The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

2010, Biography  -   53 Comments

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick CheneyAmerican Vice-President Dick Cheney has walked the corridors of world power for three decades. Cheney's remarkable life story involves the relentless accumulation of power in every form.

Elected for a second term, he continues to be one of the most powerful and well-connected men in the world.

The fifth estate will show how he accomplished this, what it involved in terms of costs for others and what history's judgment could be.

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53 Comments / User Reviews

  1. summit7426

    Pure evil how many people have died because of this man....

  2. Crawbar Wrenching

    The scambag liberals, spewing with hate to people who have better brains would eat any cheap sh ...i ... t to support their hate than the truth.

    1. Michael Jay Burns

      Quite a hate-spew there Crawbar


    this guy is PUBLIC ENEMY #1. wish him a slow and agonizing death.

    1. an empathic person

      He is absolute scum and I also wish for him an agonizing death.

  4. Robert Hay

    Vile Crook's and their corpotate Mafia, Why dont the American Miltary and the Masses put up with the crook's and war monger's that have taken your country to a tyranical Fascist state, I though you people where meant to be a savy lot but it seem's you are a dumb bunch who would be led to your Death. To enhance the profit's of the crook's..

  5. terry

    Perhaps the good side to all this is that Cheney is a mortal man and will one day pass away to his just reward. On that day the world will be a little bit cleaner and a better place for love to grow. Others will of course come up to take his place but every year their numbers are fewer. At least that should be our daily prayer. That the world may continue to wash itself of the dirt and filth that stains our shared world.

    1. Daniel R. Cawley

      wow...that was a GRT comment, very thoughtful, deep & gracious. gotta hand it to u , u certainly sought out the silver lining in the cloud w/ those thoughts.... i'm being serious here, does that philosophy spring from any particular type of religion that u follow ? .

  6. Sherman

    This guy is public enemy #1 and one of the axis of evil. You know the other two, don't you?! Wish him a slow and agonizing death.

  7. Glen Hale

    All thanks to the big banks which keep the wars going and fund both sides.

  8. Guest


  9. john kay

    i think chenneys 1st name is very descriptive of him

  10. nancy zoda przygoda

    I can't believe he is still alive and walking around this earth, with all he has done to rape this country! I have never wished ill on anyone...but I do wish it for him and his best friend Bush, may what ever balls they have left between them be run over by a truck..

  11. J.R

    This oligarchy is going to crumble, but it won't happen overnight.

  12. Winston Smith

    All these guys need to be in handcuffs

  13. Peter Crofts

    The cynical manner in which he avoided military service really made my skin crawl...

  14. Ali Khan

    with the heavy heart, all i can say is, if america is a free country with a rule of law and pricipals of democracy and a consitution which provide the guarantees of it, people like dick cheney (aka big oil dick) and george bush shud be tried for treason and crimes against humanity.

  15. Craigzz

    Some or should I say most of you Americans are still in some hypnotised state of denial that your politicians would'nt fake things to achieve ojectives such as persian gulf oil. I cannot believe you are all so stupid, so I will have to assume you are more than aware of the truth, and you defend it for your country's honour, not that of lying politicians. However, your own country increasingly control you and your freedoms, so I would'nt be so quick to side with those wishing to dismantle your constitution.

  16. remoa1

    "The Soviet Union would not just be handing over un-doctored photographs taken by spy satellites to the United Sates."

    Not true. I personally knew a college Geology professor who obtained through the Russian embassy aerial photos of a part of the USA that the U.S. gov't had not yet photographed. He had done this in the 1960s when it was still certainly the USSR.

  17. Richard

    A so-so documentary. While I am no fan of Cheney or GW, the part of the documentary where it discusses the Russian satellite photos of the border between Iraq and Kuwait is total bullshit. First off, in 1990 Russia was known as the Soviet Union, and the United States and the Soviet Union were still essentially cold war adversaries. The Soviet Union would not just be handing over un-doctored photographs taken by spy satellites to the United Sates. Doing so would reveal great insight into the technological capabilities of soviet spy satellites in orbit. Also, if there were not actually Iraqi forces on the border waiting to invade Kuwait, then where did the 30,000 iraqi troops who DID INVADE Kuwait come from? Were they invisible? It's common knowledge that when Saddam met with a US embassador a few days before Iraq invaded Kuwait we told him that the USA has "No opinion on Arab-Arab conflicts" which in political terms essentially means "go ahead, as long as it does not interrupt our oil supply you can kill each other for as long as you want". Why would Saddam NOT invade Kuwait? I do not understand why a film about a person such as Cheney has to lie to it's viewers to try and prove a point.

