Death by China

Death by China

2012, Politics  -   97 Comments
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When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, bolstered by the unwavering support of both Democrats and Republicans in the United States government, America was promised a new wave of growth and prosperity for its own people. In the 15 years that have passed since, it's easy to see that this promise remains unfulfilled. Nearly 60,000 American factories have moved to China, millions of jobs have been lost, and the lives of working Americans have been irrevocably impacted in the process.

The popular feature-length documentary Death by China dissects this crisis in an intelligent and thought-provoking manner.

Narrated by acclaimed actor Martin Sheen, the film doesn't cast dispersions on the Chinese people, but rather their oppressive authoritarian government. According to the views expressed in the film, China's ulterior motives started to come into focus shortly after they gained entry into the WTO. They quickly flooded the American marketplace with illegally subsidized exports, wooed U.S.-based corporations with assurances of cheaper labor and operating costs, and hypnotized the average consumer with lower-priced goods. The cruel irony of it all is that American workers - many of whom have lost their jobs to China's predatory trade tactics - are ultimately rewarding these efforts by consistently purchasing their goods.

China isn't the only player in the demise of American manufacturing. The film casts an equally critical eye on companies like Apple, Boeing and General Electric, whose executives have moved their operations offshore to maximize profit potential. Meanwhile, the U.S. government becomes more slavish to China as their debt to the country continues to rise above $3 trillion. In effect, the film states, increasing pockets of America are being controlled and owned by Chinese interests. If this is allowed to continue, the U.S. will lose its identity altogether.

Featuring informed viewpoints from experts on China, global financial authorities, bereaved business owners, and ordinary citizens who have fallen victim to the crisis, Death by China calls for a unified outcry for change. The film urges political leaders to halt a "fair trade" policy that is anything but fair, and for consumers to take a stand by being more selective with their pocketbooks.

Directed by: Peter Navarro

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2 months ago

We did this to ourselves. Or, at least 'our' corporations did it to us and we went along.

Shoah Kahn
1 year ago

This is the same, hackneyed refrain that those [few] PEOPLE WHO COULD READ and who KNEW A MODICUM OF HISTORY, have been crooning since the 11th of December, 2001 (remember those [towel] heady times?) -- summarily being drown out by the din of "Sinophobe" hysteria vomited up by the same brain-dead crowd who later lined up, like mindless cattle, to get maladministered with poisonous gene modifiers, which were pushed on the false premise of a disease that was spread by the very handing over of the economic world to China, on the aforementioned date -- a.k.a., "The Day of Occidental Infamy". Yet, fast-forward to mid-2022, and the West is STILL selling the CCP its irreplaceable resources (read: WAR MATERIEL), and to the same deathly dirge it was trumpeting over two decades ago...

'If one waits by the riverbank long enough, the bodies of their enemies will eventually float by.' (Chinese proverb)

1 year ago

Hey America STOP whinging cause you aint got your. Your country is the selfish slobber always wanting to own and dominate everything. Your country your goverment are the evil pests og the world. About time you started eating some of the crap you have dished out to the rest of the world with your intrusion. Good bye and good riddance USA

1 year ago

The Christian Crusades murdered the Americans and The American Flag in three wars that are The American Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and The Mexican American War with Britain and Mexico representing The Holy Roman Empire of Rome which is what the Western Culture represents except the Americans who are a Government of isolationism verses The Holy Roman Empire that is expansionism with war crimes called "Christian Crusades," and The United States in the 20th Century surrendered The United States to Christian terrorists beginning with the devil and witching sorcery of Christianity over marijuana, and now the devil and witching sorcery of Christianity is over the energy that Nations need to function, and this becomes "The Christian '666' Petrodollar" that is the six letters in each word "Dollar United States" that is suppose to be nothing but gold and silver coin found on The Constitution of The United States; therefore, the agenda is to use the treason of The United States to be the capitol of The Holy Roman Empire with the investments to be invested in being the largest Christian Government Military and Prison industrial complex of the World; thus, the middle class in the United States has been sacrificed, and this is the result of Treason of allowing Christianity in the Government of the USA, and now The Constitution of The United States that protects the common wealth of the middle class has been sacrificed in order that the wealth now goes to Christianity and Christian Government and Christian Crusades warmongering machine and they rule as war racketeers of The Holy Roman Empire in "Christian Crusades" that is what also slaughtered the Americans, and in 2018 China created the "Petroyuan" to compete against the "666" that now leaves the treasonous USA to have to invade China with a "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" sign like that seen in Iraq in 2003 when Iraq was removed from the Euro and placed back on the "666" when Iraq chooses to "buy or sell" petroleum, and now the next target will be an invasion into Iran by the USA or most likely an invasion into China first for World War Three trying to enslave the World to The Holy Roman Empire using the "666" as now the World can begin to make sense of what The Bible has been saying will eventually happen towards the end of days of the system of man.

