Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs

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Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs2001 was a real space odyssey for me. Instead of flying on a spaceship to the moon, Jupiter, or beyond the solar system, I met Dan Aykroyd for the first time to talk about UFOs.

That's when I knew I had to sit him down in front of the camera, just let him talk about the truth and make a documentary film out of it. Because if I didn't no one would believe we had this amazing conversation.

In this long conversation with Dan Aykroyd about UFOs, I thought it was like Einstein was hiding inside of a comic genius, just so that if he told us the real truth he wouldn't have to believe it. If Einstein had told us UFOs were real, would we have believed *him*? He never spoke about it.

But Dan Aykroyd speaks about UFOs as if he were a full professor on the subject. Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd, who is a believer in the existence and government cover-up of alien life-forms, hosts this look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings.

Akroyd shares his personal experiences in this field and also discusses recent findings with author and UFOlogist David Sereda. DAN AYKROYD UNPLUGGED ON UFOS features UFO footage as well as testimonial material from Astronaut Gordon Cooper and others, including former president Ronald Reagan.

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  1. Klonixtar

    Anyone with an "open" mind may find "westall ufo '66" documentary on Youtube interesting. Over 200 people witnessing "aircraft" that could not exist back in 1966. Nor could they exist today. Mass hallucination? I don't know.

  2. Klonixtar

    @ Stiev Stigma "destruction of the Library of Alexandria at the hands of the Christians".
    Think you'll find it started with Julies Caesar and continued with Roman emperor Aurelian, then Pope Theophilus of Alexandria and finally was completely destroyed during the Muslim conquest of Egypt. Yes, Christians had a hand in it, but so did others.

  3. Mandu Gogi

    OK, 0:46:09 it is 1967 Volkswagen Karman Ghia hubcap in powder blue with upholstery tacks and metallic decorations

  4. Mandu Gogi

    ALso, most video that is not Billy Meier hoax photo, IS MYLAR BALONS! WHy dose nobody Canadan or America person see it the fake hoax and mistaken identify?

  5. Mandu Gogi

    oh, please. I am from a country where people believe in a man-got with a blue elephant head, but still we dont get so gullible as to think EVEN ONE Billy Meier UFO photo is real!!!

  6. DonnyQuackenbush

    If you are ready for some serious reality shifting give bashar a listen on youtube, and many blessings as you awaken to your True Self and our cosmic family. In-La'Kech "I am another Yourself"

  7. DonnyQuackenbush

    For those awakening to the light,may your journey be blessed a thousand fold! And may you have amazing realizations concerning your Self and our galactic family. I am looking forward to more mass sightings, like those in phoenix in 1997. Finally, finally, FINALLY!!! Our reunion is long overdue.

    If you feel connected to the sky or feel at "home" out there, pursue that feeling! It will lead you, literally, back to your family.

    Remember-"you cannot experience that which you are not the frequency of." -Bashar

    In-La'Kech - "I am another Yourself"
    Try in5d. com

  8. dewflirt

    Jesus H tap-dancing christ, I have seen the light!

    I love this stuff ;)

  9. Alex Davidson

    Thats all very nice Dan, but when the **** is Ghostbusters 3 coming out

  10. Mauricio Lopez

    ummm we did reverse engineer their technology....micro chip is alien....this guy is a jackass...he should owe me an hour of my life back

  11. Mauricio Lopez

    dan ur an idiot....dont know what ur talking about

  12. Mark Clavelle

    again, another US based film trying to get above the secrecy placed on by their government. Think outside the USA box, look at other countries, Canada, Britain, Sweden, France, Turkey. There you will get what you need , but do not believe that the US will ever give that information out, if it did, it would loose control of its people, and that they will never do. Free thinkers, free dreamers equals free spirits, and that, the US government will prevent at all costs. Good luck, Pilgrims.