    Anyone read the article about Cheney's remark about Egypt's x-president Hosni Mubarak? Cheney thinks "He's been a good man, a good friend and ally to the United States," Cheney said. "We need to remember that."

    America has a horrible track record of befriending oppressive dictators and arming it's future enemies.

    1. Aries Volpe

      I think the pics were supposed to show troops along the Saudi border
      not Kuwait in which the pics are clearly visible

      Good point you made about the US silently endorsing Saddams invasion and the Soviets sat pics though ill have too check into this a little :)

  18. Richard

    The Constitution says that war profiteers are to be put to death. There it is.

  19. free soul

    Come you masters of war
    You that build the big guns
    You that build the death planes
    You that build all the bombs
    You that hide behind walls
    You that hide behind desks
    I just want you to know
    I can see through your masks.
    You that never done nothin'
    But build to destroy
    You play with my world
    Like it's your little toy
    Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do you think that it could
    I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul.

    excerpt from the song "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan

  20. debbye

    We [U.S.A.] will spread freedom throughout the world, even if we have to destroy you to do it.

    am unproud to be an american.

    1. Mark Wolstenholme

      Typical american attitude. I feel sorry for you.

    2. Angelica Guerrero

      I'm pretty sure she/he was being ironic.

  21. pierre

    as a canadian there was ample evidence wmd in iraq. we all want to hate one another instead of checking for the truth. there was a report in the washington post/times. oct/24/04/05? that before the invasion 6-8weeks that they iraq and russia moved these weapons to the bakua valley in syria believe it or not. the americans had a iraqi highup scientist?.they found 5ft thick concrete bunkers empty with gas masks found. there is alot more to what ive said .check it out.this invasion because your country is devided this has turned it over to iran with all that oil.we are to weak no will to use our power. usa is fading quickly these countries laugh at u they can get away with anything.

  22. Lord Bob Fates

    The epitome of evil.

  23. Who me? yeah you!

    Russ Williams.

    "Sad that those who commented on this film cannot distinguish between propaganda and truth. I’d like to know if any of those of you who commented gave 1/2 of your income to charity …something **** Cheney has done for the past 20 years. Let me pose another question........"

    Russ, If I had earned the amount of money that Cheney has in the last 20 years I would give 90% to charity and still live a life of great comfort and happiness (Not to mention no loss of innocent lives).

    What is truly sad is the fact that you evoke the image of simpletons taken in by sloppy propaganda in failing to make any point.

    You round it off by attacking Obama. Something completely unrelated. He has his critics, myself among them but somehow I dont feel that you and I could even agree the manner in which the critique should be engaged.

    1. Michael Jay Burns

      Where do you get your "facts" ? I Googled your assertion about Dick's charity and found that he gave about 1% of his income to charity while in office.

  24. Owie 1776

    I have known for years that Chaney has been robing america for years and it,s pretty obvious to any one that doesn,t have there head in the sand all they had to do was follow the money.
    when there was a big stink about halliburton being awarded all these contracts they just created all these little companies doing business in Iraq ; all were subsidiaries of halliburton . Chaney did as he pleased because , I believe he knew way to much about the corruption and deception of the Bush Thieves .
    The American way of life is for sale to the highest bidder.

  25. Winston Smith

    it's fascinating to me that to criticize a figure with beliefs that are Right leaning must mean that you are on the Left. And, equally, if one was to criticize someone on the Left, this then must mean you are on the Right. The average person, it seems, can't even comprehend that the entrenched duality of Right/Left is not an absolute. We can have a society that is far more diverse than two sides perpetually pitted against one another. Moreover, it's our average citizens' sheepish adherance to this manufactured duality that perpetuates the ultimate control that multinational corporations, global financial institutions, and their lackeys in various governments have over our perceptions of modern reality.

