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2011, Science  -   97 Comments
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CuriosityHave you ever wondered what it would be like if you could live forever? What would happen if aliens attacked? Why sex is fun? Welcome to Curiosity.

More than just a landmark television series, Curiosity is an adventure of discovery, an expedition to uncover the truths behind life's most challenging questions. With an insatiable thirst for answers and experiences, we're prepared to do anything, go anywhere and ask anyone to get to the heart of the matter.

Whether it's jumping out of an airplane to confront fear, having neuroscientists implant false memories, or donating tissue to test the possibility of regeneration, there is nothing stopping us as we embark on a global journey of learning and surprises.

Curiosity asks and answers the most fundamental questions facing the world today. Each episode of Curiosity will focus on a single enduring question in science, technology, and society. As is always the case, one single question cascades into several more, making each episode of Curiosity a rich and textured experience.

From the micro to the macro, we tackle provocative and insightful questions. Is there a Creator? Is it likely there's an alternate universe? Could you find out exactly how you are going to die and would you want to know? Are some people genetically prone to violence? Is time travel really possible? Why is it that we dream? What don't we know about gravity and does it hold the secret for exploring the universe?

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  1. ?????? ??????

    oh, come on! it was all episodes and now its just a preview :S

  2. Miles Taylor

    ufo episode is BULL**** !!

  3. thenesteamonster

    everyone who's thinking about God and Hawking please imagine Q showing up and curing Hawking

  4. Guest

    I try and i try but i can't help myself and think that the voice of Hawking has been abducted by high power. Wouldn't that be the perfect guinea pig (victim)?
    I know ....bring it on...i promise, i am fighting the thought.

  5. bob89


    1. Guest

      Caps just don't work as well, edit it to lower case and you'll see the difference.
      Just a suggestion.
      Time is a measure of change....right

  6. dmxi

    this is very good for the easy minded .a quick snoop into interesting topics.

    1. Greg_Mc

      Hmm dmxi, I may have read your comment the wrong way i.e. taken it out of context but oh well I will have to live with it if I did.

      Any reason you felt the need to post such a condescending comment? It must be difficult for you to have to go through life tolerating the mentally deficient mouth breathers you are forced to share the planet with.

    2. dmxi are forgiven !occasionally it happens that one perceives comments 'the wrong way' due to interpreting neutral information with a subjective view linking positive or negative emotions to certain words used in context (or the other way around?!).i have the feeling that you mistakenly took the '' easy minded '' as an insult which i now regret using, as it can give the impression that this documentary has a sophisticated topic ,explained for the intellectual handicapped, which wasn't my intention.the message i wanted to convey was ,that it is interresting to persons with an array of ''need-to-know'' topics & can dive into unknown waters with an open mind !easy minded meaning that !
      i excuse myself, if i gave an impression of being forced to live on a planet inhabited by m*rons .
      ps:hope i don't have to edit & 'lol' this comment later !

  7. PaulGloor

    Just a thought I had this morning... What if the universe Isn't still accelerating outward. After all, the light we are using to measure that expansion is just arriving to us after billions of years, beginning its journey possibly when it still was expanding faster !?

    1. thenesteamonster

      we'll just have to wait and see if the light gets any bluer.... for a billion years

    2. Achems_Razor


      Good question, but the scientists have already thought of that, you probably can google to find the not to complicated math for your question. I think algebra would even work.

  8. henrymart81

    Yet another documentary with Michio Kaku. are there only 5 people they rotate in all of these science documentaries? Maybe I should just be thankful. At least it's not Neil deGrasse Tyson, whew.

    1. wheelnut53

      I wont waste the energy asking what is wrong with Neil I can see you have a problem with Michio so I'm thinking maybe you'd rather hear Peter Griffin or Hank Hill

  9. Guest

    Lars the Horny keeps his trap shut while eyeballing the solar eclipse with his buddies, but thinks, "This whole 'wolf swallows fire' thing is just a load of bollocks," and exchanges a covert look with Brunhilde of the Brass Balls, who sheaths his sword numerous times later on that night amid the nocturnal grunts and farts, swaddled in bearskins. Fifty generations later, their descendents preside over the inaugural class of the Nobel Prize...

    Point is, how many of our ancestors never did buy into the myths they were told, even if they didn't have the vocabulary that would constitute dissent, or any kind of methodology to back it up, while having the good sense to know how to avoid the rack? I think it's easy to forget sometimes how sophisticated, if unschooled, and modern, if ancient, a larger percentage of our ancestors were than many would suppose.

