The Days of Genesis

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The Days of GenesisSome try to argue that the days of Genesis were much longer periods of time than 24 hours each.

In this production, the bible skeptic Brett Palmer, tackles the topic of the days of Genesis in much more detail than was given in his original What Genesis Got Wrong series, to finally lay to rest the question of whether or not the days of Genesis were likely conceived of by the original author of the text to be periods of a literal 24 hours each.

When Moses, under the inspiration of God, compiled the account of creation in Genesis 1, he used the Hebrew word 'yom' for 'day'.

He combined yôm with numbers (first day, second day, third day, etc.) and with the words 'evening and morning', and the first time he employed it he carefully defined the meaning of yom (used in this way) as being one night/day cycle (Genesis 1:5).

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  1. nebra

    I am an alien and I dont get this planet...

  2. Kateye70

    I would never have guessed, you type English like a native...

  3. Paul Lindsley

    I thought Genesis was a rock band (Phil collins ect) making more sense
    than making life and the world in a few days me thinks .
    Do you need to be a scientist to figure out religeous ideas or writings?
    from whoever wrote at the time and who decides what to write and how
    to explain something so big the mind boggles .
    Somebody better write the book "what happened to God" ?
    Maybe he went on a long vacation in between the wars , power struggles
    greed and confusion ? has man changed his ideas i think not !

  4. Kateye70

    Yea Genesis rocks! (or rocked...)

    Too bad there are people who willingly suspend disbelief when they walk into a church.

    Too bad there are preachers who know better who willingly lie to their congregations.

    If there is a god, he is probably just watching them, going "smh, wtf?!?"

  5. Harry Nutzack

    ive never heard the genesis creation myth described as an allegorical debunking of pantheism before. what a great concept. of course, i could see why such pains would be made by members of the cult of yahweh to supress that viewpoint. i still think Thor could kick yahweh's a$$ though, lol

  6. nebra

    Well I am not American, if thats what you mean...and the sentence has a somewhat deeper meaning...

  7. oQ

    Come on,

  8. Kateye70

    Yes, I got the deeper meaning =)

  9. Kateye70

    What amazes me are the people trying to shoehorn it into literal meaning.

    The allegorical 'my god is better than your gods' seems obvious once it's been pointed out.

  10. Kateye70

    Fixt ;-)

  11. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    tell me are u gonna make a series of the color of the skies? like wath kind of blue s there is in the sky ???? dark blue or lite blues or turquoise ! your wasting your time trying to kill faith!! faith is the basic of life without it you cant get up or even breath ! Why im i so sure? simple when i m all alone i put God (his word) to the test !!! i ask him to prove he exist all the big question and the most essentiel (Do you love me ) and beleive me or not !!!!He s got ears and a mind and a mouth ; and in his time he answerd all my question......... welll the ones HE knows i need to understand !!! TRY!!! trust me dont even try it !!! WITH YOUR SMALL 10 % PUNY BRAIN TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THE ALL MIGHTY S BRAIN like mine and all of us ! read job you might get a better idea wùth im trying to say who knows you might get the essential message? i have peace always ,happyness totally , and i know where i m going !!! Because i have a personnal relationship and he holds my life in his hands !!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh priceless!!! hows your sleep????

  12. Achems_Razor

    You better check your meds!

  13. robertallen1

    You have the dubious distinction of being the first ignorant religee (pardon the tautology) to post on this thread.

    As you've clearly demonstrated, faith is the idiocy which stems from the abrogation of intelligence and rational thought and with or without it, you can still get up, go to sleep or get on with day-to-day living.

    And speaking of abrogation of intelligence and rational thought, you expect us to believe that you have a personal relationships with some superior being whose existence you can't even prove. Now, which god could this be? You don't know any more about god than a weasel or a wolverine and don't try to fool anyone into thinking you do. You've simply deluded yourself into believing so.

    P.S. Your English is on a par with your religious beliefs.

  14. wald0

    "faith is the basic of life without it you cant get up or even breath ! "

    That's funny, I have been getting out of bed, breathing, gaining an education, making a living, etc. for forty years wthout faith in anything other than material reality and science. You make a very common mistake, you assume what you need or experience is what everyone needs or experiences. Sorry but this is simply not the case. By the way, is it faith that is required or faith in your particular belief system, which I assume to be Christianity since you referenced Job. My point is that millions of people wake up everyday with unquestioning faith in other, very different belief systems-- they seem to be breathing o.k. as well.

    Look I'll agree with you that documentaries like this one are a waste of time but, for very different reasons. I think debating or discussing religion and religious claims in an academic setting lends them a sort of credibility that they do not warrant. I think once you tell me that you believe in some omnipotent being that created the universe and all its inhabitants so he could sit in judegment over it all- well, discussing the details of how exactly he did it is kind of beside the point.

