Do You Want To Live Forever?

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Do You Want To Live Forever?Channel 4 Documentary following the revolutionary life extension and immortality ideas of this somewhat eccentric scientist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

This show is all about the radical ideas of a Cambridge biomedical gerontologist called Aubrey de Grey who believes that, within the next 20-30 years, we could extend life indefinitely by addressing seven major factors in the aging process.

He describes his work as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS).

The SENS theory describes “seven deadly things” that erode the body’s youthfulness at the cellular level, eventually leading to death by old age.

Aubrey de Grey means to apply exercise, gene therapy, stem cells, and other yet-to-be-discovered methods of medicine to counteract each of these age-advancing devices:

1. Cell death and atrophy: Treatable with exercise, stem cells, and chemicals which stimulate cell division.

2. Cancerous cells: Theoretically treatable with a type of gene therapy being developed, called Whole-body Interdiction of Lengthening of Telomeres (WILT).

3. Mutant mitochondria: Mutated DNA in the mitochondria causes a number of diseases. These can be prevented by moving the mitochondrial DNA into the cell nucleus, where the rest of the DNA resides.

4. Cell senescence (unwanted cells): Fat cells and other unwanted cruft can be removed surgically, or by stimulating the immune system to attack unwanted cells.

5. Extracellular crosslinks (loss of elasticity): Certain proteins, such as those in cells making up the arteries, become too rigid over time because they bond to each other. These bonds can be broken with certain chemicals (some in clinical trials even today).

6 Extracellular junk: “Plaque” which collects between cells can be eliminated by stimulating the immune system, and/or by using peptides called “beta-breakers.”

7. Intracellular junk: Molecular garbage can be prevented from overwhelming certain cells by introducing enzymes which are known to be effective against such molecules.

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  1. HaTe_MaChInE

    All we have to do is cure all disease, master the genome, perfect bio chemistry... and we will be on a good start.

  2. Bluesmanwalking

    i saw this guy on TED dot com. Brilliant. do check it out.

  3. Achems Razor

    Interesting doc.

    Not far-fetched at all. Seems plausible. Will not happen soon though.

  4. Missa

    Y must people try to defy God? Seriously? Come on now. The concept of everlasting life doesn't entice me.

  5. Linda McGuigan

    At first I thought this was a wind up, but the more I watched the more I liked this docu. I believe this will happen but not in my or my children's life time, what an interesting and likable man Aubrey de Grey is.

    Linda ;-*

  6. Collette

    It is more about the possibility of making life infinite, but even if that technology is avalable, what could we all do with the new generations comming. Probabaly with some birth control and discovery of new planets that could be possible. New habitats elswhere for the reincarnated ones. And there is the big risk of control of those who can and those not allowed to extend their live. Indefinate might be possible, but as the documentary sideways shows, maybe not wanted.

  7. bo

    @missa you shouldnt say stuff like that because you validate science view point that religion is unhealthy because you support dumbing down of society instead of advancing knowledge. If you believe in God and God gave us a capable brain to add years to life than I dont see anything wrong with that. IMO 150 yrs of life doesnt sound that bad! Anymore it starts to get scary. Everybody would look all stitched up and stuff like that lol.

  8. Sabertooth

    Personal extinction is just no fun at all. Trust me! A very interesting doc.

  9. Mike C

    haha @ the religious dope

    this is good, specially when you believe in Solipsism

  10. normal

    I find this to be unobtainable, yes we will be able to extend life for a long time, but in the end all particles decay, after all we are all just star dust and even stars don't live forever...
    And if we do all live forever it will be in the Black hole of space to be reborn again in the next big bang.......

  11. I Love This Site!

    Just F'ng Love It!

  12. stephen

    I wonder if choosing to live indefinitely will change the controversy that comes with choosing to die?

  13. Life.Is.The.Alien

    Inspirational. My first goal - even before I knew about any of the science was - is to find the cure to aging, and my myriad health problems. All the arguments against Aubrey de Grey don't seem to resonate with me as most of them were comforting delusions like the belief that life would become boring if you had all the time in the world or that you would be defying god and/or evolution by not procreating (totally different issue- more like faith than science).

    The fact is that we have the technology today - very different from what was available to the ancient persian and chinese emperors - to really attack the problem of ageing in the same way the human genome project or the space race to the moon was conducted. Societies traditions, preconceptions, pessimism, and delusion/religion are the biggest walls to serious progress.

    The divide between specialists and generalists is very interesting.

  14. adam

    wouldnt overpopulation be a problem if we all lived forever?