1 year ago

Blame it on whoever you please, but nothing can be worse for global economics than the neoliberalism started during the Reagan administration.
Besides, when the US manufactured, thus had a very good cash flow, made sure he imposed his products whenever landing a loan to other countries. Example: the Marshall plan to help rebuild a ruined post WWII Europe came with a deal that flooded markets with American-made stuff. It did not have to be good since sales were a done deal.
Let's not forget that it was American money that made possible the rearming of the Nazi Germany. It is a win-win situation.
China is not inventing anything new and is not more evil than any other big world economy. They just follow the rules of a game created by others, so well that they are winning. It would be like England suing Brazil or Germany for beating them at soccer, just cause they created it.

Richard Gonyou
2 years ago

Only when US corporate greed tied to financial incentives to the corporate executives along with heavy palm slapping of $$$$ to politicians will disasters like the offshoring of MILLIONS OF JOBS be corrected.
What a sham. What a punch in the face, kick in the nuts to the US and other counties working class.
The real kicker is EVER purchase made of China-made products WE ARE ALL supporting A COMMUNIST REGIME!!!
So sell the jobs, create more wealth for the top 2%, AND lets just throw trillions to a country that HATES the Free Market / Free Speach / Western World.

Wow That is Bright. Clinton? Really.............Do you need to go through his history. Lying Mother Fu%$@.


2 years ago

Censorship is everywhere. So much for free speech!

2 years ago

If you thought that was interesting, check out Freedom From Choice, in Conspiracy (factual), but perhaps first, The Power Principle, in Politics. The problem appears to be Fascism, as Mussolini defined it, 'The merger between State and Corporate Power'. If you want to live in a real democracy, as Noam Chomsky reflects, you need to live cooperatively and there's a surprise in store for we who live in liberal democracies.

Joe Wong
2 years ago

Harvard University survey found Chinese government approved by 95% of its people, while the governments in the West like the US government will not get more than 35% approving rate from their people at any one time.

Calling popular Chinese government oppressive authoritarian government, what shall we classify the governments in the West? Are the governments in the West dictatorship governments, moron governments, slave owning governments, morally defunct evil governments, cult governments, bandit governments, ...?

The Proof
2 years ago

China, what goes around will go around, but know this, in the end, it will go around, your neck, premiere

Dorice Farley
2 years ago

Amazing how right President Trump was! Where are the democrats now kissing China's ass.

john smith
2 years ago

Its American Capitalism and lobbyists representing big corporations that in turn force politicians to make new laws for the big corporations that are at fault here .America only had democracy for the big corporations while sold America out.

2 years ago

Wow! This is the most important documentary I've seen in my life!!... It ties everything up with what is REALLY happening on the planet right now and what Trump went up against! This should be taught both in schools and in businesses!!...

2 years ago

I thought it was accurate. The trick is keeping American companies American, regulating them to behave not only in the interest of their investors but of the American people. Unfortunately that will take lobby reform because that is what the politicians hear and act on. Consumers if educated, willing and able can make purchasing choices if there are some but in so many cases there aren't any (like the microwave example in the film). People who have limited funds will buy the cheapest goods. Its up to regulators to make sure it doesn't kill people and its not made by people who hate us. If we don't get some manufacturing back, we are doomed and we all need to stop buying everything. How many will actually take action to contact their representatives.

