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Darwin's Secret Notebooks

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Darwin's Secret NotebooksUsing Darwin's own diary and field notes as a travel guide, retrace Darwin's expedition beyond the Galapagos to uncover the forgotten evidence that inspired his revolutionary work.

He wasn't a mathematician. He wasn't an inventor. He was just a 20-something guy who liked to poke around in the dirt.

Yet, Charles Darwin developed a theory of evolution so significant that it forms the bedrock of biology, and so radical it is still controversial in some circles today.

In 1859, when he was 50, Darwin published "On the Origin of Species," the work that outlined the theory of natural selection and left every high-schooler hankering for a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

He was only 22 when he began the five-year adventure that led him to his legacy. Charles Darwin's five-year expedition led him to his theory of evolution. Feb. 12, 2009 marked his 200th birthday.

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  1. crabman

    Hey dude! it doesn't seem to be loading for me not sure if its my computer or YouKu.

  2. Vlatko
  3. Vlatko

    It is Youku. I know it sucks. Initially this was a YouTube playlist but it was removed very quickly.

    Press play than pause and let it buffer for a while. For some folks it might be blocked. Depends on where are you located.

    The last resort is to download it using Firefox and Download Helper add-on and watch it latter from your computer.

  4. Sisko
  5. Sisko

    Watch it directly on YouKu, it's slightly faster than here embedded.

  6. ez2b12
  7. ez2b12

    Yep, its blocked here, southeastern US.

  8. breadthing
  9. breadthing

    blocked here in Hawaii also

  10. hhv
  11. hhv

    Vlatko, I'm totally blocked. Download Helper won't even get it. *sigh*

  12. Vlatko
  13. Vlatko

    What can I say @hhv. Skip this doc. Sorry.

  14. declan ryan
  15. declan ryan

    yo breadthing im getting it here in hawaii

  16. Simpeter
  17. Simpeter

    I'm not getting it in Italy

  18. Auto
  19. Auto

    Got no problem viewing here in the UK>
    Thanks for the Doc. Good stuff.

  20. jane haydon
  21. jane haydon

    I am getting it fine in BC Canada.

  22. Larry_Moe
  23. Larry_Moe

    The clip has been blocked in your area... Time to relocate.

  24. capricious
  25. capricious

    Blocked in California. That's bootsy! Sounded interesting too. Thx for the effort Vlatko.

  26. Saša
  27. Saša

    Wanted to watch it yesterday but it didn't work, i clicked on play now and it's working! i'm so happy now :))

  28. aussie
  29. aussie

    Loud and clear in Australia

    thanks Vlatko great site

  30. umbro1212
  31. umbro1212

    I am also blocked in the Southern U.S.(bible belt) However, I did a Google search and was able to locate it on another site fairly easily.

  32. Naveed
  33. Naveed

    its on youtube with HD and has 13 parts ....

  34. Matt
  35. Matt

    It works fine here in Northern Ireland.

    Although I find the sentence at the top a little inaccurate "He was just a 20-something guy who liked to poke around in the dirt". Actually he was a GEOLOGIST.

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