  15. Life.Is.The.Alien

    Overpopulation is not nearly as much a problem as pollution and waste - also if we actually used all the 'sustainable, renewable, green' technology available, only built the highest quality products possible, built cities with the highest density possible, utilize the interior of landmasses, utilize underwater space and underground space, and finally outer space. The development of sustainable exo-planetary space stations/ships/capsules would herald a new age - of course even the solar system has a theoretical population limit.. but there are also many methods of pop incentives and controls.

  16. jono659

    Quote "Y must people try to defy God? Seriously? Come on now. The concept of everlasting life doesn’t entice me."

    Surely God's promise was of life everlasting! You guys need to get with the story.

    The real problem as I see it, isn't with his theory or even his timescale, but with 2 points..

    1. Humans as such are as a virus in the scheme of things and will destroy themselves by their own measure no matter what the age of the ruling class and..

    2. When the technology is available it will be by then owned by the world corporation and only available to the 1 billion people they decree should live.

  17. Karen

    There is no death gene. We only age and die because our bodies break down. Solve the riddle of wearing out and you could live until your destiny runs out.

  18. neoskateiasi

    A human is borned with a number of neurons....practically they die each second.And arround 10000 nourons are destroyed when you are drunk or doped...even when you sleep they dissapear if somebody reaches 500 years he is going to be Stupid....a lil bit smarter than a monkey but 1000 year the target of this program of living forever...the brain would be completely burned.....excuse my me if im not right

  19. Milton Babb

    DO NOT expect long lives with Masons around, they've been known to poison entire cities.

  20. Milton Babb

    New brain cells are produced daily in the bone marrow.

  21. Milton Babb

    Most people choose to die because they are tired of being sick.Just as we are after being poisoned with Bromine in our foods and the drugs that are supposed to make us well.

  22. rebelliuss

    personally i think this research would be invaluable if we are going to try and find planets to colonise in other galaxies, i can envision long range astronauts being some of the first to make use of this type of development. just a theory.

  23. rebelliuss

    to believe in god is to believe in everlasting life, whether in heaven or hell, so either you're lying and everlasting life does appeal to you, or you don't understand your own religion.

  24. Harry

    Wow this was a good documentary on a mad scientist, i enjoyed it, it had some class to it too i think.

  25. Lee

    Very good film,I admire people who dont fear to be different.(especially in ideas)

    However in my case I would prefer to instill whats good about me in my offspring,and let them forge the new world.At age 24 I think ive had enough anyways :P

  26. Ashish

    I only want to live forever to see the future of mankind and science.

  27. ira

    OMG ! I don't care about Aubrey, seriously ! The documentary started out great. But after it went into this extensive ego-centric rent about oh-how-crazy Aubrey is, it became plane dull ! Who cares about freaken Aubrey ?!

    What's interesting and they don't show in this discussion is 30 seconds interview of Freeman Dyson, when he starts mentioning things about evolution.

    We all understand that it is essential to even physical evolution to have an exchange of the generations. By extending life we slow down physical evolution. Admittedly, physical evolution does take a very long time, but the kinds of things it introduces are very valuable. So by eliminating physical evolution we deprive our self from achieving a true physical greatness.

    We also stop the flow of the fresh blood into our science, arts and thinking. I worked in an ad agencies for a while, now I work with technology development and looking into getting seriously into physics. So I deal with new ideas and progress quite a lot. At some point I learned that our ideas get old. Our approaches to things get old. Even when it comes to Einstein, he was working tirelessly for the second half of his life to unify theory of everything without taking into account the quantum mechanics. He didn't like to accept this new notion that something in the world is not stable, not like in the world of big. It's hard to admit, but his ideas became old.

    We all understand that if you give more time to those great and educated minds to work on their thing, you essentially save money and resources. Think about it, new blood is great, but it takes up to 25 years of resources to get anywhere. On the other hand, new blood is essential, because occasionally it takes much longer to gain a new prospective on the old theory, _unless_ you introduce new vision into it.

    Every generation that grows up, essentially grows up in a completely new setting, gets influenced by new things and grows up with a new set of ideas. And new ideas are essential to our progress.

    Or even worse. You get those rich, stagnating, bureaucratic old farts that can afford the treatment, and by no way would they give up their power and their status. Look at the wall street, look at the power in the middle east, look at the powerhouses that now lead the world. Do we want to let them to live forever? Do we want to give their ideas to thrive for eternity? Would you like to see their faces 500 or 1000 years down the road ?

    Think about it, the only reason why people want to live longer is to see the progress and to travel further in space. By introducing the immortality we deprive the world from progress, and thus, having all this not happen in a first place.

