Deep Sea UFOs

2006, Mystery  -   63 Comments
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Deep Sea UFOsA detailed examination of the little-known phenomenon of USOs, or Unidentified Submerged Objects, an advanced type of UFO that can operate just as efficiently in water as in the atmosphere. These supposed otherworldly vessels have been reported, some believe, as far back as ancient Egypt. Others believe that USOs were reported by Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus, and might even involve the lost city of Atlantis.

Highlights include the 1967 Shag Harbor Incident, a government-documented USO crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and a trip to the area around Laguna Cartegena in Puerto Rico, a reported hotbed of USO activity.

Interviewees include the US Navy's Bruce Maccabee, UCLA's Kathryn Morgan, as well as USO and UFO experts Stanton Friedman, Bill Birnes, and Preston Dennett.

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  1. urban deadite

    fact is several cases have happened like the well known case in Belgium when two F-16's were scrambled and tried to intercept an unidentified flying obect, what was it? who knows, Man made? Alien? and thats the point, too many recorded cases have happened from Pilots too Radar etc for it too be some form of Mind game/Mass Hallucinations/fear of the unkown/flock of geese etc as these do not get chased by Fighters .

    I am NOT saying Aliens are here or are building bases and Aducting people/animals or Genetically manipulating people into Hybrids.

    I am saying there are too many sightings from what are reliable sources in any other event but when UFO is mentioned they all of a sudden dont work properly like 3 Radar Bases picking up same Object, its good enough when directing 1000's of aircraft everyday with precision but some how wrong when it picks up something Unidentified.

    I stress again i am not saying ALIENS i am just using Logic.

  2. 2otBuckshot

    Why is it not possible for E.T. life to exist in the vast arena of the cosmos, and be far superior than humans can comprehend? Look at the tech. difference between nations on earth. Religions can't agree on anything other than the one god theory, or multiple god theory. So many sects within christianity it's mind boggling. I believe in god yet i also realize how man has perverted religion since it's inception. We are all children of god, exactly who and what god is remains a mystery. The only thing we can all agree on is that we will all perish from the physical world. Get off your soapbox and open your mind. I'm sure that's the way god would want it. After all he or she is the one who endowed us with intelligence. Have faith in what you believe, but don't dismiss others for not believing exactly as you do.

  3. thirt13n

    Earth certainly is a seeded planet and perhaps the ones who seeded it also protect it, and use this massive gene pool to seed other up and coming planets. Beam ships are witnessed entering earths oceans and making their exit appear to be either bringing or taking. Earth, the biggest gene pool this end of the Universe, home to those who live on it's surface and those within it isn't told anything for a reason. Attempts to weaponize earths airspace, will be halted by unknown forces. I'm no expert but maybe those protectors don't allow the inhabitence to leave this planet with a dictator mindset and religious ferber and a money system.

  4. ForeverDove

    There's no doubt in my mind whatsoever that these U.S.O's exist.
    Even though they are so illusive, in my mind the most illusive are the daytime U.F.O's which are buzzing over our heads everyday unbeknown to us.
    Malevolent or benevolent, it doesn't really matter, they either "don't" want us to know about them or they "cant" let us know about them, on a global scale that is.
    Even if we get Disclosure and the truth comes out,that doesn't matter either.
    The ball is always in their court

    1. WTC7

      @ ForeverDove,

      Obviously you did not understand that my comment below was a sarcastic reply to a post (of Luke McCarty) that I thought was BS. Try to read more carefully next time and try to keep smartass comments for situations you understand. By the way, had you been long enough on this website, you would realize that we agree on the issue of UFOs. Still, although we agree on it, I don't like your tendency to jump to conclusions so soon.

  5. Art Vinette

    In 1986 I was very fortunate to see a UFO in the Ottawa, Canada area. This UFO was seen from the hill in Queenswood Heights (intersection of Duford and Jamison), Orleans (East Ottawa) over looking the Ottawa River and the Gatineau country side. The time in view was about 2 seconds as the UFO moved over the Ottawa River / Gatineau headed for Ottawa 10 miles away. This high speed UFO was spotted by students at Carleton University where it was then reported and written up by the Ottawa Citizen.

