The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children

The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying ChildrenAn award winning documentary film produced for German television by Freider Wagner and Valentin Thurn.

The film exposes the use and impact of radioactive weapons during the current war against Iraq. The story is told by citizens of many nations.

It opens with comments by two British veterans, Kenny Duncan and Jenny Moore, describing their exposure to radioactive, so-called depleted uranium (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of their children.

Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, a former colleague of Albert Schweitzer, and Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) traveled to Iraq, from Germany and Canada respectively, to assess uranium contamination in Iraq.

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  1. Richard Sheehan

    How many times do we listen before we hear?

  2. Alexander Arabadzhiiski


  3. SpookyCheese

    Informative but very repetitive.

  4. david from ks.

    We have a government of nazi muurderers,,,they care NOT about you or me,,just the year by year plan of taking everything we have including the most important thing ,,,our Health,,

    1. Richard Sheehan

      We are the government.

  5. Roger

    Thank you, for the lead, Vlatko. I see that 2004 was the last year for that specific film festival, but that it seems to have been replaced by EcoMove and am contacting them and their sponsors about why this film was selected. If it was given an award, it certainly did not deserve it. It is not a documentary; it is propaganda and needs to be recognized as such. Does anyone reading this willing to translate the interview with the director from German to English? If so, please, contact me. I would really like to know what is being said and since it is a video, the translation can not be done by Google.

  6. Sara Lee

    I had no idea they were using depleted uranium in the bombs. I thought they were using plain old c-4..
    so it would look like the gulf war syndrome was caused by uranium.

    still to this day, they haven't come out and told the truth about their damage to their own soldiers and citizens.

    what a f@#$%^ up country.

  7. Irish Shane

    the world is full of confused little puppets too scared to speak up or act in the face of savagery.

    Why stand on a silent platform.. fight the war, f@#$ the norm.

  8. Roger

    The first line claims that this is "award winning" - what award did it win and who gave the award? Does any one of the readers know?

    1. Vlatko

      Google it Roger. It takes two seconds. Okomedia–International Environmental Film Festival in 2004.

  9. Jamey

    Jamie-yes they should all be tried! How many people do all those organizations equal? And what percentage of 7 billion is that number?
    Shame on you all who are either defendeng something you do not truly understand and are not willing to research. Or are people really so niave as to believe that a few people wouldn't possibly be out for their own benefit? We all are, and the more morals you dismiss the better you do. I've decided to stop using the monetary system for this reason. It's sickening what humanity is doing, and while we sit back and let it happen, future generations will blame us all, as should be. I go with out so that I don't have to work, just to have the time to try to address, spread awareness of, and find solutions for the messed up stuff that desperately needs to be fixed. There is way more going on than you could imagine. I am so young and stuck dedicating my life to turning around these horrors that I had nothing to do with creating. I don't blame the people because I understand what social conditioning has done. Yet when it is as plain as day and people still refuse to use their basic reasoning skills, it is hard not to be disturbed, at the least.

  10. baaroo

    Isn't it strange that we use WMD to destroy "WMD"? So far, by any measure, The United States have used significantly more WMD that everyone else combined, have attacked more than 70 countries since WWII and has proven that you don't need WMD for mass destruction, it can be done with conventional munitions. Adding the effects of all that, who is the "terrorist" and greatest threat to the entire world?

  11. mj

    with due respect to your military service
    did you handle these DU Ammo?
    As for my part i do have very good grades in Physics in college...
    furthermore, government scientists trying to justify a government policy... hmm ?huh!
    For sometimes, people were x-ray bathing, thinking that the newly discovered x-ray was beneficial for health...

    would you keep a DU Ammo in your bedroom and that of your baby??

  12. Roger

    The very first pictures on this documentary are false. It shows a cannon firing probably a 155mm shell. Then it shows a missile, not a shell, approaching a tank. Neither of these show depleted uranium. That's a great start for a propaganda film, lie from the outset.

