DMT: The Spirit Molecule
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DMT: The Spirit Molecule

2010, Mystery  -   43 Comments
Ratings: 6.83/10 from 63 users.

DMT: The Spirit MoleculeThe Spirit Molecule weaves an account of Dr. Rick Strassman's groundbreaking DMT research through a multifaceted approach to this intriguing hallucinogen found in the human brain and hundreds of plants. Utilizing interviews with a variety of experts to explain their thoughts and experiences with DMT within their respective fields, and discussions with Strassman’s research volunteers brings to life the awesome effects of this compound, and far-reaching theories regarding its role in human consciousness.

Several themes explored include possible roles for endogenous DMT; its theoretical role in near-death and birth experiences, alien-abduction experiences; and the uncanny similarities in Biblical prophetic texts describing DMT-like experiences. Our expert contributors offer a comprehensive collection of information, opinions, and speculation about indigenous use of DMT, the history and future of psychedelic research, and current DMT research. All this, to help us understand the nature of the DMT experience, and its role in human society and evolution.

The subtle combination of science, spirituality, and philosophy within the film’s approach sheds light on an array of ideas that could considerably alter the way humans understand the universe and their relationship to it.

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43 Comments / User Reviews

  1. john k

    I was in a accident and my leg was amputated and i was bleeding to death. The pain was unbelievable as I started convulsing and bitting my tongue I All the sudden just saw all white the pain was gone and I had the most euphoric high ever better than any drug. All things made sense in the universe like I knew the answer . I could hear ever thing around me and then Bam! all the suddenI was back and the pain was back and was not at that place again . I can't determine how long I was there but it seemed like 10 mins not sure. DMT?

    1. Culo head

      Lying bro that never happened to you

  2. jaberwokky

    A very interesting and informative look at something I know little about, DMT. It also touches on the history of how some of the better work that was been attempted with earlier discoveries like LSD ended up being railroaded to "save society". Interesting cast of characters and the guinea pigs were a change of pace, not the usual line up of miscreants looking for a free high no matter the risk.

    I wonder though. In the doc, one of the people interviewed goes on about how the western way is to take intoxicants and to distil them down until they're so potent they don't resemble their natural form any more, the implication being that this is bad and to be avoided. But these guys were tripping balls on DMT that they'd had to make in a lab. I feel like I was being dupped.

    I'm also wondering how the hell the native Peruvians figured out that an enzyme inhibitor was needed in order to ingest the Ayahuasca without destroying its potency. How could they have know that there was a drug in there if they needed an enzyme inhibitor to reveal it? It doesn't make sense.

    If only I'd come across this stuff years ago, sounds like it would have been fun to try.

  3. David Harris

    I have always been an atheist and thought there was no afterlife. i now know without a doubt i was wrong. I had what they call a "breakthrough" experience the last time i smoked DMT. I will never be the same, I have seen the other side and it is so beautiful and powerful it was difficult to come back. I have never been suicidal but if my girlfriend had not been there to stop me i would have stayed on the other side. DMT is powerful stuff please use caution, it has shown me things i was not prepared for, and i am humbled.

    1. itchy8me

      Would that not rather be reason to acknowledge that spiritual experiences are more likely to be caused by a chemical imbalance or over stimulus to neurons susceptible to certain chemicals?

  4. melanie ashton

    I have been experiencing the natural bliss of the going back to the purety of the spirit molecule since I was a child. All of my life I have been trying to explain this pure delight to no avail. Once whilst relaying my utopia a friend commented it sounded like a DMT trip. I was interested but never did any research until this week. My son has been reading it and studying it for the last year. It is not until I read about others stories I realised that although the stories were peoples own explanations, most overwhelmed me with how they rang true to my experiences and FELT like my own.... This place of pure everything, simplicity, complexion, vastness and yet something so small. A molecule where everything radiates and begins. The wonderment of the simple amazing soul and how it is......repeated and repeated, repeated and repeated to infinity.


    I have felt the power of DMT with a death and a resurrection of the spirit. I got a massive dose from the pineal gland by the graces of the Holy Spirit while in the depths of a severe manic episode. I acutally felt DMT running down from the pineal gland to my brain stem. I heard God and Jesus Christ whom revealed Himself by name and I was transformed foever. I also had to battlle Satan and his evil ways to survive my experience. During this experience I was baptized by the Holy Spirit by taking a leap of faith, literally. I was immersed completely in the spirit world for six weeks. I almost died physically during this episode but out of death there is life. DMT is the gateway to Heaven and Hell where you are able to interact with spirits. I have much to say.

  6. Rocky Racoon

    look up Graham and McKenna they talk about dmt and that. The "third eye" I think society knocks it out of us or shuts it down somehow.

  7. Russ101

    My cat said you could extract your own DMT today how one might ask? A little thing called Dmtnexus com might help. it isn't very hard he purred nudging his nose into my hand holding a material list which might have read. mimosa hostilis, Naphtha VMP, and red devil lye. Assuming I could do the rest he meowed saying I would end up with nice white pure DMT crystals.

