Disenfranchised in America

Disenfranchised in AmericaNew legislation across the US could have a huge impact on the country's 2012 presidential elections.

Largely Republican politicians have passed a range of new voting laws that groups fear could disenfranchise as many as five million American voters this year.

Politicians claim that they are concerned about preventing voter fraud but minority communities see the civil rights gained in the 1960s as being under attack again in a subtler way.

The department of justice has already made strong rulings against laws that have been passed in South Carolina and Texas because they discriminate against minorities.

Fault Lines travels to Tennessee and Florida, two states that have passed strict laws, to explore the origins and consequences of the new legislation.

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  1. John Hardman

    this is a disgrace,a real attack on people voting rights.how do they get away with this.republicans,like conservatives in the uk,will stoop to any low to win.they are utter scum.

  2. hell hole

    why don't the american people vote for a third or fourth party instead of the corrupt REP or DEM since the two are just like one another or so i heard

    1. Brian

      third parties in the US are always doomed to fail. The system was designed for 2 and only two parties

  3. sknb

    This another one of those docs that I will pass on to as many people as possible.

  4. harry nutzack

    history: in the "good ol days" when the USA was just getting rolling, a VERY limited subset of the populace had the right to vote. white, male, moneyed elites, no others. they were even given a proxy vote right to their "human chattel" holdings. NO women could vote. NO persons "of color" could cast a vote on their own behalf. NO male of any ethnicity that didnt own land could vote. why do you think our political system was designed to "prevent the tyranny of the majority"? it insulated the desires of the upper class from the needs of the rabble, whose numbers could have "victimized" the plans of our elite class otherwise. the singular claim of the american "revolution" was that it was a revolt of the elite against a colonial governance system that treated them as they ultimately treated the commoner. this is why the american revolution, once "won", had little or no bloodletting compared to any other. there was no "aristocracy" that resisted it, there was no class of "idealist intellectuals" that resisted it. one requires no pogroms or purges to "cleanse society" of counter-revolutionary ideals when the elite and intellectual classes are the empowered class of the revolt. this has ALWAYS been a nation devoted only to the 1%, and any "gains" by the rabble were window dressing, "gimmes" that ultimately took more from the recipient than was ever gained. is there any "empowerment" of the commoner by gaining the right to cast a ballot for one or the other candidate chosen and groomed by the ranks of the elite? if the menu offers only "crap on rye", or "crap on whole wheat", is there really any choice being given? we are pawns given an illusion of participation. is denial of illusion truly any kind of "disenfranchisement"?

  5. wt1776

    It has little or nothing to do with voter fraud. By passing such laws, republicans hope to make voter participation by the disenfranchised more difficult, who generally vote more often for democrats. And by opposing such laws, democrats hope to make voter participation by the disenfranchised more easy, in an attempt to win elections.

    1. Robert Persson

      Understand that our founding fathers believed qualifying a vote with property ownership was not only necessary for democracy but prudent. The laws apply equally to everyone and the film is being extremely intellectually dishonest especially about allowing gun owners to be exceptions to the rule. It is simply not true. Follow the rules and head down to your local canvass office and you can register. The new rules are preventing voter fraud and people who may not even be citizens from voting. Funny how you leftist socialist cried fowl when your guy did not get elected. Next we will hear about how unfair the election is because of the electoral college until someone points out your boy Clinton one without popular vote. Look like I stumbled into another liberal nest ! Oh and if you commit a felony and loose your right to vote its no ones problem but yours if the state makes you wait to get that privilege back. Don't do the crime if you cannot do the time !

    2. FelonRelief1

      Well Mr. Compassion, I'm going to pray for you and hope that an accident does not cause you to become a felon. These days you don't have to commit a crime to become one. One simple mistake on your part can cause you to be charged with a felony, unless you live in a box. I agree don't do the crime if you can't do the time because it's a life sentence either way. It has been nine months since you posted this, today is 02/06/2013, my felony is now 13 years old and I still can't get a decent...wait, a job period. I ask you, is that fair? Sure I was given my right to vote back, but I can't have any of the stuff I voted for, so what good is giving me my voting rights back? Oh yeah I forgot it keeps those people in office who made the disenfranchisement laws in the first place in office. So what if I can't support myself, so what if I have a BS degree in Chemical Engineering which could net me $ 120,000.00 a year. Yes I made a mistake years ago and trusted in myself and now I can't get a job flushing a toilet in McDonalds. It is not fair nor is it ethical...