  15. Harry Nutzack

    or at the very least more sensible. but then again "sensible" really isnt a hallmark of religion, or the glassy eyed adherants of yahwehism

  16. Robert Iacob

    @ varencaus go to town , man.

  17. Harry Nutzack

    i have a friend who is a schizophrene that the courts have declared incompetent, and his "worst days" rants are actually more lucid than your post. kudos for bearing the banner in such impressive style.

  18. oQ

    Is it because of the hurricane devastation that so many religious people are out preaching today? Seems like they are also on all docs and every one is getting worked up.

  19. robertallen1

    Religees thrive on natural disasters. Good news such as a bumper crop, a financial boom or the discovery of a wonderful vaccine quelches them. It's just like Hitler. From 1925 to 1929 when Germany was prospering due to American investments, Hitler and his Nazis remained pretty much an underground organization, but came the crash of 1929 and . . .

  20. robertallen1

    I've known two girls named Sandy who were both lesbians. Think there's a connection?

  21. over the edge

    seems as reasonable as any of the religious explanations. and a much better mental image.

  22. robertallen1

    And speaking of mental image, the physical image wasn't bad either.

  23. idealpointer

    how do you no the heebs arnt just praising the devil on that there piece of rock, we cannot really decode this devils language because we speak different and write different then they did back then!

  24. robertallen1

    The same way I can tell that you don't have much of an education.

  25. Harry Nutzack

    wow, your risk of receiving a "mensa" draft notice is very low man, have you ever measured how many inches of mercury your cranial cavity is drawing?

  26. slpsa

    In regards to your question, that is the nature of the beast. Prey on the weak, scared and needful. There is no question events such as this attract em like flies, erm, fairy's....

  27. robertallen1

    It would have been a stronger documentary if the maker had taken a different approach: namely comparing the creation story in Genesis to other (earlier) creation stories, especially with respect to the use of the word day.

  28. Krystal Le

    Many cultures share this 7 days and 6 nights of creation. If this interests you then perhaps you should check out the Mayan calendar which is based on cycles of time broken into 7 days and 6 nights and no, the days and nights were not literal 24 hour periods, but rather periods of time that were longer in the beginning of 3.4 billion years ago and shorter now progressing according to the Fibonacci sequence. Food for thought.

  29. Glen Hale

    Koran and Bible are the 2 most dangerous book on earth until all are burnt we will never have peace.
    The we can work on the Fed Reserve Bank which is NOT run by the Feds but bankesters and this is why we are starting another depression..

  30. Dylan Moore

    To blame books for the flawed ideas of man is a way to justify the stupidity of human kind, something which should not be done, as it leads to no improvement. Religion could be a positive thing if humanity was intelligent enough to not hate and go to war because of it. Religion and bibles have never hurt anyone, just the ideology and zealotry of misguided individuals. Blame them. Not religion.
    By the way I am an atheist, just so you don't think I'm preaching at you.

  31. Abu Waleed

    If Atheists / Agnostics are more danger to Humanity. Should we burn them as well? Since when burning brought Peace. FYI, burning is a form of destruction. P.S. To everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are with you. Please be safe!

  32. Abu Waleed

    Religion is Personal and should remain so.

    Say: O disbelievers! (1) I worship not that which ye worship; (2) Nor worship ye that which I worship. (3) And I shall not worship that which ye worship. (4) Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (5) Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. (6)

  33. robertallen1

    "Religion and bibles never hurt anyone . . . " You've heard of the Crusades, the Inquisition, the witchburnings, all of which were part and parcel of mainstream religion.

  34. DeShaun Williams

    Ergot, a fungi, caused witch hunting... not religion. People would eat infected food and get poisoned then hillucinate. They would then accuse their neighbors of flying in the air.

  35. wald0

    See thats your mistake Waleed, 1st- we don't worship anything so don't act as if we are on equal ground. 2nd- Your right that religion SHOULD remain personal but, it doesn't- and you know it. If it did myself along with every athiest I know wouldn't care about it one way or the other. Why would we care what you think or do if it didn't affect us? The problem is that religion invades EVERYTHING- education, domestic policy, geo-political concerns, etc. and the rest of us, the atheists, we have to live in this cluster f*ck even though we don't believe in it and didn't help to create it. I get so tired of the religious people I know trying to act as if their relgion is personal and doesn't affect the world outside of themselves- it does and you guys know that it does, so stop trying to play the victim.

