Don't Talk About The Weather

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Don't Talk About The WeatherEver wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis? This film is handed out to anyone with a free hand where I live yet I haven't found it on the Web so thought I'd extend its reach to a wider audience.

Don't Talk About the Weather chronicles a grass-roots investigation into chemtrails, analyzing the different and contradictory official explanations, as well as uncovering official documents that prove chemtrails are not only real, but are a WEAPONS SYSTEM.

It also examines media involvement, including subliminals and counter-intelligence, and links the subject to an all-encompassing political agenda. There should be something new here for anyone who sticks with it, as each section takes a different perspective. Information presented to provoke intelligent and peaceful debate.

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  1. This is complete bull**** of course. Docs like this on this great website are a horrible shame. The world isn't that complicated. You are not now important because you stumbled an Illuminati plot of banging everyone in the butt by next Christmas. Hope more docs like this do not get posted on this great site. you know what, sickness and the bad things in the world are not caused by kem trails, there caused by jews. right? if kem trails makes sense then so does that. yep. Or maybe... 9/11 is like behind this like mr 9/11 himself sitting in a bank in Saudi Arabia sipping margaritas is behind kem trails to distract you from 9/11 and the moon landing. DOnt mean to be agro amigos, just trying to make a point. God Bless. Check out some of the non-propaganda docs on this site. There's a great one about Christofer Columbus's later voyages to the new world. I recommend it.

  2. Guys the sound is not that great to begin with skip it a little, its actually a very good docu. Its very informative and doesnt step over any boundrys.

  3. I have not been sick for 5 years, maybe the chemtrails are vitamins :)

  4. Made it to the 8 min mark, poor camera control, lousy unnecessary music and slow presentation.

  5. A classic, one of the best!!

  6. Unfortunately, I could not finish the film because the audio was so poor. My PC speakers probably don't help. But, I could not hear or understand the narration; the music seemed too loud and seemed to make the narration garbled. That said, it seemed really interesting, although lacking in science.

  7. This doc totally creeped me out. Why do people bother with horror fiction, when reality is so much more frightening. I see the world differently now.

  8. This is my personal history with contrails I clearly remember when the persistant contrails began About 1989 or 90 I asked my uncle who was a fighter pilot in the military and he told me that it was his understanding that they were for mapping winds at altitude and I accepted it at the time because there was only 1 or 2 a day. I see them all the time now. Ive been around planes a long time Ive seen planes I know well leaving contrails like the one on this doc that didnt used to 15 years ago You can say well its getting old but that would not be true I suspect something is desolved in the fuel so someone needs to look

  9. Here is the real issue folks, no conspiracy, no chemicals but we are massively effecting weather systems with human powered flight.
    fromm the NASA website:

    NASA could use more data on contrails. Thus, when cloud amount is estimated, it would be good to know:

    1 Is it possible to see contrails? That is, can the high altitudes be seen from the surface, or are there too many low clouds in the way?
    2 If it is possible to view upper levels of the atmosphere, are contrails seen?
    3 If contrails are seen, are they persistent or short-lived?
    4 If persistent, how many were seen?
    5 If persistent, were natural-looking cirrus clouds also in the sky?
    6 If persistent and possible, how much of the sky contained contrails? These observational details can be reported in the comments section of the S'COOL report form. However, we do now ask for a count of the number of short- lived and persistent contrails visible during every observation.

    This information, if taken regularly, will help us learn where and how often contrails occur. By matching the surface observations with the satellite data, we will then know if we are using the satellite data correctly to identify contrails and determine how they affect climate.

    I havent seen natural cloud formation in years- if you live near a flight path neither have you- they drift in from the sea or they are formed by planes.
    strange how this is a non issue because of the chemtrail debacle....

  10. That is the worst produced film on this site. I had to turn it off, the first 15 minutes is enough to make you seasick, and when the talking finally starts, you can't even hear it. Terrible production.

  11. Bullcrap, thats for the health professionals to keep em' working and all the drug companies to stay rich; probably something Bush started

  12. I absolutely LOVE your cheeses.

    1. you're right fabulous cheese, beautiful women ....... u've been right on your first comment too !!!! But i just cant resist to joke bout all my london friends .....

  13. All over the US too. I live in Western Colorado. I've sat and watched them, watched the sky go from beautiful blue in the morning to hazy and overcast by afternoon.

  14. I live near an airport in the North West of the UK.

    Most americans, where the bs that is chemtrails originated, do not live near the flightpaths of planes, rarely look up and/or are functionally illiterate and so near-totally scientifically illiterate.

    If an american looks up and sees a line in the sky, someone is 'trying to poison them'. This is do dumb on so many levels it is a joke.

    Oft Repeated but CORRECT explanation;
    The wingtips of planes disturb the air as they pass through it.
    IF the air is at the right temperature and humidity, that is enough for ice crystals OR water droplets to start a CASCADE of ice crystal OR water droplet formation and so cause the moist air to start to form clouds... just like real clouds form PLUS the exhaust of the jet engines produces similar tiny particles around which ice crystals OR water droplets form so seeding the atmosphere with tiny particles that cause NORMAL ice crystals OR water droplets (clouds) to form in a line WHERE THE PLANE HAS FLOWN. Air can have water in it and be transparent... making it look like something came from nowhere... but the water was already there just spread out UNTIL the plane causes it to start to condense into clouds.