    (Speed determination - Extend arm with index finger pointing to the horizon. Sweep your arm through a 90 degree arc at a steady rate. Object is estimated to be 2 miles away. Distance covered in view is about 4 miles in 2 seconds. Google Maps was used as a distance reference. The speed of the object I witnessed was moving at 7,200 MPH = 2 miles per second)

    What amazed me from this experience was that this high speed UFO was completely and totally silent. The sound barrier was being broken but there was NO noise at all. I mean NONE. The object I witnessed was cigar shaped from the side view and about the width of a dime as seen from 2 miles away. Human vision has a 50x zoom when viewing distant objects. (I have learned this from using my video camera that has a 50x zoom.) Simple trigonometry can determine the true length of this object.

    Thinking about this aspect of my sighting this year I have come to realize that UFO's are able to move through air without displacing it. If UFO's displaced air they would compress it causing a sonic boom above the speed of sound. This does not happen. Therefore the UFO is not displacing the air it is moving through.

    This technology could easily be applicable for moving through water or any other fluid or gas as the same principal exists. Water is NOT displaced when the USO moves through it allowing for super sonic speeds underwater.

    Therefore a UFO and USO are able to move through air and water at extreme velocities because there is NO FRICTION with the medium it is travelling through.

    I have seen this first hand and so I know it is possible. The technology does exist for a craft to exhibit no friction when moving through a medium. How this is achieved however I have no idea.

    And based on the accounts in this documentary the same propulsion system works equally well in water, air and space.

    Space shuttle footage is also available that shows these UFO's moving rapidly over the surface of the United States and the Earth. This footage is very accurate based on my observations in the summer of 1986.

    UFO's and USO's are very fast and very silent based on their method of propulsion to move through a medium like air (gas) or water without displacing it resulting in ZERO friction.

  6. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    Ok, so UFOs and USOs are out there and have all these astounding abilities.
    Of course it's a very important question to ask where they're coming from and why they're here - but I think another aspect is mostly forgotten.

    We know they can do all this - isn't it the logical consequence to ask how they do it? It is obviously possible - let's find out why!

    1. ForeverDove

      Trying to find out "why" would be the equivalent to a cockroach trying to learn how to use a microwave lol

      im joking dude lol

      Yes it does seem logical to find out the "hows" and "whys",
      before we can do that though, we have to ask ourselves weather or not we already have those capabilities?
      This opens up another can of worms with the whole area51 government cover-up hidden agenda super secret puzzle.
      Another problem is weather or not the systems they are using to achieve inter-stellar or inter-dimensional travel contain elements which are available on planet earth?

      And personally i don't think its a good idea to have us plundering, warlike, ungrateful homo-sapien's out and about tearing around in the universe.
      It would be a tragedy for the whole universe the day that we acquire those capabilities.
      For some reason the inventions that had all the best intentions always seem to end up in the hands of people that want to use it with bad intentions.
      And anyway, there is probably an inter-galactic law that forbids alien civilizations to help humans with propulsion systems.

      Lets hope there is, for the sakes of all peaceful sentient beings out there in the universe and inter-dimensions.


    2. Vhambee

      Well, i guess that is a question all of us wants to know the answer. But in the end, we should learn that knowing the answers would take time & more evidence. Let us just look at it this way, the universe is so vast that we would never really see whats on the other side, probably because, it is designed this way to avoid complications, if ever there are really aliens out there! You know, some kind of abductions or wars, like in the movies might happen, but i guess it definitely wont happen even if aliens with high tech powers reach the earth because i guess they might be coming here because they are just curious like us, but they are afraid to connect with us. If we would be very advance to reach their planets, would we try to communicate with them? Of course not because it might result to an unexpected consequences, or maybe because communication would be a problem. So maybe, they reached us, but they are afraid to connect with us. Thats why they prefer to be a mystery.

    3. ForeverDove

      Well said mate :)

  7. Luke McCarty

    I love documentaries like this, theyre always complete bullshit but SO itneresting to watch, ti captures your imagination.

    1. WTC7

      Yes, I think what makes this doc especially BS is the American submarines 1963 four-day chase of that thing that travelled at 120 knots at the depth of 20 k feet. Truly BS.

