Discovery Atlas: India Revealed

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Discovery Atlas: India RevealedFour years in the making, Discovery Atlas: India Revealed is a stunning portrait of an incredible nation. By following the lives of several people across India, we discover the country's heart and hopes and dreams.

Viewers will meet Jyoti, a boatman who helps pilgrims carry out sacred Hindu rituals on the banks of the River Ganga, and Krishna, the cable guy of Asia's biggest slum, who brings charity to an extraordinary and tightly knit community.

Geeta, the wedding planner for India's growing elite, helps couples realize the wedding of their dreams, along with all its elaborate traditions. At Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, captured in all their majesty, we meet 9-year-old Anuj, a farmer's son who, with the help of Swami Chidanand Saraswati, will train to become a pandit.

Discovery Atlas: India Revealed presents this beautiful and complex nation to the world with stunning photography and gripping stories. It is a documentary that will excite those who don't know India, but may also be a film that will be a source of great pride for those who love the country. Related documentary: The Story of India.

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    Michael Hernsin
  1. Michael Hernsin

    Err..Im sorry is there supposed to be sub-titles for the hindi speaking parts?

  2. mallu
  3. mallu

    Caste discrimination should have been included.

  4. Matt Kukowski
  5. Matt Kukowski

    India is so VAST in culture, religions, styles, peoples places and buildings... it is pure AWESOME.

  6. MatarD
  7. MatarD

    Probably, which is a shame because it appears as a good one. I will have to skip.

  8. panthera f
  9. panthera f

    "You are not dust. you are diamonds"

    Magnificent !!

  10. Guest
  11. Guest

    Are badass muslims also included?

  12. Abraham Anand
  13. Abraham Anand

    I ve traveled to many places in europe/asia and I can say that indians are definitely well honored for traditional and cultural morals. On the other hand India has the largest socialistic and secularistic system, where in a person with any faith/perception would fit into such system with no boundaries. Thus making it impermeable to bring about the change that is required. Although most of us are educated, our knowledge and lifestyle are not constrained to live to the state of art needs in a society.

  14. Irishkev
  15. Irishkev

    I love India, and God I miss the food.

  16. Irishkev
  17. Irishkev

    Are you still banging on that old drum man? Time to look forward. And anyway they do mention the Mughal empire and India's 160million muslims. Try watching the docu.

  18. Irishkev
  19. Irishkev

    It was.

  20. Sandeep Bhatt
  21. Sandeep Bhatt


  22. Alexa Myx
  23. Alexa Myx

    ah..why is there no translation for the hindi...

  24. Guest
  25. Guest

    Once in India...twice is in thoughts!

  26. Slim010
  27. Slim010

    India is not the birth place of Buddhism as the narrator said in first minute of this documentary, they shouldn't spread false information !

  28. Deepak Mahat
  29. Deepak Mahat

    Yes you are right Slim010. It's a tiny struggling nation called Nepal, the roof of world...which people often forget..

  30. Deepak Mahat
  31. Deepak Mahat

    Well talking about facts...According to present geographic destribution, budha was born in nepal, but enlightened in you may not be so right too... hmm..

  32. Mervin Drake Almeida
  33. Mervin Drake Almeida

    the growth what!!!! it stopped!!!! wtf!!!!

  34. anuragawasthi
  35. anuragawasthi

    If Buddha was born in Nepal then Indus valley civilisation shld be called Pakistan valley civilisation

  36. arcot
  37. arcot

    Dying to go back to India.

  38. arcot
  39. arcot

    Are you from pakisthan ?

  40. Ana Maria
  41. Ana Maria

    such an amazing place!! Can't wait to see it again

  42. pawan
  43. pawan

    beautiful documentary!! I love india and soon i'm gonna be back!!

  44. Kalia Dk
  45. Kalia Dk

    Hey Michael, you might wanna watch BBC's Doc. The story of India... by Michael Wood. Its a must watch 6 part series.. takes you 10,000 years back..

  46. David Lythgoe
  47. David Lythgoe

    very well shot documentary but i can't understand why show rama dan and a large portion of the documentary was on weddings india being such a vast and interesting place with so many wonders it beggers belief that the film makers would how this on the other hand they are probaly indian muslims and probaly new and openly advertised the wedding planners services shame it could have been better on the whole 7/10 just on the camera work

  48. Realistinanewworld
  49. Realistinanewworld

    Its a shame that this documentary solely focused on Hindus, with a ten minute part on muslims and only a few minutes on the Sikhs? Sikhs were the ones who stood up and protected Hindus who were being forced to convert to Islam by the mughal raj, as the hindus were not able to defend themselves. There would not be as many hindus in India as there are now if it wasn't for the Sikhs.

    When British India gained its independence in 1947; it was divided between India and the Islamic state of Pakistan. The Sikhs felt badly treated and reluctantly chose to join India.

    The Sikhs were unable to demand their own state, because there were too few of them to resist Pakistan’s claim to the Punjab.

    Only by siding with India were they able to keep part of the Punjab, although not before appalling loss of life in communal massacres, where Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims dies, not just the two faiths as described in the doc.

    Sikhs lost many of their privileges, much of their land, and were deeply discontented.

    In June 1984 Indian troops launched 'Operation Blue Star'. They attacked the Golden Temple Complex, killing many of those inside, and seriously damaging the buildings.

    This invasion of the holiest place of the Sikhs infuriated many Sikhs, even the non-militant. They saw the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, who had ordered the invasion, as a deliberate persecutor of the Sikh faith and community.

