Culture in Decline: War on Nature

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War. We love it, right. Blowing stuff up, watching people suffer and die... it's exciting. Violence, domination, retribution and other attributes of this competitive "warring" fascination clearly dominates our media with films, television and other expressions constantly glorifying and reinforcing this gesture of conflict.

In fact, it has been found that by the time an average kid reaches the age of fourteen, in the west, he or she has visually witnessed over 8000 depicted acts of murder.

So given all this it might make you wonder, does art imitate life, or does life imitate art. Likewise isn't it interesting how most of the people in America sleep quite well at night while their military forces routinely invade, slaughter and steal from other nations at will, as of course all global empires have done historically.

This time the global civilian death toll is well over one million in the past decade alone, many of them women and children, and yet the same American culture shutters in horror and confusion when some dude stumbles into an American school yard and randomly wipes out a couple dozen or so kids.

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  1. CultureSeparates

    Love the series, i think peter comes across as disdainful and haughty though and fear this may perturb the average person from listening to him.

  2. Yiani Meleisis

    Lame, lame and lame.

    Another group of people telling you how to think.

  3. dmxi

    WW2 never actually stopped & historians will pertain this view in the coming decades.

  4. rawbot

    shouldn't it say in the description ".. culture shudders in horror .. " instead ".. culture shutters in horror .. " ? Please correct me if I am wrong, I'm no native English speaker.

  5. dmxi

    yupp !mistakes happen but picky people should be told to "shutters up!"!>smirk<

  6. oQ

    The series is getting with every new episode added.

  7. Nathan (aka) yhwhzson

    Peter has a point about putting all the wanton war mongers in the Grand Canyon and allowing them to just get it out of their system. Only thing is that this isn't a new concept. In fact, that plan is underway. It's called Armageddon and we are racing toward it like a horse jockey galloping at full speed going down hill.

  8. jackmax

    what are you saying?

  9. jackmax

    I don't think your right in your assumtions that WW2 never actually stop. I believe that since WW1 there has been conflict some where in the world, everyday. I may-be wrong with what I believe however I shall give a concerted effort to find the website I read that from, it may take a while....

  10. xxDarkSidexx

    I think your find the world the way it is today is the most peaceful it has been for a very long time.

  11. jackmax

    You may-be correct however I'm sure there is still conflict going on somewhere, central africa, middle east and afghanistan to name three areas without looking to deeply... I'm sure that the people in those areas would not agree with you.

  12. oQ

    Oups! The series is getting more interesting with every new episode. I am liking his humour, even though i wasn't getting it at first.

  13. jackmax

    Your correct in that Peter does have a point, however I'm of the opinion that it's more the politicians, the military is only a tool to be used by the politicians in most occasions. Of course you will have the politically motivated military officers that may over throw or try to over throw their own goverment. Even then it's greed and power that seems the greatest motivator rather than any other reasons they all sell off to the public. Greed seems to be the most destuctive force know to mankind as all mankind suffers from it in some way.

  14. Nwttp

    I wish people would stop fixating on how people come across and make words and actions their main focus.

  15. Paul Gloor

    I agree, the gremlin is over the top.
    Also I want a jacket like his !

  16. bringmeredwine

    I loved this!
    If you're looking for something refreshing on the subject of why someone is always at war, watch this.
    Reasons for war are discussed with an amusing, intelligent and quirky guy who has presented other docs on society, economics, etc.
    Sorry, I can't remember his name. (how typical of me these days).
    I couldn't look away from this short doc and didn't want to miss a word.
    Now I'm going to check out the other episodes.

  17. DrJack37

    Raises a point so obvious it's overlooked, with so many bad consequences. Which is that when you really look, down the past or just today, violence is the exception and not the rule. Study nature closely for long periods and you see the same. The planet, more or less, works (despite several suicidally bad human habits). Maybe our species is so obsessed with violence because we're still trying to figure it out---getting tangled in it, enjoying it too---but if one day's Planet Earth is a thousand trillion human acts, how many of them would we really call violent? Not all, or anything close to all. So yes I think we need to purge this infantile West Hollywood fantasy of justice-bringing heroes with guns; and as we do, it's our essential goodness that we'll realize. One of the best, most readable books ever on these subjects: Susan Griffin's "Pornography & Silence: Culture's Revenge Against Nature." It pulled my head, at least, out of my patriarchal butt.