    Nothing special... they're called 'clouds'.

    If you never did real science at school or think magic jesus makes things happen because you have lived all your life on an american farm and think you know how the world works, then all this planes=chemtrails bs may seem plausible. But then that will be because you are a dummy and an ill-educated know-nothing who cannot see how clouds form so 'the Man' is trying to 'get ya'.

    Tip for the future; Learn to read then read more. With luck you'll study Physics as I did and if you are really lucky, you'll stop being a loon.

    On a clear day, these clouds can form IF the air is ready to form clouds but it takes the simple distrurbance by the plane (wingtips PLUS exhaust partticulates) to trigger it.

    Nothing special. Nothing to worry about. No poison involved.

    Sadly, americans and similar ill-educated, unobservant and thought-free individuals decide that 'the Man' is out to poison them.

    It's sometimes fun to laugh at the ignorant but ultimately there are too many of them and I have other things to do so if you 'believe' in 'chemtrails' please seek medical help for your mental illness and do try to enjoy the rest of your life.

    Peace... now peace off!

    1. As a U.S. citizen, I agree with your blatantly obvious analysis of this documentary.

      I also think that you should come to the U.S. and meet every one of our 350,000,000 citizens before making sweeping, bigoted and inaccurate statements about entire swaths of the human population.

      The U.S. government has made countless stupid, clumsy, hegemonic and ultimately destructive decisions in it's short history. But that doesn't mean all "Americans" are, well.... anything.

      Do ALL British have AWFUL teeth?

    2. YES !!! Actually they do !!! (english with awful teeth !!!)

      And french are stinky ...... I know !!!! I am french !!

    3. sure, contrails are real we understand. But why turn your plane around to essentially "circle" a certain area? And how can they turn this "water" off and on when preforming these maneuvers?

    4. Where do you live that clouds are made of ice crystals? Ice crystals from contrails don't expand and last for hours and hours. Does the condensation from a glass of ice water sitting on your table flood your house?

      But no we are the as you say... "ill-educated know-nothings"
      ...This is the part where you inform me that I am a dummy.

    5. Why do some of them look like they are dripping? why do they expand and join to create blanket white cloud with strange optical effects on sunlight?
      why are they now "proposing" methods like barium sulphate geoengineering at vast scientific conference like they arent already doing it?
      look up you i****,

    6. Nothing special... they're called 'clouds'.
      well not strictly unsure about the whole chemtrail phenom but they are discussing doing it at conferences around trhe world at the moment-
      under the slightly less sinister title of geoengineering

      What is more concerning is that even though there may be no additional chemical components to the trails THEY PROFOUNDLY EFFECT WEATHER SYSTEMS GLOBALLY.
      Causing the early onset and possibly lower than normal altitude of cloud formation-
      The whole process of weather system formation has changed visibly on a massive scale since the rise in global air travel levels.
      In fact this IS the issue- people see planes messing with the weather- which they do undeniably! the contrails persist and form cloud cover and must effect the earths albedo massively because of this.
      But the people who are concerned about think its on purpose for a variety of wild reasons and the people like yourself who are supposedly the authority on this matter dont give a s*** or dont go far in enough in addressing the potential effects of this seeding of precipitation- funny how that works- what will all the fuss about global warming... huh?

    7. You sir/ma'am are whats commonly referred to as a Government Shill. Either that, or you're some overly educated elitist who thinks they know everything there is to know. Either way, you're being obtuse, snide and illogical. Besides, if it's the former, I have news for you; they (your handlers) care as little for you (and the 10's of thousands like you) as they do everyone else they feel to be below their stature. You're just as expendable as the rest of the population.

      Weather modification isn't something new and more people are becoming aware of this fact. It appears the latest 'politically correct' term being used is called 'Geo-engineering' as discussed by two goons giving a talk on the matter, that work for the CFR. Those sell-outs aren't the only ones with conclusive proof that this has been/is going on.

      I recall during the Iraq war, the MSM clearly showing satelite images of the military using the technique of 'cloud seeding' to hopefully garner advantage on the battlefield. Those 'clouds' weren't natural and weren't the result of naturally occuring contrails. They were, in fact, CHEMTRAILS!

      Get over yourself. You're not nearly as smart as you would like to portray yourself to be!

  15. Shawn is a contradictory ******* r*tard. I never like to point out irony, but dayum. As it gets easier to dumb people down, you have people like Shawn, who thinks he's being 'normal' or 'sane' by calling everyone else crazy.
    Way to prove that you deserve what they are dumping on you.

  16. wow i was just skipping throught the doc to see what it was gonna be like and i got my answer in the few first seconds of the 4th part, a little girl who doesn't even know what she is asked/saying... and then guy goes ''here some more chemtrails''...

    pathetic, i see no data in this so i leave, oblivious to the problem maby, but this film was N-N-N-N-Nothing!!!!