    Doubt, in other words, is certainly not a recent invention, even if it's now distributed wholesale. And while Power has always put its foot on the throat of doubt, it has failed to take note of the spear in its back.

  10. 1davideo_kidd1

    We enjoyed the first episode but thought the Alien Attack scenario to be weak and didn't watch further.

  11. Guest

    Sweet dreams guys x

  12. thenesteamonster

    pretty much recycled information in this series, usa-centristic and sometimes plain wrong ex: i thought atlantis was supposed to be beyond hercules' pillars

    and the parts that involve god are pure commercial stuff; michio kaku said it right: "even in a thousand years we won't know if god exists" even if there isn't an entity that created the entire universe there should be things that appeared latter and would seem like gods to us, q from star trek for example should play a trick on humans by showing up and pretending to be the creator of the universe haha who would dare to challenge that assumption?

  13. wald0

    I noticed a conversation below about the difference between scientific theory and fact, very interesting debate guys. I can see both points of view, a scientific theory is certainly much more than a guess, but I don't think most scientists would feel comfortable defining scientific theory as "fact". When does a theory become a fact? It’s actually very hard to say; one reason being that the concept of "fact" is still, philosophically speaking, very ambiguous. Mankind does not yet agree on what constitutes truth, what constitutes knowing, what exactly we mean by "fact". Does it merely mean universal agreement, if so we could all agree on anything and then it would become "fact". That’s not a very satisfying answer though; it doesn't feel tied to what we call reality. Does it mean direct, repeatable observation? If so then many of the theories we use and take for granted as fact everyday are not really fact, as they cannot be observed directly by their very nature. Is it a test of time? If so exactly how much time, evolution has withstood all scientific challenges for over one hundred and fifty years, the principles of evolution are used every day in genetics labs all over the world to gain accurate predictable results, but we still call it a theory. When does theory become "fact"?
    So, how do we settle this issue, science after all must produce real world results, while at the same time avoiding the concept of absolute "fact", and that is an awfully subtle and difficult line to walk. Solution, avoid the concept of absolute facts altogether. Agree that no matter how much evidence you have that this appears to be the facts, no matter how many times you employ the theory and get accurate real world results, no matter how long the theory with stands true scientific scrutiny and challenge, you will not call it nor conceive of it as being absolute, end of discussion, fact. Agree that instead you will think of it as being the best explanation we currently have based on the available data. Turns out not only does this get rid of the whole issue of calling something fact or theory, it also tends to leave things open ended enough to inspire new scientists to keep pondering the question and trying to come up with better theories. This way we don’t close any line of inquiry off and our understanding of the universe continues to sharpen.

    Now once you look at scientific theory in this light the argument that “well, this is only a theory”, just doesn't hold water. The word "fact" doesn't apply, not because we are uncertain, but because the word fact doesn't work in scientific dialogue in a general sense. To be honest there is more empirical support for say the big bang "theory" or evolution than there is for many of the things the average person calls "fact" everyday. Quantum mechanics is the most accurate "theory" ever produced by science, it consistently produces the most reliable predictions of any theory of reality- yet, to understand it we must trade the word "fact" for "probability", which is a much less ambiguous concept in the end. However, with all of this said, for many reasons, we should not and do not call theory fact. My point is that one of those reasons isn’t that we are uncertain, we are more certain of these theories than we are of much of what we think of as fact every day.
    Sorry for the lengthy post, this subject happens to be one I am currently researching, so I had to pitch in my two cents. It really is a fascinating question.

    1. Samuel Morrissey

      You have it exactly, sir. The problem occurs with common usage of words like 'fact' and 'theory' when the users fail to comprehend the actual meanings of the words they use.

      Fact is an idealisation, an unreachable level of certainty.

      A theory is an idea that has been tested repeatedly and found to be true consistently under given conditions. All scientific 'facts' fall into this category, evolution, quantum theory, etc. Hypotheses that consistently test false are left behind - but not forgotten. Knowing that something is false is as important as knowing a thing is true.

      An hypothesis is an idea. End of. No tests, not verified. All religious ideas about supernatural forces or beings fall into this category, yet many religious people attest to a certainty about these ideas that almost surpasses the idealisation of the word 'fact' and this is worrying (at least to me) as it requires the suspension of rational thought, which is a problem because it halts further development. (you believe you know all there is to know so you stop asking questions)

      Most people use the word 'theory' when they mean 'hypothesis' as well as 'fact' when they mean 'verified true theory' for example 'the theory of intelligent design' or 'evolution is a fact' You are correct when you say that saying '---- is just a theory' as an implication that it may not be true does not hold water. A theory is true as far as we know.