2 years ago

cia/fbi propaganda, the deep state/military industrial complex that eisenhower warned us about/whacked jfk is trying to start ww3 and nuclear holocaust

3 years ago

had to switch it off after 30 minutes. it's like a powerpoint presentation of china bad.

3 years ago

The new scapegoats...China. But let's talk about American politicians and policies that allowed this to happen. Why get angry and hostile at China? They saw a great deal for themselves and American multinational corporations saw a great deal for themselves. China brought 250million of their people out of poverty, whereas in America there was/is a steep decline into poverty - literally eliminating an entire middle class. Thanks President Clinton. Thanks Republican and Democratic establishment rober-barrons.
The greed of the independent (accepting no connection to country or community) and the entrepreneurial "efficient to the bottom line only" class is what's destroying America. Not China. China has no power of authority here unless we give/gave it to them.
In desire for obscene riches our multinational corporations have given away the "kitchen-sink."
With regards to manufacturing jobs here they were unequally assigned to favor blue-collar, white workers. The lack of opportunity have always eating away opportunities for Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans. And they had no resources to make a documentary about that. And those with resources to do so didn't care to.
White American men who've been stealing wealth from Americans for decades are now sniveling because someone (China) cheated them, when they've been cheating others and now each-other.
If the best price and best products are "Made In China" I'm buying Chinese until American politicians and multinational corporations get their acts together to protect ALL working America and stop gourging on everything and then to relieve your conscious decide to donate money you stole in the first place creating the crisis in America that your policies instigated!
And now thanks to you we have literally imported the coronavirus here to America. Greedy-evil business men and Greedy-evil politicians are in the final phase of destroying America. Thanks.

3 years ago

In the late 'eighties there was a whole raft of negative images of Japanese in movies and "documentaries" explaining that the Japanese are racist, sexist, exploitative, threatening to the West.
As soon as it was obvious the 21st century was not going to be the Japanese century, that is Japan was not a threat to US/Western world hegemony, the negative movie images and documentaries dried up virtually overnight (as did the previously powerhouse Japanese economy.)

Now it's China's turn for the same treatment because now China is the perceived threat to universal US / Western hegemony.

Make no mistake - if the day ever comes that India is seen as a threat to US / Western hegemony there'll be an endless series of "documentaries" denouncing the Indian caste system and systematic sexism.

Is the Chinese government despotic? Sure. Was there anywhere near as much concern about that BEFORE China started to appear as a potential threat to US / Western power? Nuh. (Or at least very, very little.)

It's not that the facts as presented are wrong, but the motivation is patently propagandistic.
I wonder if the Chinese make documentaries about Western countries like the United States (Yes - and other Western countries too) about say, how grossly disproportionately racial minorities are put into prison, or executed, or massive drug and violence issues etcetera

We can all make each other look bad, but let's be honest: the real fear here is not of Chinese lack of democracy, the fear is of Chinese threat to five hundred years of Western world domination.

3 years ago

Glad to know the film doesn't cast dispersions.

4 years ago

India and China equally share one destinct advantage over ALOT of other countries and its served them extremely well in there growth. If you think either country whos eceonomy's are both growing leaps and bounds gives ONE IOTA about dumping plant waste into there eco systems your sadly mistaken..LMAO... They dont even remotely play by the same set of rules as most countrys..LOL.. India calls the Gange River "mother" ..and I personally know of one section of the river where 12 tannerys dump its entire waste load directly into her..and these tannerys ALL are within a 17 mile radius of each other...its absolutely criminal..sad.. and if it wasnt so pathetic it would be funny... Everytime both countrys go on about how proud they are of there growth I just want to break out in an absolute CACKLE... You stay beholden to a system with no direct set of rules nor remotely consider the impact you place on the area around you and companys will come in DROVES if the government allows it..and in these places thats exactly what is taking place... So before people begin the soap box declarations of just how much harder they work.. or how much smarter they might want to stop and get a better understanding of the complete picture... and of course decide for yourself wether you think this is a true accomplishment... America has done MORE in the past 20 years as far as working with regulations than ANY other country..,. and we have suffered as massive price for it.. but when you consider us and those cheating this system... its like dealing with a bunch of children who think shitting in the pool while you swim is perfectly normal and acceptable... Sorry for the curse words... but true... Fine... your getting the plants to move there... just dont kid yourself in believing its because of ANY other reason that the ones I just described... you would be fooling yourselves...

