Death In Gaza

2004, Crime  -   53 Comments
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Death In GazaIn spring 2003, filmmaker James Miller and reporter Saira Shah, following the success of their Peabody-winning films Unholy War and Beneath the Veil, set out to take a first-hand look at the culture of hate that permeates the Middle East.

They captured the lives of three Palestinian children growing up in the bullet-riddled streets of Gaza, indoctrinated in the creed of Jihad, and had planned to show the Israeli side next. But on May 2, in the midst of filming, Miller was shot to death by an Israeli tank, falling victim to the conflict he covered. The America Undercover special Death In Gaza tells this tragic, eye-opening story.

Death In Gaza begins in Nablas, where Miller and Shah witness an explosion that kills several Palestinians suspected of being suicide bombers. "We're trying to understand how people learn to hate so deeply that they're prepared to die in order to kill," says Shah.

"So we're looking for the next generation, the children who will make either peace or war." In Nablas, that generation is playing dangerous games with the Israelis, as children shower the tanks that patrol their street with rocks, taunting the soldiers inside.

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  1. anna miller

    The god of the Old Testament, written 3000 years ago, was a psychopath, seeking revenge, rage, and murder. The god of the New Testament
    written 2000 years ago, has its roots in psychopathy, "I am god" & "No
    one comes to god, but through me." Zionist followers of the Old Testament invaded peaceful Palestine in 1948 and aggressively took control of land, water, and daily lives of the people living there. Little kids now grow up brutalized by followers of the aggressive. psychopathic god of the bible.

  2. nadja bradic

    Really good documentary! Its such a shame that all this is still going on... How can kids living there be different if all they see is killing, repression, violence...
    Unfortunately, it really looks like never ending conflict. I wish they would know each other, because in reality most of them never even spoke to each other(Israeli or Palestinian). Its sad.

  3. Mr Bhat

    I m also a victim of conflict 'Kashmir'. My house was burnt down by Pakistani millitants, I now live in a refugee camp.
    I don't know what to do ?? :(

    1. huzafa qadeer

      That must be a luxurious refugee camp, i mean they gave you a computer with a internet and you watching documentaries all day long. how can i join your camp please guide. I think you just want to prove that Pakistani militants are guilty. well that's just prove who you are.

  4. staszekgobi

    when will the jewish atrocities stop? how are the jews different from nazis?
    enough is enough!

  5. Morsie

    It makes me feel sick to see the mothers 'wishing' their little sons would not martyr themselves. Why don't they give the kids a different doctrine to live by instead of snivelling; why don't they become firm mothers. The life God has given us is precious, but they have told their children that to martyr themselves is above all else in God's eyes. Look how the cowardly adult males hide behind masks while sending the little boys out the front to throw home-made bombs at tanks. They were telling the sister of the dead boy not to cry. What a crazy mixed-up world.

    1. 0zyxcba1

      @Morsie, If only those you refer to were atheist, you point would be moot.

    2. Ali Khalil

      when you wake up in the morning to tanks and death everyday it changes your mentality.. you wouldn't understand living in modern luxury

    3. staszekgobi

      you missed the point, i have watch on tv little kids throwing rocks at jews tanks and armor vehicle since i was a kid, i remember asking my mom why they shoot the kids if all they do is throw rocks. 40 years later i still ask the same question, no one has been able to answer that question and i am beyond positive that you are not qualified to answer it either. you speak of doctrine... how dare you even pretend to understand the lives of those kids and palestine people. today i watched a press conference with rick perry our future hopeful for a president who wrapped himself in jewish flag saying we love israel we must love our jewish friends. that is the world you live in, you offend me.

  6. Sean Boyd

    TO: meir melamed... Maybe once the israeli government stops being land grabbing, bullies. How would you like it if you were given hours to collect everything you own (regardless if you can even transport it.) Then be forced into the street? That's why the WORLD looks down on israel. Sick and disgusting is what the israeli government is doing. to bad israel didn't have tons of oil. Then the americans could do there "liberating" thing, ha.

