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2009, Politics  -   65 Comments

DefamationWhat is Antisemitism today, two generations after the Holocaust? In his continuing exploration of modern Israeli life, director Yoav Shamir (Checkpoint) travels the world in search of the most modern manifestations of the "oldest hatred", and comes up with some startling answers.

In this irreverent quest, he follows American Jewish leaders to the capitals of Europe, as they warn government officials of the growing threat of Antisemitism, and he tacks on to a class of Israeli high school students on a pilgrimage to Auschwitz.

On his way, Shamir meets controversial historian, Norman Finkelstein, who offers his unpopular views on the manner that Antisemitism is being used by the Jewish community and especially Israel for political gain. He also joins scholars, Stephen M. Walt and John J. Mearsheimer, while they give a lecture in Israel following the release of their book "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy", about the disproportional influence the Israel lobby in Washington enjoys.

Yoav visits Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem, the must stop for all world leaders on their visits to Israel. While in Jerusalem, he drops by the house of his grandmother that offers her insight on the issue and declares that she is the "real Jew".

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  1. dean Bukhari

    Israel just milking the shit out of this situation while they genocide the Palestinian nation because they try to blame it on them wat happen to the jews !!!

    1. sknb

      Please, I beg of you, and all those ignorant who think like you, there is a huge difference between being Jewish and being a Zionist. This distinction must be made. I believe and support the well being of my Palestinian brothers and sisters because I support justice. I do not support hate. Do not hate me because of my religion, which my father lovingly passed to me. I wish no harm, no hatred, no evil to any man, woman, or child. My family and myself, as Jews, have never supported Zionism, indeed there has been huge rifts over what it even means - even my uncle was one of the first Zionists and lives there now. I have never been to Israel.


      I am shocked by how much anti- Semitism I have experienced in my short life on the east coast of the U.S. I never expected it. My apartment was ransacked, family photos slashed, books knived, furniture and bed cut up, front door smashed, swastikas carved into the walls...I've had hate mail sent to me written in red ink... cut up pieces of Mel Gibson's head mailed me....i've... people have accused me of personally killing Jesus... i have received death threats on public buses... had it screamed at me that my whole family should have been burned to death...

  2. Zobel

    The ADL argumentation seems to be very similar to the communist propaganda in my former home land East Germany. The threat from the USA and the western countries was everyday present and the fight against the anti - communism was priority number one. The slightest criticism of the policy in this time, even given by communists itself, has been dammed as anti - communist western propaganda. Due to that, there was no room, no chance for progress and the communism finally failed. This is a trap and that could be very dangerous for Israel!
    I was shocked to see that the young people from Israel did not mix up with young Polish or German people. I wonder if they get any help to understand how such things like Auschwitz could happen and happened again in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Abu Ghuraib etc.
    I think it is very important to teach these young people that the Holocaust is not a single event caused by anonymous evils (the Nazis) but unfortunately part of human nature. (see Milgram, and Standford prison experiment) Only if people understand how such things start we will get rid of this human brutality. The ADL could here do ground work – important for the whole mankind.

    1. owainglyndwr1416

      Zionism is what Bolshevism was in the early 20th Century .. Eastern european Jews who emmigrated to the USA and Israel are from that same mould .. The ideology is the same but with a different name.. The Jews were still actively Communists in the 50's untill the Rosenbergs were executed .. They dropped the tag soon after..

    2. Rocky Racoon

      Today in Poland they have to pay for the rain water that falls on their property everything is a commodity. Little wonder people over their would take Stalin back in a New York Minute except for those who benefited most from the sytem and have professional jobs over here. The film catastroika is very revealing for what instituting capitalist property and social relations in the former USSR. And we have been going backwards ever since the soviet union fell or rather was pushed over-the privlegenzia fell for the sheat they saw on TV as the "real America" have do you know why they call it the American dream-because you have to be asleep to experience it!