4 years ago

the fat lazy american idols watching american, blames the hard working thin chinees

Felix M
4 years ago

This supposed "documentary" is another of those political pieces for scapegoating. All of its points (with a whole lot of finger-pointing at China) reeks of self-serving hypocrisy and pushing convenient labels on others for our own failings.

Look... I get it, I lost my job to competition from China too, but I don't blame some far off foreign country, when it is my own political leadership and our corporate management that has failed our workers.

Why blame China when the basis of our capitalism is "free markets" and global competition? China "crime" just happens to be a country that has adopted our American free enterprise model with an enthusiasm and energy that few others can match.

Why didn't we blame the Japanese, when they "flooded" our markets with cheap consumer electronic products back in the 80s?
Likewise, why didn't we blame the India for taking over all our software jobs too?
India does not have a whole lot of worker's rights nor do they have proper environmental protection laws.

Come on...aren't this a little too selective in pushing the blame?
There are many other Asian countries that have atrocious working conditions and equally bad, if not worst, environmental pollution as they are all trying to industrialize, and give their own people a leg up the economic ladder.

Consider this too..the UK during her industrial revolution in the 1800s had terrible pollution and near zero worker's rights, not to mention extensive use of child labor too.
But of course, that was UK then, but who are we to fault China for trying to rapidly walk through the same path to development now?

In fact, moving a Billion people from abject poverty to a modicum of middle-class wealth within 20 years, without a severe social revolution of some sorts, is a testament to their governmental efforts.

Any other Western nation going through the major and rapid changes that China has, would probably not do as well as she did.
Western industrial nations are the ones who welcomed China into WTO, and now when she has done well within the system, we punish her for being a better capitalistic competitor? What hypocrisy?!
Would you rather China, NOT join WTO and be like another North Korea, that is isolated and a constant destabilizing threat to the rest of the world?

So make up your mind Navarro, what do you want?
Ok, lets say you want China to "play by the rules" of "fair trade" (whatever the heck that means), so do we expect Chinese companies to pay their workers the salaries that American workers get even after factoring for the exchange rate? Come on folks!

What constitutes "fair trade" and does it have any meaning for a capitalistic dog-eat-dog system that America is (and long before China even joined the WTO).

You'd think Wall Streeters and American bankers and corporate CEOs are not themselves as harsh as or even more brutal when it comes to the bottom line?

Point is, the Chinese are merely learning the rules of our capitalism game and happen to be better than us at it. That is the only reason why fear China, more than other countries doing the same (but are not as successful).

During the Cold War, we feared the Soviet Union as a military competitor, but they were no match for our capitalist /consumer system.
Now, we've met our match with China as both a worthy military and economic competitor, and thats why America is shaking in her boots.

I don't know about you, but I relish a good fight with someone my size and matching my capability. China is worthy competitor and can be a friend too, if our political leadership handles it well. Remember, we were sworn enemies with the Japanese during WWII but it now Japan has largely adopted the American way of life and has become a steadfast ally too. Who is to say China is not on the same path towards a safer world?

I'll admit there are no easy answers to this conundrum and plenty of mis-steps could lead to war and conflict, just as with the Japanese. So I suggest Navarro tread carefully with his rhetoric and work with the Chinese as "frenemy" rather than paint them over with overly broad strokes.

It is the same with American companies competing in capitalistic markets today. No two companies is BFF (best friends forever) nor is it unheard of for competitors to join hands or efforts to conquer new markets. I mean Apple was once the arch-enemy of Microsoft, and Microsoft even saved Apple from bankruptcy once....and now they too actively compete with each other.

