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DolphinsOutdoor and underwater filmmaker Greg MacGillivray explores the secret world of dolphins in this documentary. Dolphins offers a glimpse at many of the 40 varieties of dolphins, in waters from Patagonia to the West Indies, as MacGillivray joins a group of researchers studying how dolphins hunt and communicate. In addition, the film exposes the actions of tuna fishermen who illegally attempt to capture dolphins, and answers questions about the habitat and physiology of these remarkable aquatic mammals.

Dolphins was shot in the high-definition IMAX film format,and is narrated by Pierce Brosnan. This is one of the most inspirational nature videos of all time. Just the cinematography is enough to captivate any audience.

It is a wonderful story and gives you a real good insight on the magic of dolphins and how important they are in our world. If you like dolphins or free diving, this is the movie for you. Multiple scenes of humans swimming with dolphins, with no clumsy scuba gear...

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7 years ago

Another useless trailer

8 years ago

I love this one. The songs. The message. The story. Just wonderful to watch again and again.

Jared Scheideman
Jared Scheideman
12 years ago

When is the Dolphin documentary going to be fully out to the public?