Daylight Robbery

Daylight RobberyPanorama investigates claims that as much as $23bn (£11.75bn) may have been lost, stolen or not properly accounted for in Iraq. When the US goes to war, corporate America goes too. There are contracts for caterers, tanker drivers, security guards and even interrogators, many of them through companies with links to the White House. Now more than 70 whistle-blower cases threaten to reveal the scandals behind billions of dollars worth of waste, theft and corruption during the Iraq war.

A total of $23bn (£11.75bn) is under scrutiny. The US justice department has imposed gagging orders which prevent the real scale of the problem emerging. But Panorama's Jane Corbin has spoken to some of those involved - with astonishing stories to tell of who got rich and who got burned.

She hears allegations of mismanagement, fraud and waste; tales of contractors chosen for their US government connections without a competitive bidding process; contractors inflating their costs and double counting to increase their profits and billions supposed to be used to rebuild the Iraqi military allegedly ending up in the pockets of some Iraqi government officials.

Even the contract to oversee the expenditure went to a company with no relevant qualification in accounting. "They are the quintessential war profiteers," said a witness to one of the most notorious companies involved. "They made money out of chaos."

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  1. Raya

    I remember sitting in my sixth grade classroom the day that 9/11 occurred. Watching the TV screen in front of my classmates and I, we saw the devastation in NY. Going home, again it was on the TV. The news stations never seemed to stop broadcasting the traumatizing footage and talking about what happened with words of fear. When president Bush began talking about a war on "terror," a tiny voice inside of me began to grow a bit more distinct. It said, WTF? It amazes me that when the ball began to roll on this even a twelve year old girl could see that the war to come couldn't possibly be for the good of the American people. We were manipulated by fear from the start and that fear was channeled into fueling the gluttony of the already rich and profit hungry of our government, manipulative, controlling a**holes who only care about themselves and their own.

    It saddens me that such a beautiful dream has led to such a disaster of a system where the people become sheeple when governed by tactics of terror, lies and unchecked corruption. We can do better than this. Unfortunately improvement upon the current governmental situation will probably only come after a breaking point.

  2. Anthony Smith

    This is an old Doc. but still a very good Doc..

  3. Capricious

    Raya, I know your feelings, but from a little bit older perspective..

    I was at home with my dad who was unemployed on 9/11 - I had stayed up late the night before but he woke me up as soon as news hit, before the second plane hit. We gripped the television all day. As soon as the first tower fell me and my father both looked at each other with an eye-brow raised... not because of anything said, but because it so clearly looked like a controlled demolition even as a laymen viewer who had only seen discovery channel shows dedicated to such events.

    The "news" following it, and everything we have both learned about it since has made us question everything.

    We consider ourselves very rational and free thinkers. We certainly don't buy into any crazy NWO conspiracies or anything of the likes - and frankly, till this day, neither of us are comfortable pointing the finger at any one individual or organization.

    Time to watch the doc :)

  4. jkaz

    Raya, sadly your last paragraph sums up the current situation perfectly.

  5. Anthony

    I drink your milkshake , I drink it up. Trouble is these days they only give out a few straws.

  6. Mogens Rasmussen

    I just hope honest americans start to realize why so many people througout the world hate what your country is doing to us all.

  7. mike

    These Obama lead socialistic ideas will destroy this country. This a country lead by the politicians and not by the people.

  8. chief K

    Hey, this Daylight robbery seems to be every where around the world, there are so many dishonest prominent men & women in the governing authorities..... "sad to say I am not allowed to say" but they have done more harm than good..... they live comfort lives with their families and afflict the poor.....its more worse when happens to the people living in the third world countries!!!

    Some "say for God and my country but they say for my stomach and my family" in God we trust but the God is their money..... God deliver us from these MAFIOSO

  9. Skep

    Corruption. Its a system of lies built and nurtured for generations. I find it almost impossible to think that things will ever change. Too many people are involved.

  10. jpz

    cheney and bush should be in prison . i cant believe you americans let them away with this..pfff

  11. tigerspaw

    I do agree with your first sentence. But please let us know where you are from, so that we may learn what your people have done with cases like this.

  12. RB

    It amazes me how people would even throw President Obama's name into this equation. During the whole documentary I never heard his name mentioned once but I guess you have to blame someone. If Tea Party groups and Townhall Meetings would have been established during this time, maybe we wouldn't be in the s**t we're in now. Sorry America, you granted the real culprit immunity.