    2. ForeverDove

      Obviously your deaf, he said the object stopped to allow continued tracking, when they got closer the object took off again. Try to listen carefully before you come up with a smartass comment.

    3. ForeverDove

      Your grammar is complete bullshit too.

  8. miroman

    I have friends in Australia that live at the top of a hill with 280 degree views of the ocean and a large bay. They have lived there for around 30 years and they often sit in their veranda enjoying the view of the water, at all times of day and night. On numerous occassions, the father of the family claims to have seen underwater lights moving at high speeds across/under the water. Bloody interesting stuff!

  9. kiki

    the thing is about UFO documentaries, if you've seen one of them, you've seen all of them.

  10. kiki

    WTC, i think it's because they won't just come out and say hello. perhaps it is because our race is rather militant. or they are mining some resources they don't want us to know about.

  11. Igor

    I dont need a fu*ken govenment to tell me there is a life in the universe to know or to believe. i already know there is life in universe, teeming with life. They only can confirm and show if they have anything extraterrestrial and that i hope will happen in my life time.

    People still using word "I BELIEVE we are not alone". Before hubble telescop, before knowing about other galaxyes ok i would accept that statment, but after discovering so many more stars, planets and galaxies in the known universe people are still saying "i believe we are not alone", "there must be life elswhere", "i think life exist on other planets" ETC,,, it's like saying, i believe if i jump in the sea i might get wet, i believe if i am hungry i should eat.. we all know universe is full of life so stop saying i believe, for those who still think we are the only planet with life , then go eat s**t.

    1. ForeverDove

      Well said........ the skeptics have no idea. They are a product of social conditioning combined with fear and ignorance with a grandiose belief in law and order, steadfastly held down by pride with limited imagination.

    2. Raptor jones

      another no response, beginning to think a lot of the posters on here are shill accounts / socks

  12. toddy

    Just based on the Drake equation that the odds(no matter what set of numbers you use) of life outside of this little blueish planet in this section of the Milky Way is quite possible. Just look at the extremophiles that exist on Earth( the areas that we once considered to be inhospitable to life).I am amazed that some people will believe that Angelic or Demonic beings can exist and will scream and kick in doubt over any mention of E.T.'s Perhaps, i am I'm saying perhaps as some of the other documenataries on this site have said maybe they are one and the same(benevolent=Angelic beings, malevolent=Demonic beings).

  13. Ramus

    OMG J.Ws comments had me in stitches. Does anyone know any mental institutes that have lost a patient?

  14. Kurrrt

    The deep trench near Porto Rico has an ancient alien base on the oceans floor there. The sightings around that area came to be from a joint treaty agreement with those groups to see who abandoned this facility. It's unknown to them also. Found by our new systems that map the oceans floor. That facility down there goes further under then the ocean floor. It's location is also at the tip of a triangle we all do know of...
    If most of the worlds population does not know who these operators of UFO's are, and simply notice they exist, then so be it... It's the agenda's in which these groups are undergoing is the utmost importance, more then simply knowing they exist. Keeping their distance. They can't fight with the darker forces in which are here within our society, so they can't do much to help us no matter how advanced they may be. For reasons most will not accept and refuse to understand. The dark methods used to keep us in a direction of enslavement is our issue and those who care about us evolving into our next higher culture... Anyway, these darker forces are actively at work, which work against us, and are within the top ranks of humanity. For lack of a better term, I'm no expert but I'll say we are in between a rock and a hard place. Until mankind brings the focus within man only and releases the focus from illogical beliefs. Man can perform amazing feats and using coalested open minds can enter into new understandings and culture. Mans forced belief in a God stands proudly in the way, restricting humanity in ever way possible................

  15. David


    I have seen things in the sky that I could not explain, things that hover in one spot with fire coming from the botom and no noise. This is no joke, I saw it with my own eyes.

    One day our astronaughts will land on a planet and be considered as demons or gods.

    Some of the inhabatants will believe some will not and perhaps have this same conversation that we are having now.

    Keep an open mind and your eyes on the skies both day and night. Talking with other and watching documents of UFO's is just fine, but when you see it with your own eyes;then it's a whole new story.

