Death on the Railroad

Death on the Railroad

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In 1832, in Pennsylvania's backwoods, Irish immigrants were building one of the America's first railroads.

The workers were building Mile 59 of Philadelphia to Pittsburgh mainline, at a place known as Duffy's Cut.

They left Ireland, a land almost destroyed by starvation, disease, and crime, in hopes of a new life, but within few days they would all be dead and their bodies would be concealed in an unmarked tomb.

What happened to these people has remained a secret for almost two centuries. Their disappearance was covered up by some very influential forces.

Now, an accidental discovery by twin brothers, Bill and Frank Watson, has brought to light this abandoned secret. It's a story that exposes a very dark chapter in the American history. The brothers teamed up with other historians and scientists to expose the truth behind the death of these lost Irish railroad workers.

Using a mixture of forensics and old school detective work, they unravel the true story behind Death on the Railroad.

The finding of a secret file detailed how the Irish immigrant workers were hired to work on Mile 59. It also acknowledged that when the men died the railroad went to great lengths to keep the men's deaths hidden.

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5 years ago

Regarding some of the above comments: It would seem, if people wanted to look at history or observe people in current times, that drinking alcohol is a past time worthy of deleting on one's own accord. I've never seen it improve anyone's life but have seen it ruin several lives. I posit the question how many more crimes are committed under the influence? How many assuage their guilt via alcohol? How many sit there grumbling about the rot of the world then take a drink of some liquefied rotted vegetation and call it a day rather than doing something?

Theories about the prison system, maybe this, maybe that, are excuses to make one feel better because they don't want to, can't bring themselves to believe their wonderful govt is composed of some evil bastards with a plethora of wimps who look the other way with both their hands out, rather than folks just trying to do good.

Unless you have had any experience with the court system (how people end up in jail) you will continue to make excuses for what you prefer to believe. Judges, far too many now a days ARE those evil greedy ego maniacal bastards. Not all but far too many. You can read notable retired judges words on the subject if you so choose. However, they don't begin to deal with the severity of the corruption that exists. I've sat in court watching judges lie, quote law that absolutely doesn't apply, collude and conspire with their attorney friends, fabricate improper jury instructions that would make any clueless jury (as many don't realize what is really going on and how they have been buffaloed by the jury instructions) convict, sending numerous WHITE guys whose mothers of their kids want them out of the picture.

A number of years ago when DNA become more mainstream thing, DNA evidence was compared to the evidence used to convict and it was concluded that about 25% of those in jail shouldn't be there based on that DNA evidence. Wish I could recall the study's name. I can only assume extrapolation of the sampled population was done since they didn't check everyone in prison.

In short, in my personal observations, many judges could care less about the law, only on getting court fees, causing their lawyer tribe to get mega fees, and convictions to look like they are doing their job, when the exact opposite is true. And the appeals courts cover for them in many cases. Hell even the supreme court maligned two bits of the constitution. Obamacare taxation and enabling a municipality to condemn your property and hand it over to some other entity who desires it, promising to pay higher taxes.

Corruption knows no bounds when it comes to lawyers, which judges are.

Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale
8 years ago

Excellent documentary!!

9 years ago

ffs, how is anyone even surprised by this? genocide and general disregard for human life is an american past time.

9 years ago

If it weren't for alcohol the Irish would rule the world....

9 years ago

There are always 'Dark Chapters'... Who knows what will be referred to as today's Dark Chapters?

Might it be the intentional socio-suppression of large swathes of the USA in order to ensure a ready supply of young men for the military?

Might it be the USA having the largest prsion population (mainly Black & Hispanic) in the world in order to ensure a ready supply of modern-day slaves who, by the way, manufacture 100% of all the uSA's military helmets,
ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents,
bags, and canteens. US prison workers also supply 98%
of the entire market for equipment assembly services; 93% of paints and
paintbrushes; 92% of stove assemblies; 46% of body armor; 36% of home
appliances; 30% of headphones/microphones/speakers; and 21% of office
furniture sold in the USA....

or might it be the shocking educational suppression of many of its citizens? The USA is unique amongst nations for having a high level of 'development', but a remaining 'belief' in superstitions and religions. Indeed, more US citizens now believe in ghosts than did in the 1950s!! I think the religio/commercial suppression of education in the USA, particularly in predomnantly Afro-American/Hispanic areas, in the late 20thC will be perhaps considered, in due course, to be one of its darkest chapters.

9 years ago

Would have been a few accidents with picks etc.???

Bill Farley
9 years ago

It may be a "dark chapter in American history" but trying to totally eliminate Native Americans was darker by a long shot.

9 years ago

we irish...the "niggers of europe", have a true historical story to tell which excels that of our neighbouring fellow man in points of enduring hardship.with pride & not whimmering,a drunken smile characterizing our mindset...defeated but always in memory of the forgotten bretheren.

"When we drink we get drunk,
when we get drunk, we fall asleep,
when we fall asleep, we commit no sin,
when we commit no sin, we go to heaven,
So, let’s all get drunk and go to heaven"

- Sláinte! -