Dealers in Death

Dealers in DeathTying in neatly with President Roosevelt's request for legislation to take the profit out of war and with the current Senatorial investigation of the munitions industry, Dealers in Death, at the Criterion, presents the case histories of the world's leading armament manufacturers with incidental excursions, via the newsreels, into past wars, present preparations for wars and a grim forecast of what wars of the future may be like.

The arms makers examined in the Dealers in Death documentary feature companies such as Vickers-Armstrong, Skoda, Krupp, Remington, and Colt. Newsreel footage is used as a counterpoint to the investigation of deals made among the companies to prolong the fighting. The reality of war and the devastation of the battlefields emphasize the sinister and cynical nature of the munitions industry.

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  1. Glen

    Read? google War is a Racket see what it is all about.

  2. Dynistys63

    For 1934 this was an especialy insightful work...there is another insightful work available to people...The Money was first put out in 1995. If only I had seen that instead of buying into the "all is well" "buy buy buy" message sent out by our gvnmnt. We the people are just cows being led by the nose. I wonder if it's too late. Is there already a world bank? I know that the Federal Reserve Bank is neither....'Federal' nor is there any 'Reserve'. The bank part is real....I wonder if IT'S the world bank....who knows.

  3. PsychEvals4CopsPlease

    One of my favorite documentaries ever.

  4. loxmulderbbi

    Oh really Ra-goul, those biblical jews and the Zionist's today were probably the most murdering, oppresive and blood thirsty people your GOD ever let live...And the crusades continue even today against the Muslim's and the propganda our government spin's...
    You catholic's are STUPID!!!...

  5. MoolaMails

    This is a very old documentary, a pretty good one as well.

  6. thirt13n

    Sadly, not much has changed... All physical hate- at the ready. What murderous hype. Opened eyes see that mankind doesn't treat earth or it's inhabitants kindly. It's a different kind of funny, like who would turn a world like this into what it is? If the whole planet is ours what do we need money for? Superior countries pointing at their needs with no remorse for the safety of it's neighboring countries. For man to dominate planetary assets and take extraordinary unbalanced ownership of strategic areas may not have been the seeder of this planet's idea/purpose. Little does that matter since evil hidden within dictatorship was set forth early on by those who are not even human at all.
    The main introduction which adds to ruin is money, God's, and baptizm, it's agenda to destroy is no mistake. The deterioration of a civilization is like a game of Monopoly, at the very end--it eventually all has to go back into the box. It's a wonder a war world like earth will ever see peace. Society sits back seat to logic, and allows openly the power structures who simply point armies at their needs. It furthers it's own path of the drama of karma which only spirals downward.

  7. CriticCritic

    That's stupid. War is not just something we engage in for no reason! Wars break out when one crazy, power-hungry guy decides to threaten his fellow humans. E.g. Hitler, Saddam, and OBL

    Why should the arms industry be guilty of all the killings? We do need arms to protect ourself, our friends, and to bring peace to all the poor and oppressed people on this planet. The arms industry is helping us... somebody needs to produce weapons, although it's morally questionable sometimes.

    Proof that the arms industry is saving lives: Tanks, drones... Even nukes helped saving lives, because they brought ww2 to an early end.

    1. cancelyourcablenow

      You need to go back and research history a lot better. All the patsies you mentioned were funded through international bankers and treasonous US politicians. Duh!!

    2. GoughLewis

      Well Said cancelyourcablenow. Critic Critic is not just drinking the cool-aid of propaganda, he is shooting it straight into his jugular. Duuuhhh, run Forest...

    3. CriticCritic

      Cheers mate! Unfortunately I live in a free western country and the year is way past 1940, thus I can't see no propaganda nowhere.

    4. CriticCritic

      Maybe some politicians are treasonous. Bankers however are just ordinary people, meaning no harm! Especially international bankers do a lot of good in the world, e.g. channeling money into poor regions to build the economy and free markets, essentially lifting those people to our hight in the global economy.