The same applies between countries except with more layers of complexity.
So, keep a level head and not over-simplify our relationship with China, nor should we be overtly antagonistic towards them.
Hey, as we often like to say: its not personal, its just business.

D Bowling
4 years ago

"don't buy in China"... what a joke !! it was the US Wallstreet model that sold out US jobs and encouraged corporations to roam the world for cheaper business practices "at the expense" of the US citizen... US Govt. sold out its people for globalism, CEO & shareholder bonuses...

4 years ago

welcome to the new world shape - when countries controlled by corporations, not by governments - it seems that some corporations have more power over their countries.
if you linked all of that to capitalism you will get more sense this will end within decades when most of the people will starving and will be jobless.

Urban dweller
5 years ago

They say in the opening how high this movie ranked in NETFLIX. It ranked high as far as comments AGAINST its false rhetoric! Just as the comments made here by people with good sense!

True American 1st
5 years ago

Impossible to purchase anything without being made in China or an impoverished third world country. The goods from these countries are junk. Our good old American country, and its citizens have sold out lock, stock, and barrel. 60,000 companies that employed over 500 employees fled like rats overseas. We are left buying this junk because very few U.S.A businesses are still located in America. I try buying American made goods but they are very difficult to find. Time for a real change in our political system like term limits, no lobbyist bribing elected officials, writing their own laws to be introduced by those who are supposed to be representing US. Sad how they continue to get away with it.!!

5 years ago

The hypocrisy of the US has no limits

Alv V
5 years ago

This is propaganda, nothing more, nothing less. Hypocritical to it's core. Chinese human rights violations compared to what the US have done to the world the last couple of generations is hardly worth mentioning. Chinese millitary agression? Are you serious? A lack of unions, no rights for the workers, using all the dirty tricks one can imagine with just pure regard for profit is something the rich aristocracy in the US have simply moved to China, because it used to be just the same when people was being jailed, maimed and killed when wanting such "socialist" concepts, enviromentalism etc. and eventually won some of it. What might be scary for Americans is that China is becoming a mirror-image of themselves, and they don't know what to do about being given some of their own medicine. Perhaps next time put someone else then a billionaire TV-personality in charge of the nation. Since bribes, fraud and corruption is de facto legalized in the political process, it's a small chance for things to change. If they don't, perhaps do as China did and have a socialist revolution against the bourgeois. At least weapons in the hands of the citizens don't seem to be lacking.

bob the nob
5 years ago

all they have to do is put huge tariffs on imported goods that way the factorys will be forced to return home were it will be cheeper to produce products within the united states

5 years ago

"Women have thrived in this new service economy because they will do anything for a pittance of a salary"

Doesn't make sense. How can someone thrive when they work for a pittance? Women are not thriving anywhere. Women everywhere suffer because of capitalism. Men need to get out of positions of control so we can change the world.

5 years ago

This is very true about how china has lost its moralistic values. During the last thirty years people in china have lost millions of acres of land, and farms because of how big businesses have sprouted up over the course of three decades. Because of this, trade agreements between the US, and china mixed certain aspects of how those businesses do business. In other words every single farmer has never bought any piece of land because of the fact that the government owns every square hectare. So when a family who grows rice or raises cattle are presented with a an affidavit for land evacuation they have to move into the big cities to try, and find employment to keep food on the table.

This results in total economic breakdown between farmers of produce, dairy, fish, or other forms of perishable goods, along with the fact that pollution is also a factor. The communist party of china is the exact kind of regime which began almost two thousand years ago, and is still alive to this day. The Xia dynasty, the Zhou dynasty, and the Han dynasty still have surviving family members who believe that the idea of communism should be the staple food for all of the people no matter who it may be. This in turn reverberates among the populace as another word... Fascists. Since their rise to power from the early sixties started to flourish many of the manufacturing sectors went bankrupt because nobody was buying their products inside of their own country.