  14. nate_171

    How can Mr Hawkins say that the laws of the universe or "nature" are unchangeable and fixed when particle theory states that these laws only exist when they are being measured. How can both be true and accepted claims. I think the church had it right in opposing science, now thanks to science the human race has the ability to wipe out the entire planet seven times over maybe they foreseen something others at that time did not. lol

  15. RobbieV22

    If God created the laws of nature, then who created God? LOL

    1. Guest

      the nature of humanoids.

  16. Teddy Mcd

    @ Az - you said, 'You seem to have skipped the best part...the part on the female orgasims. Or are you just shy?'

    Well - Shy? Pas moi mon cher. I watched that episode, very informative for sure.The reason I did not comment is I was curious to see if you would pick up on my omission. Well done. lol

    Oh - whereas, Self-conscious? Very much so - for it is my life-blood as I continually explore my surroundings. (Take care)

    1. Guest

      I thought you were fishing to see if anyone would notice...of course i would...i am always trying to see in the space between the words and much of what i write is mainly in those spaces too.
      Self-concious...yes me an unbalanced way according to some.

    2. WTC7

      I appologize for jumping in, but you are more balanced than most of us.

    3. Guest

      May be not after my last comment. lol

  17. Guest

    Aristarchus must have been as far above his contemporaries as a man is above a chimp. It only took, what, 17 centuries to catch up with him? I imagine he must've felt quite lonely at times, when he wasn't able to cradle his head in the arms of the cosmos.

    (It would also seem that those Revered Elders, the Immutable Laws of Gravity, are not without an ironical sense of humor.)

  18. Guest

    " But 'curing' female patients manually could be lengthy and labor intensive..."
    Yes. Indeed. This has, fortunately, been my experience with them, as well.

  19. Guest

    Skipping ahead to ' Why Sex Is Fun,' for some reason.

    1. Guest

      The most interesting one, I get some of my most creative ideas at THAT moment, cascades of images. Unlike my man I feel very awake afterwards, full of energy. Now I know why ! Probably more info than you all need, oh well ;)

      (also makes my feet tickle)

    2. Guest

      And your toes curl, maybe? :)
      What sorts of images? Or you'd rather not say?

    3. Guest

      Yes, my toes curl ! Hard to explain the images, lots of faces and patterns, almost like a clearly remembered dream but with texture added. It has in the past caused me to use other mediums, charcol, ink etc and change my style drastically - literally overnight. Its inspiration. I'll find a better way to explain, got to pick up from school now, thinking time !

    4. Guest

      ok, its more like a flick book, the pictures aren't always in sequence but are usually related. I can work out a sewing or quilt pattern but its more intuitive than if I were doing it any other time, (even though I do that in my head anyway) Its more fluid. When I draw and design I work very methodically, almost like technical drawing. After THAT the method goes out the window and becomes a flurry of creativity. Images are blocks of colour, interlocking shapes, stylised faces. Also wild animals, hares and wolves, hissing cats. More vibrant. Not given it much thought before but now i wonder what other women see. Must be all that oxygen ;)

    5. Guest

      Are we talking orgasms? I don't see quilts..actually i don't see...i just feel a wave like a whooosh and all the bubbles and slowly the return of sea sand and it's inability to be used for structural purposes.
      By that i mean...i don't believe in this world, it is human made, i just can't find the way to crack it open, but i'll keep trying until i succeed or until i die...either way i'll have a result.

    6. Guest

      I like that destruction, deconstruction element of your wave. Maybe a wave of images is not so different, just a bit opposite. They are very much tied to the physical feelings for me. The orgasm itself might not last very long but the aftershocks in my mind can last for days.

    7. Guest

      Sounds a little bit like you're taken over by the soul of Picasso when THAT happens!

    8. Guest

      As long as I don't look one of his paintings "/

    9. Guest

      Blocks of color, interlocking shapes, and, especially, stylized faces does sound quite a bit like his subject matter, though, you must admit.

    10. Guest

      Oh yeah. Damn, not that into his work - too messy.

    11. Guest

      You would like his foreplay, i mean his early work....quite exciting!

    12. Guest

      Your right, but always the first thing I remember are the scratchy, next day bristles. Come to think of it there are a couple of his nude men ....

