The Data Theft Scandal

Dispatches: The Data Theft ScandalIn a 12-month undercover investigation, Sue Turton infiltrates criminal networks which trade British consumers' bank and other confidential information for huge profits in India, the world's new call center capital.

Uncovering the methods used to thieve confidential data ranging from credit card numbers to passport details, Turton exposes the alarming security failures in a number of commercial call centers which allow detailed financial data on individuals to be gathered and sold on with ease. She discovers shocking data protection breaches and a new phenomenon known as 'data farming' – the unauthorized 'harvesting' of personal data to be sold on or exchanged for profit.

This investigation also reveals the scale of some of the call center scams as Turton is offered hundreds of thousands of 'hot leads', full banking and financial profiles, to purchase. In the UK, she meets a former data thief and people who have fallen victim to this international trade. She also shows her undercover footage and findings to a UK data protection lawyer who is appalled, saying: "You couldn't scare me more. This is as bad as it gets. This is evidence of serious criminal offenses." (Excerpt from

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    Der Oberst
  1. Der Oberst

    Mediocre Dispatches documentary which unfortunately does not uncover anything we don't already know about. I had hoped to hear about the companies and people who purchase the data on a grand scale.

    ***(3 out of 5 Stars)

    Der Oberst

  2. Dennis
  3. Dennis

    This is good report. if you work at call center and you attend 1000 calls a day, you can easily put those records in your book or anyway else. It is so easy. You can do the same thing in UK too.

  4. c2believe
  5. c2believe

    As a former employee of a call center in N.A.,I can state definatively that the potential for information theft is great.I personally had access to credit card data,personal data,and could steal software and activation codes for software.Heck,I could randomly generate these codes myself and could have profited from them.Getting it off of th premises would have been very easy! Fortunately for both the company and it's customers, I was of the honest type!The only thing I could see that was necessary as a background check was a clean reocrd.I also do not give out my personal info over the phone,etc.There are obviously alot of people out there who aren't as honest as I was! :~0

  6. Inediblehulk
  7. Inediblehulk

    I think that instead of protecting against identity theft, we should live our lives like we are dreaming. Rack up huge debt, powerful enemies, international warrants and the like. Then when things get too heavy, copy and paste ALL your identifying info across popular internet forums and in a YouTube video titled "Miley Cyrus Gives BJ to Obama". Then when somebody steals your life, it's their loss and your clean slate!

  8. mike
  9. mike

    I like the way you think Inediblehulk.

  10. Dodgy
  11. Dodgy

    Bwahahah keep stealing, eventually people will stop outsourcing to India and I won't have to compete with someone working for $2 an hour once no one can trust the entire country.
    I can't wait for h1b visas to go next. gj India.

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    Never heard a thing 'bout that.
    Thank Vlatko to posting this.
    And they have all these datas but so rarely steal the identity? Buying goods online using stolen credit cards?
    I'll bet a great majority of the these credit cards where already overloaded!

    Humm... Thinking twice, what's the point in stealing from anyone close to file for bankcrupcy?

    In any events, considering this reality, I'll use a third party such as Paypal.
    I remember that the voice of the telephenonists are typically american.
    And renew the credit card once a 3 months.
    Simply state that it went through the meat grinder by error.

    Next... :=>


  14. Aj Haggerty
  15. Aj Haggerty

    i agree with the inedible hulk, best comment ever!

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