    3. Bilbo Bagginski

      Poles would take Stalin back in a NY Minute? No we wouldn't. I'm not sure where you get your information from, but as far as the rain water, it's absolutely not true. I live here and actually collect rain water, most people do... I pay nothing, a lot of us get our own wells too and actually enjoy a lot more freedoms than folks stateside do. I spent 20 years living in the US, I also grew up in a communist Poland, I am now back in Poland, simply because it's more free and offers a lot more to my children. I really wish people would actually verify their information before posting things online.

  3. VERITAS423

    ADL = Hate Group

  4. A.

    Not all Jews are Semites (infact 92% of Jews originate from a group of Europeans that converted in the 8th century) and not all Semites are Jews.

    Arabs are Semites!!!

    Look it up!

    No one is more anti semitic than Israel.

    1. Deborah Macaoidh

      I'm still baffled over how infrequently this is pointed out. In fact, you're the ONLY person I've ever encountered that said something about it befor I did. I'm usually the educator. Thanks for not being afraid of being called an anti-semite. We advocate for ALL the civilians in all the Middle East, not their governments and not usurpers.

  5. Akira Bergman

    Pretty good and balanced. Thank you Mr. Shamir.

  6. Natanahel

    Very interesting documentary...... Only one sentence.. AM ISRAEL CHAI. Translation. ISRAEL'SOUL STILL ALIVE


  7. david

    RIP to all the victims on WWII and of hate crimes everywhere.
    Did anyone notice a similarity here to America's current war on terror? How about when the man at the Isreal meeting said something to the effect of "You are with us or against us!" Uhh ok George W.
    ...Or the ADL guy who said 'islamism' or the young israeli girl who referred to Palestinians as 'Arabs.' This thoughtlessness reminds me of many Americans (ironically, conservatives) who act out of fear. The 'war on antisemitism' is just as effective as the 'war on terror.'

    The strongest wisdom delivered in this documentary was from the RABBI'S! This should come as no surprise because that's what they do! Seek guidance from a HOLY man not a politician or businessman, who's motivations are given. It just makes me really uncomfortable when Foxman speaks to the Jewish people like he is the holy man. Like the filmmaker said: the jews should feel united because of their religious beliefs and way of life instead of being victims.
    Peace in the middle east!

  8. Dane

    Religion is a political instrument. It's always been a political instrument.

    I'm not amazed at the level of (or lack of) anti-semitism. I'm amazed that anyone who can read and write are religious at all.

  9. Peter

    Mr. Shamir, I wish to compliment you are for your search to understand the term "anti-Semitism" as is used and abused today. What bravery you have is unfortunately kept in check by your limited vision or education and exposure to a larger which I mean the whole truth.

    It appears for the Jewish people, that they suffered the most in WW2. This dogma leaves little room for a discussion of the "others" suffering. As Abe Foxman so nicely
    made it clear to the Ukrainian President that the Holodomor (the hunger) in which 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 Ukrainians died from a force famine is not to be compared to
    a holocaust . How sick is he?

    Here is another and for God's sake there are so many lies of omission regarding suffering
    that I could scream. You filmed Babi Yar and noted that 35,000 Jews were killed there in
    2 days. Did you not know that 100,000 to 120,000 people were killed there? That means the 65,000 to 85,000 non-jews don't exist. Christians died at Auschwitz...but no crosses are permitted. How sick is that?

    Did you know that Stalin is credited with killing upwards of 40,000,000 people, 17,000,000 Russians alone. Is that too big of a number for the Jews to handle and
    compete with?

    1. owainglyndwr1416

      European settlers massacered 20.000.000 Native American Indians ... How about slavery ? Amistad blamed Christians when in fact Jews were also involved in the trade .. All the omissions i agree would make one scream and break things..

  10. Manch

    The self-hating vermin such is Yoav Shamir and his insane left-wing loonies fuels anti-semitism and spews hatred towards everything Jewish - our state, our religion. It is very indicative that all the anti-semitic nazi animals & quranimals are so fond of this garbage anti-Jewish propaganda.

    1. owainglyndwr1416

      "Self hating Jew?" I'll not proceed !

  11. cristina

    the world is not against israeliens ,is against israeli goverment,is a big diference

  12. see right through it

    a wonderful exposure of the human condition of Narcissism. The world will become what we fear it to be because we are to busy fearing and not busy living. Judaism is but another disease akin to all other dogmas that causes psychosomatic fears to be materialized through preemptive attacks based on illusions and white lies. This is a great film.