  36. wald0

    That is the most ridiculous theory I have ever heard, what shade tree theologist told you that? 1st- Ergot has been around for millons of years and still is, people were quite aware of the affects it caused when ingested and would not have made such a simple, laughable mistake. 2nd- we have extensive literature from the church concieved and written over long periods of time explaining the witch hunts, in thoughtful ways- obviousely not the product of an ergot trip (LOL). 3rd- We also have literature from many of those that did the accussing and they explain why they did it, it had nothing to do with ergot hallucinations and everything to do with petty human jealousy, greed, etc. 4th- The witch hunts took place over hundreds of years and stretched across two continents, that is one huge field of infected wheat don't you think? Are you really this incapable of thinking in a critical manner or do you just want to beleive so badly you will swallow any excuse without scrutiny?

  37. slpsa

    I recall seeing things like that growing up in Bolton, UK, no drugs or poison involved. It was a rough neighborhood. Sort of like Swindon on steroids. If your not British, then it amounts to Harlem/The Bronx times ten. People flew. Out of windows. Regularly.

  38. Harry Nutzack

    great urban legend, but how does it explain the modern day witch hunting christian clerics in africa? they arent tripping on ergot. but they are convincing parents to murder their kids, or folks to murder their neighbors.

  39. robertallen1

    That's right, blame it all on drugs.

  40. Kateye70

    Nice thought, let me add my two cents: Religion is exterior. Spirituality is interior.

    Religion is exterior, because its leaders depend on control over others for money and power. They convince others to give it to them.

    Regardless of the story they teach, the underlying message is always the same. "Give me money and obedience." Sound familiar? It runs through every religious book I've ever read, in one form or another.

    Personal spirituality is interior, not exterior. You don't hear about it much because there's no real need to talk about it.

    Likewise, atheists only mention their lack of belief when religious nuts try to force the issue, because like spirituality, atheism is interior, not exterior.

  41. robertallen1

    I have a modified form: just give me your money.

  42. brian rose

    In Karen Armstrong's "The History of God" she thoroughly eviscerates the idea that people have always taken the Bible literally. Biblical literalism's popularity is a relatively modern phenomenon.

    I do mean this in reference to the scholars of the past since most peasant populations were illiterate, and thus incapable of analyzing and interpreting text.

    Mystics are a brilliant example, spanning across all religions, of those who reject literal interpretation; instead embracing personal experience, and rejecting orthopractic doctrines.

  43. robertallen1

    She is/you are right. As a matter of fact, religious fundamentalism started off here in the U.S., in the deep south oddly enough.

    P.S. Haven't heard from you in a while.

  44. lakhotason

    You got two things wrong - a) Christian fundamentalism did not start in the US and b) did not start in the South.

    Although fundamentalism's roots can be traced to many sources, theological historians unanimously peg its beginning with the Princeton Theology, a conference of BRITISH and American theologians held at Princeton University in 1878. As far as I know New Jersey is not nor has ever been a Southern state.

  45. robertallen1

    I suggest you read "The Creationists" by Ronald L. Numbers in which he goes into the history of fundamentalism.

  46. lakhotason

    I won't give my opinion of Mr. Numbers but if he is sayng something other than fundamentalism had its beginnings at the Princeton Theology then he is dead wrong.

  47. robertallen1

    I have provided my source. Why haven't you provided yours? "Theological historians unanimously peg its beginning with . . . " will simply not do--and as far as I know, even with Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey is still in the United States.

  48. lakhotason

    Pretty much common knowledge but I suppose you can start with Encyclopedia Britannica, read that, and then start clicking on citations in the bibliography. Good luck - you'll be there a while.

  49. Kateye70

    Wasn't Martin Luther the first fundamentalist? IIRC, he was the one who got all upset about the Roman Catholic church's sale of indulgences and put the Protestant Reformation in gear.

    His basic teaching seem to form the core of most fundamentalist thinking.

    From wikipedia: "Luther taught that salvation is not earned by good deeds but received only as a free gift of God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin.

    "His theology challenged the authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church by teaching that the Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge and opposed sacerdotalism by considering all baptized Christians to be a holy priesthood...

    "His translation of the Bible into the vernacular (instead of Latin) made it more accessible, causing a tremendous impact on the church and on German culture."

    These few teachings. by bringing theology out of the priesthood and into people's homes, set off an unholy amount of grief in the world, IMHO, by encouraging the missionary mindset (although the Catholics were no slouches in that department, nor Islam either).

    The belief that one is so right in one's religion that one has the right--the duty!--to impose it onto others is perniciously evil, I think. It certainly makes it possible to steal from others in the name of god.

  50. lakhotason

    Although in New Jersey, the conference was as much British as American. So that would mean that these conferees brought their beliefs from Britian which is not yet a state in the Union.

    But I noticed you said nothing of the South in your retort. I do wish you would cease saying that the South is the source of fundamentalism because it is simply untrue.

  51. lakhotason

    Well if you wish to go that far, I suppose burning someone for heresy is pretty fundamental and pre-dates Martin Luther.