    I thought my god, is my cat on drugs? until I realized I was the one holding the peace. I wondered if it all was just a dream, because it didn't last too long, but it was the most AMAZING thing of my life. You can take my cats word for it.

  8. David Nightingale

    Good people,
    Is this site for top documentary films or for advertising top documentary films?

  9. Swivl

    I actually spoke to a boy who often has the same type of outer body experience I described. During one of those instances he was able to visit his mother in school (she was a teacher), Long story short when he asked his mother if what he saw at the school was accurate she said yes, however what he described had happened a week prior. He essentially was able to move through time somehow.

  10. Swivl

    I have had sleep paralysis MANY times, during which I awake basically on the ceiling of my bedroom looking down at myself. I am always 100% as conscious as I am when I'm awake, with the television playing the tv show I was watching before I went to bed and hearing it all in real time. I can "float" around my house seeing everything in real time including awake family members. Im not dreaming - Im not hallucinating and Im using my vision, hearing and brain capacity while looking at myself sleeping on the bed. This has changed my life, and I can do it almost at will (at night). I genuinely feel in my heart for people who cannot experience this.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      I used to be able to fly around the world through canyons and everything else when I was a kid and could actually feel myself hit the bed when I landed and awoke. Since I have not been able to do that anymore I have had a low grade permanent depression but I am getting it back-whole other plane of existence I think that is the one I am supposed to be on....maybe some parallel universe or something....Sometimes I hear a voice calling my name like I am supposed to be there instead of here....

  11. LLaqui

    This is so interesting

  12. thenatureofreality

    from expereinceing trips and studying it i am convinced that dmt is the evrything its my religion in a way i feel stronger and closer to myself dmt is in animals plants are brains! i want the whole world to see what iv seen feel the way i felt and understand i have such stronge beliefs in this drug i think dmt finds you it invites you into its universe its like we were put on this planet to descover it. its sad knowing some people just wont ever find out what else is out there but us people that have should feel greatful. dmt is my soul food.

    1. pixxiii

      I understand what you are saying, the first time I had DMT I came back to this reality with my hand over my mouth and the biggest smile on my face. I could not believe where I had just been! I agree that it finds you, you can't go looking for it. It has to be the right time and place for you. I want everyone to see what I did and go to the places I went too!

  13. Brian

    I've seen and participated in the most amazing things to be expressed beyond imagination. A world, the world in action, behind the scenes. It's a more logical world from what I can see. There is no God, or demigod. There is just particles stretching and spinning energy in order to create.

  14. murff68

    SweenDog,im not religious nor do i believe in god, however i do believe there is something far bigger , if the mind can survive outside the body then who knows!,

  15. SweenDog

    As a person who was Pronounced DEAD 3 times in one night, That is "clinically Dead", Given a time of death at each pronouncement. I am here to say there is something after what we perceive here. It has been over 2 years and I am still only able to understand bits and pieces of what I experienced. I have smoked pot, taken shrooms, peyote, and LSD. None of these even compare to what I experienced when My brain flooded itself with DMT upon my death. I just ordered the movie and if there are any serious doctors willing to talk to me about my experience I would be more than willing. The only thing the er docs wanted to do was use me like a lab rat for a few days. I objected.

    1. Buckdbb

      What happened to you sounds incredibly unusual. I hear that your body is naturally flooded with DMT the moment your born and the moment you die. I think why is this? I think its a way to connect our selves with the next life or whatever you want to call it. Its also a way of creating a reality...why else would it be heavily released at those 2 significant moments of life?...what are your thoughts on my thoughts sir?

  16. BlastOff

    DMT is the best way to start the year.

  17. jcjm5

    a hallucination is something that you are seeing which isnt there. A dmt trip on the other hand is nothing like it, what you are seeing during that time frame is beyond real, much more CRISP then anything we're accustomed to. One cannot comment on a subject like this until it is experienced first hand.

    For example, you whole bodily functions and mechanisms are triggered by microscopic chemical reactions, most of which we're unaware of, but just because we cannot see them in a physical setting as we do everything else, does not exclude it from existence period, lsd is a great example.

    Its not meant for everybody, if ur a closed-minded person i highly suggest you do not partake because you're running a risk of getting the worst experience of your life, it deals with your outlook on life, your emotional connection with nature.

    F*ck the bullsh*t and all the egotistical i*iots getting their panties in a bunch with their ridiculous theories on what their interpretation is on something they cant begin to comprehend yet alone answer, it was the best experience of my life, pure bliss.

  18. UsUala

    Listening to some PsyTrance and I wish I was trippin' BALLS...

  19. John

    @ Ryan

    can you explain more about curing cancer with your mind?

  20. Ryan


    It's not a matter of reading hieroglyphs to cure cancer. It's a matter of how much control you have over your mind. Cancer is a defect in the dna but you can cure this with your mind if you have a strong enough sense. Most people don't realize this. Other diseases are a different story though such as AIDS which is not created by the body. So be careful about that.