  13. Nancy

    Hatred among cultures will probably always be there......Evil is Evil and will always be is our CHOICE as human being to follow the evil or turn away from evil and face GOD and love everyone as GOD loves us. It is sad that that girl lied about what the old men said to her, that hatred that she lied about is inbread in her from home and community. That is very sad.....change does not happen until we change our thinking.

  14. Degaz

    I feel the Holodomor is just as serious as the Holocaust. Yet, in this film we see Abe Foxman basically telling the Ukrainians that they should not be trying to equate the two. So sad.

  15. appreciate

    thanks for contributing an intelligent 'big picture' assesment. i fear the charged emotions in this discussion will just keep cycling the toxicity of the situation back onto itself.

  16. Gaby

    To the filmmaker:
    This was a much needed film. Not all of us are like the few racists posting on this site, using this documentary as ammunition against Jews. There are some anti-Semites left out there; read some of the postings: «I find the Jewish people to be amongst the most repulsive of religious people», «Jews just piss me off that much more, with their endless self-pity and indulgence in hate.» I want you to know that this isn't what we are all getting out of the film; we won't all use the facts/opinions from this documentary to formulate racist views against Jews. I am glad that you can see the folly in saying that criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic; recognizing this and speaking about it is an important step.

    To the people commenting on the concentration camps: 12 million people died in concentration and extermination camps, 6 million of which were Jews. They were half of the people targeted, true, but to say that they were ONLY half of the people who died is to downplay their suffering, much as telling them to 'get over it'. They were victims, the fact that there were other victims doesn't take away from the brutality of their experience. That being said, I agree that the other half of the victims need to be remembered as well; extermination and concentration camps weren't only for Jews as is sometimes implied by the media.

    The fact that Israeli youths are being taught about how they were victims of the holocaust is not in itself a problem, the problem is that they are not being taught about how their government's policies are victimizing the Palestinians; they can see themselves as victims as long as they can recognize that they are also the oppressors. There is little to no dialogue about the violations of the Israeli government within Israel and the US because of the power of the anti-Semite label the Israeli Zionists attach to any dissent with the government's actions. The inability to have a real dialogue about the actions of Israel is what is holding back the Israeli youths, not their attachment to their history. It's not the fact that they are cognizant of the impact of antisemitism on their history but rather the fact that they see the negative image of their country as being a result of that antisemitism rather than being a result of the cruelty and the oppressive actions of their government that is holding back Israelis.

  17. Coyote03

    sorry, that being said, I don't agree with anyone continually bringing it up as justification for anything, just in my experience the Jewish people I've met don't victimize themselves or use the Holocaust as some kind of crutch or excuse, you wouldn't even know they were Jewish. I'm sure some do, but certainly not all!

  18. Coyote03

    Christians make a big deal over an undocumented killing of one dude, Jesus, around 2000 years ago and you fools are telling me that nearly the entire Jewish population of Europe being wiped out just over 65 years ago isn't relevant enough of a topic. I don't think most of you have any idea about history, the Jewish people didn't invite persecution upon themselves, they were simply a minority throughout most of history and were treated as such, when times were hard for others, the Jewish population was occasionally thriving, making them easy scapegoats. Were the original black slaves who were brought to America asking for it? Did they fight against the oppression, were they martyrs? It's easier said then done, and it took Abraham Lincoln to fix the problem. All of you close-minded fools are bashing Judaism for events that have happened in Israel/Palestine in the last 50 years, that's Israel, not Judaism, their actions certainly don't speak for an entire religion, just like those suicide bombers don't speak for every Muslim. As for this issue of other people being killed in the Holocaust, yes, obviously, no one is doubting that. The point is that the Nazis systematically targeted the Jews in hopes of completely wiping them out, the fact that Jewish people represented nearly half of those 12-15 million killed in the Holocaust yet only represented a small percentage of the population of Europe is what is so startling. The topic isn't overdone in the movies anymore then any other major event in history. I can think of maybe three or four big-time Holocaust movies, Schindler's List, Jacob the Liar, Life is Beautiful and something else, either way, their have been just as many movies about African genocide, Jesus' life, Greek myths, etc. It really is sad to see such blind hatred from so many of you, I'm an atheist and think religion is probably the worst creation of man, but I don't hate anyone blindly, and I certainly don't lump together entire groups of people under one umbrella like so many of you have done!