    We, as the citizens of western culture desperately need to come to the realization that the corridors of power are no longer structured to represent our interests, rather those of the above mentioned institutions. My prayer? that the right and the left would unify in our disdain for the elites' manipulation of the masses, ultimaely setting the stage for a mass awakening that would usher in a bloodless coup in the name of freedom. The elite are so few and we are so very many. If we were to unite, all the elite power would simply dissolve.

    I believe this awakening of consciousness is upon us! Much love to all the righties and the lefties, as we are all in this life together!

  26. sevin

    D1ck Cheney is the reason we are in 2 wars not osama
    D1ck Cheney is the most evil man on the planet!

  27. lush

    the film fails to say that james woosley former head of CIA interviewed in the film was a member of the project for the new american century the think tanks that all the neo-con assclowns came from to begin with jeeez

  28. LiberationFront

    I wonder how some people can call themselves liberals(not that I'd not understand that in America liberal=left wing) when they ultimately are communists(and I mean the author of the movie not all naive people around here),here in Romania liberals are right wing.This is comunism propaganda made in western laboratory.Not that I disagree with all the documentary (and this is a difference between you and me) is saying but most of you just eat 20 .... from it for every single truth this documentary is saying.This documentary seems to me very similar to comunist movies made during romania's stalinist period in which any kind of business and businessman is considered to be corrupt and evil,it doesn’t directly say this but it’s clear how the author thinks.About the 1'st gulf-war fact is that Saddam made a declaration of war before starting ostilities.
    Fact 2 is that if US goverment would lie about who is the real agresor why it would have provoked the war and not just pushing it till the end by Liberating Iraq from Saddam's tribal rule???That when all western democracies(all major goverments in europe where right wing or in US favour) would have been in support of that action(not like in the 2nd gulf war).
    Fact 3 I'm pretty curious when was that picture made and it makes me laugh because the image I can’t see clearly if those black points on map are just oil platforms or there are also military efectives.And if there are really kuwatian troops around there what prooves that?maybe there were just for defense(surprise there were at the border not in Iraq) and maybe that kuwaitians were’nt so stupid and knew before that they will be attacked.And if it is indeed a russian satelite picture how did the person who made this documentary have it???Wherever it is from the CIA or FSB the guy is clearly a traitor because in my opinion he should be at least arrested…

    1. steve button

      Excellent post...I wish people here would read it over carefully..

  29. Pyrrhus

    Richard III and former Vice President Richard Cheney have much in common. As an aside, theist friends have from time to time have asked me if I could 'prove' there is/are no god(s). Until now I have been unable to do so. Now I can. An Almighty and All Merciful God cannot exit.
    Proof? -- Richard Cheney lives.

  30. InedibleHulk

    I haven't watched the film yet (just about to), but I feel the need to wonder aloud if it's really necessary to censor Mr. Cheney's first name? I get that it doubles as an "offensive" term for a certain body part (which also cannot be mentioned here by its proper label), but this is silly.

    @Vlatko, would it be possible to remove the capitalized name from this site's blacklist, while leaving the uncapitalized term on it (if you must censor it at all)?

  31. Realist

    Russ and swimman155. Just because people do not agree with the far right wing propaganda and outright lies does not mean they're "left leaning". The sheep that call themselves conservatives are becoming a minority, labeling someone left or liberal is....ignorant. You're so far right everything and everyone is "left" as you see it.

    This doc is not about Obama. I don't think he's so great, his chief of staff is a banker from AIG. Reagans chief of staff was from Meryill Lynch. What's the difference? You voted Reagan in for a second term after his failed policy already had cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. He got us in a huge deficit and the value of the dollar crashed.
    At least give Obama some time to really screw up the economy, he's on the right track. He's doing the same things Reagan did by lowering interest and giving/keeping the tax breaks and shelters for the rich.
    Has anyone figured out that policy does not work?
    Cheney was also one of the masterminds behind BRAC, the base realignment and closure act. Maybe you conservatives should look that up. You'll find that there were three BRACS that eliminated 750k military personnel before Clinton was ever president. 98% of them to be given their pink slips were not, because of the build up for Desert Shield/Storm. They were given those pink slips during Clintons admin so it's easy to blame him for our shortage of troops in uniform.
    Then just after the republicans were voted in both houses there was a fourth BRAC and 650k troops got their pink slips.
    Just remember now when you label someone a lefty or a liberal for seeking and believing the truth, they may be like myself and have a couple of honorable discharges. And unlike Lindsay Graham, I was no sissy military lawyer. I dug foxholes and the like.