  17. I used to be friends with this guy named Joe. He had spent a rough adolescence escaping an abusive step dad and escaped to live among the squatters in Amsterdam for many years. There, he did a lot of LSD and was initiated as a Shaman. I forget through which friend I knew him but he would point out random people or random cars as we walked around and say those people knew him and were evil. I guessed Schizophrenia. I was young and let him live in my studio at the time. (Purely platonic). It got to the point where he was obsessed with chemtrails. He would sit by my window for hours and count the planes. This was in Boston, not far from Logan International Airport. Eventually I had to ask him to leave because of his insults towards me and his failure to go to the job I got him because he needed to watch the chemtrails. The last time I met him, about five years ago, he claimed the government had paid him money for the blueprints he had created for a death- star looking spacestation to be used when the earth is destroyed. He bought my friends and I several bottles of expensive liquor and drank the night away. I haven't heard from him since.

    So, yeah, that's why I'm a bit skeptical about chem trails.

  18. Parts 3,11, 15 and 20-- of 27 -- aren't available in the USA; the rest are.

    I wasn't able to hear the bit about "Predictive Programming" in part 10, due to the background noise..."music"? I hope it wasn't too important.

    The doc becomes unlistenable by part be honest with you, it starts to get annoying; to be honest with you, it starts to get annoying; to be honest with you, it starts to get annoying; annoying; annoying; annoying; annoying; annoying.

  19. I just started looking at the NASA website. They say "contrails" add to the warming trend.

    Man, the more you look into this, the uglier it gets.

  20. Kinda silly to watch this; I can look outside my window and see the same thing. Beautiful clear morning -- I'm certain it'll be an overcast afternoon.

    Hard to believe people think these are contrails. Around here we get mostly the Anarchy type. Not the tic-tac-toe type. And occasionally parallel, but not that often.

    My question: What do we do about it? "WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!!" Um, ok, we're awake. Now what?

    And of course Global Warming is real. If anything, this is a strategy to combat it.

    End of doc.

  21. Pretty much unwatchable. A lot of fast amateur zooming.Sweet Soundtrack though, I Shazammed the **** out of it!

  22. OK. Only parts 1 and 2 are available in the U.S. because the rest is blocked by copyright (I'm guessing because of the music) and it was pretty awful. No support beyond anecdotal evidence for any claims is presented in nearly 20 minutes, lots of shots of the trails, but I never saw any analysis or anything that empirically supports a link between a rise in the health problems and chem trails. The best evidence is a story about how his family all got nosebleeds within an hour of each other.. Not exactly hard science. I can't judge fully, but if you're in the U.S. don't bother watching this. The first two parts are useless and the rest isn't available.

  23. can anyone provide a Brit friendly link, its been blocked in uk due to copywrite

  24. shawn- con-trail chem-trail are two completely different things

  25. Wow. What a waste of 8 minutes. Seriously, the guy who made this (and I love that he is so afraid of the consequences that he disguised his voice) and anyone who buys this load need to remove their tinfoil hats and seek professional help. If you don't like the con-trails, move away from the airport. There are more important things to worry about in the world, like, I don't know, millions of starving people, epidemics, genocide...

    1. A waste of time? How about a waste of life if you don't do something about it? This is just not some random thing! Nothing is! EVERYTHING ON THIS SPHERE OF ELEMENTS AND CREATURES AND BONDED AND LINKED TO EACH OTHER! If one thing goes wrong it affects the other.We are not different, people, we belong to the same species and we must live in harmony between each other and with the rest of this circle of life that provides us with everything we need to make us happy, including the good things we have done so far! Technology, research, love and respect to everything and everyone is what you see as a bearded old man up in the sky, God.

  26. If anyone is interested in learning about biotechnology on a very intellectual level or playing field I RECOMMEND Chuck Missler's Biotech video. There is profound evidence to refute evolution and "darwin's theory."

    1. @NewCovenant:

      Ah, Chuck Missler, the peanut butter man, let him explain how life arises in a jar of peanut butter by creationism. Very scientific synopsis.

    2. Why don't you simply watch the video instead of voicing your weak opinion?

    3. @NewCovenant:

      Now that you mention it, you are off topic, please desist, put your religious opinions on the proper religious docs, read the comment policy above.

    4. Why did you try so hard to convert me to your religion??? evilution??? Why didn't you stick to your own policy???

  27. Its been going on for years, its a covert war on the population. If I had the means I would take direction. Shoot the B------- down The two main components are Aluminum Oxide......Highly toxic and carcinogenic, Barium......toxic and carcinogenic. These chemicals build up in the soil and eventualy nothing will grow.

    There may well be a side issue, after reading the comments I have a feeling that duming down may be part of the problem.
    Or perhaps some of those writing the comments were dum to start with.

    1. I believe you unintentionally proved your point. It is spelled 'dumb' not 'dum'.

  28. The music in this film is dead solid :)

  29. Total BS.

  30. Jesus, it is water vapor.

  31. well the very next day after watching this video i heard a plane flying about so decided,to check it out and sure enough i saw my first chemtrail here in northern ontario Canada. Wow thought to myself "were pretty remote with not much population"

    I beleive there are no pilots , the planes are remote control because people have feelings or are suppose too God help us!

  32. Oh my god! Commercial jets are drawing anarchy symbols in the sky with chemicals designed to kill us all!


  33. 1 min in and motion sick....
    nothing really informational here....
    boring!!!!! ill give it another 5 min for him to say something relevant to the topic or im gona go to another doc.. this looks like a waste of time.. he just points the cam at the sky and plays music.. s*** i could do that..

