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Terrorist groups like ISIS are embracing a bold new weapon that has the power to produce greater carnage and influence than traditional guns and bombs. Extremists are now sharing their messages of hate and violence by taking advantage of our increasingly interconnected world. By all accounts, it's working. Jihadist propaganda is more visible than ever before - on the internet, in the news, and through social media - and ordinary civilians from across the globe are being lured and recruited into these organizations in record numbers. The disturbing new documentary Cyberjihad, produced by the acclaimed Dutch television series Backlight from VPRO, sheds light on how this has been possible, and what's being done to stop it.

The film relies on the expertise of reporters and counter-terrorism experts who have spent considerable time exploring the organization's mastery and manipulation of media in all its forms. Tellingly, ISIS considers the media component of their operation to be of equal or greater importance to the acts of terror themselves. Take, for instance, their preparations for videotaped beheadings. The film tells us that prior to the actual violent event, each camera angle and bit of staging are painstakingly rehearsed to ensure maximum impact and horror.

Not all of their media efforts are as unremittingly graphic and nightmarish as this one. Others utilize insidious messages of false hope to reach their intended audience. Through polished production values and gung-ho theatrics, the organization's recruitment videos attempt to appeal to the disenfranchised throughout the civilized world, and promise a more fulfilling life of purpose and sacrifice.

The barrage of terrorist propaganda doesn't end there. Following a high-profile event, such as the recent horrific attacks in both Paris and Brussels, the organization will broadcast a series of vignettes designed to mimic that of traditional news outlets. Many unsuspecting users may be fooled by the professional appearance of these "breaking news" segments until their perverse points of view become apparent. In an effort to allure the interest of younger generations, ISIS troops film their combat exploits from the perspective of a first-person shooter game. The organization even employs recruits whose sole duty is to spread word of their mission through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Cyberjihad explores a chilling new venue in the evolving war on terror, and it's a cyber-battle that may prove impossible to win.

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  1. True

    For anyone that it's blocked just use a VPN, google it if you don't know what it is.

  2. Chris

    Why was there no seat at the dinner table for the woman/wife? If this guy is such an educated and modernized person then why does he make his wife wear all that bullshit on her face and not allow her to sit at the table with them? I'm really trying to keep an open mind about Islam and I try very hard not to judge it but damn... I just cannot respect ANY religion where women are not treated as equals to men. And I don't just mean Islam... I mean ANY religion that lessens the worth of women.

    1. waleed amro

      Chris, you need to know that is not islam. But who am I to face the media power

  3. daniel

    The wife did not have a seat on the dining table at the end... ALL muslims are trash and oppressionist. Wominen are equal to men. Stop this shitty religion and bomb every single one...

    1. graciah

      Daniel, Please. Educate. Yourself. My. Dear. Please.

  4. Fk_censorship

    So let me get this straight: a bunch of teenagers feel alienated, society doesn't provide them with the proper incentives, and a pretty large number of them fall prey to ISIS recruiters? That still doesn't explain why these Muslim teens deal with their aggression and loneliness in this manner. It's not like they are the only misunderstood, alienated teens in the world looking for an identity! But they are the only ones willing to leave their poor parents and blow themselves up to kill, kill, kill. What makes them so bloodthirsty? I don't think this documentary answers this fundamental question. Is it genetic, cultural, or religious?

  5. Anon

    @John Smith
    Same problem here. As a Dutch person you're only allowed to watch the Dutch versions. You can find it on the official site of "VPRO Tegenlicht", Season 2015-2016, April 10th 2016. It has the same name "Cyberjihad".

  6. Ligten Up

    Right on Kezi. Like the US Government and Larry Silverstein have nothing to do with 9/11. Like we went to Iraq to really "liberate" the people of Iraq. The only thing they have been freed of is LIFE and Serenity. Yeah we free the nations by blowing the doo doo out of them. How about that for terrorism.

  7. wide awake

    Totally agree with Kezi.
    The sad thing is a lot believe in these 'terrorists threats' /videos (most are FAKE).If you go deep enough you will see these are all orchestrated from the corrupt and controlled governments with the purpose of spreading fear control .Getting many to leave their countries and keeping the governments/corporations in big bucks with their perpetual war machines.IT MAKES THEM MONEY FOLKS.They also have an agenda and they are achieving that by the fact you BELIEVE it all.
    Get out of the FEAR MODE and wake up.

  8. kezi

    sorry but the Isis was made from England and america and now Muslims are being portrayed as 'terrorists' ,people be a little educated and think outside the box, these people only tell you what they want you to know,, the governments are corrupted.

  9. bungabunga

    crap. it's all a ploy to take away internet privacy and freedom

    1. graciah

      that, my dear and accurately named "Bungabunga", is false. Try and follow this line of logic...IF it were true, comment sections would not be permitted. But I do enjoy your sense of humor on the matter as I assume you were being facetious.

  10. Jason

    Absolutely excellent. Great explanations for the reasons for any kind of dissent and the nature of the 'call to action' sales made upon vulnerable youth.
    This is one of the best documentaries on any subject I have seen. Must watch if you want to understand the war on terror and it's stage management; I must have shouted 'Yes' half a dozen times.
    What is implied but not overtly stated is that this is all part of a big scheme; the radical Islamists, the US Government, the discontent, the media and the big Internet companies all play a role in this. A fiddle is being played, on us all.
    Islamic Radicalization is shown to not be a natural, organic thing but is a fire that is being fuelled by the big money and backroom deals that bolster oppression in Islamic countries. Major respect to Mubin Shaikh, who really understands and lays out the key points in the doc; and is himself part of the answer, both on a micro and a macro scale. Thank you to him.

  11. AlwaysNeutral

    @john, try some proxies. censorship of any documentary is unethical IMHO.
    Good doc. Very informative. It was sad to know so many canadian and belgium teenagers have fallen victim to ISIS ideologies and went as far as they did until their demise. Radicalism in any religion is always a bad thing. I wish parents would try to educate their children more on the dangers of fanaticism and how to avoid it.

  12. john smith

    shame I can't watch it in the Netherlands, it's blocked everywhere here for some reason, even youtube has blocked it.

  13. Dan

    Great documentary. Worth the watch. No bigotry, confirmation bias, or unsupported claims. I'm really happy I took the time to watch this in its entirety.