    The 155mm cannon does not fire a DU round. The only large caliber DU rounds are fired from the 120mm main gun on the M1 Abrams tank and in the Gulf War (but not in 2003, since the tank had been retired) the 105mm main gun round of the older M60 tanks that still were in service.

    Ted Weymann is a fake scientist. The Uranium Medical Research Center is a fake organization that scams veterans and their families. I had always thought that Horst-Gunther had visite Iraq on his own. I now know that this entire thing was staged by the UMRC. I invite Edward Weymann, board member of the World Sufi Foundation to share his qualifications with this board.

  13. Ambricourt

    My earlier comments show concern with the DEDICATION of the hidden persons who design electronic, chemical and biological weaponry. I suggested making a documentary - SCIENTISTS OF DESTRUCTION. During the past seven years when the US has changed from a benign to a malicious power, the agents of destruction who include intelligence operatives, think-tank bureaucrats and politicians, as well as scientists, have gained supremacy. Their power seems immeasurable.

    When it is possible to name instigators the opportunity should be taken. One looks to sources.

    So my basic statement is: Air Vice-Marshall Harris (UK) and General Curtis Le May (US) re-designed aerial warfare from 1943-1945 to target civilians. The later use of destructive weaponry against civilians in Iraq, Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen derives from these strategists.

    The American arsenal currently comprises weaponry put together with parts made in (almost) every state of the Union: so, as Americans are democrats, they must be held collectively responsible for the manufacture of monstrous devices.

    Saddam was an amateur in killing and torture compared to the manipulators of the destructive forces that have been unleashed on the world since 2003. Amputating ears is undeniably barbarous; but what adjectives do you recommend to describe radioactive contamination and genetic dysfunction?

  14. Roger

    Isabella, I do not work for anyone. I am retired. And you work for what propaganda organization? Do you still get a check from Saddam's minions?

    Ambricourt, you led off with 8 million deaths; even what appears to be a biased documentary says 2 million so you are rather prone to exageration as I expect that they were too. I sincerly doubt that every town and city in North Korea was bombed. Some cities were most likely bombed, but it is also clear that the all out bombing campaign that LeMay did want to wage was never approved. There really is no connection between whatever was done in the Korean War to this propaganda video that came out of Saddam Hussein's Iraq where no one had the ability to do anything that was not explicitly permitted by the regime. Even the doctors had to do things that were reprehensible. For example, they were required to surgically amputate ears as punishment and would have their own ears amputated if they refused or if they did anything to relieve the scarring of the punishment. Read the "Republic of Fear" - significant portions are available on line within Google Books.

  15. Ambricourt

    I am fully aware when General LeMay died: it was forty-five years after he ordered the fire-bombing of Japanese cities, thus proving once again that (clever) generals die in bed.

    More civilians died through his aerial strategy against Japan in 1945 than in the raid on Dresden, the dropping of the two atomic bombs, or in any previous recorded war. He pursued the same strategy against North Korea and then promised similar treatment of the Soviet Union. He was a brilliant innovative commander of SAC in the 1950s.

    Americans, and their many satellites, should know about such men and the immensity of their destructive imaginations; when the US is at war (with the rest of the world) it is no time to feign bewildered ignorance or adopt postures of pious innocence about political or military leaders.

    The author of the article in The New Yorker is Richard Rhodes, a distinguished journalist of his time.

    If you want a simple introduction to General LeMay and his leadership watch the A&E documentary The Man Who Wanted World War111. It's available at the site: documentary film network.

  16. Isabella

    You work for the government.

    1. mark cooper

      Another possibility that seems apparent in his posts is he is so brainwashed he actually believes the crap he writes.
      Personally, I hope he's a shill because at least he is being paid...
      Roger, can I have some DU in your garage to add to my bath please?

  17. Roger

    Ambricourt, was LeMay speaking from his grave? He died five years before this supposed direct quote from him in the New Yorker. Why don't you come out from the shadows and make it possible to contact you? Far as Global Research; they may be "global", but they hardly are research and if that is where you get your facts, you clearly are sadly deliberately misinformed.

