses accounts for looking for a scapegoat.

    My advice for traditionalist is to speak ABOUT your worries (e.g. changing of values, losing God, losing a sense of freedom) and hopes (e.g. safe family, economic freedom, a role for God in society) instead of searching for a master plan that all led up to this situation. (This also goes for people on the left side who blame capitalism or region for the discrepancy between there hopes and the current situation.)

    Please get beyond the search for simplistic causes. The world is complicated. Deal with it.

  41. cyberdog

    @James Rand:
    With your firm grasp of the language, you would have done everyone a huge service by not teaching English. It also lends weight to an explanation of your inability to comprehend this documentary. You have brought to the table some great argument points though, with such insight and detailed depth. You have me sold.

    The crux of the matter is that in most countries when people view this documentary and other documentaries covering democracy and the foundations of America, they all miss one vital point. Democracy in countries other that America are not based on a solid foundation. Almost all of their democracies or constitutions are hack jobs that are fundamentally flawed. A lot of countries, especially the ones in the E.U are already huge socialist experiments. And they are all failing. If the media had their way they would be happily continuing along pulling the wool over everybody's eyes. The MSM is a huge propaganda machine that would have made the former US.S.R and the vast majority of dictators green with envy.
    Bringing in chaos from outside (rapefugees) is a textbook, classic Marxist strategy. This problem will then be "resolved" with the very solution that everybody would have rejected outright from the onset. Namely socialism, leading to communism. Paying these "fine people" sums of money while bringing up their perceived value in society to the same level as a company director. Thereby eroding the class value concept in society. Not only is this documentary insightful to the ills befalling America, it outlines the war in Europe that Europeans are facing, or more aptly, are obliviously fighting.

  42. Steven

    I'd settle for capitalism without the corruption and general exploitation. But that's a hell of a joke isn't it.

    --- Oxfam says wealth of richest 1% equal to other 99%

    In other words Suckers!

  43. James Rand

    Be cool? Shut up.

    This documentary, although I agree with some of what it says, might be the single worst piece of storytelling that I have read since I taught 8th grade English. It just flat sucks