  18. Wayne Siemund

    I must obey some guy in a tie.

  19. xxDarkSidexx

    and I agree, But pin pointing countries that are in war now doesn't actually validate or put anything accurate about my statement.

  20. Kimani White

    Its a group of people expressing how they think. If you disagree why not point out where you think they're wrong? :P

  21. Reiver Sorry to disagree, but really? There may be less international, imperial wars going on than in the past, though i'd need to see some facts and figures to be convinced of that. The kind of structural violence that P.J alludes to at the end of this doc is rife throughout the world. Not only that but what of the violence inherent in a system that either crushes or commodifies human creativity, that forces people work longer and longer for the sole purpose if sustaining themselves so that they can continue to work to sustain themselves in the sisyphusian nightmare of the average working life?

    I could go on but I'll just get all ranty and annoying so I'll shut up now. Have you read Steven Pinker's "The better angels of our nature: why violence has declined" by any chance? Not read it yet but i did have an argument with the precee on the back cover. ;-)

  22. jackmax

    I don't know what your idea of a conversation or debate is, however it's not up to me to validate your statement that's your job. I'm sure I read recently that in the last ten years there have been around 18000 terrorist attacks would wide, the USA has around 40000 gun related death per year and hostilities though out the world are increasing daily I'm lead to believe.

  23. xxDarkSidexx

    ease up on your crack pipe, but yes internationally, maybe if i said this in the beginning... yawn.

  24. xxDarkSidexx

    and not used the word world instead, sorry to confuse you.

  25. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    Yes I agree with you. On Friday I was walking down the main street of New Westminster BC, and was stopped by a movie crew in full production. They were going to intrude on my pleasant walk with my dog, when I had the right of way. The young fellow was very nice but I used this very issue as a trump card. Loudly enough for the entire set of about 25 people and another 25 hangers on to clearly hear me, I asked "I don't mind waiting for the creation of art.... unless it contains violence...." A quick glance from the director (who understood my potential to disrupt) and the polite young man quickly escorted me through the scene and placated me about the issue being important. He never did say that the movie did not contain violence.

  26. Rick Kiriakidis

    Nothing new or even refreshing about this, old rehash of old things that everyone already knows. Humans are sh*t, thanks for the update.

  27. Galina


  28. Mercenarry ForHire

    War war you cause me pain, war war you make a gain. War war you make sad, war war i hope your glad.

  29. stevenkeen

    You are correct.

  30. a_no_n

    they focus on how they look precisely to distract away from the words.
    If you can't attack the logic, attack the man instead.

  31. a_no_n

    yes it did.
    Right about the time when one side was completely wiped out and forced to surrender.

  32. a_no_n

    the vast majority of us can be pretty confident that a band of raving psychopaths isn't going to come riding over the hill tonight to loot and hasn't been that way for very long.

  33. Milosc

    This one was a little silly, with the little skits and radio-DJ sound generator crapola

    (Maybe it's to get through to tv watchers, but it's a challenge to take this seriously. It has the cadence of this Russian children's show)

    At least the general message is positive. Whatever it takes to get through to people, I suppose..

  34. Milosc

    This one was a little silly, with the cheesy acting skits and radio-DJ sound generator crapola

    (Maybe they do it to get through to the 'tv watchers', but it was an effort to take this seriously. It has the cadence of a Russian children's show)

    I wouldn't post this for my friends, although I would post links to the information. At least the message is ultimately positive

  35. dmxi

    hugo in peace!

    - "this revolution will not be televized !" -

  36. dewflirt

    Love that song :)

  37. Pysmythe

    Are you back on the beach or still in the country? :)

  38. dewflirt

    New Orleans, drinking iced coffee on the veranda outside my room with a mangled ginger tom and painting my nails ;)

  39. Pysmythe

    Sounds charming. ;)

  40. oQ

    are you getting ready to go catch a few bead necklaces?