    13. Guest

      He isn't one of my favorites, either, but for a very different reason...Years ago, I read a bio of him, and, apparently, he really used and (emotionally) abused the women in his life. That just carried over for me, and I haven't liked him much ever since. Some would call that a stupid reason to dislike a great artist, but it's good enough for me.

    14. Guest

      Didn't know that, now I don't like him for a whole new reason. And I take back the end of my reply to Az, you can look like ...... the captain from The Ghost and Mrs Muir. Much nicer !

    15. Guest

      I posed for a few artists some years back, they were ok. The initial discomfort was all mine. I soon realised that I was just another bowl of fruit.

    16. Greg_Mc

      I don't think that is a stupid reason to dislike anyone Pys, in fact it is a very good reason.

      I mention to Yi that you said you missed her dearly on here and your life is totally miserable without being able to fawn over her every word and you may not be able to go on unless she comes back and makes your life complete and happy again.

      LOL I amuse myself at times. I actually just told her you said hello, she said to say hi to you. She is as I thought just busy, lol but not with work. She has gotten herself hooked on a TV show that she is now watching online everynight.

    17. Guest

      Lol. Cyber love is simply THE BEST, isn't it!? It's self-fulfi, I mean...SO fulfilling.

    18. Greg_Mc

      Lol so true, you can't beat it can you? Hmm well you can I guess thats part of what makes it so fulfilling lol

  20. El Mastapha

    if everything we seen her it is groin and to happen Wat is the since t
    Wat about god who create them and us don't you think he is slipping
    somewhere we can not say wen god nos only thank you

  21. Norman Hawk Nordic

    Thank you for opening some of fundamental peoples mind, thanks to science!

  22. Zeebay Zakka

    God doesn't need time.

    1. El_Ribit

      Then what was that whole seven day deal about that I read in the bible????

    2. fhade

      Don't put words into gods mouth Zeebay. God never said he doesn't need time. Its rude and offensive to tell god what he doesn't needs. Its also rude to speak for god. Do you want people going around speaking for you and saying what you are and what you don't need? Do you want people going around accusing you of things?

    3. capriciouz

      How the hell can you possibly take offense over comments directed at a fictional character in a book? Get a grip on yourself, man.

    4. Guest

      lol I don't... sometime we need to be a theist so we can communicate to a theist.

    5. Guest

      God never said anything...humanoids said God said.
      In fact...for me, God does not exist yet, humanity has been pregnant of it for eons...God will be when we can define it in a way every one accept the definition because it is undeniable...until then we will keep being in gestation mode and argue and theorise and terrorise and believe and suppose and search and flop and birth and kill.
      I am God and so are you and so are the multiverses (if you wish them to exist) but it takes a long long long long time for humanity to realize we are the model for what we think God should be.
      Now i did start with:
      In fact...for me....because i am free

    6. Guest

      You may think that I'm simply catering to you, because I have probably been known to do so in the past, but that really is one of the most interesting, insightful posts I've ever read on this site. If I were still a smoking man, I'd probably take a couple of hits and just get into that thought for a while. There's a whole lot of potential for Story in it, you know it?

    7. Guest

      Wwell Pysmythe, even though i haven't had a toke since sept., i would probably brake one piece of that super duper hash i have and lose myself in one of those conversation "a la" My Diner with Andre (the movie). God knows what could come out of that!....god itself perhaps.

    8. Guest

      Ah, the great Louis Malle, pretty baby, lolol. I just pulled up one of his films online a week or two ago, the incredibly strange 'Black Moon'...
      Anyway, I take it I would be Shawn and you Gregory? Humanist versus Spiritual?

  23. Junior Jordan

    I hate how Hawking act as if the universe coming from nothing is a complete fact, which leads me to think that he is a complete ***hole

  24. Samuel Morrissey

    Loving this doc btw, Hawking is a real hero.

  25. Samuel Morrissey

    There is no such thing as a fact, there are only theories and their lesser untested cousins hypotheses. Fact is a description of certainty that is unachievable apart from in a very limited sense - while it might hold true under certain local idealised conditions, in reality conditions are very rarely and/or very briefly ideal, or localised.

    Theories are as close to facts as we are able to get, and should be treated as the best guess so far - until such times as we become aware of further intricacies of conditions, places outside of the local boundaries, scale or resolution of the theory.