  7. Abdur-Rahman Suleman

    The cruelty of Israel and its continuous blockade and deprivation of goods and means of life is they reason why you see hate so strong in the Palestinians. Im even more disgusted at the Bedouin arab Muslims who are doing this to their fellow man in faith!! More and more people are getting familiar with histories of the Israel&Palestinian conflict, when you side the wrongs of both nations, people will side with the truth, and that truth happens to side with the Palestinians. With the planned flotilla on its way to gaza, they wrongs Israel will commit towards it will only make more people side with the deprived Palestinians. Im not an anti-semtite, there are many jewish folks who are recognizing the wrongs of their zionist, evil, government. Power to the People. Power to Peace. Love outshines Evil. Insha allah with gods mercy may peace and understading come to the middle east.

  8. z1xter

    Zionists are always looking for a pretext for the Palestinians what they are doing, it's worthless stories for small children ..

  9. Meir Melamed

    At the end of the documentary , we were told that the producer didnt have a chance(As he was killed ) to interview Israeli kids .... ha ha .. I dont think so ... this documentry purpuse was anti jewish and anti Israeli to begin with .full of propaganda. I wish the BBC and its partners , will stop with that Ati -Israeli sentiment !!!when is it enough???

    1. trumumin

      Thank you for your backward thinking, and if you think you can compare the lives of ISRAELI PEOPLE TO PALESTINIANS your sadly mistaken

    2. Eamonn Riley

      Ha Ha Your Zionist propaganda is not even well hidden. It is not anti Jewish to tell the truth. This was a good honest film.

    3. staszekgobi

      you are truly a moron, i have no words to describe what you are.
      your i.q. is the size of a napkin and the sad thing is that you don't even know that.

    4. staszekgobi

      you missed the point, i have watch on tv little kids throwing rocks at jews tanks and armor vehicle since i was a kid, i remember asking my mom why they shoot the kids if all they do is throw rocks. 40 years later i still ask the same question, no one has been able to answer that question and i am beyond positive that you are not qualified to answer it either. you speak of doctrine... how dare you even pretend to understand the lives of those kids and palestine people. today i watched a press conference with rick perry our future hopeful for a president who wrapped himself in jewish flag saying we love israel we must love our jewish friends. that is the world you live in, you offend me.

  10. trumumin

    If people haven't read the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. It is a must read. It was written in the 1800s, but affects us today. It is too serious to be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Everything the Jewish elders stated in this book is coming into fruition, so do not be surprised by the Zionist agenda. Why is it that when people post comments or say anything negative about Israel they are labelled an anti-Semite. Things are going to be interesting for Israel now that the supportive dictators are falling around them. The only country with nuclear weapons in the middle east is ISRAEL. FREEDOM FOR GAZA MEANS FREEDOM FOR THE WORLD

  11. Yoni Hirsch

    The whole situation is horrible and I think the horrible living conditions in Gaza are not due to the Israeli's, but due to Hamas. The people of Gaza elected a terrorist organization and therefore cannot expect Israel to stand by and watch as rockets land in their country. Hamas hides behind innocent children, and when they die, they use this as propaganda. In order to reach peace, the peaceful Palestinians must make sure that they are not run by terrorists. If no stones are thrown, no bullets will be fired.

    1. eugler

      I can't imagine the size of your blinders if you really think it's that simple...

    2. trumumin

      The comparison of stones being thrown by children to bullets being fired by Israeli troops, particularly, highlight reasons why YONI is a maniac.

    3. Eamonn Riley

      The living conditions in Gaza are entirely the fault of Israel, but soon the crossing at Rafah will be open, and the Gazan people can get the goods that they need. Israel soldiers hide behind innocent Palestinians, this is well documented. Look it up.

    4. Jeffrey Koble

      There have been cases of Israelis using Palestinians as human shields. Soldiers have been reprimanded but some have had no accountability. Hamas' use of civilian shields is also well documented and is much more common-see links above. Hamas uses human shields and then glorifies the deaths of Gazas civilians to destroy Israel's PR and recruit more children as militants.

      Living conditions in Gaza have worsened with Hamas' attacks on Israeli civilians. Your extreme opinion that conditions of Gaza are "entirely the fault of Israel" comes in part from a lack of education.