  34. Please comment on the video so other like minded folks can enjoy this website too.

  35. After the volcano errupted in Iceland this year; all planes were grounded in Uk and some of Europe, media said beacuse of Ash, perfect time to get access to so many planes at one time. Then the sky changed the clouds were lower and differnt, just hanging around, not moving like they did in my teens.

    May was extremley hot and then it clouded over and is now July. I even put the heating on the other day, this is what the oil giants want.

    Something is definately going on that we are noty asking about, beacuse of the protection racket the richest are running on our goverment who should be speaking for us.

  36. Creation is just that! We were created by a Creator- of the heavens, universe and of all LIFE, for HIs Glory! Satan wanted worship who was the most beautiful unseen created being/angel in heaven created to Worship, The Uncreated CREATOR. Satan's conspiracy to be worshiped and to overthrow the Throne of God's Power and Love, cost him in rebellion to be thrown out-guess where? Here-the earth! Why do you think we such evil in the world? Satan will not stop until he has a certain percent of people so deceived that they will worship him-he craves worship simply put. Man is his enemy regardless because he determines to get back at his CREATOR through his evil nature and desires in WHO GOD LOVES MOST-MANKIND. Do not be fooled by responses that do not believe in global agendas-they are real because satan is real.
    I encourage anyone who can still think critically with their own conscience who has not defiled yet with utter lies to ponder on Jesus-fully God and yet fully man to take our sins, to feel our pain and meekly die for us--it's in the history books folks-it is TRUTH! He will come to you if you call out to Him!
    P.S. This Doc. is very real!!!

    1. So all the other religions throughout history are meaningless and your jesus and god are the real ones(yes you worship multiple gods)?
      This website wasn't ''created'' for you to vomit lies.

    2. I am sorry that I offended you. You see, I was a very RICH and Very WEALTHY girl about 15 yrs. ago!
      I owned two mid-rises in downtown Chicago along with my fiance who was a prominent architect in the city. I had everything that everyone WISHES for! I found a drug called "crack" cocain, as always, it found me rather. I was not able to get free from this drug for four years and I had a very expensive habit per day. Maybe you would not care about someone else' life, but some quirky thing happened with a girl in my building. She talked about God in the elevator every time I was going out to buy my drugs. I could have cared less about what she was talking about, she did not make any sense to me. While contemplating one day to jump off of the top of the 30 story building that I lived in the Penthouse after four long yrs. of drug addiction I saw this same girl and for some reason I asked her to pray with me. I was instantly touched by the GOD of Whom we prayed too, Who IS The LORD JESUS! 30 days later she kept checking on me to make sure that I was alright and not back on drugs. She asked me if I wanted to pray, I said alright, I did not know anything about prayer etc. and while she prayed JESUS appeared before me and looked gently at me for a few minutes. You might not believe, but I have been all over the world through physics conferences and have seen The LORD'S LOVE touch, heal and deliver tens of thousands of peoples through FAITH. I never said that any other god was not real. Everyone believes in something, and just because it does not make sense to you does not mean either that
      THE LORD is not real. Why don't you ask HIM if HE is real. IF HE is
      REAL, then HE WILL ANSWER YOU RIGHT? I do not judge you, but you
      should not judge me, for you do not know what I went through and all
      of the last 15 yrs. of my life that I along with my husband have given
      over $300,000.00 to help poor and hurting people in the world,
      including clean drinking water wells, food, cars, college tuition
      etc. All because I received a MIRACLE called LIFE through JESUS'
      CROSS. I have seen way to MANY MIRACLES from THE LORD (and yes, JESUS
      is GOD) in the last 15 yrs. to believe.

      He loves you regardless of what you think of Him!

    3. @NewCovenant:

      You are completely off topic by talking about your gods, Jesus et al. And then to top it off you are preaching. This doc is about weather, chem trails. Pick a religious doc here on TDF for your religious meanderings.

      Please read the "Comment Policy" above.

    4. Again, I apologize, I did not know that there were any "policies" here. And "freedom of Speech?"

    5. freedom of speech only goes so far. could you yell fire in a theater if there was no fire?

      could you talk about evolution in church?

      should you talk about an entirely separate topic from the documentary on a documentary message board?

    6. As I mentioned to you and have already apologized to you stating that I did not know the websites policies.
      You do not need to be offended.

    7. dont worry im not offended at all. just want to let you know the reasons so you dont think they are just directed towards you and what you are saying. i personally believe every rule should have a good reason and ought to be explained if expected to be followed.

      so it just makes it hard for people coming to the site to get an idea whether they want to watch the doc or not when so much of the conversation is deviating away from it.

      im sorry if you felt picked on

    8. Thank you, you are right.

    9. you know i know a person who was addicted to heroin and they were at their lowest point and a muslim person spoke to them and prayed with them and now they are clean and believe in Islam....what would you say to that persons story? would you say they didnt actually have a personal experience but you did???

      i think your psychological state that you were in made you extremely susceptible to any kind of positive and helpful attention. what you saw was most likely a hallucination but your belief in that hallucination actually changed your life around...thats a great thing HOWEVER i think you should give the credit to yourself, because actually it was all you. your belief in something may have given you the strength needed to get through what you did but that was YOUR belief, not a god giving it to you.

      how many children are raped and murdered daily? and you think god helped YOU? well if thats the case you better do something incredibly amazing with the rest of this life....what have you done thus far?