    We are speaking of the movement "Fundamentalism". With a capital F.

  52. robertallen1

    Have you read "Michael Kohlaas" of Von Kleist. If not, you might enjoy his portrait of Martin Luther.

    There was also another Martin Luther (1895-1945), this one under Hitler. Among other things, he was one of the principal attendees of the Wanssee Conference

  53. lakhotason

    I suggest you read the minutes of the Princeton Theological of 1878. It was long before Mr. Numbers.

  54. robertallen1

    Dr. Numbers' book is a history of creationism. So obviously, it was written after the minutes you describe.

  55. lakhotason

    The narrator's critique of Genesis 1 as poetry is about the stupidest thing I've heard this man say. He on one hand says that if the word day was metaphorical then perhaps God is metaphorical. As he is comparing Gen 1 to Frost's "The Road Not Taken" should I assume that because the word road is metaphorical then Robert Frost is metaphorical?

  56. lakhotason

    And not a book of the history fundamentalism? Thought we were discussing fundamentalism not creationism. In any case creationism didn't begin in the South either.

  57. brian rose

    2000 years ago Hurricane Sandy would have been described as an Act of God. Depending on the fine print of your home insurance it may still be considered an Act of God in a legal, not literal, sense.

    Does anyone else find such a back and forth argument/discussion amusing? We can debate the origins of the story of Humpy Dumpy, or we can enjoy a myriad of other activities.

    Who is the bigger fool, the ones who sincerely believe in unicorns, or the ones who debate the origins of such meaningless tripes.

  58. lakhotason

    What you failed to notice is that I am discussing the origins of Fundamentalism - which is very real and and certainly not tripe.

  59. norlavine

    @brian rose
    Well put! x

  60. Jack1952

    I grew up in the Christian Reformed Church which had it roots in the Netherlands and were followers of Reformation leader John Calvin. They were as fundamentalist as it gets. There is definitely an American brand of fundamentalism but the strict following of the Bible has been around for a long time. One huge difference is that the Dutch Reformed Church has moderated its basic stance while American fundamentalism has grown and is more firmly entrenched than ever.

  61. Mom

    Most people do not understand that Bible is not claiming that Adam and Eve was created before other people. The human inhabitants created in Gen.1:26-28 were given the nature of taking charge and using the creatures that were eatable for food, of over the other creatures that existed then(ie,"let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, and over cattle"(land creatures)"and over ALL THE EARTH, while Adam and Eve did not arrive on the scene until Gen.2, and were only told about the trees in the garden, and keeping that garden(vs.15-17). If God had not put man on earth after the end of the dynosaur age, the next next creatures to arrive on the scene would have increased in too great a number for the planet to sustain life.

  62. robertallen1

    "The human inhabitants created in Gen. 1:6-28 were given the nature of taking charge . . . " And just what does this mean?

    "If God had not put man on earth after the end of the dynosaur [sic] age, the next next [sic] creatures to arrive on the scene would have increased in too great a number for the planet to sustain life." So your saying that mankind came along to ensure an ecological balance. On just what do you base this hypothesis?

  63. Jack1952

    I think the point he was making is that it isn't religion that caused those atrocities. It is the people that follow them. There are religious people, including Christians, who strenuously object to this type of behaviour. It isn't the book that's wrong, its the way people react to it. You have read the Bible and so have I. We read it from our perspective. We didn't allow it to affect us in a negative fashion. It was our approach. Violence is part and parcel of humanity. Religion was a huge influence on the development of society. It is only natural that religion has played a role in the violent aspects of that development. I like to use the baseball bat as an example. Give one man a baseball bat and he will use it to play a game of ball with the kids. Give the same bat to another man and he will bash your head in with it for the twenty bucks in your wallet. Same bat but different perspectives and mindsets.

  64. Jack1952

    You have to put down your Bible and read other educational material for a change. Specie population has a self correcting mechanism. If a certain species overpopulates, they begin to die off due to starvation and disease. Population is reduced to a manageable level. It is a cycle that repeats over and over. Rabbit population fluctuations are a prime example. If rabbits didn't die off, we would be waste deep in rabbits in a few short years. Nature has a way to prevent this from happening.

  65. robertallen1

    My point is that all the things I mentioned were part of MAINSTREAM religion and if religees had their druthers, we'd eventually have similar atrocities in the name of MAINSTREAM religion.

  66. robertallen1

    That's the thing about cockroaches and microscopic organisms: any level seems to be a manageable one.

  67. judyqtique

    The 1st time the word, Adam, appeared in the Scripture was in Gen. 2:5. Note the many times in Gen. 1 that God ended the work which He had made, and then He looked down and saw there was not an Adam to till the ground. If you read carefully the people in Gen. 1 were of the creations whereas Adam was begotten of the Spirit.

