Iraq: The Reckoning

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Dispatches: Iraq - The ReckoningPeter Oborne, political editor of the Spectator, reports on the West's exit strategy for Iraq. He believes the invasion of Iraq is proving to be the greatest foreign policy failure since Munich. Oborne argues that the plan to transform Iraq into a unified liberal democracy, a beacon of hope in the Middle East, is pure fantasy. Reporting on location with US troops in Sadr City, and through interviews with leading figures in Britain and the US, Oborne argues that the coalition and its forces on the ground are increasingly irrelevant in determining the future of Iraq - a future that's unlikely to be either unified, liberal or democratic.

The film includes interviews with Richard Perle, Peter Galbraith, Deputy Chief of Army staff General Jack Keane. Oborne also interviews Rory Stewart, who worked as a deputy governor in Nasyriah and witnessed first hand the rise of the pro-Iranian fundamentalist parties that are now at the heart of the Iraqi government.

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    jody stewart
  1. jody stewart

    we should heve killed every stinking raghead in iraq then take all the oil

  2. the loler
  3. the loler

    while I like the doc, Its funny that Peter Oborne also writes for the Daily Mail, a news paper whos endless sensationalism helps to inflate wars and demonise people from the middle east. So while I commend him for this doc and his role a the spectator, he surely must understand that without papers like the Mail and THEIR constant bending of the truth, politicians would be unable to get away with these things.

  4. staszekgobi
  5. staszekgobi

    i would just start with bush and blaire faster and cheaper

  6. Catherine Szabo
  7. Catherine Szabo

    The utter ignorance of George Bush and his cronies is absolutely nauseating.

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