    I think it is possible to live forever. In fact, it is not hard to achieve. The only reason why we get old in the first place is because our cells start losing DNA pieces of information, and thus stop functioning well. So by introducing the DNA treatment and modifiers in those cells we can achieve immortality without constant treatment.

    In case the immortality, or even partial immortality, is introduced, it would be quite nasty for a while. It is feasible to foresee some major disasters, until we'd be able to regulate the new system. The progress related disasters are only natural in the evolution.

    Concluding: we are all screwed, but it's not a bad thing globally. But personally, it's gonna be very disturbing..

  28. Milton Babb

    well said ira.

  29. Epicurean_Logic

    wow, great analysis Ira. you have seriously done some deep thinking on the subject!

    The only problem is that you don't know how to write a good ending to your story. I mean 'Concluding: we are all screwed' lol. It's supposed to end with, and we all lived happily ever after.

  30. ira

    well, i said it's not a bad thing - globally speaking. But who said that transitions like these are easy ? And with the amount of stupidity around, i'm sorry, but the reality is scarce on happy endings..
    it's still your personal choice though. If you can bare living with stupid forever - sure ! ...And they lived happily ever after ;)

  31. a

    when they ask audrey the biologist or a nutcase or opportunist(not yet known which one he is) about children and overpopulation. both audrey and the interviewer seems to forget that there an extremely strong chance that where going to live in space before we learn "immortality".. where just living in a small planet and the universe is expanding (the big bang) i think where not going to worry about that part since were only taping one planet as for know. also i personally think even if we can extend are life it still extremely easy for are species to be wipe out cause of human nature.. well even now are lives are at the hands of few individual. well the usa president can destroy are world 100x with his nuclear bomb what more can you think/imagine the weapon of mass destruction of the future can do..

  32. Ten Bears

    I like the idea of life for a very long time it beats the alternative.
    I like Aubrey's theories however, I will say that I agree very much with what many of the other scientists conducting research on the same matter are saying and that is Aubrey has conducted absolutely no research and or proof, which is required for such a theory to be deemed correct.
    The doc itself was interesting, including interesting and qualified opinions. I especially liked what Tatyana had to say and that was "We're not even human yet, evolution has just began. Evolution hasn't stopped. So True!!!

  33. james

    I wouldn't want to live forever - only long enough to accomplish all of my dreams. And if in my 1000th year of life I have a new dream, well, then I'll go on... I wouldn't worry about overpopulation though. It's man's destiny to go to the stars, anyway.

  34. Shee-un

    Do I want tyo live forever? Well, I don't have a choice here - I'm already immortal, lol.

  35. Kuko

    Very radical idea being put forward by Dr. Aubrey, I do not deprecate his ideas and theories, in fact I always admire people who are brave enough to express their ideas whatsoever weird or radical they might sound, but as I am wathing this doc some problems with immortality spring to my mind. Firstly, we all know that todays world is full of unwanted phenomena as hatred, racism, xenophobia, humans as a kind are simply intelectually and emotionally unevolved. If in lets say 50 years time we really found the way to stay alive for 1000 years all this things would remain in society. Ira said that this kind of human intervention into the process of aging would stop the evolution, but in my opinion the process of human evolution will soon be taken over by us through genetic engeneering because of our need for pover, our desire to rule over everything whether it is evolution or even life. This does not necessarily need to be bad though, because we can evolve far faster than, living healthier, more prosperous lives, but what I think may happen is that our physical evolution will greatly lag behind out emotional evolution, causing great trouble.
    Thats my point of view on this problem, thank you for possibility to express it :)

  36. Kuko

    Sorry for mistakes folks, I´ve just reread my piece and found a lot.

  37. Kuko

    @ I love this site, I love it toooooooooooo :)

  38. MonkeyExperiment

    Hey all... did anyone else think the "calorie restricted diet" experiment they were doing with the monkeys is pretty cruel? Locking monkeys up in cages for life and starving them...

  39. Jeff

    This guy is scary. I can't believe this psycho has a following. We need to figure out how to feed everyone on earth before we worry about living forever.

  40. Ashish

    @ Jeff

    DAMN RIGHT. I'm hungry.

  41. jw

    @ira and everyone else who mentioned human evolution being halted by indefinite lifespans.
    it is my view that all forces of natural selection acting upon the human genome have been nullified by modern medicine for decades now. Its hard to imagine the selective forces in play now in a world where children born with holes in their hearts or no immune system live long healthy lives and have no problem procreating.
    of course, i'm not advocating eugenics. I'm merely saying that when you look at birth rates across different demographics, human evolution may no longer be in a direction we would consider favorable. Intellectuals tend to have less children, ( at least here in the us) while fundamentalist christian science-deniers pump out babies.

