Dedini: A Life of Cartoons

2006 ,    »  -   5 Comments
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This documentary film explores the life and art of one of America's greatest cartoonists, Eldon Dedini. Dedini's work has appeared in the New Yorker, Esquire, and Colliers, but he is best known for his full-page color Playboy cartoons.

Eldon, his family, colleagues, and friends offer frank interviews about all aspects of the cartoonist's life and work; the sexual revolution, religion, Cold War humor, and intimate stories about the artist's sixty-year marriage to painter, Virginia Conroy.

The majority of Dedini's cartoons depict a heavily sexualized or decadent situation; His work is raunchy and humorous, but never pornographic, and is liberally sprinkled with leering satyrs and wide-eyed, amply-endowed young nymphs.

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  1. oQ

    I see Vlatko is doing his spring cleaning...i wish this amount of docs came during snowy and cold times, it's just too beautifull outside to sit inside.
    A lot of good suggestions though.
    Culture in Decline #5 is out too.

  2. DigiWongaDude
  3. DigiWongaDude

    Hey oQ...I've posted up a couple that will be right up your street ;-). "Archimedes' Secret" book and "The Book that can't be read". Maybe they will appear here too? Please?

  4. oQ
  5. oQ

    You also have a couple docs i want to see on your facebook. As i say's a beautifully sunny and warm spring in the Koots
    ...a most gorgious spring for this normally rainy south of BC.

  6. chard01
  7. chard01

    Always loved Eldon Dedini and what an adorable Human, Being there!

  8. Cain
  9. Cain

    I remember as an adolescent seeing his cartoon in Playboy... right after checking out the centerfold.

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