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CyberwarIs the US contributing to the militarization of cyberspace? Cyberwar. A conflict without foot soldiers, guns, or missiles.

Instead the attacks are launched by computer hackers. Digital spy rings. Information thieves. Cyberarmies of kids, criminals, terrorists - some backed by nation states.

But is cyber war really a threat? Can cyber war actually cripple the United States? Or is the language just sturm und drang spun up by a coalition of major arms manufacturers, the Pentagon, and Internet security firms allied with China bashers aimed at launching a new Cold War in Asia?

China has been accused of hacking into the Pentagon, the International Monetary Fund, the French government, and the CIA, as well as stealing information from major U.S. arms maker Boeing and the Japanese firm Mitsubishi.

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Vince Santini
8 years ago

I really dont care about it.. I will be dead soon..and all you guys can have your corrupt government and a world full of crap.

11 years ago

Though I am not very good using computers, I joyfully contribute in any way I can, to prevent what is happening in our country. Next month, I will be 61, so i have been through quite a lot; but nothing, compared to this year and last.
Now, apartment tenants in NC have to allow entry into apartments. When I'm home, I lock my screen door. Today, when I got home, my telephone had been unplugged
Second, in March this year a policeman handcuffed me, took me in his car to the police station, fingerprinted, pictured, etc. I was arrested because the Goodwill thrift store had me arrested for a 21.00 check. They refused my payment, but had me arrested. I went to their office and confronted the Treasurer face to face. He said he would talk to my new employees, who thought I had been a criminal. What's next?
Let's fight! Linda Best

11 years ago

Cyberwarfare on a scale that could cause the entire country to collapse WILL be used against the US at some point, it just depends on when and by who.

And the Internet is ALREADY militarised, your PERSONAL connection is militarised - that's what firewalls and anti-virus software do to your own connection! Take a look at your own router setup page and you will probably notice an option for a DMZ - a De-Militarised Zone, because the rest of YOUR connection is MILITARISED, if it wasn't your computer would be hacked. Bunch of hypocrites don't want the internet to be militarised but have militarised it yourself!

So don't go criticising the government for wanting to do the same thing to the networks that run your power supply, your ATM network, the flight control center that stops your plane crashing into other planes, the networks that hold your medical history and if changed could kill you by changing your allergy status etc, or the network that controls the traffic lights so that you can actually use the roads, etc etc.

11 years ago

this is big boy stuff me can not comment, unless you think that the internet is here and there is a Formula used to create it as it Is today, it can be done again but this time only better very invisible more powerful and specially designed for there purposes, learning from other mistakes along the way, the internet is one big spiders web with billions and billions of interconnecting fibers, upgrading its self every second even now right in this very room you can see when you look out of your window when you pay your taxes when you go to church lmao lol :D. do you no what im talking about ( the matrix )Any of that make sense. well now you no how I feel, i will leave you with this (what is now proved was once impossible) (the only limit to the creativity of the human mind lies in peoples believes about whats possible)

11 years ago

for those poo-pooing the idea of governmental cyber intervention, or the use of the internet as a weapon, i have but one word. stuxnet. how soon we forget, it would seem. ALL american internet traffic routes through nsa mainframes. the stated purpose is a "keyword comparison for use in intercepting communiques by terrorists and their supporters". by using carefully selected keywords, the same method could just as easily be used to coallate all internet users into "risk groups" of any variety. by comparison of routing data, even your "surfing" habits allow all manner of insight into your political, philosophical, and sexual tendencies. data mining is easily accomplished by setting up "stimulus-response" websites of any variety. big brother sees all. with proper stimulus, big brother gets YOU to admit all. it is the ultimate extension of the law enforcement modality of j edgar hoover. it allows ANY user to be slowly indoctrinated toward a mindset of uncle sam's choosing. that is how our "home grown terrorists" are assessed for timely use of agent provocateurs to create incidents. corporations use these exact techniques to target YOU for advertising, do you honestly think it ends there? dont be willfully ignorant.

11 years ago

Fear of ghosts.