  41. Benjamin Courtin

    This show is amazing: PJ really gives it all as being the centre of
    attention and directing the viewers/followers away from his arrogance by
    doing a sarcastic satire of himself being even more arrogant.
    And also a clear improvement from the last 2 Zeitgeists, he introduced the
    logic gremlin. It certainly adds an awesome touch to this series,
    replacing the chronically boring scientists which are okay to listen to
    for a while, but make things too informative and less entertaining.

  42. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    "Mandarin Collar" FYI

  43. Chris Parks

    I used to have the same view but, somewhere along my quest for knowledge I realized that this was an opinion created within a very localized, and personal rationale. We are today constantly being bombarded by stories of violence and war from here and around the globe, but in the past most of these stories simply were not being told, especially on an international scale. These acts of violence and war were still occuring, and likely even more so the further back in history you go. Most of the history we have of these times was written by and for the upper classes and, therefore does not speak for the majority of humanity. Peace to ALL!

  44. Chris Parks

    Oops, I meant this to be a reply to " Reiver ".

  45. Imightberiding

    Like a snowball tossed down a mountain side, this fellow appears to be gaining some speed & mass as he tumbles toward his raison d'etre. Bigger, faster, stronger productions every time.

    Good for him. Although this "type" of dialogue has been presented & discussed for decades, it's a good thing that the younger generation are not giving up where we left off. Unfortunately it would be wrong to say that nothing has changed over the years with countless demonstrations & activists proclaiming this gospel for the masses to hear. It has indeed gotten worse.

    Although I wasn't, I might well have been the author of the letter he read & responded to regarding how off putting, rude & disgusting he becomes when he insists on eating & then talking with his mouth full. I stand by my opinion that it is all of the above & although I am probably too old & cynical to actually laugh at his attempts at humour he does come across as a pretentious little fellow doesn't he?

    All that said, again, good for him & I hope he keeps them coming. One does not have to particularly like the messenger so long as the message has substance & truth.

  46. Paul Gloor

    yeah, I've been looking for one, but I'm told I have to get it custom around here, I like the look.

  47. anonytrousers

    peter joseph- he's a smug little ****** but rather perceptive when it comes to certain issues.

  48. anonytrousers

    peter joseph probably drinks english tea in a very particular way, folds his socks and is quite probably a crushing bore about his subject matter
    as far as that is concerned he is concise, considered, accurate and very much the professional sociologist.
    He is a thinker ...and a rather talented one at that, It doesnt mean id want to sleep with him or vote for him or buy his records.
    He has a right to be disdainful and haughty to a certain extent -anyone who actually bothers doing their own thinking is as there is an awful lot of stupid wandering about out there...
    Take Richard Dawkins...hes a snarly...overly defensive...mildy autistic, unempathetic pedant of the highest order whos face just screams to be punched but it doesnt ,mean he is wrong.

  49. avd420

    I have a challenge for you, watch Peter Joseph again, and then google any source he uses for explanation, you may have a very different idea of that man after that.

  50. Imightberiding

    I am most likely wrong, but I seem to remember you being from Calgary? If so, go to your small but effective & condensed China town & I'm sure you will find something similar to PJ's jacket. I've had the good fortune to travel to Hong Kong on a couple of occasions & one of my favorite stores there was Shanghai Tang. I have since wanted to open a franchise of the same store here in North America. I have since heard that one opened in New York. It was a rather upscale version of all things "Oriental" in that it brought back the glamorous era of Shanghai in the 20's & 30's prior to world war II & the invasion of Japan prior to that time.

    Fabulous clothes & items from a more peaceful, wonderful time, full of wonder, texture, colour & adventure. It is pretty much the standard "Mao" jacket with a modern sensibility. That's my best suggestion for you, but I am more than likely wrong about your local. Either way, good luck.

    If you are in or close to a large urban centre, first place to look would be the closest "China town" or international district in which you live.

    P.S. I brought one back from Hong Kong & have since worn it to thread bare. Unfortunately at the time, mid to late 90's nobody seemed to get it or appreciate as I did on this side of the ocean.