  6. doira

    Their expert Lorrine Minnette is a left wing socialist who belongs to the Socialist Scholars Conference. No wonder they can try to give credence to this garbage they have a "college educated" dupe in the film to give it a phony air of legitimacy.

  7. doira

    Aljazeera network. Of course their going to do some continuous muckracking.

  8. doira

    So let's see! If we have a Democrat controled government that would mean that the criminals would be able to vote in a group to let them live a criminal life. Is that right?

  9. doira

    This is a biased piece of crap! Why would people be unable to vote because they won't get an i.d? JUST GET AN I.D.! Who could possibly think this documentary has an ounce of truth to it?

  10. william kern

    here we go again,what is so hard about getting a picture id. especially with all the illegals. it always has to be about picking on the black man. i'm a felon. i'm not going to whine about it. this racial crying is getting so old. i'm a white boy. just be a man and follow the rules.

  11. Guest

    I know i am repeating myself, but the best message the USA (and other countries) can send is DO NOT VOTE and make it clear that the mass will not vote because the mass knows that who ever is GOING to win, will do shite.
    Give them a few days to realize that you are no fools anymore. Don't fear, dare because voting is supporting the game you do not want to play anymore.
    Of course i am not talking to the 1% rich who will vote in order to keep their wealthy life, i am talking to the rest who pay for that wealthy life to remain healthy and poor life to remain poor.

    1. Earthwinger

      @ Azilda, I couldn't agree more. Refusal to take part in elections is a valid form of protest IMO. And when people trot out the old line "well if you don't vote, you've no right to complain" I reply that I've even more right to complain than they have, because unlike them, I didn't remain willfully ignorant, or allow myself to be duped by such obviously corrupt shysters.

      The game's rigged, and all the politicians are in the pockets of a handful of corporations, so if you're going to play a rigged game, and then wind up losing, don't moan about it. ;)

    2. Jacob Solace

      Yes, but if 100% of the People voted it would be near impossible to hide the theft of the election.

    3. Earthwinger

      But if 100% of the people voted, that would be absolute validation for a system that should never be validated at all, as it's sole purpose is to serve the interests of the privileged few, whilst perpetuating the enslavement of the majority.

      Ultimately, it doesn't matter which party wins an election, because either side is going to be equally corrupted. All elections serve to do, is give people the illusion of choice, nothing more.

      We need to break the cycle, and the only way to do that is by mass non compliance.

    4. Robert Persson

      Offer something constructive. I laugh at the angst of liberal socialists that see injustice everywhere, offer no constructive criticism except for the same old tired rhetoric found on all liberal socialist sites and then seem to feel it is ok to ask those that follow the rules to somehow pay for their apathy, ignorance and negative attitude. The system may not be perfect but it is the best there ever was ... unless Obama gets another 4 years and uses the leftist ignorance to destroy America.

    5. Earthwinger

      If it helps you make sense of your world, then feel free to slap labels on me. Your preconceptions are your business, not mine. Personally, I don't subscribe to any of the political "isms" you might attach to me though. ;)

      As for offering something constructive....what is there to add? The whole system is in terminal decline anyway. All this concern about politics does, is keep the masses distracted, while the elite just keep on raping and pillaging.

      If you really think that the current system is ok, then you're either a very forgiving person, or you've really no idea what's been done to you. :D

    6. Guest

      Sounds like one of the upper class...who fears because he has so much to loose.
      Obama will not destroy the US no more than the next guy. The US is destroying itself by being blind to the strings maneuvering it's legs, arms and head.
      And this goes for most other countries too.
      The real power is in uniting against politicians, not divided under them.
      We need 30-40yrs old at the head of States, fresh brains who envision a future for themself and their families. Not old men who think only of power, money and corporations. There are so many educated, experienced, well travelled young women and men who would do a fantastic job directing the world to success.

    7. Thomas Moore

      Azilda...the youth know so much more than the elderly, don't they?

    8. Guest

      Not always, but their interest in having a sane world to live in is for the longer run.

    9. Skullomania

      So.... The elderly definitively know more than the youth? Not all have wisdom to pass down.

    10. Skullomania

      I love you, right on. Glad to see people are still staying on the up and up

    11. Skullomania

      Lol, oh boy how ironic and ignorant of a statement. "Follow the rules" and be a cheerleader all you want. Years from now when it all blows up in your face, then you'll wish you would have kept better informed. "Tired" rhetoric is better than not knowing how to think for oneself, which is obviously your case as you're doing nothing but regurgitating the same played out "liberal" "socialists" chants as your tactless cohorts. No substance at all. You may associate yourselves with those labels, but recognize that it is only you and those of a like mind that pigeon hole themselves into such infantile distinctions.