  13. gsjikwblao

    It is a fact that we were "created and designed" by "causation" which began dictating development on the expanding singularity which appeared 13.7 billion years ago. It is reasonable to consider that other intelligent life is there also. This is based on the size and age of the universe. But this is the same thing that someone my think when seeing a pair of hawks nesting in a tree in a woods containing another 1,000 trees. Yet no others may be found because hawks are territorial. It is possible that consciousness is "territorial". There may be just one customer per universe. The vast universe may be there for consciousness to be conscious of. If the most basic function of the universe is to produce consciousness, the most significant thing we know it to have produced, then it would be necessary for only one example to appear for that function to be fulfilled. This doesn't prove that they are not out there but neither is there proof that they are. As our high-tech society comes in for its crash landing, the advanced aliens/ ufo thing has all the earmarks of a "belief-system.

  14. wt1776

    Dan Aykroyd, good actor, but "one of the greatest minds in our time?" Yikes Sereda, are you serious?

  15. Raptor jones

    3 mins in - A zlist celeb, who starred in ghostbusters 700years ago, believes in aliens visiting earth because he watched some movies as a kid, also that they are monitoring us because of the abuse of our enviroment. Additionally John Hutchison. Oh this is going to be funny.

    1. Raptor jones

      Yup, it was funny, particulary enjoyed Dan Aykroyds supposition and conjecture of particle 'ray beam' weapons and different species of aliens. Great comedy actor.

  16. Jordan Stevens

    I liked this video, but when he said he wanted to meet Einstein, Heisenberg and originators of QM, I had to wince. There are plenty of scientists today out there which know more than these guys ever knew. I would not waste my time: I would meet Jesus, Buddha and Krishna. Those are the interesting ones. Just kind of shows you, Dan's no genius, but I admire his courage and imagination to pursue the subject of UFO's. The men-in-black story was also interesting.

    1. ARS

      I thought the mob story could be explained by light in his eyes, someone moving a mirror into place...

      Jesus was not real, so I wouldn't put that one down, nor were Krishna or Buddha - they are compilations of ethos and myth from the time

  17. Willy/Will

    Why is it such a surprise really? Maybe I am just before my time but I just don't see why people are so shocked at the possibility other Species from other Planets are entering our Atmosphere. These sightings are not from U.S Military, if they have a secret project, its kept secret. They won't hover over Phoenix, they will go somewhere that is densely populated. Why would they make themselves so obvious? But if you asked why Aliens wanted to make themselves seen, you can answer that with numerous reasons.

    Near Hessladen, even though the lights are strange enough, locals found a large rectangular peace of Earth (marshy, wet, terrain) that had been perfectly cut 40 millimeters deep and removed and lifted to one side. This is over 4 tonnes of Earth. Closer inspection shows that a Machine of some sort done this, while there is no evidence of any Machine in the area. Now if you were the Alien inspecting another planet, is that not the sort of thing you would do, inspect the soil of the Planet? Also, Scientists noticed that the lights tended to hover over a specific part of the Hessladen valley, on further inspection, its over an Ancient Sulpher mine. Minerals, is this not something that also needs to be inspected while visiting another world?

    Check out Hessladen Doc folks, then decide if this is US military or the outer world.

  18. Steven

    He was sounding believable untill 34:22 ....lets have a meeting with world leaders....The world leaders are the reason there is no contact yet.

  19. Michaell Svendsen

    I want to see those interviews and films that were cancelled

  20. BeardHero420

    I was like "Dan Akyroyd?!?"

    I'm there.

  21. ForeverDove

    All E.B.E's throughout the universe and ultra-dimensions have been warned not to divulge any propulsion secrets to us....


  22. thomashendrikse

    i think if the usa would have found aliens and their ships would they have been that stupid to kill them and experiment on them in the first encounter of both species i mean you'd think they would want to be ally's and learn from them or atleast go for a peacefull approach just an idea

    1. Willy/Will

      This would be the typical reaction the U.S Government would be then? How many countries have the U.S Government deployed their military into in the last 100 years? Peaceful* is not in the vocabulary.

