Death by China

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When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, bolstered by the unwavering support of both Democrats and Republicans in the United States government, America was promised a new wave of growth and prosperity for its own people. In the 15 years that have passed since, it's easy to see that this promise remains unfulfilled. Nearly 60,000 American factories have moved to China, millions of jobs have been lost, and the lives of working Americans have been irrevocably impacted in the process.

The popular feature-length documentary Death by China dissects this crisis in an intelligent and thought-provoking manner.

Narrated by acclaimed actor Martin Sheen, the film doesn't cast dispersions on the Chinese people, but rather their oppressive authoritarian government. According to the views expressed in the film, China's ulterior motives started to come into focus shortly after they gained entry into the WTO. They quickly flooded the American marketplace with illegally subsidized exports, wooed U.S.-based corporations with assurances of cheaper labor and operating costs, and hypnotized the average consumer with lower-priced goods. The cruel irony of it all is that American workers - many of whom have lost their jobs to China's predatory trade tactics - are ultimately rewarding these efforts by consistently purchasing their goods.

China isn't the only player in the demise of American manufacturing. The film casts an equally critical eye on companies like Apple, Boeing and General Electric, whose executives have moved their operations offshore to maximize profit potential. Meanwhile, the U.S. government becomes more slavish to China as their debt to the country continues to rise above $3 trillion. In effect, the film states, increasing pockets of America are being controlled and owned by Chinese interests. If this is allowed to continue, the U.S. will lose its identity altogether.

Featuring informed viewpoints from experts on China, global financial authorities, bereaved business owners, and ordinary citizens who have fallen victim to the crisis, Death by China calls for a unified outcry for change. The film urges political leaders to halt a "fair trade" policy that is anything but fair, and for consumers to take a stand by being more selective with their pocketbooks.

Directed by: Peter Navarro

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39 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Teus

    Greed has many faces but it's all the same game with the same players

  2. Topdoc
  3. Topdoc

    So, U.s... I understand that next threat is China? No one is scared of terrorists anymore?

  4. No Name
  5. No Name

    SE Asia garment industry is about to be taken over by robotic tech. Uber wants to use driverless cars. Get rid of that costly employee. Who will be left to do the consuming?

  6. felix
  7. felix

    like the USA as no guilt in this situation.

  8. Živadin III
  9. Živadin III

    Cry me a river of emigrants...

  10. stan wasserman
  11. stan wasserman

    Stop harping on what China does and blame your politicians, Treasonous Big business, and lazy Americans who keep voting the two party scam. Don't rail against fellow citizens start demanding big business hire here or LEAVE,

  12. Stanislav
  13. Stanislav

    This isn't China's fault, this is the fault of greedy bastards that want to buy everything cheap - even if it comes from forced labor camps in China, they don't care, as long as they can buy cheap stuff. THAT's the problem.

  14. Kelly
  15. Kelly

    This video is promoting great misunderstanding. Fact is there are many lies and deceptions in this video. THIS VIDEO DOES NOt PRESENT THE TRUTH.

  16. Michail
  17. Michail

    BullShit! China doesn't steal US-jobs, That is just US + westworlds greedy companies way to earn morte money, but easiest way is to blame someone else, Russia or China of course. There s no communist countries any morte, that era is long gone. This video is just a propaganda video used for get exiting and push people against China

  18. john smith
  19. john smith

    Capitalism knows no bounds, free market. I'll bet those American companies made money selling their factories, but it's the working class that lose out.Why on earth are we dealing with China when it has such a horrendous record of human abuse is beyond me, but tells us something about the societies we live in and their values.In my opinion, there is no difference.One evil supports the other evil.

  20. winter
  21. winter

    The big lie is this. American manufacturing died before the Chinese, when poor quality Japanese cars killed the big 3. If you don't know who the big 3 were, they were the rulers of Detroit Michigan and they made the best cars in the world. Contrary to the claims of this video, presenting the Japanese as peaceful, they came right over here to Pearl Harbor and dropped bombs on us. Some say this is because the US provoked them, but that is another story. So American military general Douglas MacArthur sent US engineers over there to teach them how to build cars they could sell in th e US. The cars were inferior in quality in every way. But the US propoganda machine, backed by the Uass government, sold uninformed Americans on the idea that gas was running out so we had to buy little Japanese cars, because they saved gas. The problem was that after a few years they were riddled with rust and plagued with transmission/engine problems. But they were cheap!

    Well, we know a lot of people don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Jap cars are much improved and almost competitive now, so US is importing cars from the third world country, Korea. Do you think this could end badly?

    Well, only if you buy one. We lost our top paying manufacturing to the japanese, then the germans, now the koreans, because cars, industrial machinery, tractors, and whatnot are where the real money is. Now we have lost our middle income manufacturing jobs to China.

    Let me tell you what your life would look like TODAY if imports stopped. You wouldn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. It's too late.