Now bring in the WTO. Now their government can utilize their best spin doctors on how to manipulate the open market by using cheap labor, cheap factories, cheap products, and barely no taxable commodities. This was why rivers started to become toxic, that children became sick or their mothers during pregnancy. Or that medical means was almost non existent for lack of funds to those very same farmers who were kicked out of their homes only to move to the city facing the same dilemma because they lacked proper credentials such as a drivers license, birth certificate or bank accounts. Millions died as a result, and the government stated in a referendum that even though the farmers were a part of creating an economy based on perishable goods they were not a part of our idea to help militarize our country. That kind of barbaric thinking is what caused the dynasty's downfall once before.

Money is the only driving force for china. Nothing else matters in their eyes including their historic past, which has been part of their culture for four millenniums. Yet for reasons of prosperity, and posterity for the children of china they are willing to go as far as tearing down some of the most beloved temples, monastery's, dojo's, part of the great wall, and some of the prefectural provinces for railways, factories, shipyards, and automobile plants but all of them would use their own people for cheap labor under the government's watchful eyes.

The plural word... 'morals' no longer has any impact. There is no longer any hidden mysticism about the Chinese past or how the citizens were the one's to build their schools, offices, dojo's, temples, or the wall. It was the people who built china, not their government, but because of their military might the population no longer believe that they have a voice to be heard, and if they spoke their will... they would be silenced with a bullet or put away into a prison until they rot. The only time china was ever close to a democracy was in Tiananmen Square during the demonstrations. Since then, it went downhill faster than an avalanche.

5 years ago

In 2001 how was there a Democratic president?
It's amazing how fast historic facts change.

6 years ago

Does the EU adopt different trade policies from the USA, with China? How come there is still a large manufacturing base in Germany? Am I missing something?

6 years ago

Why these Americans cannot speak for once that they are just inefficient of manufacturing a single item except weapons. What exactly they want to prove by this documentary? They are right and China is wrong in everything. Don’t try to make people fool. No one is a fool in this world. It is only America who is the big fat idiot, a nation full of bloody idiots, incapable of doing anything and keeps politicizing everything. Stop blaming others and better educate your own people. Or else, every other nation will keep sucking you up.

Brannon Gerling
6 years ago

What's more republican, democratic, or American than being able to buy whatever you want by whomever you want? Peter Navarro is now Trump's chief trade policy adviser. What they want to do they cannot do without breeching their own most basic principles. How much wool and eyes will it take this time?

6 years ago

This film is utter propaganda, what a load of crap! For example 99% of all goods sold in Walmart are made in China, are we supposed to believe that China aggressively walked into Walmarts offices and forced them to buy Chinese goods - please, what a joke.

The profound profits that this film suggests have disappeared have gone no further than into the pockets of the wealthy corporate elite who have obviously financed this film.

In the USA today corporations have more rights than people.

6 years ago

this video makes it perfectly clear and nails the issue right on the head. how any of you failed to see that is because you ARE ignorant. china does not play by the same rules as the US or UK. no health care, long hours with no breaks for SH*T pay. all the things people NEED, both here and overseas. you definitely can blame China, along with big corporations, government/politicians and liberals. China doesn't play by the same rules, American government/politicians allow them to trade in America. (under very unfair playing fields) liberals in America don't speak out against the human rights violations. and big coorperations sell their country away for quick profits. thank God for trump, I sincerely hope he keeps his campaign promises and hits China hard. make them play by the same rules, and treat their people equal to those in the US or UK, or sanction them to level the playing field. make them pay a price to trade in America for the equality they refuse their people. anyone who says it's America's fault or is propaganda doesn't see what I, and the video have underlined, and need to re-watch the video, or go back to 1st grade and work on your understanding of clear text.

6 years ago

If countries were Power Rangers the USA would certainly be Lord Zedd. The likes of China and North Korea are merely Bulk and Skull. I'm rooting for the Green Ranger - Norway.

6 years ago

So biased. So ridiculous. Why?

