Undercover in Tibet

Dispatches: Undercover in TibetAs Tibetan protesters take to the streets in the biggest and most bloody challenge to Chinese rule in nearly 20 years, Dispatches reports on the hidden reality of life under Chinese occupation after spending three months undercover, deep inside the region. Dozens are feared dead after the recent clashes and crackdown by Chinese troops, but with reporting so rigidly controlled from the region little is known of living conditions inside Tibet.

To make this film, Tibetan exile Tash Despa returns to the homeland he risked his life to escape 11 years ago, to carry out secret filming with award-winning, Bafta-nominated director Jezza Neumann (Dispatches Special: China's Stolen Children). Risking imprisonment and deportation, he uncovers evidence of the "cultural genocide" described by the Dalai Lama.

He finds the nomadic way of life being forcefully wiped out as native Tibetans are stripped of their land and livestock and are being resettled in concrete camps. Tibet reveals the regime of terror which dominates daily life and makes freedom of expression impossible. Tash meets victims of arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and "disappearances" and uncovers evidence of enforced sterilisations on ethnic Tibetan women.

He sees for himself the impact of the enormous military and police presence in the region, and the hunger and hardship being endured by many Tibetans, and hears warnings of the uprising taking place across the provinces now. (Excerpt from channel4.com)

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  1. Lee Piratical Dermody

    Subtitles seem to be cut out anytime they appear.

  2. Sonam Chonzom

    plz plz plz m begging of u all the world ppl living in this earth, tibetans are dying in their own country in tibet,plz world support them, plz plz plz its so painful to watched.we all indians and american ppl are with u always n tibet will be free very soon.(FREE TIBET)

  3. xql

    However, the tibtans killing civilian chinese don't seems to get any attention in the west. Seems to me, the west looks down on the chinese, not so much the goverment, but actually the chinese ppl, and it is this hate toward the chinese that fuel the support for tibetans. In the end imagine this, native indians start to kill local american civilians and claim that they want their land back. What would the US do? What would the french do, when africans killing civilian white farmers in africa, what would the australian goverment do, if the native aboriginales starts killing civilian australians?

    I'm not saying that chinese nor the chinese gov are innocent in this case, but it is no more different than any other large countries had experienced. And in that matter, ppl know that religion may turn ppl into extremists, and coexsistence would be impossible.

    1. nrang

      Tibetans killing civilians is wrong, yes, as are Palestinians killing civilian Israelis (although one could argue that all Israelis are members of the IDF), as would have been the Jews killing civilian Germans (not too soon, I hope?), as would have been Native or African Americans killing civilian Americans (but it accurate to say that anyone was a 'civilian' in those situations?). Unfortunately, outbreaks of violence always occur when oppressed people are met by the symbols of their oppressors. Extremism is something that the media over-sensationalizes. There are in fact few religious extremists and many political extremists who use religion as an excuse to fight against the conditions they're forced to live under. When there is a high rate of poverty, extremely high unemployment, and the people have no infrastructure on which to survive, what would you expect?

      I know you're responding to someone else and to them, I would say a similar thing in that you cannot demonize the people of China but you most certainly are able to demonize their government and the system they work under. Capitalists, Communists, "Democrats" - in its essence, no one government is pure but again, the government is constructed of people who make the choice to oppress and the people who choose to submit to their oppression (sometimes with the only alternative being death). It's a fuzzy line but I guess what I'm trying to say is, I agree with you but the other guy (who himself is a xenophobe, it seems) doesn't have a non-valid point.

    2. Jonathan Smithson

      You are sadly misguided taking a simplistic undergraduate position. Your arguments are like those advanced to apologise for anti-Semitic policies in Hitler's Germany. They dissolve into pitiful intellectualisation against the savage hate filled policies of deliberate destruction of a culture.

      Your attempt to say "aw shucks it's the same everywhere" belies a profound ignorance at best, and, which is more likely in my view, a wicked attempt to minimise and deny systematic deliberate evil.

  4. aryabhata

    China is the most biggest, stupidest, power-crazy, worthless piece of trash that you can find,if it is so bad there then how bad will it be for a regular Chinese common man that are not a Mandarin Chinese, they are not under this population control rule, but what if they are also being forced to do sterilizations and if the Chinese can do so much of acting to show the world that they are' developing' Tibet, the i wonder how much acting they are doing to show that they are a developing country that is actually capable of ushering an era of peace in co-ordination with the other heads of state of the world

    In my opinion this should be a lesson for the world, that a century of suffering political upheavals and a history of suffering through foreign annihilations on their culture making them to be one of the most xenophobic culture's on earth, is a sign that they are determined to achieve their supremacy and no country , however strong can stand in their way unless, they are nipped in the bud.

  5. INTL.Revolver

    What a great documentary! I want to share that there are several people on Twitter advocating for Tibet,and passing this link around, but am learning that some people are unable to view this. It it being censored ?

  6. debbye

    watching this video, I am so grateful for the person that I am. I try to live my life with respect, caring, humor, learning & love. I realize how easy it could have been to be someone else, in an entirely different situation, living half a world away.

    I could have been in Tibet, being brutalized by a senseless non-human form of government. This in so inexcusable and there are not words enough to describe how I feel about these ongoing events.

    but, again, I am grateful for my life …
    and … I am homeless!

  7. Peter

    Powerful Documentary. Sorrowful to watch the assault on a beautiful and noble culture, being stamped out bu robotic chinese under the guise of Maoist materialism. One of the few good things our CIA has done was to support the Tibeatn freedom fighters - too little, too late. Mau is puportedly responsible for the deaths of over 70,000,000 Chinese, so from the perspective of a Maoist, this carnage is nothing, as life for a Communist has no spiritual value, as they view human beings as nothing but mechanised animals. Peter

  8. K. A

    It is all about greed and hunger for power, not only are the Chinese but the European as well.

  9. daniel

    funny how europeans did the same thing in the americas at amuch bigger scale and now are being hyporcytes

  10. Kelley Lynch

    Shocking documentary. It's obvious that the Chinese government has to resort to violence, torture, monitoring, forced sterilizations, etc. in order to steal minerals, etc. from the Tibetans. Hopefully their rotten toys aren't making their way into the U.S. and Mattel's. I'll write Mattel personally and email them a copy of this documentary. I suppose the President of China hasn't seen this and is in the dark. Is the President of China literally pulling Tibetan tulkus out of a hat. Shameless, as usual. And so blatantly handled in broad daylight. Obviously the Chinese President doesn't understand karma and/or hell. That's his problem.

    Kelley Lynch