Daredevils: The Human Spider Returns

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Daredevils: The Human Spider ReturnsAlain Robert is known to the world as The Human Spider and is arguably the most daring climber the world has ever seen.

This film follows Alain over two years, bringing his story up to date with new, behind-the-scenes footage revealing his assault upon the one building that has eluded him time and again, the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Watch Alain as he takes on the 88-storey edifice with just his bare hands, some chalk dust, and an awful lot of nerve.

Alain's attempts to free climb up the outside of some of the world's tallest buildings and structures without any safety equipment have earned him a reputation as one of the world's greatest Daredevils.

Despite suffering from epilepsy and admitting to a fear of heights, Alain Robert has made headlines around the world with his unbelievable feats of daring. The 47-year-old husband and father-of-three has scaled skyscrapers such as the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, Berlin's Debis Tower, and the Federation Tower in Moscow, Europe's tallest building.

This heart-stopping documentary also features revealing interviews with Alain's family in an attempt to understand what motivates him to repeatedly risk his life.

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  1. AMI


  2. Black N Bianco

    Pretty scary, but that's nothing compare to free solo climbing like

    Alex Honnold

  3. Matt Ruggles

    Oh my! That is so intense. Did anyone else's hands get really sweaty when he climbed or feelings of queeziness? My hands got all clammy watching this doc. Highly recommend!

  4. john kay

    excellent doc
    similar to man on a wire
    the french are craaaaaazy

  5. Jimmy

    rare unit

  6. Aashish Tanna

    You are my hero and inspiration

  7. H Neil Sangte S

    awesome experience....the coolest guy iv known by far!!

  8. Mike Lindner

    He is no Alex Honnold. I'm not saying it isn't impressive, but these are man made buildings where you are repeating the exact same moves because that is how a skyscraper is economically built (repetitive systems).

    1. H Neil Sangte S

      oh come on!!!everybody knows these are man made buildings but they built it with safety measures,that mostly anybody can do following the manual!! you just have to accept this dude is the bravest man on earth!!whooo!!

  9. Guest

    Did anyone else get watery shins watching this?

  10. 1000scorpions

    This caused panic attacks throughout. And i'm sitting in a basement. He should also be credited for all of a sudden causing Holidays whenever he climbs!

  11. 1000scorpions

    This caused panic attacks throughout. And i'm sitting in a basement. He should also be credited for causing Holidays all of a sudden whenever he climbs!

  12. Norm

    Fascinating! I would never consider anything as daring as this except in my grandiose dreams. It does however, make me re-think some of the things that I haven't done because of fear. Am I truly incapable or are my personal limitations resting solely in the mind?

  13. His Forever

    Wow! That was pretty scary. Glad he didn't die--Yahooed his name to just make sure he was still living! :-)

  14. PinchedLoaf

    Mindblowing to say the least! My hands were sweating just watching video.

    Mr. Carpe Diem - you da man!

  15. Mathew Tobiasz

    totally loved it and the psychological/play analysis but too bad they insisted on flipping the camera all over the place trying to make something feel more exciting that couldn't possibly be more exciting; I just wanted to watch him climb for more than two seconds without the shot zooming in and out and shaking all over the place !

  16. Savage Henry

    Just when you thought there were enough ways to die...

  17. i_drink_Scope

    the most courageous and confident person i have ever been made of aware of! a truly amazing human being...

  18. i_drink_Scope

    the most courageous and confident person i have ever been made of aware of! a truly amazing human being...

  19. Nakor420

    They always let him go without charge because even though they HAVE to arrest him, you know they love him. This guy embodies the fearless spirit of the explorer in us all. Bravo! I hope he climbs freedom tower when it's complete.

  20. Nakor420

    My friends older brother is a profesional rock climber. He doesn't scale buildings, but he has those artificial holds all over his house. This guy is chisled out of stone. Probably the strongest guy I've ever known.

  21. Carlos Plaza

    What an awesome video !!!

  22. Gamini Perera

    Wow.Unbelievable.Can a man do this in real???He has done it.And he will do it again.What a Nerve Buster!!!!!!Thanks for the documentary.There is a one like this in India.Anyone has got info?? Or any documentary???