  19. maroonedinohio

    I do like the last lines of Slyly1212's comments but would like to use a little poetic license and rephrase it.
    Yesterday IS History, Tomorrow but a Mystery, Today IS a fragile and beautiful PRESENT! Treat it as such!

  20. maroonedinohio

    This was a very good doc I have to say. In the service on NATO maneuvers in Reforger 77 I visited Dachau and was appalled at the devastation done there to the Jews and every other group that seemsd to tee Hitler and the National Socialists off. 65 years later and everyone is still trying to get this in perspective. Yoav is right in my opinion while I do feel sad for the things that happened, Life is for the living and you do have no future if you are turned to the past. Yes, remember, by all means but do not let it run your life and your soul.It is indeed a crazy world for sure when the oppressed turn into the oppressors and as the old saying goes you reap what you sow. Religion has caused far more harm than good in my eyes and I do not need an organization,book,building or faith to try to understand the intent of the Creator or the Creation. Look to Nature and it's beauty, power and awe and you will indeed find your God. Nature in itself has no agenda but only the sequence of Life itself and correction when needed.

  21. hannah


    Anti-semitism is suddenley when you cant take off days for holiday??
    What about how arabs cant take off days for eid? is that considered anti-muslim all of a sudden?

    There is no anit-semitism today. Yea there was during the holocaust, but now any anger towards jews is upon their own doing in palestine. you expect palestinians to love you after killing their children?

  22. Hannah

    They are brainswashing the teenagers!!

    The jews need to stop using the holocaust as an execuse for everything they do. its disguisting

  23. Lele

    man, he IS clinically insane...

  24. Yehuda

    This 'documentary' is clearly coloured.

    And the captions are not true to what is being said.

    e.g end of part one, young girl "when you know you are hated"

    is really "when you know that there are those that hate you".

    Big difference.

  25. vikram

    In hinduism there is a saying " safeguard your religion and you religion invariably will safe guard you " and wage numerous battles to uphold this belief for generations to come....

  26. ArcticFox

    If Hitler only knew the power he would give the Jews, rolling in his grave is an understatement.

  27. ArcticFox

    Uri Avneri, the former parliament member has the right idea. I wouldn't say, as he did, that antisemitism is a COMPLETE myth but "new antisemitism" has always been quite the tool in Israeli politics, and it's threat level exaggerated at great lengths.

    Also Teddy Katz, the mustache man shout out to him for sticking to his guns, and telling it like it is, an Isreali group fighting for understanding, peace and reconciliation is something that commands tremendous respect.

    Finally that Jewish convention or conference at the end, where they coupled anti Zionism with antisemitism is the sickening rhetoric which caused the holocaust. Us vs. them, absolutism, with us or against us and "we will win"
    Sixty some odd years ago something terrible happened and it gets perpetuated into the future like some sort of child abuse where the victim becomes the criminal.

  28. sikander salahuddin

    human history is the story of ending suffering. Millions have perished in the course of history . then why making Holocaust that much speacial? suffering is not unique to the jews only. what makes holocaust unique is the jewishe people ability to exploit it for their own vested interest. but this repetion of holocasut againa and again would definately make other people sick. there is after all a limit to every thing

  29. Riley

    I agree that it's high-time for the jews to quit whinin about being genocided.

    grow up, shake it off. it was nothing personal. jeeze!

  30. hydro

    This was very well done. It makes me think of what happens with young people who are abused, and how they eventually end up becoming an abuser themselves. This is a vicious cycle that there is no justification.

  31. Bobby D

    The second important point is the recent development of declaring the antisemitism and criticism of Israel are one in the same. True, some racist people will use criticism as a cover. But that does not mean that EVERYONE who criticizes Israel is racist. That is a simple logical fallacy, like saying because all Mom's are women, all women are Mom's.