    10. Would be so strange to you that a LOVING CREATOR could actually help the human race that He made???
      Except you believe in Darwin's THEORY which is not proven. Even if I weren't saved, I would never be inclined to believe that I came forth from evolving from a monkey. Evolution is a made up global lie.
      Check the NWO and their "Agenda 21" and see how much they care about the human race. If you do your research, then you'll find that Darwin was part of their team. One thing I do know is that anyone who searches for TRUTH, will find TRUTH. Look the Bible is one of the oldest books written. ( by the way it is written to mankind from God) If you read my comment below, you would se what I have been doing with my life. I Give! I don't take like the rest of this world!

    11. well actually evolution is a proven fact. if you have ANY questions about it i would LOVE to answer them.

      im sure you understand that gravity is a theory and so is germ theory and atomic theory but you wouldnt call those JUST THEORIES. the term theory when used in science actually means an explanation of a fact. we know things evolve. evolutionary theory explain the mechanisms involved to make things evolve. the real lie is people think that evolution is even debated. its a well established fact of biology and anyone who has taken biology or anthropology outside of high school would know this.

      if you do your research you will find that the NWO is not real and there is no Agenda 21. i would like you to give me a credible source where you got this agenda 21 nonsense from.

      actually the bible is NOT one of the oldest books written not even by a thousand years or more. also the bible is not written by god if it was it wouldnt have gotten so much information wrong. like the age of the earth or make believe stories about global floods or talking snakes.

      you may give but are you saying the children raped and murdered every day would not have given as much as you do so they deserve to die? how come they deserve to die and you deserved to be saved? just think about that and how arrogant it is.

    12. BTW did I mention that I am married to an astro physicist? I understand everything that you are talking about. I have looked at all world "religions" and religion is just like anything else, a hobby. If you see a building ( of any kind ) then you would know that there is an architect. If you look at the dynamic of our solar system, the universe and all of creation,
      (which also has been uniquely designed to sustain every aspect of life), then it is not impossible for an Intelligent Designer/ Architect. When has the theory of evolution made any quantitative predictions that have been validated. The theory of evolution is easily disprovable mathematically and scientifically as being impossible. The whole theory of evolution is recognized by many experts as untenable. There is no evidence for it. It violates the laws of entropy. You can't explain the origin of life because you can't explain of information. This is what puts the final nails in Darwin's coffin.
      Why are you watching this documentary if you don't believe what the doc. is all about? It is about Chemical spraying and crimes against humanity. If you are a global elitist, CIA agent or whatever, then God Bless you! If you knew the Bible, then you would understand that God is the Author of time, space, matter dimensions and eternity. He created thus He fills all and all. Who gave us physics? There is a doc. called Expelled by Ben Stein on both sides if you like, it's also a bit funny.

    13. No theories are ever proven.

      im sure you understand that gravity is a theory and so is germ theory and atomic theory but you wouldnt call those JUST THEORIES. the term theory when used in science actually means an explanation of a fact.

    14. no but evolution occurs this is a fact. organisms change, and life doesnt magically pop into existence.

      how evolution takes place is explained with the theory of evolution which uses NATURAL SELECTION, GENE DRIFT, GENE FLOW, and MUTATION.

      there might be other factors involved and that would change the theory but the fact remains that organisms evolve.

    15. So your saying that you came from a monkey?

    16. no but my ancestors were certainly an ape like creature that was not homo sapien. yes that is a fact.

    17. Also, let me remind you that fact is different from TRUTH.

    18. could you explain the differences?

    19. Why do you worship a man claiming to be the son of god?
      I could have sworn god once said something about not having other gods?
      wait here it is......
      ''You are not to make an image or picture of anything in heaven or on the earth or in the waters under the earth: You may not go down on your faces before them or give them worship: for I, the Lord your God, am a God who will not give his honour to another; and I will send punishment on the children for the wrongdoing of their fathers, to the third and fourth generation of my haters; And I will have mercy through a thousand generations on those who have love for me and keep my laws''

    20. By the way, I don't know you, but why are you so full of hate or are you a global elitist? By your comment, people should not exist and only the strong should survive? Well, let me give you a bit of truth, only the meek will survive. It takes a much greater person to be kind, meek and love people who are evil than your view of a twisted perverse world. The GOD of THE BIBLE CAME down from Heaven, from Splendor and His Throne to become like us, experience our pain, and humble Himself to die for our sins. That is TRULY the greatest gift of all!

    21. lol i was with you until you started talking about your fairy tale.

    22. Fairy tales are for kids.

    23. Yeah I'm just as much of a global elitist as god is to being real.
      BTW, I'm not a global elitist.

    24. Maybe your all of the 3 commenters who keeps writing to me?

    25. Nope there are three people that keep commenting, three people that don't agree.

    26. no we are three different people.