  18. mj

    Ambricourt thumb up!!!
    we agree with you
    the top generals and their family should be given a pendant of an American made depleted uranium bullet to wear.
    if they don't then don't give it to soldiers, don't use it on civilians areas...
    we were looking for weapon of mass destruction, well we definitely put it there with these depleted uranium Ammo...
    the UN should prosecute these war criminals for using nuclear weapons- "Depleted" what a deceitful term!!!!

  19. Ambricourt

    I hope my imagination alerts people to the hypocrisy of the current world government and particularly to its decades of military ruthlessness.

    There is no doubt about US bombing campaigns against Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq and many other countries with little or no air-power. The difficulty is obtaining figures for casualties on the ground so as to compare these with atrocities allegedly committed by regimes of which the US disapproved. Obviously the US military will not boast of foreign civilians killed in so-called "collateral damage".

    General LeMay is quoted in The New Yorker, June 19, 1995, p.53, as saying: "Over...three years we killed off...twenty percent of the people of North Korea."

    The "strategic" bombing of North Korean towns in 1950 is a historical fact. Air Force General Curtis LeMay's comment is hopefully exaggerated. But, as the American counterpart of British Air-Vice Marshall Harris, he should know...

    For update: google: global and read the notice:
    "The US and not North Korea is a threat to global security."

  20. Roger

    Ambricourt has a very vivid imagination. The comments about the Korean War casualties in North Korea are probably totally bogus. He has no personal knowledge of his claimed fact and neither do I, but I certainly would not believe his claims without some real fact to back them up.

    Isabella, did you bother to watch the video. You have seen the propaganda. Why not watch the real thing. I found it looking for something else in Google. The video has been practically a well kept secret and it certainly deserves to be viewed.

    Back to Ambricourt- why don't you turn your vivid imagination to making the world a better place instead of imagining things that never were that would have made it a horrid one.

  21. Ambricourt

    The U.S.military looks after its own. it may not provide generous pensions but it overloads veterans like Roger with social networks which carry immense burdens of propaganda. Fair enough - comfort old soldiers who have killed and terrorized around the world...

    Perhaps a few old ones feel guilt at the merciless technological destruction of human beings. How many valiant veterans realize that US bombing of North Korean cities and villages between 1950 and 1953 resulted in approximately eight million Korean deaths, and the General in charge ran to become Vice-President hoping to continue such tactics? Are you shown documentaries about Curtis Le May?

    The US condemns Stalin for deportations and gulags! It demonizes Hitler for concentration camps! At least, these murky leaders kept people alive to get work out of them...

    The US through the later twentieth century has dedicated itself to mass destruction of human beings by instant death, slow death through chemical warfare and future death through biological warfare.

    In preparation for WHAT in our new century?

    The extermination of Chinese and Russians?

  22. Isabella

    -had a hunch Roger linked to a government $ite prior to viewing.

  23. speechless

    Ironic, since the push for certain "clean" energy solutions, like nuclear, simply provide the military with the source material for DU weapons production. Where do these ammo production facilities exist and what can be done to educate our working military who are building these weapons? It doesn't help that the military machine preys on the weak/needful to staff these occupations, which are comprised of elistees who typically come from family-oriented ethnicities.

  24. Ambricourt

    The planners of wars present and future have decided that on our U.S.-controlled planet any person who is judged inimical to the Imperial Order will be punished unto the third or sixth generation. GENETIC warfare is part of the abominable arsenal of present conquest. And not only the alleged "enemy" suffer: sometimes those "lesser breeds" of low military rank who worked for the Imperial Order by disseminating the weapons may also be afflicted.

    An insidious poisoning spreads across the planet. Devised by scientists, perpetrated by militarists and inflicted on any persons deemed suspicious of actions against the Imperial Order, these poisons sterilize land, infect rivers and seas, and mortally damage human beings.

    And there is no visible end to this self-murderous process.
    Ahead lie lasers, robotic warfare, satellite-based missiles, electronic-activated mass poisoning and mass killing...

  25. Wolfgang


  26. Ambricourt

    Now the scientists dedicated to destruction are no longer satisfied with annihilating the enemy; they must also debilitate future generations...

