The Depraved World of the Duggars

The Depraved World of the Duggars

2022, Crime  -   12 Comments
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The Duggars are a conservative Christian family who gained fame through their reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting." However, as more information about their personal lives emerged, it became increasingly clear that their world was a depraved one. The family's strict adherence to patriarchal gender roles is one of the most concerning aspects of their world. Women are expected to be submissive to men in all areas of life, including their own marriages. This has led to instances of abuse and control within the family.

Their emphasis on purity and modesty has also led to some disturbing practices. For example, the family does not allow their daughters to wear pants, opting instead for long skirts and dresses that cover their legs completely. Additionally, the family does not allow their children to date in the traditional sense. Instead, they court with the intention of marriage under strict supervision by their parents.

Despite presenting themselves as wholesome and moral, the Duggars' world is also marked by hypocrisy and deceit. In addition to the revelations about Josh Duggar's past abuse, it has been revealed that he was a user of the Ashley Madison website, which promotes extramarital affairs. This behavior is especially troubling given the family's emphasis on sexual purity and fidelity.

Furthermore, the Duggars have been accused of covering up allegations of abuse within their own family and community. In 2015, it was revealed that the family had known about Josh's past abuse for several years but had not reported it to the authorities. Instead, they had handled it within the family, with Josh receiving counseling from a family friend who was not a licensed therapist.

The Duggars' world is also marked by a narrow-minded and judgmental view of the world. The family's conservative beliefs have led them to condemn homosexuality, transgender individuals, and anyone who does not conform to their strict moral code. This has led to criticism and backlash from many in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Directed by: Jonathan Aubrey

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John Smithson
18 days ago

Nothing wrong with a patriarchal society.

A Phillips
25 days ago

I only read the description of the Documentary and can tell whoever wrote it has a PROBLEM with traditional and God centered family values!! I love the Duggars courage and conviction to having and raising as they see Moral and Responsible children...of course they're not perfect...Hope the writer has a Stone ready to throw....

25 days ago

This program is prying into  private life of a supposedly conservative family with  what is commonly known these days as a woke point of view. These types of program is feeding to the voyeurism that is prevalent in our society these days. The program is not worthy of viewing and should not be considered a documentary. This by definition is a biased clip. No human is perfect and everyone makes mistake. It is important to have compassion when passing judgement.
The last paragraph of the description describes the level of intelligence in this clip. It assumes the writers point of view to be a correct and commonplace one and then passes judgement on its subject based on this erroneous assumption. This is the very definition of a  “bigot”.  Have you considered that you may be in the wrong or in the minority?  

David Mullett
26 days ago

It is true that 'reporting' has evolved into more opinionated comments in recent years. Organisations such as the BBC made reporting none judgemental, you became aware of the events, but the reasoning for these events were determined independently by the recipient, and quite rightly so. When you look at the news networks in America it is sad and bewildering. This is more exclusive to politics where conflicting accounts of events are so severe. If you do hold an independent view, no matter how factual you will be placed in one or more 'network camps'. There was significant evidence of voter fraud on You-tube from both filmed events and interviewed parties that I personally witnessed. I believe all evidence should be scrutinised, but that view alone would be considered an implication of Trump support, placing me in the Fox news camp. It is a sad fact and confirmed by your report prior to watching the documentary of this family they are already guilty by your words alone, you did not report you made a statement of judgement. I am old enough to remember when political views were personal would not ever be taught as a subject in children's schools (excluding historical context) That one time rule, a step of divisional caution one could say, has now been breached by political correctness and its inevitable evolution will have evermore far reaching consequences for future generations. It's encroachment is already evident in many examples that are far worse, although similar in nature to your introduction. I pity the unfortunate subjects of this documentary.

26 days ago

The description of this documentary is so nauseatingly woke that I really want to throw up after reading it. It seems that this website caught the wokeness bug too, that's why I will cut it out of my life as some cancerous growth. And I will finish fith these famous words:

"Get woke, go broke". You mofos.