    27. You couldnt put a fag paper between your standard,cookie cutter opinions though.

    28. my opinions are standard?

      yes i dont often hold novel opinions. my opinions often match with the evidence.

    29. no your opinions often match the consensus- you talk like a lawyer- like your trying to prove your own misconceptions to yourself, your watered down version of reality is like mud and your stuck in it.
      go swim in the bigger picture- its not nice and warm and is full of sharks and you often have to fight the tide of idiocy.

    30. consensus often matches the evidence (not always granted).

      I like how you dont address any point I have made and rather you think it is useful to just insult or attack me as a person. interesting.

  37. Here in granada spain we see tons of these trails too.All over spain in fact.

    1. all over the world! Millions of tons of tons of chemicals! We are so f--k'd! This is the elite

  38. Well, I'm in my 50's and remeber looking up in aww when I was a kid.
    Plane engines burn parafin / kerosene, I forget the chemical equasion but easily looked up on the internet, however CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water (h20) if its properly burnt.

    I've worked for a few carriers BA, CA, AA, etc as a maintenance guy over the years and there is no way there is space for any arosol dispersants. I've see the fuel tanks, and there is no other empty spaces on comercial air craft that could account for a reasonable space to put chemicals.

    I also konw enough pilots to know they don't get any extra dollars, pounds or sacks of potatoes to keep quiet about arasols.

    At the other end, why dont lots of important folk wear gas masks, do all politicians take pills so they can breath the "air"

    Just look back over hystory, certain people have carisma and inspire people......

    you don't need chemicals, Wii, playstations, and the internet exist they distract you

    1. your reasoning is stupid and half baked! These planes are hollowed out and fitted with gas dispensers! To say there is NO room is ridiculous

    2. Maybe it is being mixed into the fuel...I'm almost sixty years of age and there IS a difference in some commercial jets trails. I noticed it over a year ago and have commented about it to other people and now they are watching these formations. The trails do not evaporate as normal vapor trails do. As far as the politicians, the majority do not know what is going on in their countries, let alone be worried. If big chemical companies, big banks, the military, or other ruling classes tell them it's okay, the majority will close their eyes and ears and let it go, no matter what. The only time they will step up or intervene is if a catastrophe occurs, and even then, they will minimize, deny, and lie in order to cover their behinds.

  39. god damn, some of these commentors must be fkn tard'd

  40. the bbc stoped it after 2 hours that tells me everything.H.a.a.r.p. ,chemtrails,gmo,privitized water,oil,depleted urainium,vaccines,taking away cont. rights,coal,911,plastics,pestisides,herbasides,wars for oil or money,now censorship,I think i smell sulfer.

  41. watch "mind meets matter and energy" by bruce lipton. watch "confessions of an economic hitman." watch "camp fema." definately watch "in lies we trust; the cia hollywoodism, and bio-terrorism." and webster tarpley on 9/11. and if you have time, dean radin on psi.
    f--k the federal reserve. money is the root of evil.
    when the world knows the power of love and not the love of power, the world will know peace.

  42. This all sounded so paranoid and far fetched until Wikileaks exposed some what is happening, then I stopped in my tracks and realized OMG..these corporations and governments are nuts. In Japan their was a resolutions passed by a UN committee not use geo engineering ie, chemtrails..

  43. I live in Upstate NY all of my life and have been seeing this since I was a little girl! My mother always felt it was the government! I see she is not the only one! Last year we had a Air Show in are area and it was worse and the sky was just littered with those "lines" and they stayed around for hours, we stayed in the house and close all of our windows and doors!

  44. It does get a large question mark to figure out the logic. First in the 90's the clintons go after the tobacco companies supposedly trying to save peoples health and longevity of life. Now we have viruses and sickness thats seems to spread around the country within days.

  45. hi everyone. there is a new film out on this subject called WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING it is definatly the best film about geoengineering . i watched a torrent download that S.W.I.M. downloaded. im sure one of you whizkids will have it listed here shortly !

    peace, love, truth,and activity,will help us topple the elite!

  46. 10/29/10, there was a Chemtrail like as I have never seen before. It stretched from far out into the Pacific and went over the mountains. This one was wider then I have ever seen also. From my point of view it looked like it was over Los Angeles. I went into the house and my roommate called me from Long Beach to tell me to take a look. I told him I had already seen it and I walked out the door to take another look. This was no more then 10 minutes and it now had pasted over half of Orange County. My roommate had said that he and the crew he was working with saw it start the spraying. We live right in the middle of So. CA. Not long after talking with him when I looked for it, it was then over Riverside heading for San Diego. That one was much more on purpose for questionable reasons. This happened after we had about two months with zero Chemtrails. Sky's were beautiful with natural fluffy clouds. When I saw those clouds I felt freed from the bondage of those who order the Chemtrails and, 'those' that doing their bidding. That statement of feeling free because of no Chemtrails and now they are doing it again and I have a feeling of depression does make it seem that one of their purposes are to cause physical/mental changes in those who are exposed to these chemicals being sprayed on the public. - ''The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.'' - Albert Einstein