      Your right that this is a good honest film. It shows how hatred in Palestinian children comes from living in a war zone and manipulation by militant groups. Your hatred however, is from ignorance. I hope with the death of your generation we can build towards peace.

    5. Eldarweeesh

      Are u actually convinced of what ur saying?r u dillusional or living in denial????u reply to a child's rocket by a shell?????
      where r we ? in the stone age???
      Unfortunately the most practical and less disastrous solution has to come from the Jews themselves.The liberal ones of course.Otherwise it will lead to a massive war in the area.

  12. robinjay100

    why,why,why! Isreal !

  13. Karl

    Heart breaking. I didn't like the narrator though, full of propaganda. Why is not the Palestinians allowed to resist? stupid people who can't think for themselves never ask this question.

    Free Palestina viva all kindss of resistens

  14. Adam

    Israel and people living inside it should be wiped out of the not only map but should be wiped out the earth.

  15. 7andrew7

    Wow. Amazing footage. This truly is a crisis with no end.

  16. ben

    R.I.P James

  17. mr-jz

    please my friend. read it!

    this is half of the story, its not fair at all to film movie like that without showing any thing from the other side, the Israeli army not killing people because they are bored, that people that the Israeli army where murderers!!!

    and where do i need to start with the educating that this little kids get? why they need to see dead bodies and so much hate? why they are playing with guns all the time???
    you all have got to understand that Israel gave the Palestine's option to work inside Israel and they use it to kill every Israeli that they can, and what about thousands of missiles that keep shooting in Israel? what they need to do? ask for please?

    i wish that i had the chance to talk to saira. peace for every one of us!

  18. Lukus

    Also, the narration of this film is pretty biased towards Israel, as "Battleangel" says. Fortunately the images themselves are clear enough to leave a genuine impression.

  19. Lukus

    @SImon "Man up. A man should never cry." You probably have emotional issues due to repression, or you express your pain in other less healthy ways like violence, but either way, it's a bit short sighted to take it out on other people.

    This is a problem I think many of the Israeli's have, too. They take their collective pain out on the nearest people they can dominate, like a kid who's been bullied who goes on to bully another kid. I hope that's the case here, anyway, otherwise Israel is even more disgusting than they already seem.

  20. Simon

    Good doc though, shows the harsh life in Gaza.

  21. Simon


    Man up. A man should never cry.

  22. badr bin bilal

    It’s psychological. Kids learn from environment and they act accordingly. What adds to the misery of the Palestinians is the political ideology of the Arab world. There kingdoms are only capable of saving their respective monarchies. I don’t see any solution to Palestine Israel problem until and unless Arab world is not united.
    I don’t know why but it’s my gut feeling that the writer has dumped the emotional aspects of the sufferers by and large. ?
    I will love to watch a documentary on the Israeli kids schooling. So if anyone knows about such a documentary do post the link.

  23. Rob

    Forgive my rant, It should be said that theyre jewish people who do care and do try daily to help. It has to be said. Many jews would stand side by side with these children and defend them.

  24. Rob

    Man this hurts. I've always took pride in being a strong man but I declare to all of you, watching this video simply broke me down. I found myself getting really m??f?? angry at the treatment these innocent children are getting. Why would the world allow this to happen???? Someone f@#$%^& do something please!!!!!!!

  25. omar

    killing civilians and children assassinations siege occupation of the land it is the israeli peace

  26. donna maria morello

    jews are an evil race they control goverments the porn industry baking drugs money laudering prostitution ect. the jews stole palestine killed its people herd them into ghettos and starve them and have the hide to tell lies about the gallant germans who treated the jews far more humanely than the jews treat the palestinians

  27. john doe

    How long will it be before weapon inspectors check israels nuclear weapons.

  28. Matt

    Israel is so sure that they're right, they can't see that they are wrong! What? How do I know they're wrong? Well, because they disagree with me, and I'm right, so they MUST be wrong. Duh! What? How do I know for sure that I'M right? Uuuhhhh... Hold on; I have to go throw this bottle of flaming gasoline, then I've got an appointment to blind fire some rockets toward a residential neighborhood. By.