11 years ago

DOCO REVIEW: Pretty straightforward and average popcorn documentary. Barely touches the surface of the subject and doesn't do much more than whizz through some possibilities of what's to come and how vastly paranoid the US is... and probably deserves to be with their military/corporate fingers in everyone's else's pies. Although well produced it's fairly much forgettable 23:27 minutes. Give it a burl if you need to watch something while getting ready for work... at the NSA. p.s: Daniel Craig needs a shave @ 4:22 hahaha

11 years ago

Here's an idea US....stop pissing people off and maybe you'll get attacked less.

11 years ago

u can tell that guy is totally baked. check out his eyes

11 years ago

In short the real problem is money. None of the terrorism happens without there being money made or stolen. the wealthy manuvering to make more wealth, scarce resources being exploited, others working in tandem as a conspiracy to wrest control from those less powerful, or people unable to defend themselves being used like chattel/slaves. The end result of this is to make profit, if people are killed then it is victims fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all hold a small level of responsibility... it is just that the Wealthy are tremendously far more responsible for all the nasty negative effects.

11 years ago

We'll be Ok, esp if the 'bad -guy hackers' are shot dead, or if thats to brutal, just cut off one hand.

11 years ago

While reading the comment section before I watch the Documentary, I can't help but pause, slowly shake my head, and wonder... With all of our amazing advances in Computer Science, why do contributers fail to use grammar check, and/or spell check before submitting their comments?

11 years ago

If you can make money or grab power, they will do it. Red Beard is right about one thing. The biggest threat is ***** business executives who work their IT people to death and refuse to provide timely upgrades.
That's why mysterious network slowdowns occur at a company, that is ruled by isolated business theory shills, a few weeks before Chineese officials make a visit to review business partnership deals. (one example). But a military cyber war is a bit of a stretch. I can see a CIA cyber war, though. All you need is a building full of paranoid maniacs and contractors who feed that fear...for money.

11 years ago

this doc was extremely biased. the whole thing was based on the opinion of governments and ****. recently, i have decided to put the stamp of bull**** on anything government officials say, because they're full of **** 99.999% of the time. had to pause 4 minutes in.

11 years ago

It is a matter of record that the NSA was authorized and captured massive amounts of internet data of every type and used the data to search for terrorist activity. It was wholesale data collection not warranted, targeted data collection. This capability exists and will be exploited. Preserving privacy in this way is the last defense against the complete erosion of 4th and 1st amendment rights.

11 years ago

illuminati propaganda notice the upside down triangle sign he makes at 28 secs they are calling these cyber journalist terrorist for reviling the crimes our governments are committing all over the world serving the corporation the so called ruling elite and they do this claiming there protecting your freedom. whilst telling people there liberty is a threat to liberty and that the only way to be safe is to be enslaved

11 years ago

Al Jazeera used to be called anti-American propaganda before they were co-opted by the neocon warmonger types now they are praised by the likes of John McCain saying that he is "Proud of the role that Al Jazeera has played"

11 years ago

I was going to watch this, but then i saw Mikey Chertoff with his mouth open.

11 years ago

It's not the conspiracies, it's the grave errors of judgement we have to be concerned about xx

11 years ago

What a bullshit!

Just making sure people fear as much possible.

Cyber Obama bin Ladens from China.

Next step is to make sure that the next national authorization act allows people to be imprisoned who own a computer.

11 years ago

nothing new, real or actually interesting. zzzzzzzz.............

11 years ago

all they do is feed fear in people minds, no such things exist. peace of crap of propoganda from pentagon!

11 years ago

Some people use the internet for warfare, some for masterbating to free porn. Different strokes.

John Belcher
11 years ago

Mr. Redbeard is a fool. I get the impression he is an attention whore. I dont think a scenario like he described is very likely. DoD just does not operate that way. Anyone with even the slightest exposure to the DoD would understand.

11 years ago

Although quite short, the documentary provides a good basis for discussion. The main issue for me is what the imposition of new cyber security measures would entail in terms of access to alternative sources of information, which at this point are available almost exclusively on the internet.

It is clear though, that the US is already prepared to take this to the next level - their army established the cyber command!

11 years ago

Wasn't the internet invented by the military in the first place? It would make sense the military would militarize it, militarizing things is what they do.