    12. lakhotason

      Good idea but it will take more than that. Gave up my voter's registration years ago. Turned in my card and let it be specifically known that I would not vote for anyone who cannot understand of, by, and for the people.

      The government is only half the problem though. We're the other half.

    13. Guest

      If the mass make it known that they will not vote, in the newpapers/magazines ,on tv, in the street, in front of the door at the poll....then they can't rig the votes because it is known that people are not showing up.

    14. Jacob Solace

      Yes, but if 100% of the People voted it would be near impossible to hide the theft of the election.

  12. justsumguy915

    oddly enough the moderator wont let me post a video of how easy voter fraud is in the US I tried to post but it hasnt been "approved" check for yourself on u tube. Search Minnesota voter fraud. There's hidden cam footage that ought to make you think.

    1. Achems_Razor


      Your link is now posted, read the "comment policy" above, even us moderators have to sleep some time.

  13. Nick Heard

    In the UK you don't have to bring any form of ID to vote. If you're registered to vote, you are sent a voting card in the mail a couple of weeks before the election. You then turn up to the polling station, they cross your name off the list of registered voters, and you vote. Simple. You don't even need to bring the voting card with you - you just give them your name and address. No proof required.

    Voting is a right. You should not have to prove who who are in order to vote, as everybody over 18 has the right to vote.

    It is alarmingly insidious that the US seems to make it as hard as possible for those who have the right to vote to exercise that right. It's back to front. Proof should only be necessary when trying to prove that somebody does not have the right to vote.

    1. justsumguy915

      According to you " You should not have to prove who who are in order to vote, as everybody over 18 has the right to vote" really you don't see a problem with that? You trust your government and the poll workers so much that somethig so simple as showing an ID is "insidious" to you? Seems awfully ridiculous to me.

    2. Renwick Miller

      Look at the history of election fraud and you'll find politicians, not citizenry at the heart of it. All of it. Anyone with the resources to buy an election doesn't really need to vote, but the people who're being asked to prove their identity (average Americans) DO. This persecution of US... It's actually evil genius when you look at it.

      WE (citizens)are being "policed" for crimes that only THEY (politicians) commit, or even have the motive or power to commit. Toss in a heaping helping of racism and voila! You've got the people who could oust your scumbag a** if they'd only work together fighting amongst each other, and against their own best interest to keep you in power where you can continue to rob them blind.

      Why is no one talking about policing the damned politicians, the ones who actually commit this fraud? Why is "austerity" the word of the day for eveyone but billionaires, all over the world? Why are we arguing about race when money knows no color? Because they know we're dumb enough to keep arguing amongst ourselves as long as they keep up the good lies. MASTER prestidigitation, on the grandest of scale.

  14. phillip wong

    Big deal, this is the real world.

  15. Norm

    The government doesn't take a persons word on their identity for any reason and they never have. Why should they let anyone vote without proof of who they are? This is just ridiculous! There are hundreds of organizations that will help people register to vote, those same groups can use their resources to get identification cards to the people who need them but can't figure out how to get one. The sad part of this is that some people can't even wipe their butts without government help and it's because they've been conditioned to be helpless. I guarantee that if any one of those people needed an id to cash a check, they'd find a way to get one in a heartbeat. This whole political scene is a madhouse. The dems and repubs keep us distracted fighting amongst ourselves while they continue to rob us blind. They all need to go.

  16. handjobme

    As someone who lives near Chicago I can tell you that voter fraud is indeed a serious problem in this area.. The idea that you cannot get a photo ID based on skin color is completely insane. Sure, the license branch does about everything they can to be a horrific pain in the a$$. However, it's that way for us white folks too. Just because someone gives you a hard time does not mean that they are racist. Nothing worth having comes easy, that is the way of the world! Gather your paperwork that shows your legitimacy as a productive citizen (which I'm sure we all are) and get an ID! US poor cannot be helped, WE have to help ourselves...

  17. Toematoe

    Those who cannot remember the past, are doomed to repeat it. Political and racial minorities need to be represented, i believe thats called democracy...

    1. justsumguy915

      Your comment is a bit confusing. How exactly are minorities not being represented as you say?