  22. winter
  23. winter

    And now, the frosting on the cake. Prisons across the US are privatizing - and prisoners, usually non violent drug offenders, are payed a pittance to provide hand made goods to the stores you buy from. if you are an American worker you must now compete with forced labor camps in the US. The private corporations that market the products made by the prisoners keep the profits! Did I happen to say that this is a win win situation?

    The US government is like an onion. The more layers you peel, the more you want to cry.

  24. Xavier
  25. Xavier

    If we look past the American propaganda in this film, there leaves a valid point that we should refuse to deal with the Chinese until their imports are made ethically . Paying workers what they are due and giving them decent breaks and not long hours.

  26. nemone02
  27. nemone02

    They keep talking about prosperity, just how prosperous do they wish to become? Is there a limit to prosperity,does it stop somewhere, or does it just go on until everything grinds to a halt? If America was doing all these nasty things to China they would be rubbing their hands with glee. There is such enormous disparity of wealth between peoples, and it will never be resolved. To hear Americans shouting'foul' over the activities of the Chinese is monstrous when you consider what they did to the people of Korea and Vietnam,or should I say 'Gooks' because they are not realy people.

  28. Tenketsu
  29. Tenketsu

    Nice of them to start pointing out the faults of the chinese system, but it's the pot calling the kettle black. China didnt force american companies to move to move their factories they greeding bstard owners did that themselves. I hope america burns because it's atrocities are far far worse and I would'nt expect anyone to wiz on it to put the fire out.

  30. DBT
  31. DBT

    What utter HYPOCRISY from this ignorant film maker, what do think the USA has been doing to the rest of the world along with every other country involved in the world of Crapatalism!!

  32. Michael
  33. Michael

    So this has been the NWO plan from the beginning...our politicians are bought and paid for elections are corrupt huge money buys elections ...the UN has wrote papers on the Agenda 21 and worse Agenda 2030 and nobody says a word or does squat ...learn Mandarin

  34. Michael
  35. Michael

    failure is imminent and our president working in secret has been working on even worse trade deals TPP TPIP ETC that will sell out the rest of the country...our politicians are treasonous

  36. winter
  37. winter

    It was very easy for this situation to occur. The average american is not informed and has no interest in becoming so. The average citizen will not boycott foreign products as long as they are cheap. The average US citizen believes everything she hears from mass media. All this while trumpeting her independence from men to any fool who will listen.
    Women have thrived in this new service economy because they will do anything for a pittance of a salary, even up to spending the best years of their lives racking up student loans. And never wondering why.

  38. Graeme
  39. Graeme

    The need for greed, are you telling me they could not see this coming,I live in Australia and I could see this 15 years ago and I have not got a crystal ball. Sorry now ? Too late the damage is done .

  40. Hannibal
  41. Hannibal

    Say the people whose country has more than 1000 military bases around the whole world... To protect "freedom and democracy", of course...

  42. eric pinto
  43. eric pinto

    with driverfree trucks, stops gone, 50,000 ladies across the land 'laid' off, who supports the kids and grandma ! They too are CHRISTIANS, never mind the 'necks
    who buy our whisky and snuff. Call in Pooteen.

  44. Roger Andout
  45. Roger Andout

    US (&EU) is competing on an uneven pitch. Interesting to watch this in Q4 of 2016 when US is still complaining about Irish (business) tax rules. Little if anything in US tax avoidance rules regarding Big Business/Multinationals has changed since 2012 when this most insightful doc was made. US law makers need to accept that BB is not ruled by morality, nationalism, the long term or the common good; ONLY the Bottom Line.
    To get manufacturing back requires rules to be amended/changed.
    The "10 Commandments" was the only item written in stone.

  46. paul MItchell
  47. paul MItchell

    I'm no fan of China but this hypocrisy is mind-bogling. At a time when cops are killing unarmed citizens on a regular basis, government regularly sides with the corporations over ordinary people and city council have bottles of clean water shipped into council while ordinary people have to drink deadly polluted water (Flint) - please, don't bore me with such media nonsense (entertainment, virtual reality?). The U.S. is in the progress of destroying it's 7th country in 15 years. What country has China invaded in recent memory?
    For two years in China I worked and lived - and developed a hard opinion about China. However, after learning what I learned overseas living and working (China, Korea, Japan and Germany) my eyes have been opened and I am appalled at what has become of North America. It is disgusting; the arrogance of the U.S. allows it to condemn other countries and people for the same things they are guilty of. and in most cases initiated. I think the Chinese are just better at the game of Capitalism that the U.S. But then, since the Brzezinski crowd started thinking themselves as gods assigned to manage the future of the Earth they don't even now try to hide their deceptions and manipulations any longer.

  48. winter
  49. winter

    Wake up. American manufacturing is not coming back. Ever.