  68. robertallen1

    " . . . the people in Gen. 1 were of the creations whereas Adam was begotten of the Spirit." And just what is this supposed to mean?

  69. Bryon Franzen

    The HOT DESERT SUN baked the brains of the author'ssss of the bible...babble babble babble..from Babylon. God writes top ten lists, not novels that mean little to lot's of people. It took man six days to read the bible, and on the seventh he went golfing. The grass is greener on the other side. Four!!

  70. WassupDoc

    Hey! Is there a quote in the Bible about spelling or grammar?
    It is one thing to be righteous, but another to be right. Strive for perfection, understand it is about the detail. Reading these posts from so many people who appear have read at least one book, if not The Book, begs the question that they seem not to have grasped some basic facts about correct communication whilst reading. For those of you who weren't paying attention in school, here are a few of the most common misconceptions found in this blog.

    The Eleven Commandments of Proper Modern English.

    1. i nearly always comes before e, except after c. So its receive not recieve, pier not peir; whilst the most common exception is their, not thier (sic).
    2. Words can be shortened by replacing a vowel (a, e, i, o or u) and even occasionally other letters too, with an inverted comma. This is usually when compressing two words into one, such as "do not" = don't, "did not" = didn't, "can not" = can't. Note that "would not" becomes wouldn't whilst "will not" becomes won't, not willn't and "should not" becomes shouldn't, whilst shall not" becomes shan't. To make this clear see 3rd Commandment below.
    3. The most common mistake is with "you are" = you're not "your".
    "Your" means something belonging to you, like your book or your time is up.
    "You're" means you are. (You're coming to the party. You're wrong.)
    "Your mine" can only mean a mine that is yours, not you are mine = you're mine.
    You can't say "your wrong", "your stupid" or "your a nuisance". If you mean to say you are replace the a with an inverted comma and leave the e on the end.
    4. Spell checking doesn't tell you if the word is wrong. It will let you say that a river is teaming with pike and crap; or even that there are seven daze in a week, especially with voice recognition software, so always proof read before posting.
    5. We all know we are right when we are wrong, so get someone else to proof read if its important to you not to look stupid.
    6.Text spelling has no rules. Just remember that the brain recognises a word by its first and last connsonant sounds; so "gt a lfe mte & c u @ pb 2nt" is OK.
    7. You can learn good English by reading the King James version of the Bible. It doesn't mean that God can spell, its just been edited till it was right.
    8. Eight Days a Week is a Beatles song, for the rest of us, including God, a week has seven days, the alphabet has 26 letters and a deck of cards has one card for evey week of the year. Birds have two wings, insects six legs and we get a full moon every 28 days. There is an Order for most things out there; but then you get people and it all goes pear shaped. Be tolerant of others.
    9. Americans have their own spelling rules e.g. color, gray, center. So ensure that your device is using EN not US spelling, or your text will be underlined in red throughout.
    10. We all make mistakes, so its not a big deal. Making an effort to spell better just shows that we are not lazy and careless, and therefore what we have to say may be taken more seriously.

  71. Lulu

    After reading all the comments below, I need for all of you to please answer me this. When did having differences of opinion become so hateful? Why can’t we all agree to disagree? I believe no one knows or can even fathom our existence. That is my PERSONAL CHOICE. When did shoving ones belief system down someone else’s throat become the cause such destruction of humanity and the cause wars? If you believe in GOD, is he not the GOD of LOVE? Then why are so many wars caused in the name of GOD? It is because we cannot understand what LOVE really, truly is, without passing one’s OWN judgement? That being born in a different part of the world has an impact on what “GOD” your parents teach you to believe in? If you truly are believers in GOD, then why is it a problem for you what/who I may believe in? If you believe in YOUR GOD, will YOUR GOD not make judgement on me when I die? Cast me into hell? Problem solved. Is it not a sin for you to do it while I am alive? Is it not a sin to pass judgement on thy neighbor? When you die, I hope that you are at true peace in whatever you believe in. Faith is a personal choice. I chose to LOVE everyone UNCONDITIONALLY. Am I missing something?

  72. Kurt OConnor

    It's most likely a story book if it's written in only one book. Or it's a copy.

  73. jimmyk007

    Its a well known fact that time is not a universal constant. Time warps with mass, speed, etc. In the beginning there was nothing, therefore the days of genesis may not be as days that we experience. That's my opinion .