  51. Jack1952

    Armageddon has always been just around the corner. Herbert W. Armstrong was positive it would happen before his death. He died in 1986. Hal Lindsey, in his book "The Late Great Planet Earth", had all kinds of evidence (he thought) of the imminent coming of Armageddon way back in the seventies. Forty years later, it is still imminent. I wonder when "imminent" runs out.

  52. Paul Gloor

    Good call, yes, I am in Calgary. Ill have to go check it out sometime.

  53. Pysmythe

    Someone in London or New York should put a message in a time-capsule, to be opened in a thousand years, with words to the effect: Humanity isn't still naive enough to fall for end-of-the-world religious scare tactics, is it? And if they were, maybe they would be shamed into changing that.

    Of course... by that time, I'll concede, someone would probably have had to dive to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve it!

  54. Jack1952

    By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground ... Genesis 3:19
    I can't tell when this was written or who it was that wrote it but it seems that mankind has had this Sisyphean nightmare for a long time, now...over three thousand years, it would seem.

    Pinker does a twenty minute monologue on Ted Talks. A quick overview of his ideas.

  55. mooksook

    We blame it on all except religion . Read the bible , it is full of blood and killing from beginning till the end with all human kind to be wiped off all at one go . Now , who is the greatest and worst perpetrator of killing here

  56. anonytrousers

    ad hominen- facts dear boy facts- you cant beat that logic gremlin of his- reductio ad absurdem.. were f--ked yunless we change- that was what the man and his goblin said and hes not wrong now go drink your gentically modified refined sugar and oil till it runs out your nose and all down your front- quick cos it looks like its running out-

  57. avd420

    Sorry trousers, I wouldnt have replied to you if I knew that you didn't know how to respond in a respectful manner, BTW, you may want to look up the definition of some of those fancy latin words you're using, because you either misunderstood what I said, or you misunderstood what those words mean.

  58. 64framus

    All I can say, in summation: IF there are extraterrestrials out there AND assuming they are more advanced AND use more than 10% of their "brain power" AND they are searching for "intelligent" life on other planets, WHY the hell would they want to make contact with Earth?

  59. Guest

    I was toying with an idea the other day...I will not answer it, only question: What is the unbuttoned truth behind collard shirts, in our culture? Asia, Middle East, Africa, they all traditionally have collerless/mandarin style necks...hhmmmm could the answer lay within this episode? ...or is it just a real snazy jacket?

  60. Janeen Clark

    with the last 2000 years to show us evidence of humanity and mankind in society, the evidence overwhelmingly shows that the environment of an individual is the strongest controller of behavior, more than any other factor. know this, why would we NOT want to create the best environment for humans?

  61. RandomThoughts

    We must back away from the noise and reduce .
    As my president beats the war drum
    I seek a quieter place in the woods away from the perpetual war drums.

  62. lindaI

    PJ, you are saying nothing new. Problem is those of us who 'see' are not in sufficient numbers. Worse yet, systems in place (IRS payroll deductions) have funded in perpetuity this nightmare of competition.
    Even after this world's systems' inevitable horrific collapse it will
    take far more than the awakened to lead the sheep away from a repeat of
    historical familiarity. Abram, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Chrishna,
    Sakia, Iao, Hesus, Quexalcote, Quirinus, Prometheus, Thulis, Indra,
    Alcestos, Atys, Crite, Bali, and Mithra all spoke of attainable human
    perfection. Self awareness is an aberration which will force its own extinction...


    I found 2 people last week in my customer service travels who knew what Molon Labe was... In the last month I've been told by at least 3 complete strangers that the current system is toast and they expect some radical change.

    And NOBODY can tell me what those f--king 5' (2.5m) diameter platforms are going to support - on the highway into our town.with the breakaway bolts sticking out of them. We're talking I-75 in FL between Tampa and Ft Myers. The DOT doesn't know. The state cops don't know.

    And mini-Wi-Fi are showing up on our telephone poles (just like in Seattle, WA) and nobody knows how owns that s*it either.

    Hello people - wi-fi and cell towers are DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR HEALTH. We have dozens here... so, WTF?


    I like that "some guy in a tie" part...:))

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