    1. I agree with James, there is something very sinister about all of this spraying. Geoengineering is another word for controlling the population, controlling produce and other food resources, and other goods we depend upon to survive. If all of this can be controlled, then the inhabitants of earth are in trouble. This stuff can make people sick, cause the health care to skyrocket, or weed out populations. Control the food supply, and you can control the population. Imagine what aluminum, strontium, and barium does to the water supply. Hey folks, you cannot survive without water! This constant "cloud" cover, drives up the costs of heating, drives down the solar panel users access to free energy, and controls people in this manner. It is about control, and people need to wake up and stop saying those of us who are on to all of this are nuts, and stop believing the fodder the govenment and geoengineering big wigs are trying to force us to eat. How many years has the government been spewing about environmental issues? Well, now it's okay to spray aluminum, barium, and strontium all over this country and other countries. All causes cancer, breathing problems, and destroys water, soil, and produce. Spray the citizens like we are an experiment or collateral damage. If they deliberately do this, then who can say they will not spray vruses, bacteria, or use as biological weapons against us to thin out the population? We never thought this would happen in the U.S., but we have been fooled before, and some are being fooled now.

    2. The population needs to be thinned out, the weak die and the strong live.

    3. You are a m***n and while I doubt it will do any good with such a bonehead, I'd like to point a few things out to you as a thought to ponder. First, the "population needs to be thinned out"? Let me guess, you are glued to the television or AM radio and get all of your information from these sources? Well, "eenk!" Wrong answer. You see, the population isn't the problem, it is the mismanagement of the resources from greedy and corrupt people that has created the problems.

      I read a stat a few years back that stated, "every man, woman and child on the planet could be given 1/4 acre of land as their own and this entire parcel of land would fit into the State of Oregon". This would leave the entire rest of the planet without a person on it until Oregon were filled. This ain't a little pale blue dot that we live on but I suggest you check. Next, the chemicals being used in these chemtrail sprayings, has no specific target. In fact, if you'd research the subject, you'd find that neurotoxins; found in aluminum, strontium, barium ... etc, which are commonly found, will effect all people.

      That means that young and elderly are first effected (as in, your Children and your Parents or Grand Parents) but will eventually effect all age groups. When you add in the fact that we ingest fluoride in our water plus all of the other chemicals that we are forced to deal with, this is nothing short of genocidal. So, are you volunteering your families death in order to combat this issue?

    4. ''Let me guess, you are glued to the television or AM radio and get all of your information from these sources'', ''eenk!'' wrong(I have a life slim).

      ''You see, the population isn't the problem, it is the mismanagement of the resources from greedy and corrupt people that has created the problems'', ''eenk!'' wrong, (You see people don't know how to stop having sex and popping out tons of kids, and of course you blame rich people for the world's problems).

      ''I read a stat a few years back that stated, "every man, woman and child on the planet could be given 1/4 acre of land as their own and this entire parcel of land would fit into the State of Oregon". This would leave the entire rest of the planet without a person on it until Oregon were filled'',(I think they call those trailer parks, and last time I checked people aren't happy living there).

      ''This ain't a little pale blue dot that we live on but I suggest you check'',(haha worthless).

      ''Next, the chemicals being used in these chemtrail sprayings, has no specific target. In fact, if you'd research the subject, you'd find that neurotoxins; found in aluminum, strontium, barium ... etc, which are commonly found, will effect all people'',(next you will be telling me cigarettes are linked to lung cancer).

  47. Click on the name, PHILIP VAN DER MUDE.
    There are a lot of things there to view, read and get educated about. Just half of the first video and you can see who the culprits are that cause the problems. Rockefeller, Gates and banksters. I don't doubt that everyone here commenting are affected by those people and their so-called, 'Foundations'. Everything they do is for profit. They never give those billions without expecting a return of those billions, plus more then they have given out. I talk to much, but, anyway, check out, PHILIP VAN DER MUDE. You won't be disappointed.

  48. Can someone tell me the man who put this together? Contact info?

  49. Paranoid dalek seeks position as music DJ

    (has own copy of Utube-grabber and Adobe Premier)

  50. Great great doc. I have been watching docs about the new world order, 9/11, etc etc but no one doc put the whole big picture into perspective. And most docs fail to mention chemtrails altogether. Is this the misinformation we should be fearing? I've heard about harp and have seen chemtrails but never imagined that they would be "testing" these weapons on us. How sad a world this generation has been born into. And although we have all the information in the world we could ever want (via the internet) we are still frozen because alas, they are already in our minds. I read up on Nikola Tesla and ELF (extremely low frequencies) and he found that weather control and mind control were possible using the ionosphere way back in the early 1900's he patented the technology! He was by no means an evil man, he invented AC electricity, the tesla coil, radio, and many other great things. And unfortunately at the end of his life he was ridiculed! Now his technologies are used matter of factly and his very existence has been erased from the history books. Just goes to show you how they have complete control over us.
    This is not the Matrix. Neo is not going to come and save us. Trinity is not going to unplug you. It is our job to become more spiritually advanced so we can know when a thought is not our own. But if our minds are cluttered with anxieties (bills, dead end jobs, debt, etc) we will always be open to suggestion. The key is to learn how to sit quietly and clear your mind. It is simple. Sit in a quiet place, in a relaxed position (in a chair or "lotus" position whatever is more comfortable) relax your whole body including your mind. Then just be aware of...well...everything. Listen to your breath, your thoughts, your heart. Let them flow naturally. dont cling to any certain thought, or force your breathing, just completely relax. once you can achieve this state in any stressful situation you are free from sociological and psychological warfare. Try it out, tell your friends and save the world.

