Deliver Us From Evil
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Deliver Us From Evil

2006, Religion  -   109 Comments
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Filmmaker Amy Berg recounts a harrowing story of child abuse and how a serial child molester went free for the better part of two decades in this documentary. Oliver O'Grady was a Catholic priest who served in a number of parishes in Southern California during the 1970s and '80s.

O'Grady was also a habitual child molester who abused dozens of youngsters who were entrusted to his care, and while his superiors in the church were aware of O'Grady's crimes as early as 1973, they opted to simply move him from one congregation to another rather than turn him in to authorities or strip him of his ordination.

In Deliver Us From Evil, a number of O'Grady's victims and their families discuss his crimes and the repercussions they feel to this day. O'Grady himself also appears in the film, speaking candidly about his career as a sexual predator and recounting his misdeeds in detail. (After finally being convicted of child sexual abuse, O'Grady served time in prison and now lives in Ireland, where he is still looked after by Catholic clergy.)

Berg also offers a look into the history of the Catholic Church and how its leadership has often protected those within the hierarchy at the expense of their worshipers. Deliver Us From Evil was named Best Documentary Feature at the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival.

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5 years ago

Found this on
Powerful documentary.
When at Catholic School in the 90s, a priest was given to our church by the infamous Cardinal Law (Our parish bishop at the time).
After spending just a few years here he was disrobed and kicked out
Word got around he became "too close" to one of the male middle school aged children.
He was kicked out because he already had 2 strikes against him for inappropriate behavior. He wasn't supposed to be around children alone... But he had been transferred to "another town with a school attached" Several Times by upper management

Saw him a year after that at a McDonalds. Fat Neck stubble, stains of food on his white shirt. Crusty.
Defrocked and disheveled. He deserves every moment of it.

6 years ago

But good on you for doing some part in exposing the "pedophile mafia" (I love that title as very fitting)

6 years ago

Satan not Saran

6 years ago

At this point why or how would you/anyone be a Catholic? Study its roots and research the straight up Saran worship they do and have been doing since the beginning of time, particularly in the Vatican. Read the bible and learn it send become a Jesus follower, not a confused and depressed person who cannot truly know God because you are partaking in a very confused and muddled satanic religion. God bless you and God help us all!

Leigh Atkins
7 years ago

They can't hide their cup of vile, filthy & disgusting acts from their God - their sense of untouchability will prove to be their downfall.
But the worst thing about this is that their man-made doctrine teaches that you can't have forgiveness unless you 'go through' a priest & that this priest is God's representative on Earth. So while this priest is forcing his foul, evil will on your innocent body & confused & pained mind, you're left thinking that this is what God wants of you - because all the other 'Men of God' surrounding him either know about it but choose to protect him, or they do it too.
Who would blame any of these devastated victims for hating what they believe to be a God of such disgusting rules? And it has nothing to do with God at all - it's all man-made & man-committed.
This is what humans do to humans.

Gill Celliers
7 years ago

Hi - really want to watch this documentary but no way of getting it. Please advise on links. Thank you

7 years ago

Its a small minority of pederasts and Freemasons within the Roman Catholic Church pertaining to be Priests and even Cardinals and Bishops that are the cause of all of these problems. Research the goals of Freemasons in regards to the Catholic Church, dont blame Catholics or the Catholic Church itself as a whole for all the problems you hear, im sure none of you claim that all Muslims are terrorist lunatics due to a small minority who make the majority look bad. I dont see the same amount of vitriol being placed on members of our education systems who are many times more likely to abuse children in their care than Priests. Are Jews demonised in the same way when Rabbis are outed as pedophiles?

Fr Malachy Martin, ex Jesuit, long time member of the Priesthood and personal advisor to two Popes has written several books in which he states the problems resulting from powerful demonic forces who entered the Vatican, several Popes have been quoted for expressing their concern for the smoke of satan having entered the Vatican, some claim that this originally occurred during the inauguration of the second Vatican Council in 1962.

Yes, its easy for angry atheists and bigoted non Catholics to bash Catholicism when they are not aware of what the Catholic Church has been up against.

10 years ago

Why can't you watch the documentary here? I have tried several times and ended up going to another site to see it.

10 years ago

Most of the comments seem to be from the cult of media .... Catholic priests are human beings .... look at ciivilization over time and educate yourselves instead of being spoon fed. The majority of pedophiles aren't catholic priests, they are only a percentage of humans that are pedophiles, period, just like any other deviant subsect of society. Don't beleive everything you read and educate yourselves.