  42. Healer

    Here's what Ira said a few comments back, I put it under ""

    "We all understand that it is essential to even physical evolution to have an exchange of the generations. By extending life we slow down physical evolution. Admittedly, physical evolution does take a very long time, but the kinds of things it introduces are very valuable. So by eliminating physical evolution we deprive our self from achieving a true physical greatness."

    As long as we got the ability to make babies, you can scrap that argument. Because as long as people can make babies, evolution can continue with new generations. If this place runs out of food-producing and housing space for the people who just won't die, that's another story, another situation. It's a matter how many people this planet can host, and that depends on how we use and live with the planet.

    There's always things like more powerful or incurable diseases, accidents, violence between men... those will put quite a few of those who extend their lives, to their graves, so the overpopulation effect gets automatically reduced a bit. What's the harm of having a healthier and longer life when you grow old? You can pass on your knowledge, wisdom and tradition, and teach even younger generations about fine arts like craftmanship, that one can only really learn by practising. If people like Einstein could had lived 150 years or longer, imagine the technology we'd have today. It might be a bad thing though, for people tend to use that technology for vain destruction and oppression.

  43. nando858

    the earth can't live forever how could we?

  44. Terry

    Lots of Theory no Proof, and from a scientific stand point proof is king. Aubrey may be better off attending some AA meetings and stop living in his head.

  45. Gaz

    Einstein became vegetarian with his regret, towards the latter part of his life:
    He wrote, "I have always eaten animal flesh with a somewhat guilty conscience." and also, "So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore."

    The destruction of the planet (the very water required for our existence and every cell within our body in fact!!) and it's resources should take greater president over any miracle cure. The Meat and Dairy industries are the prime reasons for the most destructive processes affecting the earths natural resource (water especially) carried out on earth.

    Consider the facts:

    The earliest record of the commonly believed ‘missing link’ Neanderthal existence dates to 600,000 years ago, the earliest known time of existence. It was known that Neanderthal roamed the Northern European mountainous regions and the common belief was that he ate meat to survive. Ok perhaps he had omnivore tendancies. Two things we do know, are that he DID NOT COOK his meat and secondly that Neanderthal faced extinction in the ensuing ice age.
    It was only 128,000 years ago that the earliest unequivocal known use of fire for 'cooking' by humankind was scientifically discovered/proven.
    It is also common knowledge that the most basic human farming of animals for consumption did not begin until circa 10,000 years ago. How long does physiological evolution take before adaption (in this case digestion of meat, trans, LDL and Hydrogenated killer fats) takes place....several 100,000's or millions of years...

    Stop breeding meat/dairy animals on the massive we are and the sooner the immediate world health and famine problems will go away....but disease = £££$$$, but that's another story, another pill and another way the pharmaceutical industry can turn huge profits.

  46. Gaz

    **insert "scale" between 'massive' and 'we'

  47. Sam Kooshesh

    Nothing physical lasts forever. Nothing. I'm prepared to dismiss that on the strength of the established proof to that effect, but I certainly accept that life can be extended both in quantity and quality. One way to do so (which also aids in promoting the health of the environment, health of other living beings and spiritual health) would be to eat a plant-based diet.

    For the physical health benefits, check out any number of studies on the topic. I recommend "The China Study". For the environmental impact, read any FAO report on meat production and water use/land use/carbon emissions and as for any mental or spiritual change... well, try it out. See how you feel.

    It's not complicated.

  48. aoik3

    the things he proposes will just feed the industry more money. why do all of these, when cures have been discovered throughout the past and freely available if u give it effort? i.e. Bob beck, royal rife, william reich,nikola tesla

  49. Klaudio

    >implying you dont want to travel the world
    >implying you dont want to travel the solar system
    >implying god exists

  50. Stephen

    Great Documentary,

    I was delighted to see that Ray Kurzweil is featured in this documentary. In my opinion, it is the realization of Aubrey de Grey's ideas that will usher in the "Singularity," as invisioned by Ray Kurzweil.

    That being said...

    I take issue with those who appeal to "Evolution" as a reason we should *not* attempt to solve the problem of aging. The process that we think of as "Evolution," I prefer Bio-Chemical Selection, is no longer the primary force that shapes the world we live in and see around us. It is, in fact, Technological Evolution that shapes the present and future of this planet. The very idea of limiting Technological Evolution due to some sentimental regard for the slow and out-dated process of Bio-Chemical Evolution seems backwards to me.