  13. Jason

    Mike is obviously trolling. His post is unrelated Obama hatespeech and both of his statements are not true especially because it is corporations who run the politicians. We live in a Corporatocracy now instead of a Democracy mainly due to failed Republican ideology which is based on debt and greed.

  14. Ramus

    All the while we live in a currency based economy there will be greed. There always has been, from the old corrupt monarchs of Europe to the present corrupt monarchs of the west. Presidents, bank managers, estate agents and even catholic priests all want the same thing - profit. The trouble is when someone makes a profit someone loses. Soon there will only be 2 types of people, those that have all the money and those that have none. Unfortunately the rich put themselves in power while we sit idly by convinced democracy has been served. The only way it will change is if, in the words of Paul McArtney, we all stand together.

  15. the loler

    lolol, Obama lead socialistic ideas, thats a good one. I doubt Obama is important enough in the white house to chose his own tie before he goes on tv to read the speach someone more important wrote for him. Obama has about as much influence on American government policy as David Beckham has over Gillette razors product development team. Someone hands these men a bit of paper and pushes them infront of a camera to promote their ideas.

  16. Kumamori

    Ask yourselves, who controls your government? In order to find an answer to that, look at the decisions your government has made. It goes to war to grind lives to dust for their profit. It upholds big-company farms and GMO while small farmers are persecuted by the banks. Your medical companies deceive you, again supported by the governemnt, Big Pharma. Media deceiving you should be obvious at this point. You don't need to trust my word, just see some docs and see if they support what's happening around you. The Secret of Oz, Big Pharma, some Monsanto-related and iraqi doc, then you might have the idea of what the world could be like when those who claim to work for the people, actually worked for the people.

    You can do so much as one person, not just by voting. For example, if you got any sort of a backyard at your disposal, plant some vegetables there and make pickled veggies out of them, so you got some clean food in case something happens. Why not just buy it from the shop? Because knowing how to produce your own food will be important should s*** hit the fan. And besides, even if s*** doesn't hit the fan, why should anyone deny you from doing that? Clean and healthy food without any, any transportation expenses, and since you've done it before you got the confidence to survive and don't have to worry no matter what they say to you.

    Other things you can do is participate in small community trading that doesn't involve national currency. Again the benefit of working things out without the national monetary system gives you more tools to get along and help your neighbours to get along. It's not communism nor socialism nor capitalism, just basic trading without anyone getting rich by swindling money.

    Peaceful ways like these exist, don't forget that. Remember that should it come to the worst, don't be the one to throw the first stone, don't let media reap any unnecessary fuel for their plans by starting violent demonstrations and such. Instead, if you go to a demonstration and are in a good physical shape or have diplomatical skills and balls, try to quell violence before media and police can make a fuss of it. It is vain violence and hatebreeding that only fuels their plans, both in our soldiers' hearts and in practical sense. Police can not act against you if you be peaceful and united. The worst poison to their plans is that people do something about it and not play their games for them.

  17. Teresa Wedges

    Wow, I am amazed at your ability to communicate and the Spirit of goodness that illumines your words. What you say reeks of truth. And there is also a surprising aroma of peace. Thx.


  18. Adnan Tora Mushtaqa

    suprisingly this documentary is no longer available

  19. Vlatko

    Fixed that @Adnan.

  20. Peter Wilson

    The last few months have brought me the same solutions you propose! There are dishonorable exploiters and there are...THE REST OF US. How do exploiters "manage" the Rest Of Us? Divide and conquer strategies, and wow, they range from subtle-subtle to blow 'em up/burn'em down! But WE-the REST OF US are responsible for this mess! Stop borrowing their blood money! There are alternative currencies. Stop relying on THEIR food and "essential goods". All my neighbors have food-growing garden space, not even 1% being used for food. Forget identifying with the crock of Political processes that divide us (THE REST OF US) into ridiculous pointless camps of Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, blah blah blah....and recognize the simplest but hard to accept truth that we are allowing ourselves to be exploited and we are responsible for all this ugliness, and yet it can stop... if WE, THE REST OF US stop participating. Stop working for them, stop borrowing and paying back THEIR currency (do you understand where they get it?) Most of all, recognize the ultimate truth: NO-ONE legitimately has authority over YOU!