    The fun starts when you speek out and have others talk about you just as they will about me. Keep watching the sky day and night, one day evey you may become a believer.

  16. ACB

    The fact is Dinosaurs could have been Aliens, We could be Alien to this Earth, certain fish, actually any animal could be Alien to this Earth or not at all, But to say that ancient Egyptians built pyramids, large rock sculptures amongst other things by themselves is ridiculous , And Christians the bible has UFO evidence in it, but to say we the planet earth is the only planet with life even non intelligent life is FREAKING NAIVE even if they can't fly to here from space, personally I believe Aliens visited long long ago,and continue to visit let's say our governments killed Aliens and covered it up, and the Aliens knew about it but were peaceful wouldn't you in there shoes want to stay hidden.

  17. Mary

    Love these docs! Keep them coming.

  18. Nikk

    Presenting the bible as fact is just as ludicrous as all the examples of crack-pot science that Charles B. put forth. I'm actually a little disgusted that WTC7 and Achems Razor let him get away with that. I'm not an atheist either but quoting a collection (chosen by a group of Byzantine counselors and theologians at the Council of Nicea) of 2,000-5,000 year old poetry written by Jews in times of great national strife is no basis for a discussion about anything in reality.

    Unless of course you're saying that a 43958342590834 (that's a sarcastic unreal number...just incase anyone wants to try and say I'm inflating facts or numbers) mile long hand came down from heaven and wrote the Old Testament...and then the New Testament...and then wrote a version for the Eastern Orthodox Christians...and then one for Catholics...and then waited for the Protestant Reformation and then revised it again and gave King James Stuart of England all the credit for it...

    Having said that, I'm not sure if I believe in extraterrestrial life. I used to DEFINITELY not believe it and haven't really had an epiphany or anything to change my view just a little research and some good discussions. I HOPE there is extraterrestrial life out there and i HOPE it's more advanced than us for the simple reason that I think that if they weren't...we would commit horrible genocide against them and it would be like Europeans coming to the Americas all over again and it would make me disgusted to be a human being if that happened.

    Haha as a side note, has anyone seen those Ancient Astronauts documentaries that talk about religious experiences and the possibility of extra terrestrial life being what is described in the world's sacred texts? I've always thought it'd be pretty funny if religious communities tried to tell alien life that they weren't saved and instead they just laugh in our faces and go "God?...Yeah...that was us a really long time ago..." But if aliens are watching and such I doubt that's the case because they would HAVE to recognize the evil and destruction that their lie would've caused. Not saying it's true, just a funny thought I always had.

  19. LisaP

    I love the UFO topic and so was looking forward to another angle on the debate of evidence. This was a good documentary at first, but got boring quickly with its sensationalist, repetitive nature. The first UFO based doc that I couldn't get through.

  20. MitMIT

    If you haven't figured it out yet, These "Craft's" are traveling all over gathering more evidence to bring GEORGE WALKER BUSH up on his WAR CRIMES. His "Sentence" will be to have his house built on DEPLETED URANIUM like the 6700 TONS of SAND mixed with DU and LEAD that was Shipped from KUWAIT to BOISE IDAHO.
    Sadly though since DU affect's the DNA it won't help since BUSH isn't HUMAN anyway.
    They said no one should forget Hitler because "HE" was one of "US" a Part of Mankind. The People Allowed him to become what he did.
    So when the Allied Forces "Forced the German People" to view the Camps and Ten's of Thousands of Dead Jews... They would KNOW THEIR GOVERNMENT DID THIS.

    IRAQ should do the SAME THING. Parade the American People around their Hospitals and see people with Multiple Cancers and Children with Birth-Defects or MUTATIONS as a WITNESS that WE ALLOWED HIM to do that. (This is how he LIBERATED THE IRAQI PEOPLE, a SLOW DEATH SENTENCE!!!

  21. Skeptically Curious

    I enjoyed this facinating documentary. I had only heard bits and pieces on the subject of USOs. Living in New Brunswick I knew about Shag Harbor but the term USO was new to me. Good job.

