Cured by Camel Nanobodies

Cured by Camel Nanobodies

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In a scientific discovery that has the potential to revolutionize therapies and diagnostic procedures, researchers have discovered a new class of antibodies derived from camels and llamas - nanobodies. These tiny antibodies, much smaller than traditional antibodies, possess unique properties that make them ideal for various medical applications.

The story of nanobodies began in 1989 at the Free University of Brussels, where a research team studying antibodies encountered an unexpected obstacle - a lack of willing blood donors. Due to this limitation, they resorted to using blood from a camel. This seemingly random decision led to a groundbreaking discovery: the identification of an antibody with a significantly lighter molecular weight than previously known antibodies. This finding sparked further investigation into these miniature antibodies.

The next step for scientists was to confirm the functionality of nanobodies. By immunizing a camel with a specific antigen and analyzing its blood, they successfully demonstrated that the camel's immune system produced nanobodies capable of binding to the antigen. This crucial experiment established the functionality of nanobodies.

A significant breakthrough came with the discovery that the antigen-binding fragments (Fabs) of nanobodies could be separated from the rest of the antibody while retaining their binding ability. This is particularly advantageous because Fabs, or nanobodies, are considerably smaller than traditional antibodies. Their small size enables them to infiltrate tight spaces inaccessible to conventional antibodies, opening doors for innovative medical applications.

Scientists studying anthrax bacteria aimed to develop a method to destroy their armor. Recognizing the potential of nanobodies due to their small size, they injected a llama with a protein found in the bacteria's armor. The llama's immune system responded by producing nanobodies that specifically targeted this protein.

When introduced to anthrax bacteria, these nanobodies successfully disassembled the bacteria's armor, rendering them harmless. This experiment not only showcased the potential of nanobodies in combating bacteria but also paved the way for further research on their diverse applications.

Directed by: Marc Jampolsky

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panda harris
panda harris
17 days ago

very interesting