  74. Peter_Sweden

    "I am now convinced that children should not be subjected to the frightfulness of the christian religion . . . If the concept of a father who plots to have his own son put to death is presented to children as beautiful and as worthy of society's admiration, what types of human behavior can be presented to them as reprehensible?"
    - Ruth Hurmence Green

  75. Peter_Sweden

    IT'S 2012 !!! How the hell can ANYONE with a IQ over the limit that makes one smart enough to turn door nob, ever consider the possibility that there might be something like gods...for real? I mean.. wtf! Use your heads! I read your posts. You are smart people. You express yourself so well! (i can't, but english is not my native language) You are born in the a modern western world, for crying out loud! Take of the blindfolds and stop this madness. It's not sane! I bet you would believe i santa claus as well if someone brought you up kept the myth and made sure you get deceived every year! That is not so far of there! I've had it! Insane! Amen!
    ** Good people will behave well. Bad people will behave badly.
    However, it takes religion to make otherwise good people behave badly. **

  76. chesariah1

    Wow, all of his final conclusions on "modern science" are speaking to Observational/Experimental Science! Not historical science, which deals with origins. Knowing how a microscope works, or curing a disease, or inventing awesome technology does not deal with an origins issue. Those are things that have been found and reproduced by experimental sciences.

    Anyway, wow, your final right based on such a simple laughable meshing of observational (or operational) science (the observational and experimental research that builds our technology and so on) with historical (or origins) science. Who didn't get the memo?

  77. robertallen1

    What are you talking about?

  78. Dean Thompson

    Arguing over the meaning of words in a book that is a work of fiction is a bit silly and ultimately, pointless.

  79. WassupDoc

    It was Humpty Dumpty who sat on the wall, not Humpy Dumpy. Check Wikipedia if you want to know who or what Humpty Dumpty was.

  80. Nathan Vez

    This is a nice and interesting documentary. The impartial way it shows us more points of view explaining the Genesis and creation of time, weather we agree, belief or not to certain points of view differing our ideas or criteria gives the basis to expand our knowledge. We must posses the abilities and capabilities to achieve not a full understanding but a tolerance to ideas. To me as a Christian Im quite sure it wasnt a 24 hrs day, they were thousands of years maybe and that definition fits better with the scientific research about the creation and emergence of life weather people believe or not in a God.

  81. Elizabeth Wesley

    Well other people feel differently, you aren't the only one with an opinion and if you do have one you can't prove it.

  82. Elizabeth Wesley

    How about faith instead of religion?

  83. robertallen1

    How about neither?

  84. Myra McQueen

    I think we have to realize that there were two different creations of human beings in God's Image. One was Genesis 1:26-29, in which the people were instructed to procreate, and were given control over other life forms. This could have been millions of years before Adam.
    The other was in Genesis 2, where Adam and Eve were instructed only about the trees

  85. pwndecaf

    Rule 5 should use the contraction "it's," not the possessive "its."

  86. DeShaun Williams

    In reply to all of you. Mainstream religion is wrong. Popes molesting kids and what not. Those are the weeds among the wheat. People, like yourselves, look from the outside and cant tell one from another. A real christian would never witch hunt. We would never hunt for the devil himself if he walked this earth. Its not in our nature. But yet again.. there are weeds walking among the wheat which leads people astray and confuse real Christians and the ones that were lied to.

  87. DeShaun Williams

    They're in Africa .. need i say more? As sad as it is.. alot of third world countries are barbaric. They are not real Christians and they do not follow TRUE Christianity. Just cause one claims Christain doesn't mean you must stereotype all in the same manor. Not every black person is ghetto and not all Christians are truly Christian. They are the weeds among the wheat.

  88. robertallen1

    And how do you know what a real Christian would do? This comment is as benighted as the one you made about evolution.

  89. robertallen1

    Just how do you know what TRUE Christianity is. " . . . not all Christians are truly Christian." Is this supposed to mean something?

  90. DeShaun Williams

    Lol. Cause I am a real Christian and we dont believe in witches and all that nonsense.

  91. DeShaun Williams

    Better to believe that there is a God and find out that there isn't than to choose not to believe and find out that there is.

  92. over the edge

    oh great "Pascal's Wager" (please look it up). just a couple of quick questions
    1 would god not know i was hedging my bets and not really believing?
    2 of the 28 000 000 gods that have been worshiped how do i (or you) know i have chosen wisely? if i choose wrong and worship a false god don't i further anger the right one?

  93. robertallen1

    How do you know you're a real Christian?

  94. robertallen1

    Better to believe that there is a head leprachaun and find out that there isn't than to choose not to believe and find out that there is.
    What a waste of time, energy and brain power.

  95. WAS

    I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY DOES EVERY ONE KEEP QUESTIONING THE BIBLE?WHY DON'T you scepticise about some hindu or budhist myths.The problem with time in genesis comes from the fact that God,as it can be seen in the bible is an intemporal being,meaning that our laws of time do not apply to him.And furthermore it doesn't take much IQ to turn a a door nob but it does take some to actually try to understand smth. else besides the things in front of your nose.