10 years ago

1Celter07 If your colleague was a rapist, would you be reponsible for being associated to him ? You aren't aware that only superiors would be aware of it, not colleagues because it's a sin to gossip aka callumny but right to inform authorities.... and then you'd only tell those in direct authority ...only those needing to know .... Those directly responsible for the acts, and those allowing it to go on and on, are guilty.

10 years ago

IMO all these other so called "good priests and nuns" are guilty by association. They are complicit in their silence. Why are they not standing up in revolt against their hierarchy in outrage, rather than allowing the cover up to go on as if it will all be sorted out by the hierarchy. Shame on you!

Ralph Winterrowd
10 years ago

THis Oliver O'Grady was caught again Dublin and sentenced to three years for victims as young as two - Jan. 2012. Trial and execution is the only cure.

10 years ago

This was an awesome movie in that it shows just how far and wide the damage from a pedophile/rapist priest like O'Grady travels. My mother was a pedophile (I guess she missed her true calling in the catholic church) and I can attest firsthand that lives can be ruined by pedophiles. Every day I curse her a) for deciding to have children and b) for using me as her little sex diversion. I was even cheated of the pleasure of watching her die from cancer because all my repressed memories didn't come flooding back until I'd been sober for several year and then turned 30 yrs of age. The catholic church must be abolished post haste. It is a grotesque, evil, corrupt institution just like the grotesque, evil corrupt people who run it. It is beyond my ken to imagine people actually put money in the pockets of what is one of the world's largest, most well insulated pedophile cartels.

10 years ago

God gives men/woman free will do choose which action to take in this world. Men can decide to do harmful and evil things to others or show love, kindness and tolernace to others. Where ever you are in the world and as long as humans are involved there will always be some sort of corruption and evil which manages to worm its way in even in the church sadly.

10 years ago

RYK87 Your subtext suggest christianity isn't evil. What a joke. So you must use the bible as your chief moral guide source of know right from wrong O except when u talk about slavery Got that one completely wrong. Well it has the ten commandments right O ya the first 5 or authority designation could have been good spots for say pedofilia or at least Rape of women O ya women are second class according to christian teaching.. Well I tried seems christianity as a whole is somewhat lost best case scenario but more than likely its the chief source of hate if only abraham had killed his kid! damn god almost got it right! Have fun reveling in human sacrifice!(jesus)

11 years ago

What is corrupt is not the catholic religon but the catholic corporation. If you let out that more priests committed homosexual acts, pedophilic acts, adulterous acts then there goes it's money. The truth is pedophiles are everywhere and unfortunately when it comes to the church they want to look the other way as if it didn't happen.

11 years ago

I find it a very interesting concept that people living within a construct that follows celibacy possibly do not distinguish child molestation from other sexual acts- both can fall under sins of the flesh. At the same time, the distinction between homo- and hetero-sexual sexual 'activity', abuse rather, seemed relevant to the church in this docu. There seems to be no thought for the repercussions of the actions to individual child victims; what is important concerns the offender, and the degree to which his actions violate the widely accepted (for some reason!!!) interpretation of the scriptures. I have recently read some different editions of the Greek New Testament for linguistic research (without previous knowledge of the bible), and have seen nothing about celibacy. Where did it come from? It seems that this particular rule takes part in allowing priests to molest, inasmuch as it masks the severity of child abuse. Thus, the church is very convenient for pedophiles. Furthermore, sins OF THE OFFENDER can be forgiven, so are no repercussions to the offender, at least not psychological ones. If priests were allowed to have sex, the very significant distinction between child abuse and consenting sex could be understood by the church, and by priests. My immediate feeling after having watched this particular docu is that there would be far fewer priests in such a scenario... obviously I'm not making any reference to stats, which are in general untrustworthy.

11 years ago

@ Brad Wiggins Jacobs, you are right in saying the individual priests are responsible for their actions against the child. However, the Catholic Church hierarchy is guilty of seeing the sin and doing nothing to stop it. So according to the Bible, are they not also guilty because they did nothing to stop the sin set before them? They did not hold the guilty priest accountable. They did not protect the innocent, rather allowed him to continue to save face. Yes, there are many good priests, you are absolutely correct. Yet, how can the Catholic Church continue to be a beacon of light for us when the LEADERS refuse to set a standard of openness to conquer the sin inside the church? Yes, some of these things have been dealt with, but the Church has never come out, come clean and CONFESSED their sin of covering up and knowingly allowing children to be abused. Yet they expect us to confess our sins to them? That is hypocrisy. I totally disagree with you saying the church is not at fault and did not commit the crimes, they were the get away drivers, the ones who saw a "murder" occur, drove the offender to a new place to him him out. That, in my book, is guilt on a corporate level.