  23. Marc Thomas

    Oh never mind... he touches on that.

  24. Marc Thomas

    Maybe we don't see UFOs entering our solar system is because they are extra-dimensional beings and are actually travelling between dimensions to arrive here. I have pondered this a few times especially after learning of the possibilities of extra dimensions and theories through the double-slit experiment and particles being multiple things and in multiple places at once.

  25. Zog Darkchilde

    by the way dan what did you mean by their planet ????????

    1. ForeverDove

      lol he either made a mistake or he knows something we dont, or his research has led him to the conclusion that they have been here longer than we have.

  26. Zog Darkchilde

    enjoy the next year and a half then we will see what happens

  27. Tim Flowers

    Interesting but not groundbreaking. But calling Dan Ackroyd "one of the greatest minds of our age" is laughable. Nice guy, but not a genius or scholar.

    1. ForeverDove

      What about the long list of visionaries that were neither geniuses or scholars? Are they laughable too?
      So your definition of a great mind is somebody who has a high i.q and went to a prestigious college or university?

      What is laughable here is your thought processes...

    2. Stiev Stigma

      I have to agree with Mr. Flowers on this. While Dan Aykroyd is a very accomplished, well spoken individual, I can't think of anything he's contributed to the advancement of human knowledge. Entertainment, most certainly.
      Please indulge us with a few names on this list of intellectually mediocre visionaries. I'm not being snarky. I am genuinely curious.

    3. ForeverDove

      John Lennon and Bob Marley.....Visionaries of the highest ideals....Peace and Love.

  28. Metavacron

    ...Or Dan is playing his retirement role, paid by the US government to advertise the phenomena as a proof of alien existence, in order to cover up secret projects, like the TR-3B, presented here as alien vehicle. Then when the time comes, they'll release as a global dictatorship all this technology upon our protesting heads which payed for them as idiots. He could also see how extraterrestrial issues are enjoyed by the world's stage, and make money out of it. That seems more likely, he said himself he sold a show and books.

    And something else, the debate is not about how we can make weapons out of UFOs to kill more people for recourses, but if we're alone in the Cosmos.
    Neither the US air force is the best, just isolated beyond oceans. The fearless Japanese one kicked them really well (i'm not japanese, just realist).

    There are much more to criticize to the video like huge loads of BS, but if i do i'll have to take my nerve pills. Possibilities for civilizations through the Universe are high, existence of life in general is certain. But let's not hope to see any triangular crafts terrorizing civilians, UN will proudly role with occupation tanks over our neighborhoods like heroes.

  29. KristaLawhon

    awesome. new way of thinking for me.. totally change me.. I'm with you all!

  30. Simon

    wouldn't it be great to have hitler caught as a 15 year old, and have him drwoned in a river... genius

    1. MyReligionIs2DoGood

      Why is it always Hitler?

      What about 'Wouldn't it be great to have the Native Americans survived?' - or '... to have several senseless US wars for resources not fought, and not killed millions of people in the course?'

      Or maybe '... to prevent the death of 100 Million Christians in Russia during the Stalin era?', '... to stop Mao's Long March?'

      Btw, to kill a young Hitler would make you a murderer of an innocent child - thus not better than him in adult age.

      Maybe it would be the better way to make him walk another path and let him grow up in a healthier environment.

      Just saying...

    2. Stiev Stigma

      I'm Cherokee and still here...things could have gone more peacefully for sure. However, I think if I could travel back and prevent some historical travesty, it would be the destruction of the Library of Alexandria at the hands of the Christians. The entire human race suffered from that one.

  31. Michael C.

    Hey Clayton, I've lived in Toronto, Canada for 22 years, my whole life. and I can tell you first hand that smoking anything other than tobacco is ILLEGAL. So, this leads me to the question: What planet are you living on?