    This question was settled roughly 35,000 when the two forces themselves faced off for global dominance. Modern Humans, endowed with the early seeds of Technological and Cultural Evolution faced off with Neandrathals (who were better physically adapted to survive cold weather) during a little ice age. The Neandrathals, while quite intelligent themselves, showed no ability to produce art or innovate their tool design. They were, however, far better physically adapted to survive in extreme environments. The early Modern Humans, endowed with creativity and culture (the ability to develop an abstract idea such as a tool design over generations) prevailed. It was at this moment, during the history of Earth, that Technological Evolution superceeded Bio-Chemical Evolution as the force that would shape the planet.

    Technology is ubiquitous. There's no going back or slowing down. Get ready for a wild ride :)

  51. Fares

    Aubrey is weird. His Girlfriend and mom too. The director seemed weird. The people interviewed looked were some of the scientists. The director sounds weird. The idea is great but the whole thing seemed baseless and biased.

  52. Tomás

    What a quack. A very poor and rather partial documentary. There was far too much "personality" and far to few concrete ideas to the "Aubrey" cult. He's obviously see looked at faith and seen that the base of most faiths is a fear of death or a fear of the unknown and like pretty much every major religion he sets himself up selling a myth, the myth of immortality. The beard, the eccentricities, it's a design to captivate, like the many personality cults through the years.

    At the end it says he is nothing but a computer tech at Cambridge, rather than the professor he claimed to be. This man has zero credibility. If people want to see real change they should invest in their own health, through exercise and diet rather than invest in this sham. Life's limited so make the most of it!

  53. Candy

    No I do not want to live forever, because you want get to see Jesus in Heaven an all of your family it would never be fun your husband/wife would of died an be in Heaven/Hell either one while you will be on earth not seeing them ever again. Cause when I die I want to have my enternal body that we are going to get when we go to Heaven.I do not want to liver forever cause you will get tired of living forever.

  54. juan

    well its a very interisting documentary. at first all the theories of aubrey seem to be getting to somewhere.but after that, then everything starts to fall. well what else can we expect from a computer technician? on the issue of ageing, biologically speaking. he just does the talk while others keep working in the laboratories to get their goals.
    almost everybody would like to live forever. this idea DO atract many people...people wants to believe.....

  55. Ravi

    Evolution as we know it is dead. Natural selection no longer exists, and the population is constantly being diluted. The intelligent further humanities goals, while the dimwitted reproduce like rabbits. At least a cure to aging could solve this problem. Although it is likely to introduce/further far more urgent problems.

  56. dylluvzjc

    it's simply impossible for the current biomedical technology.
    Gene therapy is still under research, and elicit immune response, it's not an established technology yet, unlike fermentation or recombinant technology.

    Brain cells (neuron) won't regenerate, the neuroglia will.

    he's such a mad scientist!

  57. Jack1952

    The reason people starve is not because there isn't enough food; its because they don't have the money to buy the food available. Worse yet; those of us in the industrialized world are not ready to give it to them.

  58. dean abr

    These people are more in love with the theory than actually getting to work, i would call this aubrey and educated fool - Theories are unproven facts, until they become proven they should all shut up, the entire education/university/theoretical field. Too many theories, every person on this planet probably has a theory. He needs to shave that beard, total ass hole this guy, like the doc said 7 years passed and he did jack Sh*** about finding out about the bacteria in the dead

  59. Morsie

    I would absolutely hate to live forever - it gives me the creeps to think about it.

  60. Joe

    Great doc. He is one of the interesting people out there in science today. Is he spot on with all what he says...I doubt it, Who cares, the uses of the mind for advancement of the human condition. It seemed that there was no shortage of egos in the room LOL. Can we live forever? Who knows, can we live older and better yes. Crawl, walk, and run all in time we will get there,

  61. Judy M.

    that's sad. all living breathing things die. no living breathing thing will ever leave forever. never. we can even find a cure for all diseases and yet nothing will leave forever. science will never cure death because death is something that must occur just like day and night.

  62. Andreylaur

    I would like to live forever, but I want to go to Heaven too, if it's possible.

  63. Xercès Des Stèles

    day and night doesnt have to happen, just think of a planet that doesnt have a rotation, or has a synchronised rotation that makes it always face the star, like the moon vs earth but planet vs star. why would a civilisation not evolve to the point of knowing and controling all deseases that afflict them.

  64. Xercès Des Stèles

    you know, morgan freeman is an actor.

  65. Eniki520

    dont you have to die to goto heaven?

  66. Eniki520

    why would you want to live forever so you can see humans destroy the earth and everything on it?