  21. harry nutzack

    a year of comments, and nobody points out the root cause of the lack of concern and oversight by the american government... this wasnt american money being stolen, not by a long shot... it was excess profits from the iraqi "oil for food" program admin'd by the un during the sanctions era... these profits were released to the us government for "reconstruction"... well, we all know the allergy our politicians have to giving up dough they have their grubby paws on, and the answer was a procurement process that ensured burning through those pallets of c-notes as rapidly as possible by a gang of "sweetheart" contract might also point out that such luminaries as "blackwater" and "brown and root" are actually cia front ops, akin to eastern airlines and air america during the vietnam war era.. just a method of funneling everything they can into the "old boy network" and the remainder into black ops

  22. N

    Nothing we can do. Only history will tell the truth and by that time it is forgotten .

  23. Rocky Racoon

    A totally different reaction to the protests that began as a result of the Vietnam War of course their wasn't the war so no one one over there could really complain unless you joined the military before the war and they wouldn't let you out after your hitch. I also think that the way the war on drugs totally demonized anyone associated with Peace and Love....You know All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance. We felt a part of a movement a whole generation was united in making the world a better place. They killed our leaders, bombed our comrade's and by the time Hollywood gave us a decade or two of Rambo who convinced everyone that the reason they lost the war was a lack of support for the many people go along to get along, played it safe because they saw what happened to their friends who cracked or whatever, parents who want to choreograph their kids first sexual experience make everything safe moral guardian's, aids, conformity, This is what we got a FASCIST state. A Corporacracy where corporations have more rights than people indeed are considered persons now how convoluted and sick does a society have to be to go along with such bullsh=*it. And the greatest defeat was the fall of the Soviet Union and that socialism was a utopian dream or a totalitarian nightmare-without any analysis whatsoever or any attention to those socialist societies wether in the Europe and South America and the measures we wen' t to to ensure that they failed from letting them hang until 22 million were killed in the 2nd world war and then needlessly dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan to let them know who was in charge along with the dozens of coup's and assassination's all over the globe...ya socialism doesn't work. in any case it doesn't work without a heavy dose of democracy and democracy is the only weapon we have against capitalism and we have to pry our social wealth out of the hands of private pillferer's and return the social product and covert everything to the PUBLIC GOOD and INTEREST over everything other consideration-then we might have a chance....right now they are trying to close 30 schools in Chicago, I cannot believe the State doesn't have the tax base to ensure that their is a good education system but this is the first step to the privatization of school and we've seen how good the privatized prison deal works. Like 3 strikes your out-to bad they didn't apply that to banksters-where is the JUSTICE! Oh well, think about it anyway.

  24. Rocky Racoon

    We consent to being ruled by our democratically elected leaders supposedly....but we have really let that democracy slip back through our hands.

  25. Rocky Racoon

    Me too! But it will take a revolution to take power away from those who hold it. No matter everyone wanted single payer health care to and look what they got. Everyone wanted the Bankster's rightfully so and legally so no matter what Obama says...these two examples should suffix. It will take a revolution.

  26. mycial

    Great information sometimes you have to stop watching t.v and learn how big government is controlling & pulling the strings in plain sight, if sheep would just say I'm not going to fight any more wars then they would have to bring out the robots then we will have to hide & fight them like in terminator we believe one day this will happen after. People are sick & dead who will they have to keep us under control the cyborgs & drones. Just follow the money.

  27. spen4leeds

    if anyone dosnt believe bush and hes mates couldnt of set up 9 11, imagine what 10 people in a room could think off when they have this mentality

  28. spen4leeds

    the bush administration 8 year mega heist of the american people at the cost of iraq lives, biggest mass murderer mr bush, worse than hitler

  29. spen4leeds

    if america ever needs to make a new critical law this is it, politicians should never be able to hold jobs in power if they have ever worked for companies like haliburton or any jobs that can influence politics,

  30. spen4leeds

    my cheeny, wonder if it was guilt that made him give a million dollars to charity or he did it to make himself feel better, i dont think i could ever bring myself to shake such a evil persons hand, greedy slug, feeding of the distruction of mankind,

  31. spen4leeds

    i totally agree, how strange that the plane that hit the pentagon, or [missle] is where these files where kept, files that could trace where the 2.3 trillion million dollars went, talk about the biggest robbery of mankind,

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