11 years ago

I can tell by all of your comments that none of you are Catholic. Well I am. And let me first start by saying, yes there are priests that do things like this and it's horrible and they have all been dealt with. But you can't blame the whole Catholic Church for what a few priests have done! Statistics show that more than 90 percent of Catholic priests today are completely innocent of these crimes and are loyal, hard working, faithful priests that just do their job day in day out. The Catholic Church will not take responsibility for these crimes as the Catholic Church is NOT responsible! It is the individual priests that are committing these crimes that ARE responsible! Furthermore, I support the Catholic Church during these times and urge every Catholic to stand up for their faith and support our church and our innocent priests.

11 years ago

Yeah that man should never been released....cant hide his smiles and caught again in ireland in posession of pictures????

11 years ago

What a terrible terrible thing to happen to all of those children, past and present. It is a disgrace that the Catholic Church will not take any irresponsiblity. As for O'grady is clearly not at all remorseful and I think that he has no real concept of how many peoples lives he has ruined. He seemed to have a look in his eyes that said 'I got away with it', what a vile excuse for a human being...

11 years ago

He talks so calm and relaxed like it was no big deal.

11 years ago

Robert, save us from your pathetic preaching. If your god was all knowing and all seeing as you claim him to be he wouldn't have made such a monumental screw up and allowed these evil religions to flourish throughout the whole " Jesus died for our sins" crap you people propagate. After all the evil that has been portrayed in this video plus everything else that has gone on in the world through religion for the last couple of thousand years you have the gall to keep preaching your nonsense here! You disgust me, take it somewhere else!

11 years ago

The tragic conclusions of the wee Japanese man from Lodi is so sad. There is a God, the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, there is hope for forgiveness for our sins through faith in Christ. Romanism has perverted the gospel and is not the true Christian church. May God deliver those caught up in its deception.

11 years ago

No surprise, Roman Catholicism is NOT historical Christianity.....sad how many are deluded about this. Read your Bible, it is not hard to see how far Romanism is from the Scriptures.

11 years ago

The Catholic Church is utterly repulsive in every way. It is an abomination that has NO PLACE in todays world and belongs in the bronze age. O'grady is sickening beyond belief. Not just for his rape crimes, but because of the sickly, sing-song tone in his voice, his chuckles, and zero remorse in the way he recounts his crimes. It's mind boggling that he's not in prison right now.

11 years ago

Do you actually believe the press is suppressing child abuse news about protestants? or other childrens organizations? Sorry, thinking like that is stupid and paranoid OR you can't accept the truth about your church.
I love how catholics like you spin it. There is no doubt that there are more abusers in the catholic church than any other church and any other organization involving children. You get your stats from the JohnJay report which was funded by the catholic church for crying out loud. If you actually believe it's the media being anti catholic, I feel sorry for you. Any abuse of children is abhorrent and people like you trying to BS your way through the truth is sad. By the way, percentages are NOT the point...the point is the COVERUP by the catholic church up to and including the present pope.
Funny how it's always the argument of the most guilty, that others are doing it too and some are even worse that are doing it. Sad that your faith is making you blind to the real facts.

11 years ago

As they say, the Devil, or evil if you are a rational person, disguises itself under the guise of goodness.

11 years ago

There are 70 million Catholics in the U.S. so that is only one in every 140 Catholics being molested according to your ESTIMATE. In fact, if anyone is interested they can just google "wikipedia Catholic sex abuse percentages" and they would learn that only 2% of Catholic priests are accused of sexual abuse of minors, while 5% of protestant (other christian sects) clergy are accused of sexual abuse of minors, and 8% of the general adult population is accused of sexual abuse of minors. That means that Catholic priests actually are the least likely to molest your children compared to other church preachers and the local soccer coach etc. Why does the media always insist on focusing on these instances when it is a Catholic? It is inevitable that the few popular cases we have heard about in the media will occur in a category of humans consisting of 1.3 billion people. We could have spent the last decade learning about multiple different instances when public school teachers were caught molesting children and were not turned into the authorities and we could have then all been led to believe that the public school system is just one big sex abuse cult but that would have been false.