  67. Carl Jodoin


  68. PatricktheAtheist

    Hahaha Cargo cult science!! Cargo cult religion is exactly like christianity or any other religion. Pray to got to solve your problems. Build a church and pray for rain to stop a drought - build a runway and play for planes loaded with food. The followers of both religions don't understand the way reality works!!

  69. Tom Rabbitt

    There is something about the humans who strive for immortality that is fascinating. Why don't they accept death's inevitability? Should they? should we? Is it noble? are they just frightened? If you can do it, go for it. If its impossible we will fail, if God refuses our endeavors, he will foil us. As for if it is a good thing for society, probably not. If we succeed we will deal with the consequences, but i won't fight the curiosity.

  70. blavidol

    there is something missing with people who want to live forever.they have a dread look in there eyes they are fundementaly unhappy.seeking life for ever to make them feel better

  71. Joel Myers

    hopefully (when we are able to live forever) the beautiful people will gain the upper hand & dispose of the nonbeautiful ones, you know, all you ugly people...which is 99% of the whole population. That would be sweet.........

  72. Aaron Downey

    @Joel Myers - That is called eugenics and that was one of Htler's very dangerous ideas

  73. Jamie Megarity

    I think this guy literally is 100% right on almost everything he says.

    the one thing that everyone who is arguing with him is saying, is that we need to make room for other people. for new generations etc...

    this is absolutely right. now look at people like Audbrey. look at most ambitious people in the world. you would have to have the right sort of mentality to Even want to live forever.

    now if we went ahead with human experiments. forget the death penalty, we have too many individuals that have "taken" from society and are sat in jail giving nothing back. continuing to take. i don't mean people who are sent to learn a lesson. i mean LIFE in prison. i mean the people who are absolutely going to spend all their life in prison and die in prison according to the judge who put them there.

    They should be the subject or scientific experiment so as to give back to the world. they wont have a choice. they chose to do something horrific that took a lot from many. They are then used and put in positions where the outcomes will benefit and give to society in general.

    We move forward. Ensure we can keep rebuilding body parts and just forget all the doubts. we can do it. its just nobody will put money or effort into it for a variety of reason.

    the people who then live forever need then accept what their choice has brought them. they look up. the stars. "spaceships" haha.

    literally just big spaceships. dont scoff at me look at the pyramids, the titanic
    and every other huge machine we made when we had a reason to or wanted to.

    they leave the planet and watch over. do new things and scientific experiments. explore. do the things we would do if mortality and "life" didn't stand in the way.

    leave the earth for the next generations, and move up. into the world where the brain is the only constant. and everything else is robotic/bio-robotic and artificial.
    look down on the earth and you would be able to think about whats best for it.
    make the big decisions. gouvernment and the "law" should come from one, united "party" or whatever that exists in space, out of our world. they could use the satelites and everything we have globally. everything we have made. take the power and control away from the people who would benefit from the decisions they make. this space govournment could watch, scan 24-7 around the entire earth and monitor climate change, changes in money, and mood.

    i saw we MAKE God

    after re-reading I will have left you with a very good point. people will always be people and corrupt etc...
    those on the outside, would be unable to return. even if they wanted to.
    If we could master regeneration etc then it would have to be artificially powered. (electricity or w/e)
    so whatever becomes key to for the whole thing to work then becomes its cryptonite.
    build a machine that makes another field around earth. in the design of the machine, any foreign (outside the field) and artificially powered "thing" or "person"... cannot get in through the field. well... they can, but it kills them or it. scrambles or kills the energy driving it to work.

    if that existed, those on the outside would never be able to return to earth and therefore never be positively effected by anything that happens there. we as humans would just want to help. to monitor and do what we can to try and help the earth and its people flourish.

    There. "insane" rambling over. going back to shitty normality now haha bye =]

    very good DOC!!!!

  74. Jamie Megarity

    1:10:10 - 1:12:00

    best part of the doc in my opinion
    Shows you the mentality that stands in the way of progress. someone who see's another person making things happen, who cannot himself do this as well as Audbrey, then attempts to analyze and find fault with the person who they are ( i mean this in a very sub concious way) jealous of. this in turn makes them seem like the normal one and the "right" one and eases their ego. they feel better and comfortable and would rather you ignore everything the other person is saying, REGARDLESS of what is true or isn't'.

  75. Juan Cruz Martinez

    if we reach the immortality capacity before changing and upgrading our consciousness, spiritual and community level... it might be very, very dangerous... I choose bad guys to keep dying instead good people keep leaving forever, cause power is in hands of bad people most of the time, and keeping them alive is not a good game for all of us. Think this: if a magic immortality gum is launched for the first time...who will be the ones that can afford those highly cost products? yeah, only those that have a lot of money and power...

    today, there are plenty more people thinking about how to make immortality, than people thinking that the human race isn't ready yet for that... that is the problem.