  32. Catherine

    i agree totally. ;)

  33. Clayton Bigsby

    How arrogant of us to think? Who the fu ck coined that phrase? I think...Dan is smokeing something besides tobbaco.. cause he is canadian and its legal there. I think we dont have all the facts and can only speculate. I think most ufo people are nutz!. I think most people that believe in thier god are just as nutz! I think our government knows more than its telling.....and is nutz!

    1. Epicurus

      Cannabis is not legal in Canada, however Dan Aykroyd does smoke it i can attest to that. i will not say how i know though.

    2. jJayme Hatfield

      epicurus420 would you be willing to email me in Alaska for a short chat? Sort of unrelated topic but nonetheless I think your opinion might help me figure out something...(email censored)

  34. Soeren

    I really liked this documentary, i felt it was different from all the others, yet it has the same information. but its more talking than the usual hunt for aliens.

    like his take on "if the us already have this technology, why havent they used it yet in iraq/afghanistan" - well why should they? as he says they have complete air control, so having flying saucers wouldnt help unless you wanted to destroy the country, ground forces are whats needed.

    and i like all his ideas, they seem reasonable, but i dont wanna trust them, as i dont with anything, even though its a good explanation, but there could be many explanations (and im not talking about ppl spotting flying saucers which arent), im just talking in general, like how these flying saucers work, cause they have a guess, but it could be 10 other things, as we dont know anything.

    good doc, hope for more! also wtf with that canadian scientist, why have i only seen him ONCE before, i think that making a cannonball levitate is pretty amazing, even if the stuff behind it is simple (which idk if it is)

  35. Vinny

    Good documentary... Dan Aykroyd spoke very intelligently on the subject and made no contradictions at all.

    Do I believe in life on other planets? YES, you would be foolish not to. Do I believe alien lifeforms have 'visited' us? I'm not so sure.

    I think people need to look at a bigger picture when it comes to life and how/where it originated from. Someone posted that the human race is embarrassing because of our greed, politics, etc. I totally believe that. If, for sure, there is life on other planets and have the technology to travel like they do, I don't think they're blowing each other up over natural resources (oil), killing each other for what they believe in (religion) on their own planet. The human race takes life for granted. And we better find a way to co-exsist with one another.... and quickly too.

  36. Pete Venkman

    Ray's gone Bye-Bye Egon....

  37. eetwo

    David's comment makes total sense to me and can back my experience with the UFO.

    I'm still not a 100% believer in all the crap the media has spewed about UFO's and alien intelligence. With the introduction of the internet, cgi, hoaxes (and a great way for greed to make some green)certainly became more common place.

    In Nov 2007 I looked out my window at 2:45am, far northern Canada where I was working. To my amazement two white circular disks flew overhead. They were slightly transparent, and lightly glowing with a pulse of light.

    Only lased about 25 seconds as they moved at high speed to the southern horizon. They must have been massive.

    I could only describe them as some type of 'creature' I explained to people they were almost like a sea creature, a jelly fish.

    Anyway still don't know what to think, and this doc sucks tbh.

  38. Zokulow

    I have read several post on here and i want say to dodgy that,,,I agree with you 100%,,,someone with an intellect,,responding like yorself makes me feel good,,,to know there are other human beigs out there who see what is going on with a lot of us for who we have become,,,well said!!!
    Beam me up as well!!!! Reti Zokulow

  39. Zokulow

    I love this interview, Dan is a very cool calm collective individual on this subject and finally someone who is credible other than some bunk skeptic who cant even explain his own skepticism.

    I want to say that here where im at in indiana is crazy activity in the skies lately and I was a skeptic even after my 2005 sightings that I myself explained away as space junk or stars,,,Even the 2008 kokomo IN. sighting I was not convienced considering i live near grissom and other small airports,,,,UNTIL ONE NIGHT I BECAME A BELIEVER OF OTHER WORLDLY AIRCRAFT AND OTHER POSSIBLE BEINGS AND ITS CHANGING EVERYTHING I HAVE BELEIVED BEFORE!!!!!!!