  32. swimman155

    Russ you are right on. This is a great site but you'll find that most of the comments lean to the far left and Obama can do no wrong.

  33. Travis

    One thing that I did notice other than the corruption of power is that it only proved that the first gulf war destroyed Iraqs real attempt at creating a nuke. Good or bad the outcome was successful. I state that however that I Dicky boy is absolute power hungry troll, who will let nothing stand in his way.

  34. Tracy

    Here's another one I am not going to be able to stomach. A person, a public political person who cannot even HIDE his repulsiveness and who, frankly, doesn't even need to for his deep and nefarious connectedness shouldn't have ever been let out into the daylight for us to look at.

  35. Kyle

    Wow, Russ open a book once in a while. Dick Cheney is one of the true villains in politics in the last 20 years. A liar, and war profiteer should not be defended. What was his approval rating again, wasn't it in the low teens? Listening to him say things like "Our biggest mistake was making the war about WMD's," should make anyone recoil in revulsion. He's a NEO-CON hack. Giving to charity doesn't bring back the thousands that have died as a result of his "politics."

  36. Holly

    Part 3 didn't work for me. But it is pretty terrifying to learn about the powers of USA.

  37. Druidia

    @RW - The National Review a "credible" source? Only if you're one of the far right sheep.

  38. noneutrons?

    war profiteering isnt right wing or left wing its just not very nice.
    What has truth seeking got to with obama? and how does seeking truth make someone a hypocrite?
    Cheney is just a thoroughly unpleasant human being- a functional psychopath if you will who promotes war and makes a hell of a lot of money out of it- whether that money goes to charity or not is irrelevant.

    Russ you are an idiot- first class- go and look up "conflict of interest"- if you believe firstly in the myth of the left/right paradigm and identify yourself with the right wing of this myth then you should know that not addressing conflicts of interest are what makes capitalism ultimately doomed for failure- causing market manipulation, monopolies and true democracy impossible because the power is held not by consensus but by individuals- these individuals are essentially dictators, hence peoples distaste of them- Cheney had practically absolute power for a time in the US- no matter his actions or the consequences the fact that he was practically a dictator should turn your stomach.(Bush had trouble stringing a cogent sentence together and just did what Dick told him and smiled).

  39. for truth

    A good, truthful documentary. It's a complex problem for the true, Americans to deal with the problems of Bush, Cheney and the like. These false leaders will wonder if they diserve heaven when they meet God and God asks one question...did you love me and your neighbour?

  40. Willis

    Nice doc. The classic case of the largest scale of corruption but is somehow overlooked.

    I hope history shows that Cheney, Bush(both), and Reagan were some of the most corrupt, evil chaps around. Not only were these clowns evil but their work will be the demise of the USA empire.

    Good job CBC on the doc CBC(Canadian Broadcast Corporation), oddly enough our conservative government is constantly trying to cut the budget of the CBC.

  41. tony is from texas

    wow if what they say about dick chaney dodging the draft was true then WOWOWOWOW. A coward sending innocent soldiers to iraq for profit.

    I mean how much money do you really need? Dick is already over 70 years old, you don't f****** need money when you're dead.

  42. Cliff

    No video! I really wanted to see this. Maybe it's not working because I'm in Korea?

  43. mllea

    why is there such apathy about a man who was instrumental in killing america's sons and daughters (not to mention the people of iraq) for money and power. i can't understand the lack of outrage and demands for dick cheney to be tried in the court of law for his horrific hand in these murders. how is it that we are shocked by the hatred muslim countries have against us? where is america's conscience?

  44. no name

    informative and concerning. i wonder when people will wake up and rise against these "powers". thank you for posting this documentary.

  45. Der Oberst

    Good documentary about this uniquely power hungry politic.

    7 out of 10 Stars

    Der Oberst