  76. avny82

    Well put.

  77. oej


  78. oej

    @Aaron Downey - That is also called a successful troll.

  79. Joe Manning

    Gotta disagree with you there. Transhumanism on a whole is the only way for us to survive as a species. I agree that psychologically we aren't initially built for the enviroment we've created and are creating technologically, but we will adapt. I think right now we are (I hope) in the worse phase of adapting to the new exponential technological curve and we already are reaping the benefits of transhumanistic technologies such as the internet and cellular phones, ipads, etc. We are developing synaptic enhancers for our brains and before you know it we will be linking up to the internet using our own bodies. It'll start off with stuff connecting on the outside, move to nanotechnology, by that point we should be close to reaching the point to where we can essentially live forever. I don't really see (of course I am a cheerleader for science, not an actual scientist, as Penn Jillette has famously said) us having to go wiht "okay we can now live for 200 years, in 25 years it'll be 300, then 600, etc. etc." I think we'll start off by finding a way to de-age people, and with that we will have discovered immortality. Since there is no way for anyone to predict how technology will affect us one can only theorize (At best) and make assumptions as per usual.
    What I hope to happen will be a global enlightening on a scale never before seen and will likely never be seen again. We will transcend our humanity with some bumps, some nasty stuff happening both from us and the enviroment, but we will overcome it. After that the very concept of nationality, nation-building, societal-structure, personal being, religion, science, all of human nature will change drastically. It's a scary thought for many, I'm sure. But once we are able to share and transfer information freely and instantly to our brains and once we start enhancing our synaptic functions to be faster than ever before; We will literally reach a point that is beyond ANYONE'S imagination. As the functions that control our imaginations will have changed completely. I hate going all-caps like that but I'm just lazily driving it home. Personally, I wouldn't mind a huge change like that, but I understand that it goes against a lot of concepts that have been long argued and debated over. Like if it changes me completely, am I still me? Existentialism will probably seem less existential at that point-But I'd say yes, I still am. With all the memories that make me, me.
    We all go through personality changes, and a few of us go through dramatic personality overhauls. Whether that's good or bad is subjective. In the end I'd say one that overhauls you based on fact, truth, evidence and giving you an unending supply of information and the ability to digest that information is a good thing. I'll go out on a limb and stand by that :D

  80. Bilal Bruce Morpeth

    Another Darwin nut. He should take it easy on the booze, maybe he is trying to pickle himself.

  81. Manfred Alamango

    This is absurd ! I believe we can greatly extend human life(perhaps to 150yrs) not just by medicine , but for starters, we must first remove all the poisons in our food. Prevention is better than cure. !

  82. whadda_joke

    we do live forever. so whats the point?

  83. Sayefooooo

    (verses from the holy quran ) >>> :Say If the future abode with Allah is specially for you to the exclusion of the people, then invoke death if you are truthful.* And they will never invoke it on account of what their hands have sent before, and Allah knows the unjust.*And you will most certainly find them the greediest of men for life (greedier) than even those who are polytheists; every one of them loves that he should be granted a life of a thousand years, and his being granted a long life will in no way remove him further off from the chastisement, and Allah sees what they do.

  84. Achems_Razor


    Do not do any preaching from TDF. TDF is not your pulpit, these blogs are only for on topic posts about the doc.

    Any more preaching will be removed.

  85. David Dickens

    this is how the T-virus will be created, zombie apocalypse beginning with enzyme implementation. =P (just a joke)

  86. Jose Delgado

    The quality of my Life, not the longevity is what is important. If you ask me what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn't ask me, I'd still have to say it.

    I believe that parents need to make nutrition education a priority in their home environment. It's crucial for good health and longevity to instill in your children sound eating habits from an early age.

  87. T

    Or maybe they cherish life and feel there isn't enough time to experience and do all they want to. What is the basis of your assumption that there is something missing with people who want to live forever?

  88. Quinton Beaudry

    define forever and think about sun burning out billons of years in the future or a rock hitting earth then rethink your statement

  89. whadda_joke

    I guess I need to make my point a little clearer.....we are spiritual beings, WE DO LIVE FOREVER. We have been here from the beginning, if you want to call it a beginning, and we live infinitely. We have no end. So, now, do you get it? Why is someone so caught up with wanting to live on earth "forever" we do live forever. Oh, the body? It's a "vehicle" we use while we're here. Our real selves are "trapped" in it. I never, NEVER have to rethink my statement, because I know already what we are, and we never die.