      Why on earth would they fund weapons development that might stir conflict and hurt their own investment? Of course they don't do that, because it would be plain stupid! They do however invest in whatever makes everybody - and therefore their global economy - safer and more productive.

      If you really think that banking is nothing but a way to scoop dollars from everywhere and put them into some madman's world-domination weapons factory, then you've probably seen too much james bond!

    5. cancelyourcablenow

      Bankers are behind every war started in the past century. How do you think Hitler paid for his army and research. His name is JP Morgan. The good that you claim the international bankers do, is a scam to enslave and drowned in debt third world countries so they can get resource for pennies on the dollar. Do some research! It's called Economic Hit Man. It's not one crazy man trying to dominate the world. It's the wealthy trying to control everything. Use your mind and seek the truth. It's not hard to find corruption almost everywhere when you know how to look at it. One more thing, I don't base my opinions about what's going on in the world based on tv. Maybe you should start doing the same.

    6. Lowball

      Google and watch the documentary, "Money as Debt." Will open your eyes.

    7. James Brossard

      yeah all of those assertions are completely inaccurate historically, I love wikipedia this gentleman should use it

    8. mac

      What about white civilized europeans killed more than 14 million american native indians in just 400 years and still going on. Are you justifying american actions? Still american native indians committing suicide 4 to 7 every week in their reservations with unemployment rate more than 85%. Please watch John Trudell and Canary effect documentaries before writing something like this.

    9. CriticCritic

      What's your argument to blame the "American" for native indians committing suicide? Suicide is always voluntary, or it would be called either murder or an accident.

    10. Nallidge

      the only reason we need guns is to protect us from guns. the only reason we have war is because we let a few people have control of all the guns. all we need to do is get rid of gun lovers by killing them with kindness and cheek turning. i will love you to death criticcritic!

    11. CriticCritic

      I don't exactly know what you mean by that! If I could choose, I'd live approximately forever, e.g. 150 years. During such a long time I'm bound by chance to bump into people who for some reason threaten my existance, e.g. your "love you to death".

      Therefore, I need some means to "insure" myself against these threats, i.e. guns. Ergo, I do need guns to protect me from other things than guns. Thanks.

  8. TruthRegimes

    Wall Street Banksters, International Banksters, the Military-Industrial Complex all work together for "War Today, War Tomorrow, War Forever!"

  9. L.Walker

    i was actually amazed at this docu's predictions about the future of war, especially in mention of mechanization, where the weapons work from a distance, like drones and kill indiscriminately. sad, though, that we've known about the military industrial complex all along and yet do nothing to stop it.

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      we've not done nothing about it. Its called a complex for a reason. The man who labelled it as such was a seasoned CINC and didn't simply call it a military industry for a reason. The "Complex" label was a clue as to its colossally dynamic nature, only given as he was leaving the oval office after failing to keep it in check.If Eisenhower couldn't keep this beast on a leash its not fair to suggest everyday people have been failures. It will probably only die from the inside as all "great" complexes aka civilizations did because it seems that it is the M.O. of the modern dominant civilization.

  10. Philosophocles

    "Soldiers and civilians its ultimate consumer."

    Classic quote. Perfect. And surprising film. Lord of War with nicolas cage is similar, but nothing of this caliber has been chronicled since [1920-30? when was this movie made?] We need more info like this. More awareness, less brain wash!

    Awesome film, everybody should see. Can't say Hitler or anybody else was to blame, when without companies to arm them, no war would have been possible. Makes you wonder, who really instigates wars if they produce such huge profits? Some would think there is no money to be made in war, it is for the 'safety' of the citizens. Now I wonder.

    Imagine the profits back then...but now! We have not only TV news, but video games, movies, books, and music about war. We have really tipped the scales here and maybe, there is no stopping it.

  11. mackenga

    What an excellent window into the past, I'm amazed I hadn't come across this one here before. Nothing ever changes, eh? Debt, military / industrial complex, and whipping up the viewer with exaggerations for effect :)

    Actually quite heartening when viewed in the modern context.

  12. Simon

    A classic version of conpiracy shows of today

  13. Somethin

    Nice One. :)