  18. Yeung Xiao

    Leave it AlJaeera to do great doc on US. this is good. Look at those questions, piercing and to the point. just beautiful.

  19. TheKlingonFarmer

    LOL. In my country, you do not hold a valid ID card, if it isn't state issued with a photo. What is the problem here really? Why would you not hold a ID card with your photo on it? Pretty damn dumb to begin with.

  20. gonzo

    oh give me a break

  21. justsumguy915

    Again, this is a non issue. What party or person would be against actually providing ID to prover youre a registered voter??? Utterly ridiculous. This "issue" is a way for Dems and the "left" to try to rally a base focused on living in the past. We had an issue 100 years ago and it was corrected. Get your Identification for FREE (which you probably already have) prove you are who you say you are when voting and there's NO issue. Problem solved.

  22. Jeremy

    This doc raises some good questions. For example, why did Ron Paul sweep Michigan, yet the media reported that it went to Mitt?? I dunno, I understand that we don't want the 1800's all over again (monopoly men etc) but, I also am currently watching people starve in my city because they can't afford food. It's a strange time, and I don't really know what the answer is. Sometimes I think that Humans simply CANNOT come to peace or find solutions, at least, as long as there are monetary gains available.

    1. justsumguy915

      ...really people are "starving" what city is this Jeremy? I work with a food bank that provides for citizens in need throughout my state. I'm sure I have contacts in your area that can handle the issue.

  23. wald0

    Ron paul not winning is hardly proof of fraud. That video is not a reliable poll at all. For one it is global, not just Americans watching. Two, just because someone likes some things he said in a video doesn't mean they would vote for him when they have other people to consider, perhaps they liked them even more. Fourth, so what if ten thousand people liked it on the internet the voting public here in the U.S far out weighs that number. In fact i am not sure someone that only had five thousand supporters would even get on the ballot. If you wanted to use it as a poll you would have to make sure everyone in the U.S. watched it and voted, then you would get a real idea of how many people in the U.S. really want Ron Paul elected. Now I happen to like some of what Ron Paul has to say but, I would not want him running my country. As a matter of fact I have clicked the like button on several of his speeches on you tube because they were about the few things he stands for that I like. However there is much more he stands for that I don't like. You live in a state like Alabama and then try to say with a straight face that states should have the right to trump federal laws, it can't be done unless you are some red kneck that believes in creationism and hates balcks.
    The truth is that people simply can not accept that others feel differently than they do and are not misinformed, evil, or st*pid for doing so. So when their candidate loses they want to start screaming fraud, fraud, its fraud. But where is the proof, where are the statistics? Everytime the system is investigated they find only very small amounts of fraud that are not enough to have any real impact on who gets elected. The reasons the republicans are crying foul is because they are losing, simple as that. Now if that was good enough logic to dissmiss what happened in Florida, where there was real hard proof of fraud, why isn't enough now? Because in the minds of republicans they are the only real choice and if someone else wins there must be something amiss.

  24. drinker69

    I don't know how a modern movement works but if you go by lets say an average youtube video of Ron Paul. Look at the little hands with the Ceaseresque thumbs up or thumbs down option. Now, say you watch a hundred videos of this guy and the number of 'likes' is something like 5000 while the number of 'dislikes' is 100 per video. This is a poll only using the internet. How does this guy not win if that's the average? Fraud. The States is getting screwed from within.

    1. dewflirt

      But the world can vote on YouTube ;)

    2. Demoorelizer

      Because only supporters and those who detest him will look him up, and most of the voting population only uses youtube to look at playful kittens and people falling down.
      That's my theory anyway.
      Most people on the internet just want entertainment.

    3. Guest

      May be because most likepeople are watching because they already like the idea of having Ron Paul at the top. The ones that dislike him couldn't care less.

    4. drinker69

      what i really wanted to say was this: If the American election is a democratic process then by definition the person who gets the most votes by the people is the winner. If this was fairly covered by the media scumbags then going off numbers by the public(youtube in this case) Ron Paul wins by a landslide. No one really knows the factual numbers in regards to this election because it is being withheld on purpose because the establishment knows Ron Paul, if given fair coverage even for a couple of days, would make mainstream sh*theads ask some questions and solidify his status as the favourite. This blackout isn't working anyways so now the people will have to put up with election fraud and seemingly endless corruption to keep this good man out. It's a joke. These tactics and the people responsible have got to go. They have had their time as the ruling elite and have enjoyed that time and are trying desperately to hang on. They've become disgustingly wealthy while most have become poor. They've waged wars, destroyed resources and killed millions all for money and power. I'm not even American but I believe this is a global issue and America is where this Revolution starts. From the sounds of things, it's already begun. Ron Paul!