Philip Harding
6 years ago

We cannot blame China for our own dismal policies. If you want to improve life in the U.S., compete with in production with mid-size and upstart companies. Be more like China. Stop shopping on debt. The answers are right in front of us. Stop blaming the huge corporations and banks- boycott them.

6 years ago

This is why we voted for Trump.

Glenn Luttrell
6 years ago

The rulers and elite are destroying freedom and democracy and have no intent to make the world a better place and strive to fill their pockets with greed

6 years ago

didn't like all the art / war propaganda on this bit... not one bit.

i get there's a message behind it, but...

6 years ago

This is another piece of lie and hypocracy trying to ride on the emotion of ordinary US working people. Complaining about cheap items, but they are bought by fiat US$ out of the printing machine so that ordinary US people can enjoy. Who imported these items into USA? Mostly are american companies. Who gets the major share of the pie? Apple pays 50 cents per phone to chinese workers only. They reap the rest, with no intention ever to pay the full tax. THINK, AMERCIANS, THINK.

6 years ago

Capitalism at work. Now the jobs are going to Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, etc. Are we going to blame them now? Don't complain, re-invent your economy. Like Singapore, they have changed from manufacturing to research, medical, and service industry. Why is the American economy remain stackant and moaning?

Leigh Atkins
6 years ago

So let me get this right - as the living standards of all the peoples of the world increases & their wages go up in order to pay for those living standards, China's population still lives largely in poverty & their wages are still low, like ours were when we lived in squalor. But they're hard workers so they have to work 80hrs a week in order to bring in a fraction of our 40hr/wk wages now, so they do, which is what makes them attractive to manufacturers so that they can at least maintain low prices to their customers back in 'rich' countries like USA, as well as a profit margin in order to pay their shareholders, also back in the USA. But we're gonna hold all this against them?! That makes sense though doesn't it?! Coz it makes our egos feel good that we can blame someone.
This is just the natural order, or 'life & death' of human societal/financial systems & we've been watching the cycle for millennia, we just don't remember it past last week's episode of 'Jersey Shore', that's all.
So we've pretty much tried every system now, all throughout time, which means that the end is soon to roll up. We just have one more human system to try now - a one world government!. Peace & security people! Peace & security! Then BANG - a cap in your back. Don't you just love humans with power?

6 years ago

Wake up. American manufacturing is not coming back. Ever.

paul MItchell
6 years ago

I'm no fan of China but this hypocrisy is mind-bogling. At a time when cops are killing unarmed citizens on a regular basis, government regularly sides with the corporations over ordinary people and city council have bottles of clean water shipped into council while ordinary people have to drink deadly polluted water (Flint) - please, don't bore me with such media nonsense (entertainment, virtual reality?). The U.S. is in the progress of destroying it's 7th country in 15 years. What country has China invaded in recent memory?
For two years in China I worked and lived - and developed a hard opinion about China. However, after learning what I learned overseas living and working (China, Korea, Japan and Germany) my eyes have been opened and I am appalled at what has become of North America. It is disgusting; the arrogance of the U.S. allows it to condemn other countries and people for the same things they are guilty of. and in most cases initiated. I think the Chinese are just better at the game of Capitalism that the U.S. But then, since the Brzezinski crowd started thinking themselves as gods assigned to manage the future of the Earth they don't even now try to hide their deceptions and manipulations any longer.

Roger Andout
6 years ago

US (&EU) is competing on an uneven pitch. Interesting to watch this in Q4 of 2016 when US is still complaining about Irish (business) tax rules. Little if anything in US tax avoidance rules regarding Big Business/Multinationals has changed since 2012 when this most insightful doc was made. US law makers need to accept that BB is not ruled by morality, nationalism, the long term or the common good; ONLY the Bottom Line.
To get manufacturing back requires rules to be amended/changed.
The "10 Commandments" was the only item written in stone.

eric pinto
6 years ago

with driverfree trucks, stops gone, 50,000 ladies across the land 'laid' off, who supports the kids and grandma ! They too are CHRISTIANS, never mind the 'necks
who buy our whisky and snuff. Call in Pooteen.