    Think of the implications of that- I strongly disagree with the actions by the Nazi party in the late 1930's-40s. Does that mean I hate German people? I disagree with many of the actions taken by the Canadian government over the years. Am I a self-hating Canadian? This is clear intellectual rubbish, and is used as a political tool to quiet any criticism of Israel. The problem with such a system is, if you start calling any criticism of Israel "antisemitic", when any reasonable analysis shows it's not, the term will lose it's power. And eventually the pendulum will swing, and then genuine racism will have a platform that it shouldn't, simply because the boy called "wolf" too many times. Which again, relates to the self-fulfilling prophecies I wrote about above.

    I hope though, with the next generation coming through, Jews can build an identity less based on past tragedies and more based on the future. I think that would lead to a better world for both Jews AND Palestinians.

  32. Bobby D

    Wow, interesting doc, it sheds some light on perspectives that don't really get discussed much.

    The Jews have faced a fair amount of persecution over the years, and it's perfectly reasonable for them to want to defend themselves and protect themselves from it if given the chance. On the flip side of that however, is the idea of a self fulfilling prophecy. If some dude goes through the world thinking that all people hate him and are out to get him, that is the reality he will create. People will pick up subconsciously that this is what he believes, and tend to treat this person the way he expects to be treated (as people generally do). This person will tend to interpret ambiguous statements through the frame of others being out to get him (like the girl who came across some old dudes who didn't understand her, and interpreting it as antisemitism, remembering being called a "dog" and "donkey" when no such thing happened), and generally push people away as a defense. Imagine the effect of a whole GROUP of people adopting this mentality. This isn't to say that the suffering of the Jews is their "fault" or anything like that, but is something everyone must consider in how they identify themselves. Dwelling on past hurts will tend to manifest them in the future if you make them a large part of your identity, both on an individual and group level.

  33. Nickmann

    There is no antisemitism in the world, based on religious views, probably only in some very close minded type of authoritarian political regime, but not in a democratic minded point of view society. And what those unrelated american jews do when it comes to the exploitation of the Holocaust, has no other meaning but lobbing for their own good will and ignorance of real suffering, ling for what the Holocaust really means. It is not a good way to see antisemitism and it only makes it worse when it comes the a larger global view.

    PS The actions of the Israeli government in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is just another way of showing that they have learned nothing of what it means to be suppressed and marginalized and what meant the horrors of the Holocaust.

  34. afly_on_the_wall

    well said ..thanks :-)

  35. Syly1212

    The Jewish holocaust was NOT the worst genocide in human history!

    Mao Zedung's policies brought about the direct deaths of 40 million innocent Chinese.

    Joseph Stalin was behind the deaths of 10 million innocent Russians.

    Genocidal acts against American Indians by European settlers between the early 1600's and the mid-1800's resulted in a loss of at least 7 million innocent lives.

    I see Israel teaches it's children to hate non-Jews and non-Israelis.

    I sure am glad I'm not Jewish. They seem so paranoid. Always looking over their shoulder for an anti-Semitic attack that has little to no chance of happening.

    But then again, I would much rather face the non-discrimination that Jews face, then that of the real hatred in the US toward Muslims, blacks, gays, Hispanics, etc.

    When Israelis stop committing genocide against the Palestinians, I'll cry for their WW 2 genocide. They certainly haven't learned from history, other then how to hate, and how to justify genocide of non-Jews(Christians Arabs in Palestine have also been murdered by the Israeli army).

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is but a mystery. That is why today is called The Present.

  36. tracy

    I haven't watched this yet, I'm getting to that after this. I've always got to keep in mind that whenever I'm watching jews being victimized, I'm usually watching a jews portrayal of the victimization - I don't believe I'm wrong when I say that jews own, run, manage, control, etc. a very big portion of the entertainment, film, news industry makes them a lot of money to hash and rehash and hash and rehash. If the Armenians or the American Indians or the Russians were in charge would we see them exploiting their own persecusion - I don't really know, just supposing it all - - - - food for thought.