  51. @Bob. Thanks for that comment sir. It's been the same answer from religous types since day dot.

    Problem: We don't know why 'insert phenomenon' happens,

    a) Lets put the greatest minds onto the problem and find a practical solution.

    b) It's a mystery, god did it/will save us.

    proof of a) We made progress and actually learned something new and useful. Even though the problem was/wasn't solved...

    proof of b) Praise the lord, pay the church. Don't worry god is powerful and will sort all of our problems out, you don't have to do or know anything just hope and believe.

    Which is the most grown up, progressive solution?

  52. @ António & Rachel: I'm sorry to inform you, but God will not save us, we have to save us. This is just a pathetic excuse to surrender the the magnitude of the world's problems & to not take responsibility of them here & now. From the pollution of our oceans, for instance the continent size trash heap in the Pacific Ocean. Or our skies, in which this documentary entails. This world is being destroyed before our very eyes & it's these ludicrous ideas of a god somehow dissenting from the clouds to save us from the world, one that we have run a muck, that prevent us from actually "fixing" the problem.

    What I feel is worse is the pollution of our minds, which is displayed with this "God wills save us" rubbish. If anything, believing in god's have lead us to this destruction of our planet. It being the root of nearly every war; not to mention the the stark denial of global warming that has resounded from the religious sector for years.

    All I'm saying is that people need to start using their brains instead of fantasizing about some bearded man saving us from a mess we created in the first place. It's time to man up, face the facts & actually do something about this mess. It's time to wake up people. Our world is dying. How much longer can we afford to live in this blissful ignorance?

  53. I lik the Tele - tubby's part i think i can remember watching themw ith my kids thinking about the the chem trails and wondering if they were that much a part of our pwrld now a days ...

    then to move on the CONFUSE and conquer , well we are just the RABBLE of ages past , something Pharoh has been manipul;ating for 1000's of documented years .

    So should we trust the PYSCHO PATH of course for they ( i mean we ) are GODS . Go back to sleep it will all be over soon in Geological terms humanity / civilasation is noting . And truth is we are NO 1 THING ....

    great show ....thank you ! ( ohh remember to riducule very important step in the mind f'ing , when to ridicule and when not to as prescibed by the effects of an OVERWHLEMED human brain that can only deal with 2 gigs of ISSUE .... the wife kids bills insurance health long term debt , saving for retirement ....... saving the world you have not the gigs left for that ....CONQUERED and use ful as told to us by the Myth wirting of ARISTOPHINES .... keep humanity confused so they will be more usefull to ght god class ..nothing has cahnged in the short few K years )

  54. awesome movie. i have been saying this for years and everyone says im crazy.

  55. The US military has tested chemicals on unsuspecting citizens in this country since the 1940s. It now seems pretty obvious they have more in mind these days than merely testing. If they don't kill us with poisonous vaccines, they are going to 'mist' us to death. We wander around like a big stupid herd mindless of what is happening to us. How many people here have protested against deadly fluoride in your water? Hitler was the one who first used it on his people to make them more docile. What the hell does it take to get peoples attention? This generation is the only one in all of history to have access to almost any information they wish to have and it is at the fingertips for everyone. We have access to the FOIA and I rarely meet anyone who has utilized that right. Maybe most people prefer living in the dark and pretending all is right in their little worlds.

    1. Very well put- its beyond my grasp folks being asleep on this and so many other issues. After 9/11 tho, ive learned that the perps spend a lot of time and money way ahead of the event in preparation for the coming fallout. They have honed in these psy-ops very well over the years,using the various media,and that is what we are fighting here

  56. Alô Rachel!
    GOD save us and put in our hands the ways to do it... for this problem is simple build a chembuster!

  57. WOW! This is the most well documented piece i think I have seen. We all live in this fog. I intend to spread thje word! Only GOD can save us!

  58. Man the camera work is horrible, learn to use a camera before you start a doc.

  59. A great documentary that may make it difficult to look at those pretty lines in the sky without wondering what they're all about. It's amazing the denial from various agencies regarding the existence of such a blatant aerial show.

  60. I would like to download this onto my computer and watch it later.

    1. They wouldnt "poison" so OBVIOUSLY!! How Stupid can you ppl be?? All a person has to do is test the air and or particulate pollution sediment which accumulate on surfaces, and the spray-planes will be busted.
      It's fear. Plain and simple. it would be a dream be able to display messages in the sky where everyone is forced to see it. Just like an opportunist, why let the whole sky go to waste when you can find a way to exploit it??

      If I were a Mobster, I would love to have a PR that could send my message of un-matched power! I am everywhere! I have power over all my turf! i am always making my point clear in everyone's mind..

      If you havent nopticed ..At first, since the 2001 Aggression began (i refuse to call it 9/11), they were constantly using the planes to make LOUD whistling Engine-sounds over cities and towns. I noticed this right away because this engine sound was the sounds we would use to designate plane crashing in a game i would play as a child. The sound was like "sSSSSSsszzzz -BOOM" only without the "BOOM".