    To those who are in question to alien technology and being vistited from other worlds i challenge you to be skeptical with an open mind and really look into this type of subject,,,basically research this stuff and get a telescope it will blow your mind what you see up in the night skies....

    Back in the 90's I star gazed all the time as a kid and never once seen what I would consider a UFO,,,,,with that in mind as I continued to star gaze up into the new millinium,,it wasnt until 05 that something was up there that was defying technology as i knew it to be as far as aircraft,,,,and Im tellin you right know something is going on that is beyond are comprehension and if we dont expose the truth and prepare ourselves we may be in trouble to what might be for us in the future!!!!!

    Aliens are (in my opinion) plotting there mass arrival and exposure to the world and it may be a massive take over,,,just like out of independence day,,,,Im ded serious about this,,We will be second to there advancement no matter how much of there recovered craft we reverse egineer....

    They are superior and may be for a long time if we dont wake up grow up and start pushing towards the truth that we are not alone in the universe...We have to start moving forward with advancing are technology as a people even if its just for hobby or fun and not wait for nasa and are so called goverment because we as a people are on are own.....

    The goverement is just a puppet being used by the aliens (if there working together in a disclosed secret location) right now......(AREA 51)Ring a bell,,,we cant wait for the people there who are electrical gurus and scientist advance us, there already there technology wise but not close enough for alien sake....

    I beleive after researching and studying this subject that we have the ability to fly close to alien abilities but we have yet to plot that course and jump space time to another location Im convienced of this,,,,

    However with the abduction cases there must be a trade off and deal being made with aliens for technology and secret about the truth of aliens....We ourselves need to seek knowledge and do what we can as a people to gain advancement technology wise,,,,,because really do we want to trust the goverment and the people working and running area 51 with all the judgement calls and trust,,,,,I DONT......

    I think its high time we become are own underground chemist, Electrical gurus,Scientists,Phisicist,Biologist Etc. and we take over before they do!!!!!!!Over and out for now,,,, Reti Zokulow

  40. Dodgy

    I had an experience as a kid that kind of sways me to believe in life visting this planet. I like to think there is other life out there because it would be a shame to me that only one planet is used in the vastness of space when we seem to have carved out existence here.

    Sometimes I'm just ashamed of humans - the way we dominate animals and even other humans. The way we can be marketed to and how much we consume. How vain we are to care about what others think and live outside our means. How we make jokes about those that can't change how they were born or stare and make them uncomfortable. How we literally kill and cause pain to each other for our own greed or to satisfy our want to do it. I do hope that there is a better x out there somewhere than us. The us that we like to pretend we are in public at a job interview or first date, for example. If there are better out there, beam me up lol

  41. TigersPaw

    In my favorite Vulcan "Fascinating"
    To Believe or Not to Believe, That is the Question.
    Having not experienced a UFO sighting my self I guess I'm one of those that seeing is believing. I don't think that in our vast universe that Intelligent life does not exist. Just that if It is capable of interstellar travel they would make a better attempt at communication. Just my 2cents, Your mileage may very.
    As always thanks Vlatko

  42. gav

    DEFCON does not go from 1 to 5, it goes from 5 to 1. 1 is launch, not 5. "Experts" meh

  43. just1truth

    @Oj Um when speaking of aliens it would be correct to use we. It is amazing that out of the entire documentary that is what you picked out. Nationalist much?

  44. jambo lad

    as others have said
    its sheer arrogance,and in my opinion a little bit backward thinking,to say,in the vastness of space,we are the only beings capable of space travel.

    as for dan akroyd,
    i would love to share a beer and a joint with the man.

    it would have to be proper beer,and by that, i mean ale.
    not that fizzy,urine coloUred stuff that you north americans call beer.

    another great doc

    keep them coming,
    cheers vlatko.