    About the comments.: Why is it that when discussing UFOs, people always bring God into the arena? We do not know what God has been doing outside our tiny solar system. To believe that we are alone in this infinitely huge universe is just being narrowminded. It’s like putting Him in a box. Look around you. Earth is teeming with life, imagine what is out there. There must be millions of galaxies, star systems and planets and a lot of them are much older than our galaxy. Imagine the possibilities.

    We live in country where we have the choice of believing or not in God and we can practice our faith. I for one believe in an all powerful, all knowing God and His son Jesus Christ and I am grateful to be here and I could never limit God’s power to just one planet, one solar system. Wouldn’t it be an awful waste of space?

    As a Christian I know that He created the universe and for those who believe in the Big Bang theory, who do you think created the big bang? How else could you create a universe? Who created the aliens? Who created God? I don’t have the answers, no one has but God himself and when I pass over, hopefully, those questions will be answered. I recently read an article concerning a UFO abductee who asked the aliens if they believed in God. They replied ’’It is the same for us as it is for you’’. If this report is true it tells me that humans are not the only children of God. Meanwhile, I will love and praise God and enjoy my short stay on this tiny beautiful world.

    I will not get into a debate on faith. Feel free to believe or not. I look at it this way, in the end, if my beliefs turn out to be false I will have lost nothing. If they are true I will gain eternity. What about you?

    Have a great day and God bless!

  22. chrisE

    native DNA + alien DNA = humans. a somewhat successful giant ant farm / experiment if you will. and the experiment is almost over if we dont meet their expectations of becoming a peacefull race of beings. who also wont end up destroying the ecosystem of earth. its easier to replace us as a race than it would be to fix the earths ecosystems.

  23. Francis


    i am not doubting you but where did you hear or get your info on about "we came from aliens"

    I believe in them but that is some next claims now..

  24. coy

    More important things? So finding out that there are aliens living here on Earth and everything you thought you knew is wrong isnt important? What a bunch of retards. Go be a good little sheep slave. bhaa bhaaa

  25. WTC7

    Hmmm, I'm one of those who believe (but I don't shout it) that there are aliens both in Space and visiting Earth. I just wish I understood what Mariar actually wanted to say :-)

  26. Mariar

    Sorry should have same Feel not fell.

  27. Mariar

    I liked what u said Charles B that was nice and explained as I fell, Who care about Aliens there so must down here we need to do, isn't doing good is approving to God.

    Also all these people who keep shouting Aliens in space then why do they call other human Aliens on earth.

  28. Duncan Bannatine

    Sorry J.W but im out.

  29. J.W.

    aliens are real. we came from them. the govt been covering up this fact FOREVER. the fact is there are good and bad aliens. the bad ones dont want us here. and just like the illuminati they want to take over the planet and control it. there has been a human and alien war going on for yearssssss!! russia shoots down around 50 ufo's a month and hides the scraps in angolia. Do ya homework on HAARP thats in alaska that is a BIG star wars beam that cant take anything out in the sky with one hit with no trace of it. but they call it a RESEARCH CENTER. There are TONS of things that the govt hides from us. we have aliens living on this earth above and under ground.. there are aliens that look just like us and many that dont. we have a few of them in the govt right now. one name is Valient and is not able to live outside of a special suit that we have had captive for years and now works for our govt. i know some of you ignorant people may think this is all bullsh*t and im crazy but the only crazy people are the ones that think this isnt real and we are the only life here. wake up people! u watch too many movies and it got u brainwashed.

    1. Elderkin

      lol. I used to believe that stuff as a kid. Mostly when my research was all based on one-sided documentaries without checking any of the scientific data. That is what wacky documentaries want you to believe. They love to sell to people who will buy into anything. I bet you think the Free Masons have a secret agenda too!

  30. Achems Razor

    Charles B.

    Of course!


  31. Charles B.

    WTC7: Fair enough.

    Mr. Razer: 175,000,000,000,000 isn't that bad for odds. I have a book here somewhere where they calculated the odds of evolution being correct at some king of number with enough zeros to circle the earth several times. :-o (Written by Christians of course).

    At least I can count the zeros in 175 trillion. ;-)

  32. Achems Razor


    175,000 000 000. should read, 175,000,000,000,000.