The protection against any legitimate criticism of the apartheid state of Israel (being labeled a racist, anti-semite, nazi) and the popular encouragement of anti-catholicism is suspicious. It should tell you how little power the Vatican has on western media/culture and how big of an influence the zionists that own our media and banking system have. Not to mention AIPIAC.

Does everyone here bashing Catholicism even know the history of Christianity? I assume you are all ignorant of the fact that Jesus founded ONE church on PETER who took the church to Rome where dies as the first pope and every pope in the Catholic (universal, in latin) church has succeeded from Peter who Christ himself appointed as earthly authority? That's EARTHLY authority. No, your president or your boss or your new age guru is no earthly authority. Only the Church founded by Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit is a modern authority. Not some sect of so-called Christianity founded by men in the last few hundred years. Martin Luther is no different than Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Oprah. We've got our Pat Robertsons representing Christ because of their flawed personal interpretation of the english King James (freemason) version of the Bible. The bible- a collection of scriptures written by 40 DIFFERENT MEN (not God) over the course of thousands of years, organized by THE CATHOLIC CHURCH in the 4th century. Why did they have the right to pick and choose which scriptures would be left out and which would be included? Because of their INFALLIBILITY AND AUTHORITY GIVEN TO THEM BY CHRIST. How else would we know the Bible is any source of truth if the group of men (Catholic ecclesiastical authorities) didn't have authority and infallibility? For some man to come along in the 16th century and decide he wants to try and personally interpret the Bible and add words (added ALONE where it says Justification by Faith alone) and leave out other words (where it says you CAN'T have justification by FAITH ALONE) and then take out 7 books and then as a man DECLARE THAT the bible is NOW (that I have edited it) the WORD OF GOD but the men that gave us the book in the first place supposedly had no authority or infallibility??? Something is wrong with that logic. That personal interpretation of the modern-day translation of the bible by modern-day confused minds will lead to the 35,000 sects of so-called christianity all with opposing views all claiming to be preaching "the word of god".

11 years ago

As of Feb 2012, O'Grady is back in Jail, he had over 280,000 images in his laptop of child porn, some pics of children as young as two being molested.

11 years ago

They like to be called Father.How dare they demand respect and titles.There is only ONE father,GOD.That alone shows they try to act godly but are NOT of God.The devil has infected many in this church and they do his bidding,not God's true church representatives.They tell you what to say in church as robots.They waive their blatant sin aside and make excuses for it and say "we are not perfect,we made mistakes" OMG,open confession is what Jesus taught and true repentance,and they say they follow the bible? bah! They follow the men of power and wealth,people! wake up!

11 years ago

Follow Christ Not A Title

11 years ago

The church is a cult, plain and simple. Just like all cults, it is dangerous, brainwashes the gullible and needs to be stamped out.

11 years ago

I read the introduction and decided not to watch this because you use the word "deceived" and I don't believe you know exactly what it means. No religion is perfect or there would be only one. Human beings, regardless of hierarchy, are fallible hence religion itself. It could be the temptations upon us, by deprivative, that lead us into the fallibleness of temptation. Consider the fact that suicide is considered the ultimate sin by all Catholics. Then consider how many serial killers in our history that might have committed suicide versus multiple homicide had the facts of their life allowed repent-ion. Simple put, being deprived of human nature by any means, even religion, can have evil consequences. History will dictate, it usually does. In other words... It's our fault... all of us!!!

12 years ago

In a sick sick world, which this clearly is, this is normal.

12 years ago

I honestly feel alot of contempt for the parents here, even as they're crying and in pain. So because of their upbringing they just let a stranger move into their house cause he's wearing a white collar? They share some of the responsibility along with the priests that allowed it to continue. This is what religion does to people, turns them into sheep.

12 years ago

Reason, not religion or superstition is what mankind needs

12 years ago

And O'Grady can actually smile & laugh at his past when being interviewed. If it was my child, I think I would have to erase that smile - permanently.

12 years ago

Of course, they always had Bush to sweep up all that sh*t under the rug. He did it for himself and his administration for War crimes and breaking the laws of the Geneva convention and then he does it for the pedophiles and rapists that have plagued the Catholic diocese. What a corrupt and sickening place this world is.