  37. Douglas

    For all of you people thinking that like the jews many others were put in the same situation, I think you didnt notice that it was 6 million people (pregnant women, children, babies!)..

    compared to the others, their numbers speaks for itself..

    I hope the israelis achieve their goal, and come to be a respectful nation in the world...

    They do! deserve it...

    1. madams12

      @DOUGLAS... everyone continues to remember the number 6 million BUT THAT number was REMOVED from the bronze plaque at Auschwitz..the official numbers were reduced ..the original showed 4 million, and was replaced by a later plaque that reads 1.5 Million. Causes of death were typhus, starvation, and other diseases that come from living in miserable conditions...which is why Geneva Conventions human rights protocols came into being, to prevent any future refugees living under military occupation as the jews of Warsaw and the Palestinians in the occupied territories and Gaza have been for decades. Israeli scholar and scientist Yeshayahu Liebowitz was one of the first Israelis to publicly refer to the zionist occupiers of PALESTINE as JudeoNazis. He had been given the Israeli prize for his scholarship but offered to give it back to the govt. There is much that people either do not know or refuse to acknowledge...despite the opportunity to inform oneself. Thus needless suffering continues only because of ignorance and blind bigotry. Great film exposes much...especially the trip of Foxman to Ukraine. very revealing..

    2. staszekgobi

      why don't you look up the word genocide? extermination, violation of human righs? you are contradicting what most jews believe, no rationally thinking jew wants to be a part of genocide, the problem are the zionists who effectively blinded your way of thinking/seeing. you no longer possess an ability to think for yourself in a way I pitty you but don't confuse that with forgiveness because you will be brought to justice. your arrogance offends me.

  38. Franck

    @Hardy: true, very true. But there wasn't to many Gays known (they were pretty much in the closet). Gypsies actually did pretty good escaping to Spain and the South of France (Sault Sainte-Marie)and hiding, they had a very strong solidarity among themselves. Blacks, i don't know ? I thought they were in the US Army.
    But you're right, the point is the Jewish People weren't the only ones persecuted.

  39. Franck

    Absolutly Brilliant. After seeing this doc you know there is a chance for a better ... .
    @loli: Maybe you should follow International news (not CNN)(try "Reuter" or "Al Jazeera") and catch up on the "American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac)" Lobbyist in DC.

  40. Hardy

    “the holocaust was not just about the genocide of the Jews”

    Forgot about the gays, blacks, gypsies, and other 'lower races'?

    And yes, Israel is committing crimes. You can't deny it, so you try to label criticism as anti-semitism.

  41. allan


    By anti semitism do you mean trouble getting time off work for jewish holidays?

  42. loli

    Didn't approve the last comment well here is this one without the word sh@# involved. Truly anti semitic fodder here and frankly a pity that one documentary got everyone in a happy frantic daze on how to put down Jews in general! From "they are self pitying",to "the holocaust was not just about the genocide of the Jews"( I personally love that one!) Wow good to know that anti semitism is alive and well!

  43. afly

    two wrongs never make a right or rite
    the thing that bothers me the most is the media giving us the holocaust right up to the present day. but who's feeling sorry for the Palestinians? lets see how many of you would sit and do nothing when your home is bulldozed and your land taken. and the rest of the world not only ignores you but aids in the theft. the occupation has gone on one day to long. its inhuman and legal. the hardship of the holocaust dose not give the Jews or any one else the rite to do put this kind of oppression on another living being

  44. Will

    I'm so glad to see this documentary on this site, I've been hoping one of the half-dozen documentary sites would add it soon. Thank you!

    The whole Israeli/Palestine thing, not to mention the instant and almost knee-jerk reactionary accusation of anti-semitism for any and all criticism of either Israel or of an individual person of Jewish descent, no matter how true said criticism might be, is something that's bothered me for a long, long time. I'm glad to see that some people are starting to have the courage to tell the truth.

  45. Amy

    "Never forgive, never forget", says the young man.. how sad.. it should be "Do forgive, but never forget".