    In October 1984, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards.

    Four days of anti-Sikh rioting followed in India. The government said more than 2,700 people, mostly Sikhs, were killed, while newspapers and human-rights groups put the death toll between 10,000 and 17,000.

    As such as vast country, this is a truly disappointing film and does not give a true account of India at all. Four years to make? You have got to be kidding!

  50. Meera Rangarajan
  51. Meera Rangarajan

    Well made documentary, but the chosen area ia too little and too insignificant when compared to the vastness of India. The doc highlights the success story of two/three individuals, but does not summate many more who are more successful and brought revolution in the country. The doc also has not covered many cultural divides, which are waiting to explode. No doubt in an hour and half it can not cover Kashmir to Kanyakumari. I would like to have a doc on all the divergent states of India, with their uniqueness, which has intermingled in the National stream to give a composite view, very few countries can afford to present. India is a Federal Democratic Republic and truly a magnificent country, and can not be measured by parochial voices.

  52. anuragawasthi
  53. anuragawasthi

    What you have mentioned is partially correct....few points are as under.

    1)How many Hindus were killed by Khalistani extermist.remember those transistor bombs

    2)Those riots were political in nature not religious in nature

    3)The RSS played an important role in saving Sikh families in those riots

    4)For the last 7years India is ruled by a Sikh Prime minister.

    and to Quote Guru Gobind SinghJI.....“Let the path of the pure [khâlsâ panth] prevail all over the world, let the Hindu dharma dawn and all delusion disappear. (…) May I spread dharma and prestige of the Veda in the world and erase from it the sin of cow-slaughter."

    Have you ever thought that why the golden temple is called Harimandir(It Means Vishnu Temple) not Gurudwara

  54. Realistinanewworld
  55. Realistinanewworld

    Partially correct? More like the truth and you are in denial! Violence in not condoned at any level. The riots were pre-planned by the hindus, mobs were told where the sikhs were and the police stood by and watched as businesses were burnt, people were burned alive and women raped. Manmohan Singh cannot be classed as a SIkh, as his actions are more like in a Hindu in disguise.It is called Harmandar Sahib, not Harimandar - get your facts right. Can you show me where you got that quote from, as I would be very interested in seeing where he said that.

    Your comments are pure Hindu propaganda, and the fact is that you cannot accept that Hindus would not be here today if it wasn't for the Sikhs. You are an example of the Indian Government's stand towards Sikhs today, as they flood the Punjab with alcohol and drugs and try to kill Sikhi. Unfortunately for the likes of you, Sikhi is getting stronger.

  56. anuragawasthi
  57. anuragawasthi

    In India Sale of Liquor is regulated not by central govt it is a state govt subject.except state govt of Gujarat,none of the state govt has banned its sale..Punjab is ruled by Akali's

    some quote from Guru granth sahib.

    Page 463 - ??????? ??? ??????? ??? ? - Wonderful is the sound current of the Naad, wonderful is the knowledge of the Vedas.

    Page 1188 - ??? ????? ???? ??? ???? ? - The Vedas say that we should chant the Name of the One Lord.

    Page 791 - ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ? - Reading the Vedas, sinful intellect is destroyed.

    You can refer books and use internet for further info.

    I think you have a baised opinion abt India and its culture.

    One cannot comprehend Him through reason, even if one reasoned for ages.
    Guru Nanak

    God is one, but he has innumerable forms. He is the creator of all and He himself takes the human form.
    Guru Nanak

  58. Guest
  59. Guest

    This Documentary was alright, not that great, but maybe...I might like the other related Documentary; 'The Story of India' better.

  60. tkingsky
  61. tkingsky

    This was my major question throughout the doc and i found it amusing that they translated he deaf and mute upcoming cricket player

  62. Nishant Kalbhor
  63. Nishant Kalbhor

    The breaks shows no Jammu and Kashmir on the Map please do correct them before any Indian Gov offical charges you wih a case....

  64. ash55
  65. ash55

    india is not the birthplace of Buddha or Gautam as he was called before attaining enlightenment. but buddhism was born in india because buddha attained enlightenment in india- under the bodhi tree in bihar(INDIA)

  66. jpquick2
  67. jpquick2

    Where are the subtitles or voice-over? It really would be nice to know what the featured people are saying. Otherwise, it's a good doc. When gas & oil run out in 20-25 years every modern society , including India, will be kaput.
    Of course, having thermonuclear weapons will give it a distinct advantage in the next World War.

  68. s g
  69. s g

    no "anuragawasthi" - pakistan is founded on a totally new concept of islamist secessionism which has no historical links to indus valley civilisation (indeed their philosophy would be to destroy it as they have thousands of ancient structures which don't fit theirs). Secular,ultra-diverse India is the obvious descendant of this civilisation

  70. s g
  71. s g

    Discovery Atlas - India Revealed was a nice overview of different aspects of India. However there was one crucial, insensitive and factually wrong omission - the emblem had the top aspect of india chopped off. Kashmir is an integral part of India and was legally part of India by exactly the same process by which pakistan was carved out of india. Even in "neutral" publications perceived by many as being anti-indian (eg bbc)they at least show the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir under indian administration as part of the map, if not the pakistan-occupied regions. I urge you to rectify this mistake and apologise immediately as it severely tarnishes the validity/credibility of all of Discovery channel's programming. I for 1 am disgusted and will look to stop my subscription and "unlike" it on facebook despite being a previously loyal watcher.

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