    You think the theory of gravity can be trusted completely here and now? Step outside of the local conditions however and something changes. Galaxies do not appear to move as they are expected according to their mass. similarly on the quantum scale, gravity does not appear to exist at all. No theory can ever be truly 'complete' as it would have to describe every condition, every locality and every scale, for all time. it would in fact :) have to be an equation that described the entirety of existense as we know it and as we don't.

  26. Teddy Mcd

    On docs in general. - When I was kid there were only a few TV stations and it was mostly main street fare - news, sports, sitcoms, cop shows and the like but occasionally a documentary would appear and then I was, 'glued to the set' - as we said back then. Now - wow! A cornucopia of docs so very many in fact I wish I was twin.

    First - I was hoping, I suppose by the title, 'Curiosity' - that it would be an investigation into the human faculty we call, 'curiosity'. I mean what the hell is it? How does it tie into the individual and global matrix? Why do some have it in abundance and others not so much? Alas it wasn't the intent of this doc.

    Okay - this doc (all) is contemporary main street fare and pretty cool. Eight stars I say. I shan't go over each episode but I'll mention a few.

    Did God Create the Universe - Fantastic! We have our man the brilliant Mr. Hawkings. I am not one to have heroes but I admire this fellow. A point of contention I have with him is his assertion that there is no life after death or as he, I think would say, there is nothing/zero after death. I think to declare that as a fact is more conjecture than science. We just don't know.

    Alien Invasion - too Hollywood (fluff) for me. There are so many possibilities. If I was Admiral Zxqriot I would blast the lot of us with some sort of ray that would see us all believing in the same religion/creed or whatever and as such life would be so monotonous we would kill each other or commit suicide to relieve the tedium. Wait - oh yea, that's what we're doing now.

    Titanic - Well done for a TV doc. Point tho'. Startling - here we witness man's unbelievable hubris viz the decision on number of lifeboats or lack thereof. They must have been drunk when they made that call. (Sixty, oopsie I thought you said sixteen.)

    Your Body on Drugs - I must admit I explored that petri dish - but not so much. Drugs legal and illegal force us to question not only what is real but who is making the call.
    Oh, and very sadly here in Canada, BC and Atla, we have recently lost too many youths to contaminated Ecstasy aka MDMA . Alert the youth.

    Atlantis - Who knows? I do. It is under Antartica.

    1. alans

      What created the big bang? We do not know.
      What is after death? We do not know.

      Gotta remember that theories are not facts.

    2. Teddy Mcd

      @ alans. I know and I agree. I should have taken another look/listen to precisely what Hawking's said in part 3 at 11:30, because he did say "probably". Who in the universe am I to question Mr. Hawkings?

      Thanks for the heads-up buddy.

    3. Guest

      You seem to have skipped the best part...the part on the female orgasims. Or are you just shy?

    4. Guest

      He can have one of mine ;)

  27. DaveJay

    The conclusion is simple - we are god - man is himself god - or there is an objective god. God is either alive or dead!!!!!

    1. Sieben Stern

      I vote none of the above.

  28. wald0

    I thought the exploding eyeballs in the alien invasion episode were a bit much; I don't think Ebola boasts exploding eye balls amongst its nasty list of surprises, but it was somewhat entertaining to contemplate such an odd occurrence as an alien invasion. To be honest I don't think it would be near as complicated as they played it out to be. It would seem to me that if a species possesses the technology necessary to cross interstellar space and arrive here ready for an invasion, a) they would have evolved past the point of such war like confrontation, seeing their species has been around long enough to develop such technology. I would like to think such a philosophy would be the inevitable product of any successful, intelligent social system bound by the same natural laws as ours. B.) I am dead wrong with “theory a” (after all I am just some guy on the internet you know) and they simply squash us like little ants, in an efficient timely manner consistent with such a technologically advanced culture as theirs. My point being, I don’t see this in-between thing that they got going on in the documentary playing out.
    As far as the episode about why sex is fun, really? Is that a question we have to ask? It’s fun because it feels good; it feels good because our reproductive process evolved in such a way as to be pleasurable which gives us the motivation to pursue the continuation of our species. Yes, women do not HAVE to have an orgasm to get pregnant, but how many babies would have never been born if women were incapable of orgasm? A lot I suspect. Don’t get me wrong I know there are more reasons than just achieving orgasm to have sex with someone you love, intimacy and all that jive. But let’s not kid ourselves women are just creatures of the flesh, just like men, orgasm motivates both sexes to a large extent. At least that’s my two cents, like I said I am just some guy off the internet, remember.