  45. Amy L

    I always love seeing anything 2 do with other lifeforms and science based reports. I know there are the sceptics but I KNOW we r not alone. though some choose not to "believe" that DOESNT MEAN it doesnt exist. Just recently saw a crazy boggling movie with Mila Jovavich about other lifeforms. was truly shaking! Its on-demand now or rental.
    Even the traditional christian believer should take note that Jesus said there are MANY WORLDS and things that we just could NOT understand with our human minds! He was the ultimate strength and power to bring a message of self saving and using the power within u to realize U R not alone and can accomplish anything u can dream or imagine! we r creators.

  46. wallace

    Dan Aykroyd and the other believers are truly space cases. Bet jono659 is a fellow traveler.

  47. Lee Garcia

    I gotta say I'm not knocking the subject matter , but damn, lets not put up cheezy photos and pretend like they say something . There are many really good photos that cannot be explained that might have been more apropriate.

  48. Lee Garcia

    This is serious subject that is being treated in a childish way with this rediculous footage, and what in the hell is Dan Aykroyd talking about anyway. Is he high? My god , there is a hell of alot better evidence then this.

  49. OJ

    Why does Aykroyd talk in terms of 'we' when talking about the US? Isn't he Canadian?

  50. Ned

    Good comment jono. Yes it is true, more people need to start thinking and opening their minds, rather than immediately jumping to their established/personal preference explanations (scientists who take skepticism to an extreme point where it is not even skepticism anymore but just denial of evidence, and religious people or people with dogmatic beliefs that have no real basis).

    Here's to a more enlightened future.

  51. jono659

    "i hope for dans sake, this guy paid him a decent sum to say this rambling jibberish"

    How incredibly arrogant (or stupid) to believe that in hundrads of billions of star systems there is only one intelligent race. Maybe Chris should take a look at the latest theories on string or MT before pronouncing his intelligent responses.

  52. Chris

    Dan akroyd and this other fella have been smoking something. i never really thought he was a good actor, this doesnt help. i hope for dans sake, this guy paid him a decent sum to say this rambling jibberish.

  53. goober

    It would be very narrow minded to believe in all the galaxies that exist that we should be the only intelligent life form.
    With the technologies our government is experimenting with today i.e. the H.A.A.R.P. project, the weapons in space, etc., it should come as no surprise that we're being watched and our behaviors evaluated and monitored. What we choose to do to our planet and galaxy, in the long run effects all planets and galaxies.

  54. David

    Hi All;

    Here's something "different" to think about.
    We build and use bathyspheres to go very deep into the oceans because without them, we would be crushed having gone from one atmosphere of pressure to hundreds. And the oceans are the least known parts of our planet. Now imagine a planet being visited by alien intelligence. What percentage of our planet do you think they see as the majority life supporting area of our planet? The oceans are the best place to hide and remain "on site" as it were. Now imagine these beings having come from a "location" either parallel with ours or otherwise which has a very low atmospheric pressure. They would, by necessity, build a ship of sorts, a bathysphere to enter OUR living space pressure. Most UFO's, if looked upon with this frame of mind, fit the necessary geometry of build to duplicate a pressure vessel necessary to support life which can live in near space pressure. This may very will explain the shape and sizes of the "objects" seen in space by our astronauts in orbit since these seem to change size and shape and even appear and disappear at will since low pressure would allow for an evolution which permits very high "flexibility" of shape. Think about it. A living organism "from earth" which has evolved to live in very near space pressures, just like the deep sea fish can live at thousands of PSI in the deep oceans. Far fetched? I think not. Parallel universe, try parallel evolution on earth that has gone un-noticed since we ARE the dominant species living on the minority of the earth’s surface ONLY.

    Think outside the box and the possibilities become obvious.

    Live long and .... well, you know the rest....