  33. WTC7

    Charles B.

    I will certainly not mock anything you said above. Those are your beliefs and, as far as I'm concerned, you can believe in whatever you want. And I do trust that your faith is sincere and deep simply because, from my point of view, one truly needs a lot of it to be able to believe in everything you said in your post.

    It is, however, a common, and incredibly arrogant, error you 'people of faith' invariably make - that anybody who does not share your idea of god is an atheist. You see, Charles B, I am not an atheist. I believe in God, who never asked me to kill anyone - let alone my child - to prove how much I loved him (and please, just don't try to explain why yours did it, 'cause I'm sure I won't understand it).

    In the end, one thing is clear - those like me and those like you will never find a common ground for discussion on the topic of god, and none of us will ever be convinced in the arguments of the other.

    I wish you peace and health :-)

  34. Achems Razor

    Charles B.

    I do not think you really have the big picture. You are telling us that our class "0" civilization would inform say a class "3" civilization that may be million of years more advanced, that they better follow our religions or be doomed! What do you figure their reaction would be?

    Our telescopes can so far reach out properly to about 100 million light years, everything else seems to be blobs. The furthest blobs are about 14 billion light years away. And the Universe may be Infinite. Within our field of vision there may be an estimated 175 trillion Planets,
    175,000,000,000. And out of all of those, only one planet has intelligent life? I am not even counting Alternate Universes.

    I would hate to play those odds on Lotto's!

    Regards. :D

  35. Charles B.

    Mr. Razer, I wasn't "up-tight" I was just being informative. I was actually in a rather lighthearted mood, in fact. When you use the words "scientific evidence" in reference to evolution, we have to remember some of the history of "scientific evidence" and how it is portrayed in the past to kids--like me-- that was fed a steady diet of "artwork" and the such and told it was the truth, "scientificly" later to find out it was all theory and speculation.

    You said you needed something "tangible" to believe in God, so I didn't want to let the "evidence" word slide without reminding you that it's on the shakiest of theoretical grouds that such an opinion has been formed.

    I did a quick internet study on the "Ardi" fossil and I don't think they have a pelvis, for one thing, or a spine, for another, but have some teeth, parts of a skull, and some hand and feet bones, and fragments of leg bones. Maybe. All I saw really were computer generated graphics--I really am leary of that, as it's just more "artwork". The pictures were fantasitcly tall for having no leg bones to measture, and they admit it was like a "ground ape" with tree climbing ability or a creature like an ape and clearly it didn't have an opposable thumb like we do, etc. etc. Sounds like an ape to me. :-)

    WTC7: They haven't even found living bacteria outside of Earth, have they sir? You can't find a single place on earth (naturally speaking) where there is no bacteria. One would think there would be at least some bacteria discovered so far on the moon and then on Mars (I understand that's the only two places we've physically been in space). I highly doubt corporial (fleshly) life exists outside of Earth, and I think I stated that fairly clearly before.

    There is a Scripture in the Bible that tells us not to "cast our pearls before swine" -- imagry aside (I'm not calling anyone a pig) it just means be careful with whom you share the deep things of your faith with for they will do (as you have just done) trample them under thier feet and then turn on you as well and tear you to pieces. I don't like to share deep things of my faith with avowed atheists for that reason.

    If you would like to know my reason, however, it is simple but is also theological in nature. That's who I am; that's how my mind works. Jesus, (let's not debate about Him at the moment) was a propitiation (substitute) for humankind's sins to pay an atonement for sin; not for animals, but for Adam and Eve and thier decendents only. If life in space exists, it would be plant or animal life--without a moral understanding or soul, or a race of people for whom Jesus had not provided a means of atonement (most likely).

    Theoretically, that race of people would either have one of three states about them: 1. Perfection in spiritual nature (non-fallen state of innocence), 2. A fallen sinful state but without means of salvation (no Jesus -- no salvation), 3. A means of God's provision for salvation via the sacrifice of Christ for them, but in which case, Jesus (the 2nd person of the Godhood) would have also made atonement for them apart from his work for us on Calvery. As far as I understand it, the work He did on Calvery (according to the Bible) was once and for all to all whom shall believe. This would exclude any extraterrestial sentient beings. I expect you will most likely mock all that I have said, but you asked, so I have answered your reason "why". I know precisely why I said what I said.