  29. Pipboy

    There is no end to be seen. Every generation falls into deeper pit of hate, despair and religious lunacy.

  30. Kuw-eighty

    There is nothing more humiliating than what I just saw in this documentary. Miller has shown to the world a glimpse of the life of Palestinians in Gaza, and how the IDF's BRUTALITY and disregard for human life, is fueling a generation full of hate AND faith, that nothing will ever stop unless resistance is carried out and Liberation of Palestine is finalized. Yes.

  31. Jane

    They are people in this world who are here for a purpose and stand out from the rest Mr James Miller was Undoubtedly that. May God bless him and his family and friends. This Documentary is moving.

  32. joe

    oh yes,and when you ready to commit another atrocity,quit playing nazi war movies against the jews back to back on our t,v programs to blind evrey one on whats going on and gain sympothy from the masses ,that one getting old,see the real cell site and,actually it acts as a marker now,and sure enough some major move is planned and enforced.

  33. Salma

    This documentary is an evidence of the brutal and cruelty of Israel and everyone who support them.
    its simple! and everyone knows it, Israel occupied Palestine 1948 till this day! i feel sorry for the childhood of the children! no wonder they become a suicide bombers.

  34. haneen

    Please share with everyone you know. The voices of these children and brave journalists must be heard. Communicate with Human Rights organizations in your area or simply tell someone about this.
    Want to know more about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? go to

  35. Nick

    I am crying from this documentary, it has shaken me to my core, nothing in my life will ever, EVER be difficult for me, how can it? How can I complain when people suffer like this, everyday? I feel sick and enlightened at the same time. I'm unsure if this has revived my faith in humanity or broken it, either way I will be glad to live the rest of my life having seen the last and greatest work of James Miller and his crew.

    May his memory and the lives of those he touched live on.

  36. Samar

    @OJ, are you serious? After watching this touching documentary, that's what comes to your mind? Either your truly ignorant, or just trying to be an ass... Either way grow up

  37. OJ

    Why does every raghead name their kid Ahmed?

  38. BBC

    The idiocy of the Middle Ages, still has not stopped. Nor will it. Politics and mans selfish desires reign supreme. The mentality displayed here is not much different then that of the ghetto's in the Unites States of America. They share a common theme. So @Battleangel, i would not be so surprised.

    We sure are evolving well. I can see alot of hope on the horizon, maybe in another million years we might learn or change. Oops we will not be around that long. Maybe something else will evolve into a peace loving, non-selfish entity.

    I thank Mister Miller and his crew for putting eyes on the situation there. Your memory will live on, and your life has already served a good purpose, you have helped influence two boys in a positive way. James' life had a purpose, and this video has been evidence of it. In tragedy there is hope, if we only open our eyes to see it.

  39. Battleangel

    this film is horrific. its horrific to know that these kind of atrocities are still being carried out today on the children of the world, with the consent and complacency of much of the rest of the world.

    despite the films ability to show these powerful images and stories of palestinian children the impact of these narratives are minimized by the narrator, (co-producer of this film), because although she states this is not a film about "right or wrong" her language and rhetoric, despite her monotone voice, reveals otherwise.

    she constantly uses very "pro-israel" terms such as "defend Israel" in reference to bulldozers and tanks destroying palestinian communities or "extremists" to describe the more militant factions of palestinian society without applying this same language to the israeli miltary, which in fact is doing much of the same things these palestinian militant "martyr" factions are doing.

    overall the movie is really touching and heartfelt despite the narrators annoying bias. i always feel documentaries are much, much stronger without an narrator or VERY limited narration because the movie then speaks for itself without someone superimposing their views on you. however i still recommend this movie for people because the stories told needed to be told and it helps us to understand more what the palestinians still have to continue to endure.

  40. Hardy

    One of the most moving and deeply touching documentaries I have seen on this topic. What's going on there is bulls**t and we know it, yet nothing is done. It's sad he was shot before he could film the Israeli children, that would have been the second half missing to this documentary.

    The human race continues to disgust me... Strange, isn't it?