Destiny in Space

1993 ,    » 12 Comments

Destiny in SpaceDestiny in Space is a tribute to the spirit of our continuing exploration of the solar system. Board a satellite in space to look back upon the shuttle orbiting Earth.

Join astronauts to deploy and repair the Hubble Telescope. Travel millions of miles to soar above the remarkable contours of Venus and Mars. Finally, find astonishing proof of new planets, and with them the possibility of other life forming around distant stars.

Destiny in Space gives viewers an exciting glimpse into the future of space exploration. Featuring giant-screen images of the space shuttle in orbit around the Earth and thrilling fly-overs of Mars and Venus, the film focuses on the dramatic partnership of humans and robots working in space.

An IMAX(R) camera deployed via satellite provides rare views of the shuttle, in its entirety, orbiting 200 miles above Earth. Audiences are with the astronauts as they work in Spacelab and outside the shuttle in the hazardous vacuum of space, performing a spectacularly successful servicing mission of the Hubble Space Telescope.

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12 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Eric71Can

    Good one, but nothing new.
    Good for newbies :)

  2. Matt Kukowski
  3. Matt Kukowski

    Pretty scenes, but nothing new. Should watch it to relax and kick back.

  4. Earthwinger
  5. Earthwinger

    Great eye candy, highly recommended if you can't be bothered with content that requires any degree of concentration, and it's always nice to hear Mr Spock's dulcet tones.

  6. Irishkev
  7. Irishkev

    Thanks for the heads up lads, gonna kick back and have me some eye candy.

  8. Sertsis
  9. Sertsis

    Those were some great images, and I enjoyed the flick.

  10. Sieben Stern
  11. Sieben Stern

    space. space. wanna go to space. hey lady. lady. lady. SPACE.

  12. Earthwinger
  13. Earthwinger

    Oops! Thanks edited now. :D

    Live long and prosper, dude! :)

  14. knowledgeizpower
  15. knowledgeizpower

    Neat little short video, something to watch with your kiddies
    Lol :-D...Peace

  16. Branefart
  17. Branefart

    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong
    Can you hear me, Major Tom?
    Can you hear me, Major Tom?
    Can you hear me, Major Tom?
    Can you....

    "Here am I floating round my tin can
    Far above the Moon
    Planet Earth is blue
    And there's nothing I can do."

  18. BeardHero420
  19. BeardHero420

    lol yeah me too

  20. kaiber
  21. kaiber

    wow!!!! that brought tears to my eyes. In less than 40 mins it has just showed the world what WE as a species are capable of. All nationalities, creeds, religions. Some people ought to take some time out from their destructive and pointless directives and take in the message of this film.

  22. Molly Tucker
  23. Molly Tucker

    How do you get rid of the subtitles?

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