12 years ago

I have been surfing around after reading about the grand jury indictment in Philadelphia of 3 priests. What is most amazing to me, is that despite the Church being grilled over their failure to handle abuse cases and cover up, they are still apparently continuing to cover up and not expose these creeps. The February 2011 report claims that it's investigation shows that over 30 priests in the Philadelphia diocese who have been accused of abuse remain serving as priests. I was absolutely shocked by this revelation especially since I am A practicing Catholic and my kids go to Catholic school. It is sad to say, but if wasn't for the fact that there are no priests serving in the school, I would likely rethink my choice. This is also sad since good priests have to live with this shame and I am sure these findings do nothing to assist in recruiting good priests to honorably serve. I also learned that the law has extended the statute of limitations in these cases, so perhaps more of these guys will be put away so they cannot harm more children....unreal.

12 years ago

I kept thinking this was a hoax documentary at first due to the fact that the pedophile priest was not in shadows and he kept smiling allot. I thought for sure this is a joke.
Sadly, it isn't and that priest is a sick and twisted animal.

12 years ago

This documentary was so well done. I cried and seethed along with the families. I will never understand how ANYONE can justify this behavior from anyone, for any reason.

The RCC is ABSOLUTELY responsible for their part in the abuse of children. If you want to do some research on this, look up “Crimen Sollicitationis” It is written canon law that protect the priests and scorns the victims of abuse, by threatening them with excommunication!

Yes, it is the individual priest who has committed the crime, but it is also the church who relocates that priest and all of the people who keep their silence. Canon law trumps criminal law in the eyes of the rcc.

I an not surprised that Bush would pardon the Pope, since he has/had a history of brainless behavior. But, it is totally disappointing & disgusting.

Two other documentaries that are worth watching on this subject are "Hand of God" and "Sex Crimes and the Vatican."

Do the Pope & other hierarchy actually think they are going to make it into heaven? Until the headlines read, “POPE STEPPING DOWN" & ”ALL PRIESTS HELD ACCOUNTABLE," the Church will remain in crisis.

12 years ago

I stopped watching the movie and I am just glad that I am an ex-Catholic (I was born in a Catholic family but I chose another religion to follow)...

12 years ago

The criminal charge of aiding and abetting/accesory can usually be brought against ANYONE who helps in the commision of a crime. A person charged with this crime is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he has knowledge of the crime before and after the fact, and assists in its commision through, ADVICE, ACTIONS or FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

All persons involved that employed this man, who counseled him and who participated in his removal from one location to another in order to avoid criminal charges are clearly guilty of this crime acording to its definition. The victims and their families were manipulated by the pedofile and his supporters in order to either delay or avoid criminal charges, a crime in itself. A furher investigation needs to be held in order to bring these individuals to justice. Their claim to be A MAN OF GOD should never allow them to hide behind their religion but hold them to the highest honor and accountability. PLEASE SOMEONE LOCK THESE ASSHOLES UP!!!!

12 years ago

People should not loose faith in god but in the church after watching this. The church is man made and it is hard to understand how such evil men can insist that they hold the name of god and fund this sin (O'grady is just one man out of many who will still receive the financial support off the church after doing such a despicable thing).

I can on one hand understand why some people may feel a slight sympathy towards o'grady as he was a victim of abuse himself which has quite obviously sexualised him at an early age (classic case of the abused becoming the abuser) however we cannot forgive him of what he has done just because of this.

more importantly we cannot forgive the church for their blatant disregard, disrespect and down right ignorance. They think they are better than us all, if this was a paedophile in the community they would play some part in making sure justice would be done, when it's one of their own they think they are above the law and all morals go.

I am furious that this monster only got 7years and that the law cannot do anything about the monsters helping him.

I cannot believe throughout this whole documentary he shows no emotional remorse and expected the victims to at least shake hands with him and put it all in the past! The meeting he wanted to hold seemed more for his own selfish gain than for the victims recovery. As if this was buying his way in to heaven by admitting to god that he knew he had sinned and he tried to put things right.


12 years ago

What a cover up,has all the makings of a wall street bail out. Its not normal to go through life alone as these priest do, what do they hide? I am a Christian and love the teachings of Christ, but its fools like these that stop people going to church, and the rise of another rising and maybe unstoppable religion Islam. I am sure they wouldn't put up with i@#$% pedophiles and child molesters like these. They have a lot to answer for.