  46. Cliff more thing. Are Jews as brainwashed as Muslims (the insane fuks that decide to suicide bomb)? Very, very sad. Many Europeans were murdered but somehow Jews have 'tried' to own WW2 like it was them vs. the world. Well guess what?, you weren't the only ones murdered! Until you can respect that, I have no respect for you. I'm 3rd generation American and European mutt. Jews don't own WW2. Get over yourselves.

  47. Cliff

    Yeah, seriously. How long can Jews milk this -ish? Yo, my heritage is Polish/Ukraine/Czech. Many were put in concentration camps and murdered. Sometimes I get angry because many of my people were treated as badly (or worse) than Jews...but for some reason they feel like they own all the bad things that happened in WW2. They deserve to feel insecure because they weren't the only Europeans murdered in WW2. As long as they own it like it was all against them, I will have a little turmoil against them. Guess what?!, Jews weren't the only ones that got fuct in WW2. How dare you.

  48. lee evans

    It was good that he called out that one girl who was talking to the old men.

  49. excellent documentary

    It is very refreshing to watch a documentary about a very politically charged topic by an honest filmmaker.

  50. larry quintero

    I must say that I have to agree with the filmaker. It is time for the people to live in the present, not in the past. Perhaps this is why they have so many problems. This film also reinforces what I have long suspected, that Israel more or less brainwashes their young into being poor me baby racists. I think it is plain to see that this attititude of victim serves to create and perpetuate disharmony in the world. Disgracful! The jews were not the only people to suffer under Germany in WW2. My research suggests there were not six mil jews in europe at this time. Israel needs to man up and become a part of the human race, not a race apart. What they do to their children is child abuse in it's lowest and most despicable form. Throughout history the state of Israel is the only state that fuels the hate. They are not the only race to suffer genocide. It is time for Israel to get a clue.

  51. Shugga

    Great doc btw, refreshing to see the uprising of a new, different kind of Jew. I praise that, anyone who practices their religion with respect towards others is basically ok in my book. If you go as far as to criticize the religion you where brought up in, especially in the extremist ways of these Israeli Jews, is a REAL martyr,

    This is going to offend ALOT of people, so make your choice informed, you dont have to read this next line:

    Dying from gas in a concentration-camp does NOT make you a martyr, it makes you a victim. Trying to change something SO essential to the core of your existence, and broadening your mind with different perspectives, THAT makes your a REAL martyr.

  52. Shugga

    I find the Jewish people to be amongst the most repulsive of religious people. The never-ending self pity and constant blaming of ALL your troubles on others, to the sickening way they treat their current conflict without any compassion towards anyone but themselves.

    Jews deserve whats coming to them, they bring all these wonderful children into the world and teach them nothing but hatred and disrespect for others, yeah, how weird that people dont like you when you make it your sole purpose to be unlikable.

    Religion in general is sickening, and I have as little respect for a Muslim as I have for a Christian, Jews just pisss me off that much more, with their endless self-pity and indulgence in hate.

  53. rtm

    This Documentary is done very well, yet now I have more questions to ask.
    Millions upon millions died during the WORLD WAR. I sympithize with every nation that
    lost their people, with no special consideration for the jewish people. I feel
    this documantary shows very well how the Holocaust is being used as a tool
    for hate, and pity, as well as a constant excuse to make the jewish people a priority.
    They are the same as everyone else, and deserve the same as everyone else weather it be hate or love.
    Everyone suffers discrimination, prejudice, and unfair treatment at some point or another.
    And people need to be able to have equal rights on these matters. Weather it is the right or the wrong thing to
    do; allowing people everyone freely state their opinion is another matter, but by picking and choosing who should have a say and who
    shouldn't makes us just like the villains that we swore to oppose.

  54. allan

    Yoav Shamir,
    Bravo sir! You just said what i've been saying for a long long time now. The overall lesson learned from your documentary doesn't just apply to jews but to all races and cultures and forms of rasicm. If you keep playing the same game your eventually going to loose. Even if right now your ahead.

  55. alfy_on_the_wall

    a few Jews telling the refreshing its to bad for every one Jew telling the truth 10 more are deluding themselves