    I do believe in demons who have sinned, but have no means of salvation; no atonement--no salvation. I do believe in angelic beings that have never sin, but are servants of God; and I belive in human souls that have redemption through faith in Jesus' payment for our sins, and I belive in God Himself. Apart from the four eternal types of beings, there are no other sentient beings that I know of mentioned in the Bible. Ironically, humans (us) that believe will have a higher status in Heaven than angels as we will be considered redeemed of God and higher than agnels that are merely servants. The redeemed are called "son of God" (and daughters). Big difference.

    And yes, I do know why He (God) does things; all things point to Christ and his redemption for us. Litterally all else is focused on that purpose in God's mind, and mine, as it should be. Man was created for fellowship with God out of love (as seen in the Garden of Eden) and a 2nd state of innocence will someday come, but not like it was in Eden; we will understand more, acknowledge God more; and will have chosen to serve God whereas Adam and Eve had the choice to do so, but didn't have the full understanding of the situation as we do today. Eden will not be repeated, but perfect innocence will one day be restored to Earth in God's own timing. When such occures, death and aging and the such will not exist any longer; and we will have the entire of eternity to utilize vast planets and whatever else space offers at that time; nothing in God's plan is a "waste" or will forever remain unknown or unutilized. I do so hope He recreates all the wonderful lost spiecies we've managed to wipe out during this time of rebellion here on Earth (like the lovely dodo bird), because I'd actually like to see what Athlipithicus, etc. was really like. Wait for the plan, WTC7.

    Vlatko: I'm sorry Vlatko for taking up so much room on your server (that wasn't my first intentions when I found this great website), but in the interest of academic knowledge, I did want to answer those few questions (just in case Mr. Razer and WTC7 had never heard such eplained before by someone who truly considers himself a person of faith). Thank you gain for your wonderful website. I like it a lot. I think I watch a documentary 3 or 4 times per week lately even if I don't leave a comment. ;-)

  36. WTC7

    Hi Charles B.

    I appreciate your personal opinion of course, just like you should mine. The thing I don't understand is that you believe that god created cockroaches for a purpose but you deny that he could have created creatures outside the planet Earth. If you don't know his thinking and can't understand the purposes of his various doings (as you clearly don't understand why he created bloody cockroaches), why are you so exclusive in denying that he created other living creatures (oooups, sorry, I forgot, he didn't inform you personally about why he did it!!!). You actually have no idea why he does things, and what things he has done... So why don't you just leave the discussion for someone with a bit more intelligence?

  37. Achems Razor

    Well Gee! Charles.

    Usually you do not get so uptight, I am amazed. Now you show me where I said I believed this? I am merely relaying info. I am sorry but you can not stop the information highway just because it disagrees with religion. Do not worry there will be much more info. about a lot of things from scientists.

    If you have concerns about these latest findings talk to Owen Lovejoy,
    Anthropologist at Ohio's Kent State University, or Alan Walker a Paleoanthropologist, and Kathlyn Stewart a Scientist.

    I still wish you the best.

  38. WTC7

    Charles B.

    As you said yourself - you just don't know, and I agree, you don't.

    (Just don't forget, we're not the only ones even on this planet, take cockroaches for example, he created them too, huh?)


  39. Charles B.

    Hum. Really interesting. I believe the people who say that they saw something unexplainable.

    However, I do believe that life on Earth is the only life that exists in the universe outside a spiritual realm. And yes, WTC 7, it all WAS created for US! As eternal beings, we have no limits in time and space eventually, so we can indeed spend eternity loving and enjoying the entire universe at our leisure and God's delight. When it comes our time to die physically, we are essentially spiritual beings, and will no longer be limited by space and time. I'm seaking of those within God's favor at the time of death, of course. The Bible says: "Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, nor has it entered the mind of man the things that God has instore for those that love the Lord." Sounds like fun to me! Why is the universe so large and just for us? I don't know, but I trust the One that does, and that's good enough for me.