  25. Sieglinde Proctor

    It would seem more to the point that voters should have to pass a basic test to qualify to vote. As it stands, you can vote without knowing what the candidate's platform is, or what they advocate. You can vote without having to speak English, without having to be able to write or read. You can vote if you have dementia, or if you are mentally ********. You can vote if you have brain damage and cannot speak, walk or make yourself understood. You are allowed to vote without even knowing who the president or vice president are now. You also can vote if you cannot name one president, one government office or office holder, one law, one item from the Constitution of the United States, or know anything at all about American government or history. All you have to do is be an American citizen. Some would say that this is enough. But I question whether having a photo I.D. is even addressing the problem of responsible voting. There are tests for everything in life - driving a car, getting an education, measuring I.Q., getting a job. If we are so focused on scooping up the most disadvantaged, disabled, uneducated or criminal elements in America to influence how America will be run, then it is possible that we will sink to the level of those understandings, or lack thereof. We do not consider it appropriate that people who are unable to understand business to run our corporations, so why should they be influencing the running of our country?

  26. Sieglinde Proctor

    There are many occasions where everyone is required to show a photo I.D. The bank requires it to cash checks, having someone prepare your tax return, purchasing most large items on time, renting a car, registering for school, seeing a doctor, using a credit card as a form of I.D., getting a driver's license, and many others. Maybe I am missing something here, but why is getting a picture I.D. such a big, big deal? Once the I.D. is gotten, it's good for years.

    1. wald0

      I agree that they did a very poor job of explaining why this was such a huge issue to many people. If you care to google your question though you can find the reasons why it is difficult for so many people to meet these new requirements. They differ from state to state and from group to group but they are real and this will have serious impact on the amount of votes cast in the next election. Most of us can't imagine why this would be such a big deal because we live fairly modern lives and have photo ID as a result. We can't imagine why others that don't have it wouldn't simply go get it . But there are real reasons that they can't. For instance, if you get more than a certain amount of seat belt tickets in my state you lose your liscense. To get then a state issued photo ID cost about twenty dollars and takes having a social security card and birth certificate. If you do not have these other forms of ID, and the birth certificate has to have the state seal on it so it can not be a copy, no photo ID. Now my SS card and birth certificate were destroyed years ago in a fire and the hospital I was born at no longer exists, so the state can not give me a real birth certificate. Instead they give me what is called a certificate of live birth. But this will not suffice to get my state issued photo ID, so what do I do? Now this has not happened to me because I haven't had my liscensed revoked for any reason but, I know many people it has happened to. Besides my state doesn't require photo ID yet, they are working on it though. Another story I recently heard was about an older black lady from a different state, I can't remember exactly where. This lady had marched with Dr. King and had voted in every election she could since blacks had secured the right to do so with her help. The problem is that she was born out of country and when her family immigrated here she had no birth certificate and so was issued something when she entered this country stating who she is, when she came here, when she was born, and so on. This had always sufficed to get registered to vote in the past and like i said she had been very politically active. Now she can not vote any longer in her state because she can not secure the correct documentation. These are just two stories out of thousands that exist. Look into it, this is real and will have real impact on the democrats chances to get elected. A very telling thing is that only those groups of people that predominately vote democrat are negatively affected by these new regulations. And even out of that group exceptions have been made for those that have a fire arm licsense, in other words thoughs in that group that mihght vote republican. Student IDs are not accepted unless you are a teacher, in other words unless you are older and therefore more apt to vote republican once again. There is a definite pattern emerging here for anyone willing to see it. Now, I don't thnk these laws can truly be compared to the JIm Crowe mentality that used to exist. Jim Crowe laws placed insurmountable permanent obstacles in the path of black voters purely out of prejudice. These laws are not insurmountable nor are they permanent raod blocks, we will eventually get everyone registered. But it will not happen in time for the November elections. And this is not motivated from prejudice alone, this is more motivated by republicans simply being ready to do what ever they have to do to stay in power, even if that something violates our democratic system. Don't be blind people, and do not assume everyone has free easy access to things like state issued photo IDs, its not true.

    2. justsumguy915

      Every state that presented these laws ALSO gives FREE to those who ask a STATE ID card. Google it my friend it's all right there for you to find if you open your eyes and look.