  50. Leigh Atkins
  51. Leigh Atkins

    So let me get this right - as the living standards of all the peoples of the world increases & their wages go up in order to pay for those living standards, China's population still lives largely in poverty & their wages are still low, like ours were when we lived in squalor. But they're hard workers so they have to work 80hrs a week in order to bring in a fraction of our 40hr/wk wages now, so they do, which is what makes them attractive to manufacturers so that they can at least maintain low prices to their customers back in 'rich' countries like USA, as well as a profit margin in order to pay their shareholders, also back in the USA. But we're gonna hold all this against them?! That makes sense though doesn't it?! Coz it makes our egos feel good that we can blame someone.
    This is just the natural order, or 'life & death' of human societal/financial systems & we've been watching the cycle for millennia, we just don't remember it past last week's episode of 'Jersey Shore', that's all.
    So we've pretty much tried every system now, all throughout time, which means that the end is soon to roll up. We just have one more human system to try now - a one world government!. Peace & security people! Peace & security! Then BANG - a cap in your back. Don't you just love humans with power?

  52. Harunha
  53. Harunha

    Capitalism at work. Now the jobs are going to Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, etc. Are we going to blame them now? Don't complain, re-invent your economy. Like Singapore, they have changed from manufacturing to research, medical, and service industry. Why is the American economy remain stackant and moaning?

  54. DH37
  55. DH37

    This is another piece of lie and hypocracy trying to ride on the emotion of ordinary US working people. Complaining about cheap items, but they are bought by fiat US$ out of the printing machine so that ordinary US people can enjoy. Who imported these items into USA? Mostly are american companies. Who gets the major share of the pie? Apple pays 50 cents per phone to chinese workers only. They reap the rest, with no intention ever to pay the full tax. THINK, AMERCIANS, THINK.

  56. serialteg
  57. serialteg

    didn't like all the art / war propaganda on this bit... not one bit.

    i get there's a message behind it, but...

  58. Glenn Luttrell
  59. Glenn Luttrell

    The rulers and elite are destroying freedom and democracy and have no intent to make the world a better place and strive to fill their pockets with greed

  60. George
  61. George

    This is why we voted for Trump.

  62. Philip Harding
  63. Philip Harding

    We cannot blame China for our own dismal policies. If you want to improve life in the U.S., compete with in production with mid-size and upstart companies. Be more like China. Stop shopping on debt. The answers are right in front of us. Stop blaming the huge corporations and banks- boycott them.

  64. Tommy
  65. Tommy

    So biased. So ridiculous. Why?

  66. Bill
  67. Bill

    If countries were Power Rangers the USA would certainly be Lord Zedd. The likes of China and North Korea are merely Bulk and Skull. I'm rooting for the Green Ranger - Norway.

  68. rob
  69. rob

    this video makes it perfectly clear and nails the issue right on the head. how any of you failed to see that is because you ARE ignorant. china does not play by the same rules as the US or UK. no health care, long hours with no breaks for SH*T pay. all the things people NEED, both here and overseas. you definitely can blame China, along with big corporations, government/politicians and liberals. China doesn't play by the same rules, American government/politicians allow them to trade in America. (under very unfair playing fields) liberals in America don't speak out against the human rights violations. and big coorperations sell their country away for quick profits. thank God for trump, I sincerely hope he keeps his campaign promises and hits China hard. make them play by the same rules, and treat their people equal to those in the US or UK, or sanction them to level the playing field. make them pay a price to trade in America for the equality they refuse their people. anyone who says it's America's fault or is propaganda doesn't see what I, and the video have underlined, and need to re-watch the video, or go back to 1st grade and work on your understanding of clear text.

  70. Mar
  71. Mar

    This film is utter propaganda, what a load of crap! For example 99% of all goods sold in Walmart are made in China, are we supposed to believe that China aggressively walked into Walmarts offices and forced them to buy Chinese goods - please, what a joke.

    The profound profits that this film suggests have disappeared have gone no further than into the pockets of the wealthy corporate elite who have obviously financed this film.

    In the USA today corporations have more rights than people.

  72. Brannon Gerling
  73. Brannon Gerling

    What's more republican, democratic, or American than being able to buy whatever you want by whomever you want? Peter Navarro is now Trump's chief trade policy adviser. What they want to do they cannot do without breeching their own most basic principles. How much wool and eyes will it take this time?

  74. Zumma
  75. Zumma

    Why these Americans cannot speak for once that they are just inefficient of manufacturing a single item except weapons. What exactly they want to prove by this documentary? They are right and China is wrong in everything. Don’t try to make people fool. No one is a fool in this world. It is only America who is the big fat idiot, a nation full of bloody idiots, incapable of doing anything and keeps politicizing everything. Stop blaming others and better educate your own people. Or else, every other nation will keep sucking you up.

  76. Ed
  77. Ed

    Does the EU adopt different trade policies from the USA, with China? How come there is still a large manufacturing base in Germany? Am I missing something?

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