Cheryl Harper
12 years ago

Although O'Grady has chosen to commit these atrocities I feel somewhat sympathetic toward him. He is obviously a man who is locked inside his own mad house. And he gave some indications that he himself was the victim of sexual abuse early in his life. At a time when he was defenseless. While there is no excuse for the terror that he has inflicted on his victims it should be noted that he gave a the film crew a stark look into the mind of a pedophile. All of the rationalizing and fighting against himself and losing to his inner demon. Strangely the man has managed to retain some endearing traits in reference to his demeanor. He kind of reminds of of Santa Claus. Or a little boy-man who is confused who was conflicted between taking accountability as an guilty adult and jovially reminiscing on what he encountered as evil, delectable delicacies. Also it seemed like he never fit in except in places where he didn't fit. In the homes of families that he was not a part of, pretending to be an advisory figure. He never seemed to have any friends. And the church seemed to shun him although he was protected again and again. It seemed as if he were somehow underdeveloped or broken and that the church forgave any wrongdoings on his part because he wanted so badly to be a part of it. Father O'Grady is a very sick man and I hope he never has another opportunity to destroy another child. Also Father O'Grady was a child whose childhood was derailed in his own home and inside the church decades before he began doing any of these hideous things. Father O'Grady should have been tended to. Father O'Grady is also a victim. If you will notice he adamantly dismissed any opportunity to validate that he himself was abused. He Adamantly brushed it off when he was being questioned in court. I am not trying to make him into a victim or a hero but I am saying that the man was himself slaughtered decades ago and even presently he holds no one accountable for this. Maybe what happened to him stunted his conscience. Certainly he seems to have a very warped perception about boundaries and the devastating impact of his own abuse. His honest portray of his role in the catholic church's sex abuse scandal is evidence of him trying to make amends. Of course this can never happen. Hopefully as he transcends from this life to the next he will be repaired and forgiven.

13 years ago

This is such an interesting documentary. What is so unbelievable is that the bishops and priests are "admitting" to what has happened in this case, but they never seems to admit everything 100% and it just seems like they're continuing to try and save face. How disgusting.

13 years ago

I feel so hopeless. How can they do this? How can we let them do this? How for Christ's sake can we stop it? How can such a large part of society be so completely rotten to the core?
I could never have watched this as a Catholic and retained my faith. It's just certain people. People are not perfect. Not every Catholic is like that. Of course they're not. But there is still an active choice to remain a part of an organization that cares about it's own wealth and prosperity above the countless victims it has directly facilitated the unspeakable abuse of.
What is the answer? Where is there justice? In the shadow of evil like this, how can any amount of good balance it?

13 years ago

I must say as a victim of child molestation by a priest, this was probably the BEST thing I EVER could have watched. I think EVERY FAMILY should sit down and endure this film. The ghosts of the priest whom abused me does haunt me. At least for them, they can talk to him or hear something from him, in my case the priest was brutally murdered 5 years ago after being defrocked almost 8 years prior. The priest whom abused me had been moved around for 20 years, dating back to the 60's when the first abuse had been documented by the diocese. The fact that they sent him away for 1 year for rehabilitation then put him in direct contact with our parish in a town of only 700 people with no supervision astounds me. There have been more then 22 cases brought up against him as well. I understand what these and so many have been through. The past 26 years of my life I have ran from this. Searching for God and a understanding that I would not become a abuser. It has affected EVERY ASPECT OF MY BEING from friendships to my not wanting to listen to authority figures, bosses, etc.

It is up to us, the survivors to share our stories and also speak our truth. It is time the church take care of those whom have been harmed. I want to have a relationship where I am not being abused or told what to do. I want to be loved for whom I am, but due to this abuse, I have no clue as to what that really means. This takes YEARS of untangling and support from everyone knowing that once this wound is opened to heal, it takes years to reprogram the messed up perspectives created by this.

It is with gratitude for those involved with this project I thank you for stepping up to the plate and telling your story. It is but through our voice the darkness can be pierced and truth can come forward to be seen. No, this was not God whom did this, but the people whom say they speak for Hard pill to swallow.

Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers. If you cut someone off from their animal ways, it will come out in the most unexpected ways later. These cases are prime proof of that. How can you allow people to teach divine compassion and partnership when they themselves are not able to have that. It is time for a reform for sure. The church needs to fall completely and rebuild on the truths of God, not the fear closet of the humans. People need to be allowed to be human, having partners to share that divine connection with. The church almost forces this upon itself. WAKE UP CATHOLIC CHURCH, and any other religion which believe you cannot be married to be a man of God.