  96. Kateye70


    You don't have to shout. =)

    People question the bible because people who believe in the bible keep trying to impose their rather toxic world view on those of us who don't share it. Hindus and buddhists don't do that, afaik, unless you live in India, maybe. Christians and muslims do. Doesn't take much IQ to figure that one out.

  97. robertallen1

    Why do you blindly accept the bible--and in all caps yet? How do you know so much about an entity whose existence you can't prove. Another ignorant religee.

  98. D Hunter Sanchez

    Actually the first Christians had this missionary mindset. Israel had turned away from God. Luther was not a pure literalist either. Perhaps you need to read Francis Collin's book or go to Logos. org

  99. D Hunter Sanchez

    Same stupid assertions. Stalin and Mao. We are even.

  100. D Hunter Sanchez

    The bible describes faith as a gift. If you don't have this biblical faith, it has not been given to you. This lack of faith includes the assertion that the bible is not revealed in some sense. Sorry, not my words.

  101. robertallen1

    What makes these assertions stupid? The happened--and as a result of religion--ostensibly yours.
    Now, what about Stalin and Mao?
    P.S. We are not even and will never be.

  102. D Hunter Sanchez

    Acts of religious people do not determine the truth/non-truth of their religion. Maybe your context ought to be adjusted.

  103. robertallen1

    Being the abrogation of intelligence, faith is the copulation of stupidity and ignorance giving birth to a false virtue as demonstrated by your misbegotten attempt to use the bible to prove itself.

  104. robertallen1

    They certainly don't. They just determine how vile it is and how despicable its practiioners.
    Now, which context are you referring to?

  105. D Hunter Sanchez

    Before you imply circular reasoning know what you are talking about. Who told you the bible is one book? It is a compilation of 66 books written by 40 different authors. If I use one author to substantiate another author, it is not circular pal. You make too many unhistorical assertions that show a lack of balanced historical criticism for me to continue our discussion. Too bad really. Good day sir.

  106. robertallen1

    As the bible is no more than a compilation put together for political and social reasons (cf the apocrypha), using it to prove itself is the very embodiment of circular reasoning no matter how many authors there were (and, for your information, we have no idea how many).
    Now which unhistorical assertions have I made?.
    What's really bad is your ignorance of the book which you claim to know so much about.

  107. pwndecaf

    #2 was employed by Homer Simpson as a reason to not go to church but watch football instead.

  108. clint

    please shut up I am trying to enjoy the film

  109. get1949

    You all have a worldview (like it or not believe it or not—you have no choice; for you are here and you exist); so what is it that you believe? Is this a giant hologram? Are you just a meat-robot (with by which robots have no emotions or concepts of fairness etc); is there pattern and purpose, structure, and empirical perception—and can we figure this “existence” out? Is empirical science able to answer all our questions (I don’t believe you can exist believing that—unless you are a robot; but robots are also designed…they just do not have free will (they are robots and so have computers and so are
    programed); and/or are you intelligent energy, condensed via gravity and heat (fusion) into matter that knows itself—sentient (life is matter, energy, and intelligence gone berserk)?

    I suppose that such “discussions”(questions) would be the more civilized manner (and interesting) in which to proceed (rather than just flaunting MY dogma and MY belief…) actually none of you want to hear that from anyone of you (the rhetoric of the past many threads is obvious to that conclusion)! If I must banter(at you all)—then you all sound like a bunch of third-grade monkeys fighting over why bananas are good to eat when they are yellow.

    Does science (cosmology) state there is a singularity (beginning) event to the universe (CMBR, Redshift, and Nucleosynthesis of elements from hydrogen)? AND does the Bible or any of the other creation “myth” also state a beginning event? If so then you all have a problem to satisfy this curiosity itch. Or go out and busy yourself into the depths of materialism (and all the other isms) collecting this and that stuff and see how well you are satisfied with stuff.
    Frankly, if you are not much more than monkeys with pants and brains way too big for “just” Darwinism to “evolve” then there is no reason why any of you should be here posting or even have such far reaching questions drooling across your lower lips. Just pick fleas off each other and learn how to pick (and share) the best yellow bananas.

    Replies? Don't bother; for all I expect is more of your thrid grade foolishness and attacks. Just keep your thoughts to yourself and weep at the waste as your logic and brain goes down the drain of time flying paste and into the dustbin of history.

  110. robertallen1

    Care to try again, this time in intelligible English?

  111. Achems_Razor

    Please stick to the topic/doc and do not in general attack the posters, any more attacks will be deleted, thank you.

  112. fender24

    "Yom" can can not mean a longer period of time then 24 hours? If you read Genesis (and the rest of the bible) there are many examples of “yom”. exodus 34:28(KJV) so he was there with the
    LORD forty “yoms” and forty nights.... obviously “Yom” here refer to a longer period of time and not 24 hour day.
    The Bible does not specify the age of creation or the time span between the creative "yoms". Other Hebrew language scholars (C John Collins, Bruce Waltke, and RodneyWhitefield) agree the evening/morning phrase does not necessitate a 24-hour day interpretation.