    1. Sabin Russell

      Go tell cancer patients they can beat cancer with just thoughts.

    2. Christopher

      He said how much control you have over your mind, he didnt say you can cure cancer with your thoughts. Unity throughout the mind means unity throughout the body

    3. seansyz250

      i was terminally ill with cancer for years..and i'm blesssed that i'm still alive and have died/seen angels ect..but i have beeen reading up on dmt..but not easy to come buy..i have the mimosa powder..but don't know how to extract it..i'm not a

    4. welsh_mossad

      Hi sabin,
      Our brains do actually have the ability to heal ourselves, belief IS everything, and, the quality of the "Thought" are the keys to attempting to fix your body.
      Those that can, do. (And have!)
      Without spending time over years learning how to meditate correctly, learning how to imbibe thoughts with the right "Will" and "Intention" to approach a problem and fix it, in the time a cancer patient has, unless they are already well practised they wouldn't have enough time to discover the correct mastery of the "Going to" mind.
      If you can achieve the right state of mind ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
      Make the effort to understand, you will see.
      Meditation is not relaxing and switching off, meditation is the seperation of your ordinary mind, mind body connection into a third more fluid and dynamic state of awareness, creating this mindstate comes easily to some and with practice to all.
      please take the time and confound yourself with your hidden attributes, it's an incredible journey.

  21. Wiser


    Can you even read hieroglyphics?

  22. Wiser


    Ignorant much? Do some research, educate yourself. The user "abe owner" is correct, he/she is being more logical than you will ever be.

  23. abe owner

    @ clray
    Your compartmentalizing evidence.

    Ever smoked dmt? Or tried ayahuasca? Obviously not. :P

    Hallucination is not an accurate word to describe what you see and experience.

    Our perceptions of the world and cognitive abilities are orchestrated by the aid of many chemicals (neurotransmitters included) in the brain and CNS. dmt is everywhere. its a human neurotransmitter. To say that it cannot be involved in us perceiving some sort of "real" (whatever the f@#$ that means) information because it makes "hallucinate" makes no sense.

    We don't know. But the proof is in the pudding. It seems likely, since our experince is mediated by these molecules. Change the molecular proportions in the brain- you change the type of information accessed by consciousness.

  24. Jello

    Wow please use the white meat in your skull

  25. ANDRE

    I have put a lot of research into DMT and have discussed experiences of multiple users. But to understand the full extent of the DMT experience I used it myself. Having tried it, i could relate to people's believes of existence of as commonly referred to by users as "hyperspace" or other dimensions entered through the use of DMT. All i can say on the topic, that there is not right or wrong theory about DMT trips, only that some users are so overwhelmed by the potency and intensity of the trip that they begin to accept their visions as part of reality. Other users use purely for the exploration of their own mind (is achieved through use of other psychedelic substances).As to the religious aspect of the DMT debate, it can be cocluded that majority of testimonys made from Followers of religion (within last 10 years) of claims of sightings of angels or other phenomenon (sobre) was during their sleep... were DMT is released into the brain naturaly.

    This is only my view point on the subject, enjoy the film

  26. J

    Well, it started out promising and I completely buy, and find it interesting that the human brain could be able to produce dmt. However, iI can't find anything credible as the film maker tries to lend credence of this dmt naturally in the brain, from the hyrogliphs... I mean, I could probably find the cure for cancer in those, had I hade the time and will.

  27. skarekrow

    going through all that there is in the ways of religious terms that float around. its obvious their terms link in one way to another. from something as simple as pandora and the box, to eve and the apple. all the way to mosus going through the desert being guided by a light and the countless accounts of the unidentified flying objects that surround the minds of people every day. there is no doubt that mostly everything out there is indeed out there, dmt can, and will help with the cause and effect to seeing and understanding what it is that is going on. but to be honest, dmt or not, all that one would really want is to be open minded and see the world for what it has to offer.

  28. oliarguello


    I meditated with the aid of DMT for about a year. It was incredible. It took my mind to places and truths I could never have done on my own ( understanding mathematics, physics, spirituality, psychology, social dynamics, love, etc and actually connecting them all).

    There are ways around it warned....its incredibly illegal and the DEA an local Distric Attorney foam at the idea of busting somoene with a "new" substance ( which has been illegal for decades, but its so scarce that the actual arrests cases are rare).

  29. Yusuf

    Amazing, i'm 17 and hope to come by some DMT in the near future.
    in my opinion, using psychedelics and smoking some bud every now and then is just fine, man made drugs, now that's a different story!

  30. Moot

    @murff68, I agree completely

  31. murff68

    @clray, no one is talking about religion your just talking s**** this is a good doc talking about things you just don't understand .

  32. dre

    taoist imortality anyone, Secret to the Flower of Life? Kunlun Nei Kung? Triosophia? ...

  33. clray

    lol what a load of crock.. dmt causes hallucinations of a particular kind, the invention of religion was apparently influenced by some such hallucinations, therefore "spiritual realms" must and do exist? wtf is wrong with your logic, people?

    1. greg don't know do you ( :