  23. Tammy Cantellia

    This was AWESOME!!

  24. Tammy Cantellia

    This was AWESOME!! Wow way to follow your dreams..

  25. shortonfaith

    It's always nice to watch a story like this. What a great doc on one mans love of pushing the edges of the envelope. Not only his own but all the officials & building owners in each country. There still is hope & admiration everywhere.

  26. esmuziq & frames

    waldo what kinda job do you have ?

    1. wald0

      I work as an assistant in the theology department of a local community college and build acoustic instruments (Banjos, guitars, mandolins, etc.) with my dad. We also have a fairly good sized farm and run a saw mill. Mostly I am a student studying mathematics and physics, though philosophy runs a close second. I already have a small two year degree in theology but, I never did anything with it.

      P.s. I dig your music man, very cool.

  27. Achems_Razor

    Fascinating doc. Used to do some climbing, but no buildings.

  28. Mowgli33

    @wald0- I was waiting to see if you were done with your circuitous conversation with yourself. You certainly view all angles.

    1. wald0

      Yes, i am weird person. I know this!!

    2. Guest

      I read your comments, your participation counts.
      How about an avatar too?

    3. PinchedLoaf

      If being a critical thinker makes you a weird person...then it is my hope that more people would become weirdos.

  29. wald0

    This dude is definitely brave, even though I don't see much point in what he is doing. I suppose it makes sense to him though. I get a sense of accomplishment from very different things- music, philosophy, physics, and mathematics mostly. Its funny how different people can be isn't it.

    I suppose as long as what you are doing harms no one and is fulfilling to you then you should be free to pursue it. Then again he could fall off and hurt someone, but it would be very unlikely I would think. I guess the police should respond to make sure he isn't going to hurt someone or commit suicide, but they should let him go if he doesn't.Then again these are privately owned buildings so he is trespassing on someone's property. I guess if they don't want their building climbed they have a right to legal recourse against those that climb it. This makes for an interesting legal debate at least. If someone trespasses on your property but, does you nor your property any damage or inconvenience- do you still have legal recourse? Or should the state have recourse in these events in order to influence a more safe and productive society? After all we can't have hundreds of people scaling sky scrapers everyday and if this guy does it and becomes famous we could see many more. Personally I have nothing against it, I am just paying the devils advocate here for the sake of discussion. I am interested to see what everyone else thinks about it.

    1. Imightberiding

      He is actually already quite famous (or infamous) & has been for several years. I say more power to him.

    2. Nakor420

      This is the libertarian point of view. People should be FREE to live there lives as they see fit. To persue happiness,as long as it''s not hurting anyone else. If this is what fullfills this guys life, then god bless him.

    3. misterwong

      Waldo,There is something Counter-intuitive about why we are fascinated by the thrill seeking adventurer.Their exploits and daring are irrational ,death defying feats that no sane person would risk.Why do we find the sheer Wackiness of these hare-brained,death wish stunts so heroic?What do they provide for us level headed mere mortals that inspires us?Beats the Hell outta me.But I guess in a way it shatters our concept of our own limitations as feeble rational humans and expands the possible.Here were some other nuts who,in persuit of a dream,inspired generations of sensible,rational people to take inordinate risks to achieve their goals: When asked in 1924 why one would scale Mt. Everest,George Mallory replied "Because it's There" ,but more telling is "We conquer not the Mountain,but Ourselves"-Edmund Hillary

    4. wald0

      Thank you for your response, very well thought out. It gave me a lot to think about. I think you are absolutely right, we are attracted to this type of thing because it shows us what we are capable of if we can rise above fear and doubt and are willing to buck conventional wisdom. I think we also like that he is breaking the law and getting away with it, its like he is shaking his finger in the face of "the establishment".

  30. Nakor420

    This guy's got BALLS!

    1. wald0

      I knew he looked familiar. I have those as well.

    2. Guest

      Hard balls, big balls would be in the way! lol


      How would you know?, just busting your balls a little Azilda. What a show, unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Guest

      just a friendly guess!