    The concluding chorus “and there was evening and there was morning,” is still missing on the seventh day, suggesting a non ending day that we are still living. Enough evidence for the old earth view.

    "Hebrew Word “Yom” Used with a Number in Genesis 1
    What does “yom” mean in Genesis 1?"
    "Support for an Old Earth"
    by Rodney Whitefield, Ph.D.

    "A Biblical Case for Old Earth Creationism"
    Jon W. Greene

    Gleason Archer, quoted from
    Hermeneutics, Inerrancy, and the Bible:
    “Moses never intended the creative days to be understood as a mere twenty-four hours in length, and the information he included in [Genesis] chapter 2 logically precludes us from doing so...."

    Norman L. Geisle, Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, page 271, Zondervan 1999:
    “Numbered days need not be solar. Neither is there a rule of Hebrew language demanding that all numbered days in a series refer to twenty-four-hour days..."

  113. Chézard Ibn Abid

    They Days and Nights have been the same length always, however, time as a dimension has grown smaller and will continue to do so. A good common example to contemplate on will be the fact that we often find ourselves saying "who has the time today....." in an age where we can travel faster and do things faster, and we still have the same 24 hours we have always had. For a better understanding you might want to look into the laws of physics about TIME REVERSAL and the shrinking of time as a dimension.

  114. Bill

    Verse #1 - In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
    The time that passed between verse #1 and verse #2 was not an issue and is still not an issue - let the scientist figure out how long that time span was!
    When God did decided to put people here - the earth was without form and void. Maybe like some of the planets are now. Anyway - God starts to make this world a nice place to live - even gave us one special day each week so we wouldn't forget how we got here!
    Funny how the week stays on this 7 day cycle - even during these other changes ( years, months). Could it be that God wants us to remember Him as creator for a reason?

  115. Seyedibar

    The book of Genesis was based on the lives of the Uguritic king El. He actually lived and ruled in ancient Canaan and his family formed the basis for the original Adam and Eve myth. Upon his death while out hiking, His two chief sons Yahweh and Baal fought over his throne. They became the basis for Cain and Abel. They were not even close to being the original peoples on Earth. Even the flood story is older than the kingdom of El, having been borrowed from the Epic of Gilgamesh.
    This "documentary" is hilarious, purporting to determine the time frame in which a god creates a universe without addressing all the glaring historical and scientific inconsistencies with such an idea. Before you go turning to semantics, first try explaining why and how the tale in Genesis could be an account of the first people and animals, when we know for a fact that mankind has existed for at least 150,000 years, and animals have existed for 3 billion years? How was this Canaanite society the first when others existed over 7,000 years earlier? It's just more useless bad reasoning brought about by superstitious belief.

  116. wut

    1: this guy does seem to not be getting whatever point he was trying to make across. 2: You don't seem to get why religious people get more sympathy sometimes, do you? I agree with some of what you say, I know it's a glaring fact that many, if not ALL, religions have killed countless people. But the way you put everything you say is too often cruel. If you want to be a part of the solution, then you can easily point out simple things like (how society can survive without religion and how we need to remove contradictory methods (e.g.stances on abortion and then ones on birth control) from our current way of living) without sounding like a cold-hearted person along the way. Image IS important, and even the best messages could be swung under thanks to a harsh exterior. Some people DO follow blindly, and it is aggravating to say the LEAST. But you need to not let that come out in the form of hate messaging when you are trying to get a solid point in.

  117. Lotus.Geek (aka Rocky Oliver)

    People like this truly, deeply frighten me. Why? Because there are increasingly MORE of them, and since these types are the proverbial "squeaky wheels" of our (American) society, they are the ones who tend to get society's "oil" (attention).


  118. F graham

    I see a broad swath of people denigrating one mans' faith in a God u have failed to find. Evidence abounds proving God is all around us, if there was anything contrary you doubters would trumpet it from the rooftops. Theres more evidence supporting Jesus and his mission than any other figure in the ancient world, yet you doubters wont be turned from your ruinous path. I'm a reborn Christian; a true believer whos gone through an experience i dont care to explain. Its the big litmus test, without the test. Its the proof of God most will never recieve, given freely as i asked in my time of despair. A gift that cant be taken away, neither rust nor moth can attack, nor doubters or haters.
    When Judgement comes, and it will, i will be on my way to Eternity with God while you will be cast away, locked up for Eternity in the Great Lake of Fire, forgotten by all but God Himself. Now throw your insults and arrows. Gods armor is impenetrable.

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