Spinning Terror

2006, Conspiracy  -   9 Comments
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Dispatches: Spinning TerrorWhen the government fights terror, it should have just one purpose: the safety of the British people. This film will show how Tony Blair has used terror for his own political advantage.

With Britain facing the greatest terrorist threat in our history, the nation trusts the government to devise policies to protect the nation. But Dispatches reporter Peter Oborne reveals that our trust may be misplaced.

He presents the case that the government has reacted to the London bombings by rushing through anti-terror policies motivated by the desire to ward off tabloid criticism, gain electoral advantage and make the government look strong.

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  1. awful_truth

    Without a doubt, the first casuality of war is the truth, yet the general population tends to repeat what they heard or seen from the media without it passing the sniff test. (critical thinking) It is reassuring though that more and more people are starting to question what they have been told. Since the numbers are still low globally speaking, Joseph Goebbels's (German ministry of propaganda) treatise that 'the more you tell a lie, the more people will believe it' is full speed ahead in most government institutions regardless of which ideology is drivng it. Thus, those who refuse to learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it. (mostly everyone)

  2. cindy manoog

    The Authorities caused the London bombing for their own political means.
    Same as 911 in the US and the Bali Bombings.

  3. thekingbeyondthegate

    I love it how if this was produced by an independent film maker it would be called a conspiracy. What a lot of people don't realise is that if you separate fact "conspiracies" from fancy conspiracies then there is a lot of truth.

    A lot of people tried to mock me because of my disbelief in conventional media. I asked them how they knew any of it was true. They didn't understand because they couldn't conceive that something in the newspapers was either exaggurated or not true. I showed some of them this and because its by Channel 4, suddenly they actually started thinking about the stuff I said.

  4. Gary V

    The governments of every country in the world always has & always will rely on the gullibility of is people to tell them whatever that they want them to believe, regardless of the truth. It's called propaganda & every government uses it. Remember the fist casualty of any war is always the truth. Both sides will tell their people whatever lies that they think are necessary to justify their actions. Anyone who does not realise this is either very gullible or living in a fantasy world. The government rely on the fact that most people haven't got the intelligence to see what they are up to. Propaganda is one of the best weapons to have in your arsenal. The best quality for any politician is the ability to lie to the public & get away with it, in order to get & keep your job.

    1. Guest

      What is done in small scale can and are done in big scale. We humans do the same thing in small dose, we lie to get away with things even if it's out of caring for someone.
      See in your life, you'll see. Nothing will change until we change ourself.

  5. Marcin

    At least we still have liberty of checking several sources before making any conclusions. As smugg said there are countries where there are no other sources of information. It only takes to switch to other channel to punish the broadcast company. Imagine all the people of the UK refusing to watch bbc and paying tlevison tax. I wonder what would happen :)

  6. smugg

    yep, rob nailed it, but still... compared to other countries, and you don't have to go to n. korea or congo, just look at italy, BBC is light years ahead.

  7. the loler

    well said Rob

  8. Rob

    Got to be said that C4 Dispatches is probably the only reasonably unbiased investigative programme in the UK these days. The BBC docus are so spun and biased that they are quite painful to watch. Just last week the CEO of the Blair Broadcasting Co-operation (BBC) admitted - due to an impending budget review - that the BBC has been extremely left biased, which makes them guilty of breaching their Royal charter to produce impartial programmes. Its not just hearsay or conjecture now. We also have evidence of the BBC being gifted money from the EUSSR to pay for pro-EUSSR propaganda on state television. Another breach of their charter and clear trangression of the Treason Act too! Don't forget the BBC extracts licence payer's money under threat of violence, loss of freedom, and removal of possessions. The question is here is - what has happened to our open and honest media? Thank goodness for the internet and excellent sites like this!!!! Until the EUSSR works out how to censor the net and bloggers, of course, which they are working on at the moment.