  90. Dylan Moore

    Provide proof instead of talking out your ass please. By definition nothing can live forever, because living requires things like metabolism, which isn't possible on a time scale deemed forever. You're just spouting religious idolatry which has no place or relevancy to this documentary.

  91. whadda_joke

    "By definition nothing can live forever..."
    "because living requires things like metabolism...."

    you're an i*iot.

  92. Richard

    I definetly believe that we will extend our lives a great deal, and much of the reason for that will be from the Ideas suggested to us by DeGrey. "Forever" ? No, that is not possible simply because, in this universe at least, everything goes into entropic decay, sooner or later. The Sun, which has a lifespan of about 10 Billion years, is a very good example .The Sun operates on a relatively simple system...convert Hydrogen to Helium. This will, eventualy be untenable because there is not an infinite supply of Hydrogen and the immense complexity of the human body means that there is a certainty, a certainty...that it will fail, no matter how wonderful the repair, or replacement process. Extension, yes, As for the Spiritual argument, that is also a yes. There is no need to cling to this body.

  93. Nico Di Angelo

    its true, we do live 4evr

  94. Ryan

    In the beginning humans were designed to live forever. It was the first human pair who purposely sinned against their creator and thus introduced sin and death into the world. (Genesis 2:17; 3:6) So while humans have been able to achieve many wonderful things through science and technology the one thing they can never remove is the root cause of death, namely sin. We inherited sin from our first human father. (Romans 5:12) Since then humans are imperfect. We are less intelligent, we are less healthy, fundamentally we are less spiritual, we are less moral, and the list goes on. (2 Timothy 3:1-5) Only God has promised to remove sin and ultimately death from our DNA. (1 Corinthians 15:26; Revelation 20:14) Only he can do. Not imperfect humans.

  95. Mike Keller

    such a naïve way to look at the world. As our understanding of life and our surroundings increases through factual knowledge these ancient texts are becoming a hindrance on human evolution.

  96. Aerovinh

    The world as we know it will eventually collapse, if humans can lives forever

  97. ChefBryn

    Good many mentalists in this world

  98. disqus_DPXIOBCBd9

    When a scientist tells you he is a jehovah witness .... he is not a scientist and has no drive for research or discovery. This is riddled with some really bad science.

  99. disqus_DPXIOBCBd9

    1) Apoptosis is necessary, as is errors, unless you want to halt evolution.
    2) cancer cells are immortal because of telomeres
    3) Mitochondria was an endosymbiotic partnership, they cant be included into the nucleus to to the high presence of free radicals, it is an organelle.

    4) fats and lipids are necessary for membranes

    5) lack of not cross bonding, although forces of attraction are necessary to produce elastic forces
    6) that is not what the immune system does, at all.
    7) this is why it is necessary for cells to undergo apoptosis.

  100. cdnski12

    It is a fact, that life spans dramatically increased in the USA, during the depression years of 1929-39. The reason is that the entire US population ate about 50% of what they ate before and meat & carbohydrates became too expensive for even the middle classes. Everyone ate a lot more vegetables. This was actually good for people's overall health. The populations of most advanced countries could easily get by on 1200 calories per day. Most of us eat at least double that amount.

  101. Richard Neva

    Live forever? Hell no! I am retired and will never work again and I cannot live within my means and I get two checks each month. Social Security and a Pension from the State of Michigan Civil Service. I can feel my body disintegrating and I am 73, and have lots of pains everywhere. I will welcome death with loving arms!

  102. EmmettGrogan

    All of the claptrap you talk about may work for you; but it doesn't work for everyone. This is not a place to proselytize, please take it somewhere else. We're discussing SCIENCE here, not FAIRY TALES.

  103. John Smith

    I rly dont want to live for ever , just to stay healthy until like last day i die. That would be perfect. Living is too damn boring and I would not stand it for another 100 years

  104. Mack89464

    Did you watch the documentary????

  105. tim

    I'd like to live forever if possible I'd like for my loved ones to live forever too. The thought of death scares and saddens me.

  106. Lemar Christian

    i don't want to die..honestly i;m scared to death of dying. i'm 47 and i would try any experiment to ;live as long as possible.. the human mind is like a computer and electric generates in our body.. if scientists could down load our brain memories..personality..memory into a computer than a clone. bam.we would never die. i don't understand the purpose of life with it being so short. we spend so much time hating each other and worrying about things that won't matter in a few years because we will be dead. my wife was murdered a few months ago and it really has scared me

  107. elohim

    We are ready live forever.. research PPL

  108. kyko

    what if i told you guys a secret. god and santa clause are one being.... ;) theres way more to the universe then some book thats been re written a few times...

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