    Who are these people? Who finances them? Where do they work?

    A documentary on THE SCIENTISTS OF DESTRUCTION ? ? ?

  27. WHN

    What did we learn from Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    The United Nothing convention writes ABC weapons shall be banned in war affairs..
    What would the U.S. EPA say if 2 tons DU bullets would be dumped in your neighborhood?
    The seen facts proof crime against humanity and military conventions.
    Who will call the Den Hague Tribunal to bring these crimes to justice?

  28. Bruce Pinkney

    I recall back about 50 yrs. ago thinking I'd like to be alive for a long time to watch the world develop towards a better life for everyone. This documentary is just one more reason to know that we're likely stoned or just stupid.
    The sheeple of the human race are going to pay the ultimate price,because we do nothing to effectively stop those abusers of power .
    Canada is just as bad as the rest of them. Crime against humanity should equal a death sentence.What a croch of crap.

  29. wiki quotes

    The external radiation dose from DU is about 60 percent of that from the same mass of natural uranium.

    During a three week period of conflict in 2003 Iraq, 1,000 to 2,000 tonnes of DU munitions were used, mostly in cities.

  30. jamie

    The United Nations(UN) – United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP World Health Organisation (WHO) – The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) – International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – The Governments of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – The respective Departments of Defence/ Military – The Nuclear Industry – The Pharmaceutical Industry...
    insist DU is safe.

    All deserve to be tried for crimes against humanity. Shame on you all

  31. Neil

    Obama is exactly the same, they are all puppets, and every time the dumb masses line up and listen to their drivel, and every time they cant beleive they were let down and lied to.
    All Nato Country's use the stuff.

  32. Sham the Ham

    The high ranking military/governmental people who keep saying the areas with depleted uranium are safe should be forced to live and raise families there.

    Our species is in a race to destroy ourselves or to find a way to survive. We moved a step forward when most countries outlawed and destroyed their caches of chemical/biological agents, however, we have taken two steps backwards in the use and cover-up of radioactive heavy metals in conventional warfare.

  33. js

    a halflife of 25billion!!!!!!!!!!!???!?!
    i could not watch the the photos of those children. i had to turn my face away. how the mothers watch their children die.

    damn the american and british politicians who are playing the good samaritans around the world. what about protecting the environment.????!!!!

    they are making whole places on earth uninhabitable.

    they are a bunch of thugs. irresponsible it is a fact the only people who used any type of nuclear weapons are these states. what a mascaraed.... nuclear non proliferation?????

    may the many good people involved in this doc. be heard.

    war criminels: bush and blair.

    blair looked like a good guy before bush pushed him to join his mass murder scheme.

    for us or against us. everyone is of course against this.

    i know it is nearly futile.

    bush and blair must be prosecuted at la hague, for war crimes, and crime against humanity.killing people with cancer for 4.5million of years to come.

    but as a German historian said, the first criteria to become a war criminal is that you lose the war.

    otherwise you go scott-free even if you kill millions.

    won't blame the iraqi's or serbs if they ......

  34. Rick Sheafer

    I didn't need to see this to know that my government commits crimes against humanity. I've known such things since Vietnam.
    What saddens me is that this kind of material needs to be shown to a much wider audience than it is, but I know that mainstream media here in the US would never do that, they along with our government have sold their souls for money and power.
    Until the people of the world stop believing the lies that are fed to us, it will only get much worse.
    One of our founding fathers warned that if America follows a path of war and conquest we will lose our soul, which I believe we lost a long time ago.
    A day of reckoning has already begun for America, we are getting what we deserve, the only troubling aspect of that is that the innocent will suffer and perish along with the guilty, seems that's the way it's always been. No power last forever, history has proven that many times over.

  35. Thece

    Unique and striking documentary movie, daring to show not just unpleasant, but even unthinkable facts and shocking life stories. In this case, I could only recommend watching more German documentaries. 10 stars from me.

  36. Charles B.

    I agree. Using depleted uranium amunitions now, knowing what we know now, should be outlawed, if not a war crime.