  27. justsumguy915

    The woman from Rugeters Univ says "do voters commit this fraud" NO VOTERS are legally registered. Illegal voters perpatrate these frauds. Also There was a recount in FLA in 2000. This film is a fraud and full of falicies, and nonsense.

    1. wald0

      Were is the proof of this voter fraud? Can you give us some hard numbers that can be verified? See that is the problem, there is no proof of this fraud just the republican right's conviction that it is taking place. You see if there is real chance of fraud, real proof it was happening, the democrats would be just as interested in getting rid of it as the republicans, after all they have to get elected as well and stand just as much of a chance of being cheated out of that election as the republicans. Or would you have us believe that the republican right is so principled that we only need worry about cheating in favor of the democrats?

    2. justsumguy915

      Look it up. It's simple to google. it's a fact. I don't trust EITHER party and neither should you. I don't play on the R or D team I play on the whats best for me and my family team. If you think unidentified voters is the way to go in the current day, good luck with that.

  28. wald0

    Oh, and by the way- Dear God helped get us into this mess and will not help us get out. Remember how the neo-cons came to power, through religion. Wake-up America!!!

  29. justsumguy915

    What utter nonsense that a photo ID somehow takes away the peoples right to vote. Who the hell doesn't have a photo ID? Let's see in the US of A you need a photo ID to buy a beer, to get a drivers license, to cash a check where your not known, purchase a legal fire arm, get a bank loan, and the list goes on and on. I didn't hear the film state the fact that these ID's are also FREE to anyone reuesting them in any state that would make this a requirement. That's right people completely FREE. To single out and say somehow black americans don't need or are unable to get a photo ID is more demeaning and racist nonsense by democrats to keep the status quo voter fraud in place.

    1. sknb

      I am an American citizen from birth and did not have a photo ID for over four years.

    2. justsumguy915

      Ah yes but you have one right darling?

  30. wald0

    The republican party has been doing things like this every since they lost the election to Obama. They simply can not accept the fact that this country is abandoning the concept of trickle down economics, which never worked and only served to widen the income gap. They have spent the last four years doing anything they could to make the economy worse in an attempt to get rid of Obama come election time. An obvious example is the way they have intentionally attacked the chevy volt, even though it has gotten great reviews and is selling very well. Why did they attack it on national television over and over again, because they can not stand the fact that Obama's bail out of GM, which they opposed publicly, has turned out to save thousands of jobs and put GM back on top. Because their pals in big oil can't stand the possibility of this technology being advanced and actually working. The same can be said for the economy in general, it is improving and they can't stand it. Just like they handled GM they have also done all they could to reduce confidence in the general economy and there by reduce investors will to invest. One of the biggest factors in the investment community is trust in the ecomony, if it is lacking they will not invest or hire. Now thats not all the fault of republicans of course, anytime we have a president that threatens to impose more responsibility to the employer hiring will slow. Now the republican's answer to this problem seems to be that we never impose any further responsibility on the employer but, instead place it sqaurely on the backs of the employee. Well ask yourself how that would work and what that means for you the employee, doesn't look to promising does it? Eventually we have to stand up to these guys and say, "No more, you are the ones reaping ninety percent of the reward and therefore you will share in the load even if it means giving up some of your prescious record breaking profits"! Further more we can not then accept the fact that they say, "Well its my ball and I am going to play else where then". If necessary we should impose so many fines and regulations on taking jobs out of this country that it would break anyone to try to do so. These guys enjoyed the benefits of living in the U.S. and taking advantage of our educational system and infrastructure as well as the vast talents of the American worker, all of which was payed for by you and I in tax dollars. This is what allowed them to build the successful businesses they have in the first place. Now they want to take that tremendous gift for granted and act as if we owe them something? They talk about how they have built America and blah blah blah- No, America built them!!!!!! and its time they payed what they owe us.

    1. justsumguy915

      Yes, how "crazy"to ask someone to prove they're a valid voter at the time they cast their ballot! THIS IS A NON ISSUE. WHO, no matter what party, wouldn't want each vote to be properly accounted to an actual real life voter? Sounds to me like the dems want to keep propping up dead peoples votes in an attempt to steal districts and elections. Read up about ACORN it's all quite interesting and propagated by team "D"

  31. Xercès Des Stèles

    i don't see the point of linking religion and voting...

    so r*tarded

    1. moblair22

      if the republicans have a way of linking religion to voting they would