    What all these USV's and UFO's are, I'm not sure; they could be angelic, or demonic forces, perhaps. I just don't know that for sure. I certainly don't believe in any form of extraterrestrial life, but if God has created such, then at such time as it is His will to show us, then we will find it. Nonetheless, I think we will be the only sentient intelligent life (with an eternal soul, body and spirit) in the whole universe apart from spiritual angelic and demonic beings (10 to the 500 power of parallel universes or not). We are the apple of God's eye, and yes, we are special. :-)

  40. Achems Razor


    Yes I agree.

    But there is even more! our Milky Way Galaxy alone has over 200 Billion stars, and there are countless of other Billions and Billions of Galaxy's that stretch out as far as 13.5 or 14 Billion light years away. Our World according to Theoretical Physicists, has 11 Dimensions, and there are 10 to the 500 power of Parallel Universes and Alternate Realities.

    I recommend to watch right here on TDF Parallel Universes.

  41. charlii

    There is something going on on our planet. You can kick and scream but it is not going to go away. It deserves the kind of budget the other sciences are given by government. The fact it is ignored leaves me with the impression that somebody is hiding something. Why is it that some of you deny the 'possibility' of e.t.b's and yet go to church and follow blindly a belief that is even more insane. One creator of the whole universe which as far as we know is at least 5 billion light years across ...... and we are the only planet with life. I think not.

  42. WTC7

    Hello Achems Razor, glad to see you here!

    You have said it & I couldn't agree more - Life will always find a way. But I would go even further and allow for the possibility that it may exist without water. And not just the micro organisms of the kind we can find on our own Planet, but sentient beings too.

    And when one thinks of the prospect that there could be more universes besides our own, something our scientists are often prone to believe given new knowledge they are gaining by the day, different dimensions... then the possibilities of Life different to our own become limitless! It's so exciting :-)!

  43. Achems Razor

    To WTC7: Greetings- It sure would be a waste of space if we are the only ones here! How can we even comprehend that we are the only ones here, in the concept of Universe time we have been around as like the twinkling of a nano-second, as like the flash of a Neutrino colliding with an Hydrogen atom. We are on the spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, far, far, away from town so to speak, in the sticks. The whole Universe is made up of the same star stuff as we are! There must be countless Goldilocks Planets like ours, and if they have water they have life. Life finds a way!

  44. WTC 7

    To leave this doc aside, or any other dealing with the same topic, but to briefly discuss the essential question: is there ANYONE here who believes that we are the only forms of life (humans, animals, plants, insects, etc. on this planet) in the entire Universe? (Even the Catholic church accepts the idea... nowadays.)

    I'd really like an answer, and especially from those who believe the whole idea of alien visitations is ridiculous. For, it is the claim that the Universe was made for us exclusively that is ludicrous, against common sense and against our favourite...... statistic probability :-).

    What I don't understand is WHY then does the idea of aliens' visits upset some people so much, when most of them would say that probably there are other intelligent species somewhere out there?

    I must be missing a crucial link here :-).

  45. Rip

    TIme to intervene was a long time ago, just watch 'Earthlings' if you haven't seen it yet. PLEASE intervene, long overdue, I've said before, aliens should treat us the way some humans treat innocent and helpless animals. Hopefully they've been keeping track, reveal themselves and have a big PAYBACK party, only in my dreams? Perhaps not, as almost anything is possible, even basket weavers anonymous.Baskets.

  46. steve

    i bow down to our new alien masters!

  47. riga bert thong

    aliens are real im telling you .. britains full of illegal ones

  48. Glenn

    Some people are just naive, nevertheless stupid. Ignorance can blind your perceptions.

  49. Ian Shore

    You people are id****...the ones who are saying this is all stupid. I'll bet you believe in ghosts though, don't you you mindless mo****?

  50. Rui Lima

    They are here watching us and waiting for the time to intervene...

  51. Tyne

    There are important things, but the more I look into this the more it seems like it might be important.

  52. Jane

    I agree with you! It does make sence, but......there are much more important things to deal with!

  53. Vic

    People really need to get off the drugs and stop wasting their time believing this garbage.