    1. PaulGloor

      Where there's a question there's some scientist trying to answer it... It May not be a grand pursuit like theories of origin and black holes but sex and orgasm happens to be one of those questions. Its one of those systems in the mass of systems that make the human body tick.

      I liked 'I Caveman'. One hell of a camping trip, I think if they all had more training to better prepare themselves for not only the rigors of caveman life but the gender roles, they all could have made the 10 days. After the elk, I think I woulda' suggested, 'lets do another 10 days' :D. After they got a better handle on the skills and mindset I think they would have blown through it.

    2. Guest

      Intimacy ? Isn't that for when your dressed ?

  29. fhade

    OMG another species of animal will invade us!!

  30. PaulGloor

    I really dislike those parallel universe theories.
    Another me that made a different decision etc... Its a terrible waste of energy on a universal scale, and mapping from the big bang to me makes it as unlikely as God existing for a duplicate of me to exist.

  31. norlavine

    No creator, but aliens? Sheez that's a relief!! lol

    1. Guest

      Its easier to believe in life on other planets than a creator. Imagine, a new species to argue the toss with! Their visits here are missionary work, they want to convert us all then give us a virus that makes our eyes explode and take over our planet. Strangely familiar story, maybe they are human after all :)

  32. phillip wong

    people make money, not to starve, and die.

  33. Scott Williams

    Ouch! Creationists will love the first episode. So much for the something coming from nothing argument.

  34. Jared Boyes

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama described "God" perfectly with three words... "...conceptualized transcendent being...."

  35. Winston Smith

    if there were a god we would just have the added mystery. of something we only think exists because we do. But where was 'god' for us before we were born? And believing in god is just adding the question: where did god come from then? and answers nothing. So if there is some kind of omniscient mind in the universe we do not have direct access to it. That doesnt mean there is not much more to the mental capabilities in man than the average person has access to but that doesn't mean man should be the prototype for a god which (if it exists) has created so much more than us and what we can see for us from the tiny stage upon which we stand and look out onto the unimaginably large and ancient universe.

  36. Aaylsworth

    The first episode was good, though basic. Then it kinda went downhill after that... watched about 5 or 6 episodes and can say there are better docs out there...well here.

    1. Chad Aaron Leach

      Dont know which episode it is but the one about living forever with adam from mythbusters was preety cool and fairly informative if only somewhat over dramatic, still within reason at least.

  37. in_SANE

    This has nothing to do this with video, but I was concerned while I was watching this that if SOPA/PIPA are passed, I would not be able to watch documentaries here anymore. I would have to buy something, then realize its piece of **** and then get over with it. Thanks to Vlatko, I have been able to decide what I buy. We are very indebted to you Vlatko!!

  38. Andrés Muñoz

    could you divide de episodes when it longs more than an hour, thank you

  39. Alx Stefanidis

    nice playlist

  40. KsDevil

    If you want to promote a series, start out with controversy. All Stephen has to do is announce there is no god and everyone flocks to his show. Now on to 12 (ugh) hours of satisfying curiosity on God, the Universe, alien invasions and goodness knows what else.

  41. Galina Vishnevskaya

    I marvel at Professor Hawking's genius and his curiosity

  42. lakhotason

    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

    Dorothy Parker

    1. Guest

      Only boring people get bored.

      My Dad :)

  43. Teddy Mcd

    I have oft times wondered what is curiosity. Can it be measured like IQ or EQ. Can it be improved upon like strength or a skill? And, because I am curious, I will therefore watch and listen. (Yahooey)

    Note - If curiosity killed the cat, I think it died happy.

  44. Sean casey

    I have long known that Aristarchos discovered the heliocentic system but for some reason Galileo and Copernicus still get the credit

  45. Guest

    Within a there a GOD?...i thought you guys said scientists were not interested in GOD. Well, apparently the most renown scientist has a thought or two about it.
    Ok...let me watch this and may be my comment won't make sense.

  46. jafelop

    second to comment.......................I think God is the universe itself, the time, space, matter and energy... in fact we are part of God, but we arent God, God lives inside of us even we don`t know that! MEN KNOW YOURSELF, AND YOU WILL KNOW THE UNIVERSE AND GOD!

    1. Teddy Mcd

      This is called Pantheism - which states God is the universe as you noted. It is also a belief called Panentheism - which not only views God as the universe but also anything one could imagine; thoughts, objects, feelings. time, babies yet born, people now gone etc. that exist(?) outside the known interpretation of the universe.

  47. David Salma

    first to comment I'll watch 1st 2 hours now and the rest in parts.